Walter Thabit Papers, 1950-2004

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Walter Thabit papers, 1950-2004.
Collection Number:
Walter. Thabit
72 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Project files, newsletters, administrative and financial records, and oral history interviews.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Files relating to projects with which Walter Thabit was associated include records of the Vest Pocket and Housing Rehabilitation and Model Cities programs in the East New York section of Brooklyn; planning papers and work files for consulting work in Hartford, Connecticut, and Newark, New Jersey.
Collection material in English


City planner.


Files relating to projects with which Walter Thabit was associated include records of the Vest Pocket and Housing Rehabilitation and Model Cities programs in the East New York section of Brooklyn; planning papers and work files for consulting work in Hartford, Connecticut, and Newark, New Jersey; proposals for a variety of projects both in the United States and abroad which never materialized; president's files of the Planners for Equal Opportunity; files on the development of new private ferry services to and from Manhattan, as well as Staten Island ferry planning; Health Pac newsletters, "Better Transit Bulletin," and Ekistics newsletters; and administrative and financial records of Thabit's planning consulting firm. Oral history interviews by Matthew Lyons, Nov. 17 and Dec. 13, 1988. Also, "Desperately Needed Now: An SRO Housing Revolution," 1991.
Also files on citizen participation, civil defense, school decentralization, Hoboken planning, single room occupancy (SRO), personal files, Cooper Square Committee files, and files relating to Planners for Equal Opportunity (PEO) and a collection of brochures and pamphlets on planning topics.

Thabit, Walter.
Lyons, Matthew Nemiroff,
Planners for Equal Opportunity.
United States.Model Cities Administration.
Vest Pocket and Housing Rehabilitation Program (New York, N.Y.)

City planning--New Jersey--Newark.
City planning--New Jersey--Hoboken.
City planning--New York (N.Y.)
City planning--Connecticut--Hartford.
City planning--Societies, etc.
Ferries--New York (N.Y.)
Housing--New York (N.Y.)
Urban policy--New York (N.Y.)
Urban renewal--New York (N.Y.)
Political participation.
Civil defense.
Single room occupancy hotels.
City planners.

Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)--Economic conditions.
Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)--Civic improvement.


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See also the Planners for Equal Opportunity Records, #3943.

Series I. Biographical Materials
Series II. Administrative
Financial, Taxes and Mixed Records
Series III. Planning Projects
East New York
Near East Projects
East Flatbush
Powelton Village
Downtown Brooklyn Project
South of Houston (SOHO)
Morningside Heights
Community Board
Methodist Hospital
Cooper Square
Small Projects
Series IV. Department of Transportation
City Streets
Small Projects
Safe Pedestrian Facilities
New Streets
Park and Ride
Series V. Organizations
Planners for Equal Opportunity (PEO)
Planning Network
Smaller Organizations
West Side Urban Renewal Area (WSURA)
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Series VI. Studies and Research
Study Proposals
Urban Renewal
Social Welfare
Planning Organization
Subject Files
Civil Defense (opposition to)
Articles and Reviews
Small Projects
Small Projects


Box 1-62
Guide for Boxes 1-62. (3 MB Searchable PDF)
Pages 2-7 are a key to abbreviations used for subjects in the collection.
Box 43 Folder 20
P-1: Bowling, Radio, A.C.
Hobbies of Thabit
Box 43 Folder 21
P-2: March 2, 1979 Collision, Also, 5/8/80
Box 43 Folder 22
P-3: Sport Horse Investment
Box 43 Folder 23
P-4: American Trans Air - Claim
Box 43 Folder 24
P-5: PAN AM Claim
Box 43 Folder 25
P-6: Mama's Book
Edited by Thabit and Frances Foldin and published by Thabit.
Box 43 Folder 26
P-7: Carol Watson
An activist and good friend of Thabit
Box 43 Folder 27
P-8: F. Thabit - Stock Analysis
Former wife's stock holdings
Box 43 Folder 28
P-9: Parking Vio. Bureau
Box 65 Folder 23
MIT Reunion
Box 71
1.06 Photogrammetry (Bound Folder)
Box 71
Design - Lynch - MIT Notes (Bound Folder)
Fall 1951
Box 71
Theory and Practise - Rodwin, Legislation - Kelly (Bound Folder)
Box 71
MIT Notes (Bound Folder)
Fall 1951
Box 71
"How to Look at Transportation Systems" (Bound Folder)
Box 71 Folder 23
Mama's Book
Box 71 Folder 24
MIT Alumni
Box 73 Folder 6
Charcoal drawings by Thabit
Box 12 Folder 1
AD 1: State and Federal Quarterly
Quarterly Employer Federal tax returns showing no employees during mid 1970's
Box 12 Folder 2
AD 2: Loans
Loans from banks and Beneficial Finance in an effort to stay afloat
Box 12 Folder 3
AD 3: Insurance
Box 12 Folder 4
AD 4: Disability Insurance and Workman's Compensation
Box 12 Folder 5
AD 5: Quarterly Summary Forms
Box 12 Folder 6
AD 6: Weekly Time Sheets
Box 12 Folder 7
AD 7: Quarterly Federal Returns
Box 12 Folder 8
AD 8: W-2 Forms
1969, 1974-1977
Box 12 Folder 9
AD 9: New York City Withholding
Box 12 Folder 10
AD 10: Federal Unemployment Tax
Box 12 Folder 11
AD 11: New York State Quarterly Unemployment
Box 12 Folder 12
AD 12: Quarterly Federal
Box 12 Folder 13
AD 13: New York State Withholding
Box 12 Folder 14
AD 14: State Tax
Box 12 Folder 15
AD 15: Federal, New York State Taxes
Box 12 Folder 16
AD 16: New York City Business Occupancy Taxes
Box 12 Folder 17
AD 17: Payroll Books
Box 12 Folder 18
AD 18: Bills and Records
1954-1956, 1958
Box 12 Folder 19
AD 19: Bills
Box 12 Folder 20
AD 20: Bills
Box 12 Folder 21
AD 21: Bills and Records
Box 12 Folder 22
AD 22: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 23
AD 23: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 24
AD 24: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 25
AD 25: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 26
AD 26: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 27
AD 27: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 28
AD 28: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 29
AD 29: Bank Statements
Box 12 Folder 30
AD 30: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 31
AD 31: Bank Statements
Box 12 Folder 32
AD 32: Paid Bills
Box 12 Folder 33
AD 33: Bank Statements
Box 13 Folder 1
AD 34: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 2
AD 35: Tax and Records
Box 13 Folder 3
AD 36: Tax and Records
Box 13 Folder 4
AD 37: Tax and Records
Box 13 Folder 5
AD 38: Tax and Records
Box 13 Folder 6
AD 39: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 7
AD 40: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 8
AD 41: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 9
AD 42: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 10
AD 43: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 11
AD 44: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 12
AD 45: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 13
AD 46: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 14
AD 47: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 15
AD 48: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 16
AD 49: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 17
AD 50: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 18
AD 51: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 19
AD 52: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 20
AD 53: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 21
AD 54: Income Tax
Box 13 Folder 22
AD 55: Income Tax
Box 26 Folder 1
AD-34: Income Tax
Box 26 Folder 2
AD-35: Income Tax
Box 26 Folder 3
AD-36: Income Tax
Box 26 Folder 4
AD-37: Paid Bills
Box 26 Folder 5
AD-38: Bank Statements
Box 26 Folder 6
AD-39: Bank Statements
Box 26 Folder 7
AD-40: Paid Bills
Box 26 Folder 8
AD-41: Bank Statements
Box 26 Folder 9
AD-42: Summary Time Sheets
Box 26 Folder 10
AD-43: Closed Time Sheets
Box 26 Folder 11
AD-44: Billing General
Box 26 Folder 12
AD-45: Billings- Closed
Box 26 Folder 13
AD-46: Poughkeepsie Administrative
Box 26 Folder 14
AD-47: Cooper Square Administrative
Box 26 Folder 15
AD-48: Cooper Square Administrative
Box 26 Folder 16
AD-49: Cooper Square Contract
Box 26 Folder 17
AD-50: East Flatbush Administrative
Box 26 Folder 18
AD-51: White Plains Administrative
Box 26 Folder 19
AD-52: Hoboken Administrative
Box 26 Folder 20
AD-53: Methodist Hospital Administrative
Box 26 Folder 21
AD-54: Morningside Administrative
Box 26 Folder 22
AD-55: Manhattan Valley Contract
Park of Morningside area.
Box 26 Folder 23
AD-56: Morningside Administrative
Box 26 Folder 24
AD-57: Freeport Administrative
Box 26 Folder 25
AD-58: Planning Board #6 Administrative
No File AD-59
Box 26 Folder 26
AD-60: Evaluations Yearly & Other
"A yearly agony over most of my consulting life."
Box 26 Folder 27
AD-61: Master Mailing List
April 1975
Box 26 Folder 28
AD-62: Request for Reports
Box 26 Folder 29
AD-63: Mailing Lists
Box 26 Folder 30
AD-64: Meeting & Conference Locations
Mostly Assembled for PEO (Planners for Equal Opportunities)
Box 26 Folder 31
AD-65: Sample Letters, Forms,
Box 26 Folder 32
AD-66: Professional Services
Box 26 Folder 33
AD-67: Misc. Equipment
Box 26 Folder 34
AD-68: IBM Typewriter Manual
Box 26 Folder 35
AD-69: Consultants, Draftsmen
Box 26 Folder 36
AD-70: Employee Benefits
Box 26 Folder 37
AD-71: Sanborn & Other Map Services
Box 26 Folder 38
AD-72: Graphic Design
Box 27 Folder 1
AD-73: Flatlands Proposal
First proposal for work since Thabit became a consultant
Box 27 Folder 2
AD-74: Brochure Materials
Box 27 Folder 3
AD-75: Brochure Revision
Box 27 Folder 4
AD-76: Employment Applications
Box 42 Folder 14
AD-77: Paid Bills
Box 42 Folder 15
AD-78: Paid Bills
Box 42 Folder 16
AD-79: W. Thabit Bus. Exp.
Box 42 Folder 17
AD-80: Paid Bills
Box 42 Folder 18
AD-81: Income Tax
Box 42 Folder 19
AD-82: Income Tax
Box 42 Folder 20
AD-83: Income Tax
Box 43 Folder 1
AD-84: Return - Amended
Box 43 Folder 2
AD-85: Income Tax
Box 43 Folder 3
AD-86: Bank Statements
Box 43 Folder 4
AD-87: Bank Statements
Box 43 Folder 5
AD-88: Money market Account (Chemical)
Box 43 Folder 6
AD-89: Bank Statements
Box 43 Folder 7
AD-90: Bank Statements
Box 43 Folder 8
AD-91: Sylvan Lawrence Co. 305 Broadway
Thabits office beginning in 1976
Box 43 Folder 9
AD-92: Miscellaneous - Administration
Box 45 Folder 12
AD-93: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 13
AD-94: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 14
AD-95: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 15
AD-96: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 16
AD-97: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 17
AD-98: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 18
AD-99: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 19
AD-100: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 20
AD-101: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 21
AD-102: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 22
AD-103: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 23
AD-104: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 24
AD-105: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 25
AD-106: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 26
AD-107: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 27
AD-108: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 28
AD-109: Writing Correspondence
Box 45 Folder 29
AD-110: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 30
AD-111: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 31
AD-112: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 32
AD-113: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 33
AD-114: Incoming Letters
Box 45 Folder 34
AD-115: Outgoing Letters
Box 45 Folder 35
AD-116: Correspondence
Box 45 Folder 36
AD-117: Incoming Letters
Box 69 Folder 6
Copied Letters
Box 1 Folder 1
ENY-1: Original Proposal and Contract
This file contains our original proposal to provide services to the Vest Pocket and Housing Rehibilitation program and our contract and possibly amendments to it.
Box 1 Folder 2
ENY-2: Pre-Phase I Plans
Proposals for the area submitted by community, private developers and the city. (Phase I refers to Vest Pocket and Housing Rehabilitation Program. Phase II refers to Model Cities.)
Box 1 Folder 3
ENY-3: Social History of East New York
Includes Demographic Change texts.
Box 1 Folder 4
ENY-4: Landlord Meetings
Information regarding meetings and interest in rehabilitating their buildings.
Box 1 Folder 5
ENY-5: Housing Surveys
Results shown in PFTTA-ENY (Planning for the Target Area-East New York)
Box 1 Folder 6
ENY-6: Community Organization Questionnaire
Questionnaire and its development. Includes organizations that are closed.
Box 1 Folder 7
ENY-7: The Initial Plan
Includes questions, amendments and Planning Commission Hearings.
Box 1 Folder 8
ENY-8: Development of the Plan
Background information, reports, and issues.
Box 1 Folder 9
ENY-9: The Phase I Plan
Background information leading up to it. Phase II files included to demonstrate which parts of Phase I were kept.
Box 1 Folder 10
ENY-10: Weekly Meetings
Information on meetings starting before contract was made final through the approval of the plan and beyond.
Box 1 Folder 11
ENY-11: Phase I Plan Implemenation
Leading up to, during and after implementation of plan. Concludes with report on community facilities (file 17). Continuous fight for control of program with Model Cities Committee.
Box 1 Folder 12
ENY-12: Phase I Plan Implemenation, (1 of 5)
Box 1 Folder 13
ENY-13: Phase I Plan Implemenation, (2 of 5)
Box 1 Folder 14
ENY-14: Phase I Plan Implemenation, (3 of 5)
Box 1 Folder 15
ENY-15: Phase I Plan Implemenation, (4 of 5)
Box 1 Folder 16
ENY-16: Phase I Plan Implemenation, (5 of 5)
Box 1 Folder 17
ENY-17: Community Facilities Implementation Report
Vest Pocket Plan. All proposals, rejected and implemented, reported on here.
Box 1 Folder 18
ENY-18: Post Phase I Plan Adoption Issues
Wide variety of questions from factories that wanted to expand to newly proposed government facilities.
Box 1 Folder 19
ENY-19: Preserving Buildings
Watching out that buildings they wanted to rehabilitate weren't torn down under another government program. Some buildings were lost.
Box 1 Folder 20
ENY-20: Phased Relocation
The Plan called for phased relocation but the city decided to move forward all at once. The file reflects the monitoring of the process and reports on it.
Box 1 Folder 21-22
ENY-21-22: ENY Model Cities Contracts
Includes sub-contracts for the palnner doing Brownsville under our direction and for the architectural team working on it. Folder 22 includes an example of vouching
Box 1 Folder 23
ENY-23: Subject Files of Planning Process
Includes police, fire and library studies.
Box 1 Folder 24
ENY-24: Phase II Guided by Phase I (1 of 2)
Contrains materials going back to Phase I which were used to assist in Phase II. Includes Proposed government improvements and draft proposed community facilities improvements.
Box 1 Folder 25
ENY-25: Phase II Guided by Phase I (2 of 2)
Contrains materials going back to Phase I which were used to assist in Phase II. Includes Proposed government improvements and draft proposed community facilities improvements.
Box 1 Folder 26
ENY-26: Early Childhood Centers
East New York and Brownsville
Box 1 Folder 27
ENY-27: Local Interest in Health Facilities
Minutes and correspondence of groups meeting in ENY such as Mental Health Committee, Model Cities Health Committee, ENY Housing, Urban Planning Committee and many health providers.
Box 2 Folder 1
ENY-28: Research on Hospital Needs in ENY
Planning Proposals and research relating to hospital needs in East New York.
Box 2 Folder 2
ENY-29: Studies for Health Facilities
More studies and proposals for health facilities, much of which go back to Phase I.
Box 2 Folder 3
ENY-30: Recreational Facilities for ENY
Plans and Programs for major recreation centers according to wishes of community. (Few if any of the recommendations made as a result of Model Cities were implemented.
Box 2 Folder 4
ENY-31: Sanitary Challenges and Actions of ENY
This file calls attention to the problems and steps taken by the community to do something about the lackadaisical sanitation practices in the area.
Box 2 Folder 5
ENY-32: Traffic and Transportation
Linear City
Box 2 Folder 6-7
ENY-33-34: Northwest ENY Industrial Quadrant
Report on industrial survey conducted in Phase I, the interview and structural survey forms used to develop the data, reactions and other information from interested groups.
Box 2 Folder 8
ENY-35: Survey Forms from Phase I
Box 2 Folder 9
ENY-36: Housing Survey Forms
Used for special purposes and interview forms for owner occupants.
Box 2 Folder 10
ENY-37: Phase II Major Structural Survey
Housing type survey, a sampling to be studied in greater depth and architectural notes on rehabilitability.
Box 2 Folder 11
ENY-38: Available Rehabilitation Programs
Box 2 Folder 12
ENY-39: Segregated Schools and School Planning in ENY
Approach to school planning and some materials on other items also found. New theories ilke the educational park, small schools and new learning processes were taking hold and people were demanding changes. In Brownsville and ENY, literacy was rare, dropouts endemic.
Box 2 Folder 13
ENY-40: School Data
Box 2 Folder 14
ENY-41: Reports on ENY School Reports
Box 2 Folder 15
ENY-42: Broad Range of Issues
This file contains issues from finding additional space to community control.
Box 2 Folder 16
ENY-43: School Siting
Each new school was proposed, site was carefully evaluated and yet the Board of Educations site proposals were still poorly thoughtout.
Box 2 Folder 17
ENY-44: East Brooklyn High School Site Fight
A high school that was never built even though four spare blocks of housing were demolished to make room for it.
Box 2 Folder 18
ENY-45: Demanding Educational Parks
First demanded in Brownsville than other communities like ENY. File contains legal papers for the suit to force the Board of Education to build an educational park in Brownsville.
Box 2 Folder 19
ENY-46: Educational Complexes
Various material discussing educational complexes including educational parks.
Box 2 Folder 20
ENY-47: Linear City
A scheme to combine an educational park with a needed expressway leg. This plan was met with opposition from all sides and areas that is was dropped.
Box 2 Folder 21
ENY-48: Spring Creek Educational Park Scheme
Proposed educational park, 2 miles out of ENY, that died a natural death.
Box 2 Folder 22
ENY-49: Planning Educational Park in ENY
ENY community obtained a contract to undertake a charrette to plan an educational park. None of the schemes were built.
Box 2 Folder 23
ENY-50: ENY Community College
Details on efforts to get a community college and urban center satellite into East New York.
Box 2 Folder 24
ENY-51: Planning Files for Phase II
Programming notes and attempts to see that money was reasonably invested.
Box 2 Folder 25
ENY-52: Background Information
Olio and Presentation notes.
Box 2 Folder 26
ENY-53: Background information
Reports from various surveys, mostly housing related
Box 2 Folder 27
ENY-54: Background Information
Proposal of a group of merchants and ENY type "entrepreneurs" who wanted to carve out a bit of real estate for themselves.
Box 2 Folder 28
ENY-55: Background Information
Minutes of meetings with the ENY Model Cities Physical Development Committee which aws responsible for approving the final plan.
Box 2 Folder 29
ENY-56: Background Information
Mostly background but includes findings of the industrial survey.
Box 2 Folder 30
ENY-57: Draft of Phase II
Plan, criticism and attempted modifications by city agency and central model cities.
Box 2 Folder 31
ENY-58: 8 Reports and Open Letters
Based on formal reports on the issues .
Box 3 Folder 1
ENY-59: 3 Versions of Phase II Plan
Signed verson is the approved plan.
Box 3 Folder 2
ENY-60: City Planner Draft Training Program
Never funded or approved but at least 3 ENY men active in the planning effort ultimately went to planning schools and became MCPs.
Box 3 Folder 3
ENY-61: Model Cities Program
Background on the Model Cities Program.
Box 3 Folder 4
ENY-62: Physical Development Committee (Model Cities)
Materials about the Physical Development Committee, largely during the finalization of Phase II plan.
Box 3 Folder 5
ENY-63: Community Committee Materials
Minutes, meeting notices, organizational leaflets, newsletters.
Box 3 Folder 6
ENY-64: Community Committees from 68'-70'
Meeting minutes, notices, letters, communications, issues, etc.
Box 3 Folder 7
ENY-65: ENY Materials (Miscellaneous)
Box 3 Folder 8
ENY-66: ENY Materials (Miscellaneous)
Box 3 Folder 9
ENY-67: ENY Materials (Miscellaneous)
Could be classified with planning files 51-56
Box 3 Folder 10
ENY-68: Brooklyn Model Cities Committee
Unnecessary bureaucracy, competition and destructive layer of Model Cities.
Box 3 Folder 11
ENY-69: Central Brooklyn Model Cities
Material coming out of the Central Brooklyn Model Cities Office.
Box 3 Folder 12
ENY-70: Central Brooklyn Staff Reports
Housing based on the work Walter Thabit and other consultants were doing
Box 3 Folder 13
ENY-71: Vest Pocket and Rehabilitation Program
City reports on implementation of the Vest Pocket and Rehabilitation Program
Box 3 Folder 14
ENY-72: Central Brooklyn Model Cities Redundancy
More consultants to undertake specific tasks that only served to cloud issues and duplicate efforts that never made their way down to the local Model Cities Committee leve.
Box 3 Folder 15
ENY-73: Post Phase II Plan Approval
After the local committee approved Phase II Plan. Communications and requests for fast action on the plan. Became clear that no further planning will take place since no support was forthcoming from central Brooklyn of the City.
Box 3 Folder 16
ENY-74: Ad Hoc Committee of ENY Housing Leaders
Establishing the Ad Hoc Committee of ENY. Vacant land survey and coverage in the media.
Box 3 Folder 17
ENY-75: FHA Scandal
News Stories of FHA (Federal Housing Authority) Scandals which shook the entire country, much of it centered on ENY.
Box 3 Folder 18
ENY-76: ENY, Sunset Park, and Others Unite Against FHA Scandal
ENY and Sunset Park and other neighborhoods join in fighting against FHA Sales of Vacant Property. Objection to the practice of foreclosing a mulit-family building and then throwing out all the tenants before putting it on sale. This is the legal battle files.
Box 3 Folder 19
ENY-77: Vacant Buildings Survey
Results of reports included in the file.
Box 3 Folder 20
ENY-78: Urban Development Corporation
Letter of understanding with Lucas and Edward of the Urban Development Corporation regarding work in Brownsville School Analysis and Planning
Box 3 Folder 21
ENY-79: Lucas and Edwards Model Cities Reports
Could be listed as a part of ENY Phase II work. The reports were often put together with significant help from Walter Thabit.
Box 3 Folder 22
ENY-80: Ocean Hill-Brownsville
This community was so militant and anti-establishment and anti-white, they would permit no planning to take place.
Box 3 Folder 23
ENY-81: Model Cities Housing Studies in Brownsville
Model Cities Housing Studies in Brownsville by Lucas and Edwards, aided by "us"
Box 3 Folder 24
ENY-82: Final Report by Lucas and Edwards (Urban Development Corporation)
The material that went into developing the final report.
Box 64 Folder 34
ENY - Miscellaneous
Box 64 Folder 35
ENY - Data Requests
Box 66 Folder 19
Phase I Planning
Box 66 Folder 20
Box 66 Folder 21
Box 66 Folder 22
Phase I Reports
Box 66 Folder 23
Phase I Housing
Box 66 Folder 24
Vest Pocket Community Meetings
Box 66 Folder 25
Landlord Meetings, Muni. Loan
Box 66 Folder 26
Community Committees
Box 66 Folder 27
Vest Pocket Reports
Box 66 Folder 28
Model Cities Committee
Box 66 Folder 29
Box 66 Folder 30
Training CIT. Planners
Box 66 Folder 31
Model Cities Planning
Box 66 Folder 32
Phase I Implementation
Box 66 Folder 33
ENY School Planning Reports
Box 66 Folder 34
Mental Health
Box 66 Folder 35
Box 67 Folder 1
Implementation - Phase II Plan
Box 67 Folder 2
Box 67 Folder 3
Brownsville Schools - UPC
Box 67 Folder 4
History - Notes
Box 67 Folder 5
Phase II Plan
Box 67 Folder 6
Model Cities Reports
Box 67 Folder 7
Development Thrusts
Box 67 Folder 8
Brownsville Reports, Schools
Box 67 Folder 9
Industrial Quad Phase II
Box 67 Folder 10
Industrial Survey
Box 67 Folder 11
Community Organizing Questionnaire
Box 67 Folder 12
Pre-Phase I Plans
Box 67 Folder 13
Box 67 Folder 14
Housing Surveys
Box 67 Folder 15
Various Survey Forms
Box 67 Folder 16
Unsafe Buildings
Box 67 Folder 17
Ocean Hill Proposal
Box 67 Folder 18
Annotative Key
Box 67 Folder 19
Brownsville Planning
Box 67 Folder 20
Contract and Background
Box 67 Folder 21
Central Model Cities
Box 67 Folder 22
Box 67 Folder 23
Open Season - Index
Box 67 Folder 24
Box 67 Folder 25
Open Season - Cover
Box 67 Folder 26
Box 67 Folder 27
The Process of Community Destruction
Box 67 Folder 28
Box 67 Folder 29
Authors' Manuscript Guidelines
Box 67 Folder 30
Unity Plaza Garden
Box 67 Folder 31
Box 67 Folder 32
Box 67 Folder 33
Open Season - Outline
Box 67 Folder 34
Material for Book How East New York Became a Ghetto
Box 67 Folder 35
New Book - 1st 4 Chapters, Background
Box 67 Folder 36
FHA Scandals
Box 67 Folder 37
Ad Hoc Committee
Box 67 Folder 38
Box 67 Folder 39
WNET Programming
Box 67 Folder 40
East New York Sues SHA on Vacates
Box 67 Folder 41
School Planning 1
Box 67 Folder 42
School Planning
Box 68 Folder 1
Chapter 2 - Background
Box 68 Folder 2
Chapters 1-4 Open Season, Background
Box 68 Folder 3
Schools - Background
Box 68 Folder 4
Box 68 Folder 5
Planning for a Target Area
Box 68 Folder 6
5. Uniformed Services Background
Box 68 Folder 7
Chapter 8 - Implementation
Box 68 Folder 8
ENY CRF Remeeder
Box 68 Folder 9
Cyprus Hills Development Corporation
Box 68 Folder 10
Youth Chapter ENY - Background
Box 68 Folder 11
Chapter 6 - Youth Background II
Box 68 Folder 13
FHA Scandal – Background
Box 68 Folder 14
ENY Today – Background I
Box 68 Folder 15
Chapter 7 - Vest Pocket Plan
Box 68 Folder 16
ENY Today – Background
Box 68 Folder 17
Chapter 9 – Model Cities Fiasco
Box 68 Folder 18
Chapter 15 - Problems, ENY Backgrounds
Box 68 Folder 19
East Flatbush - All
Box 68 Folder 20
ENY Today – Background II
Box 68 Folder 21
Policing the Ghetto - Background
Box 68 Folder 22
Policing the Ghetto – Background II
Box 68 Folder 23
Box 68 Folder 24
Linear Cities
Box 68 Folder 25
Box 68 Folder 26
Central Model Cities/ENY – Last Days
Box 4 Folder 1
HFD-1: Hartford Housing Program Data
Background Information used in Developing the Housing Program.
Box 4 Folder 2
HFD-2: Hartford Aug 20 Report
August 20, 1971
One of the Early cuts on overall housing need.
Box 4 Folder 3
HFD-3: Hartford Housing Need:
Data, memos, etc.
Box 4 Folder 4
HFD-4: Hartford Community Life Association Proposal
Greater hartford Process draft report on social and recreational services.
Box 4 Folder 5
HFD-5: Hartford SAND:
Agreement between Process and a neighborhood development group for rehabilitation, renewal and evelopment.
Box 4 Folder 6
HFD-6: Upper Albany
Development approach and background on planning effort.
Box 4 Folder 7
HFD-7: Hartford- Reports, Upper Albany
Box 4 Folder 8
HFD-8: Hartford- Asylum Hill/ Upper Albany Reports
Box 4 Folder 9
HFD-9: Upper Albany Reports
Box 4 Folder 10
HFD-10: Upper Albany
Various Summary Technical report
Box 4 Folder 11
HFD-11: Hartford- Early Childhood Libraries
Technical Files
Box 4 Folder 12
HFD-12: Hartford- Health
Technical Files
Box 4 Folder 13
HFD-13: Hartford- Schools of Upper Albany/ Asylum Hill
Technical Files
Box 4 Folder 14
HFD-14: Hartford- FACE Interviews
Technical Files
Box 4 Folder 15
HFD-15: Hartford- Housing Analysis/ Background
Technical Files
Box 4 Folder 16
HFD-16: Hartford- Recreation
Technical Files
Box 4 Folder 17
HFD-17: Hartford Process - Upper Albany Asylum
More technical summaries, reports
Box 4 Folder 18
HFD-18: Hartford
Box 4 Folder 19
HFD-19: Hartford Rehabilitation Report, Jack Dollard
Report in great detail prepared for the Hartford City Planning Committee.
Box 4 Folder 20
HFD-20: Hartford- Key file
Box 66 Folder 1
Box 66 Folder 10
Hartford - Asylum/Albany Technical
Box 66 Folder 11
Hartford - Asylum/Albany Reports
Box 66 Folder 12
Hartford - Housing Analysis
Box 66 Folder 13
Hartford Key File
Box 5 Folder 1
N-1: Newark Summer Project
Disparate Materials outlining the course of affairs in this complex project which attempted to unite the two groups.
Box 5 Folder 2
N-2: Newark Program Outline
Box 5 Folder 3
N-3: Newark Community Union
Newsletters and other materials produced by the NCUP (Newark Community Union Press)
Box 5 Folder 4
N-4: Draft Materials - Newark
Draft pieces of several reports pertaining to the summer project employment reports
Box 5 Folder 5
N-5: New Jersey - Welfare
Data on welfare programs; summer project.
Box 5 Folder 6
N-6: Schools- Newark
Data on schools for summer project
Box 5 Folder 7
N-7: Newark Employment Report Background
Box 5 Folder 8
N-8: Newark Reports - Summer
Box 66 Folder 14
Newark Summer Project
Box 66 Folder 15
Newark Riots
Box 69 Folder 3
Newark - Gibson
Box 70 Folder 22
Newark - Tyson, Poverty
Box 5 Folder 9
N-8a: Newark Housing Impact
Work Program; goals, reports
Box 5 Folder 10
N-9: Newark Rehabilitation Scheme (Winans)
Box 5 Folder 11
N-10: Renewal- Newark
Background on renewal in Newark
Box 5 Folder 12
N-11: Newark Housing Authority
A file of materials on the Newark Housing Authority dealing mostly with tenant relations.
Box 5 Folder 13
N-12: Newark Housing Authority II
Newark Housing Authority materials dealing with race and project data.
Box 5 Folder 14
N-13: Clinton Hill to 1963
Contains some data, examples of survey forms, maps and many news items concerning the renewal project. All that remains of Clinton Hill project/effort.
Box 5 Folder 15
N-14: Clinton Hill Data
Report copy, drafts of some sections, a few news items and neighborhood newsletters. All that remains of Clinton Hill project/effort.
Box 5 Folder 16
N-15: Clinton Hill 1964-
The continuing struggle and gradual victory. All that remains of Clinton Hill project/effort.
Box 5 Folder 17
N-16: Committee on Full Employment
Files include organization of Committee, Nyack conference on full employment and funding requests.
Box 5 Folder 18
N-16a: Committee on Full Employment II
Box 5 Folder 19
N-17: Committee for Miners
Contains committee for full employment's program in eastern Kentucky where out of work miners were fighting the coal companies and fighting as well. Actions detailed.
Box 5 Folder 20
N-18: Newark Poverty
Contains Thabit's reactions to a proposed structure for the 9 Newark area boards, indicating how a planing consultant could help make it possible for the boards to develop plans.
Box 69 Folder 2
Clinton Hill - Newark
Box 72 Folder 34
Committee for Miners
Box 5 Folder 21
N-19: Newark Housing Project
Box 5 Folder 22
N-20: Newark - Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 5 Folder 23
N-21: Site Information Options
Box 5 Folder 24
N-22: Site Selection Criteria
Environmental Impact - HUD (Housing and Urban Development)
Box 5 Folder 25
N-23: Newark- Ordinance, schedules, regulations and reports
Box 5 Folder 26
N-24: Shalom- Acoustic Tests
Box 5 Folder 27
N-25: Newark- HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Forms
Box 5 Folder 28
N-26: Shalom- Submissions
Box 5 Folder 29
N-27: Newark- Closing Items
Box 5 Folder 30
N-28: Seed Money- Bills, Contract, Vouchers
Box 5 Folder 31
N-29: Shalom- Requisitions
Box 5 Folder 32
N-30: Newark- Follow up
Box 5 Folder 33
N-31: Newark News Clippings, Riots- Med School Site.
Box 14 Folder 11
N-31: Newark News Clippings, Riots- Med School Site.
Box 72 Folder 32
Newark - Shalom Towers
Box 6 Folder 1
AB-1: Abu Dhabi Amusement Park
Contains key file, correspondence with client, and with various amusement ride manufacturers
Box 6 Folder 2
AB-2: Train- Transportation Amusement Parks
Box 6 Folder 3
AB-3: Buyers Guide
Contains several buyers guides for rides and other attractions as well as descriptions of many.
Box 6 Folder 4
AB-4: Intamin AG
One of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of major rides.
Box 6 Folder 5
AB-5: More Rides
Box 6 Folder 6
AB-6: Major Attractions
Major rides of other manufacturers. (Not Intamin AG)
Box 6 Folder 7
AB-7: Amusement Park Attractions
Box 6 Folder 8
AB-8: Rides- Kiddieland
Box 6 Folder 9
AB-9: Abu Dhabi Resort Island
Contains preliminary attempts to put together an approach and a consulting team to prepare designs for a resort island off Abu Dhabi
Box 72 Folder 33
Abu Dhabi Amusement Park
Box 14 Folder 12
F-1: Freeport- Census
Box 14 Folder 13
F-2: Freeport- Economic Data
Box 14 Folder 14
F-3: Freeport- CBD (Central Business District) Survey, RPT, ADM
Survey of downtown land use, our study proposal and the work program as well as some correspondence
Box 14 Folder 15
F-4: Freeport- Land Use Condition Traffic Counts
Data on downtown land use and traffic counts in the area
Box 14 Folder 16
F-5: Freeport- Land Use
Calculation of square ft in downtown land uses as well as conditions
Box 14 Folder 17
F-6: Freeport Shopping Survey
A survey of 300 Freeport downtown shoppers, taken by volunteers
Box 14 Folder 18
F-7: Freeport- Parking, Traffic and Circulation
Box 14 Folder 19
F-8: Freeport CBD 1
A programming file, containing approaches, early or draft reports, early mall reports.
Box 14 Folder 20
F-9: Freeport CBD Proposal 1
First major report on the Central Business District as well as a 701 Certification done in passing
Box 14 Folder 21
F-10: Originals- Interim Reports I and II, Freeport, 1975
Box 14 Folder 22
F-11: Freeport Malls- General Information and Studies
Research into downtown malls and mall ideas
Box 14 Folder 23
F-12: Poughkeepsie, Patterson, New London
Reports on visits made to these malls, including Patterson
Box 14 Folder 24
F-13: Freeport Malls- Specific Cities
Experience of many cities, from which the three above were selected
Box 14 Folder 25
F-14: Freeport- Rear and Parking Plan
Collaborative work for improvements behind stores and to parking area
Box 14 Folder 26
F-15: General- Freeport Mall
Final mall report and related materials
Box 14 Folder 27
F-16: Freeport Press Coverage
Press Coverage of downtown and mall reports
Box 14 Folder 28
F-17: Freeport- Department Store Analysis
Examines feasibility of locating a Mays Department store in downtown Freeport.
Box 72 Folder 21
Freeport - Downtown Planning
Box 72 Folder 22
Freeport - Phase I Reports
Box 72 Folder 23
Freeport - Mall Studies
Box 72 Folder 24
Freeport Mall
Box 15 Folder 1
EF- 1: East Flatbush Programming
Approach to the study with various study outlines. Outline of recommendations and planning solutions
Box 15 Folder 2
EF- 2: East Flatbush- Resident Survey I
Contains materials on both structural and resident interview surveys. Blockfront view
Box 15 Folder 3
EF- 3: Original Surveys, Est.-Int.
Examples of how detailed interior and exterior surveys, house by house.
Box 15 Folder 4
EF- 4: East Flatbush, Schools Report Suggestions
Box 15 Folder 5
EF- 5: East Flatbush General
Various materials, correspondence maps, etc.
Box 15 Folder 6
EF- 6: East Flatbush- Community Facilities
Programming for community facilities studies. Some reports and data.
Box 15 Folder 7
EF- 7: East Flatbush Community Organizations
Information on Community Organizations and on meetings we held with them.
Box 15 Folder 8
EF- 8: East Flatbush- Preliminary Reports
Box 15 Folder 9
EF- 9: East Flatbush Planning
Segments of the planning activity, preliminary to the development of the draft reports
Box 15 Folder 10
EF- 10: Community Participation
Minutes of meetings, news stories of blockbusting, letters from outraged citizens and cards opposing a report recommendation to turn Holy Cross Cemetery into a park.
Box 15 Folder 11
EF- 11: East Flatbush Report
More preliminary materials used in developing the final report.
Box 15 Folder 12
EF- 12: East Flatbush Final Report
Box 20 Folder 27
PV-1: Powelton
Box 21 Folder 1
PV-2: Powelton Village Case
Mostly on a suit brought by a neighborhood group seeking to stop redevelopment.
Box 21 Folder 2
PV-3: Powelton Report Materials
Materials which were used to interpret the final report
Box 21 Folder 3
PV-4: Powelton Report - Draft
No draft. Just materials considered for inclusion of the final report.
Box 21 Folder 4
PV-5: Powelton Village
More materials considered for inclusion of the final report.
Box 21 Folder 5
PV-6: Powelton Village - Correspondence
Box 21 Folder 6
PV-7: Powelton Village - Reports
Copies of progress and final reports
Box 70 Folder 5
Powelton Village Reports
Box 70 Folder 27
Powelton Village
Box 21 Folder 7
DB-1: Downtown Brooklyn- Background
Box 21 Folder 8
DB-2: Downtown Brooklyn- Report
Box 21 Folder 9
DB-3: Downtown Brooklyn
Three draft chapters for the final report
Box 21 Folder 10
DB-4: Downtown Brooklyn II
Another four draft chapters of final report.
Box 70 Folder 17
Downtown Brooklyn
Box 21 Folder 11
SH-1: SOHO- Working Papers
Survey forms and corresponding tables
Box 21 Folder 12
SH-2: SOHO Cost Data
Rehabilitation cost estimates
Box 21 Folder 13
SH-3: South Houston
Critiques of the Rapkin report by I.D. Robbins, developer and president of the City Club
Box 21 Folder 14
SH-4: SOHO- Writings, Memos
Research and memos
Box 70 Folder 25
Box 21 Folder 15
PK-1: Poughkeepsie Programming
Initiating the Gate Street Rehabilitation study.
Box 21 Folder 16
PK-2: Poughkeepsie- Gate St
Initial efforts
Box 21 Folder 17
PK-3: PRS from other Cities
Property Rehabilitation Standards and their adjustment was a major issue. This is research on that.
Box 21 Folder 18
PK-4: Poughkeepsie Traffic
Analysis of a street closing
Box 21 Folder 19
PK-5: Poughkeepsie- Cost Estimates and Appraisals
Box 21 Folder 20
PK-6: Poughkeepsie- Jefferson I
Progress Reports and such.
Box 21 Folder 21
PK-7: Poughkeepsie- Jefferson II
Formal name of the project is Jefferson but it is still Gate St. More progress.
Box 21 Folder 22
PK-8: Poughkeepsie- Final Report
Box 21 Folder 23
PK-9: Gate St Report
Box 21 Folder 24
PK-10: Jeff Amendatory
Work on amending the Federal Project Plan
Box 22 Folder 1
PK-11: Poughkeepsie- Gate Street UR Plan Rev
Copy of amended plan.
Box 22 Folder 2
PK-12: Poughkeepsie- Follow up
Implementation Progress.
Box 22 Folder 3
PK-13: Poughkeepsie- Queen City Proposal
Materials relating to the initiation of the project. Queen City is the formal name for Union Street
Box 22 Folder 4
PK-14: Union Street Planning
Early development
Box 22 Folder 5
PK-15: Historic Preservation
Materials on Historic preservation and how it is financed elsewhere.
Box 22 Folder 6
PK-16: Rehabilitation Approaches
Research on rehabilitation levels
Box 22 Folder 7
PK-17: Desc. Summaries; OO/AO, # Units, Wall, Condition, Architecture, Interior
Descriptive summaries of survey results.
Box 22 Folder 8
PK-18: Interior Conditions
Box 22 Folder 9
PK-19: Union Street Area- Existing Conditions Summary
Box 22 Folder 10
PK-20: Condition Scoring- Summaries
Box 22 Folder 11
PK-21: Union Street- Typicals
Detailed summaries of a group of typical buildings
Box 22 Folder 12
PK-22: Cost Estimators Writieups, Typicals
Contractors rehab cost estimates
Box 22 Folder 13
PK-23: Tenant Interviews- Union Street
Box 22 Folder 14
PK-24: Exp/Inc. Summary
Family income vs rental cost
Box 22 Folder 15
PK-25: Union Street. Survey Findings
Tabulations find their way into maps and text.
Box 22 Folder 16
PK-26: Poughkeepsie Schools
Schools analysis
Box 22 Folder 17
PK-27: Poughkeepsie Appraisals
Before and after appraisals of buildings to be rehabilitated
Box 22 Folder 18
PK-28: Poughkeepsie- Union Street Miscellaneous
Box 22 Folder 19
PK-29: Poughkeepsie- Final Report
Materials for the final report
Box 22 Folder 20
PK-30: Poughkeepsie Report
Copy of final and other related reports
Box 22 Folder 21
PK-31: Union Street- PURA Submission
Redevelopment of agency's submission to the feds for rehabilitation of the Union Street Area.
Box 70 Folder 6
Poughkeepsie - Union Street Project
Box 71 Folder 16
Poughkeepsie - Gate Street
Box 71 Folder 17
Gate St. Report
Box 71 Folder 18
Poughkeepsie Union St. Rehab. Feas.
Box 71 Folder 19
Poughkeepsie Union St. Historical Preservation
Box 22 Folder 22
MO-1: Morningside Heights
Early volunteer involvement based on my experiences with Cooper Square
Box 22 Folder 23
MO-2: MRC- Morningside- Programming
Data and reports of items to consider or study
Box 22 Folder 24
MO-3: Morningside
Data and reports of items to consider or study. Early reports
Box 22 Folder 25
MO-4: Interoffice Memos, HAD
Materials from the Housing and Development Administration of the City.
Box 22 Folder 26
MO-5: Miscellaneous Programming
Box 22 Folder 27
MO-6: Morningside- West harlem
Material on West Harlem renewal needs. One of the competing interests which plaed a major role in Morningside Planning
Box 22 Folder 28
MO-7: Morningside- SROs
Single Room Occupancy. (Major issue on the institutional expansion effort)
Box 22 Folder 29
MO-8: Morningside- Notes, Minutes, Flyers I
Box 22 Folder 30
MO-9: Monringside- Minutes, Etc.
Box 22 Folder 31
MO-10: Morningside-MRC & General
Box 22 Folder 32
MO-11: MRC Meetings
Box 22 Folder 33
MO-12: Morningside- Notes, Minutes, Flyers II
Box 23 Folder 1
MO-13: Morningside Minutes, Flyers, III
Box 23 Folder 2
MO-14: Morningside Renewal Council
Box 23 Folder 3
MO-15: Calendars- Statements
City Planning Commission and Board of Estimate calendars on Morningside items and MRC statements on them.
Box 23 Folder 4
MO-16: Morningside Tenants Federation
Includes Columbia University Students involvement
Box 23 Folder 5
MO-17: Morningside- Institutional Expansion Background
Box 23 Folder 6
MO-18: Columbia Expansion
Box 23 Folder 7
MO-19: Progress & Promise of Columbia University C.U. Doc.
Columbia report and newsletters
Box 23 Folder 8
MO-20: Piers Area- Manhattanville, Knickerbocker
Waterfront area north of 125th Street Columbia University was keeping an eye on.
Box 23 Folder 9
MO-21: Columbia University Various
Box 23 Folder 10
MO-22: Columbia Exp.
Box 23 Folder 11
MO-23: Columbia Expansion Pei Meeting
M.M. Pei's plan for Columbia expansion
Box 23 Folder 12
MO-24: Rosen Corr
Report on a consultant to the redevelopment authority giving Columbia all it wanted.
Box 23 Folder 13
MO-25: Columbia- Community West 115th Street
Resolution of conflict over these sites.
Box 23 Folder 14
MO-26: Morningside House
Expansion of a nursing home
Box 23 Folder 15
MO-27: Hospital Expansion- St. Lukes, Knicerbocker, Morningside House
Box 23 Folder 16
MO-28: Jewish Theological
Another Institutional expansion.
Box 23 Folder 17
MO-29: Teachers College Building Program
Box 23 Folder 18
MO-30: Morningside - Early Acquisition
Monitoring progress on first phase renewal sites
Box 23 Folder 19
MO-31: Morningside - Shadrack Woods
Architectural suggestions for the Douglas Circle Café
Box 23 Folder 20
MO-32: Women's Hospital Site
Another site that got developed
Box 23 Folder 21
MO-33: Cathedral Parkway A.V.
Assessed valuation date for the project area
Box 23 Folder 22
MO-34: Morningside - Area I
Covers a number of early acquisition site issues
Box 23 Folder 23
MO-35: Morningside Current 2nd Round
Work on the second phase of renewal
Box 23 Folder 24
MO-36: Notes on Second Round Acquisition
Box 23 Folder 25
MO-37: Cathedral Parkway Report
Materials relating to the early acquisition progress report
Box 23 Folder 26
MO-38: Morningside - Third Round
Box 23 Folder 27
MO-39: Morningside Miscellaneous
Box 23 Folder 28
MO-40: Morningside - Miscellaneous Survey
Survey of a strip of buildings to check rehabilitation potential.
Box 23 Folder 29
MO-41: Morningside - Housing
Various housing surveys and other items.
Box 23 Folder 30
MO-42: Morningside - MABA Buildings
Rehabilitation proposal
Box 24 Folder 1
MO-43: West 114th St. Project
This project was out of the area but inspired a good deal of interest as a demonstration of what was possible
Box 24 Folder 2
MO-44: Structural Data - Morningside
Structural data and analysis of rehabilitation needs prepared by H.D.A. consultant
Box 24 Folder 3
MO-45: Morningside Population 1950-1970
Box 24 Folder 4
MO-46: Morningside - Community Survey
A survey of community leaders
Box 24 Folder 5
MO-47: 1973-1974 School Building Program & 1976-1977 projections
Box 24 Folder 6
MO-48: Morningside - Schools
Box 24 Folder 7
MO-49: Site 9- P 165 Polshek
Architect's proposed school renewal plan
Box 24 Folder 8
MO-50: Area I- Feasibility Study- Site #9
Feasibility of a joint school/ residential development.
Box 24 Folder 9
MO-51: Need for English as a Second Language
Box 24 Folder 10
MO-52: Community School Board #3
Actions and meetings
Box 24 Folder 11
MO-53: Cathedral Parkway- Manhattan Valley Schools
Box 24 Folder 12
MO-54: High Schools
Box 24 Folder 13
MO-55: Draft School Reports
Early reports to be included in final reoprt
Box 24 Folder 14
MO-56: Daycare - Nurseries- Man Valley
Box 24 Folder 15
MO-57: Notes on Proposal to Incorporate Health Satellite in the Douglas Circle Project
Box 24 Folder 16
MO-58: Morningside - Health Areas- Birth Registration
Box 24 Folder 17
MO-59: Morningside - Health Areas- Birth Registration
Box 24 Folder 18
MO-60: Parks, Recreation
Box 24 Folder 19
MO-61: Miscellaneous Community Facilities
Box 24 Folder 20
MO-62: Morningside - Community Facilities
Box 24 Folder 21
MO-63: Manhattan Valley Contract
Box 24 Folder 22
MO-64: Background- Area 4
Box 24 Folder 23
MO-65: Area IV- Programming
Mostly Area IV Committee reports.
Box 24 Folder 24
MO-66: Manhattan Valley- Area IV
Various Documents and Analyses
Box 24 Folder 25
MO-67: Manhattan Valley Preservation Report
Historic preservation application for designation
Box 24 Folder 26
MO-68: Morningside - Area IV Meetings
Box 24 Folder 27
MO-69: Manhattan Valley- 1970 Census Data
Box 24 Folder 28
MO-70: Morningside - St. Joseph's Nursing Homes
One of the complex sites being planned.
Box 24 Folder 29
MO-71: Apt. Dist. For Manhattan Day School Site
Box 24 Folder 30
MO-72: Manhattan Valley- Site Desc's
Descriptions of potential renewal sites
Box 24 Folder 31
MO-73: Morningside - Building Bio. Files
Box 24 Folder 32
MO-74: Summary of Site Descriptions
Box 24 Folder 33
MO-75: Other's Surveys- Cath Parkway- Manhattan Valley
Box 24 Folder 34
MO-76: Manhattan Valley- Survey Samples
Box 24 Folder 35
MO-77: Manhattan Valley Comm. Gps.
Box 24 Folder 36
MO-78: Morningside - Nursing Homes
A special analysis of potential for renewal
Box 24 Folder 37
MO-79: Area IV- Early Action Planning
Selecting sites for a first phase.
Box 24 Folder 38
MO-80: Map- Proposed Community Facility Morningside
Box 24 Folder 39
MO-81: Manhattan Valley- Relocation
Box 24 Folder 40
MO-82: Manhattan Valley Housing Activity: Municipal Loans, Etc.
Box 25 Folder 1
MO-83: MV- Project Rehabilitation
A federal program
Box 25 Folder 2
MO-84: Draft Part II Report Manhattan Valley
Box 25 Folder 3
MO-85: Morningside Reports
Box 25 Folder 4
MO-86: Morningside Report
Box 25 Folder 5
MO-87: Morningside: Data Collection & Analysis
Box 25 Folder 6
MO-88: Morningside Renewal Progress
Box 66 Folder 16
The Columbia Student Revolts
Box 66 Folder 17
West Side ORA - Replanning
Box 66 Folder 18
West Side Urban Renewal Area
Box 69 Folder 29
Columbia Expansion
Box 69 Folder 30
Morningside - Teachers College Plan
Box 69 Folder 31
Institutional Expansion
Box 69 Folder 32
Jewish Theo. Exp.
June 1972
Box 69 Folder 33
Morningside Renewal Council
Box 69 Folder 34
Morningside - Schools
Box 69 Folder 35
Morningside - Early Acquisition
Box 69 Folder 36
Manhattan Valley
Box 69 Folder 37
Morningside Planning
Box 25 Folder 7
CB-1: Community Board #6- Minutes, Etc.
Minutes of the Planning and Zoning Committee which oversaw downzone study.
Box 25 Folder 8
CB-2: Community Board #6 Commercial Use Survey
Extensive survey of commercial uses in study area.
Box 25 Folder 9
CB-3: Planning Board #6 Subway and Bus
Analysis of impacts
Box 25 Folder 10
CB-4: Community Board #6- Policy Issues Miscellaneous
Box 25 Folder 11
CB-5: Community Board #6 UNDC
Rezoning for United Nations Development
Box 25 Folder 12
CB-6: Community Board 6 Zoning Analysis
Box 25 Folder 13
CB-7: Community Board #6
Zoning Variances
Box 25 Folder 14
CB-8: Planning Board #6 Report Background
Various items and draft reports
Box 25 Folder 15
CB-9: Community Board #6 Interim Report
Box 25 Folder 16
CB-10: Community Board Final Report Draft
Copies of drafts and final reports
Box 69 Folder 38
CB6 Planning
Box 69 Folder 39
CB6 Zoning Variances
Box 70 Folder 1
CB6 Zoning Issues
Box 25 Folder 17
MH-1: Methodist Hospital Background
Box 25 Folder 18
MH-2: Methodist Hospital - Programming
Box 25 Folder 19
MH-3: Methodist Hospital
Basic analyses and studies
Box 25 Folder 20
MH-4: Methodist Hospital- Report Background
Box 25 Folder 21
MH-5: Methodist Hospital Final Report
Box 25 Folder 22
MH-6: Methodist Hospital Conference
Aftermath (of report)
Box 70 Folder 2
Methodist Hospital - Planning
Box 70 Folder 3
Methodist Hospital - Plans/Data
Box 70 Folder 4
Methodist - Community Activity
Box 32 Folder 3
CS-1: Health
Variety of articles and other materials
Box 32 Folder 4
CS-2: Cooper Square Health
More materials including Cooper Square Committee directory of health services in the area
Box 32 Folder 5
CS-3: Health Directories
A number of health resources and directories
Box 32 Folder 6
CS-4: Cooper Square Institutional Interview Background
The actual interviews of local health providers
Box 32 Folder 7
CS-5: Cooper Square Health Questionnaire
Information on residential health survey
Box 32 Folder 8
CS-6: Health Services in Cooper Square
Committee's report on health services in the Cooper Square area.
Box 32 Folder 9
CS-7: Cooper Square Health Demonstration Project
Material dealing with a proposed demonstration health program
Box 32 Folder 10
CS-8: Health Demonstration Application
And related material
Box 32 Folder 11
CS-9: Cooper Square Health Related Facility
Controversy over a proposed supportive residential facility for the aged and mentally ill
Box 32 Folder 12
CS-10: Cooper Square Homeless Men- Report Background
Items dealing with conditions of homeless men.
Box 32 Folder 13
CS-11: Homeless Men
Items dealing with conditions of homeless men.
Box 32 Folder 14
CS-12: The Bowery Planning Problem
Major report which resulted from and sparked a great deal of action on the Bowery
Box 32 Folder 15
CS-13: Bowery Report- Form Ltr.
December 24, 1972
Letters sent out with the Bowery Report
Box 32 Folder 16
CS-14: Bowery- Homeless Men- Reports
Reports of institutions and persons working with the Bowery population
Box 32 Folder 17
CS-15: Bowery Men- Reports II
Reports of institutions and persons working with the Bowery population
Box 32 Folder 18
CS-16: Cooper Square Homeless Men Planning
Most of the files deal with the operations and actions of the Bowery Planning Task Force or similar organizations in their attempts to improve the lives of Bowery residents
Box 32 Folder 19
CS-17: Camp LaGuardia
Attempts to fund a plan to increase the capacity of this facility for the homeless
Box 32 Folder 20
CS-18: Houston Hotel
Box 32 Folder 21
CS-19: Potential Bowery Study Funding Sources
Box 33 Folder 1
CS-20: Cooper Square Homeless Men
Meeting minutes and more.
Box 33 Folder 2
CS-21: Cooper Square Bowery Men's Committee
More minutes and activities of the committees.
Box 33 Folder 3
CS-22: BPTF (Bowery Planning Task Force)- Background Notes on Services for Homeless Men
Mostly reports and information
Box 33 Folder 4
CS-23: Bowery Planning
Minutes and activity
Box 33 Folder 5
CS-24: R10 Zoning
Articles, positions, calls to arms
Box 33 Folder 6
CS-25: Cooper Square R 10
Articles, positions, calls to arms
Box 33 Folder 7
CS-26: Zoning Issue R 10
Articles, positions, calls to arms
Box 33 Folder 8
CS-27: R 10 Current
Articles, positions, calls to arms
Box 33 Folder 9
CS-28: Cooper Square Sponsorship
Various items including draft letters of agreement between Cooper Square and developers
Box 33 Folder 10
CS-29: C.C. Sponsorship - To 1971 end
Sponsorship negotiations with Methodist Church
Box 33 Folder 11
CS-30: UDC (Urban Development Corp.) Agreements
Box 33 Folder 12
CS-31: UDC (Urban Development Corp.)
Box 33 Folder 13
CS-32: Cooper Square- UDC (Urban Development Corp.)
Box 33 Folder 14
CS-33: Cooper Square Glick Agreement
Ultimate Developer, negotiations
Box 33 Folder 15
CS-34: Glick Agreement II
Box 33 Folder 16
CS-35: Cooper Square Architects Screening Comm.
The CS Committee selects an architect
Box 33 Folder 17
CS-36: Sec. 8. 1975 Procedures, Etc.
Box 33 Folder 18
CS-37: Cooper Square Concept Plan
July 1977
Early concept plan for the site, half of which was built upon.
Box 33 Folder 19
CS-38: Cooper Square Sponsorship
Preliminary committee records, minutes and discussions on sponsorship issues
Box 34 Folder 1
CS-39: Cooper Square Sponsorship
Preliminary committee records, minutes and discussions on sponsorship issues
Box 34 Folder 2
CS-40: Cooper Square Sponsorship
Preliminary committee records, minutes and discussions on sponsorship issues
Box 34 Folder 3
CS-41: Cooper Square Sponsorship
Preliminary committee records, minutes and discussions on sponsorship issues
Box 34 Folder 4
CS-42: Cooper Square Sponsorship
Preliminary committee records, minutes and discussions on sponsorship issues
Box 34 Folder 5
CS-43: Community Development Committee
Opposing the projected Moses clearance plan
Box 34 Folder 6
CS-44: Cooper Square Income and Comp. w U.S.
Analysis of Cooper Square incomes attacking the city's relocation report
Box 34 Folder 7
CS-45: Housing Survey Analysis
Samples of original survey done for Alternate Plan
Box 34 Folder 8
CS-46: Cooper Square- Technical Data
Elements of the Alternate Plan for Cooper Square
Box 34 Folder 9
CS-47: Cooper Square Alternate Plan
First alternate plan for an Urban Renewal area.
Box 34 Folder 10
CS-48: Alternate Plan Correspondence
Box 34 Folder 11
CS-49: Cooper Square Committee
Part of battle to get City to commit itself to undertaking Alternate Plan without harmful changes
Box 34 Folder 12
CS-50: Cooper Square Community activity
Part of battle to get City to commit itself to undertaking Alternate Plan without harmful changes
Box 34 Folder 13
CS-51: Cooper Square- To 1965 I
Part of battle to get City to commit itself to undertaking Alternate Plan without harmful changes
Box 34 Folder 14
CS-52: Cooper Square 9, 15, 17 East 1st Street Vacate
Vacate order issued by Department of Buildings. Cooper Square Committee's first involvement with relocation
Box 34 Folder 15
CS-53: Cooper Square Community Renewal/San Gennaro Fight
Fight to save a site that was stolen for middle income housing
Box 34 Folder 16
CS-54: Cooper Square Stationary
Box 34 Folder 17
CS-55: Cooper Square Tax Exemption
Tax exemption application and fund raising proposals
Box 34 Folder 18
CS-56: Cooper Square Constitution & Contract
Copy of an early constitution and negotiations for Cooper Square's first contract with the city
Box 34 Folder 19
CS-57: Lower Manhattan Expressway Relocation Study
Part of the fight against CS land being used for relocation
Box 34 Folder 20
CS-58: Cooper Square Lower East Side
Other Lower East Side issues
Box 34 Folder 21
CS-59: Cooper Square- Lower East Side North
Attempt to make Cooper Square subservient to an umbrella organization
Box 34 Folder 22
CS-60: JPC (Joint Planning Council) Planning
Organization of 30 housing groups on the LES fighting for low income housing
Box 34 Folder 23
CS-61: Detailed Rehab. Costs
Box 34 Folder 24
CS-62: Cooper Square Rehab. Costs Summaries
Box 35 Folder 1
CS-63: CS Rehab Costing
Box 35 Folder 2
CS-64: Cooper Square Rehabilitation- E
Box 35 Folder 3
CS-65: Cooper Square Mortgage Info
Mortgage info on Cooper Square properties
Box 35 Folder 4
CS-66: Cooper Square Rehab.
Box 35 Folder 5
CS-67: Housing Survey Analysis
Box 35 Folder 6
CS-68: Cooper Square- 5th to 6th St. Survey
A detailed analysis of selected buildings on this block.
Box 35 Folder 7
CS-69: Examples- Housing Preference Survey
Box 35 Folder 8
CS-70: Examples of Filled Out Survey Forms
Residential, structural and industrial.
Box 35 Folder 9
CS-71: Cooper Square- Survey Forms
Residential, structural and industrial.
Box 35 Folder 10
CS-72: SRO (Single Resident Occupancy) Survey- Manhattan Valley
Borrowed from Morningside files to help.
Box 35 Folder 11
CS-73: Cooper Square- Forms, Info on South of Stanton
Non residential
Box 35 Folder 12
CS-74: Cooper Square Non residential Interviews
Shops, firms, theaters and other businesses.
Box 35 Folder 13
CS-75: Cooper Square Non-Residential Interviews
Box 35 Folder 14
CS-76: Cooper Square Planning Surveys/Land Use Issues
Box 35 Folder 15
CS-77: Cooper Square Artists Housing
Box 35 Folder 16
CS-78: Cooper Square- Artists
Box 35 Folder 17
CS-79: AIR/Artist Committee
Artist in Residence
Box 35 Folder 18
CS-80: Artists Housing
Box 35 Folder 19
CS-81: Cooper Square Schools- Board of Education
Materials coming out of Board of Education
Box 35 Folder 20
CS-82: Cooper Square Schools
Analysis of CS needs
Box 35 Folder 21
CS-83: Cooper Implementation Schools
Struggle to get Board of Ed to agree on a K-2 school in Cooper Square
Box 35 Folder 22
CS-84: Cooper Square- Cooper Union
Struggle to direct Cooper Union expansion away from residential
Box 35 Folder 23
CS-85: Cooper Square V
Numbered files assembled for a projected writing project
Box 35 Folder 24
CS-86: Cooper Square Material IV
Box 35 Folder 25
CS-87: Cooper Square- Separation Fight
Fight to keep renewal boundaries from expanding unduly
Box 35 Folder 26
CS-88: Traffic & Street Closings
Box 35 Folder 27
CS-89: Cooper Square Wyoming Building
First building used for relocating Cooper Square artists
Box 35 Folder 28
CS-90: Cooper Square- Public Housing
Proposed project for Cooper Square
Box 35 Folder 29
CS-91: Cooper Square Downtown Community School
Neighborhood community facility seeking space in Cooper Square renewal area.
Box 35 Folder 30
CS-92: Cooper Square Progress
Indicates that little progress has been made on implementation. Written two years after the Early Action Plan was adopted by the cities.
Box 35 Folder 31
CS-93: Cooper Square- Early Action Activity
Box 36 Folder 1
CS-94: Cooper Square Early Action Planning II
Box 36 Folder 2
CS-95: Cooper Square Publications
Reports and long letters to officials
Box 36 Folder 3
CS-96: Cooper Square Church of All Nations
Major Community facility
Box 36 Folder 4
CS-97: Cooper Square Early Action Report
Related materials
Box 36 Folder 5
CS-98: Channel1, ABC Stage City
Commercial Buildings where commercials are made.
Box 36 Folder 6
CS-99: Cooper Square VI
Box 36 Folder 7
CS-100: Cooper Sq. Miscellaneous
Material from Cooper Square files
Box 36 Folder 8
CS-101: Cooper Square Report
Related to Early Action Plan report
Box 36 Folder 9
CS-102: Cooper Square Early Action- Plan Approval
Attempts for Planning Commission approval
Box 36 Folder 10
CS-103: Cooper Square Early Action Plan- Approval II
Box 36 Folder 11
CS-104: Cooper Square Early Action Planning II
Planning scheduling and procedural materials
Box 36 Folder 12
CS-105: Cooper Square Programming II
Box 36 Folder 13
CS-106: C.S. Operations Planning
Box 36 Folder 14
CS-107: Cooper Square Report
October 1972
Box 36 Folder 15
CS-108: Cooper Square Implementation
Box 36 Folder 16
CS-109: Cooper Sq Relocation
Box 36 Folder 17
CS-110: Cooper Square Relocation
Box 36 Folder 18
CS-111: Cooper Square Implementation Planning
Working on actions needed to implement of the Early Action Plan.
Box 36 Folder 19
CS-112: Cooper Square Implementation
Box 36 Folder 20
CS-113: Cooper Sq. Replanning
A new planning effort, replacing the 25 year old Alternate Plan approach
Box 36 Folder 21
CS-114: Cooper Square- Project Arts Comm.
The $100,000 art works in Thelma Burdick Houses, the first Cooper Square new construction
Box 36 Folder 22
CS-115: Thelma Burdick Hss. Implementation
Box 36 Folder 23
CS-116: Cooper Square JASA Fight
The second Cooper Square new construction project, and the fight to integrate it.
Box 37 Folder 1
CS-117: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 2
CS-118: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 3
CS-119: Cooper Square Minutes, Flyers, Statements II
Box 37 Folder 4
CS-120: Cooper Square Minutes, Flyers, Statements II
Box 37 Folder 5
CS-121: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 6
CS-122: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 7
CS-123: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 8
CS-124: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 9
CS-125: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 10
CS-126: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 11
CS-127: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 12
CS-128: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 13
CS-129: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 14
CS-130: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 15
CS-131: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 16
CS-132: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 17
CS-133: Cube Building/Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 18
CS-134: Cooper Square
Box 37 Folder 19
CS-135: Cooper Square
Box 64 Folder 30
Cooper Square Chronology
Box 64 Folder 31
Planning Papers to Cornell
Box 64 Folder 32
2003 and after
Box 64 Folder 33
Community Board 3 Task Force - Astor place
Box 65 Folder 4
Cooper Square
Box 65 Folder 5
Homeless Coalition – New York City
Box 65 Folder 6
New York Preservation Archive Project
Box 65 Folder 7
Fifth Avenue Committee
Box 65 Folder 8
14th Street Rezoning II
Box 65 Folder 9
The Enterprise Foundation
Box 65 Folder 10
Box 65 Folder 11
Box 65 Folder 12
C.S. Steering
Box 65 Folder 13
Cooper Square
Box 65 Folder 14
Cooper Square
1990 – 1991
Box 65 Folder 15
Cooper Square
1992 – 1993
Box 65 Folder 16
Cooper Square
1994 –1995
Box 65 Folder 17
Cooper Square
Box 65 Folder 18
Cooper Square
1996 –
Box 65 Folder 19
Cooper Square/LES
Box 65 Folder 20
Cooper Square
Box 65 Folder 21
Cooper Square Retreat
Box 65 Folder 22
Cooper Square
Includes 2004 Cooper Square Committee 45th Anniversary Gala booklet with a history of committee
Box 70 Folder 7
Cooper Square - Progress and Reports
Box 66 Folder 7
8th Street Rezoning
Box 39 Folder 7
SP-1: White Plains - Surveys, Interviews
A housing plan for a Community Action Program in White Plains
Box 39 Folder 8
SP-2: White Plains - Programming
Box 39 Folder 9
SP-3: White Plains - Reports
Box 39 Folder 10
SP-4: World Trade Center I
Major fight against the Rockefeller project
Box 39 Folder 11
SP-5: World Trade Center Speech
Box 39 Folder 12
SP-6: World Trade Center II
Box 39 Folder 13
SP-7: Vacant Land - Information
Documentation of the existence of small site on which housing could be built instead of city's massive displacement projects. Consulted to the Metropolitan Council on Housing.
Box 39 Folder 14
SP-8: Columbia Area Redevelopment Comm.
Advocacy planning for waterfront community threatened by Port Authority expansion
Box 39 Folder 15
SP-9: Park Slope Rehabilitation Effort
Short lived group that was overtaken.
Box 39 Folder 16
SP-10: Welfare Island Proposal
Opposition to housing development on the Island
Box 39 Folder 17
SP-11: Southwest Bronx
Proposed Program
Box 39 Folder 18
SP-12: Newburgh - Report Draft
Preparation of marketing flyer for an industrial site
Box 39 Folder 19
SP-13: Secaucus
Testifying for the Council
Box 39 Folder 20
SP-14: Stamford Zoning Case - Smithfield Pt.
Box 39 Folder 21
SP-15: Glen Island Estates
Resort development proposal
Box 39 Folder 22
SP-16: Lynch I
Resort development proposal
Box 39 Folder 23
SP-17: Lynch II
Resort development proposal
Box 39 Folder 24
SP-18: Broome St. Expressway
A big struggle to defeat the Moses proposed lower Manhattan Expressway
Box 39 Folder 25
SP-19: Broome St. Expressway II
A big struggle to defeat the Moses proposed lower Manhattan Expressway
Box 39 Folder 26
SP-20: North Jersey Housing Analysis
An analysis of the housing market
Box 39 Folder 27
SP-21: Jersey City Mapping
Box 39 Folder 28
SP-22: Caven Point - Waterfront
What to do with a soon to be released U.S. Army Terminal
Box 39 Folder 29
SP-23: Caven Point - Eco. Base.
Box 40 Folder 6
SP-24: TRW Towing
A vigorous fight against a towing operation
Box 40 Folder 7
SP-25: Arts Center
Arts Center proposal for the site of the Greenwich Village jail, prepared for Koch's campaign against Carmine DeSapio
Box 40 Folder 8
SP-26: Cabarets
Rules and regulations governing cabarets, related to 8th street rezoning fight. (Next folder)
Box 40 Folder 9
SP-27: 8th St. Rezoning
Defeat of an attempt to zone cabarets out of 8th Street in Greenwich Village
Box 40 Folder 10
SP-28: ALPA Community Reports
An attempt to make professional planning available to local communities
Box 40 Folder 11
SP-29: ALPA Interviews
An attempt to make professional planning available to local communities
Box 40 Folder 12
SP-30: MFY - Housing Gap Report
Mobilization For Youth, housing need on the Lower East Side.
Box 40 Folder 13
SP-31: MFY - Administrative & Other
Mostly Mobilization for Youth (MFY)'s Housing Clinic of which Thabit was a Director for at some point.
Box 40 Folder 14
SP-32: Stage West - Programming
Box 40 Folder 15
SP-33: Stage West - Marketing/Costs
Box 40 Folder 16
SP-34: Stage West - Background - 1933
Box 40 Folder 17
SP-35: Police Headquarters
Developing a proposal to convert an old Police Headquarters building to luxury residential use. Costs were too high.
Box 40 Folder 18
SP-36: Renaissance 42 - Background
Development of a sales brochure for a piece of 42nd Street property
Box 40 Folder 19
SP-37: Renaissance 42 - Housing Market Background 1987
Development of a sales brochure for a piece of 42nd Street property
Box 40 Folder 20
SP-38: Renaissance - Design Background
Development of a sales brochure for a piece of 42nd Street property
Box 40 Folder 21
SP-39: Renaissance 42 - Original Drafts
Development of a sales brochure for a piece of 42nd Street property
Box 40 Folder 22
SP-40: Renaissance 42 - 3rd Draft
Development of a sales brochure for a piece of 42nd Street property
Box 43 Folder 29
SP-41: Al-Fouzan Background
Develoment proposal for a site on the Costa del Sol.
Box 43 Folder 30
SP-42: Fousan Al Fouzan
Box 44 Folder 1
SP-43: Fort Hamilton - Preliminary Reports
Motel and residential prospects for family property
Box 44 Folder 2
SP-44: Ft. Hamilton Motel - Current Work
Box 44 Folder 3
SP-45: Thabit Site
Box 44 Folder 4
SP-46: Materials & Services - Ft. Hamilton
Box 44 Folder 5
SP-47: Boorady - Dunkirk
A look at an urban renewal site for a brother-in-law
Box 44 Folder 6
SP-48: Hamptonburg - Background
Subdivision possibility in upstate NY, for Thabit's brother Bob's client.
Box 44 Folder 7
SP-49: Hamptonburg
Box 7 Folder 31
DO-F1: Ferry Planning - Programming
Materials related to the developing of the work program
Box 7 Folder 32
DO-F2: Subregional Report FY 1985/1986/1987
Quarterly reports to UMTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) describing program
Box 7 Folder 33
DO-F3: Ferry Vehicle Survey
A survey of vehicle drivers taking the ferry from Staten Island (SI) to Manhattan
Box 7 Folder 34
DO-F4: Staten Island Ferry Ridership
Analysis of commuting to Manhattan by mode
Box 7 Folder 35
DO-F5: History- Ferries
Book exerpt
Box 7 Folder 36
DO-F6: SI (Staten Island) Trolley Museum
Proposed Trolley line and museum
Box 7 Folder 37
DO-F7: Transit - SI Ferry Flash Pass
Idea for facilitating multi-modal ferry trips
Box 7 Folder 38
DO-F8: Ferry Ads
Proposals for putting ads into the Staten Island papers to increase ridership
Box 7 Folder 39
DO-F9: Staten Island Ferry Improvement
Various proposals for improving system and fare increases
Box 7 Folder 40
DO-F10: Ferries - SIRT (Staten Island Rapid Transit) Planning
Study of Staten Island rapid transit
Box 7 Folder 41
DO-F11: DOT North Shore Study
Study of abandoned SIRT line as possible transit link to ferry
Box 7 Folder 42
DO-F12: Rikers Island
City's interest in providing ferry service to Rikers Island
Box 7 Folder 43
DO-F13: DOT 69th Street Ferry Proposal
Proposal for a new municipal ferry service in an attempt to use two new small ferry boats more.
Box 7 Folder 44
DO-F14: Bay Parkway Proposal
Proposal for a new municipal ferry service in an attempt to use two new small ferry boats more.
Box 7 Folder 45
DO-F15: 39th Street Proposal
Proposal for a new municipal ferry service in an attempt to use two new small ferry boats more.
Box 7 Folder 46
DO-F16: Ferry Terminal Studies
Efforts to improve the pedestrian crossing and enlarge plaza prior to South Ferry Plaza development was initiated. Other terminals.
Box 7 Folder 47
DO-F17: South Ferry Plaza- RFP
Selected portions of the RFP for development of the site.
Box 7 Folder 48
DO-F18: South Ferry Plaza - Transportation Briefing
Presentations of transportation issues by developers.
Box 7 Folder 49
DO-F19: South Ferry Plaza- Transportation
Evaluation of proposals by PDC staff and consultants and by DOT staff.
Box 7 Folder 50
DO-F20: Harbor Commuter - CEQR:
The first ferry service to seek a 5 year permit; its correspondence with CEQR staff.
Box 7 Folder 51
DO-F21: CEQR- Executive Order #91
City's rules and regulations
Box 7 Folder 52
DO-F22: PITC (Dept. of Ports, International Trade and Commerce) CEQR
The Department of Ports, International Trade and Commerce was pursuing a CEQR for the use of Pier 17.
Box 7 Folder 53
DO-F23: Board of Estimate Forms
Start of putting together a recommendation to the Board of Estimate
Box 7 Folder 54
DO-F24: Board of Estimate Submission
Gradual development of submission
Box 7 Folder 55
DO-F25: Section 8 Study Proposals
Early initial proposals which never even got out of our Bureau
Box 7 Folder 56
DO-F26: Section 8 Project Proposals
Proposal to improve Staten Island Ferry ridership
Box 7 Folder 57
DO-F27: UMTA Section 8 Grant Proposal
This and the following three files contain the long period of processing a New York Ferries Development Program- Never funded
Box 7 Folder 58
DO-F28: Section 8 Work Program- Ferries
The long period of processing a New York Ferries Development Program- Never funded
Box 7 Folder 59
DO-F29: UMTA Section 8 Study Proposal
The long period of processing a New York Ferries Development Program- Never funded
Box 7 Folder 60
DO-F30: UMTA Section 8 Grant Proposal, Final and Rejected
The long period of processing a New York Ferries Development Program- Never funded
Box 63 Folder 8
Section 8 Program Proposals
Box 63 Folder 8 A
Section 8 UMTA - Revised Work Program
Box 7 Folder 61
DO-F31: Time Sheets
Some information about filling out time cards
Box 7 Folder 62
DO-F32: White Meeting Agendas
Notes for my meetings with Commissioner White
Box 7 Folder 63
DO-F33: New York Ferries Development Consultants
Consultants interested in supplying Walter Thabit and associates with services
Box 7 Folder 64
DO-F34: Telephone Numbers
Mailing list, T of O
Box 7 Folder 65
DO-F35: Ferry Planning Budget
Proposed budget, never approved by OMB.
Box 7 Folder 66
DO-F36: Programming New Ferries
Unusual Issues
Box 7 Folder 67
DO-F37: Miscellaneous Ferry
Miscellaneous material including examples of letterhead.
Box 63 Folder 4
Staten Island Ferry Transit Flash-pass
Box 63 Folder 5
Staten Island Terminal Improvements
Box 63 Folder 6
Staten Island Ferry Programming
Box 63 Folder 7
Staten Island Ferry Riders
Box 63 Folder 9
Ferry By Vehicle - Survey
Box 63 Folder 10
South Ferry Plaza
Box 63 Folder 11
Whitehall Terminal Plaza Scheme
Box 63 Folder 12
Ferries - Application Guide Revision
Box 63 Folder 13
Docking Potentials
Box 63 Folder 14
Permit Fees
Box 63 Folder 15
Ferry Planning
Box 63 Folder 16
Box 63 Folder 17
Waterborne Project
Box 63 Folder 18
Harbor Ferry Council
Box 63 Folder 19
Port Authority Ferries
Box 63 Folder 20
Surveys - Evaluation
Box 63 Folder 21
Ferries - Related Studies
Box 63 Folder 22
Fast Ferry Papers
Box 63 Folder 23
Ferry Criteria
Box 63 Folder 24
Miscellaneous - Ferry
Box 63 Folder 25
Other Municipal Ferry Proposals
Box 63 Folder 26
Programming - New Ferries
Box 63 Folder 27
Waterborne Policy
Box 63 Folder 28
Box 63 Folder 29
Misc. Ferry Applications
Box 63 Folder 30
Ferry Services
September 22, 1988
Box 63 Folder 32
Rikers Island
Box 63 Folder 33
Ferry Expansion Report - Copies
September 1985
Box 63 Folder 34
Conference - Papers to Review
Box 64 Folder 1
Metranet Ferry Conference
April 5, 1990
Box 64 Folder 2
International Maritime Expo
Box 64 Folder 3
Port Authority Ferry Survey
February 1988
Box 64 Folder 4
Chelsea Piers
Box 64 Folder 5
Status of New Ferry Services
Box 64 Folder 6
Monitoring - Ferries
Box 64 Folder 7
Ferry Conferences
Box 64 Folder 8
Boston Chapter 91
Box 64 Folder 9
Ferry Planning
Box 64 Folder 10
Regency Fishing
Box 64 Folder 11
69th Street Service - Man Exp.
Box 64 Folder 12
Sea Line Co. Inc. - Lubowicki
Box 64 Folder 13
Harbor Commuter Issues
Box 64 Folder 14
Harbor Commuter - Bayonne/Keypt.
Box 64 Folder 15
Harbor Commuter - Highlands
Box 64 Folder 16
Harbor Commuter - Jersey City
Box 64 Folder 17
Harbor Commuter - Monmouth Fulton Ferry
Box 64 Folder 18
Harbor Commuter - Keyport
Box 64 Folder 19
Manhattan Express - Rockaways
Box 64 Folder 20
Port Liberte
Box 64 Folder 21
Hydrolines - Rennerts
Box 64 Folder 22
Tradebase - Fort Lee
Box 64 Folder 23
Kontaratos - Roosevelt Island
Box 64 Folder 24
Arcorp - Slip 5
Box 64 Folder 25
Harbor Commuter - Keansborg
Box 64 Folder 26
Harbor Commuter - Fulton Ferry
Box 64 Folder 27
Tradebase - Elizabeth
Box 64 Folder 28
Arcorp - 38th Street
Box 64 Folder 29
Sloan - Laguardia
Box 7 Folder 68
DO-F38: Port Authority Trans-Hudson Studies
Materials and notes on Port Authority analysis of commuter growth and the part ferries may play in transporting them.
Box 7 Folder 69
DO-F39: Port Authority Hoboken Ferry
Port Authority proposal for Hoboken/Battery Park City ferry and opposition
Box 7 Folder 70
DO-F40: Hunters Point/42nd Street Ferry
An old Port Authority for a Queens/Manhattan ferry.
Box 7 Folder 71
DO-F41: Trump, Television City
Attempts to get Trump to include ferry docking in West Side project.
Box 7 Folder 72
DO-F42: Port Richmond Study
Initial work on updating Port Authority feasibility for high speed service
Box 7 Folder 73
DO-F43: RFP Piers 9, 11 & 13
Issues raised by lease of Piers 9 and 11 without priority for ferries
Box 7 Folder 74
DO-F44: East River Landing- PDC
Status of Pier 11 (the most heavily used dock in Manhattan) as future development site
Box 7 Folder 75
DO-F45: Ferries- Docking
Other Potentials
Box 7 Folder 76
DO-F46: Roosevelt Island
RFP for ferry services and other items
Box 7 Folder 77
DO-F47: Jamaica Bay Task Force
Interest in increasing the number of Rockaway stops
Box 7 Folder 78
DO-F48: Gateway National Park Ferries
Government interest in ferry services to Gateway
Box 7 Folder 79
DO-F49: PITC Fees
Discussion on fees for docking with Department of Ports, International Trade and Commission
Box 7 Folder 80
DO-F50: Docks and Terminals
Map of potential docking sites with notes on use of Whitehall Terminal
Box 7 Folder 81
DO-F51: DOT/PIC Coordination
Memos and other materials relating to Department of Ports, International Trade and Commission
Box 7 Folder 82
DO-F52: Landside Access
A City Planning Department study of docking sites
Box 7 Folder 83
DO-F53: PITC Ecker Opus
A graduate student's consultant report on pricing ferry landings that DOT opposed
Box 7 Folder 84
DO-F54: Zoning for ferries
City Planning initiative to revise waterfront zoning which includes finding a use group for ferries
Box 7 Folder 85
DO-F55: Pier 84 RFP
RFP for a permanent development of Pier 84 (West Side, Midtown) which is also being used as a ferry dock.
Box 63 Folder 31
PITC/DOT/DCP Coordination
Box 16 Folder 17
DH-1: Quarterly Reports
Required quarterly reports that give an overall view of what the handicapped division was about- principally designing and implementing a para-transit system for the handicapped.
Box 16 Folder 18
DH-2: Regulations, 504 Et Al
Copy of federal regulations on providing equal access to the handicapped.
Box 16 Folder 19
DH-3: Miscellaneous Memos
Memos by various authors.
Box 16 Folder 20
DH-4: Correspondence
Box 16 Folder 21
DH-5: Handicapped Miscellaneous
Box 16 Folder 22
DH-6: Advisory Committee; Technical Committee
Minutes of these meetings and related information.
Box 16 Folder 23
DH-7: Research Proposal, NCHRP
Proposal to develop methods for measuring the cost effectiveness of various options which satisfy the needs of the handicapped.
Box 16 Folder 24
DH-8: Grant Proposals
Various proposals for studies related to transportation for the elderly and handicapped
Box 16 Folder 25
DH-9: Draft Questionnaire
For inventory transportation services provided by non-transportation agencies.
Box 16 Folder 26
DH-10: Funding Source Study
More detail on proposal for survey mentioned in DH-9
Box 16 Folder 27
DH-11: Funding Source Study- Background
More materials on funding prospects
Box 69 Folder 12
Box 69 Folder 13
Handicapped Demand
Box 69 Folder 14
Health Area Maps
Box 69 Folder 15
Handicapped Miscellaneous
Box 69 Folder 16
Handicapped Miscellaneous
Box 16 Folder 28
DH-12: Census 1970/Disabled 16-64
Census data used in analysis
Box 16 Folder 29
DH-13: Sample Census Form
Detailed form 1 in 20 fills
Box 16 Folder 30
DH-14: Boro Health Area Maps
Maps used in analysis
Box 16 Folder 31
DH-15: NHIS Data 1972
Results of survey of handicapped
Box 16 Folder 32
DH-16: Small Area Distribution
Distribution of handicapped by NYC Health Area
Box 17 Folder 1
DH-17: Easyride Evaluation
Box 17 Folder 2
DH-18: Honolulu Paratransit Case Study
Box 17 Folder 3
DH-19: CBO- Urban Transit for Handicapped Persons
Box 17 Folder 4
DH-20: Charac. And Transit Needs of the Handicapped, Tri-State ARI January 16, 1980
A Tri-State survey of the handicapped primary use in the development of the project's estimate
Box 17 Folder 5
DH-21: UMTA Methods Demo. Travel Behaviour, TH. Koffman Paper- Portland
Various publications on the Transit Handicapped
Box 17 Folder 6
DH-22: Demand- Sections A & B
Analysis of TH transportation demand
Box 17 Folder 7
DH-23: Chapter II- Definition of Need
More analysis and a report
Box 17 Folder 8
DH-24: Latent Demand
Explores the question of how much traveling would the Transit Handicapped do if they had the opportunity.
Box 17 Folder 9
DH-25: Final Trip Demand Estimates
The culmination of research efforts
Box 17 Folder 10
DH-26: U.S. Census Data 1980
Box 17 Folder 11
DH-27: Handicapped Alert- Background
Box 17 Folder 12
DH-28: Con Ed Analysis
Box 17 Folder 13
DH-29: Handicapped Alert- 1st General Tables
Box 17 Folder 14
DH-30: Handicapped Alert- Original Tables
Box 17 Folder 15
DH-31: Handicapped Alert- Trip Purpose/Frequency/Distance
Box 17 Folder 16
DH-32: Handicapped Alert- Final Report
Box 17 Folder 17
DH-33: NYC Paratransit System
Box 17 Folder 18
DH-34: Transition Plan
Transition plan for franchised bus companies
Box 17 Folder 19
DH-35: Brooklyn Study Area
Analysis of demand in a Brooklyn area where a demonstration project was being considered
Box 17 Folder 20
DH-36: Vehicle Design, Operation
Specs for the vans being considered
Box 17 Folder 21
DH-37: Eligibility, User Factors
Consideration of criteria for use of paratransit system
Box 17 Folder 22
DH-38: Paratransit System Requirements; Interrogatories
Copy of suit filed against the program
Box 17 Folder 23
DH-39: 16 B 2 Analysis
Analysis of where State funds for vans should be applied.
Box 17 Folder 24
DH-40: Handicapped- 16 B 2
Information on the program and associated legislation of the period
Box 17 Folder 25
DH-41: Transportation Strategies
Culminating analysis. Initial attempts to quantify by small area how many trips would be made by various forms of accessible transportation.
Box 17 Folder 26-27
DH-41 (2): Handicapped
Keeping up with the issue
Box 17 Folder 28
DR-1: B' Type Pedestrian Ramp
Specs for sidewalk corner treatment
Box 17 Folder 29
DR-2: Private Auto Restriction Policy Study
Box 17 Folder 30
DR-3: Exclusive Bus Lanes
Box 17 Folder 31
DR-4: Zip Code Maps
Box 17 Folder 32
DR-5: Brooklyn Bridge Centennial
Memos on possible sign needs for this event.
Box 17 Folder 33
DR-6: Borough Bus Maps
Box 17 Folder 34
DR-7: Flushing Airport
Minor related items
Box 17 Folder 35
DR-8: Notes From the Underground
A few issues of this critic of the NYC transit system for 30 years.
Box 17 Folder 36
DR-9: GWB Bus Station Study
A Port Authority Study
Box 17 Folder 37
DR-10: Transportation Statistics/Census
Data Sources
Box 17 Folder 38
DR-11: Parking Concepts
Minor items
Box 18 Folder 1
DR-12: Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Tower- Esplanade, P & T
Request for assistance to facilitate construction of esplanade at the Brooklyn Bridge
Box 18 Folder 2
DR-13: Bus Shelter Program
Memo relating to processing sites for bus shelters
Box 17 Folder 39
DA-1: Reproduction Notes
How to get things done in DOT
Box 17 Folder 40
DA-2: Photographic Services, Silver/Clark
Box 17 Folder 41
DA-3: Map File Inventory
Keeping track of map
Box 17 Folder 42
DA-4: Warranties, Instructions
On appliances, Acs, IBMs
Box 17 Folder 43
DA-5: Moving- Administrative
Box 17 Folder 44
DA-6: Computers and Wangs
Background of the early system
Box 17 Folder 45
DA-7: Correspondence Procedure
Complexity in large organizations
Box 18 Folder 3
DA-8: Interoffice Memos
Box 18 Folder 4
DA-9: Interoffice Memos
Box 18 Folder 5
DA-10: Payroll Management Systems Material
Box 18 Folder 6
DA-11: Exam Question
Prepared questions for a civil service exam
Box 18 Folder 7
DA-12: Qualifying/Management Exams
Applying for permanent status
Box 18 Folder 8
DA-13: Consultants
Firms seeking work on a ferry study
Box 18 Folder 9
DA-14: Consultant Guidelines
Box 18 Folder 10
DA-15: Sub-Regional Work Program
Portions of the bureau's work program.
Box 18 Folder 11
DA-16: Monthly Status Report
Description of day-to-day work and progress
Box 18 Folder 12
DA-17: Monthly Status Report
Box 18 Folder 13
DA-18: Personnel- DOT T of O's, Misc
A variety of items relating to personnel, corruption, and plain miscellaneous
Box 18 Folder 14
DA-19: Personnel- Resumes
Staff under Thabit at one time or another
Box 18 Folder 15
DA-20: Personnel Practices
Box 18 Folder 16
DA-21: Staff and Personnel Memos
Box 18 Folder 17
DA-22: Personnel
Mostly related to ferry program
Box 18 Folder 18
DA-23: Time Sheets
Box 18 Folder 19
DA-24: Time Sheets
Box 18 Folder 20
DA-25: Time Sheets
Box 18 Folder 21
DC-A1: City Streets - Second Draft
When Thabit was brought onto the project. The draft was filled with error.
Box 18 Folder 22
DC-1: City Streets
Early Material
Box 18 Folder 23
DC-2: II Bridge Rehabilitation Program
Complicated program included in report
Box 18 Folder 24
DC-3: City Streets/Upgrading I and III Background
Material on the other two difficult chapters
Box 18 Folder 25
DC-4: City Streets- Bicycle Background
Research into this chapter
Box 18 Folder 26
DC-5: Pedestrian Spaces- Backgrounds
For the chapter on the creation of more pedestrian and park space from unneeded street area.
Box 18 Folder 27
DC-6: Trucking IX
Work on this chapter
Box 18 Folder 28
DC-7: Taxi Background
Box 18 Folder 29
DC-8: Old Diskettes City Streets Park and Ride Questionnaire
Want diskettes containing early version of City Streets report and a park and ride questionnaire.
Box 18 Folder 30
DC-9: City Street- Reviews/Comments
August 1981
Box 18 Folder 31
DC-10: Final Draft Corrections
Box 18 Folder 32
DC-11: City Streets Layout
Includes copy of the final report
Box 18 Folder 33
DC-12: City Streets- Background Illustration
Materials related to illustrations and charts used in the final report.
Box 18 Folder 34
DC-13: City Streets- Press/Publicity
Box 69 Folder 25
City Streets
Box 18 Folder 35
DS-1: Guide-A-Ride/Jamaica Mall
Box 18 Folder 36
DS-2: Battery Maritime Building- Report
Assembled the relevant materials into a report.
Box 18 Folder 37
DS-3: The New 39th Street Ferry Terminal Building
The report
Box 18 Folder 38
DS-4: Surface Transit Information Systems. The Guide-A-Ride Report
Box 19 Folder 1
DS-5: Annual Report- DOT 1984 Draft
Reviewed Report.
Box 19 Folder 2
DS-6: Astor Place
Creating an expanded public space at Astor Place
Box 19 Folder 3
DS-7: Barrow Street
The effort to close the street to create additional pedestrian space
Box 19 Folder 4
DS-8: Brighton Beach Avenue
Box 19 Folder 5
DS-9: Bedford/Caton/Linden
Effort to create expanded public space.
Box 19 Folder 6
DS-10: Chatham Square
Attempt to straighten out a complex intersection
Box 19 Folder 7
DS-11: City Island Helistop
Approving a medical helistop
Box 19 Folder 8
DS-12: Clarkson Street Ramp
Controversy over a proposed wheelchair ramp
Box 19 Folder 9
DS-13: Farragut Roat
Pointing out more ways to increase wheelchair ramp suggestions
Box 19 Folder 10
DS-14: Fulton Street Tree Planing
Tree planing and wheelchair ramp suggestions
Box 19 Folder 11
DS-15: Kiosk Updating- Background
Box 19 Folder 12
DS-16: Manhattan Waterfront Esplanade
Subject tackled with limited resources
Box 19 Folder 13
DS-17: 36th/38th Streets Esplanade
Review of a part of the esplanade to be developed.
Box 19 Folder 14
DS-18: Mini-Projects/Letter Responses 1983
About 2 dozen items
Box 19 Folder 15
DS-19: Mini-Projects/Letters 1984
Box 19 Folder 16
DS-20: Mini-Projects/Letters 1985
Box 19 Folder 17
DS-21: Municipal Parking Facilities- Loses:
Why some municipal parking facilities were losing money
Box 19 Folder 18
DS-22: Riverside Park Study
Box 19 Folder 19
DS-23: Rector Street Pedestrian Bridge
Complicated intersection signage and transition problems
Box 19 Folder 20
DS-24: Union Square- Greenmarket Parking
Box 19 Folder 21
DS-25: Water and Fulton Streets
Congestion and proposed signal and other improvements.
Box 19 Folder 22
DS-26: World Trade Center- Busway
Trying to accommodate both a busway and a greenmarket
Box 19 Folder 23
DS-27: Bicycle Guidemarkers
A great deal of work went into these bike route signs;
Box 19 Folder 24
DS-28: Prospect Park Bicycle Design
Park of the Bicycle Guidemarkers Project.
Box 19 Folder 25
DS-29: Blue Zone- Wall Street
Designing signs announcing this program
Box 19 Folder 26
DS-30: East River Bridges- Graphics
Box 19 Folder 27
DS-31: Illustrations of Signs
Traffic signs in current use
Box 19 Folder 28
DS-32: East/West Signs
Attempts to differentiate east side from west side destinations through color and shape
Box 19 Folder 29
DS-33: Light Pole Signs- Background
Efforts to put parking regulation signs on light poles.
Box 19 Folder 30
DS-34: Light Pole Signs- Background
Idea for graphics for parking regulation signs
Box 19 Folder 31
DS-35: Museum of Modern Art Design
Directional Sign
Box 19 Folder 32
DS-36: Pamphlet Design/Covers
Priority Bus Treatments pamphlet and other items
Box 19 Folder 33
DS-37: Traffic Report to Mayor
Ambitious presentation
Box 19 Folder 34
DS-38: 200 Scale Maps
Abortive proposal to obtain a set of base maps for planning and analysis purposes
Box 69 Folder 27
Small Projects D.O.T.
Box 19 Folder 35
DP-1: Safe Pedestrian Facilities Programming
Study outline and preliminary reports
Box 19 Folder 36
DP-2: Pedestrian Standards
Reference material and report review
Box 19 Folder 37
DP-3: Pedestrian Newsletters
Box 19 Folder 38
DP-4: Safe Pedestrian Facilities Jan 15th Presentation
Talk given at conference
Box 19 Folder 39
DP-5: Dyckman/Nagle
File on one of the 5 intersections
Box 19 Folder 40
DP-6: ParkRow/Broadway
File on one of the 5 intersections
Box 19 Folder 41
DP-7: Neptune/West 5th
File on one of the 5 intersections
Box 19 Folder 42
DP-8: Bruckner/Hunts Point
File on one of the 5 intersections
Box 19 Folder 43
DP-9: Crames Square Bronx
Park of DP 8
Box 19 Folder 44
DP-10: Bruckner Report
Park of DP 8
Box 20 Folder 1
DP-11: Park & 33rd- Background
File on one of the 5 intersections
Box 20 Folder 2
DP-12: Park & 33rd
Box 20 Folder 3
DP-13: Safe Pedestrian Facilities- Implementation
Work on getting proposed improvements acted on
Box 20 Folder 4
DP-14: Broadway/Park Row Implementation
Box 20 Folder 5
DP-15: Capital Improvements Program
Box 20 Folder 6
DP-16: Safe Pedestrian Facilities: Administration
Box 20 Folder 7
DP-17: Safe Pedestrian Facilities: Administration
Box 69 Folder 20
Safe Pedestrian Facilities
Box 69 Folder 21
Safe Pedestrian Facilities - Implementation
Box 20 Folder 8
DN-1: New Street- Planning
Planning development of a large open space behind courthouse
Box 20 Folder 9
DN-2: New Street Correspondence
Agency Coordination
Box 20 Folder 10
DN-3: Spinola Memo- 290 Broadway
Another city-owned lot
Box 20 Folder 11
DN-4: City Hall Improvement Program
Extends to City Hall and Broadway/Park Row.
Box 20 Folder 12
DN-5: Chambers St. Memo
Making Chambers Street one way.
Box 20 Folder 13
DPR-1: Park and Ride- Background
Agency interest in this prospect
Box 20 Folder 14
DPR-2: Auto Ownership- Zip Code
Basic Data for the analysis
Box 20 Folder 15
DPR-3: County-to-County Travel; Tri-state
Useful database for a variety of transportation planning tasks. Used in handicapped planning as well as other projects.
Box 20 Folder 16
DPR-4: Park & Ride Questionnaire
Use to survey hundreds of drivers parking at municipal lots
Box 20 Folder 17
DPR-5: Park & Ride
Major analyses and preliminary findings
Box 20 Folder 18
DPR-6: Park & Ride May 15 Presentation
Findings of the survey
Box 69 Folder 19
Park and Ride
President's file
Box 7 Folder 1
Unorganized files. Contain a variety of material. Contains KEY FILE
Box 7 Folder 2
Box 7 Folder 3
Box 7 Folder 4
Box 7 Folder 5
Box 7 Folder 6
PEO-6: Issues and Positions
Items dealing with positions taken by PEO
Box 7 Folder 7
PEO-7: New York Task Force
Critique of New York situation undertaken for a PEO conference program
Box 7 Folder 8
PEO-8: New York Task Force
New York Chapter materials, "good stuff"
Box 7 Folder 9
PEO-9: Ribicoff Hearings
PEO's position and attempt to testify at the hearings.
Box 7 Folder 10
PEO-10: 4th Annual Conference
Box 7 Folder 11
PEO-11: "Why we Need Planners for Equal Opportunity"
An early paper written to describe the organization and its concerns. Not published.
Box 7 Folder 12
PEO-12: Planning Education
Box 7 Folder 13
PEO-13: Clarence Funnye Memorial
Box 7 Folder 14
PEO-14: Planning Commission Coalition
A group of organizations fighting for minority representation on the City Planning Commission
Box 7 Folder 15
PEO-15: Inter-professional Contacts
Intermittent and generally unsuccessful
New Cities Task Force
Box 7 Folder 16
PEO-16: PEO New Cities
Correspondence and background
Box 7 Folder 17
PEO-17: New Cities Task Force I
Box 7 Folder 18
PEO-18: New Cities Task Force II
Materials and thinking on New Cities ("NOT INCLUDED IN THIS ASSEMBLAGE)
Box 7 Folder 19
PEO-19: Urban Life
Publications of American City Corporation
Box 7 Folder 20
PEO-20: New Cities Library #1
Reports and other info
Box 7 Folder 21
PEO-21: New Cities Library #2
Box 7 Folder 22
PEO-22: New Cities Report Background
Drafts, thinking, pertinent reports
Box 7 Folder 23
PEO-23: 1972-1973
A lot on discussions and negotiations with ASPO (American Society of Planning Officials) and other items
Box 7 Folder 24
PEO-24: Correspondence
Box 7 Folder 25
PEO-25: Final Conclave
Background on what it was and how it got there
Box 7 Folder 26
PEO-26: 1975 Address List
Box 71
Transportation Planning Front
Box 71 Folder 1
PEO Reservations
Box 71 Folder 2
PEO Reunion Program
Box 71 Folder 3
PEO Reunion - Lists
Box 71 Folder 4
Final June 19th Responses
Box 71 Folder 5
PEO Responses by June 10th - M-Z
Box 71 Folder 6
PEO Responses by June 10th - A-L
Box 71 Folder 7
PEO Reunion - Background
Box 71 Folder 8
PEO Reunion Program - Background
Box 71 Folder 9
PEO Reunion 3.doc - Program Background
Box 71 Folder 10
PEO Reunion Letters.doc
Box 7 Folder 27
PN-1: Planning Network Newsletters
Box 7 Folder 28
PN-2: Planning Network Newsletters
Box 7 Folder 29
PN-3: Planning Network Newsletters
Box 7 Folder 30
PN-4: Planning Network Newsletters
Box 64 Folder 36
Planners' Network
Box 65 Folder 1
Planners Network Conference
Box 65 Folder 2
April 22, 2004
Box 65 Folder 3
Box 13 Folder 23
O-A 1: AIP Board of Examiners I
AIP Board of Examiners of which Thabit was a member of.
Box 13 Folder 24
O-A 2: AIP Board of Examiners II
Contains critiques of the process (to become a board member) as well as other items.
Box 13 Folder 25
O-A 3: AIP Local: New York Chapter affairs
Box 13 Folder 26
O-A 4: New Jersey State Board of Planners
Box 41 Folder 18
OR-9: Planners Notebook AIP
An AIP publication (Original guide says it's "obviously misfiled and mis-prefixed)
Box 13 Folder 27
O-T 1: Citizens Committee for the Hudson Valley
Box 13 Folder 28
Box 13 Folder 29
Box 13 Folder 30
O-M 1: National Economic Development Council
A black development effort, which succeeded in mounting a single conference.
Box 13 Folder 31
O-M 2: Institute for Policy Studies I
Series of memoranda of interest to the Community Action groups funded by CEO
Box 13 Folder 32
O-M 3: Suburban Action
Newsletter of Suburban Action. Activist group seeking housing for low and moderate income families and for minorities in the suburbs
Box 13 Folder 33
O-M 4: Other Housing Organizations
Newsletters and reports
Box 13 Folder 34
O-M 5: Alex Efthim Defense
An organization devoted to helping Mr. Efthim keep his university job after being threatened with loss of tenure because of his "advocacy" leanings.
Box 41 Folder 10
OR-1: N.Y. Mayoralty Campaign 1977
Koch and Sutton
Box 41 Folder 11
OR-2: Sept 14 Rally - Emergency Campaign
Voter Registration
Box 41 Folder 12
OR-3: Political Campaigns
Box 41 Folder 13
OR-4: N. Tenants Organization N.T.O.
National Organization
Box 41 Folder 14
OR-5: Emergency Committee for Low Rent Housing
Box 41 Folder 15
OR-6: NYCDV Committee on Housing
NY Committee for Democratic Voters
Box 41 Folder 16
OR-7: Urban Planning Aid
Boston Advocacy Group
Box 41 Folder 17
OR-8: New York Council on Housing
Box 41 Folder 19
OR-9a: Urban Development Corp.
About Logue and Urban Development Corporation
Box 41 Folder 20
OR-10: Samuels - Housing Position
While Thabit was housing advisor in campaign
Box 41 Folder 21
OR-11: Howard Samuels
Box 41 Folder 22
OR-12: Ryan for Mayor
Box 41 Folder 23
OR-13: Homefront
A housing action coalition
Box 41 Folder 24
OR-14: MIT Weekend
Alumni business
Box 41 Folder 25
OR-15: Sumner Rosen Labor Conference
Box 41 Folder 26
OR-16: Conference on Network 1967-1977
Box 41 Folder 27
OR-17: Columbia/Planning School
Aborted negotiations for Thabit to teach there.
Box 41 Folder 28
OR-18: Met Council on Housing I
An organization Thabit was associated with for a long time. Very active on behalf of tenants rights, rent control, low rent housing, anti slum clearance, etc.
Box 42 Folder 1
OR-19: Met Council II
Mostly Newsletters
Box 42 Folder 2
OR-20: Met Council III
Box 42 Folder 3
OR-21: Met Council IV
Box 42 Folder 4
Thabit served on the board of this citizens housing group for many years.
Box 42 Folder 5
Box 42 Folder 6
OR-24: CHPC Planning and Housing Newsletter
Newsletter issues
Box 42 Folder 7
Box 42 Folder 8
Box 42 Folder 9
OR-27: Padwee Research - Tax A.V. RED
Union research on tax assessment giveaways
Box 42 Folder 10
OR-28: Recreation Committee
Start of the Parks Council
Box 42 Folder 11
OR-29: City Club Comments I
A businessman's city-wide civic group
Box 42 Folder 12
OR-30: City Club Comments I
A businessman's city-wide civic group
Box 42 Folder 13
OR-30a: City Club Landmarks Conference 5/30/80
May 30, 1980
Box 45 Folder 3
Town-Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee - 1976-1977 newsletters
Box 45 Folder 4
OR-32: Frank Housing Bill
Proposal by Community for Creative Non-Violence
Box 45 Folder 5
OR-33: JPC Survey
Joint Planning Council. Thabit assisted using one of the firm's survey
Box 45 Folder 6
OR-34: 14th St Rezoning
Union Square Community Council fight against high bulk zoning around the park.
Box 70 Folder 26
Met Council on Housing
Box 71 Folder 15
Box 14 (KEY FILE- ES 11-22 located in 11, front) Folder 1
W-1: WSURA- Background and Early Plan
From adoption of the plan through 1963, before any major action was taken.
Box 14 Folder 2
W-2: WSURA- Background
General materials relating to plan and community participation
Box 14 Folder 3
W-3: West Side "Tipping Point Case" Legal Documents
Mostly briefs of plaintiffs and Court of Appeals ruling
Box 14 Folder 4
W-4: Tipping Point Writings
Writing on the "Tipping Point" by officials and academics with some comments by Thabit
Box 14 Folder 5
W-5: Tipping Point- Agenda
A tipping point paper by Bill Price
Box 14 Folder 6
W-6: West Side URA- Replanning
Documents and working papers of replanning efforts in 1973 after the plan had been completed.
Box 14 Folder 7
W-7: West Side Renewal- Replanning
Documents and working papers of replanning efforts in 1973 after the plan had been completed.
Box 14 Folder 8
W-8: Tipping Network Letter
Letter about the tipping point and some responses
Box 14 Folder 9
W-9: Tipping Point - General
More writings and other related items
Box 14 Folder 10
W-10: West Side URA- Conference
Materials prepared for the 1972 neighborhood conference.
Box 70 Folder 21
Tipping Point
Box 71 Folder 11
Tipping Point Publications
Box 15 Folder 13
LP-1: 701 Program
Program that paid for Thabit's salary. Contains reports and some notion of the subject content
Box 15 Folder 14
LP-2: Future of Historic Preservation in NYC
A major report which was one of Thabit's main preoccupations during the first year.
Box 15 Folder 15
LP-3: 701 General 1976-1977
More reports and memos
Box 15 Folder 16
LP-4: CD III Façade Easements
Material related to the development of a matching grant facade improvement program
Box 15 Folder 17
LP-5: CD III Implementation
Trying to get the program approved and working
Box 15 Folder 18
LP-6: CD III Rehab Materials
Trying to get other agencies interested in undertaking their rehabilitation efforts at least partly in Historic Districts
Box 15 Folder 19
Progress on CD programs and other initiatives
Box 15 Folder 20
LP-8: Garden of Eden
Special Historic Site
Box 15 Folder 21
LP-9: HD Designation Priorities
Various list of designated and to-be-studied buildings and districts
Box 15 Folder 22
LP-10: LPC, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn
Another 701 file, with reports on landmark concerns in housing action areas.
Box 15 Folder 23
LP-11: Grant Proposals
Funding proposals
Box 15 Folder 24
LP-12: Water Quality Management
Information on the program which didn't have much to do with landmarks.
Box 15 Folder 25
LP-13: Sag Harbor
Application to work on Sag Harbor
Box 15 Folder 26
LP-14: Tax Reform Act
The act and its implications
Box 15 Folder 27
LP-15: Museum of Modern Art- Expansion
Materials on the tower construction proposal
Box 15 Folder 28
LP-16: Computer
Material showing the data on CPC computer with which LPC might link up. (Didn't Happen)
Box 15 Folder 29
LP-17: Grand Central Station- Supreme Court Decision
A copy of decision and memos on some of the most important landmark cases in the nation
Box 15 Folder 30
LP-18: Current- Miscellaneous
Variety of material including old guidebooks
Box 15 Folder 31
LP-19: Miscellaneous- LPC- Memos
Spatt memo to Koch transition team.
Box 15 Folder 32
LP-20: Fort Greene- Community Participation
LPC effort to get some community participation and help in monitoring in historic districts
Box 16 Folder 1
LP-21: Technical Materials- Guidelines
Various source materials on guidelines
Box 16 Folder 2
LP-22: Boston Guidelines Materials
Box 16 Folder 3
LP-23: Guidelines
Box 16 Folder 4
LP-24: Guidelines- Monitoring
Memo on monitoring historic districts and other items.
Box 16 Folder 5
LP-25: Carroll Gardens Guidelines- Reports
Major products of the whole effort
Box 16 Folder 6
LP-26: Carroll Gardens Guidelines- Background
Preliminaries and site visits
Box 16 Folder 7
LP-27: Guidelines- Maintenance and Alterations
More materials related to guidelines
Box 16 Folder 8
LP-28: Carroll Gardens Guidelines- Programming
Carroll Gardens as the demo district
Box 16 Folder 9
LP-29: Landmarks- Early Guidelines Materials
Box 16 Folder 10
LP-30: NYC Guidelines Materials
Mostly local source materials
Box 16 Folder 11
LP-31: Legal and Economic Mechanisms- Controls
Administrative detail for a study that took a great deal of time. Consultant Study
Box 16 Folder 12
LP-32: Legal and Economic Mechanisms- Report
A number of review items.
Box 16 Folder 13
LP-33: Legal and Economic Mechanism Study, Final Review- April 1979
Some of the reviews of specific chapters
Box 16 Folder 14
LP-34: W. Thabit Corrections Copy I
Latest chapter versions
Box 16 Folder 15
LP-35: W. Thabit Corrections Copy II, 7, 8, 9
Copies of chapters 7, 8, 9.
Box 16 Folder 16
LP-36: LPC Commission Handbook
Comprehensive assemblage of information on what the LPC is, what it does and how it does it.
Box 72 Folder 27
Box 72 Folder 28
Landmarks - Law
Box 72 Folder 29
HD Guidelines
Box 72 Folder 30
Landmarks - General
Box 6 Folder 10
SP-1: Manitoba Health
Correspondence about doing some health planning for this group
Box 6 Folder 11
SP-2: Youth Services Proposal
A major effort to prepare a proposed study of indoor recreation which was approved but never funded
Box 6 Folder 12
SP-3: New Business
Describes a variety of efforts to do work for potential clients
Box 6 Folder 13
SP-4: Miscellaneous Proposals
Describes a variety of efforts to do work for potential clients
Box 6 Folder 14
SP-5: Consulting Proposals
Describes a variety of efforts to do work for potential clients
Box 6 Folder 15
SP-6: Albany
Efforts to undertake a rehabilitation study of an Albany neighborhood
Box 6 Folder 16
SP-7: Cybersystem Research
One of the attempts at joint venture which did not materialize.
Box 6 Folder 17
SP-8: Lindenhurst
Another joint venture to prepare a CBD (Central Business District) urban renewal plan
Box 6 Folder 18
SP-9: Hoboken Pier Housing
Preliminary work and a proposal to act as housing consultant for housing project. Never built
Box 6 Folder 19
SP-10: Harlem Proposal
Proposal to conduct an analysis and to plan for the 125th Street corridor in Harlem
Box 6 Folder 20
SP-11: Williamsbridge Proposal
Study of housing in a Bronx area, approved by community board but never funded by the Borough President
Box 6 Folder 21
SP-12: Jamaica
Became intrigued after a vacation to Jamaica to do planning work there. The British have it all wrapped up.
Box 6 Folder 22
SP-13: Stamford Proposal
Another Joint venture to do a series of housing and economic studies.
Box 6 Folder 23
SP-14: Piers Area Proposal
Worked with Architects Renewal Committee in Harlem to prepare this study proposal for redevelopment and upgrading of this industrial area along the Hudson north of 125th street
Box 6 Folder 24
SP-15: Clinton Proposal
A zoning study for the Clinton District of Manhattan
Box 6 Folder 25
SP-16: Poughkeepsie Master Plan
Jointly with Ralph Seligman with whom a lot of work was done in Hoboken
Box 6 Folder 26
SP-17: Dataplan
Scheme started in 1960 for developing a system for making color maps for cities in quantity so that Census and other data could be presented. Never fully developed at this time
Box 6 Folder 27
SP-18: West Side Highway Proposal
A joint venture in which we were to do the citizen participation sector. Thabit and his partners were not accepted by the state or city but the firm (Parsons) got the work when they dropped them.
Box 27 Folder 5
HE-1: Health Services Adm.
Mostly City programs and handouts
Box 27 Folder 6
HE-2: Health Advocacy
Various items of an advocacy nature
Box 27 Folder 7
HE-3: Health- Original NENA Proposal
Proposal for a local health care center
Box 27 Folder 8
HE-4: Health Fac. Exp. CPC Studies
Mostly hospital expansion studies
Box 27 Folder 9
HE-5: Manitoba Health
Quite good hospital program in Canada
Box 27 Folder 10
HE-6: Narcotics
A variety of materials on drug treatment including the staff's analysis
Box 27 Folder 11
HE-7: Narcotics II
A variety of materials on drug treatment including the staff's analysis
Box 27 Folder 12
HE-8: Alcohol & Drug Treatment
A variety of materials on drug treatment including the staff's analysis
Box 27 Folder 13
HE-9: Mental Health
Mostly resource documents
Box 72 Folder 10
Health - Narcotics
Box 27 Folder 14
ED-1: Schools- Planning
Items of planning interest
Box 27 Folder 15
ED-2: Sources of Information Regarding Day Care
Sources and reports
Box 27 Folder 16
ED-3: Parents for an Educational Park
A hot topic in the late 60's, with racial integration as the primary objective
Box 27 Folder 17
ED-4: Decentralization, Schools
Box 27 Folder 18
ED-5: Education
Various materials and reports, including one on decentralization
Box 27 Folder 19
ED-6: Education II
Various materials and reports, including decentralization
Box 27 Folder 20
ED-7: Schools- Miscellaneous
Box 27 Folder 21
ED-8: Educational Facilities Labs. Newsletters
Box 27 Folder 22
ED-9: Educational Facilities Labs. Newsletters II
Box 27 Folder 23
ED-10: Educational Facilities Labs. Newsletters III
Box 68 Folder 27
School Planning
Box 68 Folder 28
Box 68 Folder 29
Educational Park
Box 68 Folder 30
Educational Park
Box 68 Folder 31
Spring Creek
Box 72 Folder 1
School Decentralization
Box 28 Folder 1
HO-1: Housing
Box 28 Folder 2
HO-2: MFY (Mobilizing for Youth) Contract
Box 28 Folder 3
HO-3: Conservation- Rehabilitation
Box 28 Folder 4
HO-4: Code Enforcement Conservation- Rehabilitation
Early items including MFY (Mobilizing for Youth) Contract items
Box 28 Folder 5
HO-5: Housing Costs
Box 28 Folder 6
HO-6: Formation of HUD
Bills before Congress plus Thabit's proposal for a much more sweeping Department of Development.
Box 28 Folder 7
HO-7: HUD Sponsorship Requirements
For non-profit housing sponsorship under Section 236
Box 28 Folder 8
HO-8: HUD Requirements - 312, 115
Rehab loan program
Box 28 Folder 9
HO-9: Non-Profit Housing
Box 28 Folder 10
HO-10: Housing & Renewal Law
Various Bills before Congress
Box 28 Folder 11
HO-11: Housing- Data Sources
Box 28 Folder 12
HO-12: Low Rent Housing Problem III
Various items including early writings of Walter Thabit.
Box 28 Folder 13
HO-13: Housing Material
A variety of domestic and international housing material
Box 28 Folder 14
HO-14: Miscellaneous Housing
Box 28 Folder 15
HO-15: Housing to 1973
Box 28 Folder 16
HO-16: Housing to 1975
Box 28 Folder 17
HO-17: Government Assisted Housing Materials
Various housing program requirements and building codes.
Box 28 Folder 18
HO-18: Public Housing - Eligibility Standards
Box 28 Folder 19
HO-19: Turnkey Public Housing
What it is and it's regulations
Box 28 Folder 20
HO-20: Public Housing Photos and Drawings
Box 28 Folder 21
HO-21: Housing Authority
Box 28 Folder 22
HO-22: Delaney Report Critique
Report on State low income housing program.
Box 29 Folder 1
HO-23: Housing Production & Costs
Box 29 Folder 2
HO-24: Rehabilitation & New Construction Programs
Box 29 Folder 3
HO-25: HRB Research Reports
Research on housing programs and integration efforts
Box 29 Folder 4
HO-26: Housing Paper
Various views on the city's housing efforts
Box 29 Folder 5
HO-27: Industrialized Housing Studies
Box 29 Folder 6
HO-28: Mobile Homes
Mobile Homes statistics
Box 29 Folder 7
HO-29: Mobile Homes II
Mostly Thabit's analysis of mobile homes
Box 29 Folder 8
HO-30: Housing for Undeveloped Areas
Mass produced shelter for the very poorest countries
Box 29 Folder 9
HO-31: Cooperative Housing
Largely descriptive in the early years
Box 29 Folder 10
HO-32: Housing Design
Mostly public housing site plans
Box 29 Folder 11
HO-33: The Low-Rent Problem and Public Housing I
early 1960s
Housing materials and issues
Box 29 Folder 12
HO-34: Low-Rent Housing Problem II
later 1960s
Housing materials and issues
Box 29 Folder 13
HO-35: Housing Paper II
More materials and analysis
Box 29 Folder 14
HO-36: Logue Report
Summary of and assessment of report on restructuring NYC housing efforts
Box 29 Folder 15
HO-37: Housing Clippings/ Articles
through 1955
Box 29 Folder 16
HO-38: Handicapped
Paralyzed veterans flyer
Box 29 Folder 17
HO-39: Rent Strike
Box 29 Folder 18
HO-40: The Welfare Clients Fight
Fight for better housing and benefits
Box 29 Folder 19
HO-41: Recovery of the Unwanted
Dealing with the hardest core poor
Box 29 Folder 20
HO-42: Welfare- Housing
Box 29 Folder 21
HO-43: Youth
A survey of youth in East Flatbush.
Box 29 Folder 22
HO-44: Aged- Housing
Box 29 Folder 23
HO-45: Housing- Other Activism
Various materials on local struggles
Box 29 Folder 24
HO-46: Human Rights Hearing- Redlining
Testimony before Commission on Human Rights.
Box 70 Folder 9
Housing I
Box 70 Folder 10
Housing - Various Files
Box 70 Folder 11
Early Housing Papers
Box 70 Folder 12
Housing Policies for Depressed Areas
Box 70 Folder 13
Integration Article
Box 70 Folder 14
Box 70 Folder 15
Race In Housing
Box 72 Folder 7
Redlining/Aged/Welfare - HSG
Box 72 Folder 8
Welfare/Rent Strikes
Box 30 Folder 1
RE-1: Structuring Urban Renewal
Box 30 Folder 2
RE-2: Community Planning Design
Includes A couple of items not dealing with community planning
Box 30 Folder 3
RE-3: CD VII Budget For New York City
Box 30 Folder 4
RE-4: OEO Proposals
Various proposals for poverty programs
Box 30 Folder 5
RE-5: Model Cities File- General
Mostly citizen participation in Model Cities
Box 30 Folder 6
RE-6: Community Renewal Notes
Urban renewal and community renewal items
Box 30 Folder 7
RE-7: Model Cities File- General
Structure and evaluations
Box 30 Folder 8
RE-8: Urban Renewal
Box 30 Folder 9
RE-9: NYC Vacancies/Demolition Statistics
Box 30 Folder 10
RE-10: Relocation Study 1953 NYC
Mostly maps
Box 30 Folder 11
RE-11: Relocation
Box 30 Folder 12
RE-12: Commercial Relocation
Box 30 Folder 13
SW-1: Urabn Sociology
Box 30 Folder 14
SW-2: Notes on Crime
Box 30 Folder 15
SW-3: Manpower and General urban Center Information
Job Training
Box 30 Folder 16
SW-4: The Izumi Papers
Urban environment writings by an MIT colleague
Box 30 Folder 17
SW-5: Manpower, Jobs, Training
Much about racism in the job and training market
Box 30 Folder 18
SW-6: Migrant Labor
Box 30 Folder 19
SW-7: Notes on People
Box 30 Folder 20
SW-8: Social Welfare
Box 72 Folder 5
Social Welfare
Box 30 Folder 21
PO-1: Planning Education
Box 30 Folder 22
PO-2: Metropolitan Planning
Much on the debate in the 1950's and 1960's; how to go about it.
Box 30 Folder 23
PO-3: Regional Planning (New York Region)
Box 30 Folder 24
PO-4: Columbia- Habitat Forum/Tri-state conference
Inner city discussion on a tri-state agenda
Box 30 Folder 25
PO-5: Organization & Administration
More on organizing and running planning operations
Box 30 Folder 26
PO-6: Metropolitan Government, State
Includes New York City as a State
Box 31 Folder 1
SU-1: Urban Economics
Box 31 Folder 2
SU-2: Pollution
Box 31 Folder 3
SU-3: Cable TV
Box 31 Folder 4
SU-4: Water & Sewers
Box 31 Folder 5
SU-5: Misc. to be Filled
Box 31 Folder 6
SU-6: Miscellaneous
Box 31 Folder 7
SU-7: Planning Techniques
Mapping, population forecasting, economic base, other
Box 31 Folder 8
SU-8: Industrial Survey- NYC
Consultant report on survey of industrial areas in New York City.
Box 31 Folder 9
SU-9: Hatch- Industrial High Tech.
Dynamic mix of small manufacturing enterprises
Box 31 Folder 10
SU-10: Industrial- Theory
How to study industrial land use
Box 31 Folder 11
SU-11: Public Outdoor Recreation
Regional, City, other.
Box 31 Folder 12
SU-12: Public Recreation
Box 31 Folder 13
SU-13: Transportation- Traffic
Mostly Highway Planning
Box 31 Folder 14
SU-14: Traffic & Transportation
Box 31 Folder 15
SU-15: Master Planning Theory
Box 31 Folder 16
SU-16: Zoning for New York City
Mostly on the 1961 rezoning.
Box 31 Folder 17
SU-17: Cuba- Land Use
Box 31 Folder 18
SU-18: Retail Trade
Mostly on Baltimore planning for retail trade
Box 31 Folder 19
SU-19: Downtown Article
Various items on downtown planning
Box 71 Folder 12
Box 71 Folder 13
Squatters Fight
Box 71 Folder 14
Racism - Civil Rights
Box 71 Folder 25
Box 72 Folder 2
Subject Files - Misc.
Box 72 Folder 3
Box 72 Folder 4
Misc. III
Box 72 Folder 6
Recovery of the Unwanted
Box 72 Folder 15
Outdoor Recreation
Box 72 Folder 16
Organizing for Planning
Box 72 Folder 18
Industrial Planning
Box 72 Folder 19
Transportation Planning
Box 72 Folder 20
Nuclear Weapons
Box 31 Folder 20
CD-1: Effects of Nuclear Weapons- 1962
Articles and other materials describing the destructive capabilities of H bombs
Box 31 Folder 21
CD-2: Nuclear- Library
Articles, publications
Box 31 Folder 22
CD-3: Anti- Nuclear 1982- Organizing
Articles, clippings, etc., in pursuit of nuclear disarming in 1982
Box 31 Folder 23
CD-4: Nuclear 1982- Other Efforts
More clippings, position papers
Box 32 Folder 1
CD-6: Nuclear Policy Statements by planners and other groups
Box 32 Folder 2
CD-7: Community Disarmament Budget Manual
One national budget and a start on a local community budget that was never completed.
Box 38 Folder 1
MI-1: Books I, II, III
Flyers of books and more
Box 38 Folder 2
MI-2: Books I, II, III
Box 38 Folder 3
MI-3: Books I, II, III
Box 38 Folder 4
MI-4: Fresh Meadows
One of two writing jobs Thabit did for Voorhees, Walker, Smith, Smith and Haines
Box 38 Folder 5
MI-5: The Telephone Story- Article 1
The second article.
Box 38 Folder 6
MI-5a: The Telephone Story- Article 2
Box 38 Folder 7
MI-6: Zeitlin Review
Review of a Morris Zeitlin book.
Box 38 Folder 8
MI-7: Housing Planning and Maintenance
A housing course aborted for lack of enrollment.
Box 38 Folder 9
MI-8: Research and Survey Course- Materials
Course given at Long Island University
Box 38 Folder 10
MI-9: Commercial -Industrial Renewal
Materials for a planning course given at the New School
Box 38 Folder 11
MI-10: Morningside Renewal Course
Course given to local community group.
Box 38 Folder 12
MI-11: Urban Renewal- Problems and Practices
Renewal course taught at The New School
Box 38 Folder 13
MI-12: Bibliographies
Course bibliographies of others
Box 38 Folder 14
MI-13: Physical Planning Course CUNY Hunter
Box 38 Folder 15
MI-14: Community Planning Design, New School
Box 38 Folder 16
MI-15: Urbanism Program
An abortive attempt to start an urban institute at The New School. Eventually started by others.
Box 38 Folder 17
MI-16: Res. & Survey Course Materials
Long Island University
Box 38 Folder 18
MI-17: Hunter/Physical Planning NOTES
Box 38 Folder 19
MI-18: Hunter Comprehensive Studio Course
Box 38 Folder 20
MI-19: COSMOS Rehabilitation Course
Part of LID(League for Industrial Democracy) Leadership Development Program.
Box 38 Folder 21
MI-20: Rockefeller Letter
Unfinished article on how to make public housing acceptable. Nelson Rockefeller's request
Box 38 Folder 22
MI-21: Leadership Training Institute
A course organized by PEO (Planners for Equal Opportunities) for the LID (League for Industrial Democracy)
Box 38 Folder 23
MI-22: Course Materials
From other course not prepared by Thabit.
Box 38 Folder 24
MI-23: Koch- Forest Hills
Correspondence on a proposed public housing project
Box 38 Folder 25
MI-24: New York Civic Center
Material and commentary on proposed plan
Box 38 Folder 26
MI-25: Bronx Housing Committee
Helping local group develop housing policy statement
Box 38 Folder 27
MI-26: South Street Seaport
Supporting its creation
Box 38 Folder 28
MI-27: 49th-50th St Municipal Garage
An opposition group seeking support
Box 38 Folder 29
MI-28: Breezy Point
Opposition to the private development of a beach area
Box 38 Folder 30
MI-29: Citizens Committee vs. Lindsay Riverdale
Box 38 Folder 31
MI-30: West Village
Jane Jacobs' innovative plan for 5 story housing in the West Village.
Box 39 Folder 1
MI-31: Cadman Plaza
Opposition to more redevelopment
Box 39 Folder 2
MI-32: 3rd St. Coffee Houses Fight
Box 39 Folder 3
MI-33: Tompkins Square Housing Plan
Box 39 Folder 4
MI-34: Metro North in East Harlem Materials
Box 39 Folder 5
MI-35: Washington Market Area
Study Proposal
Box 39 Folder 6
MI-36: Tree Planting Ordinance
Championed by Charles Abrams
Box 40 Folder 1
MI-37: Who Owns New York
Several radical writings on housing
Box 40 Folder 2
MI-38: Copake Report
An analysis of the town's zoning ordinance
Box 40 Folder 3
MI-39: Waterside
Controversy over a proposed housing project on filled East River land
Box 40 Folder 4
MI-40: Sutton Area Committee
Local area group that demanding more restrictive zoning; related to Planning board #6 zoning study, "Downzoning for Survival"
Box 40 Folder 5
Lower East Side Neighborhood Association/METCOP (Metropolitan Committee on Planning) planning effort leading to involvement with Cooper Square renewal
Box 45 Folder 7
MI-42: Seligaman - Land Use Course
Thabit helped for one term
Box 45 Folder 8
MI-43: Apartment Planning
Box 45 Folder 9
MI-44: 115th St. Block Project
Historical Approach to block development
Box 45 Folder 10
MI-45: Quebec
Materials for analysis of an area which never took off.
Box 63 Folder 1
WTC Civic Alliance Charrette
Box 63 Folder 2
City Planning 9/11
Box 63 Folder 3
Progress Reports
Box 66 Folder 2
Hoboken - Various
Box 66 Folder 3
Delta Proposal - Puerto Rico
Box 66 Folder 4
U.S. Committee on Civil Rights - 16 Alabama Counties
Box 66 Folder 5
Anti-Poverty - Theory
Box 66 Folder 6
Civil Rights
Box 66 Folder 8
Anti-Poverty Notes
Box 66 Folder 9
Radicals in the Professions
Box 69 Folder 1
"Walter Thabit - Design Arts" Report
Box 69 Folder 4
Rent Control
Box 69 Folder 5
Fort Hamilton
Box 69 Folder 7
Lynch's Glen Island Estate
Box 69 Folder 8
White Plains
Box 69 Folder 9
Course Materials
Box 69 Folder 10
Sid Willis - Jersey Studies
Box 69 Folder 11
Fresh Meadows / ATT Article
Box 69 Folder 17
Manhattan Esplanade
Box 69 Folder 18
Citywide CD Maps
Box 69 Folder 22
Park and 33rd - Subpoena
Box 69 Folder 23
Box 69 Folder 24
Box 69 Folder 26
Graphic Design
Box 69 Folder 28
New Street/City Hall
Box 70 Folder 8
Box 70 Folder 16
Piven - Davidoff Debate
Box 70 Folder 18
Planning Proposals
Box 70 Folder 19
Planning Proposals
Box 70 Folder 20
Core Raleigh Kit
Box 70 Folder 23
National Committee on Full Emp.
Box 70 Folder 24
Defensible Space
Box 70 Folder 28
Thabit Advocacy Writings
Box 71 Folder 20
Howard Samuels Campaign
Box 71 Folder 21
Political Campaigns
Box 71 Folder 22
Next City Corporation
Box 72 Folder 9
Logue Report
Box 72 Folder 11
Box 72 Folder 12
Box 72 Folder 13
Box 72 Folder 14
Brochure Materials
Box 72 Folder 17
Metropolitan Dev./State NYC
Box 72 Folder 25
Garden of Eden
Box 72 Folder 26
701 Program
Box 72 Folder 31
Legal and Economic Mech.'s
Box 40 Folder 23
AR-1: Colliers 1968 Year Book
Materials used in preparing an article on the state of urban affairs in 1968 for the Collier Year Book
Box 40 Folder 24
AR-2: Crowell Collier Articles
1967 article and materials
Box 40 Folder 25
AR-3: Defensible Space Review
A critical review of Oscar newman's indefensible book
Box 40 Folder 26
AR-4: Columbia Cit. Part. Paper
At the planning school's invtation
Box 41 Folder 1
AR-5: Miscellaneous One - Page
Letters to the Editor, etc.
Box 41 Folder 2
AR-6: Economic Development
Box 41 Folder 3
AR-7: Village Voice Reviews
Box 41 Folder 4
AR-8: Reviews, Other
Box 41 Folder 5
AR-9: Various Articles
Box 41 Folder 6
AR-10: Bahr Review Skid Row
Box 41 Folder 7
AR-11: Restructuring The Planning Function
Articles on Planning
Box 41 Folder 8
AR-12: AIP Journal Reviews
American Institute of Planning
Box 43 Folder 10
RC-1: Rent Control - Law - Regulations
Box 43 Folder 11
RC-2: Rent Control 1967
Box 43 Folder 12
RC-3: Rent Control 1965
Box 43 Folder 13
RC-4: Rent Control Analysis - Data
Box 43 Folder 14
RC-5: Rent Control Statistics - 1965
Box 43 Folder 15
RC-6: Philadelphia Rent Control
Box 43 Folder 16
RC-7: RAND Report - Welfare Rents
Box 43 Folder 17
RC-8: MBR - Rent Increase
Box 43 Folder 18
RC-9: Rent Control Statement
Box 43 Folder 19
RC-10: Rent Control - 1969
Box 44 Folder 8
SF-1: Canadian Historic Survey
Box 44 Folder 9
SF-2: Non - Thabit Housing Conditions
Box 44 Folder 10
SF-3: Ladies Mile
Landmark Survey
Box 44 Folder 11
SF-4: Planning Survey Book - Pub Review
Box 44 Folder 12
SF-5: Miscel./Model Letter/Schedule/Analysis
Box 44 Folder 13
SF-6: Freeprot - Topics Data
Traffic Stuff
Box 44 Folder 14
SF-7: Housing Inspections, Newark
Box 44 Folder 15
SF-8: Brownsville Resident Survey
Deals with children's needs.
Box 44 Folder 16
SF-9: 175 Union
Rehabilitation Evaluation from Union Street Project
Box 44 Folder 17
SF-10: 188 Union
Rehabilitation Evaluation from Union Street Project
Box 44 Folder 18
SF-11: 12 South Bridge
Box 44 Folder 19
SF-12: 37 South Bridge
Box 44 Folder 20
SF-13: 48 South Bridge
Box 44 Folder 21
SF-14: 8 South Perry
Box 44 Folder 22
SF-15: 27 South Perry
Box 44 Folder 23
SF-16: 29 South Perry
Box 44 Folder 24
SF-17: 8 Grand
Box 44 Folder 25
SF-18: 9 Grand
Box 44 Folder 26
SF-19: 10 Grand
Box 44 Folder 27
SF-20: Rehab Standards HUD & Municipal Loan
Box 44 Folder 28
SF-21: Hartford Tenant Interviews - UA 3/73
Box 44 Folder 29
SF-22: MFY Housing Forms
Mobilization for Youth housing compaint, organizing and building operations forms
Box 44 Folder 30
SF-23: Guidelines - Survey Materials
For evaluation of prospective landmarks
Box 44 Folder 31
SF-24: Legal Economics Study
Monitoring a consultant study prepared for the Landmarks Preservation Commission
Box 44 Folder 32
SF-25: Cooper Square Surveys
Box 44 Folder 33
SF-26: Manhattan Valley Surveys
Box 44 Folder 34
SF-27: East Flatbush Structural Survey
Box 44 Folder 35
SF-28: Poughkeepsie - Gate St. Cost Ests.
Rehabilitation Evaluation from Poughkeepsie Project
Box 44 Folder 36
SF-29: Poughkeepsie - Union St. Surveys
Rehabilitation Evaluation from Poughkeepsie Project
Box 44 Folder 37
SF-30: Poughkeepsie Surveys - Jefferson St
Rehabilitation Evaluation from Poughkeepsie Project
Box 44 Folder 38
SF-31: Jersey City
Citizen participation survey
Box 44 Folder 39
SF-32: Hoboken Survey Forms
Box 44 Folder 40
SF-33: East New York Structural & Other Surveys
Box 44 Folder 41
SF-34: Survey Forms, Var.
Box 44 Folder 42
SF-35: Union Street Rehab.
Rehabilitation Evaluation from Union Street Project
Box 44 Folder 43
SF-36: Structural Surveys - Residential
Information Maps, Mylars and Other Studies (Oversize)
Box 73 Folder 1
Freeport, Long Island Studies
Mylars and prints
Box 73 Folder 2
Community Activism Posters
Cooper Square, Park Slope (Methodist Hospital), Rockefeller, eviction
Box 73 Folder 3
East Flastbush, Brooklyn
Mylars and prints of information maps and design studies
Box 73 Folder 4
East Midtown (CB#6)
Mylars and prints, information maps, photographs (most of the Mylars for this project are in Map Case Folder 5)
Box 73 Folder 5
"Planning for the Target Area, East New York" poster materials
Mylars, prints, photographs and mock up
Box 73 Folder 5
Poughkeepsie: Union Street images
2 prints
Poughkeepsie - Union Street/Downtown Project
Information Maps, Surveys, Mylars
Hoboken and Newark
Hoboken Model Neighborhood, Maps, Plan for Shalom Towers
Cooper Square Rehabilitation Project/Lower East Side
Information Maps, Mylars, Housing Plans. Some community activism posters
Manhattan: Various Locations
1967, 1970s, undated
Morningside Heights/Upper West Side Project(near Columbia University) - Mylars and Information Maps; East Midtown - Mylars, maps; Map of Manhattan neighborhoods and potential projects.
East Flatbush, Brooklyn
Information Maps, Mylars
Brooklyn: Various Locations
1968, undated
Brownsville - Information Maps; Red Hook/Columbia Heights - Information map; Map of Brooklyn and potential projects
East New York, Brooklyn
1961-1968, undated, 1997
Information Maps, Mylars, and prints from the 1960s (Folders 7-8) and a second study in the 1990s (Folder 9). Community activism poster.
Freeport, Long Island
1975, undated
Information Maps, Mylars, prints
Hartford; Philadelphia; and misc. projects
1960-1972, undated
Also includes a shipping map of the Ports of New York; White Lake, NY Quadrangle Map; Oklahoma City and Vicinity Map; unlabelled plans (near a Golf Course)