125 Years of Achievement:
The History of Cornell’s College of Architecture,
Art, and Planning

This exhibition is sponsored by Lee S Jablin, Bachelor of Architecture, Class of 1971 on the occasion of his 25th Reunion and in celebration of the College's 125th Anniversary.

The exhibition was curated by Elaine D. Engst, with the assistance of Maggie Hale, Mark Dimunation, Nancy Dean, and Stephen Couch, and design work by Eric Lindstrom of Communiqué Design and Marketing. Maura Flood, Keith Johnson, Eileen Keating, Phil McCray, Margaret Nichols, Katherine Reagan, Rebecca Davidson, and Judith Holliday provided editorial help.

The Web site was created by Angela Moll. Image processing by Maggie Hale and Noni Korf Vidal.

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