Baptist Church of Meads Creek records, 1837-1857.
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Baptist Church of Meads Creek records, 1837-1857.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Two volumes conference, covenant, and special meeting minutes which record church membership, discipline, elections, appointments and finances.
Baptist Church of Mead\'s Creek (Monterey, N.Y.)
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The Mead's Creek Baptist Church formed in Monterey village, Orange township, on July 15, 1837, as an off-shoot of the Baptist Church of Hornby(see Record #6074), at a conference of local Baptist churches including those of Hornby, Catlin, Campbell, Jersey, Bath, Dix, Orange and Reading. The Mead Creek's church adopted the Articles of Faith of the Hornby Baptist Church, and at a Council of Baptist churches (including those above plus others) convened on August 26, 1840, it was declared an independent church. A Covenant and Declaration of Faith were adopted, and the church's goverance structure was altered slightly. Funds for preaching services were raised by a Home Missionary Society (established June 19, 1841) subscriptions by "Equality," and grants from the Steuben Baptist Association. Membership fluctuated between 100 to 60 members during the 13 years covered in this collection.


This collection contains two covenant meeting minute books (1837-1843, and item 1850-1857). Both include erratic (and often undated) entries that appear to be from the 1860's through 1890's. The first book is paginated through page 113, and the second has few page numbers.


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Home Missionary Society of Mead\'s Creek (Monterey, N.Y.)
Steuben Baptist Association (N.Y.)
Monterey (N.Y.) -- Religious life and customs.
Schuyler County (N.Y.) -- Religious life and customs.
Church discipline.
Church records and registers -- New York (State) -- Monterey.
Baptists -- New York (State) -- Monterey.
Form and Genre Terms:
Minutes (administrative records)

Minute Book,
Scope and Contents
Until 1840 when the church was legally recognized as a separate church, minutes are of conference meetings. Their contents are the same as the covenant meeting minutes which begin on page 48. They record baptisms, confessions of faith, receiving new members, election of clerks and choice of moderators, granting letters of dismission, appointments to committees, election of deacons, the "lead of minds" of the members, synopses of brief sermons given a communions and baptisms, and invitations from other churches regarding council meetings. In addition to regular covenant meetings, special meetings are recorded with unfinished business concerning finances, conflicts between members, confessions of transgressions, exclusions, and committee reports. All entries are signed by the church clerk.
Covenant meeting minutes, entry for year 1866 .
"(Brethren) Names." A membership list,
Title page.
"Articles of Faith of the Baptist Church of Hornby."
Page 1. Conference Meeting Minutes begin July 15, 1837 .
July 15, 1837
July 15, 1837 : formation of Baptist Church at Mead's Creek.
July 15, 1837
September 9, 1837 : Temperance resolution adopted.
September 9, 1837
July 18, 1840 : Baptist Church of Hornby gives power to Mead's Creek Baptist Church to exclude members.
July 18, 1840
p. 36: copy of letter granting above power.
August 8, 1840 : council of churches called to make Mead's Creek a separate church in "sister relation" to others.
August 8, 1840
pp. 43-4: Church Covenant (on loose sheets).
p. 44: Declaration of Faith.
p. 45: Church Covenant (written in book).
p. 48: Membership list, n.d.
September 19, 1840 : Special meeting records new rules in church.
September 19, 1840
November 15, 1840 : Protracted meeting held and conducted by visiting Elder (J.)H. Stebbins, lasting fifteen days. The meeting is recorded three entries.
November 15, 1840
June 19, 1841 : Home Missionary Society established.
June 19, 1841
March 5, 1842 : Discussion regarding the church's right to prohibit the licensing of preachers.
March 5, 1842
p. 96: Membership list updated to 1853.
pp. 98-100: List of members received by baptisms, 1841.
At the end of the book: membership lists and possibly attendance lists, upside down; covenant meeting entries for the 1870's; mission contributions list; more membership lists, upside down.
Minute Meeting Book,
Scope and Contents
The minutes in this book contain the same information as item #1, including mention of council meetings; also records deaths, number of members at the time of associational conference meetings, undated entries (from 1860-1890's?), and setting the pastor's salary.
Many confused entries including dismissions for 1868, membership lists, and meeting minutes for unspecified years.
Membership list, 1850 .
Membership list,
Covenant meeting minutes begin September 28, 1850 .
September 28, 1850
October 4, 1856 : a member excluded for joining the "primitive" church.
October 4, 1856
November 8, 1857 : Minutes end
November 8, 1857
At the end of the book: a subscription list (?), n.d., and four covenant meeting entries (one upside down) dated 1894, 1892, 1892, and 1866.