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Martha Washington's recipe for "The finest lip salve in the world," copied out by Eleanor Parke Custis, adopted daughter of the Washingtons, for Natalie, Mathilde, Clementine, Oscar, and Edmond Lafayette. December 17, 1824.
Collection 4661
Box 3 Folder 39


"...Take 2 ozs of Virgin Wax, 2 ozs best Hogs lard, 1/2 an oz of Spermacetti, 10 oz oil of Sweet Almonds, 2 drachmas Balsam of Peru, 2 drachmas [Alkanet?] root, cut small, 6 new raisins of the sun dried small, a little fine sugar - simmer them all a little while, then strain it off in little cups or ointment boxes of china...."