Digital Facsimiles

French Politics, 1800-1830

Letter fragment from Lafayette to Thomas Jefferson in which he discusses Napoleonic and other politics. [La Grange. August 14, 1814] (four pages)

Letter from Lafayette to his good friend the princesse d'Hénin. [1815]

Address to the Chamber of Deputies by members protesting its unconstitutional expulsion of Manuel. Signed by Lafayette and his son, among others. (Printed facsimile of holograph statement.) [Paris, March 5, 1823]

Letter from James Madison to Lafayette, analyzing the general's controversial decision to aid Louis-Philippe's accession to the throne during the "Glorious Revolution." [Montpelier. December 12, 1830]

Manuscript of an address on a question of political philosophy from the British Utilitarian Jeremy Bentham "to the French people." [Westminster/London. August 1830.] Bentham corresponded with Lafayette on political questions.

Letter from the Romantic novelist and freethinker, Mary Shelley, congratulating Lafayette on his part in the "Glorious Revolution." [London. 11 November, 1830]

An extract from Lafayette's address to the Electors of Meaux, of 13 June, 1831, as it appeared in an American newspaper. Lafayette, now in his seventies, was up for re-election, and here reflects on the past and present political scene in France.