Aaron L. Binenkorb films, [ca. 1950-1980]
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Aaron L. Binenkorb films, [ca. 1950-1980]
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Fifty nine films created by Aaron L. Binenkorb documenting travels in Spain, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Singapore, Norway, Greece, Morocco, Holland, India, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Trinidad, France, Bali, Tahiti, Samoa, South Africa, Denmark, Portugal, and Germany.
Binenkorb, Aaron L.
59 film reels.
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Aaron L. Binenkorb was born in 1903 in New York City and grew up in Middletown, New York. Following his graduation from Cornell in 1925, he worked for a furniture company in Buffalo and then as owner/operator of E.L. Tichenor Company, Inc., a wholesale paper supplier based in Middletown. After retiring from his business in 1950, Binenkorb traveled widely on cruise ships and pursued his interests in photography and cinematography by making travel films. From 1960 until 1980, Binenkorb was a port lecturer and showed his films on cruise lines. His film "Disneyland" won an award in an international film competition, and his film about the Pitcairn Islands, "The Lonely Islands," won an award from the Metropolitan Motion Picture Club of New York City.


Fifty nine films created by Aaron L. Binenkorb documenting travels in Spain, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Singapore, Norway, Greece, Morocco, Holland, India, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Trinidad, France, Bali, Tahiti, Samoa, South Africa, Denmark, Portugal, and Germany.


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Germany -- Pictorial works.
Portugal -- Pictorial works.
Denmark -- Pictorial works.
South Africa -- Pictorial works.
Samoa -- Pictorial works.
Tahiti -- Pictorial works.
Bali -- Pictorial works.
France -- Pictorial works.
Trinidad -- Pictorial works.
New Zealand -- Pictorial works.
Japan -- Pictorial works.
Australia -- Pictorial works.
India -- Pictorial works.
Holland -- Pictorial works.
Morocco -- Pictorial works.
Greece -- Pictorial works.
Norway -- Pictorial works.
Singapore -- Pictorial works.
Ithaly -- Pictorial works.
Sweden -- Pictorial works.
Russia -- Pictorial works.
Spain -- Pictorial works.
Germany -- Description and travel.
Portugal -- Description and travel.
Denmark -- Description and travel.
South Africa -- Description and travel.
Samoa -- Description and travel.
Tahiti -- Description and travel.
Bali -- Description and travel.
France -- Description and travel.
Trinidad -- Description and travel.
New Zealand -- Description and travel.
Japan -- Description and travel.
Australia -- Description and travel.
India -- Description and travel.
Holland -- Description and travel.
Morocco -- Description and travel.
Greece -- Description and travel.
Norway -- Description and travel.
Singapore -- Description and travel.
Italy -- Description and travel.
Sweden -- Description and travel.
Russia -- Description and travel.
Spain -- Description and travel.

Series I. 16mm Film
Box 1 F-605
Majorca, Gibraltar, Montserrat
Scope and Contents
19 minutes
Box 1 F-606
Box 1 F-607
Panama Canal
Scope and Contents
22 minutes
Box 1 F-608
Fiji- Suvarewa River, Korolevu
Box 1 F-609
Box 1 F-610
Madeira, with travel guide
Box 1 F-611
Paris, London
Box 1 F-612
The Lonely Islands- Pitcairn Islands. With newspaper clipping.
Box 1 F-613
Samoa, Tonga
Box 1 F-614
New Guinea, Guadalcanal. With tour description.
Box 2 F-615
Spain- Barcelona, Santiago de Compostello, Montserrat
Box 2 F-616
Hong Kong
Scope and Contents
30 minutes
Box 2 F-617
Pitcairn, TV. Pastor William Fagel
Box 2 F-618
Easter Island, Pitcairn, Tristan Da Cunha, Zanzibar
Box 2 F-619
Cirkus Shumann, Copenhagen at night
Box 2 F-620
Stockholm, Helsinki
Box 2 F-621
Box 2 F-622
New Zealand, Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, South Island
Box 3 F-623
Holland, Belgium
Scope and Contents
30 minutes
Box 3 F-624
Singapore, Bali. With tour description
Box 3 F-625
Copenhagen, Odense Folksmuseum
Scope and Contents
40 minutes
Box 3 F-626
North Icelands-Iceland, etc. with handwritten notes
Box 3 F-627
Germany- Hamburg, Lubeck
Box 3 F-628
Italy, with map of Florence
Box 3 F-629
Celon, Rhodes, Tunis, Malta
Box 4 F-630
Introducing the New Worker to his Job
Box 4 F-631
Box 4 F-632
Spain- Malaga to Granada, Seville
Box 4 F-633
Morocco- Rabat, Marakesh, Casablanca. With list of sites
Box 4 F-634
Tahiti, Rarotonga, Cook
Box 4 F-635
Carnival Cruise to Rio
Box 4 F-636
Spain- Madrid to Toledo
Box 4 F-637
Funchal- Madeira
Box 4 F-638
Australia, Sydney, Hobart, 10 year skyline contrast
Box 4 F-639
Across the Line Starters- OE389 United World
Box 4 F-640
Greece- Corinth, Athens, Piaeus
F 641 F-641
Alhoa Land
F 642 F-642
What is Africa?
F 643 F-643
Lisbon, Gibraltar, Santa Cruz, Funchal, Malaga, Tangier
F 644 F-644
Kenya Treetops
F 645 F-645
Hawaii, Poland, Belgium, Copenhagen
F 646 F-646
South Africa
F 647 F-647
Spain- Madrid, Toledo, Malaga, Seville, Grenada
F 648 F-648
Denmark- Copenhagen, Odense
F 649 F-649
India- Bombay, Nasik, Delhi, Agra, Benares, Cobra, Cremations
F 650 F-650
Egypt- Suez, Adan
F 651 F-651
South America, Barbados, Cartagena, Bahia, Neptune, Rio, Montevideo, Buenos Aires
F 653 F-653
Dubrovnik, Venice
Box 5 F-652
Bahia carnival cruise
Box 5 F-654
South Pacific-Lima, Havana, Panama, New York
Box 5 F-655
Box 5 F-656
Bergen- Oslo
Box 5 F-657
India- Jaipur, Agra, Delhi
Box 5 F-658
Japan- Yokahama, Nikko, Kyoto, Nara
Box 5 F-659
Box 5 F-660
Trinidad Cruise
F 661 F-661
Box 5 F-662
Malta, Turkey