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The Beautiful Birds Web site was created in June 1999 by staff in Cornell University Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections and Office of External Relations, and was produced in collaboration with the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

The online guide to the ornithology collections at Cornell was written by Jeanne A. White, who also was the guest curator for the Beautiful Birds gallery exhibition. In addition, Ms. White transcribed the quotations from the ornithology books which appear with many of the online plate images in the database.

The bird songs on this site have been made available by the Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Funding for the Web site and the gallery exhibition was provided through an endowment established by Kenneth E. and Dorothy V. Hill.

Copyrights and Disclaimers

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Web site design: Jennifer Conklin
Database design & site interactivity: Noni Korf Vidal
Database research: Jennifer Conklin
HTML for online guide: Cheryl Stadel-Bevans
Editing:   Lucy Burgess, Margaret Nichols, Julia Parker, Mary Warren
Photo research:   Jennifer Conklin, Laura Linke
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External Relations Staff trans.gif (44 bytes)
Project coordinator & editor:           Elizabeth Fontana
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Laboratory of Ornithology Staff trans.gif (44 bytes)
Project advisors:                              Steve Kelling, Scott Sutcliffe
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Cornell Library Staff trans.gif (44 bytes)
Editing & scholarly advice: David Corson, Elaine Engst
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Photographs by Cornell University Photography. trans.gif (44 bytes)
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