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[Continued from Page 72]


Oh, we are the Innuit people,
 And we lie secure and warm
 Where the ghostly folkof the Munatak
  Can never do us harm.
 Under the well stretched walrus hide,
  Where at the evening meal,
   The well-filled bowl fills every soul
   With its heap of steaming seal.

The Awful Folk on the Numatak
  Come down in the hail and snow
And slash the slain of the Kayak thin
  And work the hunter woe.
They steal the fish from the next day's dish
  And not the walrus lives
But they fade away with the dawning day
  As the light of summer shines.

Oh we are the Innuit people
  of the long bright arctic day ;
When the whalers some & the poppies bloom
  And the ice floe shrinks away,
Afar in the buoyant umiak
  We feather our paddle-blades,
   And laugh in the light of the sunshine bright
    Where the white-man's schooner trades.

Oh we are the Innuit people;
  Rosy and brown and gay ;
And we shout as we sing at the wrestling ring
  Or toss the ball at play.
   In frolic chase we oft embrace
   The waist of a giggling maid
  Who runs on the sand of the Arctic strand
  Where the ice-bear's loves are laid.

Oh, we are the Innuit people
  Conent in our northern home ;
As the Kayak's prow cuts the curling brow
  Of the breaker's snowy foam :
The Merry Innuit people
  Of the cold gray Arctic sea,
Where the breading whale and Auroras pale
  And the snow-white foxes be.

Port Clarence, Alaska, July 12, 99.    W.M.H. Dall


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