Tompkins Cortland Labor Coalition Records

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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library


Tompkins Cortland Labor Coalition Records, 1970-2003
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Tompkins Cortland Labor Coalition
15 linear ft.
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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Collection material in English, Spanish


Tompkins-Cortland Labor Coalition
American Postal Workers Union. Local 1151 (Ithaca, N.Y.) -- Archives
Ben & Jerry's (Firm) -- Archives
Brewer-Titchener Corporation, Cortland, N.Y. -- Archives
Cargill, Inc. -- Archives
Central Labor Council (Ithaca, N.Y.) -- Archives
Cornell University -- Employees -- Archives
Imperial Food Products. Plant (Hamlet, N.C.) -- Fire, 1991 -- Archives
Ithaca City School District (Ithaca, N.Y.) -- Archives
Ithaca Post Office (Ithaca, N.Y.) -- Archives
Lakeside Nursing Home -- Archives
Midstate Central Labor Council -- Archives
New York (State) Dept. of Labor -- Archives
New York (State) Public Employment Relations Board -- Archives
Smith-Corona Inc. -- Archives
Tompkins-Cortland Labor Coalition --Archives

Work environment
Work environment -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Work environment -- New York (State) -- Cortland County
Industrial hygiene
Industrial hygiene -- New York (State)
Industrial hygiene -- New York (State) -- Cortland County
Industrial hygiene -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Industrial hygiene -- Salt mines and mining -- New York (State)
Industrial hygiene -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Industrial hygiene -- Employment -- Law and legislation -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Environmental responsibility -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Environmental responsibility -- New York (State) -- Cortland County
Environmental responsibility -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Industrial safety -- New York (State) -- Cortland County
Plant shutdowns -- Economic aspects -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Plant shutdowns -- Economic aspects -- New York (State) -- Cortland County
Unfair labor practices -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Unfair labor practices -- New York (State) -- Cortland County
Working class
Workers' compensation -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Workers' compensation -- New York (State) -- Cortland County
Workers' compensation -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Workers' compensation -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Strikes and lockouts -- New York (State) -- Tompkins County
Strikes and lockouts -- New York (State) -- Cortland County

Geographic Subjects:
Tompkins County -- Officials and employees
Cortland County -- Officials and employees

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Box 1 Folder 1 2003
Correspondence, meeting agendas, copies of "Union City News"
Box 1 Folder 2 2002
Meeting minutes, correspondence, meeting agendas
Box 1 Folder 3 2001
Meeting minutes, correspondence, meeting agendas
Box 1 Folder 4 1992-1994
Correspondence, constitution, charter application, memoranda, news clippings, and pamphlet concerning the affiliation of the Mid-State Central Labor Council (Labor Coalition) with the New York State AFL-CIO.
Box 1 Folder 5 1993
Literature, information on Apprenticeship Program, Training Schedule, Application to the Institute.
Box 1 Folder 6 1990
Correspondence and news clippings concerning department store layoffs.
Box 1 Folder 7 1996-2000
Photographs, financial report, correspondence, news clippings, newsletters, press releases, grant proposal, resolution, meeting agendas and minutes, and notes from annual meetings
Box 1 Folder 8 1991-1992
City of Ithaca proclamation, annual reports, financial report, tax forms, handouts, news clippings presented at the 1991 annual meeting of the Tompkins/Cortland Labor Coalition (TCLC)
Box 1 Folder 9 1991-1992
Constitution and by-laws, phone and address directory, Steering Committee nomination list, attendance list, financial statements, annual reports for 1991 & 1992
Box 1 Folder 10 1990
Annual report, tax forms, financial report, correspondence, yearly dues report, annual membership meeting announcement.
Box 1 Folder 11 1989-1992
Box 1 Folder 12 1999
Box 1 Folder 13 1998-2002
Literature, training material, booklet - "Warning! Behavior Based Safety Can Be Hazardous to Your Health and Safety Program!"
Box 1 Folder 14 1986-1996
Grant proposals, correspondence, newspaper clippings.
Box 1 Folder 15 1982
Newspaper clippings
Box 1 Folder 16 1991-1993
Book "New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code", copy of "Official Compilation of Codes Rules & Regulations", other documentation.
Box 1 Folder 17 1993
Maps, City of Oswego - Motions, resolutions and notices, newspaper clippings, flyers, correspondence.
Box 1 Folder 18 1999
Correspondence about buttons.
Box 1 Folder 19 1986
Newspaper clippings, petitions, rally permits, correspondence, telephone lists, meeting minutes, flyers.
Box 1 Folder 20
Labor cartoons.
Box 1 Folder 21 2001-2002
Meeting agendas, minutes and correspondence.
Box 2 Folder 1 1997-1999
Flyer and correspondence.
Box 2 Folder 2 1995-1996
Correspondence, notes, research articles. Labor cartoon, copy of Local 97 Reporter, computer disk included with some documentation about the Lakeside settlement.
Box 2 Folder 3 1985-1988
Correspondence, proposals, flyers, legislation, Ad-Hoc Committee reports.
Box 2 Folder 4 1985-1989
Employment Maintenance Legislation, correspondence, job evaluation, criteria for funding of positions, news clippings on layoffs & shutdowns, Proposals for funding for new Labor Position.
Box 2 Folder 5 2001-2002
Correspondence, e-mails, Service Agreements, Guidelines & Criteria for Funding, cash flow report, funding requests.
Box 2 Folder 6 2000-2001
Correspondence,funding requests, recommendations.
Box 2 Folder 7 1999
Guidelines & Criteria, Service Agreement, funding proposal, correspondence, approval of funding.
Box 2 Folder 8 1996-1998
1997-1998 budget, Guidelines & Criteria, correspondence, service funding proposal, Service Agreement, contract for services report, accomplishments of 1996, Common Council review of budget request, flyers.
Box 2 Folder 9 1992-1994
Correspondence, grant information sheet, service agreement, resolution of funding.
Box 2 Folder 10 1989-1991
Survey , flyers, funding proposal, copy of FYI newspaper, copy of The Working Press, newspaper clippings on Smith Corona, newspaper clippings on death of Suit-Kote worker, grant approval correspondence, meeting notes from Human Services Committee, funding requests, addendum to the grant proposal, Service Contract, 1990-1991 projected budget.
Box 2 Folder 11 1996
Explanation of how survey is done. Copies of survey answers and correspondence.
Box 2 Folder 12 1996
Copies of survey answers and correspondence.
Box 2 Folder 13 1984
Collective Bargaining.Collective bargaining report - Standing Committee on Labor
Box 2 Folder 14 1997-1999
Books dealing with economics, "Common Sense Economics", "Wage Gap : Organizing Kit", "Tax Fairness : Organizing Kit"
Box 2 Folder 15 1985-1990
Newspaper clipplings, correspondence
Box 2 Folder 16 1991
Parking poll, C.U.E. tips newspaper, news clippings about the new parking fees at Cornell University.
Box 2 Folder 17 1990-1993
Preamble, revised constitution and by-laws, Coordinator's report on by-law changes.
Box 2 Folder 18
Master copy of the Constitution of the Mid-State Central Labor Coalition, AFL-CIO.
Box 2 Folder 19 1997
Booklet "Consultation Services for the Employer"
Box 2 Folder 20 1991-1996
1991 Sylabus, 1996 Ithaca Teachers Association contract
Box 2 Folder 21 1991-2001
Annual retreat agenda, job announcements for Coordinator position, Labor Coalition survey results, Coordinator evaluation, correspondence, job descriptions of Coordinator and Office Manager.
Box 2 Folder 22 1970-1990
Newspaper clippings about Cortland County businesses, correspondence, interview notes, meeting minutes, membership lists, booklet about "Brockway"
Box 2 Folder 23 1988-1992
Correspondence, staff time allotment sheets, budget correspondence.
Box 2 Folder 24 1986-1989
Box 2 Folder 25 1990-1992
Box 2 Folder 26 1990-2002
Literature, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, correspondence, Executive Summary of Compliance Manual Section 92 , copy of FYI issue dealing with ADA (Sept. 1992), resource information for Social Security Disability, several books : "The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990", "The Americans with Disabilities Act : Your Employment...", "The Americans with Disabilities Act : Questions and Answers", "The Americans with Disabilities Act : Your Responsibilities as an Employer", Ability You Can Bank On", "Fighting for the Right of Disabled Employees", several booklets published by Program on Employment and Disability, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell Univ.
Box 2 Folder 27
Pamphlets - "Education Discrimination", "Employment Discrimination, Information for the Private Sector and State and Local Governments"
Box 2 Folder 28 1989-1990
Information booklet, correspondence, newspaper articles, copies of legislation, "Negotiating Contract Language"
Box 2 Folder 29 1996-1998
Due sheets for members
Box 2 Folder 30 1993
Constitution and By-Laws (copy), due sheets noting member payment
Box 3 Folder 1 1988-1992
Due sheets from organizations and updated directory information on members, membership lists, correspondence
Box 3 Folder 2 1997-1998
Election stickers, newspaper clippings, candidate information.
Box 3 Folder 3 2002
Barbara Lifton, Newspaper clippings, campaign flyers, campaign information, invitations, posters, e-mail, and biography information.
Box 3 Folder 4 2002
Candidates, Newspaper clippings, correspondence, campaign ads, candidate survey, campaign flyers.
Box 3 Folder 5 2002
GeneralNewspaper clippings from before and after election day, e-mails, receipts, correspondence, election posters, candidate survey, campaign ads and flyers, bumper stickers.
Box 3 Folder 6 2000-2001
Newspaper clippings, campaign ads, correspondence.
Box 3 Folder 7 1999
GeneralCampaign ads, campaign stickers, newspaper clippings, correspondence.
Box 3 Folder 8 1990-1995
Map of New York State with toxic dumps marked, pamphlet "Campaign for Cleaner Corporations", booklet "The Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act", correspondence, Earth Day action checklist for local Unions and Labour Councils.
Box 3 Folder 9 1984-1987
Correspondence, meeting announcements, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, copy of "Suggestion Constitution for the Tompkins County Central Labor Council"
Box 3 Folder 10 1993-1998
FYI issue from Sept. 1997, research articles, copy of "Your Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993", newspaper clippings, fact sheets, FYI issue from Dec 1993, copy of FMLA Law
Box 3 Folder 11 1988-1994
Policy, dues policy, organization structure documents, by-laws, member list, Directors report, copies of "News" (their newsletter).
Box 3 Folder 12
Pamphlets and correspondence.
Box 3 Folder 13 1985-1992
Tax Equity Training agenda and information, newspaper clippings, business card for a Fiscal Policy Analyst from the Institute, booklets : "The Fair Tax Guide for New York", "Special Revenue Report I & II", "Too Much for Too Few", "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"
Box 3 Folder 14 1981-2000
Freedom of Information"Using the Freedom of Information Act", "Your Right to Know : New York State's Open Government Law", "Your Right to Federal Records", newspaper clippings
Box 3 Folder 15 1989
Document approved by the Steering Committee
Box 3 Folder 16 1991
Copy of "The Grad Grind" newsletter
Box 3 Folder 17
Examples of worker safety cartoons and graphic examples for handouts and flyers.
Box 3 Folder 18 1999-2000
Correspondence and grant applications
Box 3 Folder 19 1991-1994
Information on the plant fire in Hamlet, NC, at the Imperial Food Products, pamphlet "The Impact of the Imperial Food Products Fire : One Year Later", notes, newspaper clippings, papers written by Carl Feuer and Robin Whittlesey (of TCLC), about "Racism in the Workplace" and "The New Slavery", flyers
Box 3 Folder 20
Handouts and correspondence pertaining to the the workshop
Box 3 Folder 21
Material comparing American health care with Canadian health care programs.
Box 3 Folder 22 1990-2003
Privacy Notice, health care change pamphlets, provider lists, consumer guide to NY HMO's, Service Employee Benefit Fund - plan summary, correspondence, insurance forms, dental coverage information, newspaper clippings.
Box 3 Folder 23 1996-1997
Newspaper "Consumers' Guide to New York's Managed Care Bill of Rights".Copy of "Q&A, Recent Changes in Health Care Law", put out by Dept. of Labor, "Health Benefits Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)" by US Dept. of Labor.
Box 3 Folder 24 1988-1991
Job descriptions, application letters, hiring announcement, funding allocation, correspondence.
Box 3 Folder 25 1989-1994
Applications, reference letters, job postings, resumes.
Box 3 Folder 26 1998-2002
Resumes, job description, interview training material, correspondence, job offer letter.
Box 3 Folder 27 1991-1992
Personal information and referral information about people asking TCLC for help with job related problems, phone conversation notes, correspondence.
Box 3 Folder 28 1995-1996
Publications by the Insitute
Box 3 Folder 29 1989-1991
Joint All College Health and Safety Committee Meeting minutes, organization notes, and correspondence
Box 3 Folder 30 1982-1988
Employee list, survey drafts, survey final copy, survey answers, financial reports, newspaper clipping, Union agreement.
Box 4 Folder 1 1987
Survey Completed survey sheets
Box 4 Folder 2 1989
Cost analysis, corrrespondence, statistics reports, computer disk (5-1/4") [unlabelled], St. Paul Jobs Impact Statement and correspondence.
Box 4 Folder 3 1994
Cleveland Jobs with Justice, Coalition by-laws, sample letters calling meetings, sample Steering Committee agenda, sample minutes, miscellaneous
Box 4 Folder 4
Newspaper clippings, conference materials, correspondence
Box 4 Folder 5
Information flyers printed to "Alert" local unions of labor related issues.
Box 4 Folder 6 1999
Public company information sites - listing for corporate researchers
Box 4 Folder 7 2002
Organizing notes, flyers, financial information, correspondence, "Friend of Labor Award" information, Labor Day 2002 toolkit, worship resource book, newspaper clippings.
Box 4 Folder 8 2000-2001
"Friend of Labor Award" information, correspondence, flyers for 2000 Labor Day celebration.
Box 4 Folder 9 1997-1999
Correspondence, flyers, award information (Friend of Labor, Mother Jones, Goat of Labor, Joe Hill), planning information, newspaper clippings, receipts.
Box 4 Folder 10 1994-1996
Correspondence, flyers, newspaper clippings, award information (Friend of Labor, Mother Jones, Goat of Labor, Joe Hill)
Box 4 Folder 11 1988-1992
Labor Day Picnic Flyers, correspondence, newspaper clippings, award information (Friend of Labor, Mother Jones, Goat of Labor, Joe Hill), picnic preparation correspondence, agenda, prize winner information, music information, photos, labor song sheets (words and music).
Box 4 Folder 12 1991
Box 4 Folder 13 1994-1998
Newspaper and magazine articles, "NYS Labor & Environment Network : 1994 Plan of Action", "Jobs and the Environment", published by Public Health Institute and the Labor Institute, copy of resolution dealing with hazardous exposures and the creation of Neighborhood Hazard Prevention Committee, in Passic County, New Jersey.
Box 4 Folder 14 1984
Issue of Public Employee Press celebrating 40th Anniversary of District Council 37 - the largest public employee union in any city of the nation.
Box 4 Folder 15 1980-1990
Newspaper clippings, newspaper & magazine articles
Box 4 Folder 16 1985-1991
Labor Alert newsletter, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, letters to the editor.
Box 4 Folder 17 1987-1998
Flyers, newspaper clippings, correspondence with important labor news.
Box 4 Folder 18 1994
Copy of "Labor Notes" publication, correspondence about its creation, correspondence on Multi-Union Coalitions.
Box 4 Folder 19 1997
Certification forms, correspondence.
Box 4 Folder 20 1998
Handwritten references to lawyers names and addresses, correspondence.
Box 4 Folder 21
Examples of leaflets used in worker safety and information for new leaflets.
Box 4 Folder 22
"Draft"of Labor Policies for the City of Ithaca, "Local Policy Options Benefiting Labor".
Box 4 Folder 23
workers Pamphlets on worker rights
Box 4 Folder 24 1991
Correspondence about letters, copies of letters, and newsclippings of letters.
Box 4 Folder 25 1995-2003
Miscellaneous maps giving directions to labor events,many are undated for Cortland and Ithaca area.
Box 4 Folder 26 1990-1992
Lists of television, radio and newspaper names, addresses & phone numbers.Addresses for letters to editors for local and regional newspapers.
Box 4 Folder 27 1993-1994
Attendence sheet for year, correspondence about meetings, Labor Coalition - Schuyler County Membership List.
Box 4 Folder 28 1991-1992
Correspondence and meeting minutes for various meetings for the year, 1992 proposed budget, sign in sheets for members, meeting agendas.
Box 4 Folder 29 1988-1990
Correspondence, meeting minutes, role call sheets, meeting agendas, 1989 schedule of meetings for the year.
Box 4 Folder 30 1989-1991
Committee Correspondence between TCLC and possible new members.
Box 4 Folder 31
Lists of Unions and individuals names, addresses, and phone numbers.
Box 4 Folder 32 1994
Survey questions, survey result report.
Box 4 Folder 33 1989
Correspondence, meeting notes, proposals for housing solutions, meeting invitations.
Box 4 Folder 34 1992-2002
Union pamphlets, Union ads, petitions to Congressman Walsh, "Fast Track" flyers, UAW Administrative Letter, letters from Congressman Boehlert, Walsh, political cartoons, newspaper clippings, correspondence
Box 5 Folder 1 1993
Newspaper clippings about Triangle Steel, demonstration flyers, information sheets, "Anti-NAFTA Phoners Rap Sheet", correspondence, Legislator list
Box 5 Folder 2 1997
"Emma Lazarus Fund Grantees" memo, correspondence, booklets onhiring and job discrimination.
Box 5 Folder 3 1990
Negotiation notebook, training schedule & agenda, negotiation training information, information on the Taylor Law
Box 5 Folder 4 1989
1989 Brewer Tichener Negotiation notebook, Union contract campaign plan, copy of Collective Bargaining Law, ILR Career Services information on WISP
Box 5 Folder 5 2000-2002
Correspondence, flyers - information on forming New York Alliance
Box 5 Folder 6 1999-2000
Correspondence, flyers - information on forming New York Alliance
Box 5 Folder 7 2002-2003
Notes and memos on CA tour. Correspondence and workshop information.
Box 5 Folder 8
Newsletter and correspondence
Box 5 Folder 9 1984
Newspaper clippings
Box 5 Folder 10 1990-1993
Local Initiative grant paperwork, correspondence, Building Trades Proposal paperwork, Contract Signature sheets
Box 5 Folder 11 1997-1998
Abatement Board Correspondence, information sheets. Flyers and sign-up sheets for safety training.
Box 5 Folder 12 1996
Newspaper articles, information sheets.
Box 5 Folder 13 1998
Correspondence , applications and newspaper articles. Meeting agendas and notes, and training material.
Box 5 Folder 14 1989-1993
Correspondence and contract signature sheet from 1988-1991.
Box 5 Folder 15 1989-1992
Correspondence and "Detail Reimbursement Request" forms.
Box 5 Folder 16 1995
Correspondence, reports, paperwork, budget papers.
Box 5 Folder 17 1994
Correspondence, reports, paperwork, budget papers.
Box 5 Folder 18 1992-1993
Correspondence, reports, paperwork, budget papers.
Box 5 Folder 19 1991-1992
Correspondence, reports, paperwork, budget papers.
Box 5 Folder 20 1990-1991
Correspondence, reports, paperwork, budget papers.
Box 5 Folder 21 1989-1990
Correspondence, reports, paperwork, budget papers.
Box 5 Folder 22 1994-1996
Booklet about NYSERB, petition for investigation and certification of representatives pursuant to Section 705, correspondence, copy of New York State Employment Relations Act.
Box 5 Folder 23
Copies of newsletter "For Your Health/Safety"
Box 6 Folder 1 1980-2000
Photos, newspaper clippings of union and labor topics that made local headlines and impacted local unions in the 1980's and 1990's
Box 6 Folder 2 1986-1994
Press releases, correspondence
Box 6 Folder 3 1991
Leaflets That Work-- training pamphlet for writing newspaper ads/articles, union newspapers and leaflets (a seminar pamphlet from NYS School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Extension Division)
Box 6 Folder 4 2003
Copy of the grant proposal & correspondence
Box 6 Folder 5 1995-1996
Correspondence, meeting notes, membership lists, and meeting agendas, and newspaper articles.
Box 6 Folder 6 1977-1989
"Dynamics of Organizing" by Shel Trapp, Direct Action Organizing papers, labor organizing information
Box 6 Folder 7 1989-1996
Newspaper articles, several papers and articles written about Occupational Health & Safety training, workshop folder from "Participatory Occupational Health Education from Hunter Center for Occupational & Environmental Health.
Box 6 Folder 8 1991-1997
Several pamphlets offering information on pensions.
Box 6 Folder 9 1989-1997
List/price list of publications by PERB (Public Employment Relations Board), notes, correspondence, 2 PERB publications -- "The Taylor Law : 1989-1990" and "What is the Taylor Law"
Box 6 Folder 10 1984-2000
Pamphlets by PESH - "Consultation Assistance Available to Public Employees", "Inspection of Places of Public Employment", "Recording and Reporting Public Employees' Occupational", "Public Employee Safety and Health Act", "Voices of the Rank and File PESH Inspectors", copy of NYS Dept of Labor Safety Hazard report sheet, correspondence.
Box 6 Folder 11 1984-1994
Newspaper clippings, correspondence, NCR Corporation 1987 Annual report, papers written on "Early Warning" for plant closings - Books include --"He's Staying the Course", "County Business Patters", "Early Warning Manual Against Plant Closings", "West Side Jobs Retention Network", "What's Happening to Your Job?"
Box 6 Folder 12 1988-1989
Information on "The Warn Act", "Your Right to be Warned" (an UAW manual), Highlights of the 1988 Plant Closing Law, correspondence
Box 6 Folder 13 1986-1988
Various books and manuals published dealing with plant closing,articles, Social Cost Analysis of (Chrysler Auto Assembly Plant, Kenosha, Wisconsin), (Trico Plants in Buffalo, NY), Bethlehem Steel Impact Study, Midwest Center for Labor Research, 1987-1988 Annual report
Box 6 Folder 14
Box 6 Folder 15
Articles and news clippings
Box 6 Folder 16 1987-1990
Paper by OCAW (Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers International Union), publications of the US General Accounting Office, "Occupational Safety & Health : Options for Improving Safety...
Box 6 Folder 17 1989-1990
NYSTaylor Law booklet, Rules of Procedure, "What is the Taylor Law", select publications by Public Employee Relations Board (PERB)
Box 6 Folder 18 1992
Correspondence, advertisements for rallys
Box 6 Folder 19 1994
Correspondence and pamphlets with information about A. Philip Randolph and the exhibit.Newspaper articles.
Box 6 Folder 20 1988-1994
Correspondence on local resolutions that TCLC had a role in."Labor Coalition Statement on Development and the Proposed Moratorium"
Box 6 Folder 21
List of resources to contact for Occupational Safety and Health Issues
Box 6 Folder 22 1984-2001
Publication and video catalogs from The Labor Insitute ; California Working Group, Inc. ; Cornell University, Chemical Hazard Information Program ; Labor Occupational Health Program ; OSHA
Box 6 Folder 23
Information sheets and correspondence.
Box 6 Folder 24 1981-1993
Workshop folder from " The Right to Know Law : What You Should Know About Toxic Substances", "The Trainer's Guide to New Jersey's Right to Know Law", articles and pamphlets about the Right to Know Law.
Box 7 Folder 1 1989-1990
Safety information, organizing information, meeting announcements, correspondence, Employee Handbook.
Box 7 Folder 2 1992-1994
TCLC Worker's Compensation Program Course & Scholarship Applications, correspondence, Pre-Registration & Course Scholarship results
Box 7 Folder 3
Schools Environmental safety information
Box 7 Folder 4 2000-2001
Pamphlets & booklets on Occupational Health & Safety for Small Businesses.
Box 7 Folder 5 1983-1992
Layoffs Executive Summary done by TCLC, photos, newspaper clippings, survey and survey answers of SCM employees, legal papers for employees who sued SCM, correspondence to employees, SCM, TCLC, newspapers
Box 7 Folder 6 1990-2000
Newspaper clippings
Box 7 Folder 7 1989-1995
Pamphlets, newspaper clippings
Box 7 Folder 8 1992
Solidarity Committee "Solidarity Notes" official publication of the Solidarity Committee, draft of the by-laws, correspondence.
Box 7 Folder 9
UAW song booklet, song sheets, music sheets, labor chants, slogan sheets.
Box 7 Folder 10
Copies of "NCOSH" in Spanish, handbooks and information sheets
Box 7 Folder 11 1988-1989
Reports to the Labor Coalition from each Committee about their work from month to month. (Coalition, City Funding, Health and Safety Funding) -- Summary of history of TCLC.
Box 7 Folder 12
Mail label lists, blank mailing forms, phone caller "rap" sheet
Box 7 Folder 13
Articles and booklets on Sweden's Occupational Health & Safety
Box 7 Folder 14 1992-1993
Notes and correspondence.
Box 7 Folder 15 1989-1991
Handbooks for mobile home tenants rights and for renters rights, guide to NYS Fair Housing Laws against housing discrimination.
Box 7 Folder 16 1997
Correspondence about mediation regarding wages at the library.
Box 7 Folder 17 1988-1991
Copy of Jobs Policy, correspondence to various Unions and representatives to encourage their support of the Jobs Policy.
Box 7 Folder 18 1994
Trade Union Women's Conference Conference packet.
Box 7 Folder 19 1984-1991
Financial statements, copies of budget figures
Box 7 Folder 20 1988-1989
Newspaper and magazine articles, job descriptions, budget information.Explanation of who UNAC is and what they do.
Box 7 Folder 21 1991-1998
Pamphlets, articles, newspaper clippings about Whistleblowers, zeroxes of law, copy of "The Patient Safety and Health Care Whistleblower Protection Act".
Box 7 Folder 22
Correspondence and articles about women's health and safety.
Box 7 Folder 23
Pamphlets, memos and educational material on women in the workforce.
Box 7 Folder 24 1991-1995
Photos, pamphlets, phone list for attendees, evaluation form, sign up sheet for events, attendance sheets, mailing label sheets, registration list.
Box 7 Folder 25 1991-1993
Correspondence and notes, roster list, agendas, handouts.
Box 7 Folder 26 1990-1991
Central New York Women's Institute for Leadership Development - Pre- Conference Survey - (names/addresses etc.), Conference packet, programs for 1990 & 1991 Int'l. Women's Day Program, pamphlets, correspondence, button.
Box 7 Folder 27 1993-1994
Women's Leadership Development ConferenceCorrespondence, Labor Coalition Women's Committee Contact List, invitation, reservations, packet for conference.
Box 7 Folder 28
Pamphlets, booklets, newspaper articles and correspondence about workers compensation cases.
Box 8 Folder 1 1994
Pamphlets, booklets, newspaper articles about workers compensation cases.
Box 8 Folder 2 1997-1999
Newspaper clippings, flyers, correspondence, copies of "Workers' Comp : Myths & Realities", pamphlets, copies of "CWIP (The Center on Worker Injury Policy, Inc.)
Box 8 Folder 3 1994-1996
Newspaper clippings, flyers, correspondence, copies of "Workers' Comp : Myths & Realities", pamphlets, copies of "CWIP (The Center on Worker Injury Policy, Inc.)
Box 8 Folder 4 1988-1993
Newspaper clippings, flyers, correspondence, handouts
Box 8 Folder 5
Undated material, flyers, booklets, newspaper clippings, forms
Box 8 Folder 6 1991-1994
New York State Workers' Compensation Handbook, Application for License to appear on behalf of claimants, reservation stubs, rules and procedures of New York State Workers' Compensation Board, proposed syllabus, correspondence, workshop announcements, sign-in sheets, infromation sheets, forrms, etc.
Box 8 Folder 7 1998-2002
Correspondence, occupational fatality reports, activity flyers, announcements, organizational material, newspaper clippings, Massachusetts workplace report on fatalities.
Box 8 Folder 8 1996-1998
Booklet, flyers, Occupational Health & Safety newsletter, correspondence, UAW Represented Workplaces, fatalities list, AFL-CIO fact sheet.
Box 8 Folder 9 1994-1995
Photos, newspaper clippings, flyers, correspondence, agenda, pamphlets, posters
Box 8 Folder 10 1992-1993
Photos, newspaper clippings, flyers, correspondence, Workers Memorial Day kit, copy of Proclamation, press releases.
Box 8 Folder 11 1990-1991
Flyers, information sheets, copy of Proclamation, newspaper clippings, posters, correspondence, labor songs, agendas, photos & negatives, "Labor Alert", press releases.
Box 8 Folder 12 1988-1991
"The Working Poor" by David Gordon. News articles and information items on current workforces.
Box 8 Folder 13
Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, ideas for future/past articles
Box 8 Folder 14 1995-1996
Copies of ideas for articles. Correspondence and copies of articles.
Box 8 Folder 15 1995
Labor Day 1995. Working Press -- Solidarity Issue -- Labor Day 1995Correspondence and article ideas, also copies of finished articles.
Box 9 Folder 1 1989-1998
Workshop -- Air Quality Handouts, correspondence, conference material
Box 9 Folder 2 1989
Workshop -- Air Quality pamphlets and booklets from the conferences
Box 9 Folder 3 1984-1989
Informational material and handouts
Box 9 Folder 4 1988-1990
Booklets from workshops
Box 9 Folder 5 1991-1993
Information on back injuries and on clinics offered
Box 9 Folder 6 1993
Space training Handouts, correspondence
Box 9 Folder 7 1994
Examples of evaluation sheets used, and instructions on how to create new ones
Box 9 Folder 8
Newspaper articles, information material, correspondence
Box 9 Folder 9 1994-1995
Handouts, correspondence
Box 9 Folder 10 1999
Workshop folder with all the workshop materials and handouts
Box 9 Folder 11 1991-1993
Handouts, pamphlets, correspondence
Box 9 Folder 12 1993-2003
Handouts, information sheets, correspondence
Box 9 Folder 13 1988-1989
Handouts, infromation sheets, correspondence
Box 9 Folder 14 1996-1999
Handouts, correspondence, workshop information
Box 9 Folder 15 1993
Correspondence, information sheets, workshop sheets
Box 9 Folder 16 1993-1998
Correspondence and handouts
Box 9 Folder 17
Conference booklet & handouts
Box 9 Folder 18 1991-2003
Correspondence, training material , handouts
Box 9 Folder 19 1989-1992
Workplace Safety handouts, correspondence
Box 9 Folder 20 1998-2000
Copies of newsletters published.
Box 9 Folder 21 1999
Current research notes for newsletter.
Box 9 Folder 22 2000
Copy of newsletter, research articles, notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings
Box 9 Folder 23 1990-1994
Index for newsletter, list of videos in Labor Coalition Resource Center.
Box 9 Folder 24 1990-2001
Copies of newsletters pubilshed (not complete)
Box 9 Folder 25 1996-2001
Newspaper clippings about workplace issues, correspondence, copies of FYI, Int'l. Federation for Journalists, Communique, The Source : Indoor Air Quality and Your Schools, Canary News, many articles from other publications relating to workplace issues and injuries used as research for the newsletter.
Box 10 Folder 1 2001
Copy of newsletter, research articles, correspondence and newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 2 2000
Copy of newsletter, research articles, notes, correspondence and newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 3 2000
Copy of newsletter, research articles, notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 4 2000
Copy of newsletter, research articles, notes and correspondence.
Box 10 Folder 5 1999
Copy of newsletter, research articles, notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 6 1999
Copy of newsletter, research correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 7 1999
Copy of newsletter, research articles, notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 8 1999
Copies of newsletter, research correspondence and notes, newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 9 1999
Copy of newsletter, research articles, notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 10 1998
Copy of newsletter, newspaper clippings and research notes.
Box 10 Folder 11 1998
Copy of newsletter, research notes and correspondence.
Box 10 Folder 12 1998
Copy of newsletter, mailing list, newspaper clippings, research notes and articles.
Box 10 Folder 13 1998
Copy of newsletter, research correspondence and notes. "Double Jeaopardy : Caseworkers at Risk : Helping at Risk Kids".
Box 10 Folder 14 1997
Copy of newsletter, notes and articles for research.
Box 10 Folder 15 1997
Copy of newsletter, correspondence, newspaper clippings, research notes.
Box 10 Folder 16 1996
Copy of newsletter, notes, newspaper clippings, Women in Public Service newsletter, research notes.
Box 10 Folder 17 1996
Copy of newsletter, articles, notes and research information.
Box 10 Folder 18 1996
Copy of newsletter, articles and notes used for research of this issue.
Box 10 Folder 19 1995
Copy of newsletter, correspondence and articles, notes on workers' comp., workplace violence, and indoor air quality, used for research.
Box 10 Folder 20 1994-1999
Copies of issues of newsletter (not complete)
Box 10 Folder 21 1989-1994
Articles and correspondence about dagers in and around school buildings, information used for research on latest newsletter.
Box 10 Folder 22 1999
Copy of newsletter, research correspondence and literature, "Worker vs. Worker", newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 23 1998
Copy of newsletter, correspondence, newspaper clippings, research articles.
Box 10 Folder 24 1998
Research notes, "Mortality by Occupation, Industry, and Cause of Death", used for research.
Box 10 Folder 25 1997
Copy of newsletter, articles, newspaper clippings, notes and correspondence.
Box 10 Folder 26 1996
Copy of newsletter, articles, notes used to research topics in this issue.
Box 10 Folder 27 1996
Correspondence, articles, research notes, newspaper clippings used for researching this issue. Copy of newsletter.
Box 10 Folder 28 1995
Copy of newsletter, "Teachers Are Too Often Victims", articles used for research.
Box 10 Folder 29 1995
"Indoor Air Quality : A Local Case Study", correspondence and articles used in researching this issue.
Box 10 Folder 30 1995
Copy of newsletter, newspaper clippings, research notes.
Box 10 Folder 31 1993
Correspondence and articles used for researching this topic.
Box 10 Folder 32 1998
E-mails and correspondence in support of the publishing of this newsletter, copy of FYI readers survey.
Box 10 Folder 33 1993
Correspondence and articles used to research this topic, and the topics of Carpal Tunnel, Electro-Magnetic Exposure and Vision problems.
Box 10 Folder 34
Names and addresses of health & safety activists.
Box 10 Folder 35
Copies of TCLC "Health & Safety Bulletin", correspondence and memo on Right to Know Training.
Box 10 Folder 36 1983-2001
Correspondence, articles, newsletters, sample of contract language mostly dealing with collective bargaining language for contracts - contract language for health and safety issues, VDT use, pamphlets on health and safety programs.
Box 10 Folder 37 1991-1995
Copy of The Safety Link, news articles and information collected on chemical hazards in the workplace.
Box 10 Folder 38 1987-1993
Memos, news items on safety issues, newspaper clippings.
Box 10 Folder 39 1985-1997
Magazine articles, memos, UAW information sheets, correspondence, sample correspondence, copy of "Right to Know Complaint Form".Booklets - "It Takes More Than Housecalls", by Kate Bronfenbrenner (Director of Labor Education Research, NYSSI&LR), "Numbers That Count", by AFL-CIO, "Steward Manual", by CSEA, "Health and Safety for Inside Strategies", Organizing for Health and Safety" by Int'l. Chemical Workers Union, "How to Make Your Job Healthier" by NJ Dept. of Health, "Playing Industrial Hygiene to Win".
Box 10 Folder 40
Box 10 Folder 41 1986
Tip sheet from Central New York Council on Occupational Safety & Health (CNYCOSH), for maintaining a daily health log. Tip sheet on what to tell your doctor, pamphlets "Workplace Health Programs" and "Occupational Health Hazards".
Box 10 Folder 42 1984-1999
Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, memos, handwritten notes all used in gathering information on health and safety in the workplace."UNMET NEEDS", a paper put out by the National Safety Workplace Institute, "Building Solidarity in the Local Union" by Cornell University, NYS School of Industrial & Labor Relations, Extension Division.
Box 10 Folder 43 1983-1991
Getting information Surveys, articles, memos, booklets, UAW Training materials about chemical hazards, training memos on industrial hygiene, daily health logs, tracking hazards, reporting hazards, examples of employee forms, "How to Look at Your Plant", "Understanding Toxic Substances", "A Brief Guide to Record - Keeping Requirments for Occupational Injuries and Illnesses".
Box 11 Folder 1 1984-1989
Chemicals Magazine articles, research paper (draft) on workplace evaluation for occupational disease, pamphlets, memos, handwritten notes on various health and work related subjects. Booklet on toxic hazards.
Box 11 Folder 2 1986-1989
Management Copy of "Health & Safety Fact Sheet" (newsletter from AFL-CIO), example of US Dept. of Labor's "Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses", copy of OSHA 200 Log Case Study", magazine articles, memos, pamphlets, booklets, copy of "Worker's Guide to Recordkeeping Requirements Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970"
Box 11 Folder 3 1984-2000
Inspectors/Testing/Surveys. UAW Industrial Hygiene Surveys, Indoor Air Quality Employee Questionnaire, Hazard information sheets and questionnaires, VDT Workstation Checklist, magazine articles, different work related surveys used to determine health hazards, OSHA inspection form and information, newspaper clipping.Books - "Job Hazard Analysis" by US Dept. of Labor, and "Talking Union 1-On-1".
Box 11 Folder 4 1984
Investigating accidents. Articles, memos, forms, booklet "A Union Representatives Guide to Accident Investigation" by Jim Howe, Assistant Director, UAW Health and Safety Dept.
Box 11 Folder 5 1986-1996
Labor Management Commission. E-mails, correspondence, memos, handwritten notes, magazine articles on occupational safety and health.Books - "Occupational Safety and Health : Worksite Safety and Health Programs Show Promise" and "Occupational Safety & Health Programs Show Promise" by US General Accounting Office. "The Role of Labor-Management Committees in Safeguarding Worker Safety and Health" by US Dept. of Labor."Check-list and Guidelines for Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees" by Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. "Guide to Effective Joint Labor/Management Safety & Health Committees" by Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Program.
Box 11 Folder 6 1990
Magazine article about medical screenings and medical surveillance -- checklist
Box 11 Folder 7 1991-1995
Correspondence regarding upcoming conferences and meegtings.
Box 11 Folder 8 1973-1991
Magazine articles, memos, fact sheets, training memos, "Arbitral Value Judgments in Health and Safety Disputes" by James Gross from the Buffalo Law Review, v.54, zerox copies of cases from the Supreme Court Reporter.
Box 11 Folder 9
Sample request letters for : worker to obtain his/her exposure records, request for employers written plan, worker to obtain his/her medical records, release employee medical records to a union representative, employee or the union to obtain information on chemical exposures, employee to obtain the OSHA 200 Log of Inquiries and Illnesses.
Box 11 Folder 10 1990
Several papers on work environment at the University of Lowell of Lowell, Mass., newspaper clippings.
Box 11 Folder 11 1995-1996
Newspaper clippings, training memos on health & safety, union memos, handwritten notes on training outlines, book "Health and Safety for Inside Strategies".
Box 11 Folder 12 1984
Case Study SheetsCopies of Stewards Health and Safety training - cases, a "Factsheet" from London Hazards Centre, survey sheets, handwritten notes on how to conduct training and surveys.
Box 11 Folder 13 1991-1997
Training Course Brochures Flyers, pamphlets, information sheets for training in occupational safety.
Box 11 Folder 14
United Steelworkers of America - compensation booklet.
Box 11 Folder 15 1992
Workshop paperwork, memos that give tips and guidelines to improve writing skills for individuals who design written materials for their organizations.
Box 11 Folder 16 1989-1994
Correspondence and letters to the editor related to health & safety issues.
Box 11 Folder 17 2003
Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, Ergo-Awareness, Program Review/Needs Assessment, Basics of Health & Safety, Control of hazardous Energy, Chemical Safety in Laboratories, Avoiding Obstacles.
Box 11 Folder 18 2003
Workshop Eval. Evaluations for the following workshops : Health & Safety Committees, Ergonomics/Hazards, Getting Information on Hazards, OSHA Rights, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Box 11 Folder 19 1991-2001
Corespondence, magazine articles, booklet "Workplace Use of Back Belts" by US Dept. of Health and Human Services, newspaper clippings, memos.
Box 11 Folder 20 1991-1994
Surveys and survey results showing the number of back injuries and causes for custodians at Cornell.Correspondence, and educational articles on preventing back injuries.
Box 11 Folder 21 1989
Correspondence about poor ventilation and concerns about mold at Boyce Thomsen.
Box 11 Folder 22 1994
Correspondence and notes about concerns of working conditions for cashiers on campus.
Box 12 Folder 1 1993-1995
Correspondence about concerns of employees who have to deal with confined spaces. Correspondence about setting up training sessions, training material, session roster list, reports on possible safety violations. Copy of "Cornell University Confined Space Entry Program and Permit Entry Procedures"
Box 12 Folder 2
Memo stating access to information on health & safety issues.
Box 12 Folder 3 1993-2000
Ergonomics recommedations, correspondence discussing problems and solutions for job related injuries, surveys, statistics with recommendations for best and worst places to work. Written results of a Health & Safety walk thru of facilities with concerns and recommendations, employee survey, phone list for employees surveyed."Application of Occupational Ergonomics to Univ. Cafeteria Food Preparation and Service" submitted to Faculty/Staff Health program by Cornell.
Box 12 Folder 4 1991
Correspondence about the indoor air quality concerns at the Engineering Library.
Box 12 Folder 5 1994-1996
Handwritten notes, committee meeting minutes, correspondence, copy of ergonomics recommendations for dining (Punnett Report).Risk factor exercise report for food service workers, and Ergonomics Committee : Punnett Report - meeting minutes.
Box 12 Folder 6 1994
Correspondence about OSHA violations made at Gannett Health Center.Also correspondence on the resolution.
Box 12 Folder 7 1992
Correspondence about OSHA violations and copy of "Notice of Contest and Request for Informal Conference"
Box 12 Folder 8 1986-1996
Copy of Cornell University's Health and Safety document (Policy #2.4), copy of a Cornell University "Facts 1990-91" booklet. Copy of Personnel Manual - Resolving Employee Concerns". Correspondence, memos, and newspaper clippings. book by UAW Local 2300 - "Cornell Wages and Poverty : A Comparative Study of Service and Maintenance Employees' Wages"
Box 12 Folder 9 1991-1993
Correspondence sighting violations found during a walk thru.Correpsondence regarding employee concerns of violations, roster for training. Back clinic evaluation sheets.
Box 12 Folder 10 1993
Handwritten notes and correspondence about confined space training for the Grounds Dept.
Box 12 Folder 11 2000-2001
E-mails and memos concerning injuries of custodians and food service workers. Notes give numbers, location and type of injury. Correspondence and written documentation of injuries at Cornell Univ., lists of contact names and numbers at Cornell.Copy of "Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program" by Cornell Univ. Information on training, warning signs and walk thru assessments of Cornell Dining.Copy of "Repetitive Strain Injury : A Handbook fo Dining Workers at Cornell University" by UAW2300.
Box 12 Folder 12 1996-2001
Correspondence requesting statistics of injuries at Cornell. Stats of injuries and illnesses, days of work lost
Box 12 Folder 13 1990
Correpondence and report follow-up to a complaint about air-quality. Handwritten notes about conversations held regarding these issues.
Box 12 Folder 14 2001
Copy of Cornell University's Health & Safety Policy.
Box 12 Folder 15 1993
Correspondence from US Dept. of Labor citing violations of OSHA that were found during site inspection.
Box 12 Folder 16 1992-1993
Correspondence and notes with recommendations for correcting problems found when inspecting the Print Shop (ventilation, humidity, etc). Correspondence about ventilation and other problems at Martha Van Print Shop.Questionnaire given to Martha Van employees about ventilation. Handwritten notes on problems and contact numbers.
Box 12 Folder 17 1994
"Summary of Ergonomic Recommendations for Dining", conclusions of Punnett Report, and ergonomic assessment of selected jobs at Cornell Univ. Dining Facilities. Copy of report.
Box 12 Folder 18 1995-1998
Flyers, correspondence and surveys about RSI screening. Repetitive Stress information packet handed out at the free screening done on campus.
Box 12 Folder 19 1995
Photos, correspondence, cartoons, copy of handbook.
Box 12 Folder 20 1992-1994
Correspondence discussing the use and the dangers of chemicals by Residents Life employees.
Box 12 Folder 21 1990
Correspondence and notes about a safety walk thru on Oct. 30, 1990.
Box 12 Folder 22 2001
Survey results from employees on campus with health and safety concerns/problems.
Box 12 Folder 23 1999-2001
Traning materials used in seminars, correspondence, handwritten notes from investigations, articles of interest. Inspection checklist, evaluation of training.
Box 12 Folder 24 1991-1992
Correspondence concerning the indoor air quality in Uris Hall. Questionnaires received from Uris employees explaining symptoms and complaints.
Box 12 Folder 25 1990-1994
Staff survey about worker concerns, correspondence and memos discussing environmental issues.Correspondence explaining concerns, investigation of concerns and possible remedies. Newspaper clippings. "Veterinary Research Tower Indoor Air Quality Summary Report"Correspondence about inspection of the barn area of the Vet School and violations that were found.
Box 12 Folder 26 1989-1991
Health & Safety - - Cornell - Warren Hall (Print Shop) "Health Hazard Evaluation Report" by NIOSH Investigator - Edward A. Kaiser for Cornell Univ.Correspondence about air quality concerns, sight inspections and possible remedies for the Warren Hall Print Shop.
Box 12 Folder 27 1989
(8/1989). Reports and correspondence about "Drewgard 187", accidently getting into the potable water in the Ag Quad and how the situation was handled.
Box 12 Folder 28
Health & Safety -- Cornell - West Campus Dumpsters Handwritten notes from interviews with employees with complaints about using the dumpsters on West Campus.
Box 12 Folder 29 1990
Survey, correspondence concerning noise levels for employees working mainly in a pantry area of Williard Straight Dining.
Box 12 Folder 30 1991
Correspondence about copier fumes.
Box 12 Folder 31 1996-1998
Discomfort and injury survey results, ergonomic report. Newspaper clippings.Philips Lighting brochure.Correspondence, statistics & surveys dealing with health and safety hazards at Philips and how they should be corrected.Training and general information material.
Box 12 Folder 32 1991
Correspondence and articles about women's health and safety.
Box 13 Folder 1 1997-1998
Information Newspaper clippings, handwritten notes from interviews about Indoor Air Quality. Copy of staff directory at Beverly J. Martin.Correspondence both internal and external discussing concerns of Indoor Air Quality.
Box 13 Folder 2 1998-1999
Renovation Map of school, handwritten notes of problems and concerns, room by room.Memo on walk-thru in May 1998.Memos from Site Based Committee on repairs need at BJM.Corresopondence about concerns within BJM.
Box 13 Folder 3
Correspondence, notes, news articles, letters to editor, info on Biggs Bldg.
Box 13 Folder 4 1989-1995
Correspondence about indoor air quality problems. Health Questionnaire summary and air sample summary from 1993.Indoor Air Quality Investigation, Executive Summary for Dewitt Middle School & Belle Sherman Annex.
Box 13 Folder 5 1986-1992
Correspondence discussing health & safety issues in the Brewer Tichener (Cooper) plant in Cortland. Training information, and articles showing ways to correct or improve working conditions.Workplace surveys about health & safety issues.
Box 13 Folder 6 2003
Handwritten notes and training roster for training on understanding OSH resources.
Box 13 Folder 7 1997
Correspondence with Union Local 200A requesting a walk-thru of Corning Hospital and setting up arrangements.Related articles and information sheets.Correspondence and statistics about Corning Hospital's health & safety record.Training opportunities for the staff.Copies of minutes from the hospitals Safety Committee meetings.Copies of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Union and the RNs, LPNs, Service and Maintenance Workers for 1996/97 and 2000/2001.
Box 13 Folder 8
Handwritten notes of health & safety concerns expressed by Teachers Assoc. President.
Box 13 Folder 9 1998-2002
OSHA information sheets for both teachers and students listing worker rights. List of general sources of information and assistance with workplace issues.Training material notes, newspaper articles.
Box 13 Folder 10
Referral form and notes
Box 13 Folder 11 1991-1994
CSEA 812 list of DOT workers, workplace survey given to Cortland area workers to check on workplace hazards.Copy of paperwork discussing workplace investigations of hazards.Related magazine articles, correspondence about various violations or concerns.Newspaper clippings, investigation narratives.
Box 13 Folder 12 2002-2003
Correspondence trying to set up training sessions for Cortland County employees.
Box 13 Folder 13 2002-2003
Career Center Paperwork and course material from NYS Dept. of Labor for training on workplace health & safety.
Box 13 Folder 14 1994
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with hazard information about Corcraft Floor Wax Remover (floor stripper).Correspondence reporting possible health hazards.
Box 13 Folder 15 1989-1995
Represents office, custodial, maintenance, grounds, boiler plant and general stores employees.Paperwork about health and safety training.Correspondence on specific concerns on campus.Questionnaires on hand/wrist cumulative trauma. Map of campus.
Box 13 Folder 16 1993
Correspondence about work related injuries and concerns. Correspondence on follow up to training session on how to help or prevent the hazards in question (back, VDT use, etc.)
Box 13 Folder 17
Copy of Safety Council By-Laws.
Box 13 Folder 18 1995
Indoor Air Quality survey given to Dewit Middle School employees. Correspondence about the survey.
Box 13 Folder 19 1993
Paperwork sighting alleged safety or health hazards at the Econolodge on Triphammer Rd., Ithaca.
Box 13 Folder 20 1990-1994
Injury and illnesses tally sheets. Executive Board Address list.Correspondence on health & safety training, survey, and questionnaire.Correspondence about IAM 1607 withdrawing from TCLC.
Box 13 Folder 21 1995-1996
Handwritten notes and correspondence concerning indoor air quality at the Fingerlakes Library.Surveys filled out by employees stating specific concerns.Articles of interest.
Box 13 Folder 22 1992
Correspondence about concern of back injuries and solutions - setting up back clinic. Correspondence on result of a health & safety walk-thru.
Box 13 Folder 23 1992
Handwritten notes taken about concerns at George & Junior Republic.Correspondence about some reading material and possible training exercises.
Box 13 Folder 24
"Material Safety Data Sheet", stating hazards of cleaners being used. Memo regarding safety violations.
Box 13 Folder 25 1998-2000
Committee's handwritten notes on finances. Grant funding request for 2000.
Box 13 Folder 26 1992-2000
Press releases about indoor air quality at several Ithaca Schools.Correspondence about indoor air quality. Journal of a custodian bothered, healthwise by indoor air quality.Report from SUNY Health Science Center, Syracuse on Indoor Air Quality for Ithaca City Schools, Boynton & Dewitt. Newspaper clippings.
Box 13 Folder 27 1995
Correspondence and information sheets on workplace hazards.
Box 13 Folder 28 1984-1998
Human Resources Accident Logs, Ergonomic Hazards Report for 1998, safety reports stating hazards, and correspondence.
Box 13 Folder 29 1988-1997
History Correspondence about indoor air quality at a number of the schools, correspondence about repairing fire damage to Central Elementary.
Box 13 Folder 30 1994-1998
Information on training opportunities dealing with hazards found in their work area.Pamphlets, information sheets on occupational health & safety issues.IAQ Hazard Speak Out Sheets with comments.Newspaper clippings."An Office Building Occupant's Guide to Indoor Air Quality" by US Environmental Protection Agency, and "Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in the Modern Office" by the Labor Institute, NYC. "Workplace Violance" by AFSCME, "Asbestos in Schools", by NYCOSH, and "What You Should Know About Indoor Air Quality" by Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel, AFT.Right to know/Hazcom, Seminar papers.
Box 13 Folder 31 1996
Correspondence about Diesel Exhaust - Chemical Hazard Training.Copies of the bus driver ergonomics survey.
Box 14 Folder 1 1990-2002
Correspondence about workers picketing. Newspaper clippings.Correspondence about issues of concern and meeting to address them, several copies of "Inside Lakeside : A Newsletter of the Service Employees Int'l Union Local 200A". Copies of Injury/Illness Report and correspondence about training opportunities.
Box 14 Folder 2
Contract Examples Copies of contracts for several libraries in NY State.
Box 14 Folder 3 1991
Handwritten notes and correspondence on a Back Clinic given to employees of Ithaca City Schools.
Box 14 Folder 4 2002-2003
Handwritten notes about concerns of fumes when Applebee Elementary was being removed.Correspondence and information on mold in the school and the health hazards in poses.
Box 14 Folder 5
Copy of safety and health hazards paperwork, and training material.
Box 14 Folder 6 1988-1996
Health & safety hazards list, correspondence detailing some of the list and correspondence on training to deal with the hazards.Contract information.Injury/Illness report, Industrial Hygiene Report for Monarch.Copy of health survey.TCLC's suggestions for Health and Safety Contract language.
Box 14 Folder 7
Handwritten notes and news clippings about contract negotiations and lay offs at NCC.
Box 14 Folder 8
Picture negatives
Box 14 Folder 9
Box 14 Folder 10
Correspondence, pamphlets with info on air cleaners.
Box 14 Folder 11 1992-2002
Correspondence Newspaper clippings, articles and correspondence requesting and relaying information on IAQ.
Box 14 Folder 12 1987-2000
Pamphlets, memos and training material dealing with IAQ.
Box 14 Folder 13
Pamphlets, memos and training material dealing with IAQ.
Box 14 Folder 14 1990-1991
Newspaper and magazine articles about asbestos in the workplace.
Box 14 Folder 15 1990-1998
Newspaper and magazine articles.Pamplets and informational memos relating information on back injuries and ergonomics.
Box 14 Folder 16 1994-2001
Correspondence, articles, pamphlets, newspaper and magazine clippings - discussing kinds of molds & fungus -- ways to detect it and ways to get rid of it.
Box 14 Folder 17 1992-1997
Articles about various bioaerosois.
Box 14 Folder 18 1997-2000
Correspondence and articles with information about Carbonless Copy Paper and hazards it causes. "NIOSH Hazard Review : Carbonless Copy Paper" by US Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Box 14 Folder 19 1989-2000
Newspaper clippings, articles and correspondence giving information on the dangers of new carpeting and health problems.
Box 14 Folder 20 1992-1999
Articles and correspondence discussing health risks related to copiers and printers.
Box 14 Folder 21 1993-1999
Articles and correspondence discussing possible health issues connected to IAQ.
Box 14 Folder 22
Copies of blank "Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards" forms.
Box 14 Folder 23
Job descriptions, survey, wage scales from different areas used to compare the position of a Page in the library.
Box 14 Folder 24 1994
Correspondence and paperwork about possible health & safety concerns and training to help.Copy of results of a walk-thru.
Box 14 Folder 25 1990-1991
Notes used to put together health & safety training sessions
Box 14 Folder 26 1991-1992
Notes and correspondence about a back clinic planned by TCLC for the staff at the Reconstruction Home.
Box 14 Folder 27 1996-1998
Paperwork submitted to OSHA about health and safety concersn. Correspondence about possible concerns at the Red Cross. Copy of the agreement between Tompkins County Chapter and UAW Local 2300, newspaper clippings.
Box 15 Folder 1 1995-1997
Correspondence on concerns and information on training for exposure to diseases. Memos and articles with information on the kinds of exposures and ways to reduce occurances.
Box 15 Folder 2 1991-1993
Correspondence and notes about individuals rights when it comes to workplace hazards and accidents.
Box 15 Folder 3 1994-1996
Copies of resume & correspondence about her working with TCLC.
Box 15 Folder 4
Several pamphlets explaining disability benefits in NYS.
Box 15 Folder 5 1996
Notes and correspondence on some health problems being caused by construction at South Seneca Jr/Sr High School.
Box 15 Folder 6 1991
Notes, memos, correspondence, news articles about Charles Streeter's death on Rt. 81 when a front end loader flipped.
Box 15 Folder 7 1994-2000
Memos and correspondence outlining training offered at different businesses in Tompkins County. Copy of the Tompkins County Board of REpresentatives Vision Statement.
Box 15 Folder 8 1983- 1993
Correspondence and articles discussing health and safety concerns for the dairy industry and UPS workers.Injury reports from Crowley Farms, Polly-O and Steuben Foods. Correspondence and violation notifications.
Box 15 Folder 9 1993
Newspaper articles, correspondence about what Therm produces and for whom.Correspondence and articles about a chemical spill of Varsol.
Box 15 Folder 10 1995
Health & Safety -- Local cases - Tompkins County Mental Health BuildingInformation sheets, correspondence, and finished assessment report on the indoor air quality at the Mental Health Bldg.
Box 15 Folder 11 1996
Newspaper clippings and memos/correspondence about the abrupt closing of the Head Start in Trumansburg and possible health hazards due to air quality.Memo and notes detailing actual inspection and findings. Correspondence to parents.
Box 15 Folder 12 1989-1996
Several copies of "Local 1326 Health and Safety News".Correspondence, articles and memos on health & safety concerns, action to be taken and training opportunities. Photo negatives of a few pictures taken for "Bear Facts" articles. Copies of articles from "Bear Facts".
Box 15 Folder 13 1995-1996
Correspondence about concerns of using Ecco 1500, film cleaner. Copy of MSDS for Ecco 1500.
Box 15 Folder 14 1992
Newspaper clippings about the shooting of 4 Social Service Workers in Watkins Glen.