Cornell Cooperative Extension Teaching and Information Department recordings, [ca. 1937-1955]
Collection Number: 21-24-950

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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Cornell Cooperative Extension Teaching and Information Department recordings, [ca. 1937-1955]
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Collection Number:
183 twelve and sixteen inch records of speeches, interviews, and informal talks by such figures in the field of agriculture and related professions.
Cornell University. Cooperative Extension. Teaching and Information Department
7 audiotape reels.
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183 twelve and sixteen inch records of speeches, interviews, and informal talks by such figures in the field of agriculture and related professions as Bristow Adams, Howard E. Babcock, Liberty Hyde Bailey, Cornelius Betton, Louis Bromfield, Thomas E. Dewey, Edward R. Eastman, Glen W. Herrick, Carl Ladd, Clyde Moore, William I. Myers, Edward O'Neal, E. Lawrence Palmer, James E. Rice, James B. Sumner, and Jared Van Wagenen, Jr.; recordings made by well-known personalities in other fields such as Hans Bethe talking on atomic energy (1945), Edward R. Murrow on V-J Day (1945), and Anthony Eden and Bidault on V-E Day; recordings of important Cornell programs such as the Thurston Memorial Celebration (1939), and the launching of the victory ship CORNELL VICTORY (1945); recordings of other events of regional interest in New York State such as the inaugural program radio station WENY (Elmira), and two recorded programs of the New York State Historical Plays Series; recordings concerning the Nature Study Program at Cornell; numerous agricultural and home economics technical extension programs; and a number of recorded performances of Cornell University choral and instrumental groups.


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Cornell Cooperative Extension Teaching and Information Department recordings, #21-24-950. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Adams, Bristow, 1875-1957.
Babcock, H. E. (Howard Edward), 1889-1950.
Bethe, Hans A. (Hans Albrecht), 1906-2005.
Betten, Cornelius.
Bromfield, Louis, 1896-1956.
Bidault, Georges.
Dewey, Thomas E. (Thomas Edmund), 1902-1971.
Eastman, Edward R.
Herrick, Glenn W. (Glenn Washington), 1870-1965.
Ladd, C. E. (Carl Edwin), 1888-1943.
Moore, Clyde.
Murrow, Edward R.
Myers, William Irving, 1891-1976.
O\'Neal, Edward Asbury.
Palmer, E. Laurence (Ephraim Laurence), 1888-1970.
Rice, James E.
Sumner, James B. (James Batcheller), 1887-1955.
Van Wagenen, Jared, Jr.
Cornell University
Cornell University -- : Faculty.
Cornell University -- : Songs and music.
Cornell University. Nature Study Program
Cornell Victory (ship)
New York State College of Agriculture
WENY (Radio station : Elmira, N.Y.)
Nuclear energy.
Nature study.
Home economics extension work -- New York (State)
Agricultural extension work -- New York (State)
Agriculture -- New York (State)

Scope and Contents
All the material in the collection may not be covered by this guide.
Tape Recording 4532 TR4532
Side.1.What's New In Farm and Home Research? Weathervanes, Down to Earth with Uncle Cal, Twenty-five Years of 4-H Club Work, Not as Father Did, American Farmer Program, Farm Folks That Are Different. Side 2. Farm Folks that Are Different, Post War Farming, Farm Manpower
Tape Recording 4534 TR4534
Side 1. Farmers Invent a New Fire Insurance, Pork-Breakfast, Quick Freezing of Farm Foods, Meeting Postwar Problems in Rural Areas: Improving property and Landscaping grounds., Food Problems II Food for Our Armed Forces, Potato Diseases and Control, The 1942 Dry Bean Crop, Instruction in Land Grant Colleges, Experiment Stations and Agricultural Research in the U.S. Side 2. Forestry Forum, The 4-H Member and His Bees, Some Answers to Questions About Forest Planting, Talk on Livestock Feed, What's Going On In Farm Research?-Biological Control of the Oriental Fruit Moth, A New Melon, The Part 4-H Plays in the Extension Service, 4-H and Soil Conservation, Roses
Tape Recording 4535 TR4535
Side 1. Some Reasons for American Agricultural Insect Problem, Roomates & Company, Farm and Home Week at Cornell, Maple Syrup, The American Farmer, Agriculture and the War, Extension Minutemen, Robert henry Thurston Memorial. Side 2. This Week in Nature, Meeting Milk Needs This Summer, Can Cows and Hens Pay Union Wages? Farm Research: Fresh Vegetables - Ready to Cook or Serve, Give the House a Break, Farm Research
Tape Recording 4536 TR4536
Side 1. Winning Poems in Poetry Contest, What Can We Expect From the Fertilization of the Farm Wood Lot?, Simple Ways of Preventing Insect Injuries in Flower Gardens, Some of Our More Recently Introduced Insect Pests, County Agents, Betwixt & Between,Dogs Help with Research, Prof. Louis W. Kaiser, CU interviews Maurice C. Bond Side 2. Prof. L.W. Kaiser int. MC. Bond, Farm Research: What's Ahead For Farmers in 1956, 4-H Candle Lighting Ceremony - Congress of 1940, Picking Bargains in Feeds for Farm Animals, Director Simons' Garden Tour, This Week On Your Poultry Farm, Simple Woodlot Steps
Tape Recording 4537 TR4537
Side 1. Cornell Plantations, Choke the Chokecherry, Launching of Cornell Victory