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                     << < June 26, 1899 > >>

[Page 40]

Sunday (last) night we went ashore + saw two prospectors outfit, + a loon. This morning, in Port Wells, we went up some unexplored glacier wilds and saw some fine things. A small party of us found a colony of Arctic terns and short-billed gulls. I saw my first Oystercatchers, + got them. There were two; [male] + [female], which gave me a good run. Kittlitz's Murrelets were secured, and Fisher got a [Page 41] red-poll and a [male] willow ptarmigan, and a wandering tattler.

The birds of this bag were, as observed by Fisher and myself,

Short Billed Gull Dwarf Hermit Thrush

Arctic Tern Townsend's Sparrow

Oyster Catcher Savannah

Harlquin Golden Crown Sparrow

Semipalmated pl. Red Poll

Wandering Tattler Willow Ptarmigan

Spotted Sandpiper

The terns here seemed to have turned the tables on the gulls, chasing them fiercely, + the gulls turned tail every time.

Ned Trudeau + Dr. Morris stopped off for a time in the lower bay and came aboard with some surf scoters and alb. W.S. and 3 wandering Tattlers, and Cole, from another stop, got a fine [male] pinicola

At Orca a few days ago, we failed to see any bird except a couple of pacific fulmars + Kittwakes, barn swallows, and dwarf hermit thrushes, + these were not very common except Rissa.

Dr. Merriam got a [female] Canada Goose at Bone Pt. Orca Sound, and I got a fish crow (caurinus) and saw a pair of king fishers - also at a little boggy pool saw foot prints of crows (c.c) and a goose and some [Page 42] small corvine foot, probably Stellar's Jay. Heard what I took for juncos in the spruces, and Keeler heard the Savannah Sp.

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Sparrow, Fox;Sparrow, Lincoln's;Sparrow, Swamp
Melospiza georgiana;Melospiza lincolnii;Passerella iliaca

Context: Annotation: "Swamp" "Linc." "Fox". Preliminary sketch for painting (evidence of transfer).

Location: Rare and Manuscript Collections

Size: 9" x 6"

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