The La Forte Collection, 1783-1797
Collection Number: 4711

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Selected Images from the LaForte Collection

Revolutionary letterhead

Document appointing La Forte to the Inspectorship of Vaucluse, signed by members of the R'e des poudres and the Comit'e Salut Public (including Chaptal, Robespierre,Carnot, etc.). 12 frimaire, An II and 18 frimaire, An II. page 2

Form letter from Fantin La Tour with revolutionary letterhead. ordering municipalities to create an "attelier d'poration" and to elect a director for this operation. 1 fluvi' An 2

Letter from a former powder maker on the impossibility of adequately compensating workers given the price of materials for making saltpetre. 21 thermidor, An III.

Instructions for the extraction of saltpetre, intended for all citizens, issued by the National Convention/Committee of Public Safety. 14 frimaire, an II. page 2

Section from plans for a nitrière at La Rochelle, showing worker's quarters. Drawn by La Forte. October 1791.

Section from plans for a "nitrière" at La Rochelle. Drawn by La Forte. October 1791.

Sections of elevation of nitrière. page 1, page 2


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