Michael L. and Catherine H. Whalen Collection of Cornelliana, 1865-1975.
Collection Number: 37-5-3784

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Cornell University Library


Michael L. and Catherine H. Whalen Collection of Cornelliana, 1865-1975.
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Collection Number:
Photographs, including carte-de-visite pictures, cabinet cards, stereo views, prints and negatives. Also scrapbooks.
Whalen, Michael L.
Platt, Roger Burchard.
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902.
Shaffer, Cicero.
Gallaher, Sarah McCune.
Moore, Frank Cook.
Davis, Henry Vernon.
Hawley, Lily.
Tilton, John Neal, Jr.
Roberts, Marion Ruthella.
Levengood, Helen.
Walton, Leon Wendell.
Rogers, Marion Helen.
McCormack, Dorothy.
Grady, Allan B., Jr.
Shinkel, John Newton Dexter.
Seely, Hart Irving.
Emory, George Meade.
Cushing, Nicholas Cooke.
Ives, Frederic Eugene, $d 1856-1937
13.8 cubic feet.
4.18 gigabytes.
Collection material in English


Ephemera, manuscripts and other Cornelliana. Photographs, including carte-de-visite pictures, cabinet cards, stereo views, prints and negatives. Subjects include individual students and faculty, notably William Benjamin Bowler, a student from Haiti, ca. 1870 and architecture students, ca. 1914; campus buildings and scenes; David Woodbury King and the Cornell Crew,1876; and waterfalls and other local scenes. Also a DVD containing scans of many of the photographs as well as a catalog of the items.
Letters, including a set of from Roger Burchard Platt to his mother, 1907; materials relating to the Winter Short Course taken by farmer George S. Allnatt in 1905; letter from the Cornell Treasurer's Office to J. W. Williams about land grant transactions, 1875; TLS from Charles Kendall Adams, 1889.
Broadsides, handbills, programs (Cornell Masque, 1922-1923 and Cornell Dramatic Club, 1925); invitations, and menus relating to student activities, ca. 1889-1925; diploma for Leroy Lynn Davis (Civil Engineering), 1896; "The Cornell Earache," Spring Day parody issue, 1908; Registers and other university publications;Freshman Register, 1975; Interfraternity Council Rush Book, 1973; "Book of Views," 1925; various issues of the Cornell Daily Sun and the Cornell Graphic.
Lecture notebooks in Chemistry (Cicero Shaffer, 1875); and American History with Moses Coit Tyler (Sarah McCune Gallaher, 1893); and Mechanical Engineering drawings by Frank Cook Moore, 1890; "
Scrapbooks of Henry Vernon Davis, 1911; Lily Hawley, 1915; John Neal Tilton, 1915; Marion Ruthella Roberts, 1920; Helen Levengood, Summer School, 1921; Leon Wendell Walton, 1922; and Marion Helen Rogers, 1923.
Correspondence written and received by Dorothy McCormack (Class of 1937) while she was a student at Cornell, mostly to her future husband Allan B. Grady, Jr.
Letter, January 7, 1882, from John Newton Dexter Shinkel (Class of 1881) to Josiah Dustin Wilson (Class of 1880), concerning a recent visit to Ithaca, NY and news from Cornell.
Diaries kept by Hart Irving Seely (Class of 1909), who studied both law and agriculture at Cornell, 1906-1907, 1912-1913; notebook kept by George Meade Emory, (LLB 1890); scrapbook of Nicholas Cooke Cushing (Class of 1896), 1893.
Individual photographs include: photograph of Benjamin Harry Weisbrod (Class of 1914); William Hazlitt Smith (Class of 1873); William Maddocks (Class of 1887); Robert Elmer Rutherford (Class of 1887), Thomas Hall (ME 1893, MME 1894), and other 19th century cabinet card photographs.
Group of cabinet card photographs, primarily of members of the Class of 1889, originally collected by Albert Haywood '89.
Tintypes of early students including Simon Henry Gage.
Stock certificate for the New York State Agriculture College in Ovid, N.Y..
Cornell Music Festival programs.
Collection of wax seals of campus organizations.
Notebooks of law school student Robert Grantier Miller Class of 1940. Freshman registers. Notebook used by Jefferson Mack Myers, Class of 1876, for his human physiology and hygiene class. The Official Guide to the Schoellkopf Sweepstakes, Spring Day 1923. Clarence Isaac Robinson Class of 1884 materials. Photos from the Vermont Academy. Tintype of Taughannock Falls.
Poster for the 3rd Annual Ovation of the Citizens of Ithaca, to Cornell's Victors, 1877. Harold Carl Harding, Class of 1910 notebook for Course XII in mechanical engineering in the Sibley College, Chemistry Department faculty photo, 1921, portrait of the Class of 1895, letters to servicemen in World War Two from Marie Ann Tipula, Class of 1947, Peck Shoe Store photo, photos relating to George W. Brownell and the Ithaca trolley car company.
Many additional photos, scrapbooks, letters, notebooks, and ephemera.


See also New York State College of Agriculture Winter Short Course Scrapbooks, #21-34-4029.
See also the New York State College Of Agriculture Winter Short Course Photographs, #21-34-2459.
See also Dairy Industry Winter Course Student Record Cards, #21-19-1190.


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Michael L. and Catherine H. Whalen Collection of Cornelliana, #37-5-3784. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Bowler, William Benjamin.
King, David Woodbury.
Allnatt, George S.
Davis, Leroy Lynn.
Gage, Simon Henry, 1851-1944
Ramsey, George Wallace.
Tyler, Moses Coit, 1835-1900.
Cornell University -- : Athletics.
Cornell University -- : Pictorial works.
Cornell University -- : Buildings.
Cornell University -- : Students.
Cornell University -- : Faculty.
Cornell Crew (Rowing team)
Cornell University. Class of 1872
Cornell University. Class of 1876
Cornell University. Class of 1881
Cornell University. Class of 1884
Cornell University. Class of 1892
Cornell University. Class of 1895
Cornell University. Class of 1896
Cornell University. Class of 1889
Cornell University. Class of 1908
Cornell University. Class of 1909
Cornell University. Class of 1913
Cornell University. Class of 1914
Cornell University. Class of 1920
Cornell University. Class of 1921
Cornell University. Class of 1924
Cornell University. Class of 1927
Cornell University. Class of 1937
Cornell University. Class of 1940
Cornell University. Class of 1975
Cornell University. College of Architecture
Ithaca (N.Y.) -- Pictorial works.
Greek letter societies -- New York (State) -- Ithaca.
Students, Foreign -- Haiti.
Women college students -- New York (State) -- Ithaca.
Form and Genre Terms:
Lecture notes.
Stereoscopic photographs.
Cabinet photographs.
Cartes-de-visite (card photographs)

Index to the collection and digital images
Scope and Contents
Includes high resolution copy of the PDF guide available above. Also JPG images of items in the collection. High resolution TIF files are available from the donor.
Box 1
Items 1-93
Scope and Contents
Carte de visites and cabinet cards including images of alumni and faculty, William Benjamin Bowler, crew, stereo view cards of campus, etc..
Box 2
Items 94-172
Scope and Contents
Cabinet cards and photographs of campus and Ithaca area, including Taughannock Falls, gorges, Cayuga Lake, alumni, Spring Day, White Hall architecture studio, etc..
Box 3
Items 173-191
Scope and Contents
Photographs including Alpha Theta fraternity, letters from students, administrators, and others, Freshman Banquet and other handbills, ad for the Kornell Krinkles, Globe Hotel Syracuse menu, event programs including Ulysses of Ithaka by the Cornell Masque, The Contrast by Cornell Dramatic Club, etc..
Box 22
Item 192
Scope and Contents
Felt banner and reunion buttons of Mary Lucetta Thompson Davis Class of 1896.
Box 4
Item 193
Scope and Contents
1896 diploma of Lynn Leroy Davis
Box 5
Items 194-202
Scope and Contents
Cornell registers, reports, The Cornell Earache, 1904 directory, chemistry class notebook of Cicero Shaffer Class of 1878, American history class notebook of Sarah McCune Gallaher, Class of 1895, 1975 freshman register, 1972 Interfraternity Council Rush Book, etc..
Box 4
Item 203
Scope and Contents
Three bound books of mechanical drawings created by Frank Cook Moore, Class of 1892, for engineering classes
Box 5
Item 204
Scope and Contents
Fund-raising "position statement" issued by the Cornellian Council in 1925 entitled, "The Solution"
Box 4
Items 205-209
Scope and Contents
Book of views, 1890s Cornell Daily Suns, 1906 Cornell Deadly Sin, 1866 Harper's Weekly about Ezra Cornell, six issues of the 1924-1925 Cornell Graphic
Box 6
Item 210
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Lily Hawley, Class of 1919
Box 7
Item 211
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by John Neal Tilton Jr., Class of 1913
Box 4
Item 212
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Leon Wendell Walton, Class of 1926
Box 8
Item 213
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Marion Helen Rogers, Class of 1927
Box 2
Item 214
Scope and Contents
1927 group portrait of the Sigma Kappa Sorority
Box 8
Item 215
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Marion Ruthella Roberts, Class of 1924
Box 2
Items 216, 217
Scope and Contents
1922 and 1923 group portrait of the Kappa Delta Sorority
Box 9
Items 218-222
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Henry Vernon Davis, Class of 1914 and other material owned by him
Box 1
Item 223
Scope and Contents
Portrait of Henry Marx, Class of 1879
Box 7
Item 224
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Helen Levengood during her attendance at a Summer School program in music at Cornell University
Box 4
Item 225
Scope and Contents
Photo composite of students in the Winter Course of 1918-19 in the College of Agriculture.
Box 10
Items 226
Scope and Contents
Correspondence written and received by Dorothy McCormack, Class of 1937, while she was a student
Box 11
Items 227-229
Scope and Contents
Letter from John Newton Dexter Shinkel, Class of 1881, to Josiah Dustin Wilson, Class of 1882, four diaries kept by law and agriculture student Hart Irving Seely, Class of 1909, Notebook used by George Meade Emory, Class of 1890, during his classes in the Cornell Law School
Box 12
Item 230
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook compiled by Nicholas Cooke Cushing, Class of 1896,
Box 13
Items 231-271
Scope and Contents
Photographs of students and others, many owned by Albert Haywood, Class of 1889,
Box 14
Item 272
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Alexander Glencairn Acheson, Class of 1917
Box 15
Item 273
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Le Roy William Pritchard, Class of 1922
Box 16
Item 274
Scope and Contents
Correspondence of Marion Ruthella Roberts, Class of 1924
Item 275A
Scope and Contents
Laboratory notebooks and class project reports for a variety of courses created by Frederick Edgar Stark, Class of 1912
Box 17
Item 275A
Box 18
Item 275B
Box 19
Item 275C
Box 20
Item 275D
Box 21
Item 275E
Box 25
Item 276
Scope and Contents
Photograph of the Class of 1887
Box 22
Items 277-372
Scope and Contents
Various ephemera, stereo view photographs of campus, other campus and Ithaca photographs including military, mud rush, student and faculty carte de visites and cabinet cards, photo of Ezra Cornell Class of 1971,
Box 25
Item 373
Scope and Contents
1897 photo of Kappa Alpha Fraternity
Box 11
Items 374-375
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Carl Frederick Meyer, Class of 1908, ten-inch Keuffel and Esser mahogany slide rule and eight-inch leather case owned by Gustav Adolphus Marius Illmer, Class of 1909
Box 16
Items 376-391
Scope and Contents
Various ephemera including shingles, letters, programs, state examination booklets, 1892 University Corps of Cadets roster, Telegram sent by George H. Conklin to William Henry Peer Conklin, Class of 1895, concerning George's military service during the Civil War, 1960 Freshman Register, 1960 description of Cornell's fraternities, postcards
Box 10
Items 392-447
Scope and Contents
Photographs including carte de visites and stereo view cards of students, faculty (including Ezra Cornell), staff, campus buildings and the Ithaca area, 1875 course book, letters, program for the Thirtieth Annual Contest for the '86 Memorial Prize in Declamation
Box 23
Items 448-453
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by Edward John Burns Jr., Class of 1917, scrapbook assembled by Henry Godley, Class of 1924, Alpha Tau Omega fraternity photos, photo of Thomas Frederick Crane and others playing tennis on the arts quad
Box 6
Item 454
Scope and Contents
1941 diary belonging to Theodore Ryder
Box 7
Item 455
Scope and Contents
1913-1914 scrapbook assembled by Frank (?)
Box 13
Item 456
Scope and Contents
Program for Music Festival 1916 Cornell University April 27 28 29
Box 1
Items 457-482
Scope and Contents
Various ephemera including letters, certificates, telegrams, tintype of Simon Henry Gage, stereo view cards of campus, cabinet cards of students, other photos and tintype of students and campus and Ezra Cornell
Box 13
Item 483
Scope and Contents
Programs for Music Festival 1920 Cornell University
Box 24
Item 484
Scope and Contents
Collection of 16 brass wax seal stamps of student organization logos used for shingles and certificates
Box 14
Items 485-487
Scope and Contents
Certificate of membership in the Cornell Chapter of Acacia Fraternity issued to David William Cheney, Class of 1922, photograph of the special Lehigh Valley Railroad, Auburn & Ithaca Branch crew spectator train, ca. 1920 photograph of the brothers of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
Box 25
Items 488-494
Scope and Contents
Diplomas and certificates relating to Vining Campbell Dunlap Class of 1916 and others,
Box 26
Item 495
Scope and Contents
Scrapbook assembled by James Aloysius Barrett, Class of 1912
Box 27
Item 496
Scope and Contents
Collection of letters and other documents belonging to Mary Ellen Gillett, Class of 1941
Box 14
Item 497
Scope and Contents
Certificate appointing of Edward Benedict Clark, Class of 1912, as a principal musician in the Cornell University Corps of Cadets
Box 22
Items 498-499
Scope and Contents
Felt arm patch and brass pin belonging to Edward Benedict Clark, Class of 1912, as a principal musician in the Cornell University Corps of Cadets and photograph of him with clarinet
Box 3
Items 500-515
Scope and Contents
Various pamphlets, photographs, letters, and other ephemera
Box 28
Items 516-598
Scope and Contents
Stereo-view, cabinet cards, carte de visite photographs, tintyps of the Cornell campus, Ithaca, McGraw-Fiske mansion, Ezra's tunnel, waterfalls, Cornell students and faculty, many photos owned by James Duncan Upham, some related to Zeta Psi fraternity
Box 29
Item 599
Scope and Contents
Set of 11 notebooks used by Robert Grantier Miller, Law School Class of 1940, for legal classes at Cornell University
Box 25
Item 600
Scope and Contents
Photograph of the twentieth anniversary reunion of the Class of 1894
Box 30
Items 601-607
Scope and Contents
1956, 1960-1964, 1975 Freshman registers, pig books
Box 31
Item 608
Scope and Contents
Menu card for the Cornell University Medical College Class of 1904 senior banquet that was held at the Café Boulevard in New York City on 12 Feb 1904
Box 34
Item 609
Scope and Contents
Notebook used by Jefferson Mack Myers, Class of 1876, for his human physiology and hygiene class at Cornell University and later by his son, Joel Myers Jr.
Box 31
Items 610-622
Scope and Contents
Various ephemera, programs, pamphlets
Box 34
Item 623
Scope and Contents
Multi-year diary maintained by Arthur Cornelius Lansing, Class of 1921
Box 31
Items 624-666
Scope and Contents
Ephemera, postcards, letters, photographs relating to Cornell and Ithaca. Includes photo of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity when used as barracks for the S.A.T.C., Dwellers Reunion program, Official Guide to the Schoellkopf Sweepstakes Spring Day 1923, items relating to Clarence Isaac Robinson, Class of 1884,
Box 37
Items 667-670, 672-676, 678, 680-685, 687-696, 699, 714
Scope and Contents
Cabinet cards of Cornell students and a tintype of Taughannock Falls with people holding an umbrella.
Box 32
Items 671, 677, 686, 697-698, 700-713, 715-733
Scope and Contents
Cabinet cards, stereo views and other photographs, several relating to the Vermont Academy, Cornell students and dorm room images, Ithaca parade, Ithaca and Lucifer Falls.
Item 734
Scope and Contents
Broadside from the Inter-Collegiate Contest of Greek, Latin, Mathematics & Essays competition. 3rd Annual Ovation of the Citizens of Ithaca, to Cornell's Victors! Held at Library Hall, William L. Bostwick with S. d. Halliday and interim President Russel, January 20, 1877
Box 34
Items 735-737
Scope and Contents
Notes on Geodesy, prepared for the Senior Class in Civil Engineering by Charles Lee Crandall Class of 1872, personal expenditure journal maintained by Arvin J. Dillenbeck, Class of 1911, laboratory notebook maintained by Harold Carl Harding, Class of 1910, for Course XII in mechanical engineering in the Sibley College, Department of Experimental Engineering
Box 25
Items 738-739
Scope and Contents
1921 photo of the faculty and students of the Cornell University Chemistry Department, group portrait of the Class of 1895
Box 33
Item 740
Scope and Contents
Large collection of letters—many professing love and admiration—sent by 17 different service men during World War II to Marie Ann Tipula, Class of 1947, while she was a student at Cornell University and later when she returned home to Hoboken, NJ to work
Box 25
Item 741
Scope and Contents
Circa 1890 photograph of the Peck Shoe Store in Cortland, NY
Box 32
Items 742-793
Scope and Contents
Stereo view, cabinet cards, and other photographs of Cornell and the Ithaca area including bridges, Taughannock Hotel and Falls, Cornell weather station, images relating to Ithaca trolley cars and George W. Brownell. Ephemera, letters relating to Cornell students,
Item 794
Scope and Contents
Broadside from the Class of 1919 Freshman Banquet. Held at the Armory March 1916
Box 35
Items 795-896
Scope and Contents
Cabinet cards of students and faculty mostly from the Class of 1873
Box 36
Items 897-921
Box 25
Items 922-924
Box 36
Items 925-935
Scope and Contents
Items relating to Clark Dillenbeck
DVD-537a, 537b
Whalen Cornellian
Names index, see PDF guide above for location.
Scope and Contents
  1. Leslie Sherman Ace
  2. Alexander Glencairn Acheson
  3. Charles Kendall Adams
  4. William Addams, Jr.
  5. Felix Adler
  6. Victor C. Alderson
  7. Ellis Leeds Aldrich
  8. Willis Wood Aldrich
  9. Elbert James Allendorf
  10. Drue Nunez Allman
  11. George Spencer Allnatt
  12. Leo Otto Ammann
  13. Edward Ewen Anderson
  14. Leroy Anderson
  15. Lester Curtis Anderson
  16. William Arnold Anthony
  17. Charles Joseph Arnold
  18. George Hall Ashley
  19. William Kent Auchincloss
  20. Blanche Tudor Austin
  21. Frederick Hague Avery
  22. Charles Babcock
  23. Charles Franklin Bachman
  24. Cyrus Day Backus
  25. Frank Harvey Bailey
  26. Percival R. Bailey
  27. Donald Wallace Baird
  28. Amanda Baker
  29. Barton Baker
  30. C. Frederick Baker
  31. Frederick Baker
  32. Walter Buswell Balch
  33. Homer Gage Balcom
  34. Winifred Ball
  35. J. M. Ballard
  36. Frederic William Banks
  37. Herbert Edwin Baright
  38. Fred Asa Barnes
  39. James Aloysius Barrett
  40. Daniel Otis Barto
  41. George Titus Barton
  42. John Wilson Battin
  43. Charles Webster Beadel
  44. Lewis Aurelius Beardsley
  45. Charton Lansing Becker
  46. William Edward Beitz
  47. Lyle Frederick Bellinger
  48. William Logan Benitz
  49. George Milton Benson
  50. Orville Benson
  51. John Jacob Berger
  52. John Michael Berry
  53. Romeyn Berry
  54. Lyman Austin Best
  55. Charles Allen Bierma
  56. Arthur Bird
  57. Mark Baker Bird
  58. David Hazen Blakelock
  59. Olin Safford Blakeslee
  60. Florence Maria Blanchard
  61. Nora Stanton Blatch
  62. Clara Farwell Blodgett
  63. Charles Farrar Blood
  64. Cornelius DuBois Bloomer
  65. Elmer Ellsworth Bogart
  66. Robert William Boggs
  67. James McKee Borden
  68. Irving Gilbert Botsford
  69. William Benjamin Bowler
  70. Charles Calvin Bowman, Jr.
  71. Edward Carlisle Boynton, Jr.
  72. James Frederick Brace
  73. John Francis Brady
  74. William Bradley Breed
  75. Leo Allie Brewster
  76. Thomas Roland Briggs
  77. Charles Chester Brinton
  78. Byron Edmund Brooks
  79. William Redfield Brooks
  80. Samuel Willi Brown
  81. Arthur Wesley Browne
  82. Amanda Brownell
  83. Anna Brownell
  84. George W. Brownell
  85. Homer Browning
  86. Katherine C. Bruyn
  87. Theodore Keller Bryant
  88. Alexander Watson Buchanan
  89. George Frederick Buckmann
  90. Robert Stedman Burgers
  91. Justin Jerome Ambrose Burns
  92. Edward John Burns, Jr.
  93. William Marsh Butler
  94. Paul Mitchell Buzby
  95. Emma Shumway Byler
  96. Louis Godfrey Cadier
  97. James F. Caffrey
  98. Sarah Katherine Canfield
  99. George M. Carpenter
  100. Santo Corrado Caruso
  101. Charles Emmes Cassidy
  102. Ware Cattell
  103. Maurice Cauffman
  104. George Walter Cavanaugh
  105. Benjamin Day Chamberlin, Jr.
  106. Emile Monnin Chamot
  107. Albert Hotchkiss Chandler
  108. Francis [Frank] Wilfred Chase
  109. David William Cheney
  110. Frederick Dixon Chester
  111. Irving Porter Church
  112. Addison John Clark
  113. Arthur Edward Clark
  114. Chester Owen Clark
  115. Edward Benedict Clark
  116. Edward Everett Clark
  117. John Anson Clark
  118. Thomas Stevens Clark
  119. Charles Frederick Clemons
  120. Robert Harris Cobb
  121. Louise Hooper Cole
  122. Daniel Beckel Conklin
  123. George H. Conklin
  124. William Henry Peer Conklin
  125. Edwin Irving Connor, Jr.
  126. Fayette Andrus Cook
  127. Marietta Coonrod
  128. Charles Stuart Cooper
  129. Laurence Ward Corbett
  130. Fred Brainard Corey
  131. Alonzo Barton Cornell
  132. Ezra Cornell
  133. Mrs. Ezra Cornell
  134. Ezra Cornell, [II]
  135. Ezra Cornell, IV
  136. Bayard Wilkeson Corson
  137. Hiram Corson
  138. Charles Edward Courtney
  139. Grant Adelbert Covell
  140. Homer Frank Cox
  141. William Thomas Cox
  142. Charles Lee Crandall
  143. Albert Sears Crane
  144. Thomas Frederick Crane
  145. William Rush Crawford
  146. Elmore David Cummings
  147. Noah Cummings
  148. Charles William Curtis
  149. Robert Morrison Curts
  150. Nicholas Cooke Cushing
  151. Bernard Clark Dailey
  152. Cecil Alexander Daley
  153. Wilton Joseph Darrow
  154. Ellen Davis
  155. Frances Lucy Davis
  156. Henry Vernon Davis
  157. Lynn Leroy Davis
  158. Mary Coleman Davis
  159. Edmund E. Day
  160. Henry P. De Forest
  161. Frederick T. Deming
  162. Louis Munroe Dennis
  163. Max F. Dercum
  164. Philip Aloysius Derham
  165. George Devin
  166. Alice A. Dickerson
  167. Charles Courter Dickinson
  168. Joseph Haines Dickinson
  169. Arvin J. Dillenbeck
  170. Clark Dillenbeck
  171. Irvin Porter Disney
  172. De Forest Halsted Dixon
  173. Donald Bentley Doan
  174. George Huntington Donaldson
  175. T. G. Doolittle
  176. Arthur Theodore Doremus
  177. Edmund Latham Douglass
  178. Archibald Stewart Downey
  179. John J. Downey
  180. Mary Alice Downing
  181. James Francis Driscoll
  182. William Russell Dudley
  183. Edward John Duffies
  184. Milton Irwin Dunlap
  185. Vining Campbell Dunlap
  186. Dyer Eastman
  187. Paul Witherspoon Eckley
  188. Clinton Goodloe Edgar
  189. Walter Smith Edge
  190. George F. Edwards
  191. James Harvey Edwards
  192. Carl Eickemeyer
  193. Ernest Frederick Eidlitz
  194. Alfred Henry Eldredge
  195. William Swan Elliott
  196. John Franklin Ellison
  197. Charles Abram Ellwood
  198. Charles Morton Emmons
  199. George Meade Emory
  200. Samuel Longfellow Etnyre
  201. Clarence Judd Evans
  202. Evan Wilhelm Evans
  203. Thomas Russell Fairfax
  204. Henry [Harry] Falkenau
  205. Louis Rothe Farr
  206. William Sherman Farrington
  207. Clara Elizabeth Farwell
  208. Lewis George Fay
  209. Henry Feehan
  210. Margaret Ferguson
  211. Francisco Javier Fernandez-Grau, Jr.
  212. John S. Field
  213. M. Field
  214. William Albert Finch
  215. Frederick William Fisher
  216. George Bernays Fisher
  217. Willard Clark Fisher
  218. Daniel Willard Fiske
  219. Sidney B. Fithian
  220. Jesse Arnette Fitzpatrick
  221. John Biddle Flanigan
  222. Buena Ventura Rufus Flint
  223. Frances Elizabeth Holeman Flint
  224. Irving Stern Florsheim
  225. Robert Budroe Foote, Jr.
  226. Marion Martin Forbes
  227. Edwin John Fort
  228. Reuben Burdick Foster
  229. George Fowler
  230. Herbert Edwin Fraleigh
  231. Frank George Franklin
  232. Felix Morse Frederiksen
  233. James Benton French
  234. Mortimore [Mortimer] Hopkins French
  235. Thomas Morton French
  236. William Howard Fritz, Jr.
  237. Arthur Bertrand Frost
  238. Carroll Judd Frost
  239. Estevon Antonio Fuertes
  240. Russell Fulford
  241. Mary Hannah Gage
  242. Simon Henry Gage
  243. Frank Lippitt Galigher
  244. Sarah McCune Gallaher
  245. Wheeler Benjamin Gambee
  246. Richard Holland Gamwell
  247. Anna H. Gardner
  248. Stanley Cortland Garman
  249. Charles Robert Gaston
  250. L. H. Gates
  251. Michael Joseph Gaynor
  252. Ina Eloeen Genung
  253. Valdemar Lovett Georgeson
  254. Charles I. Gerber
  255. William Rose Gibbon
  256. Arthur Warner Gifford
  257. Mary Ellen Gillett
  258. Frank Gaylord Gilman
  259. Henry Godley
  260. Ronald B. Goerler
  261. Wilson Mosher Gould
  262. Allan B. Grady, Jr.
  263. Harry Hutcheson Graef, Jr.
  264. Joseph Howard Gray
  265. Charles Newton Green
  266. William Eckert Greenawalt
  267. Joseph Alfred Greene
  268. Mary Adelaide Gridley
  269. Sidney Dias Gridley
  270. Lloyd Garrison Grinnell
  271. Daniel Webster Gunner
  272. John Allen Haines
  273. William Gardner Hale
  274. Joseph A. Hall
  275. Marion Bell Hall
  276. Thomas Hall
  277. Miles Bertine Haman
  278. William Benjamin Hand
  279. Irving Henry Handerhan
  280. Harold Carl Harding
  281. Frank Louis Harrington
  282. Emmett Elsworth Hart
  283. Albert Ankeny Hartzell
  284. Corrine Hartzell
  285. Norman Darrell Harvey, Jr.
  286. Warner Harwood
  287. Alvah Deyo Hasbrouck
  288. Keith Joseph Hausman
  289. Paul Girard Haviland
  290. Frank D. Hawkins
  291. Lily Hawley
  292. John Hayes
  293. John Fillmore Hayford
  294. Albert Haywood
  295. John Haywood
  296. James Russell Hazlitt
  297. Albert Sidney Hazzard
  298. Byron Henry Heath
  299. Edward Hedden
  300. Florence Hehre
  301. David Neish Heller
  302. Michael Burt Heller
  303. John Burke Hendry
  304. Charles Martin Henrotin
  305. Edna Henry
  306. S. T. Henry
  307. Herbert Wade Hibbard
  308. Oscar Lamont Hibbard
  309. Anson Holbrook Higley
  310. Meier George Hilpert
  311. Joseph Churchill Hilton
  312. Albert James Himes
  313. Elliot Prindle Hinds
  314. Charlie Hines
  315. Frank Hiscock
  316. Albert Edmund Hoa
  317. Joseph Ernest Hodgson
  318. Isadora S. Holiday
  319. Henry Hollstein
  320. Julian Holman
  321. Edward Holmes
  322. Mrs. Holmes
  323. Walter Scott Holzberger
  324. Townsend Byron Hood
  325. Jesse James Hopkins
  326. LeRoy Horton
  327. Romeyn Beck Hough
  328. Eugene Stuart Howe
  329. Edward Cole Howland
  330. Douglas Granger Hoyt
  331. John Clayton Hoyt
  332. Harold Dana Hudson
  333. Kenneth White Hume
  334. Russell Stuart Hume
  335. Andrew Beaumont Humphrey
  336. Chester Jermain Hunn
  337. G. W. Huntsman
  338. Alexander Louis Hupe
  339. John Conrad Hurlburt
  340. Charles Chase Hurlbut
  341. Hinman Barrett Hurlbut
  342. James Hutton
  343. Thomas Bruce Hyde
  344. Francis Pierce Ide
  345. Gustav Adolphus Marius Illmer
  346. Howard Heberton Ingersoll
  347. Frederic Ellis Jackson
  348. Robert Hyde Jacobs
  349. Henry Sylvester Jacoby
  350. James Lorenzo Jarvis
  351. Leonard Jarvis
  352. William L. Jarvis
  353. Elisha Martin Johnson
  354. Parke Seeley Jones
  355. Peter Jones
  356. Arad Joy
  357. Robert Ludwig Junghanns
  358. Frank Alexander Kacperowski
  359. Reginald Horton Keays
  360. James Joseph Kelly
  361. Arthur Howard Kelton
  362. Ralph Sherlock Kent
  363. Mabel E. Kerst
  364. David Woodbury King
  365. George Weirs King
  366. Edward Kohne Klingelhofer
  367. Ralph Knapp
  368. Herman Knauss
  369. John Albert Knighton
  370. Ward Lionel Kremer
  371. Richard Roger Krepela
  372. William Julius Krome
  373. George Calvin Kronshage
  374. Albert Louis Kuehmsted
  375. William Fisk Landers, Jr.
  376. Jervis Langdon
  377. Arthur Cornelius Lansing
  378. James Law
  379. Charles Kleber Lee
  380. Harold Lee
  381. Herbert Blanchard Lee
  382. James [Jacob] Schwartz Lehmaier
  383. Helen Levengood
  384. Danforth Ruggles Lewis
  385. George Harding Lewis
  386. John Lewis
  387. Joshua Roger Lewis
  388. Bennett Frederick Lies
  389. Ida M. Lighthall
  390. Robert Milton Lintz
  391. Clarence Edward Loomis
  392. Willis Henry Loomis
  393. Frank Stone Lord
  394. Henry Bird Lord
  395. Earl Brink Lovell
  396. Herbert Marlow Lovell
  397. Sidney S. Lowenthal
  398. Archibald Byron Lueder
  399. Henry [Harry] Hamilton Moore Lyle
  400. Walter J. Lynn
  401. Thomas MacKellar
  402. Bela Phillips MacKoon
  403. Lewis Winslow MacNaughton
  404. William Maddocks
  405. Edward Maguire
  406. Lewis Keith Malvern
  407. Charles Jacob Mandler
  408. Sally Reich Marshak
  409. Archibald Warren Marshall
  410. George Chipman Martin
  411. Lee M. Martin
  412. Charles David Marx
  413. Henry Marx
  414. Clyde Mayer
  415. Charles Albert McAllister
  416. William F. McBride
  417. Henry Ingram McCandless
  418. Volney Nelson McCarn
  419. Ross Gerrette [Garrette] McClure
  420. William McConnell McConahey
  421. Ira Welch McConnell
  422. Dorothy McCormack
  423. Morgan Bland McDermott
  424. Agnes W. McGraime
  425. DeWitt Hiram McGraw
  426. Thomas Henry McGraw, Jr.
  427. Asa Emanuel McKinney
  428. Morgan Lane McKoon
  429. Joseph A. McLaughlin
  430. William Darrow McMillan
  431. Edwin Russell McMillin
  432. Carlos d'Aguiar Melchert
  433. Arthur William Mellen, Jr.
  434. Mario Garcia Menocal
  435. Elizabeth Mercelis
  436. Carl Frederick Meyer
  437. Alfred Hildebrand Meyers
  438. Howard Arthur Meyers
  439. Robert Carr Meysenburg
  440. John Daniel Mickle, Jr.
  441. Benjamin Stephen Miller
  442. Fred High Miller
  443. Harold George Miller
  444. Robert Grantier Miller
  445. Ruth Fern Miller
  446. Trelford Simpson Miller
  447. Anna Augusta Milligan
  448. Stratford Denman Mills
  449. George Sylvanus Moler
  450. Robert Orton Moody
  451. Egbert Jessup Moore
  452. Frank Cook Moore
  453. Harry Cordery Moore
  454. Jairus Alphaeus Moore
  455. Paul James Moore
  456. Veranus Alva Moore
  457. Charles Teere Mordock
  458. Cynthia Woodward Morgan
  459. William Osgood Morgan
  460. William Henry Morrison
  461. Gerald L. Moses, Jr.
  462. William Addams Mosscrop
  463. John Raleigh Mott
  464. Joseph F. Mozer
  465. Sterling William Mudge
  466. Leslie Muller
  467. George Grover Munger
  468. Robert Aloysius Murphy
  469. George Washington Murray
  470. William Colman Murray
  471. Jefferson Mack Myers
  472. Joel Myers, Jr.
  473. Alfred William Nagel
  474. Tsunejiro Nambu
  475. James George Needham
  476. John Crosby Neely
  477. Clive Harris Nellis
  478. Calvin Ernest Nelson
  479. Emerson Herbert Nicholoy
  480. John Taylor Nichols
  481. Melvin Lorrel Nichols
  482. Lillian S. Northup
  483. Francis Leonard Norton
  484. George Harvey Norton
  485. George Wallingford Noyes
  486. Algernon Sidney Nye, Jr.
  487. John Ewing O'Hearn
  488. James Hallen O'Leary
  489. Michael Vincent O'Shea
  490. James Patrick O'Toole
  491. Henry Neely Ogden
  492. Louise Orgaine
  493. William Ridgely Orndorff
  494. Francis Conrad Osborn, Jr.
  495. Minnie Adeline Osgood
  496. John Nelson Ostrom
  497. Mary Amanda Outwater
  498. Bordman Lambert Oviatt
  499. David Brainerd Oviatt
  500. Aloney Rust Owen
  501. Vincent Joseph Pacello
  502. Emerson H. Packard
  503. Frank William Padgham
  504. Robert Sawyer Page
  505. Lynde Palmer
  506. Benjamin Henry Palmer, Jr.
  507. Joseph Walter Parker
  508. Lee Hamilton Parker
  509. Walter Parker
  510. Francis Parkhurst
  511. Alice Lackey Parkis
  512. Arthur Rufus Peck
  513. Robert Allen Pendergrass
  514. Eugene Raymond Perry
  515. John George Pertsch, Jr.
  516. John William Peters
  517. George Henry Phillips
  518. George Robinson Phipps
  519. Silas Wright Pickering II
  520. Maude Pierce
  521. Charles Nathaniel Pinco
  522. Fred Byron Pitcher
  523. Roger Burchard Platt
  524. Charles Cardoza Poindexter
  525. Herbert Bowman Pope
  526. Roland Wellington Porter
  527. Horace Shaffer Potter
  528. Clyde Potts
  529. Bento de Almeida Prado
  530. Frederick J. Pratt
  531. Oscar Frederick Priester
  532. Le Roy William Pritchard
  533. Ralph Fenno Proctor
  534. Sidney Quinby
  535. William Rae
  536. Charles Henry Rammelkamp
  537. George Wallace Ramsey
  538. Harriet Allene Ranney
  539. Jesse Edwin Read
  540. Willett Warren Read
  541. Walter Rebmann
  542. James William Reed
  543. Edward Harris Rees
  544. Samuel Croft Register
  545. Sally Reich
  546. Walter Patrick Reilly, Jr.
  547. William Leonard Patrick Reineman
  548. Elizabeth Walker Rice
  549. Frank Elmore Rice
  550. Arthur John Rider
  551. Charles Cornelius Rife
  552. John Philip Riley, Jr.
  553. Joseph Chandler Robbins
  554. Isaac Phillips Roberts
  555. Marion Ruthella Roberts
  556. Clarence Isaac Robinson
  557. George C. Robinson
  558. Governor William Robinson
  559. Arturo Rodriguez Aguayo
  560. Frederick Louis Roehrig
  561. Frederick Louis Otto Roehrig
  562. Allan Henderson Rogers
  563. Frederick John Rogers
  564. Marion Helen Rogers
  565. James Rogers II
  566. John Carew Rolfe
  567. Hervey Strong Rose
  568. Morris Burt Rosevear
  569. William Alexander Ross
  570. Clinton Lawrence Rossiter, Jr.
  571. Willard Winfield Rowlee
  572. Edmund Adelbert Roy
  573. William Barker Ruggles, Jr.
  574. Donald Meredith Rupert
  575. William Channing Russel
  576. Clarke Emerson Russell
  577. Robert Elmer Rutherford
  578. Harris Joseph Ryan
  579. Theodore Ryder
  580. Adolphus Hiram Sage
  581. Erma Lena Salisbury
  582. Erle Hoxsie Sargent
  583. Theophile Saulnier
  584. Helen Elizabeth Saunders
  585. Henry Burr Saunders
  586. William LaForge Savacool
  587. Alfred Savage
  588. William Herbert Sawyer
  589. Charles Ashmead Schaeffer
  590. William Boulton Scheckel
  591. William Elmer Schenck
  592. Alberto Felix Schreiner
  593. Jacob Gould Schurman
  594. Frank G. H. Schwalbach
  595. Frank Lincoln Scidmore
  596. Frank Lincoln Scidmore, Jr.
  597. Francis Paul Scileppi
  598. Mary Permelia Scofield
  599. Hart Irving Seely
  600. Clark G. Selover
  601. John L. Senior
  602. Justin Adam Seubert
  603. Leland Twitchell Shafer
  604. Cicero Shaffer
  605. Amelia Shapleigh
  606. John Balcom Shaw, Jr.
  607. Arthur Galusha Sherry
  608. Charles Edward Shinaman
  609. John Newton Dexter Shinkel
  610. Edwin DuBois Shurter
  611. Eugene Charles Sickles
  612. Clarence Spaulding Sidway
  613. Oswald Silberrad
  614. Seward Adams Simons
  615. George Frederic Simpson
  616. Alanson Buck Skinner
  617. Frank Woodward Skinner
  618. Foster Cornell Slade
  619. Henry Lewis Slauson, Jr.
  620. Henry Harold Smilie
  621. Adeltus Ervin Smith
  622. Albert William Smith
  623. Arthur Sedwick Roberts Smith
  624. Goldwin Smith
  625. Harold Babbitt Smith
  626. Harry Ezra Smith
  627. J. F. Smith
  628. Laura Bertha Smith
  629. Leonard J. Smith
  630. Matie Smith
  631. William Buzard Smith
  632. William Hazlitt Smith
  633. Jennie Minnie Snow
  634. Clement Franklyn Souder, Jr.
  635. Edward Everett Soulé
  636. Ralph Griswold Space
  637. Elmer Ambrose Sperry, Jr.
  638. William Thomas Claer Spiker
  639. Alfred Nelson Sproule
  640. Cynthia Morgan St. John
  641. George Elijah Stanford
  642. Frederick Edgar Stark
  643. John Wesley Steacy
  644. Sumner Everett Stearns
  645. Julio Miquel Steinacher
  646. Gustavo José Steinacher y Henna
  647. Morris Lewis Stern
  648. Henry Webster Stevens
  649. Willis Mack Stevenson
  650. Elliott William Stewart
  651. Stephen Donald Stone
  652. William Stewart Stothoff
  653. Vernon Davis Stratton
  654. William Henry Stratton
  655. Carl Waldemar Strauss
  656. Henry Lyman Strobridge
  657. Morgan Strong
  658. Susan Caroline Strong
  659. John G. Sullivan
  660. Joseph Ferris Sweet
  661. Monroe Marsh Sweetland
  662. Grace Pierson Taintor
  663. John Henry Tanner
  664. Lewis Leeds Tatum
  665. Bayard Taylor
  666. Beulah Wilson Taylor
  667. Harry Leonard Taylor
  668. John Chase Taylor
  669. John Hazen Teeple
  670. William Bliss Temple
  671. Joseph Albert Thomas
  672. Coralyn Phidelia Thompson
  673. John Fremont Thompson
  674. Madeleine Sylvester Thompson
  675. Mary Lucetta Thompson
  676. Robert Henry Thurston
  677. John Neal Tilton, Jr.
  678. Marie Ann Tipula
  679. Robert Noel Titus
  680. John Odell Todd
  681. Calvin Tomkins
  682. George Solomon Tompkins
  683. Stanislaus Pascal Franchot Tone
  684. William Martin Torrance
  685. John Townsend
  686. Arthur Bott Treman
  687. Walter Ensworth Truesdell
  688. John Clarence Tunnicliff
  689. Frederick Eugene Turneaure
  690. Moses Coit Tyler
  691. Elizabeth Rice Upham
  692. George Baxter Upham
  693. James Duncan Upham
  694. James Phineas Upham
  695. Ruth Brewster Upham
  696. Samuel Rice Upham
  697. Lena de Valliere
  698. James Elijah Vanderhoef
  699. Herman Klock Vedder
  700. Roland Chester Velguth
  701. Frank Van Vleck
  702. Joel Edward Wadsworth
  703. George Olds Wagner
  704. Bertrand Hinman Wait
  705. John Cassan Wait
  706. Lucien Augustus Wait
  707. Ada Matilda Walker
  708. Ernest Graham Walker
  709. John Sydney Walker
  710. Mary Duncan Walker
  711. Arthur Cyrus Walser
  712. Lee Barker Walton
  713. Leon Wendell Walton
  714. George Bradner Warner
  715. Monroe Warner
  716. John Sayles Waterman
  717. George Frederick Weber
  718. Benjamin Harry Weisbrod
  719. Ralph Sutherland Westing
  720. William Harrison Wheeler
  721. Andrew Dickson White
  722. Annie White
  723. Horatio Stevens White
  724. Ezra Bailey Whitman
  725. Guy Frank Whitney
  726. John Lewis Whiton
  727. Don Jay Wickham
  728. Anna Eliza Wickins
  729. Phillip Henry Wiegand
  730. Mortimer Ralph Wiener
  731. Mortimore Ralph Wiener
  732. Maurice William Wiesner
  733. John D. Wigsten
  734. Charles Mason Wikoff
  735. Royal Edwards Wilbur
  736. Burt Green Wilder
  737. John Hayhurst Wilder
  738. Anna Wiles
  739. Duncan Ballard Williams
  740. Emmons Levi Williams
  741. J. W. Williams
  742. Paul Alfred Williams
  743. Roger Henry Williams
  744. Roger Butler Williams, Jr.
  745. Josiah Dustin Wilson
  746. William Dexter Wilson
  747. Linus Vere Windnagle
  748. George Payne Winters
  749. Clayton Adrian Wolfe
  750. Choong Wai Woo
  751. Mary Ann Wood
  752. Edward Randolph Wood, Jr.
  753. Loren Stratton Woolston
  754. Ray Worden
  755. George Creighton Wright
  756. Moses James Wright
  757. Wilfred LaSelles Wright
  758. Alanson Phelps Wyman
  759. Manton Marble Wyvell
  760. Adrian Monroe Yarrington
  761. Frank Oliver Young, Jr.
  762. Maria Anna Agatha Zehnder