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July 4th - "Bear Mountain"

Left Kadiak at 4:30 A.M. and on the way to camp saw lots of V.G. cormorants, pigeon guil., a few murrelets, gulls in plenty, + eagles. Got to camp at 6, ate hard tack + coffee + struck the trail by 6.30. In the marsh meadows we scared [Page 44] up a [female] Green W. Teal, which I missed, + a second afterwards saw 5 little teal-lings in a slip, wh. weren't more than a week old, at the most. On the way up we saw many eagles, and signs of ptarmigan. The usual birds, golden crown Sp., Townsend's Sp., yellow + pileolated W's were in the alders most of the way up, and Magpies were in the balsams (balm of Gillead) in the river bottoms between the mts. Up in the top notch a ptarmigan sailed over, and soon after a hawk-owl flew, falcon-like, over us - but wasn't seen till out of range. Several ptarmigan were seen on the way down, + a covey of a newly hatched young ones were caught. They were beautifully mottled, + when the hat they were in was turned over, they disappeared with a magic velocity, apparently sinking into the moss and grass. About half of them slid into old field-mouse burrough, and the rest half hid under grass or poked down part way under the moss where their olive yellow mottled backs became a part of the place. Several more teal were seen on the flats on the way home, and four or five large ducks rose out of the sedge which looked like {female] mallards.

Mr. Ridgeway came back from Kukak with a Western double crested cormorant and a dipper, and Mr. Devereux, of the hunting party, had a horned puffin and a tufted P., and a dark parasitic jaeger. Ridgeway also had an eagle with [Page 45] a spread of 7' 5-1/2", and in most perfect plummage.

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