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                     << < May 28, 1899 > >>

Magpies were seen frequently along the line from Boise, when Mr. Burroughs & others saw a [male] Eve. Grosbeak. Ark flycatcher were common, also gold finches [page 29]. Ridgeway saw the Ark. Goldfinch, and I saw a red-shafted flicker flying by. Great blue herons were seen along the Owyer & Snake rivers, & a bittern got up near the track.

On a short by-trip from Moscow to Lewiston Lewis's Woodpeckers became quite a common sight. The flight is very like that of a flicker. Generally they look entirely black, but when near by the crimson breast & whitey neck ring may be seen. Lazuli bunting were also quite common-& can be recognized at once by their song's similarity to the Indigo birds. Ridgeway saw a band of bandtail pigeons--near Portland.

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Goldfinch;Goldfinch, Arkansas;Goldfinch, Green-backed;Goldfinch, Lawrence's;Goldfinch, Lesser;Siskin, Pine
Spinus lawrencei;Spinus pinus;Spinus psaltria;Spinus tristis

Context: Unidentifiable pencil diagrams on reverse, perhaps of weapons, swords, and dynamite.. Preliminary sketch for Bird-Lore, Vol. 12, No. 5.

Location: Rare and Manuscript Collections

Publication: Bird-Lore

Size: 13.5" x 9.375"

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