Icelandic and Faroese Photographs of Frederick W. W. Howell


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Data for the Icelandic and Faroese photographs of Frederick W. W. Howell and the Icelandic photographs of Henry A. Perkins and Magnús Ólafsson were input largely from captions that appear in the six albums compiled around 1923 by Halldór Hermannsson. The captions and subject descriptors contain a large number of Icelandic place names. The Icelandic language contains several alphabetical characters not found in modern English. These characters have been retained with the intent of rendering Icelandic names authentically.

Although Icelandic characters in the captions and descriptors here are visible in both Windows and Macintosh environments, searching may pose problems in other than a Windows environment in which Icelandic characters may be either cut and pasted into search terms (from Insert … Symbols) or (preferably) keyed using the Icelandic keyboard setting. The additional Icelandic characters are below.

Æ æ Ö ö Þ þ Ð ð
  á é í ó ú ý  

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