The La Forte Collection, 1783-1797
Collection Number: 4711

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About The Guide

The bookseller's description of the collection, written in French and replete with representative extracts from documents and correspondence, forms the core of the guide. This description treats the material as falling into three broad series:

  • general manuscripts and documents dating from the whole of La Forte's career;
  • correspondence from 1786 to 1793;
  • and correspondence from An II (1793/1794) to An V (1796/1797).

The two correspondence series are further divided into groups, usually according to the type of correspondent (eg, correspondence from instructors, from the Comité de Salut Public, etc.), and less frequently according to the particular issue or project they address (eg, the construction of a powder mill).

Because the breakdown of the material in the bookseller's description does not correspond to the actual physical arrangement of the collection, box and portfolio numbers that connect descriptions with locations have been written in next to the appropriate text in the guide. A list of material that was not included in the original description has been added at the end, along with locations.

To further facilitate use of the La Forte Collection, its contents have also been listed as they are arranged, with page numbers referring the reader to the entries in the bookseller's description. It should be noted that this listing gives specific information about the material omitted from the bookseller's description, namely, the contents of Box 1, Portfolio 6; Boxes 2a and 2b; Box 3d; Box 6, Portfolio 2; and Box 9a.

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