Paul F. Brissenden Papers

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Paul F. Brissenden Papers, 1913-1974
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Brissenden, Paul F.
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Paul F. Brissenden was born in Benzonia, Michigan on September 21, 1885. After completing his preparatory education at the Warren Academy in 1904, he enrolled at the
University of Denver from which he graduated in 1908. He earned his Master's Degree from the University of California in 1912 and finally completed his education at Columbia where the Ph.D. Degree was conferred upon him in 1917. On September 30, 1924, Paul Brissenden was married to Margaret A. Geer. They had three children.
In 1914, Brissenden assumed the responsibilities of the position of special agent for the U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations. During the period 1915-1920, he was employed as a special agent for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Professor Brissenden began his academic career as an Assistant Professor of Economics at New York University in 1920. Since 1921, however, he has served as lecturer, associate professor and professor of economics at Columbia University.
He was appointed vice-chairman of the Millinery Stabilization Committee, Inc. (New York City) in 1936 and has held that position since. Also, since 1937, Prof. Brissenden has served as impartial chairman under various collective bargaining agreements.
During World War II, Paul Brissenden served as consultant and member to the Clothing Advisory Committee of the Office of Production Management and War Production Board, as special consultant to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as mediator, arbitrator and referee for the National War Labor Board, and as vice-chairman and public member of the Regional War Labor Board for the Second Region.
Paul Brissenden also served as the chairman of the board of directors of the International Consumers League (1939-1940) and as a member of the board of directors of the International Rescue and Relief Committee beginning in 1940. As an arbitrator, he faithfully served as a member of the panel of the New York State Board of Mediation, American Arbitration Association and the U.S. Conciliation Service. He was a charter member of the National Academy of Arbitrators.
Professor Brissenden was the author of many works. Among them are: The I. W. W., A Study of American Syndicalism, 1919; Labor Turnover In Industry (with Emil Frankel), 1922; The Great Hawaiian Dock Strike, 1953; :The Labor Injunction In Hawaii, 1956 and, also, numerous reports, monographs and contributions to various economics and labor law journals.
Professor Brissenden died in 1974.
Source: Who's Who In America, 1962-63.


This collection includes notebooks, articles and reprints, and professional correspondence of Paul F. Brissenden, mostly concerning labor relations in Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand. Also included are clippings of articles from the New York Times in which Brissenden was mentioned.

Brissenden, Paul F., (Paul Frederick), 1885-1974

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