H. G. Hotchkiss Essential Oil Company Records,1822-1982

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H. G. Hotchkiss Essential Oil Company records, 1822-1982.
Collection Number:
H. G. Hotchkiss Essential Oil Company.
94.2 cubic ft.
Forms of Material:
Accounts, correspondence, banking records, broadsides, prices current, market guides.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Includes accounts, correspondence, banking records, broadsides, prices current, market guides and other materials relating to the development of the essential oils industry.
Collection material in English


Hiram G. Hotchkiss was born in Oneida County, New York, on June 19, 1810. His father, Leman Hotchkiss, moved the family to Phelps, Ontario County, New York, in 1811 and became the pioneer merchant of that region. Upon his death, Hiram and his brother Leman managed the business. After expanding their milling operation, Hiram began to develop an essential oil industry. Hiram moved to Lyons, New York, in 1843, where he began cultivating peppermint, and gradually gained control over the farm supply of mint and over the oil market. Leman remained in Phelps, and carried on his own oil business. Both had general stores, dealt in wheat, flour and produce, and established banks in their respective towns. Hiram became a powerful businessman, controlling prices of western peppermint crops and successfully marketing his product in the United States and Europe. His essential oils garnered many awards, including first prize medals at world's fairs and exhibitions held in England, Germany, America, France and Austria. Hiram Hotchkiss died in 1898, and his sons Calvin and Hiram Jr., took over the business.


Includes accounts, correspondence, banking records, broadsides, prices current, market guides and other materials relating to the development of the essential oils industry in Lyons, Wayne County, New York, by Hiram G. Hotchkiss and his family. Records give technical details of the essential oil production in the 1860s and 1870s; information as to the prizes awarded them at various fairs and exhibitions held in London, Paris, Vienna, Philadelphia and other cities; and information concerning the organization and administration of these exhibitions, about the awarding of prizes and the effect of these awards on the firms concerned. Accounts and letters document the development of the business, while reports and letters from brokers in New York, Boston and London detail manipulations of the domestic and foreign markets. Included are letters to brokers Taft and Lee in New York City and Myer of Boston that detail financial and credit transactions and market strategies. Also, letters from London, Paris, Rome, Moscow and other European cities discuss trade practices, international prices, the gold flow, shipping information and other business matters.
In addition to oil industry records, the collection includes accounts and letters relating to flour sales (1841-1845) in Indiana and New York by the Hotchkiss agents, Dow & Cary; an agreement between Hotchkiss & Co. with Dow & Cary to build a flour mill at Seneca Falls, N.Y.; deeds, correspondence, and other material relating to lands in Niagara, Ontario and Wayne Counties, and in Michigan; correspondence (1845) relating to Hotchkiss's opposition to proposals made by the Auburn & Rochester Railroad; and correspondence (1850-1858) between Hiram G. and his cousin Calvin Hotchkiss, a banker in Lewiston, regarding the construction of a suspension bridge over the Niagara to Queensborough, the building of a plank road, the use of water power, and the consequent rise of land values; the attitude of Lockport and Buffalo toward building a ship canal around Niagara Falls, the plan for an international bridge, railroad developments, and resulting local, state and national political actions. Included also are letters (1911-1914) relating to the projected Corning, Keuka Lake and Ontario Railroad and to projected changes on the Barge Canal. Account books are primarily oil accounts (1843-1916), but also include daybooks, letter books, mill, flour and meal accounts. Also, three blue bottles used for Hotchkiss essential oils, and medals (14 bronze, 4 silver) awarded to the company at various exhibitions and meetings from 1851 to 1900.
Also, business records, 1952-1982, and files of invoices, 1925-1961, for the company's national and international accounts.

H. G. Hotchkiss Essential Oil Company.
Hotchkiss, Calvin.
Hotchkiss, Hiram G. (Hiram Gilbert), 1810-1897.
Hotchkiss, L. B. (Leman B.)
Hotchkiss, Leman.
Hotckkiss, Hiram G.
Auburn & Rochester Railroad.
Dow & Cary.
Taft and Lee.

Bridges--New York (State)
Canals--New York (State)
Essences and essential oils.
Export marketing.
Export sales contracts.
Inland water transportation.
Peppermint industry.
Railroads--New York (State)
Real property--Indiana.
Real property--Michigan.
Real property, Exchange of.
Trade routes.
Industries--New York (State)--Buffalo.
Industries--New York (State)--Lockport.
Industries--New York (State)--Lyons.

Niagara County, N.Y.
Oneida County, N.Y.
Ontario County, N.Y.
Phelps (N.Y.)
Seneca Falls (N.Y.)
Wayne County, N.Y.

Form and Genre Terms:
Account books.
Letter books.


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December 21, 1822-October 31, 1845
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Undated Correspondence
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Undated Correspondence
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Trade cards, advertisements, labels, manuscript volumes, post cards
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Manuscript Volumes
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Serials, newspapers, newspaper clippings, labels
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A-S, 1931-1933
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T-Z, 1931-1933; A-N, 1934
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Notebooks and Account Books (14), 1853-1876
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Lables, Receipts, and Broadsides, 1851-1879
Box 79
H.G. Hotchkiss Wooden Shipping Box
Box 80
Invoices, 1915-1927
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Invoices, 1927-1929
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Invoices, 1930-1934
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Invoices, 1935-1942
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Invoices, 1940-1952
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Invoices, 1978-1980; 1929-1939
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Invoices, 1929-1939
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Buisness Records, 1957
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Buisness Records, 1958
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Buisness Records, 1959
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Buisness Records, 1960
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Buisness Records, A-Z, 1971; A-B, 1972
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Buisness Records, D-Z, 1972; A-B, 1973
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Buisness Records, D-Z, 1973; A-B, 1974
Box 107
Buisness Records, D-Z, 1974; A-D, 1975
Box 108
Buisness Records, E-Z, 1975; A-H, 1976
Box 109
Buisness Records, I-Z, 1976; A-M, 1977
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Buisness Records, N-Z, 1977; A-Z, 1978
Box 111
Buisness Records, A-Z, 1979; A-D, 1980
Box 112
Buisness Records, F-Z, 1980; A-I, 1981
Box 113
Buisness Records, L-Z, 1981; A-Z, 1982
Box 114
Miscellany, 1930's-1960's
Box 118-123 Volume 1-73
Seventy-three volumes on shelf: mostly acct. and ledger books. Few printed books on shelf. In accession folder.