White-crowned sparrow

White-crowned sparrow


metal engraving/etching
By J. J. Audubon.

text from the plate

White-crowned Sparrow.

Fingilla leucophrys.


"I first became acquainted with the White-crowned Sparrow at Henderson in the autumn of 1817. 1 then thought it the handsomest bird of its kind, and my opinion still is that none other known to me as a visitor or inhabitant of the United States, exceeds it in beauty. ... The song of the White-crowned Finch consists of six or seven notes, the first of which is loud, clear, and musical, although of a plaintive nature; the next broader, less firm, and seeming merely a second to the first; the rest form a cadence diminishing in power to the last note, which sounds as if the final effort of the musician. These notes are repeated at short intervals during the whole day…"