Child’s Play

Pop-up books, rebuses, paper dolls, cut-outs and colorful pages - all of the interactive and engaging techniques that were developed to hold a child's attention through an entire story have also made their way into artists’ books. The discord created by dark or esoteric subject matter presented in a format that evokes childish innocence can be very effective. But the influence goes both ways. As artists’ books have pushed the boundaries of what's possible in publishing, authors and illustrators have taken advantage of technological advances to create ever more complex and beautiful books for children.

The Slapdown

My Thieving: A Story of Jean Genet

Freight Train

The Train Game: Plot by Fate; Characters for Real

Robinson Crusoe

A tale of three little birds

Libro Illeggibile MN 1

Go Away, Big Green Monster

Sky and Earth: Variable Landscape

Consists of 39 pieces of die-cut colored papers and acetate which can form the “variable landscape.”

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