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[Page 42]

Kadiak-Kadiak I.
July 1, 1899-

We arrived at about 3 P.M. after passing thro [sic] beautiful rocky narrows with Glaucus W. Gulls, Kittiwakes, tufted puffins, V.G. + Western double crested Cormorants (Ph. A. cincinatus), pigeon guillemots apparently breeding, and also some kind of Murre. A Kadiak Song Sparrow greeted us from the east of the wharf house Š just a regular S.S. songŠas have been all the others seen so far - tho' the bird looked big. Dr. Fisher and I piled off as soon as possible, thro' the little town, + found Savannah Sparrows are abundant, as were also golden crowned Sp. + Townsend's. On the low marshy alder-covered downs all these birds were very common, + yellow + pileolated W's. F. got a pine siskin. We then started to climb the mt. behind the town, in the hope of seeing some ptarmis, + and snowflakes, etc. After a long climb + no luck we had started back to the ship, when we heard a purple-finch-like warbling call, + looked up to see 3 fine pine grosbeaks, 2 [female] + 1 [male]. One of the [males] broke into a flight song-very like a purple-finch only clearer, + not so long and varied. Had a hard chase and several chances-but failed to get any. [Page 43] the Gold-Crowned Sps were singing very sweetly, as they always do, and, in company with the dwarf hermit + Alice's thrushes, made a trio of bird-music so sweet that it was hard to imagine anything lacking. The Townsend's sometimes sang so richly that the ordinary strong "twewing" notes were as resonant as a tanager's notes, + both F. + I remarked at the same moment "that sounds like a tanager". The birds seen so far here are

varied thrush

Dw. Hermit "

Alice's "

Yellow Warbler

Pileolated "

Unalaska Sparrow

Gold. Cr. "

Savannah "

Red Poll Linnet

Pine Siskin

Pipe Grosbeak

Kadiak Song Sparrow

Barn Swallow

Green W. Teal

Oyster catchers (M.H.)

Hawk Owl

Glaucous W. Gulls

Tufted Puffins

West. Canada Goose (5, tame, with domestic)


White-winged crossbills


Willow Ptarmigan

Golden crowned Kinglet

Small falcon

Eagle (Bald)

Bl. Th. ??

V.G. Cormorant

Western Double Cr. C.


Accipiter (velox) sharp-shinned Hawk

Winter wren


Fish crows

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Thrush, Gray-cheeked
Hylocichla minima

Location: Rare and Manuscript Collections

Size: 7" x 9"

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