The Five Copies
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Historians are also divided over when and where Lincoln wrote his speech—in the weeks preceding his visit, on the train there, or the evening before it was delivered, while Lincoln was staying at David Wills’ house in Gettysburg.

The three other copies in the President’s hand, including Cornell’s copy, were written for charitable purposes after November 19th. In addition to Cornell’s copy, which was requested by the historian George Bancroft, Lincoln made a copy for Edward Everett, the orator who spoke before he did at Gettysburg. Everett’s copy is at the Illinois State Historical Library at Springfield. Lincoln also made a copy for Colonel Alexander Bliss, Bancroft's stepson, which is now in the Lincoln Room of the White House.

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Chicago Historical Society. Admission Voucher for the Chicago Historical Society's exhibition of five manuscript copies of the Gettysburg Address. 1950.
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A copy for a good cause
Never forget what they did here
Ideas are always more than battles