RMC Online Guides

1-1-1 Ezra Cornell papers, 1746-1888, 1844-1870 (bulk)
30.2 cubic ft.
Correspondence, financial and legal records, court proceedings, and other documents pertaining principally to the Cornell family, the telegraph industry, and the founding of Cornell University.

14-26-95 Burt Green Wilder papers, 1841-1925
6.8 cubic ft.
Diaries; notes and charts pertaining to family genealogy; clippings concerning vivisection; correspondence, photographs, and printed material pertaining to spiders, phrenology, hygiene and education, writing music, Nantucket Island, the Field family, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., temperance, natural history, Wilder's career as a medical cadet and military surgeon during the Civil War; his training under Louis Agassiz, Asa Gray, and Jeffries Wyman, and his career as a professor at Cornell University.

3-4-122 Carnegie Foundation records, 1905-1945
1.2 cubic ft.
Records concerning the establishment of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, including letters from Andrew Carnegie to Jacob Gould Schurman and Livingston Farrand (Presidents of Cornell and trustees of the Foundation). The collection includes extensive correspondence of Foundation presidents Henry Pritchett, Henry Suzzallo, and Walter A. Jessup, and secretaries Clyde Furst and Howard Savage; also, material and lists pertaining to pensions, financial records, trustee meeting minutes, and published pamphlets concerning the Foundation.

20-1-401 New York State College of Forestry pamphlets 1898-1933
1.1 cubic ft.
Pamphlets produced by the New York State College of Forestry.

21-23-479 James G. Needham papers, 1888-1957
5.7 cubic ft.
Correspondence and documents describing the career of James G. Needham.

15-1-512 Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning records, 1905-1997
66.6 cubic ft.
Contains administrative and historical records of the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

23-2-749 New York State College of Home Economics records, 1875-1970
ca. 77.9 cubic ft.
Collection includes administrative records; records of the College's involvement with government, educational, and private organizations at the national, state, and local levels; College activities within divisions of the University; the College's involvement in World War I, World War II, ; student activities of undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni; teaching and research studies and reports; and extension work. Also included is a large amount of material related to the history of the College of Home Economics, Martha Van Rensselaer, Flora Rose, and their correspondence previous to 1921.

21-18-893 Peter Paul Kellogg papers, 1934-1964
13 cubic ft. Includes 245 phonograph records and five tape recordings.
Correspondence, reports, manuscripts of articles, photographs, clippings, notes, memoranda, and printed material relating to Kellogg's career in the Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell University; the history of the Laboratory; the Albert R. Brand Bird Song Foundation; ornithological expeditions to central Africa, Manitoba, and elsewhere; and bird clubs.

14-22-976 Hans Bethe papers, [ca. 1931]-1992
44.4 cubic ft.; 6 videocassettes
Papers of Hans Albrecht Bethe, physicist, Cornell University professor of physics, Nobel laureate. Materials relate to Bethe's work concerning nuclear physics, solar, stellar, and nuclear energy, radiation, conduction in metals, and quantum mechanics; also the administration of the Cornell University Physics Department, and Cornell courses. Collection includes material on arms and arms control, underwater explosion research, the nuclear test ban, the Strategic Defense Initiative, the hydrogen bomb and the anti-ballistic missile, the end of the Cold War, and supernovae.

37-4-1002 Delta Tau Delta records, 1890-2002
[no physdesc:quantity]
Includes correspondence, plans, pamphlets and other printed material; also, the original charter of the fraternity. Major correspondents are Malcolm J. Freeborn '29, and Edward J. Trethaway '49. Includes photographs of the various houses.

21-18-1108 Virginia deMorat Smith Scheetz papers, 1941-1968, 1947-1968 (bulk)
3.2 cubic ft.
Includes notes from classes in ornithology, floriculture, and conservation; Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology newsletter, printed and promotional material, newspaper clippings, photographs, two tapes of bird calls by Myles North, and correspondence, minutes, and balance sheets of the Advisory Council; notes and correspondence regarding Scheetz' speeches; correspondence, minutes, newsletter, and yearbook of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; material on the Garden Club of America and the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania; and other correspondence, printed material, and miscellaneous papers of Virginia Scheetz.

2-10-1109 Francis Harley Scheetz papers, 1740-1963, 1947-1969 (bulk)
12.5 cubic ft.
Includes materials relating to Scheetz' student days and papers from his work as a Cornell trustee and presidential councillor. Also, photographs; prints; four world maps prepared for King Louis XV of France (1740, 1741); a portrait of General Henry Dearborn, a Revolutionary War patriot; two Sèvres vases (gifts to General Dearborn from Louis Philippe); information concerning the Xth International Congress on the History of Science (1962); Theta Delta Chi correspondence; postcards; Scheetz' biographical data; and World War I officer training information.

21-18-1314 William Dunlap Sargent Falconry papers, 1927-1965
1.7 cubic ft.
Includes correspondence concerning falconry, including letters to a young falconer (1947-1948) containing much information on the sport; photographs of hawks and falcons Sargent trained as hunters; drawings of hawks and falcons; and diagrams of furniture and fittings used in falconry.

7-9-1317 Prize essay collection, 1872-2001
8.4 cubic ft.
Prize-winning student essays from Cornell University contests in creative writing, poetry, social sciences, and humanities. Includes an essay on China by Pearl S. Buck.

21-18-1362 Elsa Guerdrum Allen papers, 1885-1976, 1885-1969 (bulk)
10 cubic ft.
Papers consist of correspondence with family members and professional colleagues; diaries; photographs and research notes on early ornithologists; a bibliography of her Ph.D. thesis; travel literature; copies of grant applications (1960-1965); unpublished manuscripts. Family papers also include a genealogy of her Scandinavian ancestors. The papers are in English, Norwegian, and Swedish

4-5-1381 Theodore Paul Wright papers, 1911-1970
31.9 cubic ft.
Includes Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory correspondence; pamphlets, correspondence, photographs, reports, and clippings concerning aviation; and other papers reflecting Wright's career in aviation and at Cornell University. Also, four bound volumes of Theodore P. Wright's articles and addresses, 1918-1970.

15-2-1428 Kermit Carlyle Parsons papers, ca.1945-1998
12.3 cubic ft.
Includes manuscripts, publications, files, and other papers related to Kermit C. Parsons' career as a planner and as professor of architecture at Cornell University.

14-23-1466 Howard S. Liddell papers, 1920-1967
15 cubic ft., 1 tape recording
Personal and professional papers and materials of Cornell University professor of psychobiology, founder of the Behavior Farm Laboratory.

37-06-1589 Cornell Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Coalition records, 1968-1992
5.8 cubic ft.
Materials pertaining to gay student groups at Cornell University. Includes twenty volumes of business logs, 1978-1990, of Gay People at Cornell and then the Cornell Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Coalition.

15-01-1633 Burnham Kelly papers, 1947-1971
9.8 cubic ft.
Correspondence, manuscripts, and reports relating to the development of an architecture and regional planning program at the University of Puerto Rico and to Kelly's visit to observe the planning and architecture programs at the University Del Valle in Colombia; file on the planning of a Cornell art museum, 1959-1968; report of the Centennial Planning Committee, 1960-1961, including material on the size of the University. Also, bibliographic cards on construction techniques. Additional records include speeches, lesson plans, consulting project and subject files, concerning Burnham Kelly's career as Dean of the College of Architecture, Art and Planning, 1960-1971.

41-6-1674 Cornell Women's Club of New York Records, 1950-1973
3.7 cubic ft.
Includes correspondence; materials related to the Federation of Cornell Women's Clubs; material on parties given for new graduates; publicity notices for social events; newsletters; brochures and other material related to art tours; officers handbook; minutes of meetings; history of the club; and programs of the Cornell Women's Club of New York.

15-2-1713 Stephen W. Jacobs papers, 1954-1978
65.7 cubic ft.
Includes correspondence and other materials related to Stephen W. Jacobs' career as Professor of Architecture at Cornell University and his involvement with historical preservation efforts.

37-04-1770 Lucien L. Nunn papers, Telluride Photo Guide, [ca. 1890-1971]
ca. 28 cubic ft.
Photographs from the papers of Lucien L. Nunn, founder of the Telluride Association, a student-managed organization which provides housing and other assistance for intellectually gifted high school and college students at Cornell University and at Deep Springs, California. Forms part of: Lucien L. Nunn Papers, #37-04-1770.

4-3-1885 Visual Services/Cornell Publications Photography records, ca. 1960-1989
17 cubic ft.; 4 filing cabinets
Slides of Cornell University buildings, classrooms, students, alumni, professors, athletics, and other Cornell and Ithaca, New York subjects and scenes. Photographs, ca. 1960-1980; 35 mm. black and white transparencies of historical campus photographs; 2 x 2 black and white and color slides, some identified; 35 mm. and 2 x 2 negatives, with guide; and contact sheets of prints and negatives; 8 x 10 photographs of the Theory Center; 35 mm. slides of Roberts Hall; 35 mm. slides of Maplewood Park.

37-4-1990 Chi Phi Fraternity, Xi Chapter. Records, 1875-1996
5 cubic ft.5
Records of Chi Phi Fraternity, Xi Chapter.

14-17-2354 Henry Guerlac papers, 1922-1981
34.3 cubic ft.
Includes papers pertaining to Guerlac's research and teaching career.

21-18-2374 Sally Hoyt Spofford Papers, 1923-1982
2.3 cubic ft.
Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, and memoranda pertaining to the administration of the Laboratory of Ornithology and her other interests in ornithology; rough drafts of Arthur A. Allen correspondence and writings; Edna Lane's Bird and Flying Squirrel field notes; Christmas newsletters with photographs from Peter Paul Kellogg; and J. Southgate Hoyt field notes, manuscripts, drawings, a draft of his Ph.D. thesis, and photographs, primarily relating to the pileated woodpecker.

#14-7-2402 Martin Harwit papers, 1957-1987
[no physdesc:quantity]
Office files, reports, research files, and other materials relating to Harwit's work as a professor of astrophysics at Cornell University and his involvement with numerous organizations in his field

14-12-2572 Alison Lurie papers, [ca. 1960-1977]
4.2 cubic ft.
Notes, drafts, and printer's proofs of books by Lurie including Love and Friendship, Imaginary Friends, Real People, Foreign Affairs, The War Between the Tates, The Truth About Lorin Jones, Women and Ghosts, and The Last Resort; manuscript of a short story; and correspondence. Correspondents include Sue Kaufman, David Garnett, Christopher Isherwood, Olivia Manning, Arthur Mizener, Jean Stafford, and Edmund Wilson.

41-5-2617 Edward J. Trethaway papers, 1936-2002
7.5 cubic ft.
Papers document the personal and professional life of Edward Trethaway, a Cornell graduate and employee. Includes files used by Trethaway as a Cornell fundraiser during the Centennial Campaign and later for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Also documents Trethaway's involvement with the Pilgrim Congregational Church (Harwich Port, Mass.) and the Chatham (Mass.) Police Department.

53-19-2695 Latino Studies Program records,
2 cubic ft.
Administrative and historical records of the Program; also subject files, and records of the Revelations/Revalcions Art Show (Novemebr 6 - December 19, 1993).

14-18-2761 Eric A. Blackall papers, ca. 1939-1989
8.2 cubic ft.; 2 audiocassettes; 2 reels negative microfilm.
Lecture notes, drafts and typescripts for articles and books, including Goethe and the Novel; also lecture notes and texts for his course "Great Moments in German Literature"; notes from Cambridge University; biographical material, financial papers, correspondence, letters of recommendation, and audiocassettes of Blackall's memorial service of 27 January 1990; and German Literature Department files.

37-05-2891 History 126 scrapbooks, 1996-2000
118 v.
Student scrapbooks, with annotations, compiled by students in Professor Carol Kammen's History 126 course, documenting the freshman experience for the Classes of 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003.

15-6-2919 Olive Tjaden papers, 1919-1980
6.2 cubic ft.
Correspondence, scrapbooks, diaries, photographs, business and financial records, lists and other records pertaining to the practice of architecture and the renovation of Tjaden Hall on the Cornell campus, clippings, broadsides, diplomas, certificates, licenses, and other papers. Collection includes framed images, drawings, watercolors, and other visual images deriving from Tjaden's professional career, with numerous references to individual clients and patrons. Also includes books, leaded glass items, and architectural instruments.

14-22-3072 Barbara Hope Cooper papers, 1969-1999
6.2 cubic ft.
Includes research and teaching materials of Barbara Hope Cooper, a Cornell University physics professor.

14-20-3125 Cornell University Chorus records, 1943-1999
4.3 cubic ft.
Correspondence, sound and video recordings, miscellany documenting the Cornell University Chorus.

14-27-3146 George McTurnan Kahin papers, ca. 1951-1999
24 cubic ft.
Correspondence, Cornell lectures and course materials, articles and speeches, files about meetings, and book draft.

37-5-3217 Kimberly E. Charlton papers, 1990-1997
0.2 cubic ft.
Cornell Fencing memorablia and clippings collected by Kim Charlton, a member of the team. Materials cover the Title IX lawsuit brought against Cornell University by the Women's Fencing and Gymnastics teams.

522 Lyman A. Spalding Papers, 1811-1864 (bulk)
.4 cubic ft.
Contains correspondence, manuscripts, records, and publications related to the career of Lyman A. Spalding, a nineteenth-century Quaker merchant and abolitionist who lived in upstate New York. He was co-editor of the newspaper Plain Truth and established the newspaper Priestcraft Exposed and Primitive Christianity Defended.

698 Harry E. Cole papers, 1763-1937
2.8 cubic ft.
Correspondence, diaries (1912-36), indentures, poems, genealogies, photo album, and other materials on the early and contemporary history of Salem, Washington County, New York, including papers relating to the raising of regiments for the Revolutionary War and compensation for the same; a general history of Washington Academy; a Salem letterbook (1794-1882); a notebook of outlines of theological studies kept by Henry M. Davis; two scrapbooks of Albany clippings; and diaries and correspondence of Harry Cole.

1172 Myrtle family accounts, 1881-1920
32 v.
Farm account volumes from a farm owned by Henry C. Myrtle and later by his son Clarence Myrtle.

1210 Stevens family papers, ca. 1775-1990
51.5 cubic ft.
Materials collected by Robert Croll Stevens documenting the personal and professional lives of five generations of the Stevens family.

1948 De Forest Douglas Diver Railroad Photographs, ca. 1870-1948
3.4 cubic ft.
Original photographs, glass plates and other negatives, and glossy prints, mainly of the New York, Ontario, and Western Railway, taken by Mr. Diver and others in Delaware, Madison, Oneida, Oswego, Otsego, and Sullivan Counties, New York.

1996 Cayuga Bird Club records, 1913-1997
1.4 cubic ft.
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, clippings, photographs, and printed material concerning the Cayuga Bird Club. Includes the club's constitution (ca. 1913) and papers of incorporation (1914); Arthur Allen's article "Cayuga Bird Club"; and correspondence of Louis Agassiz Fuertes, the club's first president, including letters to him from Jared T. Newman concerning Renwick Woodland improvement.

2161 Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern Railroad Company papers, 1872-1960
2.5 cubic ft.
Allen's history of the railroad, with research notes and correspondence; a corporate history. Railroad material includes correspondence, reports, financial records, employee records, timetables, pamphlets, newspapers, broadsides, maps, blueprints, charts, and photographs. Also records of predecessor, affiliated, or otherwise connected railroads.

2263 Charles Hazen Blood papers, 1889-1909
3.8 cubic ft.
Consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence, depositions and other legal documents, statements of account, and memoranda, mainly concerning legal matters Blood handled in public office and in private practice, as well as his family and personal business affairs. Also documented are Blood's activities as a Cornell alumnus, mainly regarding the promotion and financing of Alumni Field and his candidacy for reelection as alumni trustee in 1906, as graduate treasurer of the Cornell Masque, and as an alumnus and supporter of Kappa Alpha fraternity; and his activities as an Ithaca landlord, developer of Cornell Heights and Cayuga Heights, supporter of the Ithaca Conservatory of Music (now Ithaca College), and Presbyterian layman.

2347 Henry S. Churchill papers, 1929-1962
4.2 cubic ft.
Includes correspondence, speeches, course material, and other papers relating to Henry S. Churchill's career as an architect and city planner.

2407 Justin R. Hartzog papers, 1917-1966
38.5 cubic ft.
Contains materials pertaining to Justin R. Hartzog's career as a city planner. Also includes papers concerning his studies at Cornell University and his service with the U.S. Army.

2495 Forest Hills Gardens (New York, N.Y.) records, 1900-1970 1911-1919
8.6 cubic ft.
Brochures, specifications, declarations of restrictions, and blueprints of homes in Forest Hills Gardens.

2532 Paul van Tassel Hedden papers, 1951-1960
4 cubic ft.
Papers consist mainly of correspondence, reports, legislative bills, pamphlets, surveys, photographs, maps, and other items relating to city and industrial planning.

2617 Jefferson Cleveland Grinnalds papers, 1908-1966 1920-1960
10 cubic ft.
Collection includes correspondence (1920-1966) with planners, clients, and professional groups; zoning ordinances and plans for Baltimore, Frederick, Salisbury, Annapolis, and Bel Air, Maryland; Raleigh and Burlington, North Carolina; and Martinsburg, West Virginia; monographs and reports by Grinnalds and other planners including Edward M. Bassett and Robert Whitten; selected magazine articles on zoning (1922-1934); plans and maps for towns and cities particularly in Maryland; and newspaper clippings on zoning.

2635 Carl M. Feiss papers, [ca.1928]-1991
64 cubic ft.
Papers include family and business correspondence, reports, published material, speeches, financial records, minutes and studies, primarily concerning various consulting jobs (largely in the South). Also, material concerning Feiss' participation in various national and international commissions and committees and his work for regional commissions such as the Tennessee Valley Authority. Also, family and personal correspondence of Carl, Paul and Julian Feiss; correspondence of Sir Raymond Unwin; and microfilm of Feiss' papers, 1946-1952, from the now defunct School of Architecture, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado.

2646 Jacob Leslie Crane papers, 1927-1980 1946-1965 (bulk)
4 cubic ft.
Seven project files composed largely of correspondence, accounts, drafts, reports, and working and reference papers such as maps, charts, and legislation relating to city planning. Also, printed material by Crane, and correspondence with Constantine Doxiadis. Files contain projects for the United Nations, 1946-1955; Greece, 1950-1956; Puerto Rico, 1952-1962; Piney Orchard, Maryland, 1954-1958; Norfolk, Virginia, 1954-1965; Baltimore, Maryland, 1955-1956; and Ponca City, Oklahoma, 1927, 1955-1959.

2649 Lawrence I. Grinnell papers, 1939-1975
9.8 cubic ft.
Materials regarding ornithological trips taken by Lawrence Grinnell from 1939 to 1971; also, correspondence and a pamphlet, "The 1957-1958 New Zealand-Australia Expedition of the Laboratory of Ornithology"; materials pertaining to his dissertation A Study of the Common Redpoll; and a notebook of Cornell ornithology seminars. Also, Canoeable Waterways of New York State and Vicinity. Also, films and audiotapes.

2662 Louis Agassiz Fuertes papers, 1892-1954, 1892-1927 (bulk)
c. 16 cubic ft.
The papers of Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874-1927), an ornithologist and a painter of birds. Includes student notes, notebooks, journals and sketchbooks; diaries; journals from expedition, many including sketches; notes; articles by and about Fuertes. The collection also contains artwork.

2688 Regional Plan Association records, 1919-1997
290.3 cubic ft.
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, glass slides, speeches, publications, and other files pertaining to the history of the Regional Plan Association of New York and to urban life and planning generally.

2708 Edward M. Bassett papers, 1892-1948
20 cubic ft.
Correspondence, books, articles, reports, legal briefs transcripts, and scrapbooks dealing with Bassett's tenure as a U.S. Congressman, 1902-1905, and his membership on committees and boards including the Public Service Commission of New York, the Brooklyn Committee on City Plan, the Zoning Committee of the City of New York, and the Regional Plan of New York and Its Environs Committee. Papers deal primarily with zoning and city planning in New York City. Also includes many articles, reports and books authored by Bassett, such as The Master Plan, Zoning, and the Autobiography of Edward M. Bassett.

2712 Nelson Peter Lewis papers, 1881-1942, 1896-1925 (bulk)
1 cubic ft.
Speeches and papers given by Nelson P. Lewis; scrapbooks of news clippings and programs, 1896-1923; scrapbook of reviews of The Planning of the Modern City, 1919-1923; professional engineering license, 1921; three illuminated memorial booklets, 1924; copies of The Planning of the Modern City, 1916; Urbanizacion, the Spanish edition, 1917-1918; and other books by Nelson P. Lewis.

2736 Henry Wright papers, 1907-1960 1907-1938
.9 cubic ft.
Includes project descriptions and reports on garden cities, some of which are with Clarence Stein; housing research, some on war housing and some done with Albert Mayer; the relation of city planning to architecture; article notes written jointly with Lewis Mumford; and biographical material.

2745 Earle Sumner Draper, Sr. papers, 1933-1969
1.3 cubic ft.
Primarily articles and speeches of Earle Sumner Draper, Sr., city planner. Also includes correspondence concerning a conference on urbanism held in Cambridge, Mass. in March 1942.

2772 Elbert Peets papers, 1883-1983 1904-1974
4.2 cubic ft.
Includes correspondence, reports, clippings, photographs, plans, and drawings related to projects on which Peets worked; material on the L'Enfant plan for Washington, D.C., of which Peets was a major proponent and guardian; material related to articles and books by or about Peets, including photographs and negatives from the book Civic Art; and personal correspondence, notes, manuscripts, and family papers.

2774 Alfred Bettman Papers, 1910-1945
33 reels, 1 folder
Microfilmed papers include correspondence, memoranda, drafts, lectures, clippings, minutes, articles, pamphlets, programs, budgets, reports, briefs, regulations, and records of conferences and committees pertaining to various planning agencies and projects. Also includes a photocopied "Draft of an Act for Urban Development and Redevelopment," by Alfred Bettman, 1943.

2775 Forest Hills Gardens Corporation records, 1922-1979 1922-1958
29.4 cubic ft., 1 reel positive, 2 reels negative microfilm.
Collection includes materials relating to the history of Forest Hills Gardens, a planned residential community in Queens, New York that was devleloped by the Russel Sage Foundation in 1908.

2777 American Planning and Civic Association records, 1909-1970
45.3 cubic ft.
Scrapbooks, pamphlets, publications, bulletins, papers and correspondence of the American Planning and Civic Association. Correspondents include General Ulysses S. Grant III, Harland Bartholomew, and Harlean James.

2789 Ladislas Segoe and Associates, City Planners records, 1924-1966
24.3 cubic ft., 2 volumes.
Includes reports, master plans, correspondence, and job files of Ladislas Segoe and Associates of Cincinnati, Ohio; and reports of the National Resources Committee (1937-1939). Master plans for Ohio cities, especially Cincinnati and Dayton; and many other areas. Correspondence regarding the Tennessee Valley Authority, Ohio State Planning Board, and Kentucky State Planning Board; and correspondence and job files concerning Greenville, Ohio. Also, tape recordings and published transcript of interview with Ladislas Segoe by Sydney H. Williams, May 1978.

2828 Roland Park Company records, ca.1891-1962
407 cubic ft.
Correspondence, ledgers, sales department files, annual reports, architectural approval records, articles of incorporation, architectural specifications, minutes, scrapbooks, photographs, contracts and deeds, blueprints, renderings, and maps for the projects of the Roland Park Company around Baltimore, including Guilford, Homeland, Loch Raven, Northwood Apartments, Kernwood, Woodburne, and Pentridge. Major correspondents are Edward H. Bouton and John Mowbray; Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., Edward L. Palmer, Jr., and George Kessler are also represented.

2848 Newton Camp Farr papers, ca. 1933-1967
5 cubic ft.
Includes publications of the Urban Land Institute, International Real Estate Federation, and the Chicago Department of City Planning. Also, correspondence of the Urban Land Institute, the National Association of Real Estate Boards, the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, and the Harvard Law Review.

2852 Charles Carsten Platt and Frederick Putnam Platt papers, ca.1937-1955
12.3 cubic ft.
Charles Carsten Platt (Cornell University Class of 1901) and his brother, Frederick P. Platt, headed F.P. Platt & Brother, an architecture firm. The collection is mostly a file of jobs done by the Platts. Also includes insurance records, paid bills, cancelled checks, and blueprints and drawings.

2880 Gordon and Brysis Whitnall papers, 1913-1975
22.6 cubic ft., 12 tape recordings, 9 transcripts.
Contains material on Gordon and Brysis Whitnall's careers as planners as well as family and biographical records.

2917 Lambda Alpha International records, 1931-1986
6.9 cubic ft.
Includes records of Lambda Alpha International, formerly the International Fraternity of Lambda Alpha, which was established in 1931 at Northwestern University by a group of students of land economics and real estate as an honorary professional fraternity to foster the study of land economics.

2946 Warren Jay Vinton papers, 1932-1969
28 cubic ft.
Consists primarily of correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, minutes, reports, pamphlets, programs, newsletters, membership lists, reprints, speeches, press releases, broadsides, clippings, photographs, and copies of legislative hearings and bills documenting Vinton's active role in designing and implementing federal housing policies from 1935 to 1957. Papers concern many aspects of governmental activity in the public housing area, including low-income housing, defense housing, housing for the elderly, racial policy in public housing, and particularly the development and passage of housing legislation and congressional investigations of federal housing practices. In addition to Vinton's own work, the papers document the work and opinions of many other planners, architects, housing experts, economists, federal administrators, and politicians.

2993 Margaret Morse Nice papers, 1917-1968
6.5 cubic ft.
Personal correspondence and manuscripts, and professional papers including subject files, correspondence, reports and manuscripts of articles related to Margaret Morse Nice's term as associate editor of Bird Banding and of the Wilson Bulletin; manuscripts for articles, lectures, radio broadcasts, etc. on ornithology; pictures and photographs; notes and drawings; printed pamphlets; and abstracts of writings by others. Correspondents include Olin Sewall Pettingill, Josselyn Van Tyne, Thomas Calderwood Stephens, Althea Rosina Sherman, and Winnifred Smith.

3022 Henry Andrews Babcock papers, 1924-1961
11 cubic ft.
Valuation, appraisal and audit reports, certificates and summaries of William H. Babcock and Sons, Inc., 1924-1936. Also, Babcock's files of the Santa Monica, California and Bunker Hill, Los Angeles Redevelopment Projects; material concerning mass transportation, primarily in Los Angeles; pamphlets and reports.

3047 Clarke and Rapuano records, 1940-1993
94.1 cubic ft.
Reports and studies, including plans, blueprints, photographs, publications, contracts, and drawings pertaining to transportation, parkways, and city planning projects in Queens, Westchester County, Long Island, Buffalo, and New York, New York; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and other places. Also, includes planning material pertaining to the 1964 World's Fair in New York City and a report prepared for Cornell University on Cornell Heights, 1987.

3087 Robert Evans Alexander papers, 1935-1993
86.4 cubic ft.
Includes architectural plans and drawings, reports, correspondence, legal papers, agenda and minutes of meetings, printed material and photographs from the firms of Neutra and Alexander, and Alexander and Associates.

3241 George Durand Wilder papers, ca. 1897-1976
.9 cubic ft.
Includes notebooks, pamphlets, field notes, and other material on ornithology, mostly in China; Birds of Northeastern China by Wilder and Hugh Hubbard; correspondence of Wilder and his sons Theodore Wilder and Durand Wilder (George Durand Wilder, Jr.) and of Gertrude Stanley Wilder; volume of "Random Jottings" by Gertrude Wilder, including recollections of China missions and missionaries.

3247 American Society of Planning Officials records, 1925-1978
42 cubic ft.
Includes files of the American Society of Planning Officials (ASPO) and material on the activities of other professional planning organizations. Also included are records pertaining to the Dennis O'Harrow Memorial Fund, research materials and a manuscript for a book about O'Harrow; and files of or about Walter Blucher, Harvey S. Perloff, and Israel Stollman.

3287 Philip H. Cornick papers, 1922-1971
31 cubic ft.
Correspondence, pamphlets, charts, speeches, reports, published and unpublished manuscripts, and other printed material relating to Philip Cornick's research and writings in the fields of land economics, taxation, land use, urban planning, and public works planning. Materials cover many areas across the country, including Tennessee, Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, New York City and Newark, New Jersey. Also includes materials concerning Henry George's "single tax," forest taxation, the Regional Plan Association, the International Fraternity of Lambda Alpha, and land assessment.

3333 Housing Study Guild Records, 1929-1957 1929-1941
1.4 cubic ft.
Publications, reports, and correspondence by or concerning the Housing Study Guild. Also, correspondence of Benjamin Macson Gruzen, council member of the Housing Study Guild, and publications of the National Association of Housing Officials, New York City Housing Authority and the United States Resettlement Administration.

3476 Hermann Herrey papers, ca.1939-1971
16.5 cubic ft.
Drawings, paintings, plans and photographs (including glass plate negatives) of architectural work, planning projects, stage designs, industrial designs, furniture and inventions. Also includes correspondence, biographical material, lecture notes, talks and reports; writings in city and regional planning, economic development, architecture, theater and related fields. Also, manuscript of a novel written by Herrey in the 1930s; and a play written under the pseudonym of Gilbert Tanner, ca.1960.

3480 Niels A. Douwes Dekker papers, [ca. 1900]-1950, 1944-1946 (bulk)
6 cubic ft.
Photographs, maps, correspondence and reports of Niels Douwes Dekker relating to the Netherland Indies (Indonesia). Also includes other documents related to the Dutch presence in Indonesia and the Indonesian revolution.

3593 Lambda Alpha International, Philadelphia Chapter, Records, 1968-1988
1.5 cubic ft.
Minutes, member notices, and correspondence. Part of Lambda Alpha Literary Archives.

3600 Clarence Stein papers, 1905-1983
30.3 cubic ft.
Contains job files relating to Clarence Stein's work as an architect and city planner, along with writings, including material pertaining to his book, Toward New Towns for America. Also contains personal and professional correspondence; correspondence and photographs pertaining to travels in China and the Far East; photographs of Stein, friends, and family; and medals, certificates, and pins.

3629 Ross Lee Baker papers, 1910-1947
3 cubic ft.
Clippings, engineering reports, letters, financial records, legal records, travel notes, and articles of Ross L. Baker.

3646 Fordyce Family papers, 1839-1979
38.4 cubic ft.
Collection consists of correspondence, account books, notebooks, photographs, deeds, and other material of the Fordyce family of Scipio Center, Cayuga County and Monroe County, New York. Also contains papers of the Ohio branch of the Fordyce family, which included George Lincoln Fordyce, a Cleveland businessman and naturalist.

3650 Left wing political activities printed material, 1966-1972
2.6 cubic ft.
Consists primarily of printed items, newspapers, broadsides, brochures, clippings, newsletters, and pamphlets, mostly relating to Cornell University and its student organizations. Also includes notes and correspondence.

3698 Walter Harold Blucher papers, 1934-1970
31.4 cubic ft.
Includes planning files and reports; speeches; articles; monthly reports and minutes of the American Society of Planning Officials; minutes of the Association of State Planning and Development Agencies; annual reports of the Detroit City Plan Commission; pictures; and correspondence between Blucher and Rexford G. Tugwell.

3748 Arthur Cort Holden papers, 1920-1987
110.1 cubic ft.
Collection includes extensive correspondence, blueprints, sketches, drawings, financial records, and photographs from Holden's private practice around New York City; correspondence, articles, surveys and reports documenting his service on many boards, committees, and commissions. Also included are drafts and copies of articles and books including The Settlement Idea and Sonnets for My City; and a bound volume, "Are Bankers Credit Allocators?", of photocopies of a collection of commentaries, based on a New York Times article.

3788 Charles G. Muller papers, 1914-1986
14.5 cubic ft., 2 tape recordings.
Various items documenting the life and work of Charles G. Muller.

3830 Japanese American relocation centers records, 1935-1953
22.9 cubic ft.
Includes documentation collected by military sociologists on two World War II-era Japanese-American relocation centers, along with sociological observations and studies.

3837 H. Emmons Ogden Family Papers, 1830-1917
.4 cubic ft.
Includes diaries, account books, and correspondence of the collector's relatives.

3846 Rothschild's Department Store Records, 1866-1957
3.7 cubic ft.
Includes ledgers and account books (1914-1935) of customer orders and dealer invoices. The volumes dealing with customers frequently record the customers' tableware patterns and prices. Also, deeds and title abstracts and searches (1866-1957) for various properties in the city of Ithaca and two appraisals (1923-1933) of the Rothschild Brothers Building.

3875 Bunnell family papers, 1887-1937
.4 cubic ft.
Contains letters from Catharine Sterling Bunnell to her parents describing her activities as an archeology student and her travels in Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Also contains papers of her mother, Katherine S. Day, and sketches by Bella (Dollabella) Day.

3924 Wharton Releasing Corporation records, ca. 1916-1923
1.1 cubic ft.
Contains film scenarios and other records of the Wharton Releasing Corporation, an early motion picture company based in Ithaca, New York.

3942 George Plimpton Adams, Jr. and Evelyn Howell Yonker Adams papers, 1924-1977
2.7 cubic ft.
Includes correspondence, notebooks, diaries, and scrapbook of George Adams, and correspondence and diaries of Evelyn Adams.

3943 Planners for Equal Opportunity Records, 1964-1978
3 cubic ft.
Planners for Equal Opportunity was established in 1964 by a small group of professionals in the housing, planning, architecture and social work fields as an organization through which planning skills and concepts could be used to work for equality among minorities. The group encouraged professional planners to serve as civil rights advocates and to work for the change of policies and practices they considered racist.

3956 Barrett Gallagher photographs and film, 1932-1989
92 cubic ft.
Photographs of Cornell University faculty and campus scenes taken by Barrett Gallagher include Alexander M. Drummond; University President Livingston Farrand and his wife, Daisy; University Presidents Deane W. Malott and Frank H.T. Rhodes; arts quadrangle buildings, museum, and other photographs for publications such as the Cornell Alumni News. Also, 16mm film Spring in Ithaca, ca. 1960.

4007 American Institute of Planners Records, 1934-1978
83.2 cubic ft.
Primarily files of American Institute of Planners executive offices, departments, and committees, this collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, bylaws, policy statements, contracts, proposals, bills and receipts, publications by AIP and other organizations, drafts, articles, reviews, surveys, and other materials relating to the activities of AIP and its local chapters. Subjects represented include educational and career opportunites for women and minorities in planning; grants and fellowships; continuing education; planning awards; AIP annual meetings; AIP conferences (including talks as well as files); AIP's 50th anniversary; AIP membership standards, registration, and role in the planning profession; certification of educational institutions offering degrees in planning; professional development; professional ethics; housing; regional planning; environmental issues; and related topics.

4075 American Planning Association records, 1925-1997
36.9 cubic ft.
Contains office files and printed materials relating to planning conferences and programs; National Planning Awards submissions; and materials regarding planning education. Also includes minutes, newsletters, conference records, numerous planning publications from various institutional entities now part of APA, proceedings from meetings, audiotapes of lectures, and other records and publications.

4087 Frederick Morrison Babcock publications, 1941-1973
3 cubic ft.
Publications, including land valuations, estimates, reports and development studies by Frederick Morrison Babcock. Areas represented in these studies are located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

4092 F. Stuart Chapin publications, 1945-1978
c. 1 cubic ft.
Printed and manuscript versions of publications by Chapin.

4100 Arthur H. Dean papers, 1937-1980
146.9 cubic ft.
Arthur Hobson Dean was an Ithaca native, Cornell alumnus, lawyer, U.S. government official, diplomat, executive, international and corporate law specialist, and writer. Dean's papers relate to Cornell University and well as Dean's work as a senior partner of Sullivan and Cromwell, the State University of New York, the Korean War, the Association for the Promotion and Protection of Private Foreign Investments, the Conference on the Discontinuance of Nuclear Weapons Tests, the United Nations, the Foreign Policy Association, the Asia Society and Asia Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York City Bar Association, and other organizations and topics.

4215 Walter Thabit papers, 1950-1988
46 cubic ft.
Includes files relating to projects with which Walter Thabit has been associated; president's files of the Planners for Equal Opportunity; files on the development of new private ferry services to and from Manhattan, as well as Staten Island ferry planning; Health Pac newsletters, "Better Transit Bulletin," and Ekistics newsletters; and administrative and financial records of Thabit's planning consulting firm. Also, oral history interviews by Matthew Lyons.

4240 Severinghaus family papers, 1922-1994
29.8 cubic ft.
Subject files, correspondence, photographs, movie films, audiotapes, ephemera, and other material pertaining to the personal life and professional career of Leslie Severinghaus and his family (particularly his wife Emmavail Luce Severinghaus). Chief topics include the Peking Union Medical College, travel and work in China, education, the Haverford School in Pennsylvania, and Wellesley College.

4250 Paul Davidoff Papers, 1951-1985
26.1 cubic ft.
Papers relating to Paul Davidoff's career as a city planner, including his civil rights activism on housing discrimination.

4255 Britton Harris papers, 1952-1988
.6 cubic ft.
Articles and other publications by Britton Harris on land use development, transportation, use of computers, and various other topics in planning and regional science.

4265 Amos B. Stanton papers, 1843-1930
.6 cubic ft.
Primarily Civil War letters from Stanton to his wife. Also, family letters, certificates, pension files, clippings, publications, and diaries of John Crosby and Amos B. Stanton.

4274 Henry H. B. Chamberlain papers, 1863-1898
.5 cubic ft.
Correspondence with family members with extensive description of Civil War involvement, and other miscellaneous family papers.

4293 James Lindsay Dyson papers, ca. 1933-1971
6.4 cubic ft.
Student papers, primarily laboratory and lecture notes from Cornell University; documents, notebook, and scrapbook relating to his experiences in the U.S. Army during World War II and in the Army Reserve; subject files relating to his teaching at Lafayette College and his work as a geologist; research files, card files, manuscripts, photographs, reviews, and articles on The World of Ice; research files for a projected work, The World of Water; scrapbooks; geology and ornithology field notebooks; personal correspondence and photographs; and other publications by James L. Dyson. Also, correspondence with Lolita Dyson about a scholarship established at Lafayette College in memory of her husband.

4382 John W. Dyckman Papers, 1959-1967
4.3 cubic ft.
Correspondence, biographical materials, course outlines, project files, notes, drafts, lectures, articles, reports, and other writings relating to John W. Dyckman's professional activities.

4383 George W. Rafter Papers, 1872-1920
2.2 cubic ft.
Correspondence, writings, and publications relating to civil engineering; some personal and family correspondence; photographs; and genealogical materials.

4405 Philippines Army Headquarters Bulletins, 1936-1945
1.2 cubic ft.
Bulletins issued by the Philippines Army Headquarters during World War II, including a set of statements issued by General Douglas MacArthur.

4406 Vietnam War: statistical analysis and evaluation projects, 1968-1972
.7 cubic ft.
Documentation for various automated systems designed to provide data about the war in Vietnam.

4408 Oliver C. Winston Papers, ca. 1930-1973
17 cubic ft.
Materials relating to Oliver C. Winston's work in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Binghamton and Cornell University.

4410 Robert R. Nathan Papers, 1944-1975
1.5 cubic ft.
Typescript travel diaries describing Nathan's consulting work in countries including Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

4411 Malcolm Whyte papers and Troubador Press publications, 1970-1993
1.2 cubic ft.
Children's books by various authors, published by Troubador Press, Troubador Press catalogs and documents.

4416 Mary Fuertes Boynton letters, 1981-1988
0.1 cubic ft.
Letters from Mary Boynton to Dorothy Tyler about James Hutton, his papers, a memoir they were writing, and lists of prospects and donors to the Hutton Memorial Fund.

4424 American Baptist Foreign Mission Society Records, 1813-1961
62 reels microfilm
Missionary correspondence (1817-1900) and geographic files relating to activities of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society in Burma.

4431 J. J. Darrow diaries, 1885-1924
25 v.
Farm diaries.

4456 Gillette Family Papers, 1876-1922
1.1 cubic ft.; 1 portrait.
Letters and scrapbooks documenting the lives of Edwin S. and Flora Spence Gillette.

4463 Development Alternatives, Inc. Reports, 1977-1989
1 cubic ft.
Reports on projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

4476 Southern Tier Central Planning and Development Board Reports, 1968-1990
3 cubic ft.
Planning reports from the New York State Legislative Commission on Rural Resources, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, New York State Office of Planning Coordination, New York State Temporary State Commission to Study the Catskills, Southern Tier Regional Planning and Development Board, Southern Tier West Regional Planning and Development Board, Capital District Regional Planning Commission, Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board, and Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council, as well as planning reports from Chemung and Steuben Counties, and miscellaneous planning documents.

4499 Cambodia Documentation Commission Records, 1985-1990
3.6 cubic ft.
Reports on conflict in Cambodia; annual reports of the Commission, photographs and miscellaneous papers on "Cambodia Witness" photograph exhibit, "Khmer Rouge Prison Documents," photocopies of documents from Khmer Rouge prison archives, and oversize proof sheets of photographs of prisoners and guards at the S-21 (Tuol Sleng) prison-execution facility in Phnom Penh..

4506 James Lowell Gibbs collection of African-American documents, 1865-1918
22 items
Letters from prominent individuals, some of whom were African Americans, and other related materials.

4511 Joseph E. Holloway papers, 1980-1991
2.2 cubic ft., 13 videocassettes, 6 audiocassettes
Mostly manuscripts and drafts of Holloway's books; and videotaped interviews of various Gullah and Oyotunji people. Includes correspondence and a copy of Holloway's dissertation.

4516 Hedda Morrison photographs, [ca. 1950-1985]
ca. 10 cubic ft.
Photographs and negatives of Sarawak, other places in Malaysia, Indonesia, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

4602 Daniel and Philip Berrigan Collection, 1880-1995
207 cubic ft.
Personal papers and ephemeral publications by and about Daniel and Philip Berrigan, including correspondence, legal documents, manuscripts of poetry and prose, notes for talks, periodical arcticles, newspaper clippings, photographs, broadsides, tape recordings, videocassettes, and microfilms. The greater part of the collection consists of papers dated after 1960 and contains much on the Catonsville Nine, the Harrisburg Seven, and the Plowshares Eight. Earlier material includes some Berrigan family history. The collection is supplemented by published books by and about the Berrigans. Also a broadside from the "America is Hard to Find" weekend, April 17-19, 1970; and a video "Catonsville 9."

4608 Laura (Riding) Jackson and Schuyler B. Jackson collection, 1924-1991
24.2 cubic ft.
Consists mainly of correspondence between Laura (Riding) Jackson and a substantial number of authors, critics, publishers and friends. The collection also gathers literary manuscripts, in particular revised drafts of book-length unpublished works, and notes and commentaries written by Laura (Riding) Jackson about her poetry and criticism. Includes an audio recording of (Riding) Jackson reading in New York City, 1984.

4612 Wyndham Lewis collection, 1877-1975
44 linear ft.
Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, printed material, graphics, and bound manuscripts by, to, or about Wyndham Lewis, covering all aspects of his career and life. Includes one of two known proof copies of his novel The Roaring Queen, which was withdrawn before publication; unpublished novels, short stories, essays, and notebooks; and manuscripts and notes for several of Lewis's published books. Also included are diaries of Lewis's wife, G. Anne Hoskyns Lewis, from 1953-1967, and Civil War reminiscences of his father, Charles Edward Lewis.

4614 Maurepas collection, 1694-1749
4.8 linear ft. (694 items)
Manuscripts, documents, and correspondence from Maurepas's administrative files, documenting his activities as overseer of the country's maritime affairs and of the royal household. Includes letters and documents concerning the War of the Austrian Succession, France's support for the Jacobite cause of Charles Edward, the Young Pretender, in England, and other aspects of French foreign policy; the finances of the French navy; diplomatic relations and commerce with other countries such as Spain, Russia, and Portugal; shipbuilding, navigation, scientific expeditions, and taxation.

4666 Jay McInerney papers, 1971-1989
1.7 cubic ft.
The Jay McInerney papers consist of personal correspondence, professional and publishing correspondence, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to the publicity for his novel Bright Lights Big City.

4667 Benét Family Papers, 1918-1960
.6 cubic ft.
Manuscripts, correspondence, bibliographies, publishing releases and proofs, scripts, photographs, sheet music, subject files, and other miscellaneous papers of Stephen Vincent Benét, Laura Benét, and William Rose Benét.

4711 La Forte collection, 1784-1797
6.2 cubic ft.
Letters, receipts, and other documents addressed to or received from officials in the Régie des poudres et salpêtres in Paris and the departments and districts of France, and saltpeter manufacturers, chiefly relating to gunpowder production. Other topics covered include Parisian politics, the state of the French economy, the shift to paper currency, and dissatisfaction among the workers.

4809 Harold and Dorothy Seymour papers, 1830-1998
68.1 cubic ft.
Correspondence, publicity, books, notes, photographs, computer disks, and other documents and records pertaining to the history of baseball and personal papers pertaining to the Seymour family.

4855 Irving Hand papers, 1967-1992
24 cubic ft.
Correspondence and newsletters, principally dealing with the American Planning Association and the American Institute of Planners; also, planning reports, publications, and other documents dealing with planning education and the Institute of State and Regional Affairs, Pennsylvania State University - Capitol Campus, Middletown. Includes articles and speeches by Hugh R. Pomeroy (1947-1957).

4856 Francis G. Scheider papers, 1940-1988
9.3 cubic ft.
Subject files, field records, reports, and checklists, photographs, and other papers of an expert birder from the Rochester, New York area; records pertain mostly to Central New York State, but include accounts of trips to Alaska, Florida, and other places.

4883 Tuol Sleng confessions and photographs, 1991-1993
213 reels microfilm
Transcripts of confessions obtained from prisoners at Tuol Sleng Prison, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Also, five thousand photographs of Tuol Sleng prisoners.

4928 Johnson family papers, 1776-1937
1.9 cubic feet.
The Johnson Family Papers consist of correspondence, wills, diplomas, marriage certificates, obituaries, photographs, genealogical notes and family histories, land grant certificates, military documents, a book of autographs, and other papers and documents of the Johnson and related families, direct descendants of the Presidential Adams family. The family was located chiefly in Utica, New York.

4931 G. Coleman Woodbury papers, 1920-1980
16 cubic ft.
Correspondence, articles and drafts of articles, biographical material, book reviews, research proposals, syllabi, speeches, and other papers pertaining to city planning, public housing, and government policy. Includes material on the National Housing Agency, the Illinois Housing Authority, the Redevelopment Council of America, the Institute for Research in Land Economics and Public Utilities, the Washington Center for Metropolitan Studies, and Northwestern University. Correspondents include Clarence Stein and Richard T. Ely.

6299 Diane Ackerman Papers, 1971-1997
9.1 cubic ft.
Manuscripts, galleys, proofs, and reproductions of published and unpublished writings, including The Planets, A Natural History of the Senses, A Natural History of Love, and A Slender Thread; also, photographs, poems, articles and essays, research notes, and other papers.

6373 Howe Family Papers, 1854-1855, 1905-1935
.5 cubic ft.
Correspondence from Almon A. Jaynes to Grace Howe. WWI letters to Grace Howe from a number of soldiers. Twenty-six daily diaries of Grace Howe, 1905-1935. Photographs of Grace Howe, her sister Josephine Howe, A. A. Jaynes, among others.

6481 Boniface I. Obichere papers, 1959-1996
29.9 cubic ft.
Correspondence, notes, and writings of Boniface Obichere, a UCLA professor of African history. Includes student and class papers, along with materials from various committees and organizations in which Obichere participated, particularly UCLA's African Study Center and the Journal of African Studies.

6483 Ithaca Feminist Radio Collective, "Being Ourselves" records, 1970-1998
33.2 cubic ft.
Audiotapes of "Being Ourselves," a program that was produced by the Ithaca Feminist Radio Collective and broadcast in Ithaca, NY, on Sunday mornings. Also, notes and files from collective meetings and relating to producing the show.

7020 Flower of the Dragon Records, 1961-1981
1.4 cubic ft.
Various materials describing the Flower of the Dragon organization.

7033 Citizen Soldier records, 1966-1994
24.3 cubic ft.
Includes records of the Citizens' Commission of Inquiry on U.S. War Crimes and the Safe Return Amnesty Committee, both Vietnam War-era groups, and a successor of the two organizations, Citizen Soldier.

7041 Gustav Edward Kappler, papers, 1970-1984
.5 cubic feet, 23 tape and cassette recordings.
Collection of color slides, tape recordings and transcripts describing the vascular surgeon's experiences during the Vietnam War.

7050 Vietnam war miscellany, 1965-1989
.4 cubic ft.
Documents relating to the Vietnam War, collected from various sources.

7301 National Gay and Lesbian Task Force records, 1973-2000
ca. 200.5 cubic ft.
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) collection consists of correspondence, press clippings, financial and administrative records, subject files, and photographs that, taken together, provide a broad overview of the U. S. movement for lesbian and gay civil rights in the 1970s, '80s, and '90s. Subject files in the collection range from the California and Dade County, Florida civil rights battles of the late '70s to the ongoing political skirmishes around the AIDS epidemic, and comprehend a wide array of legal and cultural issues in between. NGLTF projects included here address workplace discrimination and violence against lesbians and gay men, for instance; and an entire sub-series of subject files preserves materials from more than one hundred lesbian and gay organizations across the U.S. The bulk of the material here covers the mid-'80s, and is thinner around its early history (the organization was smaller in the '70s) and its contemporary work (active files are being kept at NGLTF offices in Washington, DC.)

7304 Harry Langhorne papers, 1972-1977
5 cubic ft.
The collection consists of the papers of Harry Langhorne, a Philadelphia area gay activist and executive officer of the Gay Activists Alliance of Philadelphia. Includes subject files relating to all aspects of the gay movement and of other liberal and radical social causes.

7306 Richard L. Schlegel papers, [ca. 1960-1980]
3.5 cubic ft.
Legal files pertaining to SCHLEGEL VS U.S., a court case relating to Schlegel dismissal from U.S. Army employment, 1961-1969; files relating to PACE! A DIGEST OF SEX AND HUMOR, for which Schlegel served as editor and co-publisher, 1970; and clippings, a subject file, magazines, and books on sexual topics in general and homosexual topics in particular.

7307 Bruce Voeller papers, 1978-1988
39 cubic ft.
Materials pertaining to sexuality in general and to homosexuality and the gay liberation movement in particular; includes subject files on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Also a typescript of a prose fiction by Voeller, "Murder at McGurk." Files pertaining to the Responsive Gay Collective, the Gay Media Alliance, demonstrations in New York City, the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee, the 1979 Gay Pride Celebration in New York City, the Lesbian and Gay Neighbors of Lower Manhattan, and the Chelsea Gay Association.

7309 Fund for Human Dignity records, 1979-1989
.6 cubic ft.
Correspondence, minutes, memoranda, financial records and reports, and publications. The Fund for Human Dignity was a part of the National Gay Task Force (NGTF).

7310 Advocate Research and Education Foundation/Advocate Experience records, 1978-1981
12.5 cubic ft.
The Advocate Research and Education Foundation collection pertains chiefly to the Advocate Experience, an EST-derived seminar for lesbians and gays founded by David B. Goodstein. The collection dates from 1978 to 1981 and includes correspondence, financial records and files, memoranda and minutes of the Advocate Research and Education Foundation Board and the Advocate Experience staff, topical seminar background material, audio and video cassettes, slides, and manuals pertaining to the Advocate Experience and the Outrageous Experience (a seminar for instructors); also, Advocate Experience registration forms and Facilitator Information Sheets.

7311 David B. Goodstein papers, 1954-1985
4.7 cubic ft.
The David B. Goodstein collection includes documents related to Goodstein's role as a spokesperson for the gay rights movement, the Concerned Voters of California's response to the anti-gay Briggs Initiative, the "Advocate Experience," and Dade County's anti-gay activity. Also includes personal papers (certificates, diplomas, military documents, etc.) as well as photographs and slides of show horses and fine art and of Goodstein and his friends.

7315 Gay Media Task Force records, 1972-1988
19.6 cubic ft.
The Gay Media Task Force was created by the National Gay Task Force in 1972 to serve as a resource organization for network television programming as it addressed gay issues. The collection includes correspondence, press releases and other information of Newton Deiter, coordinator of the Task Force; film and television scripts on which the Task Force worked; 3/4" video tapes of network television programs and source material.

7316 Larry Bush papers, 1977-1984
7.1 cubic ft.
The collection consists of Bush's correspondence, drafts of articles, transcripts of interviews, photographs, and an audiotape. Also included are subject files, clippings, reports, and articles pertaining to gay liberation, politics, rights, social and cultural issues, and journalism. Subjects include AIDS, the Human Rights Campaign Fund, the National Gay Task Force, and the legislative and legal aspects of gay rights; there are files on individuals, government commissions, and numerous other gay and lesbian issues.

7317 David P. McWhirter papers, 1976-1984
2.5 cubic ft.
The David P. McWhirter papers relate to human sexuality in general and to homosexuality in particular. Subject files derive from sexuality and privacy commissions on which McWhirter served. The collection includes numerous typescripts of pornographic stories.

7318 Calvert Bowman papers, [ca. 1941-1988]
5.6 cubic ft.
Erotic and pornographic prose manuscripts, photographs, drawings, films, slides, watercolors, and greeting cards collected by Bowman over a period of more than forty years.

7320 Robert Lynch papers, 1963-1989
8.1 cubic ft.
The Robert Lynch papers consist of correspondence, diaries, poems and chapbooks of unpublished poetry, and typescripts; also, financial, legal, and business records and mailings, miscellaneous collected printed material, brochures, photoprints, photo negatives, videocassettes, slides, movie films, children's drawings, greeting cards, perfunctory mailings, clippings, genealogical charts, a high school memory book, pressed wildflowers and other botanical specimens, and occasional notes left by others for Lynch.

7321 Jean O'Leary papers, 1977-1978
.4 cubic ft.
Correspondence, notes, minutes, and press releases pertaining to the International Women's Year and its national conference in 1977; also, questionnaires, lists of delegates, and supplementary publications relating to the International Women's Year, its conference, and to women's and lesbian issues.

7322 Matthew Wolfe Writings [ca. 1970]-1988
.9 cubic ft.
Self-Published prose fiction manuscripts.

7323 Sexuality in society ephemera, 1984-1997
c. 3 cubic ft.
The collection contains materials relating to sexual politics and the culture of groups defined by sexuality. Currently includes materials handed out at marches, rallies, parades, lectures, picnics, women's bookstores, and entertainment shows by, for, or about lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals. Includes materials collected on the campus of Cornell University.

7324 AIDSWORK of Tompkins County records, 1987-1994
14.4 cubic ft.
Meeting minutes, budgets, grant proposals, broadsides, and some correspondence from Tompkins County AIDS Task Force and AIDS Work; also subject files, office files, material from other AIDS organizations, photographs, and other material.

7325 Robert Roth papers, 1973-1990
14 cubic ft.
The Robert Roth papers include correspondence, periodicals, publications, subject files, an AIDS file, and an international file pertaining chiefly to the international gay rights movement of the 1970s through the 1980s; also, pornography and erotica catalogs and material, and legal files pertaining to Roth's work as an attorney in landlord-tenant cases.

7329 Perry Brass papers, 1968-1992
4.4 cubic ft.
The Perry Brass papers consist of handwritten and typescript drafts of letters, articles, prose pieces, theatrical writings, diaries, poems, and essays, as well as photographs, publicity and promotional materials, scripts, letters to Brass from friends and family, and printed versions of articles as they appeared in various gay magazines. Most of the material in the collection is concerned with gay themes and the relationship between the gay and straight cultures; the correspondence also most often pertains to gay society, relations, or theatrical and literary milieus.

7437 George Fisher papers, 1951-1990
21.7 cubic ft.
Elysian Fields, Booksellers, business records, 1974-1988, including orders, invoices, bills, mail order forms, special order correspondence. bibliographies and catalogs; also, personal correspondence, a clipping and subject file, photo prints, original erotic and pornographic manuscripts, erotica and pornographic artwork, including drawings and photographs.

7439 James M. Foster papers, 1971-1990
12.7 cubic ft.
Records pertain to public health issues especially pertaining to AIDS. Also included are a subject file and an AIDS file kept by Foster, and an extensive sexual audiocassette collection; also, personal correspondence, some personal files, address books, and material pertaining to Foster's business enterprise, the Democratic National Committee, the Human Rights Campaign Fund, and the Alice B. Toklas Memorial Democratic Club. Major correspondents include Dianne Feinstein, Art Agnos, David B. Goodstein, Edward M. Kennedy, Bruce Voeller, and Jerry E. Berg.

7441 H. Lynn Womack papers 1951-1977
4 cubic ft.
The H. Lynn Womack papers include business records of the Guild press, the Guild Book Service, the Grecian Guild, the Potomac News Company, and Village Books and Press, all of an erotic and pornographic nature. Also, correspondence, gay periodicals, manuscripts of erotic and pornographic stories, and an extensive collection of pornographic mail order catalogs.

7442 Gay Publishing Company papers, 1964-1965
1.3 cubic ft.
Business records, incorporation and funding papers, correspondence, advertising samples, and submissions pertaining to the Gay Publishing Company of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Also, like records pertaining to that company's affiliated enterprises, including Gay International Press, Lord and Shields, Ltd, and Scene Publishing Company; correspondence of editors, publishers, and owners James C. Ward, Robert M. Marsden, and Robert Maynard.

7444 Michael Williams notebooks, 1978-1990
.7 cubic ft.
Notebooks kept by Williams from 28 December 1980 to 8 May 1990. Comprised of diary entries, astrological charts, calendars, outgoing and incoming correspondence, postcards, poems, photographs, tickets, programs, and invitations.

7528 PWA Health Group. Records, 1990-1991
2.2 cubic ft.
Correspondence, notes, bibliographies, articles, and conference programs related to AIDS, particularly new drugs for the treatment of opportunistic infections and the specific issues relating to women with AIDS. Includes correspondence with drug companies and files about the Countdown/18 Months Plan of ACT UP/NY's Treatment and Data Committee.

7561 ACT UP Ithaca records, 1990-1993
1.8 cubic ft.

7564 Phil Zwickler papers, [ca. 1983]-1992
12.2 cubic ft.; 159 videocassettes.
Documents, videos, and film from Phil Zwickler's work on "Rights and Reactions," as well as several other projects, including some material regarding "Fear of Disclosure," and miscellaneous files and photographs, mostly from 1987 to 1992.

7567 Goldstaub family papers, 1951-1998
c. 4.9 cubic ft.
The Goldstaub family papers relate to the effect on the family of Sylvia and Bernie Goldstaub when their son Mark came out to them as a gay man in 1977 and later when he became HIV-positive. The collection includes an audiotape of "Venetian Echoes" composed by Paul Goldstaub in memory of Mark, as well as the score and program notes. Also materials relating to Sylvia's book Unconditional Love: Mom! Dad! Love Me Please!

7574 Robert Garcia papers, 1988-1993
9.0 cubic ft.
The Robert Garcia papers include personal papers and files reflecting Garcia's personal life and involvement in lesbian and gay rights, reproductive rights, and AIDS activism. Garcia's papers also reflect his involvement in ACT UP-New York, the national organization Men of All Colors Together (formerly Black and White Men Together), and a video collective called House of Color; also, testimony regarding his arrest for civil disobedience at an ACT UP demonstration. A collection of videocassettes includes biographical material as well as footage related to activism about AIDS, identity politics, race and sexuality; also work by House of Color.

7575 Chasen Gaver papers, 1977-1988
7.9 cubic ft.
The papers of the "performance poet" Chasen Gaver include personal papers as well as photographs, videotapes and audiotapes; also press materials and articles about him and his work, and announcements of his performances. Also, family photographs and correspondence, personal correspondence, a diary called "Fever Journal," notebooks meticulously charting Gaver's health, and a shadowbox puppet theater used for recitations of Gaver's poem "The Ugly Side of Pretty."

7580 Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian and Gay Issues records, 1981-1998
3.8 cubic ft.; 13 videos
Announcements and petitions for the creation of a new division within the American Psychological Association; the Division's minutes, audio tapes of meetings, photographs, correspondence, bylaws, financial records, and reports. Revisions to the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) are a major area of focus. Includes videos of APA's first Symposium, interviews with Evelyn Hooker, Del Martin, and others, and the 1989 meetings.

7590 Brian R. McNaught papers, [ca.1970-1994]
21.6 cubic ft.
The Brian R. McNaught collection documents McNaught's career as a sexuality activist, a church activist, writer, and sensitivity trainer. Topics include the controversy of gays in the Catholic Church, AIDS training and awareness, homophobia in the workplace, and gay rights. McNaught's works, books and videos include A Disturbed Peace, On Being Gay, Gay Issues in the Workplace, Growing Up Gay and Lesbian, Homophobia in the Workplace, and Now That I'm Out, What Do I Do?.

7599 Tracy Kronzak papers, 1992-1996
1.6 cubic ft.
Materials collected by Tracy Kronzak while a student at Cornell University. Includes material on gay life and AIDS in Russia, materials from the 1996 display of the AIDS Quilt in Washington, D.C., materials from gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender organizations at Cornell.

7606 Alice Kleberg Reynolds papers, 1979-1996
2.1 cubic ft.
Professional and personal subject files pertaining chiefly to the Human Rights Campaign Fund, and its work in AIDS education, advocacy, queer politics, women's rights campaigns, and gay and lesbian social and political issues.

7609 Robert J. Leach papers, 1930-1998
13.1 cubic ft.; 197 tape recordings.
The collection documents Leach's determination and expression of his sexual identity, his life as a closeted gay, his coming out, and his emotional life as a gay American abroad and on Nantucket Island, as well as the details of his family life, friendships, and Leach family genealogy. The collection also includes correspondence from Robert Leach describing his donations, providing context for his collection at Cornell.

7615 Michael J. Ellis papers, 1975-1993
3 cubic ft.
Correspondence, subject files, audiocassettes, and other materials documenting the shift from gay liberation to gay and lesbian activism, and concerning the establishment of organizations, programs, and issues at Cornell and in Ithaca, including the Cornell University Library's Human Sexuality Collection, Ithaca's Fair Practice Ordinance, the adoption of Local Law C, the addition of sexual orientation to the University's Equal Opportunity statement, and the development of AIDS awareness and policy.

7616 Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG) records, [ca. 1982-1999]
7 cubic ft.
The Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG) records consist of documents pertaining to the operations of the organization, including administrative records, project files, planning documents, regional directors' files, budget information, the 1992 Strategic Plan, correspondence, board meeting notes, by-laws and articles of incorporation, and other papers. Subject files include material on HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS care, family support networks, and other organizations and services in the field of gay rights and AIDS support. Also included are audiocassettes from P-FLAG National Conventions (1982-1996), and two videos.

7620 Pauline Layton papers, 1967-1999
0.5 cubic ft.
Documents from the creation and early years of Cornell's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered student groups, and the Cornell Women's Studies Program (1968-1981). Pamphlets, articles, and other documents on the women's, sexual liberation, and gay liberation movements of the late 1960's and 1970's. Layton's reflections on her own gender and sexual identity. Videos concerning AIDS and equal rights for gays and lesbians.

7627 Valerie Taylor papers, 1913-1997
8.7 cubic ft.
Personal and professional papers of Valerie Taylor, lesbian author and poet, peace activist, and feminist. Consists mainly of correspondence and published and unpublished literary manuscripts, but also includes materials relating to her personal life, drafts of speeches, book reviews, news stories, photographs, video and audio tapes, and subject files relating to feminist, literary, peace, Quaker, and lesbian activities. Also contains the letters and unpublished literary works of those with whom she corresponded.

7630 Empire State Pride Agenda records, 1990-1998
4.3 cubic ft.
Subject files, publicity items, programs for fund raising and political events, news and flyers on gay and lesbian issues; also, minutes (1991-1994), chronological files on Pride Agenda's activities, posters, t-shirts, stickers, and other ephemera relating to fund raising and political events.

7654 Heather Allore papers, 1993-1998
.4 cubic ft.
Agendas, notes, related documents, and correspondence from meetings of a Cornell University Working Group on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues, Sept. 1993-1995, and of the Advisory Board to Cornell's Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Resource Office, 1995-1998. Also, notes and correspondence from the Cornell Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay Alliance in 1993.

7669 Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Records, 1985-2000
19 cubic ft.
Administrative files, correspondence, media kits, press releases, clippings, and files on the GLAAD Media Award events from the New York City and Atlanta offices.

7670 Firebrand Books records, 1984-2000
58 cubic ft.
Files on published books; rejection letters; invoices; distributors' reports; vendor files; files on conferences and events the publisher attended; file from publisher's service on the Advisory Committee to the Human Sexuality Collection, 1991; mailing list; lists of Firebrand employees and interns; summary of financial donations to Firebrand; Firebrand's web site; and posters that decorated the office.

7677 Loren Cameron papers 1993-2002
1.5 cubic ft.
The Loren Cameron Papers consist of photographic portraits created by Loren Cameron, correspondence and other manuscript material specifically documenting the Female to Male transsexual community.

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