Speaking of Sex, we invited you to join the conversation, and you did!

The Human Sexuality Collection encourages us to think about sex from many angles. The exhibition Speaking of Sex will show just some of the words and ideas sprouting from the artifacts we have been accumulating for a quarter century. Each section will focus on a word or phrase researchers have been considering: perform, desire, trans, deviant, commercialization...

  1. What word should be included in this exhibit? What word should be talked about more? Researched more? Why?
  2. Researchers, what did you find in the Human Sexuality Collection that gave you something to think about?
  3. Current or former Cornell students, staff, or faculty, talk about your experiences with sexual identity while at Cornell.
  4. Reunion 2014 - Cornell Alumni talk about their experiences with sexual identity:

  5. Marginalia: what else do you want to say about the Human Sexuality Collection and moving forward with this work?

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