Rowland family papers, 1832-1874.
Collection Number: 6025

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Rowland family papers, 1832-1874.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Collection Number:
Bank notes, promissory notes, leases, legal documents, bills, and receipts from family business. Also a large group of receipts from Hubbel Rowland.
Rowland family.
1 microfilm reels.
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The John Rowland Papers (1832-1874) are a collection of bank notes, promissory notes and other papers. The largest part of the collection is Item 10, which contains Hubbel Rowland's receipts over a 4l year period (1832-1873).
Included in this collection are a variety of bills, promissory notes, leases, bank notes, legal documents, and receipts. There is one article of correspondence but it concerns solely the rental of a store. Primarily Wayne County.


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Rowland, Hubbel.
Finance, Personal.

Item 1
Promissory Notes, March 12, 1837 - August 5, 1854 , Chronological
March 12, 1837 - August 5, 1854
Scope and Contents
Notes contain information regarding the amount to be paid, who the receiver is, and dates when payment is due.
Item 2
Bank Notes, December 12, 1850 - June 18, 1872 , Chronological
December 12, 1850 - June 18, 1872
Scope and Contents
Information on notes includes: date payment is due; who is to receive the payment; amount of payment; date of note; and name of bank issuing the note (Palmyra Bank at Newark and First National Bank of Newark).
Item 3
Bills, November 7, 1838 - February 18, 1842 , Unarranged
November 7, 1838 - February 18, 1842
Scope and Contents
Purchases noted on bills include cloth and various dry goods (ribbon, thread, lace). Records contain: amount of money due in various accounts; amounts owed to various persons and businesses; amounts received from various persons.
Item 4
Scope and Contents
Advertisement illustrates Rowland's Automatic Gate. Information in ad copy includes: an explanation of figures; description of how to construct the gate; description of materials used in the gate's construction.
Item 5
Correspondence (One Letter) ,
October 2, 1850
Scope and Contents
Letter regarding details about the rental of a store (a Mr. Angell wishes to rent it from Hubbel Rowland). Mr. Angell is requesting that certain repairs be made to the premises before he lets them.
Item 6
Legal Documents, April 8, 1839 -May 2, 1870 , Chronological
April 8, 1839 -May 2, 1870
Scope and Contents
Includes: several Articles of Agreement regarding the sale of properties, an assessment and appraisal of Calvin Rowland's property (done posthumously); record of a final mortgage payment (dismissal of mortgage), lease on property rented by the Rowlands, protest from a notary concerning refusal of payment of a note, assignments of mortgage, heirs of Calvin Rowland valuation.
Item 7
Bills of Lading from R.R. Companies,
February 14, 1853 - ?
Scope and Contents
Includes: flier distributed by the R.R. Company (London & Port Stanley R.R. Co.) concerning conditions on which goods are conveyed, receipts for goods shipped by train, bills from the railroad for goods shipped, goods shipped include: barrels of apples, flour, wheat, cattle.
Item 8
Bills, April 9, 1833 - July 22, 1867 , Chronological
April 9, 1833 - July 22, 1867
Scope and Contents
Purchases itemized on bills include: stirrups, link chains, rope, pad hooks, ring bits, horse blankets, saddle trees, sheet iron, and other stable items; gin, mutton, salt, flour and other food items; shoes and boots for the family.
Item 9
Leases, March 14, 1846 - February 4, 1874 , Chronological
March 14, 1846 - February 4, 1874
Scope and Contents
Contents: Leases from property rented by the Rowlands to other families; amount of, the term of, and conditions of the rental. Properties leased include houses, stores and farms.
Item 10
September 1832 - June 1873
Scope and Contents
Includes: receipts of payment from hardware stores (mainly Steele and Warren in Albany during the 1830's); receipts from saddlery shops, receipts of payments of court fees, receipts from the lumber yard; receipts from the Ontario and Livingston Mutual Insurance Co., receipts from the coal dealer, advertisement for a "fancy goods" store.