Robert Evans Alexander Papers, 1935-1993

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Robert Evans Alexander papers, 1935-1993
Collection Number:
Robert Evans Alexander, 1907-
86.4 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Contains architectural plans and drawings, reports, correspondence, legal papers, agenda and minutes of meetings, printed material, negative microfilm, cassette tape, photographs, drawings, and slides.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Includes architectural plans and drawings, reports, correspondence, legal papers, agenda and minutes of meetings, printed material and photographs from the firms of Neutra and Alexander, and Alexander and Associates. Projects include a plan for various buildings and schools. Also, "Checkpoint Charlie," a volume of personal reminiscences; "Convicts with AIDS," and "Why L.A.?;" and obituary material.
Collection material in English


An architect and city planner, Robert Evans Alexander graduated in the Cornell University Class of 1930. He was a member of the International Fraternity of Lambda Alpha, Los Angeles Chapter.


Includes architectural plans and drawings, reports, correspondence, legal papers, agenda and minutes of meetings, printed material and photographs from the firms of Neutra and Alexander, and Alexander and Associates. Projects include a plan for various buildings in the Territory of Guam; various schools including Palos Verdes High School, Adelphi College (Garden City, N.Y.), Simpson College (Indianola, Iowa), the University of California at San Diego, and California Institute of Technology (Behavioral Biology Laboratory); the Los Angeles County Hall of Records; buildings at various military bases; the visitors' building and cyclorama at Gettysburg National Military Park; and Bunker Hill Residential Towers (Los Angeles). Also, "Checkpoint Charlie," a volume of personal reminiscences, 1989; "Convicts with AIDS" (1992), and "Why L.A.?" (1993); and obituary material.

Alexander, Robert Evans, 1907-
Neutra, Richard.
Neutra and Alexander.
Alexander and Associates.
Adelphi College--Buildings.
Simpson College--Buildings.
University of California, San Diego--Buildings.
California Institute of Technology--Buildings.
Palos Verdes High School.
Los Angeles County Hall of Records.
Gettysburg National Military Park.
Bunker Hill Residential Towers (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Lambda Alpha International. Los Angeles Chapter.

AIDS (Disease).
Campus planning.
City planning.
City planners.


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Color slides.


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Robert Evans Alexander Papers, #3087. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Box 1-2
Brochure describing the firm, and listing projects of all kinds accomplished by the firm
Box 1-2
"Preview of a New Way of Life"
An article written for Revere Copper & Brass, shortly after Pearl Harbor
Box 1-2
"The Architect and Society"
An outline of some thoughts on the future of the profession
Box 1-2
"Southern California Transit - Tragic Blunder or Blessed Boon?
Box 1-2
"The Beautiful Valley"
A brief statement given on the final presentation of the Vista General Plan
Box 1-2
"Design Objectives in City Planning"
From a seminar at 1955 A.I.A. Convention
Box 1-2
"It's Time to Look at Tomorrow's Schools"
A talk given to California School Administrators in 1958
Box 1-2
"Designing for Science at Orange Coast College"
Account of planning and investigation which applies to a planning approach in general
Box 1-2
"Re: Planning a Campus"
The reproduction of an internal memorandum as a guide for planning
Box 1-2
"A Tip on a Sure Winner at 100 to 1 Odds"
Attempted guide to college planning
Box 1-2
"Return to our Cities"
Statement to the Southern California Chapter, American Institute of Architects
Box 1-2
"West End Urban Renewal"
Brief report on Stockton, California's Redevelopment Project
Box 1-2
"Reading the Palm of Escondido"
A brief report on a general plan, for popular consumption
Box 1-2
"Community Planning and Housing for the Pallikkaranai project, Madras, India."
Box 1-2
"Anchorage at the Crossroads"
Aug. 1964 brief report on the re-planning of Anchorage after the earthquake
Box 1-2
"Fall-Out Shelter Survey, Contra Costa County, California"
In two parts: Part 1 is an actual summary of results of the survey, and Part 2 describes in detail the procedures and operating experience
Box 1-2
"A New Look for the City."
About half of this book written in collaboration with Drayton Bryant, was published by the Haynes Foundation under the title "Rebuilding a City"
Box 1-2
"Long Range Development Plan - University of California, San Diego, Oct. 1963"
First plan for one of three new University campuses to accomodate 27,500 students each in California
Box 1-2
"Planning for Guam"
Represents the first attempt at a regional plan for the newly formed territory of Guam
Box 1-2
"San Mateo Junior College"
Very small manuscript on planning a community college
Box 1-2
"Report on a Development Plan and a Construction Program for Orange Coast College"
Box 1-2
"Master Plan for Adelphi College, Garden City, Long Island"
Reproduction in rough form of the dummy for a brochure
Box 1-2
"St. John's College Development Plan"
Box 1-2
"A Plan for the Tulsa Central Business District"
Script for a taped talk accompanied by slides, explaining the CBD plan for Tulsa
Box 1-2
"A Plan for Central Tulsa"
Box 1-2
"Urban Design Manual of Goals"
Guide for plan preparation and implementation for the San Diego Border Area Program
Box 1-2
"An Architect Views the Client's Role in School Building Planning"
Box 1-2
8 page reprint of "The People of Sacramento - Plan for 1960 Through Redevelopment" (Sacramento City Planning Commission)
Box 3
Baldwin Hills Elementary School, Los Angeles
Photos of buildings
Box 3
University Elementary School (UCLA)
Photos of buildings
Box 3
Pierce Residence, REA
Photos of living room interior
Box 3
Photos of a church interior; not labeled
c. 1951
Box 3
St. Johns - torn page with note about brochure
February 1955
Box 3-4
Orange Coast College - Photos of plans and buildings
Photos of buildings, sketches, and plans for buildings; some people
Box 4
Pallikaranai Project, India
Box 5-6
Correspondence on Guam and Lawsuit Material (N & A)
Box 6-7
Correspondence on Guam and Lawsuit Material (N & A;)
Box 8-9
Correspondence on Guam and Lawsuit Material (N & A;)
Box 9-10
Karachi (Cost Estimates, etc.)
Box 11-12
Claremont Methodist Church; Christ Episcopal Church - Ontario; Santa Ana Police Facilities Bldg.; Mail Analysis N & A; Apr. 13, 1959 to Mar. 12, 1959, including REA Mail Analysis 1959
Box 12-13
Contra Costa; REA Personal 1957-1958; Tulsa
Box 13
Hall of Records (Studies)
Box 13-15
Miramar Chapel; Riviera Methodist Church; San Fernando State College
Box 15-16
Ticktocker Nursery (1); Riviera Shop Drawings (1)-Code Requirements, etc.; Intermediate School-Alamitos (1); Office Filing - HTW; U.S. Embassy - Karachi (1)
Box 17-18
Karachi - Embassy Building
Box 18
Alamitos So. School; Alamitos Multi-Use Building
Box 18-19
Palos Verdes; United Auto Workers
Box 19-20
Hall of Records (All 'A' Files plus 2 'C' Files)
Box 20-21
Hall of Records (All 'B' Files)
Box 20-21
Mountain Home AFB Add. Housing A2-Corr. Client USAF, A3-Corr. Collaborators HH & J;, B4-Minutes of Meetings
Box 20-21
Mountain Home 820 Unites (1 file)
Box 20-21
National Charity League - B9 - Change Orders & Reduction in Sound from Equipment Rm. (61/62)
Box 20-21
Observation Nursery School (1957 - 1 file; UCLA Kindergarten Nursery Stae II-C-1 Corr. Client; C-2 Corr. State Agencies
Box 21-22
Central Union Elementary School (Lemoore), Gettysburg A & B; Files
Box 22-23
Gettysburg - C Files
Box 23-24
Fine Arts Building, University of Nevada, Reno
Box 25
Adelphi College
Box 25-26
Adelphi College - Library
Box 26-27
(See REA Job List) REA Jobs
Box 27-28
(See REA Job List) REA Jobs
Box 28-29
Lemoore NAS; Lemoore "500"; Lemoore Akers School
Box 29-30
Simpson Dormitories
Box 29-30
Simpson Dormitories, Simpson Library A-A1A, C1 to C3B
Box 30-31
Simpson Library fr. C-3 to C-14-1
Box 31-32
Painted Desert Community; Houses First Increment; Second Increment - Comm. - Maintenance - Trailer Park & Fred Harvey
Box 32-33
International Student Center
Box 34
Cornell LRDP; The Breakers; South America Alliance for Progress
Box 35-36
Escondido; Stockton; Anchorage, Alaska
Box 36
Griffith Starland (Mt. Hollywood); Campen Theatre (Navy)
Box 36-37
REA - Speeches, Seminars, etc. 1947-1961
Box 37-38
UCSD Residence Halls, Unit 1 and CFB (A,B,C Files; CFB Step 2-A1, B; M1' Res. Halls Step 2 - A1, B1, M1; College II; Library
Box 38-39
UCSD Residence Halls, Unit 1 and CFB (from C2 files)
Box 39-40
UCSD - LRDP A through B9
Box 40-41
UCSD - LRDP B-10 through B-15 plus Agenda Books & Brochure
Box 41-42
UCSD - LRDP B-1 through B-1-H
Box 42-43
UCSD - LRDP VI-i through B-1BB
Box 43-44
Mail Analysis N & A; 1960-1963; Mail Analysis REA 1964-1965; Mail Charge Out Sheets 1959-1965
Box 44-45
State of California Environmental Quality & Amenities
Box 45-46
El Paso; Vista
Box 46-47
AIA Files; Committee on Advancement of the Profession (5); 1956 Convention; 1961 Convention; NW Reg. Conf. & Houston Conv.; Western Mountain Region 11th Annual Convention; Convention Mex. San Diego Chapter Mtd.; Community Planning Comm. Kit; Border Planning Commission (40 Misc. Publications)
Box 47
Personal 1964-1965 (2); Misc. 1965-1968 (4)
Box 47
Misc. by others than REA Nov. 1965 - Dec. 31, 1968
Box 47
Misc. Corresp. with SOM ( Oct. 1960 - June 1964)
Box 47
I.O.M General Nov. 1965 - Dec. 1968; Staff Meetings; University Club; Cornell General 1968; Cornell - Delta Phi; USC School of Architecture Fifth Year Design 1961-1962; Competitions, Exhibits; Competition, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; Governors Mansion Competition 1961; Publicity & Regional Plan Assoc. 1966 & 1967.
Box 48
Regional Planning Association of Southern California, University of Nevada Library, Rand Corporation, and Guam.
Box 49
Mail Analysis 1966-1969 (REA; N & A; 1964; Mail Out Sheets 1966-1969)
Box 49-50
Town Hall - General & Speakers 1964-1967; Town Hall Board of Governors 1966 & Printed Matter
Box 49-50
Proposition 2 UCSD; FDR Memorial; Exhibits, Competition (N & A;) 1959-1960; N & A; Bldgs. in LA & Vicinity; IOM-RJN 1961; IOM RJN General 1959 - 1962 N & A; Glendale Building; General Cost Data N & A; Job Deadline N & A; Misc. 1959-1961; Former Employees 1952-1964 (2)
Box 51
UCSD Basic Sciences A7 B Files & TV File
Box 52
Bunker Hill Towers A1 through 8D correspondence
Box 53
Bunker Hill Towers correspondence, planning info., cost estimates
Box 53-54
Bunker Hill Towers A8C through B9 & Hotel Prospect; outline specifications; correspondence; weekly progress reports
Box 54-55
Bunker Hill Towers C1 through C3B; correspondence - contractors and consultants
Box 55-56
Bunker Hill Towers C3C through C9; lab tests; change orders; bids, etc.
Box 56-57
Bunker Hill Towers C10 though C17 & Newspaper Clippings; correspondence - consultants and others
Box 57-58
Bunker Hill Hotel A-1 through B1A; cost estimates; minutes of meetings; fine arts; air conditioning; parking needs
Box 58
Bunker Hill Hotel B-2 through B-6 & Newspapers clippings; AIA -Southern California Chapter - Correspondence 1966-1969; REA President - Correspondence 1970; Speakers for Meetings - Correspondence.
Box 58-59 & 60 (oversize)
Agendas & Minutes of Meetings 1969; REA President - 1970; Correspondence 1970 - REA Pres., Misc. Committees; 1970 Newspaper clippings and articles; 1970 LA General Plan; AIA Filing (Misc. Corresp. 1970)Watts Enterprises - Corresp. & Interoffice Memos;Mail Analysis 1970; Mailout Sheets 1970; Mobile Building 1960-1969; Misc. Corresp. 1969; Progressive Architecture 1959-1969; School Executive from 1959; House & Home 1959-1961; REA Competitions & Exhibits 1967-1969; Misc. Job Files; Building Center Exhibit 1967; Comm. for Economic Development; Mt. Home Air Force Base Housing USAF ( 1957); Mt. Home Add. Housing A-1 Negotiation.
Box 65
Caltech Master Planning Studies & Plans, 1975, 1985
Box 66
UCSD Residence Hall as built-in ozalids
Box 67
Planning reports (published) for University of California at San Diego; California Institute of Technology; Los Angeles Central Business District; City of Escondido, California; Stockton, California; Norwalk, California; and State of California Transportation Agency
Box 68
Claremont College Parking Presentation
Box 68
Specs Married Student Housing, U.S.C., Simpson Library, Army Family Housing at Yuma Test Station, Capehart Quarters Project Ashmi
Box 68
News clips on practice (Neutra & Alexander and REA); Neutra & Alexander - specs for G.W.H.S.
Box 69
Bradbury Bldg. material; Bankunst & Werkform, REA studies, consulting, correspondence, sketches, company brochures, and tapes. (M.B. Jackson "Instant Transit" microfilm - Desert Counseling Clinic, album of articles, photo clipping album, clippings, negatives of Tulsa Rept, photo albums, F.H.A. Com. corresp.
Box 70
Claremont College - planning files
Box 71-72
Files on Cal Tech Behavioral Biology Labs
Box 73 (leg.3)
News clipping scrapbooks -
Guam in 1952, 1 entry; Motivation Rept. by Alexander and Sarma in Competition for All-India Institute of Medical Science (Placed Second)
Box 74-77
Pre- 1975 specifications
Box 78
Pre- 1975 specifications Bunker Hill Towers specs, Buildings C-E
Box 79
Pre- 1975 specifications Bank of America specs
Box 80
Pre-1975 specifications
Box 81 (o/s 3")
Palos Verdes High School, Great Western Savings, Karachi Embassy, Gettysburg Visitors Center, Bunker Hill area feasibility report, 1951; photo taken from Bunker Hill Towers by J. Amestoy, 1973.
Box 82 (o/s 3")
Humanities and S.S. bldg. at Cal Tech, Distinguished honor award and The Breakers material, Santa Ana Police Bldg., Capehart Quarters Ashmi Naval Air Station
Box 83 (o/s 3")
Pre-1975 specifications, U.S. Embassy Karachi, Gettysburg Visitors Center, Univ. of Cal. School of Sci. & Engineering, Residence Hall I
Box 84 (o/s 3")
Pre- 1975 San Diego specifications, Palos Verdes H.S., Carson City Hall, Bank of America
Box 85 (o/s 3")
Awards and old architectural journals, Great Western Savings - Architects Rept., Mt. Hollywood Study, Westwood International Student's Center
Box 86 (o/s 3")
Anchorage renderings, Adelphi and St. John's brochures
Box 87
Roll of Palos Verdes High School plans
Box 89
Roll of Carson City Hall and Community Center plans
Box 91
Tube carton - Page Residence
Box 92
Claremont College - Consulting 1972-1975
Box 92
Claremont College - Housing (Job 7122) 1972-1975
Box 92
Claremont College - Joint Campus Plan Committee 1972-1975
Box 92
Cornell University - General 1978-1979
Box 92
Cornell University - Library Material List 1978
Box 92
Transit System - Financing 1979-1971
Box 92
Transit System - Financing 1971-1973
Box 92
Los Angeles Central Business District (CBD) Transit File 1969-1973
Box 92
Instant Transit 1969-1971
Box 92
Rapid Transit 1967-1971
Box 92
Reading File (binders of chron. outgoing correspondence) 1974-1978
Box 93
Bunker Hill Hotel and Residential Towers
Box 93
Elysian Park Hights, Los Angeles
Box 93
International Student Center, UCLA
Box 93
Library, University of Nevada, Reno
Box 93
Neil Jacoby International Student Center, UCLA
Box 93
Meadowsbrook Park, San Bernardino Valley
Box 93
Palms Park Community Center and Library
Box 93
Lincoln Park High School, Shops Building, Los Angeles
Box 93
Santa Ysabel Indian Mission Museum
Box 93
Hazard Park Recreation Center
Box 93
Micellaneous Projects
Box 93
Noyes Chemical-Physical Lab
Box 93
Solar Hot Water Heating System
Box 93
Los Angeles Community College Cultural Center
Box 93
Ramo Hall, CIT
Box 93
General Services Building, UC San Diego
Box 93
Base Theater, Camp Pendleton
Box 93
Speech Arts Building, Orange Coast College
Box 93
Humanities Building, CIT
Box 93
Anchorage, Alaska
Box 93
Baldwin Hills
Box 93
Bank of America, San Bernardino Valley
Box 93
Basic Science Building, Medical School, UC San Diego
Box 93
Baxter Hall, CIT
Box 93
Hidden Hills Elementary School
Box 93
North Fontana Park
Box 93
Box 93
UCLA Elementary School
Box 93
Residence Halls, UC San Diego
Photographs and negatives, some bound reports
Box 94
UC San Diego
Box 94
University City
Box 94
National Charity League Observation Nursery School, Los Angeles
Box 94
National Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Box 94
Adelphi College, Long Island
Box 94
Germany Trip, 1965
Box 94
Miscellaneous Letters, Documents
Box 94
Professional Records (personal photographs, copy of birth certificate, etc.)
Box 94
Box 94
Box 94
Central Union Elementary School, Lemoore, California
Box 94
Firm (Robert Alexander & Richard Neutra) profile book
Box 94
Library, University of Nevada, Reno
Box 94
Mono County Courthouse
Box 94
Ruberoid Competition
Box 94
UCLA Kindergarten
Box 94
Homes for Military Personnel
Box 95
Baldwin Hills
Box 95
Bank of America - San Bernardino
Box 95
Bank of America - Whittier
Box 95
Beverly Drive Country Club
Box 95
Alexander Home, Mammoth Lakes, California
Box 95
Anchorage, Alaska
Box 95
USC - housing
Box 95
UC San Diego
Box 95
Los Angeles Public Library (correspondence, plans, photographs)
Photographs, reports, and job files
Box 96
Central Library, Los Angeles
Box 96
Ocean Park, Santa Monica
Box 96
Orchard Gables
Box 96
San Diego Border Area Program
Box 96
New Horizons Unlimited
Box 96
Pearce Residence
Box 96
Box 96
Mt. Hollywood
Box 96
Mono County Courthouse
Box 96
Mutual Savings & Loan, Pasadena
Box 96
The Breakers, Laguna Beach
Box 96
International Student Center (Westwood), UCLA
Box 96
Haynes Foundation
Box 96
Great Western Savings & Loan, Gardena
Box 96
S. California Gas Company
Box 96
Grape St. School
Box 96
General Electric
Box 96
FDR Memorial
Box 96
El Paso
Box 96
Box 96
Carson City Hall
Box 96
Catskill Ave. School
Box 96
Claremont Colleges
Box 96
Humanities Building, CIT
Box 96
Campen Theater, Camp Pendleton
Box 96
Court of Man, CIT
Box 96
Cal Poly - SLO - Student Health Center
Box 96
Report: Wherry Act Housing Project, Mountain Home, Ind.
Box 96
Royal Pacific Hotel, Honolulu
Box 96
Los Angeles County Hall of Records
Box 96
Elysian Park Heights, Los Angeles
Box 96
St. John's College, Annapolis, Md.
Box 96
Study: Elements of Secondary Schools
Box 96
San Mateo Jr. College
Reports & Bound Photographs
Box 97
San Mateo Jr. College
Box 97
Box 97
Simpson College, Indianola
Box 97
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Los Angeles
Box 97
Painted Desert
Box 97
C.A. Empresas Electricas, Venezuela
Box 97
San Pedro Community Hotel
Box 97
Chapel - Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego
Box 97
Tamare - Business Center and Theater, Venezuela
Box 97
Santa Ana Civic Center
Box 97
Science Building, Orange Coast College
Box 97
Planning for Guam
Box 97
Riviera Methodist Church
Box 97
Ontario Episcopal Church
Box 97
Trebol Scheme I
Box 97
Miscellaneous Photostats and Awards
Box 97
Baldwin Hill photostats
Box 97
Binders of clippings (each containing a list of articles): Publicity 1939, 1944, 1957-1962; Publicity 1963-1967; Publicity 1968-1969
Box 98 Binder1
Baldwin Hills; Estrada Courts, Los Angeles; Lakewood City; Parchest, Bronx (brochures)
Box 98 Binder 2
Temple of Contemplation, NYC; Estrada Courts, Los Angeles; Baldwin Hills; Correspondence, notes 1930-1946; "Dear Joe" manuscript and published form (re futuristic city plan published in booklet by Revere Copper and Brass)
Box 98 Binder 3
Publicity 1970 (clippings with listing)
Box 98 Binder 4
Fact Sheets (A to O)
Box 98 Binder 5
Fact Sheets (P to Z)
Box 98 Binder 6
Fact Sheets/Project Descriptions
Box 98
Articles by Robert Alexander
Box 98
Report: "A New Look for the City: Los Angeles, 1950"
Box 98
Pamman Hotel, Saudi Arabia
Box 98
1 spool neg. microfilm: Lincoln High School
Box 98
1 spool neg. microfilm: Sheriff Headquarters, Bridgeport, CA
Box 98
1 spool neg. microfilm: Health Center, San Luis Obispo, CA
Box 99
Briefs and Documents: R.E. Alexander vs. Board of Public Works, Los Angeles
Box 99
Scrapbook of clippings: Guam
Box 99
Album: Air Force Family Housing Proposal (primarily photographs)
Box 99
Album: Palakarni Project Pilot Farm, Madras, India (primarily photographs)
Box 99
Negatives: Pallikkaranai; Student Center, Orange Coast College; Haynes Foundation; UCLA
Box 99
Slides (partially labeled) subjects include: Anchorage, AK; Bunker Hill; Cornell; CIT Graphics Building; El Paso; England; Escondido; FDR Memorial; Hawaii; International Student Center; Karachi; Lemoore School; MRT; Mt. Hollywood; Reno Library; Orange Coast College; Painted Desert; UCLA Elementary; University of California, San Diego; UES.
Box 100-101
International Student Center
Box 102
Behavior Biology Lab, Cal Tech, Pasadena, CA; Convention Center Hotel, 1969
Box 103
Bunker Hills Towers Site Plans, Sept. 1967 - Nov. 1967 (copies); California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo Health Center Addition, 1973
Box 104
California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo Health Center Addition, 1973
Box 105
City of Carson City Hall
Box 107 item #1
Preview of a New Way of Life
Written 1942 for Revere Copper and Brass series on post-war speculations.
Box 107 item #2
San Diego Border Area Plan 1966
After Tia Juana River was channelized, eliminating threat of flooding both sides of border, City of San Diego planned to develop both sides of delta area. It would have destroyed invaluable estuarine wetlands which I would never touch today.
Box 107 item #3
San Diego Area Plan: Urban Design Manual of Goals
Box 107 item #4
First Increment General Services & Cafeteria Building UCSD
Box 107 item #5
LRDP California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Nov. 1970
Box 107 item #6
Same, revised Nov. 1972.
Administration did not realize storm of protest would arise re possible expansion into surrounding residential areas & requested revision.
Box 107 item #7
Caltech Science for Mankind 1972-1973.
Fund-raising brochure prepared after architects selected & designs prepared.
Box 107 item #8
Design for Center for Holistic Healing prototype, Nov. 1975.
Box 107 item #9
Master Plan Civic Center City of Carson 1972-1973.
Box 107 item #10
Thriftimart Supermarket, Baldwin Hills Shopping Center 1947
Box 107 item #11
Baldwin Hills Village Data Book 1939 (BHV).
Ed Merrill made many analyses, detailed here.
Box 107 item #12
BHV "Dope Sheets" (Then called 1000 Gardens), 1939.
Includes my first sketch for BHV as single family homes recalling my living experience at #1 Stanley Oval, Westfield, N.J. on cul-de-sac. Also statistical analysis & opening pamphlets, 1942.
Box 107 item #13
BHV in Pencil Points Magazine Sept. 1944
Box 107 item #14
Photostat of 13.
Box 107 item #15
BHV article in Journal of Housing Apr. 1966
Box 107 item #16
"Village Green". Change ownership to condominiums, 1975.
Box 107 item #17
BHV Reports to Board of directors 1942-1946 (I was a Board Member)
Box 107 item #18
BHV revisited in Progressive Architecture, May 1949, Mar. 1949, Jan. 1951
Box 107 item #19
BHV 25 year Award AIR 1972 followed Cranbrook School by Perkins & Will (Sadriner Consultant) and Rockefeller Center (Harrison)
Box 107 item #20
Wilson, Merrill & Alexander
Naive brochure, 1940
Box 107 item #21
Production Control Report 1944 (my first job at Lockheed during WWII)
Box 107 item #22
Estrada Courts 1939. First known as "Hunter St. Project."
Box 107 item #23
Earliest design awards in 1934 & 1935
Box 107 item #24
Operation Retread
First attempt to up-date arch. education, organized by REA for So. Cal. Chapter AIA.
Box 107 item #25
UCLA Conference on Indoor Environment; REA paper on Page 31
Box 107 item #26
A New Look for the City - Los Angeles 1950.
A study of redevelopment problems in L.A. Manuscript including first part published by Haynes Foundation.
Box 107 item #27
The Rural City
Report of mission to India by REA for United Nations, 1951. Reported to Tech Assistant Admin., 1952.
Box 107 item #28
Bunkers Comeback
Article on Bunker Hill Towers 1968
Box 107 item #29
Redevelopment Plan Report Sacramento 1950
First collaboration Neutra & Alexander.
Box 107 item #30
Planning Process Behind the Blueprint
Article by REA in 1948-1949 edition American School & University, re University Elementary Demonstration School at UCLA.
Box 107 item #31
Report on Development Plan Y Construction Program for Orange Coast College, Jan. 8, 1951.
Box 107 item #32
Orange Coast College Landscape Plan - Garrett Eckbo.
Box 107 item #33
Separation of Neutra & Alexander - my move to Mobil Bldg.
Box 107 item #34
A Desert Counselling Center at Ridgecrest, CA 1975.
Box 107 item #35
Cry California magazine - article page 7 by REA - "Too Little Too Late Too Bad" on transit, Spring 1968.
Box 107 item #36
Instant Transit
Proposal by REA resulting in minibus system for Los Angeles CBD, 1969.
Box 107 item #37
The Court of Man
REA concept proposed for Caltech
Box 107 item #38
Anchorage at the Crossroads Aug. 1964
Proposal to replan & rebuild Anchorage, Alaska CBD after earthquake.
Box 107 item #39
Hall of Records presentation, Mar. 3, 1957.
Box 108 item #1
Environmental Quality & Amenity in California, Mar. 1966.
Box 108 item #2
Norwalk Planning Study phase I, 1969.
Box 108 item #3
Norwalk Planning Study phase II, 1969.
Box 108 item #4
Century Freeway East of 605? (Impact on Norwalk)
Box 108 item #5
New Vistas of Vista - general plan for Community Development, 1966.
Box 108 item #6
City of Vista Zoning Ordinance Proposal, 1966.
Box 108 item #7
City of Vista Subdivision Proposal.
Box 108 item #8
City of Vista Capital Improvement Program, 1966.
Box 108 item #9
Viva San Fernando general plan, 1968.
Box 108 item #10
San Fernando Airport? 1967
Box 108 item #11
Where should a Civic Center be Located? 1968
Box 108 item #12
Reading the Palm of Escondido 1960
First attempt by REA under 701 program. Entirely personal work of REA.
Box 108 item #13
El Paso Development Manual, 1968.
Box 108 item #14
Projected Land Uses & Public Facilities in El Paso, 1967.
Box 108 item #15
Large Parcel Ownership in El Paso, 1967.
Box 108 item #16
El Paso Libraries, Police Dept., Mass Transit, 1967.
Box 108 item #17
Land Use & Zoning - El Paso, 1965.
Box 108 item #18
A Short History of Yoleta - El Paso, 1966.
Box 108 item #19
A Short History of Northeast El Paso, 1966.
Box 108 item #20
Public Facilities in El Paso, 1967.
Box 108 item #21
Selected Areas in El Paso with Problems of Special Significance, 1964.
Box 108 item #22
West End Urban Renewal - Stockton Redevelopment.
Box 108 item #23
Proposal for Santa Monica - joint venture with Kelly & Grugen.
Box 108 item #24
Fallout Shelter Survey - pilot project, 1959 (Part I)
Box 108 item #25
Fallout Shelter Survey
Part II procedures & operating experience - one of 4 pilot surveys under Eisenhower admin.
Box 108 item #26
Mono County Center space study & master plan, 1973.
Box 108 item #27
City of Emeryville general plan and draft EIR
Box 108 item #28
Residence for Dr. Morton Lee Pearce, 1954.
Box 108 item #29
Thousand Oaks Multiple Development proposal, 1971.
Box 108 item #30
Behavioral Biology Laboratory - Caltech, 1971.
Box 108 item #31
International Student Center near UCLA, 1960.
Box 108 item #32
Office Bldg. for Hydril Co. project, 1971.
Box 108 item #33
Report to the L.A. County Jr. College District, 1970.
Box 108 item #34
White Oaks Country Club proposal, 1970.
Box 108 item #35
UCSD College of Medicine Medical School Reports
June Report on visits to several colleges of medicine in the south & east of U.S. preparing for design of UCSD complex.
Box 108 item #36
Similar report on West Coast Colleges of Medicine Feb. 19
Box 108 item #37
UCSD prelim report on Long Range Development Plan
Box 108 item #38
UCSD Graphics Master Plan Report
Box 108 item #39
UCSD Graphics Master Plan Report interim, Feb. 14, 1963.
Box 108 item #40
Long Range Development Plan UCSD Oct. 1963
Box 108 item #41
Trumpets at the College of Jericho, June 1960, commencement address, Rhode Island School of Design
Box 108 item #42
Robert E. Alexander FAIA & Associates Brochure, 1970
Box 108 item #43
Gestalt Poems and Others by REA, 1975-1980
Box 108 item #44
Creativity Study, May 1959 at U.C. Berkeley
Box 108 item #45
Personality Correlates of Creativity - study of American Architecture
Box 108 item #46
Genus Architectus Creatora Variefas Americanus
Box 108 item #47
Guidelines for Preservation, Restoration and Alteration to the Central Library of Los Angeles
Box 108 item #48
Newsclips re Central Library & war to save it
Box 108 item #49
Letters - trip to India, 1951
Box 108 item #50
Checkpoint Charlie, 1989 (anecdotes)
Box 118
Architecture, Planning and Social Responsibility
2 volume, 800 page REA oral history published by UCLA
Volume 1 - 8x10 photos of REA work
Box 110
Baldwin Hills Village 1935-1942 (R.D. Johnson, Wilson, Merrill & Alexander)
Box 110
Baldwin Hills Village Shops 1946-1950
Box 110
Baldwin Hills Village School 1947-1949
Box 110
Pierce Residence 1948
Box 110
University Elementary Demonstration School 1948
Box 110
Orange Coast College 1948-1955
Box 110
Mission to India 1951
Volume 2 - 8x10 photos of Neutra & Alexander work
Box 111
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Headquarters 1954
Box 111
Alamitos Junior High School 1959
Box 111
Children's Museum, Dayton, Ohio 1955
Box 111
Fine Arts Building, University of Nevada, Reno 1958
Box 111
Palos Verdes High School 1958
Box 111
Planning Professions Building 1952
Box 111
Fine Arts Building, San Fernando State University 1958
Box 111
San Pedro Hotel 1953
Box 111
Ferro-Chemical Office Building 1957
Box 111
Gettysburg Visitors' Center 1958
Box 111
Territory of Guam 1952-1954
Box 111
Los Angeles County Hall of Records (with others) 1958
Box 111
Family Housing, Lemoore Naval Air Station 1958
Box 111
U.S. State Department Chancery, Karachi, Pakistan 1957
Box 111
Chapel, Miramar Naval Air Station 1957
Box 111
Family Housing, AFB, Mountain Home, Idaho 1954
Box 111
Ticktocker Child Guidance Clinic 1954
Volume 3 - 8x10 photos of REA work
Box 112
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Competition Entry 1959
Box 112
Mount Hollywood Project 1961
Box 112
Central Library, University of Nevada, Reno 1959
Box 112
Great Western Savings & Loan, (with SOM) 1961
Box 112
Catskill Elementary School 1961
Box 112
International Student Center, Westwood 1961
Box 112
Married Student Housing, USC 1963
Box 112
U. of California, San Diego, Long Range Development Plan 1962
Box 112
U. of California, San Diego, Residence & Dining Halls 1962
Box 112
U. of California, San Diego, College of Medicine 1964-1971
Volume 4 - 8x10 photos of REA work
Box 113
Post Earthquake CBD studies of Anchorage, Alaska 1964
Box 113
Plan for South San Diego 1963
Box 113
Bunker Hill Towers 1965-1969
Box 113
Bunker Hill Hotel studies 1968-1969
Box 113
TWA World Trade Center studies 1970
Box 113
Baxter Hall of the Humanities & Social Sciences, Caltech 1972
Box 113
Carson City Hall (with Sata & Kennard) 1976
Box 113
Santa Ana Police Facilities Building (with Neutra) 1958
Box 113
Saint John's College, Annapolis, Md. (with Neutra)
Volume 5 - 35 mm slides of REA work
Box 114
Bunker Hills Towers
Box 114
Hydril Office Building studies, Dallas, Texas
Box 114
Cal Poly Student Health Center (with Robert E. Clark)
Box 114
Pershing Square Competition
Box 114
Mono County Courthouse Addition (with Robert E. Clark)
Box 114
Carson City Hall (with Frank Sata & Robert Kennard)
Volume 6 - 35 mm slides of REA work
Box 115
UCSD Long Range Development Plan
Box 115
UCSD Residence Halls
Box 115
Bank of America, San Bernardino Branch
Box 115
UCSD College of Medicine
Box 115
California Institute of Technology
Box 115
LRDP for the Claremont Colleges
Box 115
LRDP for Caltech
Box 115
Caltech Baxter Humanities Building & Ramo Lecture Hall
Box 115
Caltech consulting work
Volume 7 - 35 mm slides of REA work
Box 116
Damman Hotel studies (with Frank Sata)
Box 116
South San Diego Studies
Box 116
FDR Memorial Competition
Box 116
Gettysburg Cyclorama Building (with Neutra)
Box 116
Married Student Housing, USC
Box 116
Library, Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa (with Neutra)
Box 116
Chapel, Miramar Naval Air Station (with Neutra)
Box 116
Theater, Camp Pendleton
Box 116
L.A. County Hall of Records (with Neutra & others)
Box 116
Ticktocker Nursery School (with Neutra)
Box 116
8x10 Photos of Mono County Courthouse Addition (with Bob Clark) 1975
Box 116
8x10 Photos of Cal Poly Student Health Center (with Bob Clark) 1976
Box 117
Correspondence with the FBI in attempt to obtain their file on REA and the results.
Box 161 DVD 609
Television program about a California state penitentiary volunteer program
Box 119-121
Letters from India & photographs ( 1951 UN Project)
Professional Biographical material
Brasilia trip
Remaining professional correspondence
Kurt Meyer file
P.A.E. (Pacific Architects & Engineers) file
Temple of Contemplation
LA City Planning
UCLA Demonstration School
Misc. catalogs
"Why LA?"
Baldwin Hills Village (Village Green)
Baldwin Hills Village slides
Slides of trip to German Republic
Tube: Copy AIA 25 yr awards, copies of statement of gratitude to Village Green & D. Wong, poem "Youth"
Football photo from NY Times, probably 1928
Flat Plans
Box 163
24 drawings and photographs of Adelphi College plans
Mapcase Folder 1 (see also rolled plans)
Hollywood Riviera Methodist Church
Mapcase Folder 3
Hollywood-Riviera-Chicago (1957)
Mapcase Folder 4 (see also rolled plans)
Mount Hollywood
Mapcase Folder 2
Blueprint copies of Thousand Gardens and Baldwin Hills Village
Mapcase Folder 6
Roll of Baldwin Hills Village plans, white print copies, 1940, 1966, 1972. Plans of Alexander's Los Angeles office, The Bradbury Bldg., 1969. Thousand Gardens, Village Green.
Mapcase Folder 8
Temple of Contemplation (9 pieces)
Mapcase Folder 7
Architectural Drawings; plans for a multicultural restaurant
International Student Center, UCLA. Drawings
Mapcase Folder 12
3 Yellow tissue sketches of courtyard
Mapcase Folder 12
4 Study plans of courtyard dining area
Mapcase Folder 10
2 First Floor Plan (photocopies - 2 different reductions)
Mapcase Folder 10
1 Basement Floor Plan (photocopy)
Mapcase Folder 10
1 Site Plan, Roof Plan & Drawing Index (photocopy)
Mapcase Folder 10
1 Column and Roof Shell Details
Presentation Set:
Mapcase Folder 10
2 drafts of introduction or statement of purpose
Mapcase Folder 10
1 architect's identification
Mapcase Folder 10
On white tracing paper: 1 basement plan
Mapcase Folder 10
1 site plan
Mapcase Folder 10
1 1st floor plan
Mapcase Folder 10
1 2nd floor plan
Mapcase Folder 10
1 section looking east
Mapcase Folder 11
1 2nd floor perspective
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Westwood International Center schematic drawing
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Westwood International Center Plot Plan
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Westwood International Center Preliminary Plans and space allotment
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Westwood International Center Preliminary Plans
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Project Sign
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Revised Doors @ Cabinet Rm. 121
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Sketch Layout for Lounge & Dining Room Occupancy Signs
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Dormitory perspectives
Mapcase Folder 11
1 Westwood International Student Center Prelim. Plans & space allotment
5 plans (set) yellow paper
Mapcase Folder 12
1 ground floor plan
Mapcase Folder 12
1 basement floor plan
Mapcase Folder 12
1 second floor plan
Mapcase Folder 12
1 sections & elevations
Mapcase Folder 12
1 sections
Done by ACCO (Air Conditioning Co., Inc.)
Mapcase Folder 9
1 H. Water Piping Schematic blueprint
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Wiring and Control Diagram
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Underground Exhaust Ducts
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Basement Equipment Room Layout
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Basement Opening Layout
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Basement Floor Duct Layout
Mapcase Folder 9
1 First Floor Openings
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Second Floor Layout
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Roof Plan Openings
Miscellany (small pieces)
Mapcase Folder 9
1 transparency of all floor plans
Mapcase Folder 9
1 transparency of bldg. name & address
Mapcase Folder 9
1 study plan of roof screen enclosures (photocopy?)
Mapcase Folder 9
1 plan of project sign
Mapcase Folder 9
1 drawing of assorted ellipses
Mapcase Folder 9
1 bldg. space allotment figures
Mapcase Folder 9
1 vent. ducts (?) cross section & long. section on tissue
Mapcase Folder 9
1 basement garage plan w/watermains (?) on waxed paper by Cosco Fire Protection Inc.
Mapcase Folder 9
1 photocopied/reduced plan of basement floor
Mapcase Folder 9
1 photocopied/reduced plan of second floor
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Topographic Survey by Jennings Eng. Co.
Mapcase Folder 9
1 Elevations & Kitchen Equipment - Elevations and sections
11 opaque waxed drawings by Alexander/Boris Lemos Consulting Mech. Engs.
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Plumbing Basement As built
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Plumbing 1st floor As built
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Heating & Vent Basement As built
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Heating & Vent 1st floor As built
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Heating & Vent 2nd floor As built
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Heating & Vent sections & details
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Plot plan, single line diagram & symbol list (electrical)
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Basement lighting & power plan
Mapcase Folder 5
1 1st floor lighting & power plan
Mapcase Folder 5
1 2nd floor lighting & power plan
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Electrical - revised electrical plan for kitchen (yellow waxed)
Mapcase Folder 5
1 Plan & schedule of equipment for kitchen (plan #C-2) (yellow waxed)
Mapcase Folder 5
1 study plan - roof screen enclosures
Mapcase Folder 5
1 1st floor plan (Terrazzo layout) & schedule of equipment
Rolled Plans
Box 122, 158, 160, 161
San Diego-Inland Bay Study
Box 157
San Diego-topo map-Pueblo Lands
Box 159
San Diego-border area
Box 123
Central Avenue
Box 124
Box 142, 147, 155
Mount Hollywood; Giffith Starland - Los Angeles
Box 152
Hollywood Riviera Methodist Church
Box 125, 129-137
Painted Desert
Box 126
California Institute of Technology-Cal Tech
Box 149
Cal Tech-Humanities Building
Box 155
University of Nevada-Fine Arts Building
Box 138-139, 141, 144, 150
University of Nevada-Reno Campus Library
Box 140
Madras Project
Box 143
Villiage Center-Concept Maps
Box 127-128, 145-146
Box 151
Claremont, CA-Methodist Church and LA shelter survey
Box 153
Santa Ana, CA-Civic Center; Dayton Museum of Natural History
Box 154
Neighborhood Concept for Planned Development and miscellaneous plan
Box 156
Chealsea Promonade
Neutra and Alexander. Los Angeles, California. Engineering Drawings, 1950s.
Reel 1
Job No. 5053-04 S-21 to Job No. 5053-04 S-11
Reel 2
Hall of Records - #21 thru Ozalids to Hall of Records-Elec. Drawings #E-2
Reel 3
Elec. Drawings Cont #E-19 to Claremont Methodist Church #E-2
Reel 4
Dayton Museum #1-A thru #E-1 to South Elementary School #L-1
Reel 5
O.C.C. Speech Arts Buildings 101 to Cal-Ec-2
Reel 6
Cal-4-11 Site Plan to Spanish Army Housing Units
Reel 7
Drawing No. 45-02-12 (Yuma Test Station) to Drawing No. 25-04-0 Sheet No. 19 Yuma Test Station
Reel 7a
Drawing No. 7602 - UCLA Nursery-Kindergarten to Drawing No. 8 - UCLA Nursery-Kindergarten
Reel 8
2-8-57 Exp.? Density Test
Reel 9
December 19, 1955
Robert E. Alexander and Associates.
Reel 10
F.Y. 1955 Military Housing
Reel 11
Catskill May 9, 1963
Reel 12
International Student Center Working Drawings
Reel 13
Group I Central Facilities Building
Reel 14
Group II Residence Halls Unit I.
Reel 15
Basic Science UCSD
Reel 16
Cal. Tech Humanities Building, All Bid Documents
Reel 17
Crenshaw Office, Southern California Gas Bid, August 20, 1968