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St. Lawrence, 13 July

Shot the first Pribiloff Sandpiper seen. Ned, F. + I went up to the left, along the edge of the tundra, + found the Longspur common, and got a few. We saw eiders, P. Sandp's -- + Ned got an Oldsquaw [female] -- Saw a tern, Jaegers, Kittiwakes, + a big gull, probably glaucescens. When we got back to the boat, other members of the party had phalarope ([male] Red) + dunlins, + Dr. M had 4 young swans, the adult of which had led Dr. Mer. a long and windy chase -- he taking them for polar bears, wh. are said to be abundant in St. Lawrence Id.

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Knot;Sandpiper, Pectoral;Sandpiper, Purple;Sandpiper, Stilt
Calidris canutus;Erolia maritima;Erolia melantos;Micropalama himantopus

Context: Preliminary sketch for Forbush, Edward H., Birds of Massachusetts, Vol. 1, plate 26.

Location: Rare and Manuscript Collections

Publication: Birds of Massachusetts

Size: 6.75" x 11.875"

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