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Series I: Personal Records Box 1-2 (folders 1-7)
Series II:
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Series III:
Literary Manuscripts
Published Works
Book-length works
Short Stories
Articles and Essays
Box 10-12
Unpublished Works
Book-length works
Short Stories
Articles and Essays
Box 13-25 (folder 1)
Series IV: Interviews, Lectures, and Speeches Box 25 (folders 2-5)
Series V: Literary, Social and Political Activities Box 25 (folders 6-7)
Series VI: Public Reception Box 27
Series VII: Writings by and About Others Box 28-31
Series VIII: Photographs Box 32-39
Series IX: Memorabilia Box 40
Series X: Audio and Video Tapes See Container List


Series I. Personal Records

Box Fold. Title Dates
1 1 Valerie Taylor Author: A Resource Book , compiled September 24, 1991 by Tee A. Corinne. Includes autobiographical essay by Valerie Taylor and an interview conducted by Tee Corinne and Caroline Overman Sept. 24, 1991
2 "Valerie Taylor Working Papers # 1: Letters from Jeannette Howard Foster, Hazel M. Toliver, Dot Ross to Valerie Taylor." Organized by Tee Corinne, 1997.

"Valerie Taylor Working Papers # 2: Documents pertaining to the life of Valerie Taylor." Organized by Tee Corinne, 1997 and 1998.

Map of Tucson, AZ, in which Valerie Taylor's address has been marked

1997, 1998
3 "Sixty Years Ago" autobiographical essay, ts., 6pp. n.d.
4 Address book with red cover n.d.
5 Address book with flower-patterned


6 Records, certificates, legal documents:

Business card, Velma Young

Memorial Fund for Pearl Hart, card, n.d.

Photocopy of form letter soliciting support for Jeannette Foster, signed "Hazel Tolviner and Valerie Taylor," n.d.

1 6 (cont'd)

Certificate of eligibility for Food Plus benefits, Feb. 27, 19??

Plan of house (includes photocopy), drawing, n.d.

Card from the registrar at Blackburn College, n.d.

High School Commencement Invitation, n.d.

Birth certificate, Valerie Taylor, August 5, 1914, photocopy

School reports (Elgin High School, Kendall County, Kane County) for Velma Young, 1923-1928

High School diploma released to Velma Vacella (sic) Young, Geneva, Ill., June 2, 1926

Letter from G. A. Westlake to M. J. Young, Elburn, Ill., September 9, 1935

Marriage license, issued in Illinois to Jerry Tate and Velma M. Young, May 13, 1939

Ad for poultry show, Sandwich, Ill., October 27-29, 1944

Decree for divorce, issued to Velma Tate and William Jerry Tate, Kendall County, Ill., October 5, 1953

Certificate of baptism, issued for Jerry Jay Tate, Oswego, Ill., April 3, 1955

Membership certificate, issued by the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Aurora, Ill., to Velma N. Tate, July 29, 1956

Notice of acceptance by the Board of Elections of registration, issued by the Delare Co., NY Board of Elections to Velma N. Tate, post-marked Jan. 23, 1976

Will written by "Velma Nacella Young Tate, aka Valerie Taylor, Nacella Young and Francine Davenport," August 24, 1987

Release notice issued by S. Equi Nox to Valerie Taylor, March 1, 1994

Membership card, issued by the American Humanist Association to Valerie Taylor, May 1996

1 7 Mementos (Clippings, postcards, announcements, notes) Undated
8 Personal library lists

Note by James Tate to Tee Corinne regarding the books and magazines which Valerie Taylor kept by her bed, ms., 1p

List of books in Valerie Taylor's personal library, compiled by her literary executor Tee A. Corinne in November 1997, ms., 8pp.

n.d., November 1997
2 1 Valerie Taylor Fund

Ads and announcements appealing for financial contributions to help with Taylor medical bills

March 11-June 1993
2 Cards and letters sent in response to appeal Mar. 23-May 12, 1993
3 Business Records

Contracts with publishers (includes contract between Jeannette Foster and Marie Kuda)

4 Notebook on business correspondence; various notes n.d.
5 Financial Records

Invoices, bank receipts, checks

n.d., Apr. 4, 1979-(Mar. 9, 1993?)
6 Medical Records

Instructions, receipts, correspondence

n.d., Oct. 29, 1996-Jan. 22, 1997
7 Memorial service program. Includes note by James Tate Nov. 8, 1997

Series II. Correspondence


a. Family Correspondence
Box Fold. Title Dates
2 8 From the grandchildren. Includes card sent by Penni Tate to Taylor, reproducing the prize-winning painting of Valerie Taylor by Penni Tate, dated mostly undated; Dec. 28, 1983-Sept. 25, 1997
3 1 Tate, James n.d., Feb. 11, 1980-(?) 1988
2 Tate, Marshall, and wife Penni n.d., Aug. 24, 1981-Aug. 1995
3 Young, Jerry Aug. 6, 1990
4 Young, Marshall August 1956
b. Business Correspondence
Box Fold. Title Dates
3 5 Banned Books Aug. 24, 1987-May 8, 1993
6 Brandt, Kate

CBS Publications

Corinne, Tee A.

Feminist Writers.. See also: Mary Sarton, in General Correspondence and in Writings by Friends

Firebrand Books

In These Times

Alfred A. Knopf

Langdon, Eleanor

Library of Congress. Copyright Office

Madwoman Press

Aug. 10, 1982-Nov. 17, 1982

Feb. 12, 1991-Mar. 24, 1992

(early 1993?)

Dec. 18, 1995-Feb. 21, 1996

Apr. 12 and May 16, 1994

May 25, 1977

Oct. 19, 1979

Aug. 3, 1977, Jan. 12, 1982

Nov. 5, 1980-Nov. 1989

Jan. 21 and Feb. 10, 1992

7 Naiad Press n.d., Feb. 20, 1980-Jan. 15, 1992
3 8 New Victoria Publishers

Norton & Norton

Soule, Janet S.

The Seal Press

Timely Books

West End Press (Meridel Le Sueur and John Crawford). See also: "Meridel Le Sueur" in: General Correspondence


Zebra Books

Jan. 14, 1997

May 16, 1979

Feb. 18, 1982-Oct. 15, 1983

Sept. 25 and Oct. 20, 1992

Jul. 6, 1978, n.d.

Sept. 10, 1981-Oct. 1981

n.d., May 17, ?


c. General Correspondence
Box Fold. Title Dates
3 9 (Unidentified or incomplete) 1981-1992
10 Andrews, Carrie

Antigone Books



Bravard, Bob

Briggs, Helen


Casa Nuestra

Catherine, Carey

n.d., May 1991, June 1994

ca. August 1983



n.d., Mar. 22-Oct. 8, 1985


Dec. 9, 1982

(ca. 1979-1980)

n.d., Nov. 17, 1983-Dec. 21, (1984?)

11 Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, Nominations and Selection Committee Oct. 2, 1992
12 Chile Solidarity Action Mar. 8, 1987
4 1 Collier, Ron to James Tate and Valerie Taylor. Includes note by James Tate. Three issues of Swan , containing articles by Collier under the name Kenn Richie, have been separated and cataloged separately. n.d., Sept. 12, 1986-Dec. 14, 1988
2 Collier, Ron to James Tate and Valerie Taylor, (Cont'd)
Jan. 4, 1989-Dec. 26, 1990
3 Collier, Ron to James Tate and Valerie Taylor, (Cont'd)
Feb. 9, 1991-Feb. 11, 1993
5 1 Coleman, Cathleen, and Michelle Lester Mar. 23, 1988-Aug. 29, 1997
2 Corinne, Tee A. Apr. 20, 1981-(1991?)
3 Cottrell, Honey Lee

Craig, David

Cruikshank, Margaret (Peg)


Dewey, Janice

Dawn, Angela

Devore, George

Dove, Victor

Dreamdigger, Ruth (Ruth Travis-Best)

Eastman, Wes

Fawcett, Eugenia, and Mary Milner

Finke, Nancy, and David

Dec. 30, 1988

Jun2 23, 1980

Apr. 24, 1981-Jan. 2, 1983



June 27, 1997

June 23-July 21, 1996

(Feb.)- Jan. 30, 1997

n.d., Mar. 10, 1985-(June) 1997

(Sept.)- Oct. 28, 1979

(July?) 1980

n.d., Feb. 16, 1981-Dec. 26, 1995

4 Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Fleishman, Enid

Fleishman, Jane

Gerber/Hart Gay and Lesbian Library & Archives

Gershick, Zsa Zsa

Gidlow, Elsa

Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles

Hall, Lillian

Hall, Robert

Hyatt, Arthur. Includes note by James Tate

Aug. 26, 1954

Jan. 27, 1992-Sept. 30, 1997

Dec. 17, 1992

(Oct.?) 1994, July 24, 1996

July 21, 1997

Jan. 4-Nov. 17, 1982

June 15, 1987

Mar. 11, 1986-Oct. 14, 1982

(May) 1991

(February?) 1997

5 5 Hobson, Arline Dec. 31, 1984-Sept. 3, 1997
6 Howland, Terry

Hyatt, Arthur

n.d., Feb. 21, 1989-Sept. 23, 1997

n.d., ca. February 1997

7 Inman, Will. Includes photocopy of letter from Meridel Le Sueur to Inman
May 23, 1981-Aug. 31, 1994
6 1 Jackson, Nicola (Saphira)


Joanna and Andrea

Johnson, Hansje

Kelly, Bill

Klosinski, Denise

May 3, 1988, June 28, 1992

Feb. 19, 1980


Mar. 28, 1995-June 23, 1997

December 1994

n.d., April 1984-March 1981

2 Kuda, Marie. See also: "Womanpress" in Business Correspondence
Nov. 18, 1993-July 31, 1997
3 Lane, Linn

Lenoir, Lora

Lesbian Herstory Archives

Le Sueur, Meridel. See also: "West End Press" in Business Correspondence

Lochman, Edna and Doug

Aug. 30, 1989

May 29, 1991

April 1993

November 1984

n.d., Sept. 21, 1997

4 Lynch, Lee n.d.
5 Lynch, Lee , (Cont'd) Apr. 24, 1981-April 1997
6 Marchant, Anyda

Mariah, Paul

Mary and Jim

Mead, Edward

Letter of June 14, 1981 includes tape. See: Series X. Audio and Video Tapes.

Apr. 8, 1996

Mar. 19-Sept. 6, 1986

Jan. 4, 1997

7 Mayer, Ada and Hank. Includes several photographs of the Mayers and their sons n.d., Aug. 1979-May 12, 1997
7 1 Mayer, Noni and Corey n.d., Feb. 18-May 25, 1987
2 McCarthy, Florence n.d., Feb. 25, 1980-Nov. 18, 1984
3 Mead, Ed (Includes four transcripts of seven tapes sent by Mead's wife, Carey Catherine, from Nicaragua. See Series X. Audio and Video Tapes. See also: "Catherine, Carey" in General Correspondence. Feb. 9, 1981-July 21, 1986
4 Meader, Norm and Richard Holmes


Michigan, University of, Ann Arbor. Women's Studies Department (Ellen Zweig)

Dec. 21, 1994

Sept. 30, 1990

Oct. 29, 1977

5 Morton, Don n.d., Nov. 27, 1979-Oct. 1984
6 Murphy, Lynn

Murphy, Sheila

Naylor, Lucinda

Osborn, Torie

Overman, Caroline

Owens, Vicki

Parrish, Kathryn Taylor

Pattee, Christine

n.d., Jan. 19, 1980-Aug. 12, 1985

Apr. 3, 1986

Dec. 16, 1982

July, December 1979

December 1981


May 26, 1991

Oct. 14 and Nov. 9, 1981

7 Pease, Randal


Pima County Health Department (Arizona)

Pima Friends Meeting (Arizona)

Polly and Nancy

Pope, Penelope and Stephanie Lee

Ray, Judy and David

Reagan, Betsy

Routsong, Alma (Isabel Miller)



Nov. 17, 1989

Mar. 26, 1984


Jan. 9 and Mar. 14, 1989

Oct. 21, 1997

Sept. 14, 1982

Mar. 29, 1977-Apr. 6, 1993

8 1 Ruby

Rule, Jane

S. Bob

Samaras, Constance


Sept. 2 and 14, 1990

Apr. 7, 1993

June 10, 1990-May 25, 1997

Dec. 1979


2 Sarton, May Dec. 1, 1977-[Sept. or Oct.] 1992
3 Scott, Stephanie Lee


[December 1983]


4 Sirius, Jean n.d., Mar. 4, 1980-May 1997
5 Stevens, Linda n.d., June 1991-Aug. 1997
6 Stevenson, Janet

Stevis, Dimitris

Steinecker, David L.

Stina, Inga

Swanson, Diane

Nov. 21, 1979

Jan. 6, 1986

Oct. 28, 1988-Dec. 1995

Nov. 1, 1994

n.d., Jan. 31, 1995

7 Terkel, Studs n.d.
8 Tucson, Arizona. Sun Station Post Office

Uszkurat, Carol Ann

Van Dyckle, Bernardene

Wagner, Mary Carol and Jorge-Romero Ortez

Weiner, Tess

Weldy, Ann


Women's Resource Center

Woman Kraft

Yo and Bonnie

Walters, Helen. On audio tape. Includes note by James Tate. See Series X. Audio and Video Tapes.

Feb. 22, 1997

Jan. 1, 1992

Feb. 20, 1993


Sept. 24, 1975

Mar. 22, 1993





9 Fan Mail

Outgoing Correspondence

Box Fold. Title Dates
9 1 Business Oct. 26, 1975-Aug. 14, 1982
2 General June 10, 1976-July 7, 1997

Series III. Literary Manuscripts

Published Works

Book-length works
Box Fold. Title Dates
10 1 The Growing Time. Published as Ripening,, original draft, t.s., pp. 1-180
2 The Growing Time. Published as Ripening,, carbon, t.s., 180pp.
11 1 The Prism, ts., carbon, 174pp.+parts of older draft, 66pp.
2 Rice and Beans. Marked: first draft. Includes comments by James Tate, t.s., 1-67pp.

3 Rice and Beans . Marked: "final draft," ts., 104pp.
4 Rice and Beans , (Cont'd), pp. 105-173
5 Rice and Beans (wrong title?) first draft; incomplete, t.s., 62pp.
12 1 Ripening , draft, ts., 120pp. n.d.
2 Ripening , draft, ts., pp. 121-183

Various book fragments, including Whisper Their Love

Published Short Stories
Box Fold. Title Dates
12 3 "My Father's Chilblains" (by Velma Young Tate). In: The Catholic Home Journal, November 1950, p. 6.

"The Home Place" (by Nacella Young). In: The Canadian Forum, November 1951, pp. 177-8.

"A Different Kind of Love", ts., carbon, 7pp. In: True Story [?]

I Married a Brain-Damaged Alcoholic (by Velma Tate). In: True Love [?], ts., carbon, 11pp.

My Home Was a Nightmare, ts., 9pp.; carbon, ts., 9pp. Includes note from MacFadden Women's Group. In: True confessions [?]



Aug. 8, 1981

Aug. 9, 1981

Aug. 9, 1981

Published Poems
Box Fold. Title Dates
12 4 By Nacella Young; clippings from journals and magazines
Jan. 1947-Dec. 1989
5 By Nacella Young, ts., 15pp.

By Valerie Taylor, in: Newsletter Inago



Published Articles and Essays
Box Fold. Title Dates
12 6 Clippings from journals and magazines; include notes by James Tate late 1950-November 1950
7 Essays on Denise Levertov and May Sarton for Feminist Writers. Includes correspondence, ts. drafts, and a note by James Tate. See also: "Feminist Writers" in Business Correspondence. 1995/1996

Unpublished works

Book-length works
Box Fold. Title Dates
13 1 Untitled; "Barbara Hanson was up on a ladder..." by "Taylor" ts., 139pp. n.d.
2 Untitled; "Coal bill. The words echoed..." by "Tate"; ts., 182pp. n.d.
3 Untitled; "Elizabeth Davis..." Includes early drafts and James Tate's notes, ts., 180pp. n.d.
4 Portion of unidentified novel: "Fifteen minutes before closing time..." ts., 6pp. n.d.
14 1 The Chicken of the Hotel Oracio Nelson by "Velma N. Tate," ts., carbon, 153pp. n.d.
2 The Different Ones , revision, ts., carbon, 180pp. n.d.
3 Dry September ; Chapter Two, by "Nacella Young," ts., 14pp.; ts., carbon by "Velma Tate," 183pp. n.d.
4 Every Day Is Monday, by "Velma Tate," t.s., with corrections, 133pp. n.d.
5 Hand Off My Love, ts., photocopy of carbon, 67pp. n.d.
15 1 The Home Place, source material, t.s., ca. 120pp. n.d.
2 The Home Place, draft, t.s., 150pp. n.d.
16 1 The Home Place (Cont'd), t.s., pp. 151-311 n.d.
16 2 The Home Place, "rewrite," t.s., 118pp. n.d.
3 The Home Place, by "Velma Tate," t.s., carbon, 150pp. n.d.
4 The Home Place , (Cont'd), t.s., carbon, pp. 151-296 n.d.
17 1 The Home Place, by "Valerie Taylor," final version, t.s., 179pp. n.d.
2 The Home Place (Cont'd), pp. 180-385 n.d.
3 The Housekeeper's Daughter, by "Francine Davenport," ts., carbon, 193pp. n.d.
18 1 Innocent Imposter, by "Francine Davenport," ts., carbon, 134pp. n.d.
2 The Innocent Imposters, by "Francine Davenport,"includes alternate ending on carbon, 151pp. n.d.
3 Island of Love, by "Francine Davenport," ts., 69pp. n.d.
4 Island of Love, by "Francine Davenport," ts., carbon, 69pp. n.d.
5 Love Image, ts., carbon, 156pp. n.d.
19 1 More Than Bed, ts., 148 n.d.
2 1933, ts. , 101pp. n.d.
3 1933, ts. , pp. 102-184 n.d.
4 1924, early draft, ts., pp. 1-5

1924, incomplete copy, ts., pp. 2-10

1924, photocopy of complete version, ts., 5pp.

19 5 Object Matrimony. Iincludes comments by James Tate, ts., with corrections, 138pp. n.d.
20 1 Object Matrimony, (Cont'd), pp. 139-201 n.d.
2 Object Matrimony, duplicate, with name "Tate" crossed out and corrected to "Taylor," ts., 201pp. n.d.
3 Sequel to Jam [?], ts., 87pp. n.d.
4 Seven Lean Years, draft, with corrections ts., 252pp. n.d.
21 1 Seven Lean Years, draft, corrected. Includes James Tate's comments, ts., 143pp. n.d.
2 Seven Lean Years, (Cont'd), pp. 144-268 n.d.
3 Sight Unseen, draft, ts., several paginations, ca. 160pp. n.d.
4 The Small Rain, ts., carbon, 165pp. n.d.
22 1 Stand By and Witness, ts., incomplete and corrected pagination, with corrections in pen, 151pp. n.d.
2 Stand By and Witness, ts., carbon, 151pp. Includes alternative ending n.d.
3 The Tormented Search, ts., carbon, 140pp. n.d.
4 Waiting to Die, ts., 24pp. n.d.
Unpublished Short Stories
Box Fold. Title Dates
22 5 Birthday, ts., photocopy, 8pp. n.d.
6 Christmas Eve in Adelaide, by Velma Tate, ts., carbon, 10pp. n.d.
7 Cora, by Velma Tate, ts., 8pp.; carbon, ts., 7pp. n.d.
8 Resurrection, by "Nacella Young," ts., 7pp. n.d.
9 A Dream, ts., 1p. May 1984
10 A Short Love Story, ts., 2pp. 1993 or 1994
11 Nine short stories, untitled, with notes by Valerie Taylor and James Tate; 1997[?]; ts., 2pp. ; 3pp.; 5pp.; 5pp.; 5pp.; 9pp.; 7pp.; 5pp.; 4pp. , respectively 1997?
Unpublished Poems
Box Fold. Title Dates
23 1 Loose poems

Include an essay on Tee Corinne and note by James Tate ts., 5pp.

2 Loose poems (Cont'd), Include note by James Tate ts., 3pp. n.d.
3 Loose poems (Cont'd), "The Rooted Heart" and other poems, with explanatory note by James Tate 1952?
4 Loose poems (Cont'd), "After the Apalachian trail: a dialogue for Roberta," ts., 2pp. ca. 1995
23 5 Poems from Valerie Taylor's journals

First grouping from binder in its original state, not in any particular order ts., ca. 100pp.

ca. 1945-1961
6 Second grouping from binder, some published[?], ts., ca. 60pp. 1945-1985
7 Third grouping from binder, some published[?], ts., ca. 150pp. few dates, ca. 1946-1950
24 1 Photocopies of poems

With note by Tee Corinne, ts., ca. 30pp

2 Translation of poetry

"Translations from the German," ts., ca. 100pp.

3 Translations [?] ts., ca. 30pp. n.d.
Unpublished Articles and Essays
Box Fold. Title Dates
25 1 Biographical sketch of Pearl M. Hart, with note by James Tate, n.d. ms. and ts.

"B.J. was a seeker..." n.d.

"The Cosmic Girl" n.d.

"Did you know?..." Fragment of essays [?], n.d.

"Have you ever wondered what happened to old amazons?..." n.d.

"In one of Chicago's older cemeteries..." n.d.

"Jeannette Foster, Forerunner" n.d.

n.d., 1977-1988?
Box Fold. Title Dates
25 1 Unpublished Articles and Essays (Cont'd),

"Since time immemorial..." ts., 1p. n.d.

"The time has come to redefine peace..." n.d.

"What Has Happened to the Fat Ladies?" n.d.

"The World Is Ours: A Statement Against Separatism" n.d.

"In life, paths meet..." fragment of article [?], 1977?

"Habitat for Humanity," 1987 [?]

"The Crack in the Closet Door," 1988 [?]

n.d., 1977-1988?

Series IV. Interviews, Lectures, and Speeches

Box Fold. Title Dates
unidentified event/circumstances Valerie Taylor on audio cassette tape. See: Series X. Audio and Video Tapes.
25 2 Interviews:

Arizona Gay TV show: # 10, "Growing old and gay--an interview with Valerie Taylor." Also includes "Best of Arizona Gay." Video tape. See: Series X. Audio and Video Tapes.

"Beware the Dream That Comes True Out of Season" conducted by Kathryn Taylor Parrish, student paper, ts., photocopy, n.d.

"Valerie Taylor, writer" excerpts of interview conducted by Linn Lane, published in: Magazine , November 1983, p. 9. Whole issue.

"Valerie Taylor" in The San Francisco Bay Area Gay & Lesbian Historical Society Newsletter , no. 4, v. 4 Summer 1989, pp. 1, 4.

"Valerie Taylor Interview" conducted by Tee Corinne and Caroline Overman, published in Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, no. 25 Winter 1988 and in: Valerie Taylor Author: A Resource Book, by Tee Corinne, 1991. Photocopy of ts., 15pp. See also: Personal Records

"I Like My Characters" ts., pp. 45-54, conducted on Mar. 30, 1991

n.d., 1983-1991
3 Lectures:

Transcripts of eight lectures: "Our Lesbian Roots" delivered at Casa Nuestra in Tucson, AZ, in January and February 1980 Lectures one-four. See Also: Series X. Audio and Video Tapes.

4 "Our Lesbian Roots" (Cont'd), Lectures five-eight. 1980
25 5 Speeches

Untitled; on wars in history; ms. n.d.

Untitled; on women in Valerie Taylor's family, ms. n.d.

Untitled "America's senior citizens..." n.d.

"Jane Addams," n.d.

Untitled "The Korean War..." n.d.

"For My Granddaughters..." delivered before the 1st Annual Lesbian Writers Conference in Chicago September 13, 1974

"May Sarton: A Study in Growth," delivered at the Fourth Annual Lesbian Writers' Conference in Chicago, 1977

"Will Shakespeare's Sister," delivered Nov. 4, 1977

"We're Not There Yet," delivered at the Gay and Lesbian Pride Week, Chicago, June 23, 1978

n.d., 1974-1978
Various events

Phil Donahue show, with Valerie Taylor, Del Martin, Fred Monroe, and Joe Norton. Video tape. See Also: Series X. Audio and Video Tapes.

Poetry workshop at Flower Square retirement home. Three audio cassette tapes. See Series X. Audio and Video Tapes.

1982 or 1983

1984 or 1985

Series V. Literary, Social and Political Activities

Box Fold. Title Dates
25 6 Human rights/social justice ca. 1980s
7 Gay and Lesbian ca. 1970s and 1980s
26 1 Literary ca. 1970s to 1990s
2 Peace ca. 1980s and 1990s
3 Quakers ca. 1980s and 1990s

Series VI. Public Reception

Box Fold. Title Dates
27 1 Awards

Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame. November 1992. Includes Valerie Taylor among 1992 inductees

November 1992
2 Books Reviews n.d., Fall 1981-July/August 1991
3 Book Reviews (Cont'd), collected by Naiad Press
May 1982-Sept/Oct. 1992
4 News stories n.d., Sept. 18, 1960-Spring 1998
5 Publishers' book catalogs ca. 1982-1989
6 Ads and announcements of Valerie Taylor's books or lectures
7 Other materials

Blurb on Valerie Taylor in The Gay Engagement Calendar, 1985 , on September 7th.;

Photograph of Valerie Taylor with Del Martin 1984 in: Out/Look, Summer 1988, p. 37.

Valerie Taylor's photo and bibliography in Lesbian Muse, 1990, including a dedication and a letter from Tee Corinne


Series VII. Writings by and About Others

Box Fold. Title Dates
28 1 Unpublished and published poems by Jeannette Foster. Includes note by Tee Corinne n.d.
2 "Author's preface" by Tee Corinne, 3pp + photographs, photocopy. n.d.
3 Hank [Clarence H.] Mayers' autobiography, typed from tape. Includes note by Tee Corinne; two runs [?] ts., ca. 250pp. n.d.
4 "The Good Fight," by Hank [Clarence H.] Mayers, ts., 150pp., carbons n.d.
29 1 Works by Will Inman, mostly poetry, ts., photocopies, and some clippings, ca. 150pp. 1980s
2 Works by Will Inman (Cont'd), ca. 150pp. 1980s
3 Works by Will Inman (Cont'd), ca. 150Pp. 1980s
30 1 Works by Will Inman (Cont'd), ca. 150pp. 1980s
2 Works by Will Inman (Cont'd), ca. 150pp. 1980s
3 Works by Will Inman (Cont'd), ca. 150pp. 1980s
4 Works by Will Inman (Cont'd), booklets and broadsides 1977-1989
31 1 Clippings on Will Inman 1967-1985
2 Short stories by Vera J. Terrell, ts., ca. 20pp n.d.
3 Poetry by Frank Shutts, ts., ca. 100Pp. Includes note by Tee Corinne mostly early 1990s
4 Various authors, ts., with notes by James Tate, ts., ca. 50pp various dates
31 5 Unidentified writings n.d.
6 Works about others

Includes notes by James Tate and Tee Corinne

various dates
7 Materials sent by Marie Kuda. Include a letter from Kuda to Valerie Taylor, Oct. 17, 1997 1997

Series VIII. Photographs

Box Title Dates
32 Valerie Taylor's early photographs

Her first schoolhouse [?], n.d.
Large portrait, ca. 1917

With mother, sister, and grandparents, two photographs, ca. 1920 and 1927
Small prints with other schoolchildren (Valerie Taylor in three of them) ca. 1920
Small portraits, two photographs, 1920 and ca. 1930
On wagon at farm, with mother and sister [?], ca. 1935
With sister Rose Marie, five photographs, ca. 1920 and 1930s
At Blackburn College, ca. 1935
With family, five photographs, ca. 1930s
With son Marshall, ca. 1940
Scrapbook, 1930s-1940. Includes several notes by James Tate
At Blackburn College, large portrait, 1937
With husband William Jerry Tate, newlyweds [?], two photographs, ca. 1939 or 1940
33 Valerie Taylor from the 1950s to the 1990s

With glasses, two photographs, ca. 1950s

With sons Marshall, Jim, and Jerry, husband Jerry, and step-mother Jerri, three photographs, Christmas morning 1956

In Chicago, four prints, ca. 1959. Photo by Al Vaughn.

With Marvin De Koren, ca. 1960s

In Chicago, ca. 1960s

With Ada Mayer, August 9, 1963

With Lola Sherlock and Marvi De Koven, Chicago, five photographs, ca. late 1960s. Includes notes by James Tate

With Marshall John Tate, Ada Mayer, and Hank Mayer (includes note by James Tate), ca. 1970s

At home, 1970

With Ada Mayer, October 1971

With grand-daughter Suzie, with son Marshall, and with daughter-in-law Hye Sook, in front of house where Taylor lived in Margaretville, NY, five photographs, between 1975 and 1978

With Penni Tate, ca. late 1970s

Portrait, late 1970s

Large portraits, by herslef and with friend. Two photographs by Bill Girden, ca. late 1970s

With Tee Corinne in Margaretville, NY. Contact sheet and three prints, late 1970s

Holding a friend's baby, ca. 1980s [?]

At Grant Street, with unidentified friend and by herself, two photographs, early 1980s

At Grant Street with her lady dog, two photographs, early 1980s

With Will Inman in tucson, AZ, two photographs, ca. 1982

With Cara Vaughn, Bonnie Folse, and Yolanda Berry, 1982

On television, three photographs, 1983. Phil Donahue show [?]

At Himmel Park on Tucson Boulevard, during her son Jim's visit from Los Angeles, between 1983 and 1986. Five photographs taken by Sharon Briekly
With Dimitris Stevis, December 7, 1984

In yard, one photograph, ca. mid-1980s

At home with son Jim, two photographs, ca. 1982-1983 and 1988-1990

With cane in park, one photograph, ca. late 1980s

At mountain, ca. late 1980s

At Bentley's, Tucson, AZ, poetry reading, ca. 1987

As Tammy Faye Bakker at Halloween party, Tucson, AZ, three photographs, 1987

Valerie Taylor's 75th birthday party, organized by friend Miriam Barsk, 1988

Holding Rice and Beans, ca. 1989

In purple dress, with walker, and with friends Miriam Barsk, Winifred Hall, and Roberta Streicher, in Tucson, AZ, three photographs, ca. mid-1990s

At a party and at home, three photographs, late 1990s

With Miriam Barsk on front porch of Quaker Meeting building, Tucson, AZ, ca. mid-1990s, and Miriam Barsk in 1986, three photographs

34 Tee Corinne photos of Valerie Taylor

Taken in Margaretvielle, NY, in 1977

Contact sheets, cards produced from the photos, and several prints. Includes a photographs of Tee Corinne taken by Lee Lynch. Thirty-five prints.

35 Photographs of family members
sons Marshall, Jerry, and Jim Tate, and their families

Include photographs of Marshall with second and third wives and children, and of Jerry and Jim in young age. Also Elsie Young. Include notes by Tee Corinne on envelope

ca. 40 photographs

ca. 1940s to 1980s
36 Elsie Young (Valerie Taylor's mother)

As a young woman; with husband and children. Includes Elsie's scrapbook and photos of other family members.

Evelen photographs.

Rose Marie (Valerie Taylor's sister)

As a young woman, with husband and child. ca. 60 photographs

ca. 1880s to 1920s

ca. 1920s to 1960s


Marshall Young (Valerie Taylor's father)

As a young man; with wife Elsie Collins (Valerie Taylor's mother) and their ; and with second wife Jerri and their children children Bonni, Bud, and Mashallyn. Includes photographs of other children and a letter from Bonni to her parents, Sept. 30, 1968. Some of Marshallyn's photos carry a dedication to Taylor. Also includes Marshall's and Jerri's family correspondence and notes by Tee Corinne.

ca. 80 photographs.

ca. 1940s to 1980s
38 Friends

Includes photograph of Pearl Hart with Jim Osgood and Bill Kelly [?], n.d., and Chicago Tribune photo of Pearl Hart, which Valerie Taylor used to keep on a shelf over her bed

39 Unidentified

Tenerife, Canary Islands [?], four photographs, includes note by James Tate

Series IX. Memorabilia

Box Fold. Title Dates
40 1 Paul R. Goldman Award, April 12, 1975 (plaque) 1975-1992
2 Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame 1992 (paperweight)
3 (Mounted poems by Will Inman, 1985)
4 (Mounted poems by Will Inman, 1985 and 1986)

Series X. Audio and Video Tapes

Title Dates Location
Valerie Taylor's words on tape; unidentified circumstances; one audio cassette tape n.d. tr7728a
Arizona Gay Show # 10: "Growing Old and Gay: An Interview with Valerie Taylor" plus "Best of Arizona Gay" n.d. V-387
Helen Walters to Valerie Taylor, letter on tape; one audio cassette tape ca. early 1980? tr7729a
"Our Lesbian Roots" eights lectures delivered by Valerie Taylor at Casa Nuestra in Tucson, AZ; four reel-to-reel tapes January and February 1980 tr7724-tr7727
Edward Mead to Valerie Taylor, letter on tape; one audio cassette tape June 14, 1981 tr7755a
Phil Donahue television show with Valerie Taylor, Del Martin, Joe Norton, and Fred Monroe; one video cassette tape ca. 1982 V-388
Poetry workshop at Flower Square retirement home. Four audio cassette tapes. ca. 1984 or 1985 tr7730a-tr7733a
Carey Catherine to Valerie Taylor, letters on audio cassette tapes; six tapes ca. mid-Eighties tr7734a-tr7739a


2000, Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library