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Turner, William.
Turner on birds; a short and succinct history of the principal birds noticed by Pliny and Aristotle, first published by Doctor William Turner, 1544.
University Press, Cambridge, 1903.

xviii p., 1 l., 223 p., 23 cm.

Notes: With reproduction of original t.p.: Avivm praecipvarvm, qvarvm apvd Plinivm et Aristotelem mentio est, breuis & succincta historia. Ex optimis quibusque scriptoribus contexta, scholio illustrata & aucta. Adiectis nominibus Græcis, Germanicis & Britannicis. Per Dn. Guilielmum Turnerum, artium & medicinæ doctorem. Coloniæ excudebat Ioan. Gymnicus, Anno M.D.XLIII; Original and translation on opposite pages.

Edited by Evans, A. H. (Arthur Humble)

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