Digital Facsimiles

Lafayette and Political & Social Causes

Greece, Haiti, Italy

Letter from Emma Hart Willard expressing her affection for Lafayette and describing the oppression of women in Greece and a plan to educate them. [Troy, New York, May 1, 1833]

Transcription of a conversation with the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte about Haiti. [Undated]

Letter from Italian revolutionary leader and exile General Mazzini to "Le Moniteur" deploring allegations that he was involved in an assassination. June 14, 1833.

Polish Revolution

Excerpt of a letter (first page, second page and final page) from Polish leader Niemjowski to Lafayette describing russia's attempt to crush Polish nationalism and descrying the French government's lack of support. [Paris, 22 December, 1831]

Signatures of Polish refugees in France, on a letter of thanks to General Lafayette. [March 1, 1833]

American newspaper articles deploring the French military's "domicilary visit" to La Grange, Lafayette's provincial estate, where they arrested a Polish patriot who had been banned from Paris. (New York Commercial Advertiser. April 27, 1833 and Albany Daily Advertiser. April 18, 1833)

Samuel Morse, author of one, sent these articles to Lafayette. Lewellel, the Pole in question, was an eminent historian. This episode was seen as symptomatic of the abuses committed by the government Lafayette himself had helped to install during the "Three Days" of the "Glorious Revolution" of 1830.

Letter from Lewellel to Lafayette (first page). [Tours, 14 July, 1833]

Description of "horrible traitement des patriotes polonais" with autograph note made by General Lafayette. [Undated]

Hand-sketched Polish Revolution letterhead of the Birmingham Polish Association in England. [Undated]