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1950s-1960s: Homophile Movement (cont’d)

Sources at Cornell

Cornell’s Human Sexuality Collection contains valuable resources on LGBT political activity during this period, including homophile literature and the first transvestite magazines. Manuscripts include the papers of activist and novelist Valerie Taylor and the papers of furniture designer Edward Wormley and his partner of 50 years, theater professor Edward Crouse. Additionally, the February 15, 1953 wedding of two men in Philadelphia is preserved in photographs now in the Human Sexuality Collection.

Other important components of the collection are contemporary popular writing about sexuality, pulp novels, physique magazines, and erotica.

Letters from Female Impersonators, v. 13, 1963. Human Sexuality Collection.
Valerie Taylor, ca. 1957. Valerie Taylor Papers. Human Sexuality Collection.
Wormley and Crouse, ca. 1965. Edward J. Wormley and Edward Crouse Papers. Human Sexuality Collection.
Two men cutting a wedding cake, 1953. Photo Albums of Philadelphia Lesbian Couple, 1950-1955. Human Sexuality Collection.

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