Digital Facsimiles

Lafayette's friendship with America

Presidents and Politics

Lafayette's words at the tomb of George Washington. Mount Vernon, October 17, 1824:

Martha Washington's recipe for "The finest lip salve in the world," copied out by Eleanor Parke Custis, adopted daughter of the Washingtons, for Natalie, Mathilde, Clementine, Oscar and Edmond Lafayette. December 17, 1824.

Letter from Lafayette to Monroe regarding what was to become the "Monroe Doctrine."
January 11, 1824.

Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette concerning the "Aaron Burr" crisis.
July 14, 1807.

American Tour, 1824-1825

A letter to Lafayette from the Lexington Female Academy. The ornamental penmanship, embossed borders and pink ribbon make this an especially impressive example of the hundreds of letters and addresses presented to Lafayette in the course of his grand American Tour of 1824.

An ode to Lafayette written by a masonic "Brother" in New York, to be sung to the tune of "Hail to the Chief." American Tour. 1824-5.

Letter from a poor woman hoping for financial aid from Lafayette. One of hundreds of such petitions received by Lafayette. New York, July 6, 1825.

Native Americans

First page of a proposed constitution for the Seneca Nation, drafted by Job Smith, an "old soldier of the revolution" and "a Chief and Physician of the Seneca Nation of Indians." Smith sought an interview with Lafayette during his tour of America in 1824-5.

Accompanied by a letter and business card (front and back) from Smith.
New York, July 4, 1825.

Lafayette's American Properties

A page from a survey of Lafayette's land in Florida. 1826.

A letter from Thomas Jefferson concerning Lafayette's Louisiana lands. 30 March, 1804.