Cornell University Hockey Films and Ephemera Collection,1962-2003.

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Cornell University hockey films, 1966-2003.
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Cornell University.
film reels, DVDs.
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Movie Film
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Film, videos, and other material relating to the Cornell University hockey team.
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Films of Cornell University hockey games. Some films in color. Also three hockey instructional movies. Films vary in type; some have sound and some do not; some are black and white and some are color. Also a DVD with some news clippings. Audio cassettes of games and ceremonies recorded by Fleet Morse. Hockey Puck, from February 26, 1938 game at West Point, Army 2 - Cornell 1. Also DVDs of broadcasts of game films. Also includes hockey awards banquet and game programs, including the January 6, 1973 Cornell/Harvard program (the game in which the famous chicken was tied to the goal post) and assorted clippings. "Annual College Hockey Tournament, Olympic Arena, Lake Placid" program, n.d..
Letter (verifax copy) from Barnaby Conrad Keeney, President of Brown University, in a program for the 18th NCAA hockey championships, 1965, held at Brown University, describing the birth of American college hockey and mentioning that among the first hockey players in the United States was a Cornellian, William A. Larned (Class of 1893).
Digitization of films can be arranged if requested.

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Additional Films:
See also collection #3-13-2843 for a VHS tape of the Cornell Hockey team performing the Nutcracker on ice, October 26, 1992, this might actually be Swan Lake. Stills from this performance can be found in the University Photo collection, #4-14-2883, Job 978/92 in Boxes 11, 13, and 28.
Portions of other Cornell films can be viewed in the video available at
Digitization of films can be arranged if requested.


Box 1 16mm F-487
St. Lawrence 1962 Reel 1
Probably from December 7, 1962.
Box 2 16mm F-492
Yale 1963 Reel 1 [Due to fragility and potential degradation, please use the DVD copy of this video in same box - DVD-1498]
Probably from February 9, 1963.
Box 2 16mm F-493
Yale 1963 Reel 2 [Due to fragility and potential degradation, please use the DVD copy of this video in same box - DVD-1498]
Probably from February 9, 1963.
Box 2 16mm F-494
Harvard 1964 Reel 2
Probably from January 11, 1964.
Box 2 16mm F-495
R.P.I. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1966
Probably at RPI November 26, 1966. Color.
Box 3 DVD-849
ESPN Classic, Woody's World broadcast, includes segment about helmets in hockey that has clips of a 1968 Boston University hockey game, broadcast January 15, 2005.
Box 1 16mm F-489
Boston University
Digitized. Probably at Ithaca February 18, 1969
Box 1 16mm F-488
Highlights from 1970
Digitized. Includes: the Syracuse Invitational tournament with Colgate on January 3, 1970, at Toronto on January 24, 1970 and the NCAA Final vs Clarkson on March 21, 1970 at Lake Placid.
Box 1 16mm F-490-491
Hockey at Cornell by James Maas (2 copies)
ca. 1970
Box 3 CD-1840
NCAA Hockey Championship highlights against Boston University, digital file only.
Box 1 Video V-6030
Appears to be highlights from the 1977 season
Digitized. Magnetic video tape, with broadcast sound. Includes Lance Nethery speaking after winning the Nicky Bawlf Award.
Box 3 DVD #60
Providence, ECAC Quarterfinal
From March 6, 1979. Audio broadcaster is Roy Ives. Newspaper clippings about game included in DVD case.
Box 3 DVD-850
Colorado College, NCAA Championship First Round
March 25, 2006
Box 3 DVD-851
Wisconsin, NCAA Championship Regional Final Disc 1
March 26, 2006
Box 3 DVD-852
Wisconsin, NCAA Championship Regional Final Disc 2
March 26, 2006
Box 3 DVD-853
at Union
February 11, 2011
Box 3 DVD-854
Dartmouth, ECAC Championship Semifinal
March 18, 2011
Box 3 DVD-855
Boston University, Red Hot Hockey at Madison Square Garden
November 26, 2011
Box 3 DVD-856
at Yale
December 4, 2011
Box 3 DVD-857
January 27, 2012
Box 3 DVD-858
at RPI
February 3, 2012
Box 2 16mm F-497
Instructional Hockey #5 Passing and Receiving by Labatt Brewery
ca. 1969
Color and Sound.
Box 2 16mm F-496
Instructional Hockey #6 Team Play Offense by Labatt Brewery
ca. 1969
Color and Sound.
Box 2 16mm F-498
Instructional Hockey #8 Team Play Defense by Labatt Brewery
ca. 1969
Color and Sound.
Box 3 CD-1840
Audio cassettes have been digitized and are available on CD in the collection. The recordings are not complete nor professional, recorded by Fleet Morse.
Box 3 Cassette TR-9360
ECAC finals consolation game from Boston Garden
March 16, 1985
Digitized. Includes sports news coverage from WHCU, portion of Lou Reycroft interview, portion of Adelphi lacrosse Paul Doherty interview. Pieces of the WHCU radio broadcast of the game starts during the second intermission with an interview with R.P.I coach Mike Addesa. The Cornell Big Red pep band can be clearly heard playing in the background. After the game are postgame interviews and NCAA tournament coverage
Box 3 Cassette TR-9361
1986 25th Annual Hockey Awards Banquet
April 12, 1986
Digitized. Recorded at The Party House 417 W. State Street. Includes: Side A Lou Reycroft Season recap and player introductions, presentation of year end awards. Other speakers include moderator Bud Hall, Doug Dadswell, Joe Nieuwendyk, Mark Canduro, Dr. Dan Yale. Side B Presentation of awards, speakers include Fleet Morse, Dave Hunter, Dale Coats, Duane Moeser, Wendell Earle, Peter Natyshak, George Taber, Donald Fawcett, Helen Cooley, Laing Kennedy, Doug Dadswell, Mike Schafer Also Cornell lacrosse news coverage including Roy Simmons Jr. and Richie Moran, Syracuse lacrosse postgame coverage versus Syracuse from April 12, 1986. Lastly radio coverage of the hockey award.
Box 1 Cassette TR-9362
25th Anniversary celebration of 1970 National Championship Team
January 27-28, 1995
Digitized. Side A at the St Lawrence game that night, January 27, sound of the pep band. January 28 Roy Ives, Brian McCutcheon talking, audio of 1970 Championship game film highlights against Clarkson until end. Side B Roy Ives, Ned Harkness talking and telling stories about the team. Also part of the Clarkson game that night, can hear Arthur Mintz on the PA. More player stories from members of the 1970 team, unclear who is speaking, ends with singing.
Box 1 Cassette TR-9363
1996 Hockey Awards Banquet
April 20, 1996
Digitized. Only a portion of the program was recorded. Includes reunion of the 1986 ECAC Championship team, Mike Schafer, player introductions from alumni, Lou Reycroft.
Box 1 Cassette TR-9364
NCAA East Regional vs Boston College
March 30, 2003
Digitized. Side A, Portions of the WHCU and other news coverage, postgame interviews from March 29 game vs Minnesota Mankato. Side B portions of television broadcast
Box 1 Cassette TR-9365
2003 Frozen Four at Buffalo, NY. Game against University of New Hampshire.
April 10, 2003
Digitized. Portions of WHCU radio broadcast and other coverage.
Box 3
Various Awards Banquet Programs annotated with winners, some in a bound volume some signed by players and coaches. Programs, clippings, some photographs. Programs include ECAC championship programs, including 1980 signed by the team. ECAC and NCAA championships programs. Several photographs including Douglas Murray, Sam Paolini and Stephen Baby. Story of the origin of the cowbell cheer by Neil Cohen.
Box 47-7-1958 - 68 MU-125
Hockey puck, from West Point, Army 2 - Cornell 1
February 26, 1938
Box Mapcase Folder 1
1970 hockey team poster board