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1970s: Gay Liberation and Lesbian Feminism (cont’d)

Sources at Cornell

Cornell’s Human Sexuality Collection contains a wealth of print, manuscript, and visual sources documenting sexual politics in the 1970s. A wide-ranging collection of pamphlets, periodicals, and books from the gay liberation and lesbian feminist movements is complemented by related items from the broader sexual liberation movement of the period. Shown here is the first edition of Betty Dodson’s 1972 Liberating Masturbation.

Dell Williams’s text for the N.O.W. (National Organization for Women) Women’s Sex Conference held in New York City, June 9-10, 1973, captures the hopes of the decade: “a pleasure-based androgynous society for all peoples.”

Personal papers, such as those of Dell Williams, Perry Brass, and Richard L. Schlegel, record the experiences of individuals involved in those movements. Similarly, the records of the Rochester, New York Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley and of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force document community activism at the local and national levels.

Betty Dodson Liberating Masturbation. (n.p.: n.p., 1972). Dell Williams Papers. Human Sexuality Collection.

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Dell Williams. Draft, Statement of Purpose for the June 1973 N.O.W. Women’s Sexuality Conference. Dell Williams Papers. Human Sexuality Collection.

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