Railroad Memorabilia

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Railroad Memorabilia, 1855-1982
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6039 MB
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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
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Box 1 Folder 1
Gold buttons from rail road uniforms. Metal button covers, covering plastic buttons, with M&ST.L (Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad) stamped in the metal.
Box 1 Folder 2
Chrome Conductor's punch for letter "S"
Box 1 Folder 3 1869-1969
"100th Anniversary of the Golden Spike Ceremony at Promontry Summit, May 10, 1869 - May 10, 1969. May God continue the unity of our country as this railroad unites the 2 great oceans of the world." National Fraternal Congress of America, 84th Annual Convention, Atlanta, Georgia, coin in a case. "Golden Spike Centennial, May 10, 1869-1969". Other side: "A Golden Link for Progress, Union Pacific/Central Pacific, America United by Rail".
Box 1 Folder 4
"Selective Service System, World War II, Awarded in the name of the Congress of the U.S. for Faithful and Loyal Service". Push pin, pin and medal with ribbon, blue and gold in color. Buttons with "Stop Rail Mergers" written on them. Laminated plastic over metal. Silver and black metal buttons, with "CUT" stamped in the metal on top. Gold button with "N.Y.C." stamped on top.
Box 1 Folder 5 1882-1982
Cloth union patches from the Southern Pacific Railroad. "Employee Involvement- Transportation Problem Solving" ; Felt union patch, white background with green, red, brown and black coloring in the picture. Initials on the patch "S.T.F.R.M." Metal button with laminated plastic covering. Colored lettering saying "Pocatello Centennial, 1882-1982, Union Pacific Growing Together" ; Metal button with laminated plastic covering. Yellow background with black lettering "MO-PAC hauls all"
Box 1 Folder 6 1851-1969
"Golden Spike Centennial Celebration Commission ; Sacramento 1869-1969, Promontory Omaha. The Ocean United by Railway. The Central Pacific & Union Pacific Railroads Linking the Nation. Promontory Summit, Utah. The Pacific Railway is Completed, May 10, 1869". Gold coin in box and information pamphlet. Bronze medallion, with "For 100 Years Illinois Central Main Line of Mid-America" stamped on one side. And a picture of the Eastern and Central half of the United States stamped on the other side, with leaf detail on the edge. A pamphlet enclosed to give details about the medallion all in a felt lined box.
Box 1 Folder 7
Switch key dated Oct. 1903 from the B & M Railroad Co. "B&M R.R." is stamped on the key. Key is in felt lined case. Metal 'patch'/emblem saying Conductor on it, with the seal from "The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad Co. The Peoria/Gateway Line" ; Watch fob made up of an oval metal piece with "Philadelphia, Bethlehem and New England" stamped on it, Yellow with red lettering, hanging on a small brown leather strap.
Box 1 Folder 8
Square steel railroad spike. White dish with scalped edges, gold trim around the outside rim and around the inside 'bottom'. Colored picture of the Northern Pacific Depot, Missoula, Mont., with that written in black lettering under the picture. Switch lock off EJ&E Railroad - donated by Mr. Claude Foster - Local #557
Box 2 Folder 1 1888-1890
The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. employee's monthly passes from 1888, 1889, 1890.
Box 2 Folder 2 1946
Union Pacific Railroad Co., Dining Car and Hotel Department, Railway Employee's Meal Book. Value $5.00, Book number 072480, there is just one ticket left in the ticket book, issued Jan. of 1946.
Box 2 Folder 3 1943-1971
Paper tickets, passes, issued to ride the rail roads. Alson included - Traveling card ; Membership card ;
Box 2 Folder 4 1962
Complete menu offered on the Southern Pacific Lines in October of 1962.
Box 2 Folder 5 1956
Copy of the Proclamation made by Governor Leo A. Hoegh declaring the week of July 1 to 7, 1956 as "Kate Shelley Week", in honor of her heroism.
Box 2 Folder 6 1959
Union Pacific Railroad Co. Passenger's Packet. Containing 4 train schedules (different), 1 Dining menu, 1 paper on Santa Fe train service, 3 SF-LA, San Diego "trip logs" (same), 2 ticket stubs, all enclosed in an envelope.
Box 2 Folder 7
A 3 cent postage stamp "Honoring Railroad Engineers of America".
Box 2 Folder 8 1943-1968
Railroad employee passes from various railroad companies.
Box 2 Folder 9
Black and white photo of a train covered with snow, made into a postcard.
Box 2 Folder 10 1912
Black and white photo of a train wreck made into a postcard. Writing in bottom left corner "Wreck of Train 7 Trout Lake, Aug. 7th, 1912, Ste. Marie Line. Special photo by Peters."
Box 2 Folder 11 1952
The Imperial Dinner, Rock Island Rail Road Menu, Sept. 13, 1952
Box 2 Folder 12 1941
A, T, & SF Line, "The Grand Canyon Limited" dinner menu and wine list.
Box 2 Folder 13
Photograph of a painting of woman and children standing by a train.
Box 2 Folder 14
Originals and copies of cartoons pertaining to railroad men's jobs, from Olin D. Brooks, Local 560.
Box 2 Folder 15 1963
Beverage list for the Domeliners, Union Pacific Railroad.
Box 2 Folder 16
Two sided card with lyrics to songs to open & close meetings and for funerals.
Box 2 Folder 17 1967-1972
Paper ticket, pass, issued to ride the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, Conductor, between 1967-1972. Rules and regulations are stated on both front and back of the ticket as to proper use.
Box 2 Folder 18
One ticket for passage on the Ohio & Mississippi Railway, Aug. 14th, 1888, for Amanda Rodisill (on her wedding day). From Cincinnati, Ohio to Cisney, Illinois. Ticket no. 6203
Box 2 Folder 19
Card with song lyrics for opening, welcome, initiation, funeral march, closing, promotion and installation.
Box 2 Folder 20
Photograph of a man standing beside a snow covered train turned into a postcard.
Box 2 Folder 21
Menus for the Sante Fe Dining Car, California Limited, prepared by the Fred Harvey Service with pictures of paintings used for the coversheets.
Box 2 Folder 22
"Dining in Luxury on the Domeliners "City of Los Angeles" and "City of Portland"" Postcard
Box 2 Folder 23 1920
Cardboard and plastic (flat) model of G-6 Automatic Brake Valve with descriptions.
Box 2 Folder 24 1901
Cardboard replica of a pin, with "T87" written on it. US Patent Nov. 26, 1901, British Patent Sept. 20, 1901
Box 2 Folder 25 1912
Badge at top with pin back, has beige background with red and green lettering "B of L F E ORC". Ribbon is red, green and white striped with a small button in the center with the lettering "Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen". Ribbon has gold lettering "State Joint 5th Sunday Meeting Pottsville, Pa., March 31, 1912"
Box 2 Folder 26
Drawings of railroad engines by "Webb" Included are: John Bull, The Best Friend, Tom Thumb, Rocket, Stourbridge Lion, and Experiment.
Box 2 Folder 27 1920
Cardboard and plastic (flat) model of S-6 Independent Brake Valve with descriptions.
Box 2 Folder 28 1898
Stock certificate from the Old Colony Railroad Company, worth 2 shares ($100/ea.), dated February 4th, 1898
Box 2 Folder 29 1920-1921
Cardboard and plastic (flat) model of H-6 Automatic Brake Valve. Old and new design both shown and explained.
Box 2 Folder 30 1872
Stock certificate from the Old Colony and Newport Railway Company, worth 3 shares ($100/ea.), dated October, 1872 ; Receipt for the repair and inspection of a watch, dated Jan. 11, 1898.
Box 2 Folder 31 1912
Postcard of picture of a man with a train. Lettering on the postcard: " Ste. Marie Line, Firemen, Blake of the wreck. Train 7, Aug. 7th, 1912, Trout Lake. Special photo by Peters."
Box 2 Folder 32 1914-1923
Receipts from Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, for "Bonus Memorandum"
Box 2 Folder 33
found in 5484, box 12
Box 3.1 Folder 1
Banner made of yellow nylon with red lettering on both sides, and yellow fringe all around the outside. The lettering reads: "THE ORDER OF RAILWAY CONDUCTORS & BRAKEMEN FOUNDED 1868 GRAND DIVISION" Located in the center of the banner is the Conductors emblem, a circle divided in three sections, with red, green, white, and the symbols of a lock & pin ; arm wrapped in chain ; hand with conductor's punch stitched in black.
Box 3.3 Folder 1 1885
Banner, black velvet front, gold silk back. On the front is embroidery with the following initials "B of H P" "SUNA", "SMAA" "No.1" This is from the Switchmen's Union of North America, Kansas City, Local No. 1. Also acknowledged the Switchmen's Mutual Aid Association.
Box 3.4 Folder 1
Box 3.5 Folder 1
Banner, appears handmade, red and white with navy lettering ; "B of L F and E" ; "Erie Lodge 543", in the center is a navy blue star with a white "3" in it.
Box 4 Folder 1 1918
Bronze medallions, pin with red, white and green ribbon attached, medallions have stamped lettering and pictures. Top medallion is picture of a train station with "In Detroit life is worth living" stamped on it. Bottom medallion has a picture of a conductor and "Grand Division ORC, Div. '48" stamped on it. The banner a crossed the conductor has "1918" on it. There is a round emblem in the bottom left corner that is divided in three sections with the symbols for the railroad conductors union stamped in each section, (lantern, switch, and chain) this is colored the red, white and green.
Box 4 Folder 2
Goggle like glasses, leather band, with plastic cups around the eyes. Metal covers hinged over eyepieces.
Box 4 Folder 3
Blackball box, a wooden box with hinged top, and two holes one in each end for dropping in the marbles. Included are three marbles, two white, one black.
Box 4 Folder 4 1907
Brass pin with ribbon and medallion. Pin is brass, rectangular in shape with lettering "DELEGATE, 3rd Biennial Convention, 9th Session". The ribbon holding the medallion is red, white and green striped and triangular in shape. The medallion is round with lettering "Detroit, Mich., May 1907" . Stamped in the middle of the medallion is a "S" with the letters "UNA" across the center of the "S".
Box 4 Folder 5
Pin that is laminated plastic over metal. The background is white, with a red ring around the outside of the pin, and red lettering "B & O's New "Red Circle Day Fares" for Pullman Travel SAVE YOU more than 31%"
Box 4 Folder 6
Switch key for the Charlotte Harbor & Northern Ry. Key has the initials "C.H. & N. RY" stamped in the ring.
Box 4 Folder 7
Pin that is laminated plastic over metal. The background is white with a red flag, green flag, and red lantern depicted on it. And the lettering "B T R R" appearing in a spiked wheel.
Box 4.1 Folder 1
Round banner made of velvet and cotton/satin, with rope (braided red, green, white) dividing it into three sections and circling the outside edge. Tassels hang from the outside edge. In each section there are embroidered symbols, lock & pin ; arm wrapped in chain ; hand with conductor's punch and lantern. The sections are red, green and beige (originally white?).
Box 5 Folder 1
This piece of granite was dedicated to the Grand Lodge: by James K. Cox, President of Tug River Lodge 517, Tug River and North Fork Railroad Company. Cylinder in shape appears to have come from maybe a test hole for the railroad construction.
Box 5 Folder 2 1899
Official seal/stamp for SUNA, Mapleleaf Lodge No. 84, Lelwein, Iowa. The sealmaker is black with gold detailing.
Box 5 Folder 3 1907
Official seal/stamp for SUNA, Utica Lodge No. 44, Utica, NY. The sealmaker is black with gold detailing.
Box 5 Folder 4 1889
Official seal/stamp for SUNA, Buffalo, NY Lodge No. 4, Buffalo, NY. The sealmaker is black with gold detailing.
Box 5 Folder 5 1886
Official seal/stamp for BLF & E, Bartholdi Lodge No. 309, Long Island Railroad Company. The sealmaker is black with gold detailing.
Box 5 Folder 6 1920
Official seal/stamp for BLF & E, Argentine Lodge No. 99, Long Island Railroad Company, organized, Jun. 1920. The sealmaker is black with gold detailing.
Box 6 Folder 1
Denim coat covered with sixty patches from various railroads.
Box 7 Folder 1
Leather bound book with rules and regulations, used as the "Bible" of the O.R.C. (Order of the Railway Conductors and Brakemen)
Box 8 Folder 1
Iron (varnished) link and pin.
Box 9 Folder 1
Black ball box with handle, with marbles, 13 white, and 4 black. Two wooden replicas of railway pins and links. One set of hoodwinks made of vinyl and velvet with cloth strap, plastic and metal eye covering.
Box 10 Folder 1 1930
Official seal/stamp for SUNA, Beacon Light Lodge No. 299, Cleveland, Ohio
Box 10 Folder 2 1945
Official seal/stamp for SUNA, San Bernardino Lodge No. 22, San Bernardino, Calif.
Box 10 Folder 3 1900
Official seal/stamp for BLF & E, Merrick Lodge No. 563, Merrick, Mass. The sealmaker is black with gold detailing.
Box 10 Folder 4 1870
Official seal/stamp for BLF & E, Forest City Lodge No. 70 (Cleveland, Ohio). The sealmaker is black with gold detailing.
Box 10 Folder 5
Official seal/stamp for BLF & E, New York State Legislative Board, Chairman. This sealmaker has a molded lions head with an open mouth holding the top half of the seal. The lions main is also molded as part of the sealmaker, and highlighted with gold detailing.
Box 11 Folder 1 1855
Drawing of an "organization tree" - New York and Erie Railroad -- 'Diagram representing a plan of organization. Exhibiting the division of administrative duties and showing the number and class of employees. Engaged in each department from the returns of September 1855' -- Donated by Dr. Charles Wrege