The Stage

1970s: Gay Liberation and Lesbian Feminism

Events in 1969 set in motion a new phase of activism, known as the gay liberation and lesbian feminist movements. The riots following a police raid of the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969 are widely considered the symbolic beginning of the modern LGBT rights movement. The organizations Gay Liberation Front and Gay Activists Alliance were formed that year. With the formation of three national organizations in 1973, a national movement emerged. Many members were also involved in Black Power, feminist, sexual liberation, and anti-Vietnam War movements.

Stephen Kulieke. Photograph of Our Right to Love exhibit with editor Ginny Vida and NGTF Board member Barbara Gittings. February 1978. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Records. Human Sexuality Collection.
Come Out! Spring-Summer 1971. Human Sexuality Collection.

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