“Cornell colors are waving to-day…”

Whether it was waving a banner at a crew race or reading a book while propped up on a hand-made dorm room pillow, Cornellians have long shown their pride in the “carnelian and white.”

Class of 1936 Stuffed Penguin Mascot, 1936. (Pictured in case photo above.)

Don’t worry, they weren’t trying to replace the Big Red Bear; during the 1930s it was customary for each freshman class to choose its own mascot. This penguin is one such example. Others include a Scotty dog, a dachshund, a frog, and a cow.

Students represented by the items in this case (if known):

Arthur H. Dean, Class of 1921
Carol Cline, Class of 1937
Edna Isaacs, Class of 1940
Ruth Griffiths, Class of 1936
Eleanor Colden Shear, Class of 1939

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