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NYSUT President's Office Files, 1831- 1999
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New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)
Hobart, Thomas Y. Jr.
Ianuzzi, Richard
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New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) was created in 1972 by the merger of the New York State Teachers Association (NYSTA) and the United Teachers of New York (UTNY). NYSTA had been affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), and UTNY with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). UTNY was the statewide organization whose United Federation of Teachers (UFT), led by Albert Shanker, was the predominant teachers' union in New York City. In joining with United Teachers and affiliating with the AFT, NYSUT also became a member union of the AFL-CIO.
In 1976, NYSUT voted to disaffiliate with the NEA. Some locals left NYSUT and created the NYEA (New York Educators Association), which became the state affiliate for the NEA. In the early 1980s, NYEA changed its name to NEA-NY.
NYEA/NEA- NY viewed association with the AFL-CIO's industrial unions as undermining the professional image and independence of teachers. The two organizations also differed strongly on aspects of the governance structure, particularly with respect to ethnic minority representation, with NYSUT opposed to mandatory minimums. The rivalry between NYSUT and NYEA/NEA-NY in organizing new locals expended a great deal of resources for both labor organizations.
While competition with NYEA/NEA-NY was a constant focus of NYSUT's organizing efforts for teachers, NYSUT was also organizing college faculty members, nurses, and other non-teaching personnel. Once members were organized, NYSUT continued to advocate for teachers' and other workers' rights through contract support and legal services at the local level and political involvement at the state and federal levels, supporting candidates and legislation that protected funding, due process, and working conditions.
NEA-N Y merged with NYSUT in 2006, by which time NYSUT had grown to more than half a million members, becoming the largest union in New York State.


Thomas Y. Hobart, Jr., served as president of NYSUT since it was created in 1973 from the merger of NYSTA (New York State Teacher's Association, founded in 1845 and the largest state affiliate of the National Education Association) and UTNY (United Teachers of New York, affiliated with American Federation of Teachers-AFL-CIO). Hobart was a prime mover in the disaffiliation of NYSUT from the NEA, and reaffirmation of affiliation with the AFT, in 1976. He was involved in jurisdictional disputes that followed the split for many years, as NYSUT and NEA (through its affiliate, New York Educators Association) fought for membership at the local level; the rivalry was finally resolved when the two again merged in 2006, still maintaining strong ties with the AFT.
The president serves as a vice president of the AFT and vice president of New York State AFL-CIO and represents NYSUT in high-level interactions with state elected and appointed officials, particularly the Department of Education; international labor organizations; political parties; nonprofit service organizations such as the New York Special Olympics; and other unions. The president or his assistant has often visited regional offices to maintain firsthand contact with local concerns.
Hobart retired in 2005 and was succeeded by NYSUT's current president, Richard Ianuzzi.


Covers the period roughly corresponding to Tom Hobart's presidency, 1982-2004, with some files from the 1970s and a few as early as 1831. Documents Hobart's activities on the NYSUT Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Administrative Committee, officers' meetings, NY Special Olympics Board of Directors, international trips, and correspondence.

Hobart, Thomas Y. Jr.
Ianuzzi, Richard
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Box 1 Folder 1 1990
Related materials
Box 1 Folder 2 1995
October 23-26, 1995. Campaign materials for Tom Donahue and Barbara Easterling; AFL-CIO News, October 23-26
Box 1 Folder 3 1995
Campaign materials for John Sweeney; tentative program; newspaper clippings
Box 1 Folder 4 1995
Resolutions; constitution; Executive Council report; text of keynote address by President Donahue; delegate badges; related materials
Box 1 Folder 5 1991
Official convention call; agenda; list of resolutions from NYS AFL-CIO; printed booklet, "Health Care Bargaining: A Guide for the Nineties"; resource catalog of video, audio, print, advertising and promotional materials from the Labor Institute for Public Affairs, AFL-CIO, fall 1991; AFL-CIO News, November 13, 1991
Box 1 Folder 6 1987
4/10-4/11/87. Notice of health care seminar on June 29, 1987; list of regional conference dates and cities
Box 1 Folder 7 1991
2/13-2/22/91. Meeting notice; agenda for February 1990 meeting; draft of speech re pension system
Box 1 Folder 8 1994-1995
"Classrooms Held Hostage: Restoring Order to Our Schools," American Federation of Teachers President Albert Shanker's Address to the 1995 AFT Conference on Discipline and Safety; AFT Convention Resolutions, adopted July 1994; Report: AFT Defense Committee, Prepared for the AFT Executive Council Meeting, July 27, 1995; report of the AFT College-School Task Force on Student Achievement; "Closing the Circle: Making Higher Education a Full Partner in Systemic Reforms"; fact sheets, "First Things First: What Americans Expect from Public Schools - Summary" and "A Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Learning: Standards for Conduct, Standards for Achievement"; ad tear sheet by AFL-CIO re immigration; booklet, "Helping Your Child Learn Math," co-published by the AFT and the U.S. Department of Education, targeting union members
Box 1 Folder 9 1994
July 15-20, 1994. Approved budget for fiscal year 1994-95; lists of committee members; 1992-94 Report of the Officers of the AFT; daily summaries; "Key Findings from a Nationwide Survey of AFT Teacher Members," Peter D. Hart Research Associates
Box 1 Folder 10 1994
Program; roll call of delegates; daily summary, featuring Vice President Al Gore, July 17; 1994 Committee Report on Resolutions; 1994 Constitutional Amendments Committee Report and Special Orders of Business; 12-K Divisional Meeting and Agenda; convention recap; Progressive Caucus agenda
Box 1 Folder 11 1992
August 11-16, 1992. Proposed convention resolutions; roll call of delegates; 1990-92 Report of Officers; talking points for media interviews; constitution as of July 1990; committee reports; guide to black children's books; printed daily summaries of proceedings
Box 1 Folder 12 1992
August 11-16, 1992. Agenda; special order of business: endorsement of Bill Clinton and Al Gore for President and Vice President; report of opinion survey by Peter D. Hart Research Associates re presidential candidate preference of teachers, July 25-27, 1992; proposed constitutional amendments; resolution re national standards and assessments
Box 1 Folder 13 1992
August 11-16, 1992. Agenda; newsletter, "On the Hill: AFT Rates the 102nd Congress"; background paper on national standards and assessments; draft position paper, "U.S. Education - The Task Before Us"
Box 1 Folder 14 1992
Box 1 Folder 15 1974
August 19-23, 1974. Proceedings
Box 1 Folder 16 1996
February 13, 1996. Agenda; budgets; list of contributions to political candidates; resumes of new hires; statistics re public school enrollment, child poverty; article re privatization of public schools, by Max B. Sawicky; newspaper clippings
Box 1 Folder 17 1991
October 21, 1991 . AFT constitution as of July 1990; agenda
Box 1 Folder 18 1991
July 15, 1991. Agenda; budgets for organizational assistance programs, FY 1990-91; joint statement by AAUP, NEA, and AFT on the financial crisis in higher education, June 12; excerpts from Tentative Agreement between the Cincinnati Board of Education and Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, June 28; contract highlights; Interim Agreement between Wisconsin Education Association Council and the Wisconsin Federation of Teachers; legal ruling by the Ohio State Employment Relations Board, "Impasse Findings and Report," Toledo City Schools and Toledo Federation of Teachers, March 19, 1991; "Colleagues Still," statement on elimination of mandatory retirement, by John M. Reilly, president, United University Professors, Local 2190, Advisory Commission on Higher Education of the AFT (Study Group on Retirement); cover letter to Hobart from St. Louis Teachers Union urging endorsement of proposed AFT 1992 Convention resolution, with supporting materials (condensed paper by Henry George, "Progress and Poverty"; editorials and newspaper interviews with union leaders endorsing two-rate property tax)
Box 1 Folder 19 1991
February 12, 1991. Agenda; AFT financial report, December 31, 1990; affiliation agreement between Dearborn School Employees Independent Union and Michigan Federation of Teachers; list of organizational assistance program allocations, February 13-14, 1991; list of campaign contributions for the 1990 election cycle by COPE Department, motion to approve contributions for 1990/1992; AFT newsletter, On the Hill, January/February 1991, re nationwide election results
Box 1 Folder 20 1990
September 25, 1990. Agenda; minutes re financial allocations; FNHP Report to the AFT Executive Council re Health Care Division organizing and collective bargaining activities
Box 1 Folder 21 1990
July 5, 1990. Agenda; AFT financial report and budget proposal, April 30, 1990; list of organizational assistance program allocations
Box 1 Folder 22 1990
April 23, 1990. Agenda; list of contribution requests and allocations
Box 1 Folder 23 1996
June 24, 1996. Proposed Jurisdictional Agreement between the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO; memo re no-raid agreement; handwritten notes
Box 1 Folder 24 1995
July 27, 1995 . Agenda; Art Department Reports; 1994-95 budget for organizational assistance programs
Box 1 Folder 25 1991
10/22-10/23/91. Minutes of meeting; financial statements, June 20, 1991 and 1990; Executive Council Survey Results; AFT Proposals to AFT Staff Union, September 30; confidential "no-raid" agreement between Florida Education Association/United and FTP-NEA, October 7; list of contribution requests and allocations by Executive Committee at October 21 meeting
Box 1 Folder 26 1991
July 16-17, 1991. Minutes of meeting; department reports; Defense Committee report; Technology Committee report; report of investigation of election in Wappingers Federation of Transit, Custodial and Maintenance Workers, Local 3745; AFT Constitution, correct as of July 1990
Box 1 Folder 27 1991
13-14, 1991. Minutes of meeting; memo re AFT local and national activities re Persian Gulf war, January 25; International Affairs Department report; AFT Constitution, correct as of July 1990; letter from AFT president Albert Shanker to Roger Porter, assistant to the president for economic and domestic policy, following up on conversation on development of national examinations, August 15, 1990, with attached proposal to president's Education Advisory Committee and April 1985 article in Education Researcher, "Standards, Curriculum, and Performance: A Historical and Comparative Perspective," by Daniel and Lauren Resnick
Box 2 Folder 1 1990
September 26-27, 1990. Agenda and minutes of September 26 meeting; letter from Executive Board of Kansas City, Missouri, Federation of Teachers , Local 691, asking for investigation of president of Missouri Federation, September 10; Defense Committee report re defense of teachers facing discipline for drug possession, tenure denials, etc; legislative report; proposed resolution, 1990 United Nations World Summit for Children, with attached description of AFT's involvement in summit; list of locals to be reinstated; list of committee memberships
Box 2 Folder 2 1990
July 5, 1990. Agenda; financial report and budget proposal, April 30, 1990; list of AFT defense cases on behalf of teachers facing discipline for psychiatric problems, etc; newsletter, Chicago Union Teacher, July 1990
Box 2 Folder 3 1990
April 23-25, 1990. Agenda; minutes; list of defense cases on behalf of teachers facing discipline for falsifying test results, sexual misconduct, etc.; proposed resolutions on wide range of issues; opinion articles re inappropriateness of commercial advertising in classroom; materials re governor's races, including questionnaire for candidates
Box 2 Folder 4 1989
February 14-16, 1989. Agenda; minutes; financial report, December 31, 1989; forecasted budget proposal, July 1, 1989 - June 30, 1992; membership count, January 1990; defense cases; resolutions; policy essay, "Milestone of Tombstone: The Wagner Act at 50," Harvard Journal on Legislation, winter 1986
Box 2 Folder 5 1990
Program for conference, November 13-17; list of participants; outline of discussion of AFT Futures Committee; ideas for small group discussion; Citizen Action supplemental material for "Universal Health Care: The Only Applicable Solution to the Health Care Crisis," November 15; AFT booklet/poster, "It's Up to You: Building a Safer Approach to Universal Hygiene," with instructions for teachers for preventing HIV and other infectious transmission; NEA booklet, "Guidelines for the Delineation of Roles and Responsibilities for the Safe Delivery of Specialized Health Care in the Educational Setting," May 1, 1990; correspondence
Box 2 Folder 6 1995
August 29-30, 1995. Memo from Hobart re first meeting agenda; program for 1994 State Federation Conference
Box 2 Folder 7 1991
Correspondence and related materials in German re conference in Frankfurt, March 7-11; Hobart's travel journal; IFFTU (International Federation of Free Trade Unions) newsletter, Workers in Education, including article re new Germany, January 1991; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 2 Folder 8 1995
July 27-30, 1995. Sheraton Washington Hotel, Washington. AFT Quest '95 program, "Higher Stakes, Higher Standards: Designing Schools Where Children Achieve"; guide to technology, guide to exhibits; memo re media interviews at Quest, with attached sheet of talking point re privatization
Box 2 Folder 9 1995
June 28, 1995 . Copies of memo to Hobart requesting suggestions for whom to invite to meeting, and topics, with handwritten names; handwritten note re topics
Box 2 Folder 10 1992-1993
Memos, collective bargaining agreements, and letters of acceptance re requests for NYSUT affiliation from Depew Transportation Employees Association (Western New York Regional Office), January 28, 1992; Organization of Certified Teaching Assistants and Registered Professional School Nurses: Union Endicott Central School District, March 6, 1992; Office Staff Association of South Huntington, March 13, 1992; Northport-East Northport Teacher-Aide Association, March 25, 1992; School Bus Drivers Unit Association of Cattaraugus, May 6, 1992; Watervliet Support Staff Association, June 23, 1992; Union Endicott Maintenance Workers Association, July 8, 1992; Massena Federation of Summer School Teachers, July 9, 1992; Dansville Support Staff Association, August 10, 1992; Lyons Support Staff Association, September 15, 1992; Union of Middletown School Employees, November 3, 1992 and September 13, 1993; Border City (Geneva, NY) Teachers Association, November 12, 1992; Faculty Association of Jamestown Community College, November 24, 1992; Worchester Central School Non-Teaching Personnel, March 3, 1993; Mt. Pleasant School Related Employees, March 3, 1993; Schalmont Teachers Association, March 3, 1993; Rocky Point School Related Personnel Association, May 27, 1993; Rockland Community College Federation of Administrators, May 28, 1993; Southern Tier Substitute Teachers, November 29, 1993
Box 2 Folder 11 1989-1991
Memos, collective bargaining agreements, status sheets, and letters of acceptance re requests for NYSUT affiliation from Freeport Teachers Aides and Assistants Association, April 12, 1989; Union-Endicott Cafeteria Assn., Union-Endicott Aides Assn., Library Support Personnel Assn., May 4, 1989; Germantown T.A., May 19, 1989; Substitutes United in Broome, September 11, 1989; Schoharie Central Employees Association, October 31, 1989; Spencerport Aides Association, November 28, 1989; Secondary Teaching Assistants (Huntington, L.I.; Suffolk Regional Office), December 1, 1989; Edmeston Central School Faculty Association, January 17, 1990; Orchard Park Central School Educational Support Staff Association, March 29, 1990; Harpursville Support Staff Assn., June 28, 1990; BOCES United Employees 06-220, November 17, 1990; Madison Central School Teachers Association, February 6, 1991; Canton School Secretarial Association, December 3, 1990; Ulster County BOCES T.O, March 12, 1991; Berne-Knox-Westerlo Support Staff Association, June 10, 1991; York Teachers Association, June 27, 1991; Babylon TA (constitution), September 12, 1991; School Alliance for Substitutes in Education, November 18, 1991; Carthage Central Non-Teaching Association, November 18, 1991; CEWW BOCES (Plattsburgh Regional Office), November 27, 1991; Cobbelskill TA, December 5, 1991
Box 2 Folder 12 1986
Memos re Supreme Court decision re collection of a fee by a union from a nonmember
Box 2 Folder 13 1985-1987
Informational brochures on AIDS; memo to AFT Executive Council from general counsel re policies adopted by Georgia and Florida requiring testing of teachers and students "suspected" of having been exposed, June 30, 1987, with attached state board resolutions; NYSUT memos re whether school districts can impose mandatory testing, 1985; draft NYSUT position paper on AIDS, April 14, 1986, with attached recommendations by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control; guidelines by NYS Department of Health for education of infected children, September 4, 1985; press release by NYS Education Department re admission to school of children with AIDS, September 4, 1985; AFT proposed policy statement, 10/29/85, with proposed changes; NEA guidelines for dealing with AIDS in schools, October 9, 1985; editorial from Wall Street Journal calling for routine testing, May 26, 1987; related newspaper clippings
Box 2 Folder 14 1982-1987
Statement of Condition 1987; New York magazine article, April 5, 1982
Box 2 Folder 15 1986
Statement by the NYS Office of the State Comptroller re the New York State Retirement Fund and South Africa, September 1l; report, "South Africa: Is Peaceful Change Possible?" by Bayard Rustin, Charles Bloomstein, Walter Naegle; newspaper clippings, including New York Times op-ed by Desmond Tutu re sanctions
Box 2 Folder 16 1992-1994
"The Taylor Law Scope of Bargaining," response of Bernard F. Ashe, general counsel, NYSUT, May 7, 1992; New York Law Journal clipping re Ashe as highest-ranking black in the American Bar Association, August 9, 1993; related clippings
Box 2 Folder 17 1994-1995
Correspondence re seminar programs; brochures; newsletter
Box 2 Folder 18 1990
Aspen Institute Quarterly, 1990; brochures; program calendar; correspondence
Box 2 Folder 19 1982-1987
Executive Program brochure, 1987; conference report, "United States-Soviet Relations: Building a Congressional Cadre," August 12-16, 1987; newsletters, Aspen Institute Chronicle, 1987; lists of alumni, 1986; executive program reading lists for Justice and Society Seminar, 1982; American Experience Seminar; Tradition and Change Seminar
Box 2 Folder 20 1994
August 19-21, 1994. Correspondence re event honoring moderator of institute; list of presenters; typed highly abbreviated notes
Box 2 Folder 21 1988
6/10-6/12/88. List of participants and agenda; brochures; newsletter, "Aspen Institute Chronicle"; report, "The Americas in 1988: A Time for Choices: A Report of the Inter-American Dialogue"; newspaper by Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies, "The Presidential Candidates' Views on Central America U.S. Trade Policy"; handwritten notes
Box 2 Folder 22 1986
12/5-12/7/86. Brochure, "Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies"; brochure for Executive Seminars, 1987; brochure for Wye Woods conference center, Maryland; program calendar; handwritten notes
Box 2 Folder 23 1986
6/13-6/15/86. List of participants and agenda for U.S.-Soviet Relations seminar; brochure by the Committee for National Security; reprint from Foreign Affairs, "Gorbachev and the Third World"; handwritten notes
Box 2 Folder 24 1986
Newsletter, fall 1986; Harris survey, "Survey of Leaders on Leadership Development and Empowerment for Black Women"
Box 2 Folder 25 1983-1987
Official newsletters of the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, June-August 1987; press release, "'Moyers: Report from Philadelphia,' Bill Moyers' Series of Daily Essays on 1787 Constitutional Convention, Premieres Monday, May 18 on Public Television"; correspondence from the Board of Regents, University the State of New York, 1984-85; list of committee members; teachers guide re constitution and related materials
Box 2 Folder 26 1990-1995
Financial statements; letter to Hobart re COPE (Committee on Political Education) procedures and problems with endorsements of NYS Assembly and congressional candidates, November 14, 1990
Box 2 Folder 27 1991
June 22, 1991. List of local affiliates, per capital payments
Box 2 Folder 28 1991
October 15, 1991. List of members and affiliates, per capita payments; Buffalo AFL-CIO Council constitution; Rochester Labor Council constitution; correspondence
Box 2 Folder 29 1987
July 6, 1987. Minutes
Box 2 Folder 30 1988
April 27, 1988. Brochures, overview of report on the Task Force on Teaching as a Profession; agenda for seminar of education in western New York
Box 2 Folder 31 1986-1987
List of committee members; meeting agendas; list of target audience; letter re tasks of committee, sponsored by Buffalo Chamber of Commerce; list of seminar topics; printed booklets; meeting minutes; list of VOTE/COPE contributors; newspaper clippings
Box 2 Folder 32 1987
April 16, 1987. List of committee members; meeting agenda
Box 2 Folder 33 1987
January 30, 1987. Meeting agenda; list of target audience
Box 2 Folder 34 1986
December 5, 1986. Letter re tasks of committee, sponsored by Buffalo Chamber of Commerce; list of seminar topics; meeting agenda; printed booklet re Boston Seminar Series 1954-1979, sponsored by Boston College School of Management
Box 2 Folder 35 1987
January 26, 1987 . Meeting notice for subcommittee; list of target audience
Box 2 Folder 36 1990
December 6, 1990. Minutes of October 25, 1990, meeting; lost of VOTE/COPE contributors
Box 2 Folder 37 1988
February 1, 1988. Letters re Dukakis presidential campaign and delegate elections in the 31-32 Congressional Districts. See also Presidential Campaign 1988
Box 2 Folder 38 1986
Routine correspondence, newspaper clippings
Box 2 Folder 39 1995
November 16, 1995. Agenda of meeting (with Dan Walsh, David Shaffer, Margarita Mayo, Toni, Chuck?); rancorous letters between Albert Shanker, president, AFT, and Michael Casserly, executive director, Council of the Great City Schools, re Shanker's position on disruptive students, October 2 and 10; clippings and flyers re Shanker's "Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Learning"
Box 3 Folder 1 1985
11/1985. Printed report, "Who Will Teach Our Children? A Strategy for Improving California's Schools," by the California Commission on the Teaching Profession
Box 3 Folder 2 1985
Agenda for administrative conference for CASDA, State University of New York at Albany, 10/1985; related correspondence; CASDAIDS newsletter
Box 3 Folder 3 1989
New York Times editorial, statement by AARP
Box 3 Folder 4 1987
Routine correspondence
Box 3 Folder 5 1987
Bulletin, newsletter, conference brochure, routine correspondence; a program of the New York Institute of Technology
Box 3 Folder 6 1989
Program for annual dinner
Box 3 Folder 7 1990
Information packet for New York State division of national civics competition by Close Up Foundation, challenging students on knowledge of American political and cultural history and current events; teacher's guide; list of participating high schools and students; correspondence with Hobart
Box 3 Folder 8 1990
April 27, 1990. Rules of competition; official questions; printed Guide to American Studies, second edition; correspondence
Box 3 Folder 9 1991
April 19, 1991. List of finalists
Box 3 Folder 10 1994
October 19, 1994. Sheraton, NY Hotel and Towers, NYC. White House press releases, "Remarks by the President to the Autoworkers of Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant," October 11, 1994, and "Remarks by the President to the International Association of Chiefs of Police," October 17, 1994; fact sheets, "The Clinton Record in New York," "Clinton Administration Accomplishments - Quick List"; narrative of accomplishments for women; DNC publication re accomplishments for blacks, "President Clinton: Making a Difference for America"
Box 3 Folder 11 1995
November 15, 1995. List of questions to be asked in telephone interview with Robert Berne, member of the Commissioner's Review of the NY State Education Department; statement of mission and plan of review
Box 3 Folder 12 1995
November 27, 1995. NY State Education Department (SED). Tentative agenda; summary of "very disturbing" findings of Lehrman public opinion survey re perception of public schools
Box 3 Folder 13 1995
April 5, 1995. Tentative agenda. See also Teaching Profession Task Force
Box 3 Folder 14 1995
March 31, 1995. Agendas
Box 3 Folder 15 1995
February 22, 1995. Agenda
Box 3 Folder 16 1994
April 18, 1994. Notes from meeting re Career Pathways; correspondence between Hobart, Sobol, and Louis Grumet, executive director, NYS School Boards Association, re school-to-work system, April - March
Box 3 Folder 17 1993
December 6, 1993?. Handwritten agenda
Box 3 Folder 18 1993
October 22, 1993. Agenda; memo responding to draft materials from the Curriculum and Assessment Council, expressing concern over standards, October 22; memo, School Districts in Which Disabled Students Are Being Dumped into General Education Classes, October 20
Box 3 Folder 19 1993
September 14, 1993 . Statement re NYSUT Policy on Inclusion; handwritten notes; New York Teacher issue on caring for students with special medical needs, September 6, 1993
Box 3 Folder 20 1993
July 16, 1993. Agenda; press release, "State-Commissioned Panel Seeks Help for Catholic Schools through Tax Incentives and Collaboration," June 16, 1993; newspaper clipping; letters to Sobol from NYSUT first vice president Antonia Cortese asking for clarification of the role of teaching assistants particularly re giving medical care, September - October
Box 3 Folder 21 1993
June 8, 1993. List of meeting dates for 1993; handwritten notes
Box 3 Folder 22 1993
April 7, 1993. Agenda; memo from Hobart to Sobol re no need for defensiveness, February 17
Box 3 Folder 23 1992
October 31, 1992?. "Families and Work: The New Realities," by Hobart, writing in NY Works, fall 1990;
Box 3 Folder 24 1992
December 4, 1992? . Handwritten notes
Box 3 Folder 25 1992
August 25, 1992. Agenda; memo to NYSUT first vice president Cortese with attached memo written by Troy Superintendent Mario Scalzi opposing implementation of Regents position on shared decision making, May 15; press release, "Board of Regents Appoints Members to Curriculum and Assessment Committees," June 26
Box 3 Folder 26 1992
June 9, 1992. Agenda
Box 3 Folder 27 1992
May 13, 1992 . List of meeting dates for 1992; letter from Sobol to Hobart and co-chair of Task Force on Career Pathways responding to recommendations for school-to-work program, "Education that Works," April 30; draft of report; summary of task force issues; position paper, "Multiple Learning Environments"
Box 3 Folder 28 1992
March 4, 1992. Agenda; letter from Gov. Cuomo re budget proposal for FY 1992-93, with attached revised rules, February 7; text of bill establishing teacher centers; paper, "Task Force on Creating Career Pathways for New York State's Youth: Issues of Agreement"
Box 3 Folder 29 1991
June 5, 1991. Agenda; letter to Sobol from Louis Grumet, executive director, NYS School Boards Association, re shared decision making; related correspondence re impact of proposal; Regents proposed revised regulations
Box 3 Folder 30 1989-1992
Memos to Hobart: re draft letter to Gov. Cuomo urging sponsorship of comprehensive lead-poisoning prevention bill, December 2, 1991; recommending support for Laura Job, candidate for Assistant Commissioner of Labor for NYC, October 15, 1991; with copy of letter to Cuomo from NYS School Boards Association, NYS Council of School Superintendents, and the Association of School Business Officials re suggestions for dealing with fiscal crisis, December 3, 1990; re hardship caused by year's suspended salary pending hearing for John Scotti (Nassau Regional Office), slow pace, possible conflict of interest of panelist, July 12, 1990; investigation of violations of the constitution by Highland Teachers' Association, April 19, 1990; recommendation that NYSUT work closely with AFL-CIO re Universal NY Health Care Proposal (UNY-CARE), February 5, 1990; usage agreement for "It's No Game" sexual harassment video, November 3, 1990; discussion of Labor-Management Consortium meeting, September 20, 1989; article relevant to smoking policy, August 23, 1989; discussion of meetings of NYS Public Sector Labor-Management Consortium Subcommittee on Safety and Health, Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Oversight Committee, March-July 1989
Box 3 Folder 31 1978-1982
A newsletter for editors of NYSUT affiliated organizations. Sample issues, vol. 1, no. 1, through vol. IV, no. 6; correspondence, bills
Box 3 Folder 32 1995-1996
8/23/95-6/20/96. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 4 Folder 1 1995-1996
8/23/95-6/20/96. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 4 Folder 2 1995
1/18/95-8/21/95. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 4 Folder 3 1994
Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 4 Folder 4 1993
Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 5 Folder 1 1992
Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 5 Folder 2 1989-1991
Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 5 Folder 3 1990
6/1/90 - 11/29/90. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 5 Folder 4 1990-1991
12/3/90-1/31/91. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 5 Folder 5 1991-1995
2/1/91-1/17/95. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 6 Folder 1 1991-1995
2/1/91-1/17/95. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 7 Folder 1 1991-1995
2/1/91-1/17/95. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 8 Folder 1 1991-1995
2/1/91-1/17/95. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 9 Folder 1 1991-1995
2/1/91-1/17/95. Routine letters of congratulations on appointments, achievements, etc.
Box 9 Folder 2 1983-1987
Letters from NYS AFL-CIO chair Ed Cleary re recommendations for appointments to boards and commissions; meeting minutes; letter from SEUI Local 32B-32J president defining committee's functions, December 8, 1983; list of members
Box 9 Folder 3 1987-1989
Letters to NYSUT re meetings and conferences
Box 9 Folder 4 1989-1990
Memo from the AFT International Affairs Department to AFT Executive Council re Education for Democracy Project, January 29, 1990; Report of the AFT COPE (Committee on Political Education) Department to the AFT Executive Council, February 1990; newspaper clippings and text of broadcast excerpt of interview with Gov. Cuomo re project to translate Abraham Lincoln's thoughts on democracy into Polish
Box 9 Folder 5 1995
Program and two tickets for Presidential Gala, "Road to Victory," June 28, 1995, Sheraton Washington Hotel, Washington, D.C.
Box 9 Folder 6 1988
National Journal Convention Daily, July 19; the Atlanta Constitution, July 21; buttons, delegate badge. See also Presidential Campaign 1988
Box 9 Folder 7 1983-1995
1983-1985 (1995). Memo from NYSUT officers noting complaints over staff attire, urging professional appearance, November 2, 1983; memo outlining new dress requirements, February 51, 1985; Wall Street Journal newspaper clipping, c. 1995, noting prospective teachers who dress too neatly did not get jobs
Box 9 Folder 8 1995
September 7, 1995. Agenda re bargaining, Mid-Hudson locals without contracts, legislative issues
Box 9 Folder 9 1993-1994
Comprehensive Career Development Plan: Issues, Background Statements, and Objectives, April 1994; overheads for early childhood presentation to the NYS Board of Regents, January 13, 1994 (by Assistant Commissioner, Child, Family and Community Development); summary of Goals 2000: Educate America Act, prepared by the Council of Chief State School Officers; draft report to the National Education Goals Panel: "Reconsidering Children's Early Development and Learning: Toward Shared Beliefs and Vocabulary"; Board of Regents policy statement, adopted November 1992: "Supporting Young Children and Families: A Regents Policy Statement on Early Childhood," background paper and draft action plan; materials for forum by Center for Family Resources, "In Support of Families: Sharing Our Strengths," May 17, 1994
Box 9 Folder 10 1990-1995
Agendas and minutes; minutes of Collaborative Structures Subcommittee; research design proposal by Rockefeller College for evaluation of Collaborative Child Care Demonstration Program, March 31, 1993; agency policy paper, "Moving Toward a Unified System of Child Development and Family Support Services in Vermont," August 1992; letter of appointment to Hobart from Governor Cuomo's office, 1991
Box 9 Folder 11 1991
Minutes of Subcommittee on the Child Care and Development Block Grant; application by New York State for federal block grant, July 22; federal register rules for application for block grant; draft policy statement by New York State Board of Regents re parent partnerships in early childhood education, with notice of public hearings, May;
Box 9 Folder 12 1991
September 16, 1991. Agenda; findings of the Subcommittee on "Seamless" Funding and Parent Access; findings of the Collaborative Structures Subcommittee
Box 9 Folder 13 1992
January 29, 1992. Agenda; handwritten notes; newsletter; newspaper clippings; Collaborative Structures Subcommittee action plan for implementation of policy directions, January 2, 1992; list of changes in regulations governing school-age child care, 1991-92; draft legislation for Early Start program: A Proposal to Serve Infants and Toddlers with Disabling Conditions and Their Families; summary of Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Box 9 Folder 14 1991
May 29, 1991. List of pre-K programs funded by the NYS Education Department, by county
Box 9 Folder 15 1991
April 15, 1991. List of Steering Committee members, affiliations, and contact information; list of members of the Subgroup on Collaborative Structures, April 15, 1991; summary of first meeting, March 14, 1991
Box 9 Folder 16 1991
March 14, 1991. Description of purpose of committee; agenda; printed reports, "Early Childhood Services in New York State, volume II"; "Promoting the Development of Day Care Centers: Streamlining Licensing and Regulations," by NYS Office of Business Permits and Regulatory Assistance; "Expanding Early Childhood Services in New York State: A Report to the Governor and Legislature," submitted by the Task Force on Early Childhood Services, November 1988; related materials
Box 9 Folder 17 1994
NAEYC Position Statement: A Conceptual Framework for Early Childhood Professional Development, adopted November 1993; summary of Core Body of Knowledge Symposium, held March 21, 1994
Box 9 Folder 18 1993-1994
Printed reports by U.S Department of Education: "Access to Early Childhood Programs for Children at Risk," May 1994; and "Pubic School Kindergarten Teachers' Views on Children's Readiness for School, September 1993
Box 9 Folder 19 1993
Testimony by NYSUT vice president Antonia Cortese before the NYS Assembly Committee on Higher Education and Committee on Education, "Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Teachers for the Classroom of Today," December 6, 1993; agenda of meeting of Training and Technical Assistance Subcommittee, December 16, 1993; minutes of November 30 meeting; timeline for plan development; outline for planning process; amendment to NYC Health Code re day care services, December 16; related correspondence; handwritten notes
Box 9 Folder 20 1986-1988
Responses to critical articles in various newspapers
Box 9 Folder 21 1971-1982
Booklets; news report from Bureau of National Affairs, 1982
Box 9 Folder 22 1987-1988
Memos re cost increases. See also Health Insurance
Box 9 Folder 23 1983-1989
Letters from local candidates seeking NYSUT endorsement, with replies noting endorsements are made only for national and states races; letter from Stan Lundine thanking NYSUT for support in his race for Lieutenant Governor, August 27, 1986. See also Legislators
Box 9 Folder 24 1991
May 16, 1991. Ellis Island Museum, NY. Program; biography of Ralph Fasanella and description of film project
Box 9 Folder 25 1986
Conference announcement
Box 9 Folder 26 1974-1981
Brochure, routine correspondence
Box 9 Folder 27 1982-1988
Youth support group for AFL-CIO. Newspaper; proposal for college campus program, May 1, 1986; activity updates; booklet for 1986 high school conference; letter from NYSUT president congratulating Frontlash on successful Coors beer boycott, March 6, 1987
Box 9 Folder 28 1995
July 27, 1995. Pre-publication draft by AFT, "Making Standards Matter: A Fifty-State Progress Report on Efforts to Raise Academic Standards," July 27, 1995; press release, "Education Standards: States Make Progress, More Work Needed; 50-State Report Shows Significant Gaps," July 27, 1995; media advisory, "How the States Are Doing in Setting Academic Standards; New 50-State Report points to much activity, some improvement, weak links"; talking points re report; memos to Hobart re WBEN (Buffalo) radio interview, July 20 and 26; newsletter, Goals 2000 Update, May 1995; handwritten notes
Box 9 Folder 29 1977-1982
Testimony by NYSUT president Thomas Hobart on the proposed regulations for Part B of the Education for the Handicapped Act, September 15, 1982; NYSUT position statements; letter to Hobart from a special education teacher noting lack of sanitation in schools, hazards posed by hepatitis carriers, supporting revision of act, October 3, 1982; NYSUT newspaper clippings on issues of mainstreaming
Box 9 Folder 30 1976
Preliminary Report on Issues Dividing NYSUT and NEA, with original survey questionnaires
Box 9 Folder 31 1989
Survey by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc., of AFT voting patterns in the 1988 presidential election (Dukakis-Bush), April 21, 1989
Box 9 Folder 32 1986-1987
Memos re Empire Plan. See also Empire Plan
Box 9 Folder 33 1984-1987
Letter announcing joint seminar, May 1987; press release, Labor Center Reporter, University of California at Berkeley, re history of Israel's trade union federation, September 1984; Newsweek clipping
Box 9 Folder 34 1984-1988
Concept paper, "Potential Role of the State AFL-CIO in the Planning and Implementation of JTPA [Job Training Partnership Act of 1982] Services in New York State," with cover letter to Edward Cleary, president NYS AFL-CIO; statement by AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Donohue before the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources re the unemployment outlook, January 13, 1987; newsletter, July-August 1986; brochure describing HDRI, n.d.
Box 9 Folder 35 1984-1985
Text of resolution, introduced by NYSUT, to create national labor memorial park; copies of letters seeking support for resolution, with list of labor leaders (recipients of letter) and labor organizations; printed brochures; newspaper clippings
Box 10 Folder 1 1993
Stockholm, Sweden. Program, activities reports, and resolutions for 16th (and last) World Congress, 1/22-1/25/93; list of participants (national representatives); brochure, "IFFTU 1926-1993"; brochure for Swedish Teachers' Union; "Supervising the Dissolution of IFFTU"; Constituent Congress of the Education International proposed standing orders, January 26, 1993; agreement between IFFTU and World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession (WCOTP), September 8, 1992 (as agenda item 7 at 1993 World Congress), with cover letter to AFT Executive Council
Box 10 Folder 2 1993
Correspondence to AFT Executive Council and vice presidents re IFFTU World Congress, called for dissolution of IFFTU and AFT parent affiliate WCOTP and creation of a new organization; text of remarks by Mary Hatwood Futrell re new organization, January 26, 1993; text of speech by Fred Van Leeuwen, secretary-general, Education International Constituent Congress, January 26, 1993; address by Bob Harris of the Constituent Congress; financial statements, 1989-92, and report of auditing committee; IFFTU magazine, Workers in Education, December 1992; IFFTU News souvenir issue, with photos of national members, 1992; handwritten notes; expense receipts; related brochures
Box 10 Folder 3 1986-1988
Correspondence with NYS Alliance for Arts Education re NYSUT contribution to Imagination Celebration; printed invitations
Box 10 Folder 4 1987-1988
New York State Governor's commission. Annual report; revised agenda of ICC Education Colloquium; draft research report, "Working in the Schools," commissioned for the ICC; research report, "Getting a Piece of the Action: Employee Ownership in New York State," by the ICC, October 1987; budget request for 1987-88; correspondence
Box 10 Folder 5 1984-1989
Letter to NYSUT thanking them for contribution, with attached photo and remarks by President Reagan on signing the proclamation for Human Rights Day, 1989; briefing paper, "Who Speaks for Nicaragua's Evangelicals? An Interview with Kate Rafferty of Open Doors," January 1985; booklets: "Sanctuary: Challenge to the Churches," "Nicaragua: A Revolution against the Church?" "The Catholic Church in El Salvador," and "The Barren Fig Tree: A Christian Reappraisal of the Sandinista Revolution"; newsletters
Box 10 Folder 6 1987-1989
Letters from ILGWU president Jay Mazur and others thanking NYSUT for support of boycott against cap and gown manufacturer Cotrell and Leonard, based in Albany, NY; for lobbying against lifting ban on industrial homework; for non-endorsement of members of Congress who voted against the Textile and Apparel Trade Act; for contributing to the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
Box 10 Folder 7 1990
Sheraton Centre, NYC. Program for luncheon in honor of Hobart, December 8, 1990; text of speech by ILGWU president Jay Mazur, n.d.; newsletter, The Italian-American Labor Council News, Autumn 1990
Box 10 Folder 8 1978
List of striking teachers who have served jail sentences, by date, 1967-78
Box 10 Folder 9 1986
Announcement for teacher scholarship, list of 1985 winners
Box 10 Folder 10 1984-1988
Press materials from the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) re Palestinian situation in Israel, February 2, 1988; dinner invitations from the JCRC, Jewish National Fund, Jewish Teachers Association, Association of Orthodox Jewish Teachers, American Jewish Congress; newsletter and cover letter from the America-Israel Friendship League, October 15, 1984; brochure by American Jewish Committee, "Equal Access: What It Means to Your Schools," warning of encroachment of religion and religious divisiveness in public schools, with attached letter from NYSUT president Hobart
Box 10 Folder 11 1988-1989
Letter from Johnstone to AFT president Albert Shanker thanking him for comments in New York Times of March 26, 1989, re SUNY and CUNY budget problems; newspaper clipping re Johnstone; dinner invitation
Box 10 Folder 12 1985-1986
Letters to NYSUT president Hobart from Korean War veteran Thomas Murphy protesting inequitable retirement credits for teachers who served in armed forces; reply from Hobart that decision rests with state legislature in spite of efforts of NYSUT
Box 10 Folder 13 1981
Letter to NYSUT president Hobart from Klanwatch, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, asking for a copy of the study guide on the KKK being prepared by NYSUT, offering to send mini-textbook being prepared by Klanwatch, October 22, 1981, with attached brochure; letter to Hobart from retired NYSUT member urging action against KKK; reply from Hobart with attached article from AFL-CIO American Federationist
Box 10 Folder 14 1978-1979
AFL-CIO affinity organization for Hispanic Americans. Convention report, April 13-16, 1987; membership application; brochure; routine correspondence
Box 10 Folder 15 1979-1987
Labor Desk of the United States Youth Council, an international youth labor program. Newsletters; program paper, "Black Labor as a Swing Factor in South Africa's Evolution," by Roy Godson, spring 1979
Box 10 Folder 16 1984-1986
Statement of Ben Wattenberg, chairman, Coalition for a Democratic Majority, before the 1984 Democratic Platform Committee, re foreign policy, April 9, 1984; program for AFL-CIO 24th Constitutional Convention, August 1986; text of speech, "The Nicaraguan Democratic Struggle: Our Unfinished Revolution," by Alfonso Robelo, with cover letter from Social Democrats, July 1985; NYSUT brochure, "Organized Labor's Foreign Policy"; AFL-CIO brochure, "Foreign Policy with a Purpose"; memo from AFT president Albert Shanker with attached AFL-CIO policy re exchanges with trade union representatives from non-democratic countries, May 29, 1986
Box 10 Folder 17 1979
Memo from NYSUT Office of General Counsel giving legal opinion re force of commissioner's regulations in the absence of legislation
Box 10 Folder 18 1987-1990
Resolutions that NYSUT will reimburse fees to members exonerated in legal disputes
Box 10 Folder 19 1984
Correspondence on legal matters with staff about grievances and on matters such as the right to strike; brochure for teachers re NYSUT legal services
Box 10 Folder 20 1979-1985
Memoranda re Kramarsky v. Delta Air Lines, Inc, 1982; Grace Brethren Church v. California, 1981; petition against Southold Teacher Association, July 8, 1982; legal briefs
Box 10 Folder 21 1978
Box 10 Folder 22 1981-1987
Correspondence with NYS legislators re workers' compensation and state employee pension and health insurance bills, 1986-1987; letters to U.S. Senators D'Amato and Moynihan re Omnibus Trade Act and related legislation, February 18, 1987; reply from D'Amato, March 19; letters to NYSUT from U.S. Rep. Thomas Downey, re labor-related legislation, April-July, 1987; memo about school bus seat belt law, noting resolution by AFT Executive Committee opposing withholding federal funds from school districts that do not require seat belts on school buses, August 12, 1987, with attached copy of resolution and newspaper clipping; letter from Consumer Coalition Against the Use of Drugs in Eyes by Non-Medical Practitioners, re Optometric Drug Bill, with supporting material, August 3, 1983; letter from NYSUT to U.S. Rep. LaFalce in support of national holiday for Martin Luther King's birthday, July 13, 1983
Box 10 Folder 23 1983-1987
Letters from state and congressional legislators thanking NYSUT for its endorsement. See also Endorsements
Box 10 Folder 24 1980-1986
Joint statement by NYSUT and other labor unions denouncing the endorsement by the Liberal Party of the third-party candidacy of John Anderson for president; New York times clipping re statement, September 10, 1980; invitations to NYSUT president Thomas Hobart to attend Liberal Party annual dinners
Box 10 Folder 25 1989
Description of requirements in state license laws for hairdressing and cosmetology, hearing aid dealers, upholstery and bedding, notary public, real estate brokers, barbers, private investigator, watch, guard, and patrol licenses; legal briefs
Box 10 Folder 26 1988-1989
List of release time compensation by school district
Box 10 Folder 27 1996
February 28-29, 1996. Summary of conference evaluations; draft agenda outline; list of negative statements about teachers; handwritten notes; minutes of debriefing meeting
Box 10 Folder 28 1996
Includes findings of confidential survey by Peter D. Hart Research Associates of attitudes toward politics among NYSUT local presidents
Box 10 Folder 29 1995
July 10, 1995. Agenda for NYSUT new local presidents' conference; handwritten notes
Box 10 Folder 30 1995
March 15-16, 1995. Summary of conference evaluations; program; list of participants
Box 10 Folder 31 1995
Includes Current Legal Issues, complied by NYSUT Office of General Counsel
Box 10 Folder 32 1994
March 2-3, 1994. Summary of conference evaluations; survey of local presidents not attending, listing reasons for non-attendance; program and workshop topics; list of participants, minutes of conference committee, December 13 and September 21, 1993
Box 10 Folder 33 1994
Workshop outlines, including national health care initiative
Box 10 Folder 34 1993
April 28-29, 1993. Program; list of local participants; summary of evaluation comments
Box 10 Folder 35 1993
Workshop outlines
Box 11 Folder 1 1982
Letter to NYSUT president Hobart from the NYS Dept. of Commerce re inclusion of statistics showing excellent educational system in NYS in "Made in New York" campaign materials, August 11
Box 11 Folder 2 1994
March 4, 1994. Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, NYC. Invitation to retirement reception for NYSUT executive vice president; personal letter to Hobart from Magidson, January 17, 1978
Box 11 Folder 3 1987
Materials re Wharton Business School Management Training
Box 11 Folder 4 1988
Materials re Wharton Business School Management Training re use of performance appraisals
Box 11 Folder 5 1987-1988
Feedback by participants
Box 11 Folder 6 1979-1983
Fred Pryor Seminars: Managing People (rev.7/79); New Management, by University of Southern California Graduate School of Business Administration, 1983; related memos
Box 11 Folder 7 1993
AFL-CIO News and other printed literature re march on Washington, on 30th anniversary of Martin Luther King's March on Washington
Box 11 Folder 8 1994
Letters from MLK Commission executive director Virgil Hodges announcing retirement, December 14 and 20, 1994; letter of invitation and agenda for goodwill visit by Korean teachers, part of response to tensions between black community members and Korean American grocers in New York; commission newsletter, Together We Shall Overcome, spring 1994; 1995 calendar by NYS MLK Commission and Institute for Nonviolence
Box 11 Folder 9 1992-1993
Letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from commission executive director Virgil Hodges announcing resignation of Harry Belafonte from chairmanship of commission, August 26, 1992; letter to Hobart from Hodges confirming Hobart's appointment to commission Finance Committee, November 6, 1992; letter to the editor of Albany Times Union from Hodges refuting article alleging poor performance by commission in contracting to minority- and woman-owned firms, with cover letter from Hodges, August 16, 1992; materials re Green Ribbon Campaign, protesting acquittals in Rodney King beating case, May 1992; commission newsletters, Together We Shall Overcome, February 1992 and spring 1993
Box 11 Folder 10 1992
Printed program for seventh annual awards ceremony, held at Albany Hilton Hotel, 3/17/92; related correspondence; commission meeting schedule
Box 11 Folder 11 1991
State of New York Office of Inspector General "Report Concerning N.Y.S. Martin Luther King Institute for Nonviolence," File #110-001, re widespread financial mismanagement, April 22, 1991; Memorandum in Support of Legislation merging the King Institute and the MLK Commission and other women- and minority-related state agencies into the Division of Human Rights (introduced by state senator L. Paul Kehoe); memo to MLK Commission board members from Assemblyman Roger L. Green recommending responses to Inspector General report, including merging institute and commission, eliminating duplication of services, May 15, 1991; list of MLK Commission board members; description of Freedom Ride Educational Tours, and fee schedule; announcement for 3rd annual Summer Workshop on Nonviolence, and fee schedule; announcement for Adult Workshop on Nonviolence, and fee schedule; commission newsletter, Together We Shall Overcome, spring 1991; Albany Times Union article, "Belafonte Defends Relative's Contract," April 19, 1991; New York Times article, "Martin Luther King Center's Head Quits Amid Reports of Impropriety," April 16, 1991; similar newspaper clippings
Box 11 Folder 12 1991
5/15/91. Meeting notice and agenda (52 W. 20th St., NYC); State of New York Office of Inspector General "Report Concerning N.Y.S. Martin Luther King Institute for Nonviolence," File #110-001, re widespread financial mismanagement, April 22, 1991; Memorandum in Support of Legislation merging the King Institute and the MLK Commission and other women- and minority-related state agencies into the Division of Human Rights (introduced by state senator L. Paul Kehoe); travel-lodging request; handwritten notes
Box 11 Folder 13 1990
MLK Commission Annual Report to the Governor and the State Legislature, December 1, 1989, section 4: Budget Proposal for year ending March 31, 1991; memo to MLK Commission acting director Thomas Cooper from NYS Deputy Commissioner of Labor Virgil Hodges re FY 1991 budget proposal, recommending assigning all positions formal grade levels, October 24; memo to Finance Committee members re 1991 proposed budget, October 25, 1990, with memo to Cooper re administrative salary recommendations, September 24, minutes to May 16 and June 27, 1990, Board of Directors meetings, and related materials; commission newsletter, Together We Shall Overcome, summer 1990; newspaper clipping
Box 11 Folder 14 1990
10/31/90. Meeting notice and agenda (2 World Trade Center, NYC); announcement for sixth annual Arts & Sciences Competition; memo re recommended theme for 1991 King holiday celebration, October 22; memo to commission executive director Tom Cooper re future relationship between MLK Commission and NYS King Institute for Nonviolence, March 12; memo re background materials for Finance Committee meeting on proposed budget for FY 1991, October 25; memo to acting executive director Tom Cooper re future activities, May 28; minutes of May 16 and June 27 meetings; commission newsletter, Together We Shall Overcome, fall 1990
Box 11 Folder 15 1989
Copies of commission newsletter, The Legacy, vol. 1, nos. 1-3, January - October 1989; program for 60th anniversary march to the capital (Albany), "In Celebration of Children," January 18; text of "I Have a Dream" speech; New York Times article, "Debate Over Course of the King Center Surfaces after Son Resigns as Chief," re King Center for Nonviolent Social Change (Atlanta, GA), August 14, 1989, Associated Press article, "Belafonte Disparages Some on King Panel," re MLK Commission and NYS King Institute
Box 11 Folder 16 1988
Letter from NYSUT president Tom Hobart to MLK Commission chairman Harry Belafonte, expressing concern over poor attendance at Board of Directors meetings, chronic postponements, March 29, 1988; letter from NYS governor's office informing Hobart of his being considered for reappointment to commission, March 14; advisory notice that Gov. Cuomo might attend March 17 meeting; notice for May 18 meeting, with agenda noting purpose of adopting by-laws, absolute necessity for quorum; program for 1988 Summer Workshop on Nonviolence, sponsored for King Center for Nonviolent Social Change (Atlanta, GA), with cover letter to MLK Commission members from commission executive director Thomas Cooper, June 7; brochure about the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change; text of bill establishing NYS Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for Nonviolence; letters from MLK Commission executive director Thomas Cooper re signing of bill by governor; State of New Jersey King Commission and NYS MLK Commission invitation to reception for "The Making of the King Mural" documentary exhibit, June 27; original proclamation by NYS Governor Malcolm Wilson creating Martin Luther King Day in New York State, January 9, 1974
Box 11 Folder 17 1988
Seminar announcement and schedule, "Nonviolence: The Philosophy and Methodology," held 12/8/88; brochures on domestic violence, statement of purpose of the Interfaith Center for Peace with Justice, Agree conflict resolution program, Children's Creative Response to Conflict (sponsored by Quakers); Six Principles of Nonviolence, by King Center for Nonviolent Social Change (Atlanta, GA); press release, "Governor Signs Bill Establishing Nonviolence Center"
Box 11 Folder 18 1988
10/19/88. Meeting notice/agenda; orientation materials for commission members; list of commission contribution expenditures, October 12; 1989-90 proposed budget request-priorities; brochure
Box 11 Folder 19 1988
Washington Hilton Hotel, 9/19-9/21/88. Conference agenda, "Infusing Materials Related to Martin Luther King, Jr., into the Curriculum of the Nation's Schools," sponsored by National Education Committee of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission and Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc.; resource guide, 1985; Lesson Plans for American Teachers: The Life, Times, and Thoughts of Dr. Martin Luther King, reprinted from January 1975 issue of Changing Education; vinyl record of public service announcements by celebrities, 1987; booklet, "Now Is the Time: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on Labor in the South: The Case for a Coalition," January 1986; other booklets
Box 11 Folder 20 1988
5/18/88. Meeting notice/agenda (57th Floor, 2 World Trade Center, NYC); commission by-laws and operating procedures as revised 5/18/88; 1988-89 proposed budget request-priorities; letter from NYSUT president Tom Hobart to MLK Commission chairman Harry Belafonte, expressing concern over poor attendance at Board of Directors meetings, chronic postponements, March 29, 1988; handwritten notes
Box 11 Folder 21 1988
3/17/88. Meeting notice (57th Floor, 2 WTC, NYC); brochure
Box 11 Folder 22 1987
Program brochure for "Hand in Hand for Justice: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Jewish community: An exhibit program in the United States and Israel," presented by the American Israel Committee to Commemorate Martin Luther King Jr., sponsored by the MLK Commission; commission 1988-89 Budget Request-Priorities; letter from Hobart to commission chair Harry Belafonte, recommending corrections to by-laws and operating procedures of commission, December 15, 1987; brochure by MLK commission, "Project to Establish the New York State Institute for Nonviolence"; American Visions magazine special edition re Martin Luther King, with cover letter from Hobart to AFT members, February 1987; letter from Hobart to MLK Commission executive director Thomas Cooper, noting lack of labor representation in King birthday observance, initiating meeting to discuss direction of commission, January 27; commission Board of Directors meeting agendas for March 18, November 18, December 16
Box 11 Folder 23 1987
5/20/87. Meeting notice/agenda (57th Floor, 2 World Trade Center, NYC); list of administrative salary and consultant charges; radio proposal by Narwood Productions, Inc. "New Yorkers at Their Best"; handwritten notes
Box 11 Folder 24 1987
6/12/87. Meeting notice/agenda (Empire State Plaza, Albany)
Box 11 Folder 25 1987
Held for young people at Hyde Park, NY, 4/10/87. Agenda; "Statement on Racism"; newsletter, Children of War, noting Roots of Racism participation, May 1987; handwritten notes
Box 11 Folder 26 1987
2/18/87. Meeting notice/agenda (57th Floor, 2 World Trade Center, NYC); list of board and commission members; list of expenditures; special King supplement to Buyitin, newspaper of Intergroup Marketing & Communications Inc. in Association with WLIB 1190 AM, January 30
Box 11 Folder 27 1987
1/19/87. Empire State Plaza, Albany. Printed program, "An Ecumenical Statement Against Racial Policies in Southern Africa and Racial Violence in America"; invitation card
Box 11 Folder 28 1987
1/16/87. Empire State Plaza, Albany. Agenda with handwritten note, "No fine arts on program, no language arts, technical arts"; invitation card
Box 11 Folder 29 1986
Printed program for inaugural national birthday celebration, "Living the Dream," January 30; NYS Education Department MLK Resource Guide; "Blacks in America: A Photographic Record," by the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, with cover letter from MLK Commission Executive Director Thomas Cooper, October 31; list of NYSUT activities consistent with furthering the ideals of King (affirmative action policies, racism awareness workshops, resolutions opposing apartheid, etc), December 10; brochure for second annual Arts & Sciences Contest, with cover letter, October 1; schedules of federal, state, and local King holiday events (in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA, and throughout New York State)
Box 11 Folder 30 1985
First Report to the Governor and the Legislature of the New York State Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, October 15, 1985; text of bill in the NYS Assembly creating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission to plan activities for annual King celebration, February 11; letter of appointment to commission to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from Gov. Mario Cuomo, November 1; list of state commission members; text of bill in Congress creating a commission to plan activities for federal holiday, with presidential signature, August 27, 1984; congratulatory letter from Pres. Ronald Reagan to members of federal commission, January 10; list of federal commission members; Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission fact sheet; formal statement by Coretta Scott King, chairperson, Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission, March 25; Summary Report of the Chairperson, Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Corporation and the Executive Committee, October 9; Draft Outline of Booklet on Dr. King and Organized Labor, by Kenny Johnson, Southern Labor Institute, October 8; booklet, "Martin Luther King, Jr.: Living the Dream: Labor Honors and American Hero - Jan. 20"; The Martin Luther King National Symposium: A Proposal (Higher Education Level); Living the Dream: Student/Community Partnership (Secondary Level);
Box 11 Folder 31 1985
Invitation and schedule for unveiling of "Behold" statue, New York, 12/10/85
Box 11 Folder 32 1985
12/2/85. Meeting notice/agenda (Empire State Plaza, Albany); notes from the December 2 meeting; press release from governor's office announcing NYS plans for celebrating first national holiday, October 31; calendar of events
Box 11 Folder 33 1990
Letters from Robert Maurer, president, American Corporation for Education and Training
Box 11 Folder 34 1985-1987
Related materials
Box 11 Folder 35 1974-1984
Related materials
Box 11 Folder 36 1974-1988
Memos re year-over-year changes in membership totals, 1975-76; policy re weather days 1978-88; salary increases for non-contract employees, February 6, 1978; affiliation questions, 1978-79; collective bargaining victories and losses, 1979-80
Box 11 Folder 37 1986-1989
Funding proposal for SUNY Buffalo - Clarence Central School District mentor-intern program, July 15, 1986; fact sheet
Box 11 Folder 38 1974-1985
NYSUT position statements; article in Phi Delta Kappan, "Educational Specialty Boards: A Way Out of the Merit Pay Morass," by Myron Lieberman (revision of 1959 paper), October 1985
Box 11 Folder 39 1981-1982
Paper by Mihajlov, "Critiques of Marxism and the Search for New Principles," May 16, 1981; letter to Mihajlov from NYSUT president Hobart, December 2, 1981; letter from Mihajlov to Hobart, March 21, 1982; newspaper clipping re Mihajlov as Yugoslav dissident, Sunday Times Union, November 29, 1981
Box 11 Folder 40 1984
Newspaper clippings re proposed minimum salary, with cover note to Hobart, April 24 and June 8; letter to the editor from Hobart, April 13
Box 11 Folder 41 1983-1986
Letters of complaint from members re disability claims with Mutual, 1983; correspondence re participation eligibility
Box 11 Folder 42 1984-1985
Text of bill designating Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday in New York State, related materials on first observance; invitation to fiftieth anniversary dinner of NAACP Albany branch
Box 11 Folder 43 1991-1993
Newspaper, Wall St. Journal special report, September 24, 1992; other newspaper clippings; letter to Hobart from Ed Cleary updating him on progress of NAFTA legislation, October 25, 1993; packet re NAFTA (audiotape, "Singing Steel Worker Local 67 Eddie Starr," buttons, sourcebook)
Box 12 Folder 1 1986
Newsletter, United States Space Camp News, for youngsters, spring 1986; price list of space-themed merchandise
Box 12 Folder 2 1982
Itinerary; Interim Report of the AFL-CIO Committee on Defense to the AFL-CIO Executive Council; report by Hobart to UFT president Al Shanker on NATO Conference, April 30, 1982; ;newspaper clippings
Box 12 Folder 3 1985
Brochure about the advantages of being in a union, published by the AFL-CIO, based on UAW AMMO, a UAW publication
Box 12 Folder 4 1985
Schedule of application deadlines
Box 12 Folder 5 1987-1988
Letter from NYSUT to NFL Players Association in support of striking players, January 12, 1988; players association report to AFL-CIO affiliates, giving background to dispute, with cover letter, November 23, 1987; newspaper clipping
Box 12 Folder 6 1987-1988
List of participants; packet from NY state senator Jack Perry re legislative plan, "Eliminate Drop Outs by 2,000 [sic]," December 1987; briefing paper, "Increasing High School Completion Rates," December 1987, and report by NYS Council on Vocational Education, February 1988
Box 12 Folder 7 1995
Letter to Hobart from president of NEA-NY, correcting omission of credit for NEA in restoring funding for Teacher Centers, December 15
Box 12 Folder 8 1995
July 3-5, 1995. Notes from convention (unsigned); memo and recommendation re merger with AFT; Italian-American Caucus Newsletter, June 1995; July 3 and 4 issues of RA Today, official newsletter of delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly; T-shirt ("AFT Merger R.I.P 1995") removed to 6174/MB
Box 12 Folder 9 1990-1995
Confidential report to the sixteenth annual NEA-NY Delegate Assembly, May 1-3, 1992
Box 12 Folder 10 1986-1989
Report of the 1988 Representative Assembly of the National Education Association, July 2-7, 1988; confidential report to the eleventh annual NEA-NY Delegate Assembly, May 1-3, 1987; copies of NEA Advocate newsletters
Box 12 Folder 11 1965
U.S. Department of Labor publication, "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action; Wall Street Journal editorial, "Kerner 20 Years Later," March 28, 1988
Box 12 Folder 12 1990
Detroit News opinion piece re mistaken approach by some advocates for homeless and mentally ill
Box 12 Folder 13 1986
Correspondence with the NYS Association for Bilingual Education re resolution by Guilderland Central Teachers' Association opposing bilingual education
Box 12 Folder 14 1993
Letter to division of personnel office of appeals and review re problem with health coverage change, February 16
Box 12 Folder 15 1986
Letter reporting on Toxic Victims Access to Justice Campaign Lobby Day
Box 12 Folder 16 1992
Printed proceedings; statement of NYS AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Paul F. Cole at its 27th Constitutional Convention; minutes of AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting, June 4, 1992; speech by Hobart; resolution committee reports
Box 12 Folder 17 1990
Printed proceedings
Box 12 Folder 18 1991
5/14/91. Albany Office. List of committee members; agenda for Task Force on Creating Career Pathways for New York's Youth, April 1-2; list of members; document by U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Education, The School-to-Work Connection; description of study, "Creating Career Links for New York's Youth: Linking Secondary Schools with the Workforce Preparation System"; booklet, "The New American Worker," by Paul F. Cole; list of current NYS career paths; NYS Education Department memo to Board of Regents re modification of New Compact for Learning, March 15; summaries of reports re school-to-work, published in 1990
Box 12 Folder 19 1991
3/13/91. AFL-CIO Conference Room A. Resolutions adopted at convention; letter from Hobart to NYS AFL-CIO president Cleary with suggestions for priority issues
Box 12 Folder 20 1993-1995
Public Relations department update, June 9, 1993; legislative update, June 10, 1993; Education Department update, June 14, 1993; minutes of Executive Council and Committee meetings, March 23, 1993; Executive Council minutes, June 15, 1993; COPE (Committee on Political Education) Department Update, June 15, 1995; updated report of NYS AFL-CIO Task Force on Public Employee Pensions, "It's Still Our Money (What's left of it)," 1993.
Box 12 Folder 21 1994
December 2, 1994. Sheraton Manhattan Hotel. Agenda; minutes of Executive Committee meetings, December 2 and September 12; minutes of Executive Council meetings, October 12 and August 1; annuity plan for years ended June 30, 1994 1993
Box 12 Folder 22 1994
June 7, 1994. Sheraton NY Hotel, NYC. Minutes of June 7 and March 23; NYS AFL-CIO projected budget July 1994 - June 1995; list of candidates in 1994 New York House races, compiled by Committee on Political Education (COPE); flyers supporting Leslie Fay strikers rally of June 9; memo from president Lane Kirkland, Fact-Finding Report of the Dunlop Commission on the Future of Worker- Management Relations, June 1; memo stating NYS AFL-CIO opposition to repeal of hospital case mix cap for reimbursement rates, April 20
Box 12 Folder 23 1992
6/4/92. Sheraton Centre, NYC. Memo re federal legislative update (strikebreaker bill, health care, NAFTA)
Box 12 Folder 24 1991
12/5/91. Sheraton Centre, NYC. Handwritten notes from meeting; resolution re health care reform
Box 12 Folder 25 1991
9/23/91. Albany Office. Minutes of June 18 meeting; financial statement for pension fund 7/1/90 through 6/30/91
Box 12 Folder 26 1990
6/7/90. Sheraton Centre, NYC. Projected budgets, July 199 - June 1993
Box 12 Folder 27 1989
3/20/89. Albany Hilton. Agenda; minutes of Executive Council meeting of December 13; program, NYS AFL-CIO Legislative Conference, March 21, 1990; brochure, "Stop the Tax Cut Shift in New York State" by Coalition on Economic Priorities; brochure re mandatory drug and alcohol testing, and Executive Council statement, with cover letter by Lane Kirkland
Box 12 Folder 28 1990
12/6/90. Versailles Room, Sheraton Centre, NYC. Agenda; minutes of meeting, June 7
Box 12 Folder 29 1995
March 22, 1995. Albany Omni. Agenda; minutes of January 25, 1995, Executive Council meeting; minutes of December 2, 1994, Executive Committee meeting; NYS AFL-CIO Health Care Bulletin, "Reasons to oppose Governor Pataki's Medicaid Cuts"; memo from Peggy Taylor, director, Department of Legislation, re Victory in U.S. Senate, March 16; memo from COPE director Suzy Ballentyne recommending changes in the way NYS AFL-CIO conducts legislative and political action programs, by creating grassroots structure along state Senate lines, January 24; unofficial results from special elections for state Senate and Assembly, March 14; program for NYS AFL-CIO 1995 Annual Legislative Conference, listing issues, March 22; outline of impact of Pataki cuts to Adult Literacy Program
Box 12 Folder 30 1995
January 25, 1995. Minutes of Executive Council meeting, December 2, 1994; memo from president Ed Cleary re special election endorsement in three state legislature races, with attached ballot by Hobart specifying no endorsement, February 27; press release from NYS Comptroller H. Carl McCall re fiscal impact of pension supplementation bill for retired public employees, January 24; list of majority (i.e., Republican) members of standing committees in the state Senate; list of majority (i.e., Democratic) committee chair appointment in Assembly, from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, January 13; fact sheet, "1995-96 Projected Deficit"; memo from legislative director, outlining major legislative initiatives of federal Republican "Contract with America," January 20, 1995; legislative alert, "Armey Admits Details Would Kill Budget Amendment," re House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX)'s admission that details of $1.6 trillion in spending cuts were not revealed for fear it would lose support, January 16; "Report to Governor George Pataki Regarding the State Fiscal Year 1995-1996 Medicaid Budget," by Betsy McCaughey, Lieutenant Governor and Chairperson, Comprehensive Medicaid Task Force, January 18, 1995; memos re 1995 legislative agenda, November 29, 1994, and January 20, 1995;.
Box 12 Folder 31 1994
December 2, 1994. Sheraton Manhattan Hotel. Agenda; minutes of Executive Council meeting, August 1, 1994; governor's race exit poll statistics; memo, election recap, from COPE director noting "dismal" results for Democrats nationwide, December 1; memos re legislative agenda; memo re major provisions in legislation on health care reforms in three states, Washington, Minnesota, and Oregon, November 28
Box 12 Folder 32 1994
October 12, 1994. Sheraton Manhattan, NYC. Agenda; minutes of August 1 meeting; NYS AFL-CIO Executive Board Endorsement Recommendations for state races, 1994; materials re campaign (letter endorsing Cuomo from president Ed Cleary to members, schedules for leafleting operations, phone banking, flyers targeted at workers, etc); report, "New York State Department of Labor: A Record of Accomplishment," September 1994
Box 12 Folder 33 1992
6/4/92. Sheraton Centre, NYC. Agenda of Executive Council and Executive Committee meetings; minutes of Executive Council and Executive Committee meetings of March 11; minutes of March 11 meeting of Pension and Annuities Trust meeting; list of NY plant closings and layoffs, January 1, 1992 - May 31, 1992; Executive Council information packet re Jobs for the New, New York Bond Act in support of governor's economic revitalization bond proposal; AFL-CIO Policy Resolutions adopted November 1991 by the convention; statement by AFL-CIO Executive Council, "Clinton for President," May 5, 1992; NYS AFL-CIO Labor Plan re election strategy; list of union delegates to the Democratic National Convention; financial audit statement NYS AFL-CIO Pension Fund as of July 1, 1991
Box 12 Folder 34 1991
12/5/91. Sheraton Centre, NYC. Agenda; minutes of Executive Council and Executive Committee meetings of September 23, 1991; financial statements, years ended June 30, 1991 and 1990; program for 7th Annual Labor Recognition Dinner, December 5
Box 12 Folder 35 1991
9/23/91. Albany Office. Agenda; minutes of June 18; draft proposed regulations "Approval of Career and Related Training for Section 599 of the Labor Law" re extension of unemployment insurance and training; recommendations on child labor law; budget analysis, August 31; information packet for Job Development Authority; list of NYS plant closings January 1- August 31, 1991
Box 12 Folder 36 1991
6/18/91. Grand Hyatt Hotel, NYC. Meeting notice
Box 12 Folder 37 1990
6/7/90. Sheraton Centre, NYC. Agenda; minutes of March 20 meeting; report on workshop presentation by Dislocated Worker Assistance Corporation, May 19; related correspondence; materials re dues increase
Box 12 Folder 38 1990
12/6/90. Sheraton Centre, NYC. Agenda; minutes of August 26-29 meetings; list of education directors of affiliated unions; minutes of Pension and Annuity Trustees meeting, March 20; financial statements, years ended June 20, 1990 and 1989; adopted resolutions at the 26th Constitutional Convention, 1990; "When the Paycheck Stops: An AFL-CIO Survival Guide to Unemployment"; newsletter, AFL- CIO Reviews the Issues, October 1990, "New Protections against Polygraphs" No. 47, and "Working but Poor," No. 46; white paper, 'Children at Work: Peril or Promise?"; report by Committee for Workplace Fairness, "Grassroots Activity Spreading," re legislation banning firing striking workers, October 25; NYS AFL-CIO publication, Workplace Learning: Preparing the Workers of Today for the Workplace of Tomorrow, June 1990; minutes of meeting of Board of Directors of NYS Labor Community Services Agency, Inc., August 26
Box 12 Folder 39 1987
3/27/87. Agenda; minutes of December 2, 1986 meeting; Executive Council statement on the Effect of Federal Tax Reform on New York State Revenue; AFL-CIO Public Employee Division tentative conference agenda for March 24; recommendation on resolutions referred to Executive Council; affiliation requests; memo re anticipated 1987-88 state budget issues; briefing paper on the NYS AFL-CIO sponsored "Jobs Stabilization Act"; materials re Union-Industries Show, Atlantic City, NJ, June 19-24; list of community services activities in 1987; open letter from president Cleary to the governor of New York, the legislature, business, taxpayers, union leaders and workers, advocating support for state funding for new Worker Assistance Center for laid-off workers; related materials; NYS AFL-CIO legislative program for 1987, "Economic Justice"; materials re Coors boycott
Box 12 Folder 40 1987
Handwritten memo apparently to Hobart from Herb Magidson advising against further expenditure on pension-related program; memo re possible class action lawsuit against Ivan Boesky for securities manipulation, February 20; activity reports
Box 12 Folder 41 1990-1993
Box 13 Folder 1 1979-1990
Brochures re council; paper, "Displaced Workers: A Challenge for Voc Ed," National Center for Research in Vocational Education, Ohio State University, 1983; clipping from Education Times, "Anatomy of a Law: The Vocational Education Act," November 10, 1980; reports to council from finance committee, October 1980 - January 1983; Results of a Survey: Vocational Teacher Education and Certification, fall 1979; Hobart's travel reimbursement statements. See also School-to-Work
Box 13 Folder 2 1985
A progressive/liberal political action committee composed of labor, environmental, women's, and other activist groups focused on electoral mobilization. Meeting agendas, minutes; article, "Misunderstanding the 1984 Presidential Election: Myths about the Democrats," warning against interpreting the defeat of Mondale as repudiation of traditional Democratic values, Campaigns & Elections, winter 1985; report on activities during 1984 presidential election and proposal to continue work of coalition through 1986 elections, with analysis of Republican success; comparison of 1984 voting patterns across NYS by income, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, etc., vs 1980 election, as reported in the New York Times; related correspondence
Box 13 Folder 3 1986-1990
Routine correspondence, financial receipt for membership, 1986
Box 13 Folder 4 1995
Democratic Standard, the newspaper of the Broome County Democrats, July 1995; meeting agenda, September 5-6, 1995; list of participants; brochure for Oswego, NY
Box 13 Folder 5 1990
June 5, 1990. Convention program; brochure opposing nuclear waste facility planned for central New York; letter from NYS Democratic chair John Marino inviting Hobart to convention as guest, April 30, 1990
Box 13 Folder 6 1994
June 1-2, 1994. Printed program; convention agenda; letter of greetings from Elizabeth (Mrs. Pat) Moynihan, The Moynihan Committee, Inc., June 1, 1994; newsletter from Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine, May 1994; New York Times clipping of Republican choices for statewide office, May 26, 1994
Box 13 Folder 7 1990-1991
Draft report, "Drug-Free School Zones: A Guide To Policy and Implementation," with cover letter to advisory committee, February 27, 1991; letter to Hobart from project director with attached project abstract, October 30, 1990
Box 13 Folder 8 1986-1987
Meeting notice and agenda to Hobart for advisory committee, January 6, 1987; meeting notice, November 26, 1986
Box 13 Folder 9 1986-1989
Meeting agendas, papers
Box 13 Folder 10 1981-1982
Reports for fiscal years 1981 and 1982
Box 13 Folder 11 1982-1983
Federal Register publication, "Rules and Regulations for the Job Training Partnership Act," March 15, 1983; text of act as reported out of House conference committee, September 28, 1982
Box 13 Folder 12 1982
Conference report, December 14-15, including text of keynote address by NYS Commissioner of Labor Lillian Roberts, criticizing JTPA as insufficient
Box 13 Folder 13 1983
Report produced with Job Training Partnership Council, June 1983
Box 13 Folder 14 1990
Letter to Hobart from federation president Murray Schneider announcing resignation, December 18, 1990
Box 13 Folder 15 1989-1993
Fact sheet; letter to Hobart from members of Congress Charles Rangel and Frank Horton thanking NYSUT for sponsorship of sixth biennial event, October 17, 1989;
Box 13 Folder 16 1989
Draft report based on 1988 Colloquium on Working in the Schools, "Toward a New Education Workplace"
Box 13 Folder 17 1992-1993
NYSUT memo to Hobart re NY State Education Department grant application, July 13, 1993; copy of grant application, "New York State Mathematics, Science and Technology Urban Network Project, submitted to the Statewide Systemic Initiative Program, National Science Foundation, October 1992"
Box 13 Folder 18 1987-1998
Survey of nurses and health professionals, presented to Rhode Island Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (health care division of AFT), April 1997; poster for quality health care for all; booklet, "The Incredible Shrinking Health Care Staff: Protecting Quality Standards in a Bottom-Line Environment," c. 1997; outline of NYS Nurses Association 1987 legislative program; dues rate schedule; position paper opposing Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree requirement, 1987; reprint from Journal of Health Politics and Law, "The New York State Nurses Association 1985 Proposal: Who Needs It?" criticizing proposed Bachelors of Nursing Science degree requirement; annual report NYS Nurses Association supplement, 1986- 1987; newsletter March-April 1979; bylaws and extracts from articles of incorporation as amended October 16, 1977. See also Organizing
Box 13 Folder 19 1987-1989
Magazine, The Trooper, May-June 1989; letter from Hobart thanking police conference for associate membership, March 2, 1987
Box 13 Folder 20 1983-1984
Booklet for 47th annual convention, April 27-29, 1984; magazine, The New York State Psychologist, December 1983
Box 13 Folder 21 1995
September 18-20, 1995. Myrtle Beach, Hilton Hotel. Agenda; financial statements for years ended December 31, 1994 and 1993; member directory, September 1995
Box 13 Folder 22 1980-1995
Booklet discussing PEC position on legislative proposals such as term limits, referendum, and residency requirements, with handwritten notes, February 7, 1995; reports and minutes of meetings, 1980-85; memos re purpose of PEC
Box 13 Folder 23 1988-1996
Correspondence re state aid inclusion of counselors; text of emergency resolution by Education Department, 1988; letter to Hobart re disaffiliation of NYSSCA from New York Counseling Association and desire to more closely affiliate with NYSUT, September 9, 1996
Box 13 Folder 24 1984-1987
Convention notice, 1987; letters of congratulations to newly appointed directors of New York State Council of Senior Citizens, 1987; resolution endorsing Mondale for president, with cover letter describing reorganizing activities at convention, August 9, 1984
Box 13 Folder 25 1990
December 10, 1990. See also subseries NYSUT. List of questions to Hobart for oral history interview; NYSUT interview data sheets (biographical information) on Hobart, Walter Dunn, Jr., Paul Cole, Toni Cortese, Tema Belinson, Bernard Flemming Ashe, Herb Magidson, with cover memo re history project; list of individuals agreeing to be interviewed, with cover memo re project; "A Chronology of the History of NYSTA and NYSUT," and narrative text, "The Evolution of NYSUT and Its Role in Educational Reform," by Gail Westover. See also President’s Files: NYSUT Subseries
Box 13 Folder 26 1995
November 15, 1995. (Sandy Nelson, David Strom, Loretta Johnson). Financial records for New Jersey Federation of Teachers; outstanding bills as of October 1995, statement of income and expenses, September 1994 through August 1995; approximate monthly bills, 1995, with handwritten note, "AFT investigation of Newark Fed."
Box 13 Folder 27 1990
February 23-26, 1990. List of members of exchange trip to Central America, February 21-March 1, 1990; correspondence; newsletters; newspaper clippings
Box 13 Folder 28 1991
Statement to the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, by Penn Kemble, senior associate, Freedom House, March 13, 1991; letter to Hobart from AFL-CIO American Institute for Free Labor Development, May 24, 1991; newsletter of the Puebla Institute, The First Freedom, March-April 1991; newspaper clippings
Box 13 Folder 29 1982-1983
Newspaper clippings
Box 13 Folder 30 1990-1994
Minutes of meeting of fund trustees of October 4, 1994, noting resignations, including Hobart's; description of purpose of the fund; related correspondence
Box 13 Folder 31 1987
Real estate appraisal for property at 159 Wolf Rd., Town of Colonie, County of Albany, March 6, 1987; certificate of incorporation of the NYSUT Building Corporation
Box 13 Folder 32 1980-1982
Computer printouts
Box 13 Folder 33 1987-1998
Copy of NYSUT check to Special Olympics for $699, September 18, 1987; newsletter, Friday Memo, September 4, 1998; donation acknowledgements; nomination by Hobart of Anthony Bifaro to Board of Directors, May 16, 1985
Box 13 Folder 34 1976-1979
Booklets, case studies, and other printed publications re teacher training and related subjects; handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 35 1987
Report by task force, "Corruption and Racketeering in the New York City Construction Industry," June 1987
Box 13 Folder 36 1980-1986
Letter from president of United Professional Nurses Association expressing regret that talks with NYSUT had broken off, February 15, 1986; list of appointments to statewide Nurses Advisory Committee, March 9, 1984; agreement with Omni Consultants to facilitate organizing efforts for health-care professionals in NYS, 1984; memo to Hobart, Al Shanker, Sandy Feldman, Vito DeLeonardis from John O'Leary re failure of organizing campaign at Mt. Sinai Hospital, November 22, 1982; confidential memo from O'Leary to Executive Committee re organizing efforts at various locations, October 21, 1980. See also NYS Nurses Association
Box 13 Folder 37 1987
Chart showing annual comparisons, 1981-86; memo re organizing plan for 1987 and 1988
Box 13 Folder 38 1981-1987
Brochure re bringing a claim under workers' compensation and going to court, by Occupational Health Legal Rights Foundation; NYS Dept. of Labor Division of Safety & Health contract signature sheets for NYSUT; letter to NYSUT president Hobart from NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams re state lawsuit against the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration for overriding stronger New York State law, March 4, 1985; letter from NYS Dept. of Labor with attached minutes of meeting with Montefiore Hospital, November 2, 1981; memo re meeting of NY OSHA/Environmental Network, September 6, 1983
Box 13 Folder 39 1988
Fact sheet re dispute with International Paper; letter from United Paperworkers' Corporate Campaign, March 7; brochures, union newspaper
Box 13 Folder 40 1989-1990
Certificate of membership, 1989; related correspondence
Box 13 Folder 41 1985-1988
Program guidelines for Cincinnati Federation of Teachers' Peer Assistance and Appraisal Program, March 9, 1988; newspaper clipping of AFT president Albert Shanker's column, "Where We Stand" September 2, 1985
Box 14 Folder 1 1995
June 20, 1995. Agenda for Capital Area Summit on the Religious Right; list of participants; constitution for Westchester Coalition for Democracy; draft rationale and proposal for a new "idea shop" in New York State, "The New York Center for Policy Renewal: A Catalyst for Community Solutions and Responsive Government"; letter from Ralph Reed, national executive director, Christian Coalition, re School Board Training Seminar, with attached 1995 Goals and Objectives, Christian Coalition of Georgia, March 29, 1995; People for the American Way six-page press release, "Christian Coalition Announces 'Pro-Family' Contract on Pat Robertson's 700 Club Television Show: People For Publishes Analysis of Contract's Dangers to Families," May 16, 1985; newspaper clippings
Box 14 Folder 2 1993
Booklet by the Business Council of New York State, "Lands of New Opportunity: A Report of the New York Factfinding Mission to Russia, Poland and Hungary, with Information to Help Companies Start Exploring, with cover letter to Hobart, April 29, 1993; correspondence from NY Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine; photos of Hobart and others on trip (originals in Kheel photo archive); LIGA News, monthly newsletter of the Democratic League of Free Trade Unions; newspaper clippings
Box 14 Folder 3 1992
Letter from New York Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine to Gov. Cuomo reporting on Lundine's trip to Russia, Poland, and Hungary with New York business and industry leaders, sponsored by People to People International, December 18, 1992; letters from Lundine to Hobart re trip, December 2 and 22; description of trip in Long Island Journal, November 19; rating sheet re trip, by Hobart; itinerary; Price Waterhouse Hungary Bulletin, April 1992; description of main economic indicators for Poland; brochure for Solidarity Economic Foundation; Hobart's travel journal; buttons, tie tack; newspaper clippings
Box 14 Folder 4 1992
Information bulletins in Cyrillic; list of delegation members; final itinerary; memos to Lt. Gov. Lundine from the NYS Business Council re NY companies doing business in Russia, Poland, and Hungary, October 27 and November 6; original issue of the Moscow Times, November 6; related correspondence
Box 14 Folder 5 1992
Audiotapes of meeting
Box 14 Folder 6 1992
Letter of invitation to Hobart from Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine, May 29; information packet from Lundine, including Russian news summary, article reprints re end of Soviet Russia and implications for U.S., text of legislation published in the Law Journal of the Republic of Poland, "The Act of June 28, 1991, on Election to the SEJM of the Republic of Poland"; constitution of the Republic of Poland
Box 14 Folder 7 1992
Newspaper clippings; memo from Lt. Gov. Lundine re political and economic reform in Hungary, October 9; related materials and correspondence
Box 14 Folder 8 1992
Official background material on Russia, Poland, and Hungary from People to People for study mission for NY business and industry leaders
Box 14 Folder 9 1992
October 29, 1992. Maps
Box 14 Folder 10 1987
Article, "The Morning After," re post-Reagan America, in Atlantic Monthly, October 1987
Box 14 Folder 11 1984
Albany Regional Office. Lists of volunteers who made telephone calls on behalf of the Mondale-Ferraro presidential campaign and other NYSUT-endorsed candidates; thank-you form letters
Box 14 Folder 12 1984
Buffalo Regional Office
Box 14 Folder 13 1984
Syracuse, Elmsford Listing
Box 14 Folder 14 1984
Jamestown Regional Office
Box 14 Folder 15 1984
Mid-Hudson Regional Office
Box 14 Folder 16 1984
Rochester Regional Office
Box 14 Folder 17 1984
Nassau. Calling schedule
Box 14 Folder 18 1984
Suffolk. Calling schedule
Box 14 Folder 19 1984
Utica Regional Office
Box 14 Folder 20 1984
Vestal Regional Office
Box 14 Folder 21 1984
George Hochbrueckner's campaign
Box 14 Folder 22 1989
Booklet, "Betraying the Trust: The Pittston Company's Drive to Break Appalachia's Coalfield Communities"; press release by Committee for Community Solidarity and Justice, St. Paul, VA; in support of United Mineworkers of America strike; clipping from Wall Street Journal, "Pittston: Rebirth of the Unions?" November 20, 1989; NYSUT information packet re strike
Box 14 Folder 23 1988
Guidelines for Political Endorsements for NYSUT: Congressional, Senate, and Assembly voting records, 1987-88; recommendations for endorsements
Box 14 Folder 24 1992
Copy of National Journal Convention Special, July 18; general contribution solicitations from Democratic National Committee to Hobart; information sheet for fund-raising house parties; memo from AFT political director to members re Clinton campaign, September 2; Clinton campaign literature; bulletins from the NYS Democratic Committee Coordinated Campaign; newspaper clippings; confetti
Box 14 Folder 25 1992
Wall Street Journal profiles of the presidential primary candidates (Brown, Buchanan, Bush, Harkin, Tsongas, Wilder); file of candidate responses to AFT questionnaire, January - February; press release, "AFT Executive Council Endorses Clinton," April 16, 1992; "Campaign '92: Delegate Selection Process," prepared by the NYSUT Legislative Department, with cover memo to NYSUT Board of Directors, November 22, 1991
Box 14 Folder 26 1992
Description of Bill Clinton's education record in Arkansas and Al Gore's recent votes in the U.S. Senate; fact sheet prepared by Clinton/Gore Committee, "Clinton-Gore on Education"; AFT fact sheet, "Why Bill Clinton Deserves Higher Education's Support," with cover memo; NYSUT press releases announcing endorsement of Clinton; bulletins from the NYS Democratic Committee Coordinated Campaign, July- August; Wall Street Journal newspaper clipping re Ross Perot, April 9; related clippings; sample ballot from Monroe County (Rochester, NY) Board of Elections; summary of positions of presidential primary candidates, prepared by NYS ALF-CIO, March 3; text of White House press briefing and FY 1993 budget excerpts re education, February 14; campaign paraphernalia: opaque cardboard "Bush glasses see President Bush's vision for the future of America!"
Box 14 Folder 27 1992
Columns by Hobart, "Ten reasons to vote for Clinton," Nov. 2, "Avoiding the mistake of '68," September 7; county-by-county map of U.S. showing vote for Clinton vs. Bush; percentage of vote by state; third-party results through history; Clinton campaign brochure and bumper sticker; NYSUT campaign literature for Clinton; weekly bulletins from the NYS Democratic Committee coordinated campaign, October; TV Guide interview with Clinton and Bush; text of Albert Shanker's address to the Democratic National Convention, with cover memo to AFT Executive Council, July 28; memos from AFT, NYSUT, and NYS AFL-CIO re phone calling and other strategic campaign efforts; related press release; song sheet lyrics for AFT "Bush-Whackers" with cover memo; anti-Bush "23rd Psalm" parody
Box 14 Folder 28 1988
Official proceedings of the Democratic National Convention. See also Democratic National Convention 1988
Box 14 Folder 29 1988
Newspaper clippings about the Jesse Jackson candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president
Box 14 Folder 30 1988
Letters and related materials, mostly about Michael Dukakis. See also Buffalo - Presidential Campaign 1988
Box 15 Folder 1 1976-1979
Columns by NYSUT president Hobart in New York Teacher. See also NYSUT series: NYSUT President's Office
Box 15 Folder 2 1984-1989
Letters from NYSUT president Hobart to Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, Chilean interior minister Sergio Fernandez Fernandez, South African president Botha, Ethiopian president Haile-Mariam, Somalian president Mohamed Siad Barre, Turkish president Turgut Ozal, Chinese acting prime minister Li Peng, and various other dictators, calling for the release of political prisoners
Box 15 Folder 3 1994
October 27-28, 1994. Conference by inter-university consortium Program on Negotiation (Harvard, MIT, Tufts); correspondence; article reprints; seminar programs
Box 15 Folder 4 1989
Policy paper for adoption by NYS Regents, "A Comprehensive Policy for Approaching Proprietary School Issues," March 6, 1989; newspaper clippings
Box 15 Folder 5 1986-1987
Minutes of meeting, April 11, 1986; correspondence
Box 15 Folder 6 1990
Report by NYS Industrial Cooperation Council with members of Governor's Task Force on Pension Fund Investments, "Competitive Plus: Economically Targeted Investments by Pension Funds," with descriptive cover letter to Public Employees Pension Task Force, May 18, 1990; memo to Hobart, "Report of Permanent Commission on Public Employee Pension and Retirement Systems," June 25
Box 15 Folder 7 1993-1994
Printed materials: "The Human Costs of Contracting Out: Survival Guide for Public Employees," AFL-CIO Public Employee Department, 1993; "Bidding for Business: Are Cities and States Selling Themselves Short?" by Corporation for Enterprise Development, 1994; fact sheets: "Pubic Employee Pension Funds: Under Siege in the 1990s," AFL-CIO Public Employee Department; "Subcontracting Governmental Services: Taylor Law Issues," NYS Public Employment Relations Board
Box 15 Folder 8 1993
Notices of health and safety violations for schools in the Albany regional office (R.O.)
Box 15 Folder 9 1993
Buffalo R.O.
Box 15 Folder 10 1993
Elmsford R.O.
Box 15 Folder 11 1993
Jamestown R.O.
Box 15 Folder 12 1993
Mid-Hudson R.O.
Box 15 Folder 13 1993
Nassau R.O.
Box 15 Folder 14 1993
No. Country R.O.
Box 15 Folder 15 1993
Rochester R.O.
Box 15 Folder 16 1993
So. Tier R.O.
Box 15 Folder 17 1993
Suffolk R.O.
Box 15 Folder 18 1993
Syracuse R.O.
Box 15 Folder 19 1993
Utica R.O.
Box 15 Folder 20 1992
Albany R.O.
Box 15 Folder 21 1992
Buffalo R.O.
Box 15 Folder 22 1992
Elmsford R.O.
Box 15 Folder 23 1992
Jamestown R.O.
Box 15 Folder 24 1992
Mid-Hudson R.O.
Box 15 Folder 25 1992
Nassau R.O.
Box 15 Folder 26 1992
North Country
Box 15 Folder 27 1992
Rochester R.O.
Box 15 Folder 28 1992
Southern Tier R.O.
Box 15 Folder 29 1992
Suffolk R.O.
Box 15 Folder 30 1992
Syracuse R.O.
Box 15 Folder 31 1992
Utica R.O.
Box 16 Folder 1 1990-1991
Albany R.O.
Box 16 Folder 2 1990-1991
Buffalo R.O.
Box 16 Folder 3 1990-1991
Elmsford R.O.
Box 16 Folder 4 1990-1991
Jamestown R.O.
Box 16 Folder 5 1990-1991
Mid-Hudson R.O.
Box 16 Folder 6 1990-1991
Nassau R.O.
Box 16 Folder 7 1990-1991
North Country (Potsdam, Watertown, Plattsburgh) R.O.
Box 16 Folder 8 1990-1991
Rochester R.O.
Box 16 Folder 9 1990-1991
Southern Tier (Binghamton, Elmira) R.O.
Box 16 Folder 10 1990-1991
Suffolk R.O.
Box 16 Folder 11 1990-1991
Syracuse R.O.
Box 16 Folder 12 1990-1991
Utica R.O.
Box 16 Folder 13 1988-1989
Albany R.O.
Box 16 Folder 14 1988-1989
Buffalo R.O.
Box 16 Folder 15 1988-1989
Elmsford R.O.
Box 16 Folder 16 1988-1989
Jamestown R.O.
Box 16 Folder 17 1988-1989
Mid-Hudson R.O.
Box 16 Folder 18 1988-1989
Nassau R.O.
Box 16 Folder 19 1988-1989
Box 16 Folder 20 1988-1989
North Country R.O.
Box 16 Folder 21 1988-1989
Rochester R.O.
Box 16 Folder 22 1988-1989
Southern Tier R.O.
Box 16 Folder 23 1988-1989
Suffolk R.O.
Box 16 Folder 24 1988-1989
Syracuse R.O.
Box 16 Folder 25 1988-1989
Utica R.O.
Box 17 Folder 1 1978-1986
Box 17 Folder 2 1991
Text of legal complaint by R.E.F.I.T, aka Consortium of School Districts for an Equitable Distribution of State Aid, and decision against NYS Governor Cuomo and other state officials, February 6, 1991, and December 18, 1991
Box 17 Folder 3 1982-1985
"Democrats Poll Report: A Survey of the Political Climate in America and Voter Attitudes toward the 1982 Elections," February 1982, by DNC, DCCC, and DSCC; legislative updates; report by Committee on the Budget, U.S. House of Representatives, "President Reagan's Fiscal Year 1986 Budget," with cover letter to AFT Executive Council, February 8, 1985; letter from NYSUT president Hobart to U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, asking him to resist budget cuts to mass transit, February 25, 1985
Box 17 Folder 4 1981
Notice of public hearing on impact of Reagan administration budget proposals on NYS, by NYS Assembly Ways & Means Committee, with testimony by NYSUT president Hobart, April 23, 1981; editorial by Hobart, March 30; impact statements on Reagan proposed education budget reductions, prepared by NYS Education Department and presented to the NYS congressional delegation, March 19, 1981; newsletters (legislative alerts); AFL-CIO response to Reagan's economic proposal, "The AFL-CIO Economic Plan to Deal with Inflation & Unemployment," February 1981
Box 17 Folder 5 1987
Newsletters for Southern Tier, mid-Hudson, southwestern regional
Box 17 Folder 6 1994
Binghamton staff meeting agenda, June 17, 1994; memo re Goals 2000: Educate America Act, including Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 and Pro-Children Act of 1994; memo re Edison Project in Dade, FL, County school system
Box 17 Folder 7 1987-1989
NYSUT resolution applying for membership in the Regional Laboratory for Educational Improvement of the Northeast and Islands; external review team report, 1987; draft of issues for comment, September 15, 1987; correspondence; newsletter
Box 17 Folder 8 1995
August 24, 1995. Clymer, NY. Conference and workshop description
Box 17 Folder 9 1995
August 16, 1995. Interlaken Inn. Agenda
Box 17 Folder 10 1995
October 21, 1995 . Cornwall, Ontario. Agenda; president's roundtable evaluation sheets
Box 17 Folder 11 1995
November 17, 1995. Gurney's Inn, LI. Proposed public relations action plan, 9/95 - 8/98; conference agenda
Box 17 Folder 12 1995
August 23, 1995. Alexandria Bay, NY. Conference description, noting workshops for building representatives
Box 17 Folder 13 1985-1987
Declined invitations to Western New York Educational Conference, October 27, 1987; Northeast Effective Schools Consortium Summer Principal's Academy, July 15, 1987; many others; letter from Korean War veteran re inequities in retirement benefits, February 27, 1985
Box 17 Folder 14 1993
Memo re proposal for Director of International Trade Intern Program, a collaborative effort between SUNY and the Global New York Program of the New York State Department of Economic Development, providing low-cost consultant services to private businesses in NY that seek to export their products to foreign markets, December 9, 1993
Box 17 Folder 15 1992-1993
Fact sheet; 1992 and 1993 printed programs; participation guidelines, 1992-93; letter from the Office of the Chancellor, Board of Education, City of New York; letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from Reliance Group Holdings, Inc., thanking him for serving on program's Council of Advisors, May 19, 1992
Box 17 Folder 16 1987
Box 17 Folder 17 1995
Notes from meeting with RTA president George Lombart and other representatives re disagreements with NYSUT, November 15; confidential memo to Hobart, October 31
Box 17 Folder 18 1966-1984
Letter and materials re insurance plan; newsletter with note re rival NEA ads
Box 17 Folder 19 1982-1988
Memos re legislation affecting retirees; TRIF Odds & Ends, newsletter for Teacher Retirees in Florida, 1987; correspondence
Box 17 Folder 20 1978-1983
Correspondence and related materials re pre-retirement counseling program for NYSUT members
Box 17 Folder 21 1989
November 4, 1989. College at Buffalo. Program; invitation
Box 17 Folder 22 1995
June 9, 1995. Agenda of staff meeting; outline of talking points; notes for Hobart; Rochester Labor Council monthly financial report, 5/01/95 - 5/31/95; NYS Board of Regents Final Report, "Study on the Generation of Revenues for Education," by David H. Monk, Department of Education, Cornell University, February 3, 1995; Labor Day bumper sticker
Box 17 Folder 23 1986-1995
List of 1994-95 SABA programs, brochure, list of business members, and other materials, with cover letter re transition to governor-elect Pataki team, December 12, 1994; annual report, 1992-93; memo from Gov. Cuomo's office re strengthening relationship between SABA and the NYS Job Training Partnership Council (JTPC), March 5, 1993; fall training conference agenda, December 1992; final draft report and recommendations, SABA Work Group on Youth Employment, October 9, 1991; minutes of November 8, 1991 meeting; notice and agenda for November 8 meeting; minutes of June 11, 1991, meeting; notice and agenda for June 11 meeting; newsletter, SABA Alliance, December 1989; agenda and minutes of October 30, 1989, meeting; letter to Albert Shanker, president AFT, from NYS governor's office, commenting favorably on Shanker's November 19 column in the New York Times, "The National Academy Foundation - Linking School and Work," November 28, 1989; materials for presentation by Prof. Harold Cohen to SABA, "Year 2: School and Business Alliance/Creative Problem-Solving," October 30, 1989; list of WAVE principles (Work, Achievement and Values in Education); "New York Working: Work in Progress: Preliminary First-Year Report to the Board of Advisors," June 21, 1989; correspondence re labor dispute in Tuxedo School District and impact on SABA program, September - October 1987; minutes of first meeting, October 17, 1986; NYSUT memo re SABA mission to reduce the high dropout rate and improve the quality of the youth labor force, April 7, 1986; list of members
Box 17 Folder 24 1991
November 8, 1991 . Agenda and minutes; summary of meeting of the SABA Work Group on Incarcerated Youth, with recommendations; summary report and recommendations of Work Group on Youth Employment; summary of meeting of the Work Group on High School Mentoring; summary of meeting of Work Group on Career Institutes; statistical report on status of students who participated in SABA-sponsored demonstration programs and left high school, 1990-91; brochure by U.S. Department of Education, "America 2000: An Education Strategy"; Daily News clipping, "Schooling is out: '90s job forecast is for less education," October 30, 1991
Box 17 Folder 25 1987
December 11, 1987 . Agenda, staff biographies
Box 17 Folder 26 1987
September 22, 1987. Agenda and minutes; SABA newsletter, Alliance, October 1987; analysis of district proposals
Box 17 Folder 27 1987
5/28/87. Agenda and minutes for Stay-in-School Supports for Students Committee; memo re selection criteria
Box 17 Folder 28 1987
April 9, 1987. 200 Vesey St, NYC. Memo re April 9 meeting; list of members; handwritten notes
Box 17 Folder 29 1987
January 15, 1987. 1515 Broadway, NYC. Agenda and minutes; remarks by SABA co-chair Commissioner of Economic Development Vince Tese; remarks by SABA co-chair Saul B. Cohen re SABA program development; Jobs Committee minutes; report, "Factors in Evaluating School District Proposals; "Update on SABA Districts' Preliminary Proposals"; chart noting perception of SABA on several factors
Box 17 Folder 30 1994
Letter denying pension credit to James Sandner, general counsel for NYSUT, January 19, 1994
Box 17 Folder 31 1990-1996
Text of speech by Robert A. Georgine, president, Building & Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO, before the Eastern Seaboard Apprenticeship Conference, opposing school-to-work training as intellectually limiting for young students and poor substitute for apprenticeship training, with handwritten notations rebutting objections, June 10, 1996; The Builders, newsletter of the Building and Construction Trades Department, with column by Georgine opposing school-to-work training, July 1996; letter to AFT from Building and Construction Trades Department, noting closeness of respective positions, asking for presentation of full report to Building and Construction Trades Apprenticeship Committee, September 30, 1996; NYSUT minutes of meeting re planning grant; outline document re program; printed report by Educational Testing Service, "Focus: Beyond High School: The Transition to Work," 1990; "School-to-Work Transition: A Labor Perspective," by Paul F. Cole, Secretary-Treasurer, NYS AFL-CIO, with attached statement adopted by the AFL- CIO Executive Council, "AFL-CIO Guidelines on Skill Training and School-to-Work Transition in the 1990s and Beyond," May 4, 1993; U.S. General Accounting Office Testimony before the Committee on Education and Labor, U.S. House of Representatives, "Transition from School to Work: H.R. 2884 Addresses Components of Comprehensive Strategy," September 29, 1993; program, "On the Occasion of the Signing of the School to Work Opportunities Act," The White House, May 4, 1994, with attached booklet by U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Labor, "School to Work Opportunities: An Owner's Guide"; letter from AFT re National School-to-Work Technical Assistance Conference, with list of participants, September 17, 1993; New York State Commitment to school-to work system, with budget, signed by Gov. Cuomo, Education Commissioner Sobol, Commissioner of Labor Hudacs, and Commissioner of Economic Development Vince Tese, December 1993. See also NYS Advisory Council on Vocational Education
Box 17 Folder 32 1994
February 7, 1994. List of task force members; copy of article from Education Week re attempts to overhaul school-to-work programs nationally, poor job prospects of high school graduates, February 26; AFT draft resolution on the transition from school to work; published notice of School-to-Work Opportunities State Implementation Grants Program in Federal Register, February 3, 1994; text of legislation and summary, School to Work Opportunities Act; outline of grants to be made under the act; position paper by Jobs for the Future, "Why the School-to-Work Opportunities Act Should Require Paid Work"; Testimony of Paul Cole, vice president, AFT, AFL-CIO, before the Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Productivity, October 14, 1993; generic op-ed text for submission to local newspapers, endorsing School-to-Work Act, with cover memo to task force members from AFT Public Affairs, January 28; Washington Post opinion piece by Robert Kuttner, "Skills Don't Create Jobs," re need for strategies to create jobs and raise wages, noting that skills have been rising but wages declining, asserting that higher skills make job and wage situation worse, February 7
Box 17 Folder 33 1993
July 8, 1993. Washington, D.C. Report, "Consensus Framework for Workplace Readiness Assessment," Council of Chief State School Officers Workplace Readiness Assessment Consortium; memo from Sandra Feldman, president, United Federation of Teachers, re AFT response to Department of Labor and Department of Education draft legislation re School-to-Work, July 1
Box 17 Folder 34 1993
Sept. 8-10, 1993. Baltimore, MD. Conference program; paper, "School-to-Work Transition: A Labor Perspective," by Paul F. Cole, secretary-treasurer, AFL-CIO; U.S Dept. of Education and Dept. of Labor legislative fact sheet on School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1993; text of bill; Q&A sheet re school-to-work transition programs; policy paper, "Essential Elements of Youth Apprenticeship Programs: A Preliminary Outline, " prepared for Jobs for the Future, Inc., September 1991; related brochures from Jobs for the Future; publications from National Center for Research in Vocational Education, UC Berkeley: "Tech Prep Products" and "Integration of Vocational and Academic Education Products"; letter to NY Gov. Cuomo from U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and Secy. of Education Richard Riley re school-to-work initiative, August 19; newspaper clippings
Box 17 Folder 35 1989
Letter to chairman of Corning Glass Works from chairman and CEO of Philip Morris as member of Executive Committee of New York State Business Council
Box 17 Folder 36 1991
Fact sheet and tentative schedule, July 12, 1991, for event in Washington, D.C., August 31; talking points; bumper stickers; NYSUT press release; special issue of AFL-CIO News; handwritten notes; letter from the League for Industrial Democracy, August 13, 1991; related correspondence
Box 17 Folder 37 1995
October 13, 1995 . Program description, Teachers College, Columbia University NYC; related correspondence; handwritten notes
Box 17 Folder 38 1991
April 5, 1991. University at Albany. Program; invitation and related correspondence
Box 17 Folder 39 1991
Legal memoranda of opinion re teachers seeking pension service credits for leave taken under old discriminatory maternity leave policy in New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, February 6
Box 17 Folder 40 1991
Box 17 Folder 41 1987-1988
"The Linda Rosenblatt Report: Report of the Commissioner's Task Force on the Teaching Profession"; several drafts; task force meeting agenda (outline of issues) December 16, 1987. See also Commissioner Sobol: Quarterly Meeting.
Box 17 Folder 42 1987-1988
Minutes of second meeting, December 16, 1987; sixth draft of report; other drafts
Box 18 Folder 1 1987-1988
Minutes of fourth meeting, January 27, 1988; third draft of report; other drafts
Box 18 Folder 2 1987-1988
Minutes of third meeting, January 8, 1988; press release, "Commissioner Sobol Appoints Four Task Forces," September 18, 1987; background materials; correspondence
Box 18 Folder 3 1987-1988
Fifth draft of report; recommendations of the Commissioner's Task Force on Teacher Education and Certification, April 1, 1977; confidential report, "A Nation Prepared: Teachers for the 21st Century: The Report of the Task Force on Teaching as a Profession of the Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy," May 1986; draft paper on recruitment of minorities in teacher education programs, with cover letter from NYS Education Commissioner Sobol to Hobart, December 28, 1987
Box 18 Folder 4 1987-1988
Agenda of February 8-9, 1988, meeting; paper, "New Teacher Licensure Assessment Strategies: Connecticut's Prototypes for Assessing Beginning Teachers' Subject Matter - Pedagogical Knowledge," December 11, 1997, and February 8, 1988; testimony of NYSUT regarding the Regents hearings on the proposed amendments to the certification requirements for elementary and secondary academic areas, October 16, 1986; task force press release, "Task Force Seeks Greater Decision-Making Role, Tougher Entry Standards for Teachers," March 23 [1988?]; correspondence
Box 18 Folder 5 1981
Cover sheet for materials from NYSUT opposing tuition tax credits for families of children attending nonpublic schools: fact sheet by NYSUT; list of organization members of New York State Coalition for Public Education; list of resolutions on tuition tax credits and President Reagan's budget cuts approved by 1981 NYSUT Representative Assembly; NYSUT Information Bulletin; memo by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), "Unconstitutionality of Tuition Tax Credits Under the First Amendment," February 1981; selected articles on tuition tax credits; selected articles, pro and con; letter to the editor of NY Times by Hobart, February 27, 1981; letter from Hobart to NYSUT Local presidents, February 13; sample letter to U.S. senators and members of Congress; blank petition by NYS Congress of Parents and Teachers; handwritten notes
Box 18 Folder 6 1978-1981
List, "Positions of NYS Congressmen re tuition tax credits"; text of radio spots, 1978 (tapes removed to 6174/AV); several drafts of "dear colleague" letters by Hobart, suggesting ulterior motives by tax credit proponents such as racial segregation, elitism; letter to the editor of the Daily World accusing tax credit proponents of trying to promote their religion, April 1978; correspondence; newspaper clippings
Box 18 Folder 7 1978-1981
Issue paper by NYS Council of School Superintendents, "The Reagan Tuition Tax Credit Proposal: A Discussion of Pertinent Issues," July 15, 1982; correspondence, clippings
Box 18 Folder 8 1978-1981
Agenda for meeting to form Coalition Against Tuition Tax Credits, February 18, 1981; letter to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D.-NY) from the president of the New York PTA reiterating opposition to tuition tax credits for families of children attending nonpublic schools, noting enclosed published articles from 1978 quoting Moynihan as asserting opposition was anti-Catholic, February 5, 1981; New York Times clipping, "Protestant Schools Open at Rate of Three a Day," February 2, 1981; issue of PTA Today: "The campaign to save our public schools," opposing tuition tax credits, March 1979; article by Sen. Moynihan, "The Case for Tuition Tax Credits," and article by Sen. Ernest Hollings, "The Case Against Tuition Tax Credits," Phi Beta Kappan, December 1978; related newspaper clippings; text of U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Committee for Public Education and Religious Liberty et al. v. Ewald B. Nyquest, as Commissioner of Education of the State of New York, et al.
Box 18 Folder 9 1981
2/2/81. Agenda, list of participants
Box 18 Folder 10 1981
2/9/81. Notice of meeting for NYSUT task force; to-do list; text of Moynihan introduction of legislation for tuition tax credits, reimbursement of school districts for the cost of federal mandates, and related issues; text of bill
Box 18 Folder 11 1980
9/4/80. Washington, D.C. Statement of the AFL-CIO General Board, endorsing Carter presidential candidacy, September 4, 1980; statement by AFL-CIO Executive Council on the 1980 Presidential Election, endorsing Carter; AFL-CIO News 1980 Report on Congress; comparison of Democratic and Republican Party platforms, including positions on tuition tax credits; memo re meeting on tuition tax credits
Box 18 Folder 12 1994
May 23-24, 1994Agenda; list benefits to local United Ways; brochure, "A Matter of Time: Risk and Opportunity in the Nonschool Hours: Executive Summary," by Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Box 18 Folder 13 1995
Printed program, March 30, 1995
Box 18 Folder 14 1995
Campaign report, 1995; 1994 campaign brochure; memo to NYSUT United Way volunteers re 1994-95 campaign
Box 18 Folder 15 1993
Fact sheet re relationship between United Way of America (subject of accounting scandal) and United Way of Northeastern NY; brochure; list of addresses of local United Ways; list of 1992 NYSUT department contributors and participation rates
Box 18 Folder 16 1987
Press release and talking points for press conference re Buffalo Night, held February 2, to benefit United Way; poster
Box 18 Folder 17 1994
10/26-10/27/94. Fax alert noting death of NYC chief professional officer in airline crash, September 9, 1994; letter thanking NYSUT president Hobart for hosting board meeting, June 15, 1994
Box 18 Folder 18 1994
May 24, 1994. Minutes; summary of actions; United Way of NYS newsletter, Stateline News, May 1994; letter from Ed Cleary, president, NYS AFL-CIO too George Harvey, United Ways of Tri-State, expressing concern over changes recommended by the corporate group, noting labor members were not consulted, need for greater union representation on new structure, March 18, 1994
Box 18 Folder 19 1992-1994
"Facts about United Way Funding of Boy Scouts," updated August 10 and 17, 1992, and related memo to United Way regional and state directors; audited financial statements, December 31, 1993, 1994, and 1995; budget and finance report commentary through June 30, 1994; letter congratulating NYSUT president Hobart on election to Board of Directors of United Way of NYS, March 5, 1992; short summary of board actions, November 9, 1995; 1995 board committee schedule and sign-up; "The Recommendation from the Corporate Sponsor Group for 'Reinventing' the Regional United Way Organization," February 29, 1994
Box 18 Folder 20 1993-1994
Resolution opposing increasing corporate representation on the Tri-State Board for determining distribution of funds, March 7, 1994, with background materials; board reference manual, February 23, 1994; short summary of board actions, May 13, 1993
Box 18 Folder 21 1991
Memo re meeting on June 5 to discuss nominees for Academic Laureate Award; call for nominations for 1991 Citizen Laureate Award; list of selection subcommittee members; resumes of nominees
Box 18 Folder 22 1989-1992
Minutes of April 7, 1992, meeting; list of members 1992; minutes of April 11, 1991, meeting; minutes of May 1, 1990, meeting; description of Career Awareness Program, with list of members of Community Development Council, September 1989
Box 18 Folder 23 1992
April 7, 1992 . List of members of the Council for Community Development, 1992; list of members, 1991-92; letter from council chair William Hall to NYSUT president Hobart urging continuation on council, noting reorganization of Foundation councils, March 18; handwritten note from Hall to Hobart thanking him for attendance, asking help with focus group on quality of education, April 7, 1992; draft proposal to make educational excellence the theme of the council beginning in September 1992; minutes of November 13, 1991, meeting; Report of the Select Seminar on Excellence in Education, "Multicultural Education: A View from the Inside," Capital Area School Development Association, University at Albany, State University of New York)
Box 18 Folder 24 1991
April 11, 1991. Agenda; preliminary data analysis of excellent students and excellent teachers in Scholar's Recognition Program in Capital District; minutes of January 24, 1991, meeting
Box 18 Folder 25 1991
January 24, 1991. Revised mission statement of University at Albany Foundation, November 7, 1990; Community Development Council meeting agenda; minutes of October 30, 1990, meeting
Box 18 Folder 26 1989
December 19, 1989. Report of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Albany City School District, "Albany's Children: Albany's Future," November 6, 1989; notice of December 19 meeting of Community Development Council
Box 18 Folder 27 1991
Ritz Carlton, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA. Agenda, 11/8-11/9/91; biographies of presenters; printed report, "Multiple Choices: Reforming Student Testing in New York State: A Report of the NYSUT Task Force on Student Assessment," January 1991; printed executive summary, "National Education Goals Report: Building a Nation of Learners," 1991; printed booklet, "America 2000: An Education Strategy," by U.S. Department of Education, 1991 (revised); National Alliance of Business printed executive summary, "Corporate Action Agenda: The Business of Improving Public Education," n.d.; National Alliance of Business policy statement, "A National Assessment System," n.d.; publications list for national education goal panel, "Next Steps Toward Measuring National and State Progress," November 8, 1991; routine correspondence; newspaper clippings
Box 18 Folder 28 1994
Memorial program, newspaper clippings, and biographical materials re Vaughn, president of Chicago Teachers Union
Box 18 Folder 29 1995
December 1, 1995. Minutes, financial reports, and expenditure authorizations for February 7, 1995, meeting; agenda for December 1, 1995, meeting
Box 18 Folder 30 1995
February 4, 1995. Minutes, financial reports, and expenditure authorizations for February 4, 1995, and August 9, 1994, meeting
Box 18 Folder 31 1994
August 9, 1994. Agenda and expenditure authorizations; list of expenditures
Box 18 Folder 32 1993
8/20/93. Agenda and expenditure authorizations; minutes
Box 18 Folder 33 1993
June 29, 1993. Agenda and expenditure authorizations; minutes
Box 18 Folder 34 1992
August 12, 1992. Agenda and expenditure authorizations; minutes
Box 19 Folder 35 1992
July 27, 1992. Agenda and expenditure authorizations; minutes
Box 19 Folder 36 1987
January 27, 1987. Agenda and expenditure authorizations; minutes
Box 19 Folder 37 1993-1995
Letter to Tom Hobart from Angela Symula (Fredonia Teachers' Association), 3/3/93; correspondence between Tom Hobart and Aaron Seligman, treasurer, Nassau Community College Federation of Teachers, 2/1993-10/1993; letter from Rick Crandell, 2/5/95
Box 19 Folder 38 1986-1987
Memos re purchase of tickets to the Democratic and Republican state fundraisers, May-June 1987; routine courtesy correspondence
Box 19 Folder 39 1992
New York Times clipping mentioning NYSUT as biggest spender on lobbying in the state
Box 19 Folder 40 1995
Correspondence from WCT president Ron Warman re "taxpayer revolt" by Dione Goldin, with attached leaflets, June 9; re staffing issues at NYSUT Mid-Hudson Regional Office; NY Times clipping
Box 19 Folder 41 1989
NYS Department of Labor Report, "Youth Programs in NYS," December 1989; Youth Employment and Training Advisory Council Executive Committee Report; program committee report; summary of full council meeting, October 3, 1989, with cover letter to NYSUT president Hobart; agenda of January 17, 1990, meeting; draft Survey of State Agencies Relative to Youth Employment Policy Goals, March 31, 1989
Box 19 Folder 42 1988
Correspondence with Hobart from NYS Department of Labor Commissioner Thomas Hartnett re new advisory council, November 1988; agenda for November 10, 1988, meeting; membership list; cost reimbursement criteria for members; proposed 12-month calendar; proposed mission statement; related information; New York State Job Training Partnership Council "Statement of Policy on Youth Employment Investment," March 1988
Box 19 Folder 43 1991
May 10, 1991. Albany Regional Office Conference Room
Box 19 Folder 44 1993
June 22, 1993. Agenda; list of Administrative Committee meetings for 1993-94; program for NYSUT Board of Directors meeting, June 29-30; tentative schedule for vacation shutdown
Box 19 Folder 45 1993
June 8, 1993. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 46 1993
May 25, 1993. Agenda; list of local presidents, participation in Local Presidents' Conference
Box 19 Folder 47 1993
April 20, 1993. Agenda; materials re Local Presidents' Conference, comparison of Representative Assembly participation for 1989, 1992, 1993
Box 19 Folder 48 1993
March 30, 1993. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 49 1993
February 23, 1993. Agenda; proposed constitutional amendments; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 50 1993
February 2, 1993. Agenda; newspaper clipping
Box 19 Folder 51 1993
January 5, 1993. Agenda; text of legal opinion and order by Supreme Court Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department, Louis Grumet (individually and as executive director of NYS School Boards Association, In.) v. Board of Education of the Kiryas Joel Village School District, September 15, 1992; list of EMS Field Services Team Leader appointments by the NYS Education Department
Box 19 Folder 52 1992
December 8, 1992. Agenda; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 53 1992
November 24, 1992. Agenda; list of proposed changes to Commissioner's Regulations Part 83: Good Moral Character for teacher certification; related materials; description of NYSUT school restructuring project training
Box 19 Folder 54 1992
October 27, 1992. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 55 1992
October 14, 1992. Agenda; publication schedule for New York Teacher
Box 19 Folder 56 1992
September 9, 1992. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 57 1992
June 30, 1992. Agenda; program for Presidents Conference on Endorsements
Box 19 Folder 58 1992
May 5, 1992. Agenda; proposed meeting schedule for NYSUT Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Administrative Committee, 1992-93
Box 19 Folder 59 1992
April 21, 1992. Agenda; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 60 1992
April 7, 1992. Agenda; list of Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Employees & Bartenders Union Local 471 hotels and restaurants, rev. March 16, 1992; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 19 Folder 61 1992
March 5, 1992. Agenda; Representative Assembly program; AFL-CIO boycott flyer
Box 19 Folder 62 1992
February 19, 1992. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 63 1992
February 4, 1992. Agenda; questionnaire for presidents of elementary and secondary teacher locals 1991-92 re issues including academic freedom, substance abuse, technology, salaries
Box 19 Folder 64 1992
January 22, 1992. Agenda; media report; press release, "Teachers Launch Statewide Campaign Against School Aid Cuts," January 20, 1992; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 65 1992
January 7, 1992. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 66 1991
December 17, 1991. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 67 1991
December 6, 1991. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 68 1991
November 21, 1991. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 69 1991
November 5, 1991. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 70 1991
October 25, 1991. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 71 1991
October 8, 1991. Agenda; memo re emergency office closure procedures
Box 19 Folder 72 1991
September 11, 1991. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 73 1991
June 17, 1991. Agenda; tentative schedule for vacation shutdown
Box 19 Folder 74 1991
June 4, 1991. Agenda; newspaper clipping
Box 19 Folder 75 1991
April 24, 1991. Agenda; Teacher Retirement Incentive Act of 1991 walk- through memorandum; memo to Administrative Committee re assignment of Representative Assembly Resolutions and Special Orders of Business for Implementation, April 24, 1991
Box 19 Folder 76 1991
April 9, 1991. Memo re conference supplies and promotional items, February 2
Box 19 Folder 77 1991
March 12, 1991. Agenda; program of annual Representative Assembly to be held March 21-24, 1991; list of speakers
Box 19 Folder 78 1991
February 26, 1991. Agenda; memo re recycling program
Box 19 Folder 79 1991
January 3, 1991. Agenda
Box 19 Folder 80 1990
December 18, 1990. Agenda; memo re impact of decision by U.S District Court for the Southern District of New York on collective bargaining, December 11
Box 19 Folder 81 1995
12/1-12/2/95. Outline and text of president's report; report of second vice president Walter E. Dunn, Jr.; report of secretary-treasurer Fred Nauman; NYSUT Executive Committee minutes of November 16 and December 1, 1995, meetings; report on the Jewish Labor Committee trip to Israel for trade union study tour, November 29; testimony of Alan Lubin, Executive Vice President, NYSUT, to the Standing Committee on Education, Local Governments, Real Property Taxation and Ways & Means, Legislative Commission on Government Administration, November 29; memo re proposed dues for 1996-97 and 1997-98; revised action items of Representative Assembly; memo from first vice president Antonia Cortese re shared decision-making biennial review, November 27; Empire State Survey report, "Students at Risk: New Yorkers on Education," project of Empire Foundation and Lehrman Institute, July 6-24; report of Committee to Review Responsibilities of Board Members; newsletters: The Chalk Board (for current and retired NYSUT employees), fall 1995; The Retiree Organizer (for NYSUT retiree leaders), November 1995; NYS AFL-CIO Unity, October 1995
Box 19 Folder 82 1993
12/3-12/4/93. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; report of second vice president; Executive Committee minutes of December 3 meeting; confidential memo re revaluation of NYSUT policy providing legal representation in sexual misconduct cases, arising from teacher convicted of child molestation, with attached newspaper clipping, December 2; draft of VOTE/COPE policy re local political activities, December 1; outline of tentative agreement for Rochester Teachers Association; Regents 1994-95 Proposal on State Aid to Schools; draft certified audit for NYSUT and NYSUT Building Corporation, December 3; minutes of NYSUT Building Corporation Board of Directors meeting of November 10; materials re Representative Assembly (campaign and election procedures, agenda); "To Russia with Workshops 1993," trip report by Alan B. Lubin; revision to 1976 policy re interest-free strike loans; proposed NYSUT policy on pre-K and kindergarten, November 23; Q&A sheet re NYSUT long-term care plan, and workbook; August 31, 1993, memo from Computer Committee re microcomputers, November 30
Box 19 Folder 83 1993
6/28-6/29/93. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; memo re 1993-94 school budget defeats by district and comparison with previous year, June 23; final report, NYSUT 1993 Pre- and Post- Advertising Campaign Survey re effectiveness of "limit class size" television ad message, June 23, 1993, compiled by Fact Finders, Delmar, NY; report on attendance at 1993 NYSUT Representative Assembly; NYSUT proposal, Personal Income Tax Reform, June 1993; NYSUT legislative memos; NY Times clipping
Box 19 Folder 84 1993
4/29/93. Agenda; proposed policy on inclusion, opposing total mainstreaming of students with disabilities; resolution in support of tobacco-free schools; special report, "Conflict in the Classroom: Drawing the Line on Bad Behavior" and press release, April 29; survey of presidents of elementary and secondary teacher locals 1992-93; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 85 1993
2/26-2/27/93. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; report of second vice president; report of secretary-treasurer; draft policy on inclusion, opposing total mainstreaming of students with disabilities; NYSUT response to the Curriculum and Assessment Council Interim Report; resolution re Legal Defense Reimbursement Fund; proposed changes in legal representation policy in "good moral character" proceedings; amendments to tax sheltered savings and investment plan for Professional Staff Association and Communication Workers of America local 1141; materials for Representative Assembly; proposed constitutional amendments; confidential memo re interviews of candidates for Board of Regents, February 26; standard comparison on school aid estimates, 1992-93; newsletters
Box 19 Folder 86 1992
12/4-12/5/92. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; report of second vice president; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; August 31, 1992, NYSUT certified audit, December 4; 1992 Statewide Focus Groups: Public Attitudes Toward Education, complied by Fact Finders, Delmar, NY, December 4; materials for Representative Assembly; Commissioner's Regulations Part 83: Good Moral Character; confidential report of the NYS PTA 95th Annual Convention; political action committee nominations
Box 19 Folder 87 1992
9/25-9/26/92. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; report of second vice president; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; letter to Commissioner Sobol from NYS School Boards Association urging strengthening of proposed amendment to Commissioner's Regulations Part 83: Good Moral Character, that conviction for a felony constitutes conclusive presumption of lack of same, May 15; text of proposed amendment, submitted to Board of Regents, September 2; NYSUT memo opposing change, September 18; resolutions terminating legal service plan; year-end report by NYSUT Division of Research & Educational Services re participation of locals and members in selected activities
Box 19 Folder 88 1992
7/28-7/29/92. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; Executive Committee minutes of June 11 meeting; memo from Toni Cortese with information re tracking and detracking, July 28; materials for Representative Assembly; information bulleting re teacher salaries, 1991-92; report, "Standards: A Vision for Learning," Council for Basic Education, winter 1991; equipment budget; NYSUT Building Corporation minutes of annual membership meeting, June 24, 1991, and Board of Directors meeting, June 11, 1992; letter from NYS Public Employment Relations Board deputy chairman and counsel John M. Crotty to Louis Grumet, executive director of the NYS School Boards Association, objecting to association's use of a paper by Crotty to lobby Commissioner Sobol re modification of regulation re shared decision-making, July 24; letter from Daniel Walsh, president, Business Council of New York State, to Carlos Carballada, chancellor, NYS Board of Regents, defending Career Pathways Task Force recommendations, July 9, 1992; letter from Walsh to Regent Laura Chodos arguing that dropout rates and similar measurements are inadequate to assessing school accountability, July 10; letter to Commissioner Sobol from SUNY chancellor D. Bruce Johnstone commenting on Education that Works recommendations of Career Pathways Task Force (Governor's Task Force on Creating Career Pathways for New York State Youth), July 14, 1992; address of Albert Shanker to the 1992 Democratic National Convention
Box 19 Folder 89 1992
3/22/92. Agenda; minutes of March 19 meeting; minutes of Executive Committee meeting of March 19; minutes of Ad Hoc Committee on Leadership Development, March 10; affiliation requests
Box 19 Folder 90 1992
2/7-2/8/92. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; Executive Committee minutes of January 30; memo from Toni Cortese re proposed NYSUT policy to conform to OSHA standards on bloodborne pathogens (HIV and others), February 4; membership analysis as of December 31, 1991, and June 30, 1991; memo from Hobart summarizing Career Pathways recommendations, soliciting input, February 6; application for 1992 Walt Disney Company American Teacher Awards; ad and photo of billboard opposing cuts in state education; final report of 1991 Education Opinion Survey, complied by Fact Finders, Delmar, NY, November 12, 1991; summary of recent legal decisions (Hoerger vs Great Neck Board of Education, Kiyas Joel Village School District, R.E.F.I.T. School Funding, Lag Payroll), February 7
Box 19 Folder 91 1991
12/6/91. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; report of second vice president; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; Executive Committee minutes of December 6 and November 7; Governor's Proposed 1991-92 Mid-Year School Aid Budget Cuts (net reductions per district); trustee indemnity agreement; materials for Representative Assembly; legislative bulletins
Box 19 Folder 92 1991
9/13-9/14/91. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; Executive Committee minutes of September 13; monthly report by NYSUT Division of Research and Education Services, September 1992; recommendations of the NYSUT Ad Hoc Task Force on Elementary Education; text of proposed amendment to Commissioner's Regulations re shared decision-making, with attached memo to Board of Regents outlining purpose of change, August 30; position paper by NYSUT, "Shared Decision-Making and the New Compact for Learning"; memo recommending establishment of Retiree Advisory Committee, September 13; report and recommendations of Task Force on Retiree Structure, September 13; trustee indemnity agreements; map or NYS Election Districts (for NYSUT), with photos of NYSUT Board of Directors on reverse; NYSUT information bulletin re teachers' salaries 1990-91; report, "Retrenchment in the Northeast: Origins, Duration, Policy Options," prepared for American Federation of Teachers, re federal spending cuts, downturn of economy, June 19
Box 19 Folder 93 1991
6/24/91. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; Executive Committee minutes of June 6; NYSUT Building Corporation minutes of annual membership meeting, June 25, 1990, and Board of Directors meeting, December 7, 1990, March 21, 1991, and June 6, 1991; Report to the Board of Regents of the Social Studies Syllabus Review and Development Committee, June 13;
Box 19 Folder 94 1991
February 8-9, 1991. Agenda; outline and text of president's report; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; Executive Committee minutes of February 8, 1991; monthly report by NYSUT Division of Research and Education Services, February 1991; memorandum opinion from NYSUT general counsel James R. Sandner re Tier I retirement benefits for teachers who, prior to 1965, were required to take unpaid leaves of absence or resign for maternity/child rearing, February 6; letter from NYSUT executive vice president Herb Magidson to local presidents re lobbying effort against state budget cuts to education, February 4; sample ads; report by the NYSUT Task Force on Student Assessment: "Multiple Choices: Reforming Student Testing in New York State," January 1991, and memo from Hobart to AFT Executive Council, January 28
Box 20 Folder 1 1990
December 7-8, 1990. Agenda; minutes of September 14-15 meeting; outline and text of president's report; financial statements of secretary-treasurer and year-end audit; NYSUT Constitution, March 1990; proposed amendments; proposed dues recommendations; draft report by the NYSUT Task Force on Student Assessment, December 1990; affiliation requests; letter from New York Post announcing introduction of new weekly "labor page," with attached first edition for review; proposed resolutions for NYSUT conventions
Box 20 Folder 2 1989
December 8-9, 1989. Agenda; text of president's report; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; NYSUT Constitution, as amended through 1988 Representative Assembly; revised pension formula; recommendations of Committee on Referred Resolutions, December 1; materials for Representative Assembly; "Focus on Retirement Q&A for '89"
Box 20 Folder 3 1995
November 28, 1995. Agenda; outline of board, at- large, and election district members' responsibilities
Box 20 Folder 4 1994
August 10, 1994 . Sheraton Inn. Agendas for meetings of June 9, May 9, April 14, February 11, January 13, 1994, December 3, November 10, September 10, June 9, April 29, February 26, January 12, 1993; agendas, AFT Executive Council 1993-94; agendas, NYSUT Board of Directors meetings, 1993-94
Box 20 Folder 5 1995-1996
Box 20 Folder 6 1990-1991
8/1990-12/1991. Monthly management financial reports (spreadsheets)
Box 20 Folder 7 1989-1990
Box 20 Folder 8 1987-1989
Box 20 Folder 9 1995
December 1, 1995. Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers, NYC. Agenda; outline of president's report; report of secretary-treasurer Fred Nauman (annual audit); minutes of November 16 meeting; list of NYSUT delegates to 1996 Democratic National Convention; Report of Committee to Review Responsibilities of Board Members; draft Principles for Implementing an All-Regents High School Graduation Policy; materials re Representative Assembly; proposed dues for 1996-97 and 1997-98; memo from first vice president Antonia Cortese re shared decision-making biennial review, November 27; Empire State Survey report, "Students at Risk: New Yorkers on Education," project of Empire Foundation and Lehrman Institute, July 6-24; minutes of NYSUT Building Corporation Board of Directors special meeting of September 8, with attached financial statements, and agenda for December 1 meeting;
Box 20 Folder 10 1995
November 16, 1995. Conference Rooms A and B. Agenda; outline of president's report; minutes of October 19 meeting; affiliation requests; list of proposed constitutional amendments and associated committee chairpersons for 1996 Representative Assembly
Box 20 Folder 11 1995
October 19, 1995. Kingston Office . Outline of president's report; discussion items re school revenues; resolutions; draft report of the Task Force on the NYSUT Representative Assembly; report from Public Agenda, "Assignment Incomplete: The Unfinished Business of Education Reform," 1995; rancorous letters between Albert Shanker, president, AFT, and Michael Casserly, executive director, Council of the Great City Schools, re Shanker's position on disruptive students, October 2 and 10; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services
Box 20 Folder 12 1995
June 8, 1995. Conference Rooms A and B. Agenda; outline of president's report; minutes of May 11 meeting; 1995-96 Budget; 1995-96 State Aid Projections; supplemental pension bill; memos re financing Kingston building, revision to mailing policy, "significant factors and assumptions" for 1995-96 budget; affiliation requests
Box 20 Folder 13 1995
May 11, 1995. Holiday Inn, Suffern . Agenda; outline of president's report; minutes of April 6 meeting; correspondence and timeline re legal representation complaint in divorce action by Gregory P. Klibansky, April-May; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services; summary of proposed Yonkers contract agreement
Box 20 Folder 14 1995
April 6, 1995. 48 East 21st St, NYC. Agenda; outline of president's report; minutes of March 16 meeting; financial statements by NYSUT secretary-treasurer; "Suggestions to Cut Costs in Special Education Programs"; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services; newspaper clipping
Box 20 Folder 15 1995
March 16, 1995. Hyatt Regency Rochester. Agenda; 1995 special orders of business from the Representative Assembly; memo re proposed building purchase to house Rochester Regional Office and Rochester Teachers Association; newspaper clippings re public opinion survey calling for more discipline in schools
Box 20 Folder 16 1995
February 3, 1995. Gideon Putnam Hotel, Saratoga, NY. Agenda; minutes of January 30 meeting; memo from Toni Cortese with attached 1994 Representative Assembly resolutions re juvenile violence against teachers, access to criminal records, etc., for approval by Board of Directors, February 2; draft special orders of business on Regents' Examinations and State Standards; "Legislative Program Items that have not had resolutions for four or more years for Board consideration for Removal from Legislative Program," from NYSUT Legislative Department, January 31, 1995; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services
Box 20 Folder 17 1995
January 30, 1995. Garden Room, ESP Concourse. Agenda; AFT Action newsletter re termination of merger talks between AFT and NEA, January 20; newspaper clippings
Box 20 Folder 18 1994
December 2, 1994. Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers, NYC. Agenda; minutes of November 10 meeting; report of secretary-treasurer Fred Nauman (annual audit); memo from first vice president Antonia Cortese, New York State Manor update (independent living facility for retired teachers); 1995 Representative Assembly action items; letter to Governor-elect George Pataki from NYSUT executive vice president Alan B. Lubin protesting reversal of commitment on public employee pension supplementation, November 28; related correspondence with state legislators; Public Employment Relations Board decision re negotiability of retiree medical benefits (City of Cohoes, PERB Case No. U-15003), with cover memo noting far-reaching implications, October 26; memo from Hobart to NYSUT Board of Directors re NEA-AFT merger talks, November 21; memo from Toni Cortese re key findings of survey by Public Agenda Foundation re public perceptions of the state of the education system, December 2; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services
Box 20 Folder 19 1994
November 10, 1994. Agenda; memo re referred resolutions by the Representative Assembly; memo from Toni Cortese re NYSUT position on proposed changes in certification requirements for Special Education teachers, November 7.
Box 20 Folder 20 1994
October 14, 1994. Agenda; outline of president's report; minutes of August 10 and September 13 meeting; memo from Toni Cortese re provision of nursing tasks and health-related activities in school, with attached draft from State Education Department, October 14; materials related to Representative Assembly; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services.
Box 20 Folder 21 1994
September, 13, 1994. 260 Park Ave. South (UFT). Agenda; outline of president's report; minutes of August 10 meeting; memo from Committee on Internal Governance with recommendations for conducting meetings more effectively, August 22; text of draft State Education Department regulations re provision of nursing tasks and health-related activities in school, September, with attached letter to department from NYSUT director of program and policy development Charles Santelli; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services
Box 20 Folder 22 1994
August 10, 1994. August 10, 1994. Sheraton Inn Syracuse. Agenda; NYSUT Endorsement Recommendations for: Statewide Offices; U.S. Congress; NYS Senate; NYS Assembly
Box 20 Folder 23 1994
April 14, 1994. NYC Legal Office Conference Room (East 21st St.). Agenda; financial statements of secretary-treasurer; outline of President's report; memo from Toni Cortese, April 13, and materials re "least restrictive environment" for students with disabilities; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services
Box 20 Folder 24 1993
November 10, 1993. Conference Rooms A and B. Agenda; president's report; minutes of October 14 meeting; monthly report of the Division of Research and Educational Services; election materials for NYS Teachers' Retirement System board member; opinion piece by Hobart, "Public Education Can't Afford NAFTA"; NYSUT Building Corporation minutes to Board of Directors meeting, June 9, and annual membership meeting, June 30; evaluations of NYSUT/BOCES Leadership Conference, October 1-3, newsletter, Italian-American Labor Council News, Autumn 1993
Box 20 Folder 25 1991
Agreement and Declaration of Trust Establishing New York State United Teachers Group Benefit Plan; correspondence with attorneys Blitman & King, Syracuse, NY; minutes of Board of Trustees of New York State United Teachers Group Benefits Plan, May 23, 1991; Trustee Indemnity Agreement
Box 20 Folder 26 1995
December 14, 1995. Agenda
Box 20 Folder 27 1995
June 14, 1995. Agenda; background re supplemental pensions, with descriptive cover memo; Fiscal Policy Institute policy report, "The Right Choice for New York 1995: A Fair Tax System for Fiscal Stability and Growth" with separate booklet of statistical charts
Box 20 Folder 28 1994
December 14, 1994. Agenda; financial statements; memo clarifying NYS AFL-CIO boycott notice against large retailers; management meeting calendar for 1995; summary of NYSUT/Local PR program
Box 20 Folder 29 1995
December 12, 1995. President's Conference Room. Agenda
Box 20 Folder 30 1995
December 1, 1995. Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers, NYC. Agenda; report of Committee to Review Responsibilities of Board Members; proposed dues for 1996-97 and 1997-98
Box 20 Folder 31 1995
November 21, 1995. President's Conference Room. Agenda; letter from New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, asking for financial assistance in developing an index of worker injuries, October 18; memo re library staffing; correspondence from members re pension payments; Representative Assembly materials
Box 20 Folder 32 1995
November 7, 1995. President's Conference Room. Agenda; per diem salary schedule; souvenir program for Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Employees & Bartenders Union, Local 471, 78th anniversary picnic (includes NYSUT ad), with cover letter of thanks for contribution
Box 20 Folder 33 1995
October 17, 1995. President's Conference Room. Agenda; report of the Committee on Referred Resolutions; draft extract: School Finance Reform: A Discussion Paper, October; correspondence re Teacher Center funding, lobbying
Box 20 Folder 34 1995
October 3, 1995. President's Conference Room. Agenda; minutes of meeting of subcommittee on life enrichment programs (retirees) of May 18; memo re 17 retirees not qualifying for free health insurance under years-of-service requirement; APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance) National Convention program with cover letter thanking NYSUT for contribution, August 15;
Box 20 Folder 35 1995
September 7, 1995. Shaker Ridge Country Club, 802 Albany Shaker Rd.. Agenda; local retiree newsletters; International Rescue Committee Annual report 1994, with cover letter to Hobart re refugee crisis in former Yugoslavia; letter to Hobart from the Citizen Ambassador Program, with program description for initiative for education, science and technology for South Africa, August 16
Box 20 Folder 36 1995
August 7, 1995. Agenda; confidential memo re board retirement benefits, August 4; memo re AFT national campaign, "First Things First: Responsibility, Respect, Results," August 3; memo re auto fleet, August 4; newspaper clippings re state takeover of Roosevelt (Nassau County) school district; Jewish Labor Committee 1994 survey, "Critique of Trade Union Rights in Countries Affiliated with the League of Arab States"; routine correspondence.
Box 20 Folder 37 1995
June 28, 1995. Washington, DC. Agenda; memo re planned article for New York Teacher re 150th anniversary of processor union
Box 20 Folder 38 1995
June 13, 1995. President's Conference Room. Agenda; description of proposed NYSUT training programs for 1995-96; printed report, A Turn to the Right: A Guide to Religious Right Influence in the 103rd/104th Congress, by People for the American Way, 1995, including issues such as school vouchers, school prayer, home schooling, termination of federal funding to school districts engaged in any activity deemed to condone homosexuality, and other legislative initiatives under the new Republican Contract with America; position paper summarizing report, "Day 101 and Beyond: The Conservative Congressional Majority and the Religious Right"; People for the American Way 1994 Annual Report; People for the American Way press release with attached documents from religious right advocacy groups
Box 20 Folder 39 1995
May 22, 1995. President's Conference Room. Agenda; memo from Hobart advocating radical change in reorganizing NYSUT, April 13, recommending two books (enclosed) Making the Right Decision, by Lee Roy Beach (1993), and Concepts of Strategic Management, by Lloyd L. Byars (1992); local district newsletters and correspondence
Box 21 Folder 1 1992-1994
1/1992-12/1994. Statements for expense reimbursements
Box 21 Folder 2 1994
12/1/87-12/1/94. Monthly statements and related correspondence, including an extended exchange re incorrect charges culminating with the filing of a complaint with the NYS Attorney General's office
Box 21 Folder 3 1992
8/1/89-3/1/92. Monthly statements and related correspondence
Box 21 Folder 4 1989
12/1/87-7/1/89. Monthly statements and related correspondence
Box 21 Folder 5 1993-1994
9/1993-12/1994Monthly expense reports
Box 21 Folder 6 1992-1993
Box 21 Folder 7 1992
Box 21 Folder 8 1992
Box 21 Folder 9 1972-1975
Box 21 Folder 10 1972-1975
Box 21 Folder 11 1980-1985
Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education, opposing Reagan budget cuts, February 19, 1985; testimony to the NYS Board of Regents on the Proposed Action Plan to Improve Elementary and Secondary Education Results in New York, March 14, 1984; testimony before the NYS Standing Committee on Education Legislative Hearing on State Funding of Elementary and Secondary education, March 1, 1984; testimony at the State Education Department Meeting on Adult Learning Legislative Proposals, October 16, 1980; editorials
Box 21 Folder 12 1978-1981
Testimony at the public hearing on the proposed revision of the Special Class Class Size Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, April 9, 1981; testimony on the second proposed revision of Part 200, April 6, 1981; statement to the NYS Committee on Civil Service and Pensions, February 23, 1978; editorials
Box 21 Folder 13 1974-1977
Statement to the (NYS) Senate Education Committee, February 9, 1977; statement at the Regents hearing on the second draft of the tentative statewide plan for the development of post-secondary education, October 21, 1976; remarks at the National Association of State Directors of Vocational Education, December 4-6, 1976; statement to the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Education Program Subcommittee on Education of the Handicapped, March 4, 1976; statement to the Joint Senate Finance Committee Assembly Ways and Means Committee, February 4, 1976; statement to the Assembly Republican Minority Task Force on Education Financing, January 6, 1976; statement to the Assembly Education Committee Hearing on Meeting School Needs During the Fiscal Crisis, January 1976; statement to the Assembly Standing Committee on Real Property Tax Reform, December 4, 1975; statement to the NYS Senate Select committee on Mental and Physical Handicap, n.d.; testimony at the joint pubic hearing of the senate Finance Committee and the Assembly Banking Committee on the Proposed NYS Economic Redevelopment Authority; testimony to the Senate Standing Committee on Cities, November 18, 1975; statement to the Assembly Standing Committee on Real Property Taxation: Program Subcommittee on Real Property Tax Reform, November 18, 1975; statement to the U.S. House of Representatives Labor Standards Subcommittee of the Education and Labor Committee, November 14, 1975; testimony at the Assembly Standing Committee on Governmental Employees, September 25, 1975; statement at the Regents Legislative Conference, September 10, 1975; statement to Assemblyman Stavisky's Hearing on State Aid to Education, May 22, 1975; statement to NYS Assembly Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee, February 12, 1975; statement at the public hearing held by the Temporary State Commission to Study Constitutional Tax Limitations, January 17, 1975; statement to Office of Education Performance Review, October 3, 1974
Box 21 Folder 14 1975-1979
Champion newsletters. See also NYSUT - Staff Contracts
Box 21 Folder 15 1996
Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Resolutions; Special Orders of Business, February 29-March 2
Box 21 Folder 16 1996
Implementation of Actions by the 1996 Representative Assembly; Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Resolutions; memo re assignment of resolutions and special orders of business for implementation, April 8
Box 21 Folder 17 1996
Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Resolutions; Report of the Resolutions Committees; related memos
Box 21 Folder 18 1995
Agenda and related materials, September 25 and 27
Box 21 Folder 19 1995
Rules of Procedure and Proposed Resolutions, March 16-18; Report of Resolutions; proposed special order of business Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers; memo re assignment of resolutions and special orders of business for implementation, April 18
Box 21 Folder 20 1995
Implementation of Actions by the 1996 Representative Assembly; Report of the Resolutions Committees; Special Orders of Business introduced by the NYSUT Board of Directors;
Box 22 Folder 1 1995
Rules of Procedure and Proposed Resolutions, March 16-18; 1995 Resolutions Referred to the Board of Directors or NYSUT Executive Committee
Box 22 Folder 2 1994
Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments; Proposed Special Order re Safe Schools Act; Report of Constitutional Amendments Committee; Report of Resolutions; related memo
Box 22 Folder 3 1994
Implementation of Actions by the 1994 Representative Assembly; memo re assignment of resolutions and special orders of business for implementation, April 12
Box 22 Folder 4 1994
Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments; 1994 Representative Assembly Resolutions Referred to the Board of Directors Committee on Referred Resolutions; related memos
Box 22 Folder 5 1993
Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments; Report of the Resolutions Committee; related memos
Box 22 Folder 6 1993
Memo re assignment of resolutions and special orders of business from the 1993 Representative Assembly
Box 22 Folder 7 1993
Resolutions and Special Order Referred to the Board of Directors; Report of the Resolutions Committees; related memos
Box 22 Folder 8 1992
Proposed Resolutions; Report of the Resolutions Committee
Box 22 Folder 9 1992
Proposed Resolutions; memo, Recommendations on Resolutions Referred to the Board of Directors, December 4; memo to NYSUT Executive Committee re committee report and recommendations, November 5
Box 22 Folder 10 1991
Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments; Reports of the Resolutions Committee
Box 22 Folder 11 1991
Referred Resolutions, 1991 Representative Assembly; memo to NYSUT Board of Directors re committee report and recommendations, November 22; Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments; memo re assignment of R.A. resolutions and special orders of business for implementation, April 24
Box 22 Folder 12 1990
Proposed Resolutions and Amendments
Box 22 Folder 13 1990
Implementation of Actions by the 1990 Representative Assembly; memo re assignment of R.A. resolutions and special orders of business for implementation, May 8
Box 22 Folder 14 1990
Referred Resolutions, 1990 Representative Assembly; related memos
Box 22 Folder 15 1989
Proposed Resolutions and Amendments; related memos
Box 22 Folder 16 1989
Memo, Resolutions Referred to the Board of Directors, June 15; memo to NYSUT Executive Committee re committee recommendations, October 24; Referred Resolutions, 1989 Representative Assembly
Box 22 Folder 17 1988
Proposed Resolutions & Amendments
Box 22 Folder 18 1988
Referred Resolutions, 1988 Representative Assembly; related memos
Box 22 Folder 19 1993
January 14, 1993.
Box 22 Folder 20 1992
October 22, 1992.
Box 22 Folder 21 1992
January 23, 1992. Unofficial minutes of trustee committee meeting of October 24, 1991; investment guidelines; valuation statements
Box 22 Folder 22 1992
January 23, 1992. Agenda; financial statements
Box 22 Folder 23 1991
October 24, 1991. Agenda; unofficial minutes of the May 23, 1991, meeting
Box 22 Folder 24 1991
October 24, 1991. Official minutes of the May 23, 1991, meeting
Box 22 Folder 25 1991
October 24, 1991. Unofficial minutes of the October 24, 1991, meeting
Box 22 Folder 26 1991
May 23, 1991. Summary of plan portfolio, March 31, 1991; proposed revision to retirement plan; newsletter from Martin E. Segal Company, consultants and actuaries, Summer 1986; unofficial minutes of January 23, 1991, meeting; quarterly reports, May 23, 1991
Box 23 Folder 1 1991
March 16, 1991. Printed Proposed Resolutions & Constitutional Amendments (19th Annual Representative Assembly), March 21-24, 1991; notice of meeting of NYSUT Pension and Retirement Committee for March 16
Box 23 Folder 2 1990
October 17, 1990. Agenda; statement for quarter ended August 31, 1990; statements, May 31 and October 17, 1990; Aetna Life Insurance Company's Participating Mortgage Separate Account statement, October 17, 1990; Neuberger & Berman account review, October 17, 1990
Box 23 Folder 3 1990
October 17, 1990. Metropolitan Pension Real Estate Investments Proposal for the Restructure of Account RE, September 28, 1990, with cover letter to NYSUT for decision, October 22, 1990
Box 23 Folder 4 1990
January 17, 1990. Agenda; unofficial minutes of October 18, 1989 meeting; retirement plan performance and financial summaries, November 30, 1989; Chicago Corp. December investment review; Neuberger & Berman account review, January 17, 1990; Segal Advisors analysis of investment performance, September 1, 1984, to November 10, 1989
Box 23 Folder 5 1986-1989
Correspondence from head of Teacher Retirees in Florida requesting an office, with notes from a meeting with her, January-February 1989; retirement plan actuarial valuation as of September 1, 1987; meeting agendas, minutes
Box 23 Folder 6 1985-1987
Minutes of committee meeting of January 28,1987; financial statements for year ended August 31, 1986; printout if individual valuations as of August 31, 1985
Box 23 Folder 7 1995
September 28, 1995. Agenda; financial report, "Participating Mortgage Separate Account (PMSA)," Aetna Realty Investors, Inc., for NYSUT, September 28, 1995; Neuberger & Berman equity portfolio review, September 28, 1995; Sedgwick Noble Lowndes Developments Advisory newsletter, July 6, 1995; NYSUT Employees Retirement Plan: Summary of Plan Portfolio, June 30, 1995
Box 23 Folder 8 1979-1984
Collective bargaining agreements between NYSUT and Professional Staff Association, effective September 1, 1979 - August 31, 1984; Communication Workers of America, Local 1141, September 1, 1979 - August 31, 1982; NYSUT Legal Staff Association, April 1, 1979 - March 31, 1982; NYS Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO, April 1, 1979 - March 31, 1982; flyer re strike by PSA against NYSUT, n.d. See also NYSUT: Professional Staff Association: Newsletters.
Box 23 Folder 9 1983
4/26/83. Memo to Hobart from Beecher, describing job responsibilities and accounting for time
Box 23 Folder 10 1983
8/30/83. Memo to Hobart from Jenkins, describing job responsibilities, accounting for time, and expressing frustration at work load
Box 23 Folder 11 1988
1/1/88. Payroll record reflecting salary increase with promotion; memo from Lieberman noting continuing increase in membership
Box 23 Folder 12 1976-1983
Memo re personnel reductions to meet budgetary constraints, July 25, 1977; personnel salary schedules, September 1, 1977 - August 31, 1987, and 9/1/79 - 8/31/80; employee directory, 1983 (names, positions, photos); letter from elementary school teacher Pearl Sabath to Abe Levine, with cover note to Hobart, complaining of working conditions, September 22, 1984; gag Valentine's Day letters between Hobart and "Alma Shankbart," 1980; letter of resignation from Syracuse Regional Office stenographer Eleanor Meader, July 16, 1980; recommendation for additional staff in Accounting and Membership Records office by CPAs Buchbinder, Stein & Co., New York, January 26, 1978
Box 23 Folder 13 1976-1983
Employment applications, resumes; personnel status report noting terminations, promotions, vacancies, staff count at field offices, June 11, 1976; personnel salary schedule, September 1, 1976 - August 31, 1977
Box 23 Folder 14 1976-1984
NYSUT Field & Legal Bulletin listing status of employee grievances, June 1985; list of non-bargaining-unit staff and job titles; resume of NYSUT Board member Tony Bifaro, letter from Hobart noting hiring as assistant to the president, 1984
Box 34 Folder 1 1993
11/4/93. Program of Professional Staff Congress of CUNY event for Friends of CUNY Award, presented to former NYSUT executive vice president Herb Magidson
Box 34 Folder 2 1993
10/29/93. Letter to Workforce Preparation Advisory Committee from Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine, inviting them to East Syracuse-Minoa High School reception for pilot program, October 21, 1993; proposed agenda for Lundine visit; flyer for Workforce Preparation Program reception; flyer for Occupational Education at East Syracuse-Minoa High School, "Learning a Living," noting offerings in auto mechanics, carpentry, child care, commercial art, cosmetology, drafting, production/manufacturing, and word processing; flyer for DECA, an association of marketing students at East Syracuse-Minoa High School, 1993-94
Box 34 Folder 3 1993
10/21/93. Report to Commissioner Sobol, "Suffolk BOCES Regional Programs for the Commissioner of Education" by BOCES I, II, and III, Suffolk County, August 31, 1993; note to NYSUT president Tom Hobart re BOCES Suffolk presidents he would be meeting with; list of available dates for meeting with deputy education commissioner James Kadamus
Box 34 Folder 4 1993
10/21/93. Letter of invitation to NYSUT president Tom Hobart to attend planning breakfast on October 21, 1993, and serve on fund-raising Victory '94 Dinner Committee, with note of acceptance; letter to Hobart from New York State Democratic Committee re upcoming events, September 22, 1993
Box 34 Folder 5 1993
10/14/93. Excelsior Executive Committee meeting agenda; presentation to Executive Committee, 1995 Excelsior Award Criteria Meeting Examiner Feedback, September 15, 1993; memo to the Excelsior Executive Committee re increasing the applicant pool for the Excelsior Award Program, noting geographic distribution of applicants, October 14, 1993; list of action items for Excelsior Executive Committee; special insert to the Democrat and Chronicle, "Revolutionizing the Workplace: What You Need to Know about Total Quality Management," October 10, 1993; letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart re meeting of Application Development Team, coinciding with Executive Committee meeting, September 23, 1993
Box 34 Folder 6 1993
10/13/93. Agenda; memo
Box 34 Folder 7 1993
10/13/93. Article by Scheuerman in The Voice, official publication of United University Professions, "Confronting the New Public Philosophy," September 1993, with handwritten note to set up meeting; cover letter to Scheuerman from NY Regents Commission on Higher Education chair Victor J. Riley, Jr., re attached confidential draft report of commission, "Sharing the Challenge," September 20, 1993; printed final report, September 1993
Box 34 Folder 8 1993
10/12/93. List of possible topics; NYSUT memo re restrictions on performance of medical procedures by teachers in Louisiana, August 18; NYSUT memo re learning outcome standard being established by the Perkins Act, July 19; table showing numbers of paraprofessional and support staff employed in public schools and BOCES in NYS, fall 1990, 1991, and 1992, from State Education Department publication, Public School Enrollment and Staff, New York State, 1992-93; handwritten notes re spending on staff development, Compact for Learning
Box 34 Folder 9 1993
10/12/93. Tentative agenda, Meeting of the State Education Department with Representatives of New York State Educational Associations on the Regents 1994-95 Proposal on School Aid; letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from deputy education commissioner James Kadamus, inviting him to meeting; discussion items
Box 34 Folder 10 1993
10/12/93. UUP newsletter, The Voice, September 1993; The Connection, newsletter for UUP chapter leaders, September 1, 1993; cover note from Peggy Barmore of UUP
Box 34 Folder 11 1993
10/7/93. Letter to Tom Hobart from the new chair of the New York State Democratic Committee asking him to work on planning committee for kickoff celebration of Victory '94 in Buffalo, noting first meeting on October 7; handwritten note
Box 34 Folder 12 1993
October 4-7, 199. AFL-CIO News convention issues, October 4-6; press release with convention schedule, October 3, 1993; Fall 1993 issue of Union Plus; brochure re U.S. Savings Bonds; flyer to delegates from Harry Kelber, asking for nomination to serve on Executive Council
Box 34 Folder 13 1993
10/4/93. Letter to Tom Hobart from ILR School dean David Lipsky, inviting him to cocktail reception at AFL-CIO Convention, September 17, 1993; positive response form; note to Hobart asking for recommendation for prospective ILR graduate school applicant
Box 34 Folder 14 1993
10/1/93. Conference registration materials; correspondence with Nassau BOCES Central Council of Teachers re legal issues in approving BOCES administrative budget, August; Commissioner's decision re redistricting of First Supervisory District of Suffolk County, September 28
Box 34 Folder 15 1993
9/29/93. Memo re first meeting of task force; document, New York State's Workforce Preparation Pilot Programs, State Education Department Office of Workforce Preparation and Continuing Education, including press release, "Regents Move Ahead on Integrated Approach to Preparing Youth for the Workforce," March 26, Statement by Lt. Governor Stan Lundine, March 26, list of advisory committee members, Elements of an Integrated Approach to Preparing Youth for the Workforce, descriptions for individual school districts; fact sheet re School-to-Work Opportunities Development Grant
Box 34 Folder 16 1993
9/27/93. Agenda
Box 34 Folder 17 1993
9/23/93. Agenda; materials re retirees
Box 34 Folder 18 1993
9/24/93. Testimony of Thomas Y. Hobart, Jr., President, New York State United Teachers, at the Public Hearing of the New York State Special Commission on Educational Structure, Policies & Practices, September 24, 1993; Summary of NYSUT Recommendations; related correspondence; report of the Task Force on Creating Career Pathways for New York State Youth, "Education That Works," June 1992
Box 34 Folder 19 1993
9/22/93. Request to accounting department from Tom Hobart for check payable to United Way for Hobart's attendance at kickoff event; invitation
Box 34 Folder 20 1993
9/20/93. Brochures, "Introducing the AFT," "This Is the AFL-CIO"; constitution of the AFT (as of August 1992); list of members of AFT/NEA Discussion Committee, September 20, 1993; Greg Nash Speech to Leadership Conference/NEA NY; handwritten notes, 9/21/93
Box 34 Folder 21 1993
September 19-22, 1993. Financial statements; agenda; related correspondence; handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 22 1993
9/14/93. Copy of business cards for Patrick F. X. Mulhearn, Vice President, Public affairs and Corporate Communications, and Stephen Kohn, Director, Educational Initiatives, New York Telephone
Box 34 Folder 23 1993
8/11/93. Defensive driving course guide; driver's manual; note to Tom (Hobart?) that he had been signed up for course, May 28, 1993
Box 34 Folder 24 1993
Bound Report of the AFL-CIO Executive Council; AFL-CIO Resolutions, Book One (numbers 1 to 114) and Book Two (numbers 115 to 180); memo re San Francisco Labor Council Dinner, October 2
Box 34 Folder 25 1993
8/30/93. Conference program for Lower Hudson Valley and Southern Tier East Regions; participant list; Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES Youth at Risk Advisory Network presentation materials; memo from Charles Cook, chairman, Senate Education Committee, re logistics for conference
Box 34 Folder 26 1993
8/28/93. AFT memos to coordinators re march on Washington, with attached petition to president and Congress; newspaper clipping (editorial)
Box 34 Folder 27 1993
August 25-27, 1993. Program and related materials; handwritten notes; Wall Street Journal clippings re NAFTA; outline of session presentation, "NYSUT Goals & the Clinton Agenda"; NYSUT's Major Legislative Program and Support Bills, with cover letter, August 13; AFT On the Hill, "Tough Times for Education Funding," August 1993; Regents' Report Card, July 1993
Box 34 Folder 28 1993
8/23/93. Empire State Report, with article, "Rethinking Education," August 1993; handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 29 1993
8/19/93. Handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 30 1993
8/13/93. Flyer reminding union workers to listen to "Prospering in America" on WWKB; campaign memorabilia (fan), "I'm a Fan of Tony Masiello, Endorsed Democratic Candidate for Mayor"
Box 34 Folder 31 1993
7/30/93. Ticket stubs
Box 34 Folder 32 1993
7/14/93. Proposal development workshop agenda, with cover letter from State Education Department
Box 34 Folder 33 1993
7/13/93. Facilitative memos
Box 34 Folder 34 1993
7/12/93. Program for Second Seminar in Inner-City Education official opening, State University at Buffalo; invitation
Box 34 Folder 35 1993
7/9/93. List of delegates to the 1992 People to People Mission to Russia; letters from NY Lt. Gen. Stan Lundine to Tom Hobart re reunion event, June 1993
Box 34 Folder 36 1993
July 8-11, 1993. Descriptive flyer and tentative schedule for AFT Quality Educational Standards in Teaching conference; related correspondence
Box 34 Folder 37 1993
6/25/93. Program; invitation; descriptive brochure for 1994 nominations
Box 34 Folder 38 1993
6/25/93. Program
Box 34 Folder 39 1993
6/22/93. Invitation from NYS Black & Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus honoring first African American state comptroller
Box 34 Folder 40 1993
6/21/93. Letter of invitation to Tom Hobart from Democratic state chair
Box 34 Folder 41 1993
6/15/93. Invitation; newspaper clipping
Box 34 Folder 42 1993
6/12/93. Program for dinner honoring retiring superintendent of schools, Orange-Ulster BOCES; invitations; related correspondence
Box 34 Folder 43 1993
6/11/93. Invitation; seating list; related correspondence
Box 34 Folder 44 1993
6/3/93. Letter of invitation to Tom Hobart for the Sixth Annual Western New York Awards Dinner; related correspondence
Box 34 Folder 45 1993
6/2/93. Document, "The AFT and NYSUT Technology Partnership," with cover letter to AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Ed McElroy; handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 46 1993
5/20/93. Photos of President Bill Clinton; memorabilia: White House paper napkin with presidential seal, guest name tags; invitation
Box 34 Folder 47 1993
5/27/93. Program; related correspondence
Box 34 Folder 48 1993
5/27/93. Newsletter, Friends of Mario Cuomo News; letter of invitation to Tom Hobart to breakfast with the governor
Box 34 Folder 49 1993
5/26/93. Program for 22nd Annual Scholarship Awards Presentation and Reception
Box 34 Folder 50 1993
5/24/93. Outline for presentation; agenda; cover letter to Tom Hobart noting his acceptance to speak
Box 34 Folder 51 1993
5/19/93. Facilitative correspondence
Box 34 Folder 52 1993
5/18/93. Program; invitation; handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 53 1993
5/14/93. Resume of Hannis; memos to Tom Hobart that Hannis had visited in person at the office
Box 34 Folder 54 1993
5/14/93. Alumni directors 1987-1992 and Class of 1993; agenda for education session; handwritten notes; related correspondence
Box 34 Folder 55 1993
May 12-13, 1993. Bound meeting materials, with note that dress code for meeting required women not to wear slacks; related correspondence
Box 34 Folder 56 1993
5/12/93. Ticket for gala honoring President Bill Clinton; memo from NYSUT VOTE/COPE re event
Box 34 Folder 57 1993
5/10/93. Letter from the University Foundation of Thailand to NYSUT secretary treasurer Fred Nauman, with attached itinerary of delegation, list of members, and objectives of visit
Box 34 Folder 58 1993
5/8/93. Correspondence with Tom Hobart; flyer for performance of the Modern Jazz Quartet at Buffalo State College Performing Arts Center as kickoff to the International Cultural Festival of the World University Games
Box 34 Folder 59 1993
5/8/93. Program, "Affirming Hope for Children Celebrating Excellence in Teaching"; seating list; AFT publication, "National Education Standards and Assessments"; paper from Harvard Educational Review, "The Algebra Project: Organizing in the Spirit of Ella," November 1989; paper/presentation by Ralph Pensabene, New York City Public Schools Field Test Network coordinator, "Professionalism of Teaching: Establishment of National Standards of Certification"; article from American Educator, "The Power of Thinking Mathematics," winter 1992
Box 34 Folder 60 1993
5/6/93. Memos re training program; paper by Albany Ladder, "Creating Superior Organizational Results: A New Paradigm"; articles about Albany Ladder Co.; agenda; mission statement; mission statement for NYSUT Division of Research and Educational Services; handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 61 1993
5/5/93. Brochure for Clarkson Center for Human Services; program for Courage to Come Back 1993; program for awards dinner; correspondence
Box 34 Folder 62 1993
5/5/93. Agenda; outline of presentation (by Tom Hobart?); list of agency fee locals; list of open contracts and status as of June 30, 1992 (dated April 19, 1993)
Box 34 Folder 63 1993
April 28-29, 1993. Agenda; anonymous handwritten letter to Tom Hobart, taking issue with remarks by Hobart on WBEN radio blaming student misbehavior on society and poverty, April 29, 1993
Box 34 Folder 64 1993
4/23/93. Standardized publication by Aspen Publishers, Inc., "Board Member Manual, Washington Teachers' Union"; report commissioned by the Washington Teachers' Union, "State of the D.C. Public Schools: A Report from the Trenches"; memorandum of agreement between the mayor, president of Board of Education, and council chair of District of Columbia, January 29; handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 65 1993
4/21/93. Outline of presentation (by Hobart?), "State of the Union"; newspaper clipping re Clinton education goals
Box 34 Folder 66 1993
4/21/93. Outline of presentation (by Hobart?); facilitative correspondence
Box 34 Folder 67 1993
4/21/93. Regents discussion paper, "Preparing Youth for the Workforce: An Integrated Approach," March 18; memo from State Education Department to school superintendents re Regents action on "Preparing Youth for the Workplace," April; memo to Gov. Mario Cuomo from Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine re career pathways, March 30; list of action steps by Curriculum and Assessment Council; list of Principles for Pilot Projects; State Education Department press release, "Regents Accept $150,000 Grant from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation," October 16, 1992
Box 34 Folder 68 1993
3/31/93. Brochure, "Hire Our Students: Cooperative Education Works on Long Island"; brochure for SCOPE Conferences, spring 1993 program; talking points for career pathways
Box 34 Folder 69 1993
3/29/93. Invitation to Tom Hobart; program
Box 34 Folder 70 1993
3/26/93. Handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 71 1993
3/23/93. Invitation; memo; packet of materials for legislators, including AFT March newsletter, On the Hill, "AFT Supports Clinton Economic Plan"
Box 34 Folder 72 1993
3/5/93. Outline of presentation (by Hobart?)
Box 34 Folder 73 1993
March 2-4, 1993. American Federation of Teachers Guide to the 103rd Congress; tentative agenda; agenda; invitation to congressional reception; list of lobbying appointments; list of workshops; AFT February newsletter On the Hill, "AFT Welcomes President Clinton"; evaluation form
Box 34 Folder 74 1993
2/26/93. Outline of presentation (by Hobart?); Commack Teachers Association president's Local Letter, comparing Clinton inaugural with George H. W. Bush inaugural
Box 34 Folder 75 1993
2/24/93. NYS Martin Luther King, Jr., Commission 1992 Annual Report; commission newsletter, Together, We Shall Overcome, winter 1993; program for swearing-in ceremony for chair of commission; invitation from Gov. Mario Cuomo to attend ceremony; brochures about the commission
Box 34 Folder 76 1993
2/23/93. Press release for lobbying days by NYSUT Committee of 100 to reform tax structure to restore revenues
Box 34 Folder 77 1993
2/19/93. Program; confidential memo to Tom Hobart from Jim Conti, informing him of decision to retire from NYSUT, noting progress in gaining rights for teachers November 23, 1992
Box 34 Folder 78 1993
2/17/93. Text of speech by President Bill Clinton, chiefly about his economic plan
Box 34 Folder 79 1993
2/17/93. Summary of a meeting of the State Education Department with Representatives of Educational Associations on the Regents State Aid Reform Proposal, February 8, 1993; tentative agenda for meeting of February 17; Specific Provisions of the Regents Proposal on School Aid; letter to Tom Hobart from deputy education commissioner James Kadamus, February 9; handwritten notes
Box 34 Folder 80 1993
February 15-19, 1993. Invitation to Tom Hobart to attend seminar on health promotion and preventive care, sponsored by GHI (Group Health Incorporated); invitation to luncheon by Chicago Federation of Labor, February 11, 1993; tourism materials on Miami
Box 34 Folder 81 1993
2/5/93. Outline of State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?); Educational Conference Board Proposal for State Aid 1993-94; NYSUT Information Bulletin, "Reorganization of the Office of Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education of the New York State Education Department," January 1993
Box 34 Folder 82 1993
1/20/93. Letter to Tom Hobart from Rep. Amo Houghton, referencing commemorative invitation to inauguration, January 11, 1993; urgent memo to AFT officers and staff re tickets for inaugural balls and other events, December 3, 1992; related correspondence; talking points for response to media re decision by Clinton to send daughter Chelsea to private school, January 5, 1993; official schedule of events (theme: An American Reunion); schedule of receptions and cocktail parties; guidelines for inauguration ceremonies, including plan for individuals with disabilities; invitation to inauguration day brunch from the Widmeyer Group; invitation to inauguration party by Americans for Democratic Action, with note to Hobart that he was asked to be a sponsor; agenda and materials for AFT national staff meeting, January 18-21, 1993, including confidential Hart research survey of attitudes of AFT union stewards toward the AFT; newspaper clippings re inauguration by Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal; memorabilia: campaign button, "Minnesotans for Clinton/Gore"; unopened CD of music at event, "An American Reunion"
Box 34 Folder 83 1993
1/14/93. Proposal by Luyk Advertising to promote public support for education funding; meeting agenda
Box 35 Folder 1 1993
1/13/93. NYSUT 1993 Advertising Proposal to promote public support for education funding, presented by Schnurr & Jackson, January 13, 1993, including client list and biographical description of principals; letter from Herman Schnurr to Tom Hobart and other NYSUT officers, urging ongoing partnership, January 13, 1993
Box 35 Folder 2 1993
1/13/93. Booklet, "A Synopsis of Progress and Poverty by Henry George," extracted by Alfred J. Katzenberger, Jr., of the Public Revenue Education Council in St. Louis, from Dr. James Busey's condensation of the 565-page original, June 1992
Box 35 Folder 3 1993
1/13/93. Marketing materials for contact lenses, with note re appointment
Box 35 Folder 4 1992
12/30/92. Outline of State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?); facilitative correspondence
Box 35 Folder 5 1992
12/17/92. Letter from NYSCOSS executive director to active members, referencing attached paper, "New York State Council of School Superintendents (NYCOSS) Reflections on Education That Works: Career Pathways for New York State Youth," noting that changes had been made in original report, based on comments by council, December 7, 1992; handwritten notes from meeting of December 17
Box 35 Folder 6 1992
12/16/92. Issues of United University Professions (UUP) newsletter, The Connection, November 4 and December 2, 1992; memo to Peggy Barmore from NYSUT associate Linda Rosenblatt, congratulating her on awards for The Connection and The Voice, October 15; note referencing lunch with Barmore
Box 35 Folder 7 1992
12/14/92. List of topics for Presidents Conference; agenda for conference on April 28-29, 1993, with handwritten notes
Box 35 Folder 8 1992
12/8/92. Agenda for the Governor's School & Business Alliance Fall Training Conference, with cover letter to Tom Hobart from SABA Task Force field services director, November 23, 1992; abstract for Education That Works: Creating Career Pathways for New York State Youth; statement by Governor Mario M. Cuomo, denouncing payment of $1 million to retiring superintendent of Suffolk BOCES III, announcing legal challenge, proposing legislation to cap BOCES superintendents' salaries, December 8, 1992; talking points for Task Force on Creating Career Pathways for New York's Youth
Box 35 Folder 9 1992
12/7/92. Memo from NYSUT legal counsel re use of school district funds to pay for lobbying activities of New York [State] School Boards Association, Inc., June 29, 1992; Representative Assembly Special Order of Business resolution opposing use of public funds to support lobbying activities of association, calling for further review by NYSUT legal and legislative departments
Box 35 Folder 10 1992
11/5/92. Program for awards dinner for presentation of Belle Zeller Scholarships and Friend of CUNY Award by the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) of City University of New York; memo to Tom Hobart from AFT re contribution of PSC members to AFT campaigns, November 2
Box 35 Folder 11 1992
11/4/92. Discussion item for Regents re amendment to Part 83 of Commissioner's Regulations (good moral character), September 2; confidential memo to NYSUT officers re meeting with State Education Department re Part 83, September 30; memo to vice president Antonia Cortese re preparation for meeting with Sobol, with specific changes to be urged, November 2; text of Senate legislation amending Education Law re disciplinary procedures, May 12; draft letter to Assembly members opposing proposed amendment as abridgement of due process, October 5
Box 35 Folder 12 1992
11/2/92. Outline of State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?); agenda
Box 35 Folder 13 1992
10/29/92. Proposed talking points for moderator; correspondence from NYS Job Training Partnership Council; letter to Tom Hobart from State Education Department re schedule of regional forums, September 17; regional forum panelists briefing sheet
Box 35 Folder 14 1992
10/28/92. Memo to Tom Hobart from Ed Cleary, president of NYS AFL-CIO, with attached information packet re legal challenge to New York State's DRG law, August 20; AFL-CIO Employee Benefits Issue Briefs newsletter, re uncompensated (indigent) care, July 1992; correspondence between Cleary and Teamsters local 840 secretary-treasurer William Nuchow over advisability of lawsuit, September-October
Box 35 Folder 15 1992
10/24/92. Banquet program; program for 73rd Annual Convention; letter from NYSSBA executive director, inviting Tom Hobart to convention and banquet, September 4
Box 35 Folder 16 1992
10/23/92. Outline of State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?); NYS Democratic Committee Coordinated Campaign Bulletin, October 2, 1992;
Box 35 Folder 17 1992
10/22/92. Program
Box 35 Folder 18 1992
10/22/92. Memo to Hobart and Tim Reilly from John O'Leary re organizing the Research Foundation, September 28
Box 35 Folder 19 1992
10/19/92. List of regional forum participants; presentation outline for Utica roundtable; letter from Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine to Education Commissioner Thomas Sobol re negative and positive feedback re Career Pathways, October 7; newspaper clippings
Box 35 Folder 20 1992
10/17/92. Conference agenda; school- related personnel 1992-93 salary schedules; list of participants; list of advisory committee members; evaluation form; Clinton campaign material highlighting NYSUT endorsement, including button and bumper sticker; handwritten outline of state of the union presentation; thank-you note from SRP Committee member
Box 35 Folder 21 1992
10/15/92. Dinner program; draft timeline for statewide study of school district organization and report to commissioner by Statewide Advisory Committee, with cover letter from chair, October 7; correspondence; handwritten notes
Box 35 Folder 22 1992
10/13/92. Presentation outlines; talking points for moderators; handwritten notes; panelists briefing; State Education Department report, "A New Compact for Learning: Improving Public Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Education Results in the 1990s; includes 1991 revised Regents goals"; correspondence
Box 35 Folder 23 1992
10/9/92. Panelists briefing (agenda); statement by Marsha Iverson, district director, occupational education, participant at Long Island forum, with cover letter to Tom Hobart, October 2; letter to deputy education commissioner James Kadamus from NYS Job Training Partnership Council, re agenda for Rochester and Buffalo forums, September 25; list of scheduled forums throughout the state; handwritten notes; newspaper clippings; correspondence
Box 35 Folder 24 1992
10/8/92. Letters to Tom Hobart from Robert Doyle, president, NYSUT Retirees of Central NY, listing concerns needing answers by meeting
Box 35 Folder 25 1992
10/5/92. Program for dedication; invitation from NYS Museum
Box 35 Folder 26 1992
10/1/92. State Education Department report, "A New Compact for Learning: Improving Public Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Education Results in the 1990s; includes 1991 revised Regents goals"; printed report of Task Force on Creating Career Pathways for New York State Youth, Education That Works: Creating Career Pathways for New York State Youth, September 1992; abstract of report; summary of positions of the New York State School Boards Association on Career Pathways Report recommendations; letter from NYSSBA executive director Louis Grumet to Commissioner Sobol, criticizing public review process, September 25; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 35 Folder 27 1992
10/1/92. Sign, "Shame on City Hall! Negotiate Now! United Federation of Teachers," with attached "Clinton UFT" button; paper UFT cap; handwritten speech; large-type copies of quotes by historical figures; clipping from New York Teacher/UFT Bulletin, September 7, 1992, asking picketers what message they were sending to the city and Board of Education
Box 35 Folder 28 1992
9/26/92. Invitation; facilitative correspondence
Box 35 Folder 29 1992
10/1/92. Letter to deputy education commissioner James Kadamus from NYS Job Training Partnership Council, re agenda for Elmira forum, September 21; letter from Tom Hobart to local presidents re Career Pathways; newspaper clippings
Box 35 Folder 30 1992
9/18/92. Program; agenda; workshop descriptions; letter to Tom Hobart from BOCES II Teachers Association president, discussing deterioration in relationship with the BOCES administration in the last two years, asking for help by publicizing concerns in New York Teacher, September 11
Box 35 Folder 31 1992
9/16/92. Program; invitation
Box 35 Folder 32 1992
9/11/92. List, Business Roundtable's Nine Essential Components (statement of operating assumptions); list of participating member companies; description of gap analysis; memo to Tom Hobart re interview with Judy Watson, analyzing assumptions of Business Roundtable
Box 35 Folder 33 1992
9/10/92. Political Action Meeting talking points, including Bill Clinton's Education Record in Arkansas, Al Gore's Recent Votes in the U.S. Senate; list of scheduled regional meetings with local presidents
Box 35 Folder 34 1992
9/9/92. Newspaper clipping, "SUNY Assistants Set to Organize," Sunday Gazette, August 30
Box 35 Folder 35 1992
9/4/92. Memo to all NYSUT employee re picnic and gold day; rules for first annual NYSUT scramble golf tournament
Box 35 Folder 36 1992
8/31/92. Memo to Tom Hobart from NYS AFL-CIO informing him of his appointment to serve on the Education Committee at the 27th annual convention of the state AFL-CIO
Box 35 Folder 37 1992
August 30-September 3, 1992. Photos from convention; invitation to president's reception; invitation to reception by Amalgamated Bank of New York; program; proposed resolution re state tax policy and the fiscal crisis, noting billions in revenue losses from income tax cuts, calling for restructuring; pension issue brief; statements adopted by AFL-CIO Executive Council
Box 35 Folder 38 1992
8/28/92. Outline of State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?)
Box 35 Folder 39 1992
8/27/92. Text of Part E - Tech-Prep Education, from the American Vocational Association Guide to the Perkins Act; memo re topics for discussion at Occupational Education Committee meeting, August 20; newspaper clippings, including opinion piece by Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine, "Let's Help Kids Excel," in Albany Times-Union, August 1, and New York Times, "With Skilled Jobs Unfilled, Vocational Training Changes Course," July 15; list of tech-prep programs of State Education Department, 1992-93
Box 35 Folder 40 1992
8/26/92. Memo to local presidents re Summer Leadership Conference; outline of presentation re 1992 legislative session, shared decision making, Bill Clinton's education record in Arkansas, Al Gore's recent votes in the U.S. Senate; bullet points re Career Pathways Task Force; fact sheet, Governor Bill Clinton's Record: Leading the Fight for Real Change in Education; comparison of Clinton and G.H.W. Bush positions on education, "Who's the Best Choice to Improve Public Schools? Compare and Decide"
Box 35 Folder 41 1992
8/26/92. Program
Box 35 Folder 42 1992
8/25/92. Souvenir program
Box 35 Folder 43 1992
8/21/92. Minutes of plenary session, April 27; letter from NYS Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to NYS Conference of Mayors, Hobart, and NYS AFL-CIO confirming August 8 meeting
Box 35 Folder 44 1992
8/19/92. List of participants; letter to Hobart from regional staff director re logistics of conference
Box 35 Folder 45 1992
July 27-29, 1992. Agenda; program; guidelines for political endorsements for NYSUT; Assembly Background Information; NYS Assembly Voting Record 1991 and 1992; NYSUT Endorsement Recommendations NYS Assembly, for Executive Committee and Board of Directors meeting, July 29, 1992; Senate Background Information; NYS Senate Voting Record 1991 and 1992; NYSUT Endorsement Recommendations NYS Senate, for Executive Committee and Board of Directors meeting, July 29, 1992; Brief Description of Bills Used for Voting Records, Senate-Assembly; Congressional Background Information; Congressional Voting Record 1991-92; Brief Description of Bills Used for Voting Records, Congress and U.S. Senate; photo of Tom Hobart at convention
Box 35 Folder 46 1992
7/20/92. Letter to Retirement Committee of NYSUT Employees' Retirement Plan from Segal Advisors giving overview and comparison of criteria for presentations by competing fixed-income investment management firms, July 17; reports by ASB Capital Management, Inc., Investment Advisors, Inc. (IAI), Key Trust Company/KeyCorp, Michael O'Higgins & Co., Alliance Capital Management L.P.; handwritten notes
Box 35 Folder 47 1992
7/8/92. Program for ULI Northeast '92; evaluation form
Box 35 Folder 48 1992
7/1/92. Letter to Hobart from CAP, urging him to fill vacancy in Southwestern Regional office, June 1; letter to NYSUT Executive Director Jim Wood from member of Rushford Faculty Association, urging him to fill the vacancy, May 31
Box 35 Folder 49 1992
7/1/92. Letters from State Education Department re school district reorganization; letter to Hobart re meeting with Western NY directors
Box 35 Folder 50 1992
6/19/92. NYSUT membership report by local, 1991-92; handwritten notes; newspaper clipping
Box 35 Folder 51 1992
6/12/92. Program
Box 35 Folder 52 1992
6/12/92. Outline of presentation at forum; agenda; newspaper clippings; invitation to Hobart from co-sponsor, Manpower Education Institute
Box 35 Folder 53 1992
6/9/92. Success by 6 brochure (United Way of Minneapolis Area); general overview of United Way of America's Success by 6 Early Childhood Development Initiative; update of local United Way and community involvement, April 22; program for legislative day, United Ways of New York State, May 12; letter to president of United Way of Buffalo and Erie County re Long Range Strategic Plan for United Way of New York State for 1992-94, June 5, with letter to Tom Hobart re plan, June 5; letter of nomination for Richard Rahill, president of Corning Enterprises, for appointment to United Way of America Board of Governors, May 22
Box 35 Folder 54 1992
6/4/92. Letter inviting Hobart to awards dinner; letter to local presidents re awards dinner; reservation form
Box 35 Folder 55 1992
6/2/92. Meeting agenda; minutes of February 26 meeting; letters to Tom Hobart from NYS Labor Commissioner John Hudacs re Labor Legacy project, May; project proposal, November 30, 1991; program for Career and Education Expo
Box 35 Folder 56 1992
5/29/92. Program; letter from Imagination Celebration director, inviting Hobart to attend
Box 35 Folder 57 1992
5/28/92. Letter to Hobart requesting him to speak at dinner; flyer for dinner, highlighting Hobart's address, "Educational Issues 1992"
Box 35 Folder 58 1992
5/16/92. Program; Roll Call of Delegates; bylaws; Proposed Amendments to Bylaws; Proposed Resolutions; Children-at-Risk Questionnaire; MFT Discount Program; MFT 1992 Convention Report (newspaper); newspaper clippings
Box 35 Folder 59 1992
5/6/92. Invitation to reception, noting NYSUT's 20th anniversary; memo to reception attendees with background information on issues of interest, with attached voting record of House and Senate members on vouchers and striker replacement
Box 35 Folder 60 1992
5/2/92. Invitation from Ujima Theater Company at TheaterLoft, Buffalo
Box 35 Folder 61 1992
5/1/92. Flyer for forum, with the topic, "Japanese Success, American Failure?"
Box 35 Folder 62 1992
4/28/92. Facilitative correspondence; handwritten outline
Box 35 Folder 63 1992
4/27/92. Minutes of the NYS Public Sector Labor- Management Consortium plenary session of December 18, 1991; correspondence; handwritten outline of presentation
Box 35 Folder 64 1992
4/18/92. Campaign flyer for Weiss, Democratic candidate for 142nd Assembly District; newspaper clipping; letter from Weiss to Hobart, asking to meet
Box 35 Folder 65 1992
4/9/92. Agenda; outline for State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?)
Box 35 Folder 66 1992
4/8/92. Program; list of courses; letter of invitation
Box 35 Folder 67 1992
3/30/92. Program; announcement; agenda
Box 35 Folder 68 1992
3/27/92. Outline of presentation (by Hobart?); letter of invitation; palm card for Tom Hobart as committed delegate for Bill Clinton in New York presidential primary
Box 35 Folder 69 1992
3/25/92. Task Force on Creating Career Pathways for New York State's Youth Issues of Agreement
Box 35 Folder 70 1992
March 19-22, 1992. Daily newsletters, noting overwhelming endorsement of Bill Clinton in Democratic presidential primary, keynote speaker re inequalities against children; program and agenda for 20th annual NYSUT Representative Assembly; related correspondence
Box 35 Folder 71 1992
3/10/92. Statistics comparing attendance 1987-1991; analysis of budget vs. actual costs, other program variables; program materials
Box 35 Folder 72 1992
3/6/92. Outline of State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?); 1991 VOTE/COPE final report, listing contributions by local; memo re joint election district meeting
Box 35 Folder 73 1992
3/4/92. Memos from Ward: to Hobart, re outline of Representative Assembly speech; to other NYSUT officers, re Career Pathways report
Box 35 Folder 74 1992
3/3/92. Agenda for NAGLO Executive Board meeting; agenda for 1992 winter conference, "America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages," March 3, 4, 5; remarks by Tapas Sen, AT&T, "School-to-Work Transition: A Critical Link to Global Competition"; NAGLO constitution, ratified August 3, 1978, amended through June 30, 1989; NAGLO Directory of State; handwritten notes/outline; NAGLO press release, "U.S. Labor Secretary and State Labor Commissioner to Tour Model Training Program," May 10, 1991; list of committee assignments; letter to Hobart confirming that he would be participating on keynote panel at winter meeting of NAGLO, February 10, 1992; publications by National Planning Association, Preparing for Change: Workforce Excellence in a Turbulent Economy: Recommendations of the Committee on New American Realities, 1990, and Looking Ahead, "Education, Training and Management of the American Workforce: Will the United States Still Be Competitive in the 21st Century?" July 1991; materials by the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), U.S. Department of Labor
Box 35 Folder 75 1992
2/27/92. Agenda
Box 35 Folder 76 1992
2/29/92. Outline of State of the Union presentation (by Hobart?); meeting notice
Box 35 Folder 77 1992
2/26/92. Correspondence re attending meeting
Box 35 Folder 78 1992
2/25/92. Press release from Weinstein re appointment as chair of Committee on Governmental Employees, January 28, with note to Tom Hobart indicating that she was a friend; letter to labor leaders from Teamsters local president, inviting them to reception in honor of Weinstein
Box 35 Folder 79 1992
February 24-25, 1992. Testimony of Herb Magidson, Executive Vice President, NYSUT, to the Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways and Means Committee on the 1992-93 Budget, February 4, 1992; cover letter from Magidson to Committee of 100, February 14
Box 35 Folder 80 1992
2/21/92. Correspondence and related materials from Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District re home economics in the middle school, need to lobby in support of maintaining state funding; letter to Tom Hobart from NYSUT Western NY Political Action Committee and VOTE/COPE coordinator, inviting him to legislative cocktail reception; handwritten notes
Box 36 Folder 1 1991
5/6/91. Article reprints re school restructuring and teacher accountability; handwritten notes; program for NYSUT conference, "Multiple Choices: Reforming Student Testing in New York State" ; memo to NYSUT Board of Directors from vice president Antonia Cortese re symposium, April 8
Box 36 Folder 2 1990
8/20/90. Agenda of meeting for Joint Policy Study by Job Training Partnership Council and NYS Education Department; description of study; report, America's Choice: High Skills or Low Wages?; conference program for At Risk: A Nation and Its Youth: The National Youth Employment and Training Conference; handwritten notes
Box 36 Folder 3 1992-1993
List of proposed Field and Legal Services and Management meetings, June 15, 1993; proposed governance calendar, listing Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings for 1993-94; management information calendar, 1993-94; regional office staff meeting dates
Box 36 Folder 4 1988-1989
Materials describing subcommittees, topics
Box 36 Folder 5 1986
1/20/86. Program
Box 36 Folder 6 1987
Program, "A Tribute to Dan Sanders, an architect of our union"; related flyers and correspondence; apparently unrelated speech (by Tony Bifaro?) to the Representative Assembly
Box 36 Folder 7 1990
Document, "NYSUT Comment on the 'New Compact for Learning,' fall 1990, with cover letter to NYSUT Executive Committee re revised policy statement, December 7, 1990
Box 36 Folder 8 1990
Brochure re frequent traveler program; letter to NYSUT executive assistant Tony Bifaro re USAir VISA bank card application, December 5, 1990
Box 36 Folder 9 1986
Report, "The Revolution That Is Overdue," adopted by AFT Convention, July 1986
Box 36 Folder 10 1986
Description of Leadership Committee as subcommittee of Administrative Committee; related correspondence
Box 36 Folder 11 1990
Memo re distribution of 1990 annual report
Box 36 Folder 12 1989
NYSUT annual report, "Strength through Diversity"
Box 36 Folder 13 1988
Draft sections; correspondence
Box 36 Folder 14 1987
NYSUT annual report, "The Right Road15 Years of Progress"; handwritten notes
Box 36 Folder 15 1986
NYSUT annual report, "Beyond Collective Bargaining"; handwritten notes; draft sections; correspondence
Box 36 Folder 16 1988-1989
Letter from NYSUT president Tom Hobart to NYS Deputy Commissioner of Labor re late reimbursement for Structured Educational Support program; letters to temporary staff hired under the program
Box 36 Folder 17 1987
The Working Curriculum Grant Proposal; handwritten drafts; description of Structured Educational Support Program; applicant information; handwritten notes re Plattsburgh Project
Box 36 Folder 18 1988-1989
Report, "A Blueprint for the Professionalization of Teaching," by New York State School Boards Association, NYS Rural Schools Program, NYS Conference of Large City Boards of Education, September 21, 1988, with insert by NYSUT Division of Research & Educational Services, comparing areas of agreement and disagreement between NYSUT and NYSSBA; outlines of issues presented at January 21 meeting; memos re meeting schedules
Box 36 Folder 19 1984-1985
Summary of action plan (New Part 100 of Commissioner's Regulations); handwritten notes
Box 36 Folder 20 1988
Printed reports by State Education Department, "The New York Report: A Blueprint for Learning and Teaching: Report of the Commissioner's Task Force on the Teaching Profession" and "Recruitment and Support of Minorities in Teacher Education Programs," 1988; memo by NYSUT first vice president Antonia Cortese to NYSUT board members and managers re NYS School Boards Association's response to the recommendations of the Task Force on the Teaching Profession, September 30, 1988; Q&A on key issues; State Education Department update memorandum, background materials for the 1988 fall series of regional conferences, "Public School Teaching as a Profession"; other materials for conferences; handwritten notes
Box 36 Folder 21 1985-1987
Correspondence re inviting Matilda (Mrs. Mario) Cuomo to be keynote speaker at annual champagne brunch of NYSUT Retirees of Western NY, January 1987; correspondence re Retiree Organizing Committee, including resignation of members over lack of representation of retirees on NYSUT Board of Directors and related concerns, August-September 1985; memo to Tom Hobart re need for new approach as ROC was experiencing rapid growth, with attached description of dues structure, organizational structure, political relationship with NYSUT, September 9, 1985; committee minutes; newsletter, The NYSUT Retiree
Box 36 Folder 22 1987
Retiree Task Force meeting agenda, May 18, 1987; correspondence from Retiree Organizing Committee re survey on honorary delegates; correspondence with individual retirees re concerns over election process for honorary delegates; procedure for electing honorary delegates; ballots for election of honorary delegates to Representative Assembly; list of nominees; letters to honorary retiree delegates from Tom Hobart
Box 36 Folder 23 1992-1993
Meeting agendas of June 8 and 22, May 25, April 20, March 30, February 2 and 23, January 5, 1993, December 8, November 24, October 27 and 14, and September 9, 1992; agendas for Board of Directors meeting of June 29-30, 1993, and December 4-5, 1992; NYC Central Labor Council Resolution in Opposition to Newspaper Guild Boycott of Daily News, January 28, 1993; newspaper clippings, including articles re Suffolk BOCES III superintendent retirement package worth nearly $1 million; Regents discussion item re proposed amendments to Part 83 of Commissioner's Regulations (good moral character), November 10, 1992, with letter of endorsement from NYSUT, November 19;
Box 36 Folder 24 1985
September 9 and 24, 1985. Meeting agendas and materials: paper, "Teaching Reform; Union Reform," produced for the California Commission on the Teaching Profession, with cover letter to Administrative Committee from Tom Hobart, September 3; Report of the 1985 Representative Assembly of the National Education Association, June 28-July 3, 1985, prepared by the officers and staff of the American Federation of Teachers; chapter by NYSUT general counsel Bernard Ashe, "Due Process Rights and Restrictions on Employees," in The Evolving Process - Collective Negotiations in Public Employment (Association of Labor Relations Agencies)
Box 36 Folder 25 1990
September 7-9, 1990. Guidelines for Special Olympics Board Members, first edition, July 1981; budget summary; reimbursement policy; memo re fiscal 1989-1990 priorities; outline of purpose, responsibilities, and general function of board of directors; lists of state committee chairs, area coordinators; draft bylaws; agenda for board orientation; agenda for Board of Directors meeting; brochure, "The World of Winners"
Box 36 Folder 26 1990
10/19/90. Letter to Tom Hobart from Rep. Amo Houghton re Business-Education Conference; agenda for Superintendent's Conference Day, "Partnering: What It Is, How It Works, and How to Do It," with list of workshops
Box 36 Folder 27 1978-1982
Newsletters for editors of NYSUT-affiliated organizations
Box 36 Folder 28 1990
July 2-6, 1990. Proposed Convention Resolutions, 1990; printed program, The American Federation of Teachers Celebrates 75 Years of Excellence: The 71st Biennial Convention Boston/1990; conference call; AFT Roll Call of Delegates; printed 1988-90 Report of the Officers of the American Federation of Teachers; printed AFT Pride of the Union awards program, recognizing locals with greatest membership growth; Progressive Caucus meeting schedule; related correspondence
Box 36 Folder 29 1992
Printed convention call; letter from Tom Hobart re meeting of New York delegation; Progressive Caucus meeting schedule; convention questionnaire for delegates; Special Order of Business: Endorsement of Bill Clinton and Al Gore for President and Vice President; letters to retiree delegates; related correspondence
Box 36 Folder 30 1992
November 17-19, 1992. Draft list of AFT priorities; CQ Researcher, focused on youth apprenticeships, published by Congressional Quarterly, Inc., October 23, 1992; "The School to Work Transition," draft Education Subcouncil recommendation prepared by Paul Barton, for 10/19/92 meeting; Educational Issue Department Report to the AFT Executive Council and K-12 Program and Policy Council, November 12-19, 1992; memo to K-12 Teacher Program and Policy Council from council co-chairs Albert Shanker and Sandra Feldman, re first meeting, November 10, 1992; council meeting schedule;
Box 36 Folder 31 1986
Report, "The Revolution That Is Overdue: Looking Toward the Future of Teaching and Learning," adopted by AFT Convention July 1986
Box 36 Folder 32 1992
Report of the AFT Futures Committee, submitted to the 1992 Convention of the American Federation of Teachers; letter to convention delegates
Box 36 Folder 33 1993
Report on attendance by NYSUT Data Processing;
Box 36 Folder 34 1992
Report on attendance by NYSUT Data Processing; minutes of debriefing meeting of 1992 Planning Committee, April 10, 1992; summary analysis of evaluation response data; original response forms
Box 36 Folder 35 1990
Report on attendance by NYSUT Data Processing; cumulative report on attendance, 1973-1990
Box 36 Folder 36 1987-1989
Report on attendance by NYSUT Data Processing; blank evaluation forms
Box 37 Folder 1 1993
7/22/93. Press release announcing winner of 1993 Governor's Excelsior Award, with cover letter to members of the Board of Examiners, May 7, 1993; minutes of Executive Committee meeting of June 25, 1993, with cover memo to members, July 16; NYS Department of Labor newsletter, NY Labor, announcing Excelsior Award winner, June 1993; brochure re Governor's Excelsior Awards; agenda for July 22 meeting, with cover letter and vision/mission statement; list of scheduled Executive Committee meetings; text of bill in the NYS Senate and Assembly to create the New York State Quality Council to advance quality management principles, with cover letter to Excelsior Executive Committee members, requesting comment, May 28, 1993
Box 37 Folder 2 1993
9/30/93. Minutes of September 15 meeting, with cover letter; summary of July 22 meeting, noting comments re vision/mission statement; list of Executive Committee members 1993-94; 1995 Excelsior Award Criteria Meeting Examiner Feedback: Presentation to Excelsior Executive Committee, September 15, 1993
Box 37 Folder 3 1988-1989
Drafts and final text of Hobart columns for New York Teacher and other publications, with cover memos from Robert Rice, NYSUT deputy director of public relations, to executive assistant Tony Bifaro for review; testimony of Hobart to the NYS Senate Standing Committee on Education and Standing Committee on Commerce, Economic Development & Small Business, re Business-Industry and Educational Relationships, February 16, 1988
Box 37 Folder 4 1993
Report, "The Governor's Plan for Coordination of Workforce Preparation and Training in New York State, July 1, 1992- June 30, 1994: Program Year 1993 Modifications," with approval letter from Gov. Mario Cuomo; memo to Governor's Plan Subcommittee from chair of NYS Job Training Partnership Council re meeting, with preliminary agenda, list of members and affiliations, excerpt of enabling legislation outlining duties of council (Job Training Partnership Act)
Box 37 Folder 5 1993
Certificate of Membership for Tony Bifaro (NYSUT executive assistant), 12/15/88- 12/01/93; related correspondence and materials
Box 37 Folder 6 1992-1993
NYSUT membership reports, by Election District
Box 37 Folder 7 1992
Report by Economic Policy Institute, "The Limits of Privatization," c. 1987; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development publication, "Delivering Municipal Services Efficiently: A Comparison of Municipal and Private Service Delivery (Summary)," June 1984; AFL-CIO Public Employee Department publications, "The Threat of Privatization: Issues & Answers," n.d., c. 1987, "Public Employees Help Make America Work," n.d., c. 1987, "Alert" card re privatization; arbitration opinion and award, ordering City of Wilmington, Delaware, to cease and desist from operating its de-watering facility with non-city, non-union employees, August 5, 1985; text of act in State of Rhode Island related to contracts between state and private employers, 1988; State and Local Government Labor-Management Committee Statement of Purpose and Objectives, August 27, 1986; newsletter, The Entrepreneurial Economy: The Monthly Review of Enterprise Development Strategies, published by the Corporation for Enterprise Development, April 1988; legal analysis re Subcontracting/Loss of Unit Work under Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) rules, c. 1988
Box 37 Folder 8 1988-1992
Final recommendations for "Success by 6" program, September 1988; background paper re program, June 1989; letter to Tom Hobart from NYS AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer Paul Cole, congratulating him on his election to the Board of Directors of United Way of New York State, March 5, 1992, noting attached paper, "Potential Partners in Education"; letter to Tony Bifaro (assistant to NYSUT president) from Chenango United Way, thanking him for meeting with United Way Committee to discuss NYSUT participation in United Way campaigns across the state, June 5, 1991
Box 37 Folder 9 1989
Survey forms and cover letter to local presidents re location, format, and frequency of Representative Assembly
Box 37 Folder 10 1987-1988
List of issues raised at 1987-88 regional office meetings; agendas and handwritten notes from regional office and department meetings (Legal, Research, Public Relations, New York Teacher editorial, etc.); teacher salary information
Box 37 Folder 11 1987
Articles from America Educator, "The Texas Teacher Appraisal System: What Does It Really Appraise?' Spring 1987, "Teaching Knowledge: How Do We Test It?" and "Our Profession, Our Schools: The Case for Fundamental Reform, Fall 1986, "Relearning to Teach: Peer Observation as a Means of Professional Development" and "Putting Research to Work," re AFT program, Winter 1986, "Ability Grouping and Its Alternatives: Must We Track?" Summer 1987; U.S. Department of Education Research in Brief newsletter, "Making the Most of Ability Groups," November 1986; articles in other publications re length of school day, early childhood development programs, class size
Box 37 Folder 12 1985
Draft resolution for Representative Assembly opposing tuition tax credits; draft article to be signed by Edward Cleary, president NYS AFL-CIO, "American Labor's Fight for Public Education," n.d.; "Tuition Tax Credit Distribution Schedule, 1985 Representative Assembly"; memo re scheduled meeting; handwritten notes
Box 37 Folder 13 1993
August 1993. Agenda for staff retreat, August 10, 1993; statement of development staff objectives (performance appraisal - July 1, 1993 through December 31, 1994); memos re team building workshop, pre-planning meeting for staff retreat on planning; minutes of planning committee meeting of July 27, 1993, and staff retreat of August 10, 1993; handwritten notes
Box 37 Folder 14 1993
July 1993. Meeting agenda for July 27, 1993; public relations plan; executive summary of long-range plan; goals for national, state, and area projects, marketing; list of NYC initiatives; memo re organization plan, June 10, 1993; memo re three-year plan, April 21, 1993; volunteer management system plan; public relations plan;
Box 37 Folder 15 1993
March-June 1993. Volunteer management update, May 1993; memo re communications plan, March 15, 1993; revised NYC initiatives, March 18, 1993; memo outlining topics for conference call, March 11, 1993; letter from NYSTU president Tom Hobart nominating Tony Bifaro as NYSUT representative to NY Special Olympics Board of Directors, May 11, 1993; memo from NYSO chairman of the board to president and CEO re Summer Games, July 21, 1993; lists of at-large candidates; personal profile forms for nominees; memo and related materials re six-month follow-up to September 1992 Workout Session, May 12, 1993
Box 37 Folder 16 1993
January-February 1993. Agenda for Awards Committee meeting, January 14, 1993; memo re awards committee conference call; budgets request; reminder memo re awards nominations, July 26, 1993
Box 37 Folder 17 1992
Memos re conference call for November 30, 1992; materials re planning goals for fiscal 1989-1992 and progress report on planning goals, March 4, 1991, with cover memo, October 20, 1992; materials re Board of Directors Awards Program, including printed program, October 1992; nomination forms for various categories
Box 37 Folder 18 1991
Programs for 1991 and 1989 Board of Directors Awards Program; materials for Bronx special awards
Box 37 Folder 19 1990
Financial statements; agenda for 1990 fall workshop; confidential memo re personnel issues in area 20; managerial performance appraisal sheet, 6/5/89; correspondence re awards program and fall workshop; membership certificates
Box 37 Folder 20
Nominating Committee recommendations for candidates for AFT office and AFL-CIO delegates
Box 37 Folder 21 1979-1983
Letter to Regent R. Carlos Carballada, inviting him to teach-to-teacher conference re teacher stress, discipline, and educational issues, October 4, 1979; letters to state Sen. Jess J. Present and Assemblymen Rolland Kidder, James Emery, and Dan Walsh, inviting them to participate at legislative breakfast, November 5, 1979; invitation to local presidents to attend Political Action Workshop for the Southern Tier, November 6, 1979, with attached agenda; invitation to attend breakfast with Rep. Stan Lundine, hosted by E.D. 4 Political Action Committee (4-PAC), April 15, 1981; letter to Silver Creek Teachers Association, congratulating them on their affiliation vote for NYSUT, n.d.; letters re retirements and resignations
Box 37 Folder 22 1982-1983
Letter to Tony Bifaro as chair of the Chautauqua County Council of NYSUT Presidents from Chautauqua County Executive Joseph Gerace, apologizing for not including his group in reviewing legislative package for 1983, with attached materials, January 5, 1983; description of programs and purpose of Chautauqua Private Industry Council, Inc., with list of members, expected distribution of training funds; memos to local presidents (Chautauqua County Council of NYSUT Presidents) from Bifaro re meetings; summary from Bifaro of NYSUT Board of Directors meeting, sent to local presidents and ED 4 delegates, January 25, 1983; list of Chautauqua County presidents, 1982-83 school year; letter inviting Bifaro to fuel costs workshop, February 8, 1983; correspondence between NYSUT president Tom Hobart and local presidents who objected to contribution by NYSUT to Mario Cuomo gubernatorial campaign, December 1982; Summary of Changes in Negotiated Agreement between the Silver Creek Central Teachers Association and the Chief School Officer if the Silver Creek Central School District, 1982-83, 1983-84; Ten-Year CPI, Buffalo Area 1972-1982, showing percent increase over one year ago; salary schedule for Lake Shore Central Schools, 1982-83; flyer for Tri-County Educational Conference, "Stop Discipline Problems before They Start," October 15, 1982; memo re phone banks for Cuomo campaign, September 9, 1982; minutes of the Cattaraugus-Alleghany Counties Central Labor Council meeting of June 28, 1982; bank checking balance statements for Chautauqua Council of NYSUT Presidents; NYSUT "Regents' Report Card" summarizing September 1982 meeting; memo to local association presidents from NYSUT Western NY Service Center coordinator Ron Uba re upcoming workshops, September 29, 1982; roster of locals in Election District 3; summary of salary and expense reimbursement survey for locals in ED 3, and of 10/24/82
Box 38 Folder 1 1981
v.4:no.1 September 1981. A newsletter for editors of NYSUT affiliated organizations. Sample issue
Box 38 Folder 2 1981
v.4:no.2 October 1981. Sample issue
Box 38 Folder 3 1981
v.4:no.3 November 1981. Sample issue
Box 38 Folder 4 1981
v.4:no.4 December 1981. Sample issue
Box 38 Folder 5 1982
v.4:no.5 January 1982. Sample issue
Box 38 Folder 6 1982
v.4:no.6 February-March 1982. Sample issue
Box 38 Folder 7 1980-1985
Cover letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from Peter Mitchell, assistant to the general secretary of IFFTU, with new publication he helped create, describing IFFTU, and copy of article he wrote, "Democracy in Education," published in Fiji Teachers' Journal, June 8, 1984; letters from Hobart to Mitchell, commenting on articles in Perspectives and others, July 24 and August 10, 1984; issue of IFFTU Perspectives newsletter, vol. 2., no. 1, January 4, 1984; draft of speech by Mitchell to be presented to NYSUT Representative Assembly, with cover letter to Hobart, February 29, 1984; handwritten notes from conference; letter from IFFTU general secretary Andre Braconier to AFT president Al Shanker, asking him to complete survey re reduction of budgets allocated to education, March 18, 1980; publication re International Labour Organisation (ILO) and International Federation of Free Trade Unions, A Partnership in the Struggle for Workers' Rights, 1983; IFFTU World Congress May 28- June 2, 1985, questionnaire re teachers' employment and terms and conditions of employment, with cover note from Mitchell to Hobart, July 9, 1885; letter from Hobart to Mitchell re new governor, Mario Cuomo, aspirations for teachers unions, January 13, 1993; related correspondence between Hobart and Mitchell, 1981-84
Box 38 Folder 8 1967-1984
Handwritten letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from Thaddeus O. Ogunsina, state chairman of the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) of Educational and Associated Institutions, Ondo State Council, Akure, Nigeria, and delegate to IFFTU conference in Marseille, France, seeking a job and school, June 7, 1985; Ogunsina business card; reply from Hobart; Teachers of the World International Pedagogical Review and Trade Union Review, issue 2, 1983; UNESCO ILO report on the status of teachers, 1967; IFFTU resolutions, 1981; report for IFFTU 13th World Congress, "The Arms Race and Its Implications for Education," 1981; International Labour Conference conventions (resolutions); Report of the Joint ILO/UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers (Special Session, Paris, 19-23 November 1979), and Annexes to the Report, with cover letter from IFFTU official Peter Mitchell to Tom Hobart, November 30, 1984; request for materials from Hobart, November 1, 1984
Box 38 Folder 9 1972-1980
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation newsletter, Federation Update, with photo on back page, showing IFFTU delegates to Toronto meeting, including Al Shanker as IFFTU vice president, June 2, 1980; print of photo, in color; program announcement brochure by AFT International Department, "International Awareness: Announcing new and expanded credit programs sponsored by the AFT and by Georgetown and Rutgers Universities," c. 1976; brochure re IFFTU, c. 1972 handwritten note to Tom Hobart (?) from Central Committee of the Israel Teachers Union; resolutions from the IFFTU World Congress XI, in Italy, from AFT Department of International Education, March 4, 1976 ; memo re election of new IFFTU Executive Board, February 3, 1976; description of international trade union organizations affiliated with AFL-CIO, November 25, 1975; IFFTU newsletters
Box 38 Folder 10 1981
December 4-13, 1981. Financial reports 1978-1980; draft agenda; registration receipt for Tom Hobart; resolutions; newsletters; reports, "World Military and Social Expenditures 1980," and ""The Arms Race and Its Implications for Education"; IFFTU Constitution; list of member organizations; facilitative correspondence
Box 38 Folder 11 1982
April 2-4, 1982. Brochure, "The AFT and International Affairs," n.d.; article reprint from ORBIS vol. XIX, no. 1, spring 1975, "American Labor's Continuing Involvement in World Affairs," by Roy Godson; AFL-CIO booklet, "Free Trade Unions - Force for Democracy," based on an address by AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer Lane Kirkland to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, March 1978; IFFTU newsletters
Box 38 Folder 12 1980-1983
Report of the First NYS Labor-Religion Dialogue, December 1-2, 1980, with cover letter from NYSUT president Tom Hobart and Bishop Howard Hubbard, Catholic Diocese of Albany, February 27, 1981; State Education Department report, "Understanding Financial Support of Public Schools," 1978-79; brochure, "The Public Assistance Grant in New York State: Can Families Survive?" prepared by the State Coalition for Fair Public Assistance, c. 1980; "Religious Institutions and Public Schools: Statement on Affirmation and Support of Religious Institutions for Public Education," endorsed by the New York Board of Rabbis, Inc., the New York State Catholic Conference, and the New York State Council of Churches, and prepared by the Interfaith Education Advisory Council of the Commissioner of Education, n.d.; correspondence between NYSUT president Tom Hobart and the Center for the Progress of People, Hong Kong, re relationship between organized religion and labor in U.S., February-March 1983; letter from the NYS Labor/Religion Dialogue Committee to general manager of General Electric Capacitor Products Department, urging him not to relocate Fort Edward, NY, factory to Mexico, January 31, 1983; "strongly recommended revisions" to draft copy of report, "The Church as Employer," by the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission to the Bishop of Syracuse, with detailed cover letter, December 12, 1982; materials by the Urban Bishops Coalition, October 1982; financials statement for NY Labor/Religion Coalition for November 1, 1981, to April 1, 1982; list of participants to the Second Annual NYS Labor/Religion Conference, February 22-23, 1982; computer printout of list of individuals receiving NYSUT special mailing (Labor Religion Coalition) 3/2/82; newspaper clippings
Box 38 Folder 13 1981
Meeting notice and agenda for Continuation Committee; tentative list of committee members
Box 38 Folder 14 1980
December 1-2, 1980. Copy of article, "The Pro-life Movement and the New Right," by George G. Higgins, in America, September 13, 1980; newsletter, National Conference on Religion & Labor, covering the 1980 conference; draft proposal, Development of a Labor Religion Dialogue; paper "Religion and Labor in the Eighties: Personal Reflections on Building a New Coalition," by Joe Holland, May 19, 1980, National Conference on Religion & Labor/Center of Concern; memo to Tom Hobart re sending NYSUT representatives to conference, estimated cost, November 3, 1980
Box 38 Folder 15 1978-1984
Confidential report to NYSUT officers and staff re Ninth Annual NEA-NY Delegate Assembly, April 26-28, 1985, by NYSUT operative Fred Lambert; issues of NEA-NY Advocate, October 19, November 15, 1984, and March 20, 1985; issues of NEA-NY Issues newsletters, February 10 and June 15, 1984; Testimony on State Funding of Elementary and Secondary Education, National Education Association, February 10, 1984; letter to Tom Hobart from NEA-NY president Tom Pisa, expressing concern over the expansion of public funding of nonpublic schools, inviting him to attend NEA-sponsored Nonpublic Education Seminar on February 2, 1984; report by NYSUT operative on the Second Annual NEA-NY Delegate Assembly, June 2-4, 1978; preliminary report by NYSUT operative on the 1979 NYEA Delegate Assembly, March 27, 1979; report of Fourth Annual NYEA Delegate Assembly, May 2-4, 1980, by NYSUT operative Fred Lambert; confidential report to NYSUT officers and staff on the Fifth Annual NYSEA Delegate Assembly, May 1-2-3, 1981, by NYSUT operative Fred Lambert
Box 38 Folder 16 1979-1982
Confidential reports to NYSUT officers and staff re Sixth and Seventh Annual NEA-NY Delegate Assemblies, April 23-25, 1982, and April 22-24, 1983, by NYSUT operative Fred Lambert; report of the Fourth Annual NYEA Delegate Assembly, May 2-4, 1980, by Fred Lambert; material produced by NYEA re budget situation, April 1982; open letter to members from NYEA president re abrupt ending of convention, dues issue, April 29, 1982; memos among NYSUT field services officers re declining financial and political situation at NYEA, opportunity to target NYEA locals for affiliation, creation of special strategy committee for reassessment of NYEA locals, May-June 1982; memo to NYSUT coordinators from director of organization re NYEA financial report and budget, noting that it was a virtual certainty that they would have to raise their dues, May 13, 1981; newspaper clipping re Pres. Reagan's proposed budget cut to federal aid to education, proposed income tax credit for parents sending children to parochial or private schools, May 3, 1981; other newspaper clippings; NYEA newsletters; NYEA regional district meeting agenda, December 6, 1979, with summary of November 9-10 meeting of Board of Directors; NYSUT coordinator's report from Leon Lieberman to Vito DeLeonardis, re timeline of events in disaffiliation of Johnstown Teachers Association from NYSUT in favor of NYEA, efforts to re-affiliate, January 1981; report to the delegation to the 1981 Representative Assembly regarding Resolution #58 passed by the 1980 Representative Assembly (establishing committee to develop a plan for reunification with NYEA), concluding that reunification was futile, following unambiguous rejection by NYEA president at convention; issues of Rochester Teachers Voice (NYEA-NEA) newsletter; Syracuse Teachers Voice (NYEA-NEA) newsletter, May 18, 1979
Box 38 Folder 17 1983-1984
Letter from Mondale to Hobart, asking for contribution to help retire primary campaign debt, September 10, 1984; related correspondence; excerpts from Walter F. Mondale's speech, George Washington University, September 25, 1984; campaign flyers; Erie County Democrat newspaper re Mondale, October 1984; invitations to various fundraising events; AFT Mondale-Ferraro poster; newspaper clippings from Wall Street Journal and NY Times; letter from AFT president Al Shanker to NYSUT president Tom Hobart, noting that this was the first time the AFL-CIO had made an endorsement in a presidential primary, November 21, 1983; An AFT Campaign Primer: A Handbook for the 1984 Presidential Primaries ("Subject: Mondale 1984")
Box 38 Folder 18 1982-1984
Campaign brochures; poster, "AFT Supports Mondale"; memo to Walter Mondale from Mondale for President campaign re campaign strategy for January - April 1984 (summary update), January 8, 1984; NYSUT memo to members re primary; sample ballot; press release and letter to Hobart from presidential primary candidate Gary Hart
Box 38 Folder 19 1989
Memo to NYYSUT officers re participation in United Farm Workers' (UFW) fast to eliminate pesticides and other toxic chemicals, February 3, 1989; list of participating locals; statement from Cesar Chavez, August 25, 1989, re new phase of grape boycott; UFW press releases
Box 38 Folder 20 1989
List of individuals and their locals participating in fast, by start date
Box 38 Folder 21 1989
Alphabetical listing of individuals participating in fast
Box 38 Folder 22 1989
List of individuals participating in fast, arranged alphabetically by local
Box 39 Folder 1 1981
Agendas, summaries, and related materials
Box 39 Folder 2 1980
Agendas, summaries, and related materials
Box 39 Folder 3 1979
Agendas, summaries, and related materials
Box 39 Folder 4 1978
Agendas, summaries, and related materials
Box 39 Folder 5 1977
Letter to NYSUT president Tom Hobart from NYEA president Edwin Robisch, calling for united action in case of Lakeland strike, November 2, 1977; Report to the Commissioner submitted by Lakeland Federation of Teachers, October 7, 1977; photocopies of photos of negotiations; terms of ratified Lakeland contract, November 9, 1977; Western Union mailgrams in support of strikers; related correspondence; handwritten list of Lakeland Teachers Assistance Fund Committee
Box 39 Folder 6 1977
Flyer for benefit for Lakeland teachers; newspaper clippings re strike; photocopies of photos
Box 39 Folder 7 1978
Newspaper clippings; letter from Levittown United Teachers Defense Fund, asking for donations, October 20, 1978
Box 39 Folder 8 1977
November 9-12, 1977. Agenda for AFT State Federation Presidents Conference; correspondence
Box 39 Folder 9 1978
November 8-11, 1978. Agenda; memo to conference participants re boycott of Continental Airlines and hotels, October 25, 1978; 1977 evaluation form
Box 39 Folder 10 1976
November 10-13, 1976. Program; list of special workshops on federal aid to education programs;
Box 39 Folder 11 1975
November 5-8, 1975. Conference program; discussion paper, "Agency Shop - Problems and Organizing Strategies Workshop for State Federation Presidents," November 7, 1975; brochure, "Gerald Ford's America: 10 Million Victims of Veto," by AFT Committee on Political Education (COPE), listing 36 vetoes by President Ford in his first year in office, increase in housing, food, medical, transportation, and clothing costs, 1969-1975; list of key 1976 elections, by state; National League of Cities special report, "The Role of Politics in Local Labor Relations: Does Political Action Influence Labor Agreements?" based on survey of 78 U.S. cities, by National League of Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors and National Association of Counties, April 1973; COPE brochure, "Politics: It Means Your Life," describing COPE, c. 1975; excerpts from the AFL-CIO Memorandum on the New Federal Campaign Practices Act; timetable for a political campaign; suggestions for telephone banks; related instructional papers; VOTE/COPE Constitution; resolutions on the right to strike in public employment
Box 39 Folder 12 1973
November 7-9, 1973. Tentative agenda; related correspondence; A Brief Chronological Resume of the History of the American Federation of Teachers in Michigan; fact sheets on the labor movement, including number of people in the United States who work for wages and salaries, how many of those are eligible to join unions, and how many are members of unions; brief history of the American labor movement; birth of the AFL-CIO; relationship of state and area AFL-CIO Councils
Box 39 Folder 13 1985
Box 39 Folder 14 1983
Memorabilia (comb, pen, and file set in leatherette holder) from Restaurant Zum Bootshaus in Bonn; (photos removed for photo series)
Box 39 Folder 15 1985
Microcassette tapes and memorabilia (small banner, Asociacion Nacional de Educatores, Costa Rica); postcard (uncancelled) from Tom Hobart, Hotel Inter-Continental, Managua, "Too soon to evaluate if the workers are enjoying the workers paradise," addressed to NYSUT executive office; agreement in Spanish, "Contrato Clectivo de Trabajo celebrado entre La Comision Ejecutiva Portuaria Autonoma y el Sindicato de la Industria Portuaria de El Salvador 'Acajutla'"; newsletter, "Solidaridad," other Spanish-languages union materials; correspondence; handwritten notes; newspaper, La Prensa, June-July 1986; (photos removed for photo series)
Box 39 Folder 16 1985
Contents of binder of information on Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, including English translation of Comandante Bayardo Arce's Secret Speech before the Political Committee of the Nicaraguan Socialist Party (PSN) in Managua, May 1984; newspaper clippings, excerpts from Congressional Record (House of Representatives), April 23, 1985; Nicaraguan Trade Union View of the Civil War; U.S.; action bulletins from American Institute for Free Labor Development; Tour of Central American Unions Associated with the Communist World Federation of Trade Unions; section on AFL-CIO Policy (resolutions, statement on Report of the Kissinger Commission)
Box 39 Folder 17 1980
Cassette tapes; text of speech by Professor Leon Poliakov (France), re assigned lecture, "Is There Scientific Basis for the Irrevocable Inferiority of Certain Races?" November 11, 1980; text of speech by M. G. Georges, November 14, 1980
Box 40 Folder 1 1988
Report to the President and Board of Directors of the New York State United Teachers Concerning Pensions in Other States, with cover letter from Patrick Burns to Tom Hobart, noting report was based upon Resolution 101, concerning COLAs, from the May 1988 Representative Assembly, February 6, 1989; Implementation of Actions by the 1988 Representative Assembly; Proposed Resolutions & Amendments, NYSUT 16th Annual Representative Assembly, May 19-22, 1988; list of resolutions and assigned committees for implementation, with cover letter to Administrative Committee officers from Tony Bifaro, July 11, 1988; memo from Bifaro to Toni Cortese with attached resolutions submitted by NYSUT to AFT, April 13, 1988
Box 40 Folder 2 1988
New York State Teachers' Retirement Board Annual Meeting agenda, reports, action items, January 25, 1989; Report on a Survey of Post-Retirement Supplemental Benefits Provided to Teachers in the United States, NYS Teachers' Retirement System, October 21, 1987; memo to Tom Hobart from Tony Bifaro re establishment of Community Services Committee, based on Resolution 88, October 27, 1988; memos re implementation of other resolutions; handwritten notes; testimony of Antonia Cortese, first vice president, NYSUT, to the Board of Regents on the Regents Legislative Proposals, September 9, 1988
Box 40 Folder 3 1988
List of resolutions and assigned committees for implementation, with cover letter to Administrative Committee officers from Tony Bifaro, July 11, 1988; memo to Tom Hobart and Leon Lieberman re President's Office responsibilities for implementation of 1988 resolutions, with list; handwritten notes
Box 40 Folder 4 1982
Box 40 Folder 5 1980
Workbook for public relations workshop
Box 40 Folder 6 1978
Pamphlet by United Federation of Teachers (local 2, AFT), "Albert Shanker: The Politics of Clout," reprinted from New York Affairs, vol 5., no. 1, 1978
Box 40 Folder 7 1982
Letter from Genesee Central School Faculty Association to Fred Lambert as editor of The Copy Right, thanking him for profiling newsletter (attached) of the faculty association, News and Views, April 4, 1982; handwritten letter to Lambert from editor for Dutchess United Educators, Dutchess Community College, asking for advice re newsletter DUEPOINTS, March 3, 1982; letter to Lambert from New York State Council of Educational Associations (NYSCEA), confirming that Lambert would be speaking at leadership meeting, April 21, 1982; letter from editor of Roosevelt Teachers Association newsletter asking for copy of NYSUT Journalism Competition Awards Luncheon critiques of newsletters, wondering why they had fallen from first place in Labor Press Council of Metropolitan New York competition to not even honorable mention, April 13, 1982
Box 40 Folder 8 1979
S&H Membership Handbook: A Guide for Membership Chairmen
Box 40 Folder 9 1949
Guide based on Robert's Rules of Order, by O. Garfield Jones
Box 40 Folder 10 1979
Newsletter of New York City NYSUT employees, with satirical articles
Box 40 Folder 11 1979
Publication by Eastman Kodak Company for teachers, "274 Proven Ways to Use Photography in the Classroom," listing suggestions from individual teachers
Box 40 Folder 12 1971
NYSUT booklet opposing position of National Education Association on numerical quota requirements as mechanism for achieving racial diversity
Box 40 Folder 13 1976-1978
NYEA/NEA flyer, "Is There a Difference between NYEA/NEA and NYSUT/AFT?"; correspondence between NYSUT and district superintendent, April 1978; letter from NYSUT Elmsford Service Center to Katonah-Lewisboro teachers, discussing reasons to select NYSUT in affiliation vote, April 24, 1978
Box 40 Folder 14 1977
Fact sheet of New York Educators Association
Box 40 Folder 15 1978
v.4:no. 2, 5-11 October 1977 - July/August 1978. Copies of newsletter of New York Educators Association (National Education Association)
Box 40 Folder 16 1979
v.5:no. 1, 3-5, 7-12, 15-19 September 1978 - June 1979. Copies of newsletter of New York Educators Association (National Education Association)
Box 40 Folder 17 1981
v.7:no. 2, 5, 6, 10 September 1980 - May 1981. Copies of newsletter of New York Educators Association (National Education Association)
Box 40 Folder 18 1980
v.6:no. 1, 2, 5-11, 13 September 1979 - March 1980. Copies of newsletter of New York Educators Association (National Education Association)
Box 40 Folder 19 1982
v.8:no. 9 April 1982. Copy of newsletter of New York Educators Association (National Education Association)
Box 40 Folder 20 1979
Memo from NYSUT general counsel Bernard Ashe to president Tom Hobart, with attached memo to NEA officials from executive director Terry Herndon re NEA v. Marshall and applicability of Landrum-Griffin (Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959) to NEA
Box 40 Folder 21 1978
Booklet of rules as adopted at the 1978 Delegate Assembly, June 2-4, 1978
Box 40 Folder 22 1977-1978
Proposed resolutions
Box 40 Folder 23 1979
March 22-29, 1979. Delegate handbook
Box 40 Folder 24 1980
May 2-9, 1980. Critical report by NYSUT operative Fred Lambert; NYEA Official Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
Box 40 Folder 25 1980
May 1-3, 1980. Confidential, critical report by NYSUT operative Fred Lambert; minutes of NYEA R.D. 5 (Buffalo) meeting of June 2/3, 1978
Box 40 Folder 26 1980
April 23-25, 1980. Delegate handbook, including agenda and proposed resolutions; confidential, critical report by NYSUT operative Fred Lambert
Box 40 Folder 27 1980
Memo to NYSUT coordinators, 12/3/80, with attached minutes of NYEA R.D. 5 (Rochester) meeting of October 28, with hand annotations highlighting reference to NYEA fiscal crisis
Box 40 Folder 28 1979
March 22-25, 1979. Report for the 3rd Annual Delegate Assembly
Box 40 Folder 29 1980-1981
Copy of sections related to field service operations, including salaries
Box 40 Folder 30 1980-1983
1980-1981, 1981-1982, 1982-1983. Full budgets
Box 40 Folder 31 1982
Box 40 Folder 32 1979
Public relations handbook for use by local NYEA associations to cultivate a positive perception of NYEA/NEA members during contract negotiations, school board elections, and budget season, subtitled, "A Campaign for Reaching Out to the Community"
Box 40 Folder 33 1978
v.1:no.1, September 1978. Newsletter sent to NYSUT local members as an alternative to "NYSUT leadership's persistent refusal to print dissenting viewpoints in its own publications"
Box 40 Folder 34 1980
April 1980. Publication of National Education Association's Membership and Organizing Office, highly critical of the American Federation of Teachers, subtitled, "A Handbook for Leaders and Staff" (first edition)
Box 40 Folder 35
Brochure subtitled "Another Benefit from NYEA, New York Educators Association," for NYEA/NEA affiliates
Box 40 Folder 36 1980
November 9-14, 1980. Memos to AFT delegates to International Teachers' Conference to Combat Racism, Anti-Semitism and Violations of Human Rights, held in Israel; conference program; list of participants; paper on "Black Hebrew" cult and related newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 40 Folder 37 1982
Program, sponsored by North Babylon Teachers' Organization; copy of check; related correspondence
Box 40 Folder 38 1982-1986
Campaign memorabilia: posters ("New York State United Teachers Supports Mario Cuomo for Governor"; "Cuomo for Governor: Experience Money Can't Buy"); campaign buttons, brochure, bumper stickers ("Cuomo Loves NY - All of It!"); invitation to reception following Governor's Annual Message to the Legislature (State of the State address), January 8, 1986; Message to the Legislature, calling for cut in top income tax rate, January 9, 1985; New York Teacher, featuring Mario Cuomo on cover: "Vote for Mario Cuomo: A Vote for Schools, Jobs and Labor - A Vote against Voodoo Reaganomics," October 24, 1982; draft of questions for Cuomo interview by New York Teacher, with critique, October 15, 1982; Albany Times Union clipping indicating heavy union volunteering ("Mario's missionaries," "union foot soldiers") for Cuomo upstate bringing victory in primary against NYC mayor Ed Koch, September 25, 1982; Wall Street Journal clipping, "Cuomo's Pay-as-You-Go Liberalism," October 6, 1986; other newspaper clippings; NYSUT press release, "State Teacher Leaders Meet with Presidential Hopefuls on Heels of Cuomo Victory," September 28, 1982; press release from Governor's office re executive order establishing task force to advise on implementation of New York School and Business Alliance, September 9, 1986
Box 40 Folder 39 1982-1986
Correspondence between governor's office and NYSUT president Tom Hobart re appointment to Erie Community College Board of Trustees, June-July 1986; other correspondence re appointments to vacancies in state administration, May-July 1985; press release from governor's office re retirement of Education Commissioner Gordon Ambach, July 7, 1986; governor's Message to the Legislature, calling for cut in top income tax rate, January 9, 1985; Message to the Legislature, January 5,1983; invitation from Cuomo to Hobart to participate in Dinner Committee to plan Third Anniversary Celebration of Friends of Mario Cuomo Committee, Inc., October 1, 1985; brochure re Executive Mansion; list of artwork at the mansion; excerpts from Inaugural Address, January 1, 1983; letter from Cuomo to Hobart notifying him of his reappointment to the State Advisory Council for the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act, October 12, 1984; invitation to Hobart from Cuomo to informal reception at mansion following adjournment of joint legislative session, January 4, 1984; letter of congratulations from Hobart to Tim Russert on his leaving as chief spokesman for Cuomo to accept position as vice president at NBC News, with attached newspaper clipping, September 11, 1984; correspondence re campaign expenses, reimbursements, 1983-83; final copy of speech by Cuomo to the American Federation of Teachers, with handwritten edits, July 6, 1983; Statement by Lieutenant Governor Mario M. Cuomo by [sic] the Court of Appeals Decision on the Levittown Case, asserting that decision did not relieve the state from doing more to assure excellent and equitable education, noting reliance on property tax was bound to create unevenness, n.d.; Remarks by Governor Mario M. Cuomo to the NYS AFL-CIO Annual Legislative Conference, March 14, 1983, with cover letter from Cuomo to Tom Hobart, March 15; newspaper clipping listing Cuomo's top staff, n.d., c. 1983; letters of interest from individuals seeking employment in the Cuomo administration, with cover letter from Tom Hobart to the chairman of Cuomo's Talent Search Committee, December 16, 1982; letter to Cuomo from Hobart recommending appointments to the Jobs Training Coordinating Council, January 18, 1983
Box 40 Folder 40 1982-1983
Campaign flyer for Frank Falcone (D), running for town councilman, Town of Waterford, 1982; position paper by candidate Cuomo, "Priorities and Directions for Economic Development in New York State," with cover statement by Cuomo, noting difference with Republican candidate, failed "Reaganomics" theory that cutting taxes and spending leads to economic growth; Lt. Governor's Speech to the Democratic Convention; Speech by Mario Cuomo as Lt. Governor to NYSUT, March 27, 1982; speech to Independent Democratic Club, presumably by Cuomo, April 15, 1982; Remarks by Governor Mario M. Cuomo, National Conference, Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO, April 20, 1983, with cover letter from Cuomo to Tom Hobart, April 26, 1983; "Mario Cuomo's Vision for New York," with unattributed introduction, produced by Friends of Mario Cuomo (campaign committee), c. 1982; position papers: "Mario Cuomo Speaks on Campaign Financing" July 30, 1982; "Crime," August 6, 1982; "The Public Service Commission," August 9, 1982; "Infrastructure," August 16, 1982; "The MTA," August 16, 1982; "Housing," August 23, 1982; "Older New Yorkers," August 30, 1982; "Disabled Persons," August 30, 1982; "Jobs," September 6, 1982; "Women," September 13, 1982; Cuomo flyers re agriculture and jobs; policy statement re program for Vietnam-era veterans; confidential, typed list of recommended changes/requests to administrative offices and positions (including appointment of named individuals and salaries) in Cuomo administration, compiled by NYSUT (unsigned); invoice for Cuomo campaign buttons, with cover letter from Tom Hobart, expressing shock at cost, January 12, 1983; correspondence between Hobart and Fred Kennedy re allocation of COPE funds, October-November 1982; glossy magazine, Visions, third in a series of reports from Friends of Mario Cuomo, July 16, 1984; surrogate speakers speech, June 5, 1982; "Points to Make As Surrogate Speaker"; handwritten notes
Box 40 Folder 41 1982
Flyers; editorial endorsements in the New York Post, October 27, 1982; memo from president Tom Hobart to NYSUT Board of Directors, that Executive Committee had recommended making contribution to Cuomo campaign up to legal maximum of per capita dues, also recommending person contributions, October 14, 1982; list of individuals and contact numbers (donors/endorsers?); list of union-endorsed winning candidates, in New York Teacher, November 7, 1982; other clippings; NYSUT press releases, "Teachers to Deliver Labor Endorsement to Cuomo," August 31, 1982, "NYSUT 'Supercharges' Cuomo Campaign: Phone Effort Says It's 3-1 for Cuomo," November 1, 1982; memo re how locals can make political contributions; letter from Labor Committee for Mario Cuomo, re primary, criticizing Ed Koch, June 9, 1982
Box 40 Folder 42 1984
Invitation; program for Second Anniversary Celebration; seating list
Box 40 Folder 43 1985
Agendas for March 26, May 14, June 4, July 24, August 13 and 28, September 24, October 22, November 20, and December 2 meetings; Report of Sub-committee on Crisis Support (Revised), October 15; memo to NYSUT officers from Tom Hobart, recommending promotion and salary increase for administrative assistant in president's office, November 26; compilation of goals from NYSUT officers; lists of goals from individual officers and legislative department, July; proposal for affiliation of United Professional Nurses Association with New York State United Teachers; financial statements for year ended August 31, 1985; newspaper clippings; NYSUT insurance cost comparison for the years 8/31/85 and 8/31/96; confidential memo to president Tom Hobart from NYSUT general counsel Bernard Ashe re whether a district could compel a teacher to submit to a test for AIDS, and what were a teacher's rights if assigned to teach a student with AIDS, September 26; letter from Local P-9, United Food and Commercial Workers, requesting donations to emergency and hardship fund during strike with Hormel & Company, September 23; related flyer; letter from Patchogue Medford Congress of Teachers re court case over district requirement that teachers being considered for tenure must submit to urinalysis for illegal drugs, success in obtaining permanent injunction against it in Suffolk County Supreme Court, appeal by district, request to NYSUT for reimbursement of legal fees, August 28; lists of Representative Assembly 1986 and 1987 site proposals; cost analysis of board meetings, NYC vs. Albany, August 20; memo from NYSUT legal counsel Bernard Ashe re projection of steps remaining in NYSUT/AFT vs. PCT (Plainview Congress of Teachers) litigation, August 19; 1985 New Local Presidents Conference Evaluation Forms (filled-in); memo to NYSUT officers re privatization of SUNY hospitals, impact on members, July 30; Rules of Procedure of Public Employees Committee of the New York State AFL-CIO, August 28; Report to the NYSUT Board of Directors from the Committee on the Local Assessment of NYSUT Services 1984-85, February 11, with chart; memo to NYSUT Financial Review Committee re NYSUTU investment policy, June 21; letter from Hobart nominating Elizabeth Hoke, soon to be completing term as president of Public Employees Federation, for unclassified position with the Cuomo administration, July 19; Report of Subcommittee of Retiree Organizing Committee (RO) to Study Feasibility of Formation of a State-wide NYSUT Retiree Local; NYSUT Pension Plan Amendment; Action newsletters, for AFT leaders
Box 40 Folder 44 1984
Agendas for February 14, April 3 and 24, May 22, June 13, October 2, November 21, and December 4 and 18 meetings; arbitration award in the matter of Professional Staff Association and NYSUT, December 3; draft of letter to adjunct faculty association of Nassau Community College; constitution of Long Island Community Labor Committee, with cover letter May 10, 1984
Box 40 Folder 45 1983
Meeting agendas; budget projections for PR department, 1983-84; draft "Inside Your Schools" television project description, May 1983;