“I am thinking tonight of my old college town”

Cornell Keepsakes

From class rings and freshman beanies to the ticket stub kept from the first football game of the season, these are the souvenirs kept by students at Cornell over the past 150 years. Serious, silly, romantic, and nostalgic are the mementos and ephemera that connect us to our past. They tell our story to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and possibly to strangers who never knew us, but to whom we are connected through our shared experience of Cornell.

What will you keep?

Students represented by the items in this case (if known):

Frank Parker Ufford, Class of 1896
Frank Putnam Dean, Class of 1908
Julia Mehlman, Class of 1926
Ruth Griffiths, Class of 1936
Hazel Ellenwood Hammond, Class of 1936
Carol Cline, Class of 1937
Edna Isaacs, Class of 1940
Bernard Fleischer, Class of 1961

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