Digital Facsimiles

His Guiana Plantation and Emancipation

Inventory of slaves chosen by Lescallier, the intendant of Guiana, to work on the Lafayettes' colonial plantation. They were received by De Geneste, an agent of Lafayette, on March 1, 1789.

A letter to Madame Lafayette from Miolas Jacquemin, a missionary in Cayenne, French Guiana, describing the violent effects of the French revolution on the colony. [November 28, 1789] Madame Lafayette oversaw the management of the Lafayettes' settlement.

An English anti-slavery "squib" mentioning Lafayette, forwarded to him by Thomas Windealt. [Devon, August 30, 1830]

"Description of a Slave Ship." [Undated] First page of a French abolitionist tract marked "affairs of Cayenne".