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Cornell’s Twelve Presidents

Inaugurating the Presidents

Andrew Dickson White, 1868
Charles Kendall Adams, 1885
Jacob Gould Schurman, 1892
Livingston Farrand, 1921
Edmund E. Day, 1937
Deane W. Malott, 1951
James A. Perkins, 1963
Dale R. Corson, 1969
Frank H. T. Rhodes, 1977
Hunter Ripley Rawlings III, 1995
Jeffrey Sean Lehman, 2003

Inaugurating the Presidents

Deane W. Malott, 1951

Deane W. Malott requested that his Installation be treated as a “family affair,” in keeping with the simplicity of events at the university during and just after the war years. A simple ceremony attended by more than 10,000 persons, including trustees, faculty, staff, students, and alumni, was held on Libe Slope at 11 a.m. on September 19, 1951. A Chimes concert provided a 15-minute prelude, and Professor Robert Cushman gave an address on “The Cornell Tradition.” Neal Dow Becker, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, presented President Malott with the Cornell Charter, installing him as President, and President Malott gave his Inauguration Address. The Glee Club sang The Evening Song, followed by a medley of marching songs on the Chimes.

At 12:30 there was an Installation Luncheon at Statler Hall, with Arthur H. Dean, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, presiding. There were “Greetings” from the student body, from the alumni, and from the Ithaca community. New York State Governor Thomas E. Dewey presented an address, followed by concluding remarks by President Malott. The Alumni Quartet provided entertainment.

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