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Frank McCulloch Papers, 1940-1985
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McCulloch, Frank
25 linear ft.
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Papers (documents).
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
General correspondence. Alphabetically organized by author's surname, institution, or organization, then chronologically.
Collection material in English


Includes material directed to Frank McCulloch as well as responses from McCulloch or members of his staff at the National Labor Relations Board. March 1961-August 1970. Personal correspondence - Chronologically organized, then alphabetically by author's surname, institution or organization. Much of the correspondence overlaps with the materials included in General correspondence. March 1961-Dec. 1963 and Jan. 1968-Aug. 1970.
Cross-filed copies of Frank W. McCulloch's letters. Organized alphabetically by author's surname, institution, or organization, then chronologically. Material spans from Feb. 1961 to July 1964. Much of the material is also found in General correspondence or Personal correspondence. Subject files: from the 1950s through the late 1980s (bulk 1961-1970) Speeches and testimonies - supporting publications - teaching materials - administrative and personnel files - photographs and audio tapes.

McCulloch, Frank W., 1905-1996.
United States. National Labor Relations Board

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Papers (documents)


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Sub-Series A: General Correspondence
Sub-Series B: Personal Correspondence
Sub-Series C: Cross-filed copies of Frank W. McCulloch's Letters
Sub-Series A: Speeches By Frank McCulloch
Sub-Series B: Speeches by NLRB Officials


Box 1 Folder 1
Includes material from Douglas Anderson of the Honorable Paul Douglas's office re: time lag in cases; Dr. Leslie Aspin re: expanding the study on remedies and reinstatement
Box 1 Folder 2 1969
Includes material from Solomon Barkin - "The Resolution of Industrial Conflict." (no location given) 16 April 1969; and Derek Bok
Box 1 Folder 3
Box 1 Folder 4
Includes Material from John Dunlop
Box 1 Folder 5
Box 1 Folder 6 1967
Includes material from the Honorable Charles Fahy such as a copy of "Notes for Remarks on Administering the Oath to Mr. Ordman," July 5, 1967
Box 1 Folder 7
Box 1 Folder 8 1949
Includes material from the Honorable Robert Hampton, Chairman of the Civil Service Commission; Paul Herzog - a humorous 'mock decision' written in 1949 and circulated among the NLRB; Senator Lister Hill; and Vice President Hubert Humphrey.
Box 1 Folder 9
Includes material from Jefferson Standard Broadcasting Company - a copy of an editorial criticizing the pro-labor bent of the NLRB; Joseph Jenkins - former Board member; President Lyndon Johnson.'
Box 1 Folder 10 1964
Includes material from Eugene keeney of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States - enclosed a speech by Fred Borch, General Electric Company. "Tomorrows Customers." The Sales Executive Club of New York. 15 September 1964; President John Kennedy; Attorney General Robert Kennedy; Jay Kramer, Chairman of the New York State Labor Relations Board.
Box 1 Folder 11 1967-1968
Includes material from Morris Leibman - "American Bar Association Standing Committee on Education about Communism and its Contrast with Liberty Under Law." February 1967; Bert Liss; Bert Luskin "Presidential Address." National Academy of Arbitrators. Cleveland. 1 February 1968
Box 1 Folder 12
Includes materials from Frank McCallister, Director of the Labor education Division at Roosevelt University; Arthur McDowell -- enclosed documents from the Council Against Communist Aggression
Box 1 Folder 13
Includes materials from the Honorable John Macy, Chairman of the US Civil Service Commission, Rose Madden, Regional Director of the Region 13 of the NLRB, re: Checker Taxi Company, Inc.; George Meany
Box 1 Folder 14
Includes material from the National Institute of Labor Education (NILE); Francis O'Connell, Olin Corporation, re: commending the Board on a more employer-favorable decision
Box 1 Folder 15
Includes material from the Pacific Maritime Association; Honorable Ian Percival of the House of Commons; Honorable Roman Pucinski; LaRoy Purdy, Director of the Civic Affairs Department of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), re: CWA Opinion Research Projects and Confidential Report to CWA Executive Board.
Box 1 Folder 16 1963
Includes material from Joseph Rauh, United Auto Workers, re: Kohler contempt case, free speech issues; Roosevelt University Commencement Address (see also Speeches and Publications - Series IV); Alfred Rota, Secretary and Business Representative of the Upholsterers' International Union, re: proposals to the Board concerning changing policy in cases of tie votes, also response written to Lefkoe, M.R. "Double Standard - Critics See NLRB Bias against Management Free Speech." Wall Street Journal 19 July 1963.
Box 1 Folder 17
Includes material from Arthur Schlesinger
Box 1 Folder 18
Box 1 Folder 19 1967
includes material from James Sundquist of the Brookings Institution--draft (1967) of Chapter 6 (name of publications not given) titled "For Minorities, Equal Rights;" and from the Supreme Court
Box 1 Folder 20 1961
Includes material from the Textile Workers Union of America - resolution entitled "Denial of Constitutional Rights to Trade Unionists in the South," November 14, 1961; and from the Honorable Frank Thompson, Jr., re: unsolicited letter in support of McCulloch for reappointment to Chairman of the NLRB
Box 1 Folder 21
Includes materials from Labor Secretary Willard Wirtz and Edward Wynne, Textile Workers Union of America, re: memo concerning an NLRB leaflet on the right to organize
Box 1 Folder 22
Box 1 Folder 23
Includes materials from Albert Zack, Director of AFL-CIO Department of Public Relations, re: NLRB decisions under the Kennedy Administrative; Sam Zagoria; Peter Zenkl
Box 1 Folder 24 1970
August 1970 - January 1970
Box 1 Folder 25 1969
December 1969-January 1969, note - includes a letter to President Nixon requesting reconsideration of the reduction in the Fiscal Year 1971 Budget Request; also includes a draft of a reply for the President to a letter from Mr. James McCabe of Kinkead Industries Inc.
Box 1 Folder 26 1968
December 1968-January 1968
Box 2 Folder 1 1963
December 1963-January 1963, *note, there are no files between December 1963 and January 1968
Box 2 Folder 2 1962
December 1962-January 1962, note - includes a letter to Vice President Lyndon Johnson, re: providing notes for the VP's April 6 address to labor reporters and editors
Box 2 Folder 3 1961
December 1961-March 1961
Box 2 Folder 4
Box 2 Folder 5
Box 2 Folder 6
Box 2 Folder 7
Box 2 Folder 8
Box 2 Folder 9
Box 2 Folder 10
Box 2 Folder 11
Box 2 Folder 12
Box 3 Folder 1-2 1964
Includes: handwritten notes, Bok, Derek "The Regulation of Campaign Tactics in Representation Elections Under the National Labor Relations Act." Harvard Law Review. 78:38(1964); 38-141
Box 3 Folder 3-6 1962-1971
Includes: testimonies of Roger C. Cramton, Chairman of Administrative Conference of the US. 1971. H.R. 7152 To Amend the Labor-Management Relations Act. Testimony before the Special Subcommittee on Labor, Washington, D.C. May. And 1971. H.R. 14-15-16 and H.R. 3809 Bills to Establish a Consumer Protection Agency and an Office of Consumer Affairs. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Legislation and Military Operations, Washington, D.C. May., various journal articles, 1962-1971
Box 3 Folder 7 1966
Includes: statement of Frank McCulloch (1966) and Congressional Record.
Box 3 Folder 8
Includes: letters to and from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Senator Yarborough; news articles; Congressional Record - discussion of the case in testimonies before the Ervin Subcommittee.
Box 3 Folder 9 1967
Includes: handwritten notes and drafts of "The Legality of the Appointment of Annuitant Hearing Examiners Under Section 11 of the Administrative Procedures Act, 1967"
Box 3 Folder 10-12
includes: testimonies of hearings on nominations, hand written notes, Chamber of Commerce statement of position, correspondence among National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) members, news clippings
Box 3 Folder 13-31
Includes: handwritten notes, cases, published pamphlets, speeches, papers, reports, correspondence, documents from NLRB meetings with the National Academy of Arbitrators
Box 4 Folder 1-11
Includes: Cases and analyses/reports on various cases, statistics on cases, memos, NAM position speeches, statement by Secretary of Labor Wirtz, speech by McCulloch on labor law
Box 4 Folder 12 1972
"The Calvin Coolidge Chair Co. A Study of Labor Relations Conflict and Cooperation in a Single Firm." Unpublished Report, Amherst: University of Massachusetts
Box 4 Folder 13-27 1966
Includes: Monthly Labor Review 1966, NLRB Statistical Reports, recommendations for improvement
Box 4 Folder 28
Includes: memo from the Executive Office of President to the agency heads, other correspondence
Box 4 Folder 29-31 1961
Box 5 Folder 1-2
Includes: case decisions (Supreme Court and Circuit Court of Appeals), handwritten notes, legal memos
Box 5 Folder 3-5 1956-1969
Includes: case decisions, historical profile (1956-1969), news articles, memoranda
Box 5 Folder 6-9
Includes: related cases and notes, data on 'card cases'
Box 5 Folder 10-11 1968
Includes: Law Review articles, brief for the Food Store Employees Union, Local 347, Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, AFL-CIO of Supreme Court Case - NLRB v. Gissell Packing Co, Inc., October 1968
Box 5 Folder 12
Includes: Supreme Court decision, Congressional Record.
Box 5 Folder 13
Includes: Press release, text of cases
Box 5 Folder 14
Includes: news articles, correspondence, newsletters and case summaries
Box 5 Folder 15-16
Includes: cases reviewed by the Supreme Court, re: craft severance, picketing work load, 8(b) violations, delays, reply from Ogden Fields on behalf of the NLRB to Senator Jenning Randolph re: constituent concern over case delays
Box 5 Folder 17-20
Includes: news articles, magazine articles, speeches and remarks at various conferences, NLRB Reform Kit, memos, correspondence.
Box 5 Folder 21-23 1969-1970
Includes: Miller, Edward. "The Alice-in-Wonderland World of Public Employees." Chicago Bar Record (February 1969): 223-229., Miller, Edward. "How to Create Business for Labor Lawyers." The Business Lawyer (January 1970): 407-417., news articles, correspondence, transcript from press conference with George P. Schultz, Secretary of Labor, and Edward Miller, Chairman-Designate of the NLRB
Box 6 Folder 1-2 1963-1970
Includes: news clippings, speeches, Congressional Record
Box 6 Folder 3
Includes: Guy Farmer correspondence
Box 6 Folder 4-6
Includes: papers from law reviews, correspondence, press releases, cases, special board agendas, handwritten notes, memoranda concerning particular cases
Box 6 Folder 7-8
Includes: amendments to rules and regulations and statements of procedures, memoranda, Federal Register
Box 6 Folder 9-12 1966-1967
Includes: correspondence, posters, actual pamphlets and notices; also general notices about NLRB functions and election statistics
Box 6 Folder 13-21
Includes: various cases before the NLRB and Circuit Courts, publications, pamphlets
Box 6 Folder 22-28
Includes: news articles, magazine articles, speeches and remarks at various conferences, radio broadcasts
Box 6 Folder 29-31
Includes: news articles, magazine articles, employer postings from pre-election campaign period
Box 7 Folder 1-17 1964
Includes: 1964. Supplemental Memorandum of the National Labor Relations Board to the Subcommittee on the Separation of Powers, August, requests for information from Laurence Baskir, Frank McCulloch, and Arnold Ordman to Tim Bornstein and Bernard Cushman, materials from the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress, statements of Frank McCulloch, Arnold Ordman Harry Wellington, Senator Paul Fannin, and Senator Robert Griffin before the Subcommittee, list of potential witnesses, US Chamber of Commerce Statement on HR 11725, newspaper articles, Congressional Record.
Box 7 Folder 18-19 1970
Includes: United States. Cong. Senate. Congressional Oversight of Administrative Agencies (National Labor Relations Board) . By Subcommittee on Separation of Powers. 91st Cong., 1st session. Committee Print. Washington: GPO 1970., McCulloch's comments, McCulloch and Arnold Ordman joint statement, press releases
Box 7 Folder 20-23
Includes: prepared opening statement of Senator Ervin (Chairman of Subcommittee on Separation of Powers), Congressional Record, memoranda, McCulloch's handwritten notes, correspondence between Senator Ervin and the Office of the President, draft of The Roles of the National Labor Relations Board and its Relationship to Congress (author not named).
Box 7 Folder 24
Box 7 Folder 25-28 1968
Re: unauthorized changes to McCulloch's testimony, failure to include supplemental memorandum submitted by McCulloch in the printed version of the testimony. Includes: transcripts of McCulloch's testimony before the Subcommittee on Separation of Powers, May 10, 1968, detailed account of all changes made, correspondence, memoranda.
Box 7 Folder 29-32
Includes: confidential drafts of separate and dissenting views of Hon. Sam Ervin and Hon. Quentin Burdick (members of Subcommittee on the Separation of Power), Tim Bornstein notes, correspondence
Box 7 Folder 33
Box 8 Folder 1-2 1972-1973
Includes: Sheed, William. "What Ever Happened to the Labor Movement." Atlantic Monthly. July 1973: 42-69., Daily Labor News - Special Edition (1972)
Box 8 Folder 3-11 1964
Includes: text of cases, statistics on National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) cases, handwritten notes, memoranda, report send other information about subcontracting, reports on applications of the decision, case profiles, similar cases.
Box 8 Folder 12
Re: Olin Industries, Westinghouse
Box 8 Folder 13-16
Includes: correspondence with the Department of Labor, reports and memoranda, news clippings and magazine articles. Re: NLRB jurisdiction over foreign flag ships, Robinson-Patman Act, etc.
Box 8 Folder 17-18 1965-1968
Includes: letter to Robert H. Michel, House of Representatives, in response to an inquiry, reports of Committee Chairmen (1965) , reports of Workshop Chairmen (1968) memoranda
Box 8 Folder 19-24
Includes: court cases, news articles, journal articles, pamphlets. Re: Free Speech, Boulwarism, GE relations with International union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (IUE)
Box 8 Folder 25-29 1967
includes: Jennings, Paul. "Coordinated Bargaining: The IUE Experience." Seminar on Union Government in Transition. University of Chicago, Chicago. 16-18 Nov. 1967, reports, statements, press releases, cases
Box 8 Folder 30 1968
includes: information gathered by Harry Brickman after Mr. O'Connell likened the NLRB Fibreboard doctrine to the German system of "co-determination" in a testimony before Congress (May 1968)
Box 8 Folder 31
Includes: notes and proposals of the Employee-Management Cooperation Committee, proposal to establish a Federal Labor Relations Panel
Box 8 Folder 32-34 1984
Includes: statements from hearing before House Labor Subcommittee on Labor-Management Relations examining the question "has labor law failed?" (June 1984), other reports and statements from hearings and conferences
Box 9 Folder 1 1975
Includes: news articles, correspondence, handwritten notes, Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO. The House Passes a Common Situs Picketing Bill: After Twenty-Five Years. Building and Construction Trades Department AFL-CIO: Washington
Box 9 Folder 2-5 1965-1967
Includes: witness statements and other evidence
Box 9 Folder 6-8 1965-1967
Includes: statistics, election reports, testimonies Thompson Bill (HR 11725)
Box 9 Folder 9-13 1961
Includes: United States. Cong. House. Administration of the Labor-Management Relations Act by the NLRB. 87th Cong. 1st sess. Committee Print. Washington: GPO, 1961. The Subcommittee's Work. Statement of Frank W. McCulloch before the Ad Hoc Subcommittee on NLRB of the Committee on Education and Labor, Washington, D.C. June., statements of Boyd Leedom and Philip Ray Rodgers, materials from Norton Come, memoranda, reports, handwritten notes.
Box 9 Folder 14
Includes: Correspondence between Civil Service Commission Chairmen, Hon. Robert E. Hampton and Hon. John W. Macy, Jr., and Associate General Counsel H. Stephan Gordon, information from the National labor Relations Board about a career as a field examiner
Box 9 Folder 15-17
Includes: cases before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Circuit Courts of Appeals, news articles, background sheet on the company, correspondence, memoranda
Box 9 Folder 18-19
Includes: legislative proposals, bills, Congressional Record, published reports
Box 9 Folder 20-23
Includes: Pamphlets, information about unions' new strategies, state reports, news articles
Box 9 Folder 24-28 1961-1970
Re: Nursing homes, jurisdiction over universities (not-for-profit), agricultural laborers, subcontracting, contract-bars rules, picket lines, section 10(k) issues; Includes: announcement of the Department of Labor's "New and comprehensive series of studies of collective bargaining agreements."
Box 9 Folder 29-35 1962-1972
Includes: Petro, Sylvester. "The National Labor Relations Board Must Go." Barron's Injudicious Agency. September 23 1968, journals, pamphlets, Congressional Record, speeches, news clippings
Box 10 Folder 1-5 1967
Includes: Chamber of Commerce of the United States. The Need for Labor Law Reform. Washington, D.C. (no publication date given), Hill and Knowlton, Inc. Background Memorandum: The Need for Labor Law Reform. New York: Dec. 1967., other reports and memoranda by Hill and Knowlton, Inc. and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
Box 10 Folder 6 1962-1968
Includes: Congressional Record
Box 10 Folder 7-9 1967-1969
Includes: Labor Law Reform Study: Amendments to the Labor Management Relations Act. Sept. 1969 Draft and Draft Working Papers, Fifth Revision, Nov. 6 1967., McCulloch's notes on the Study. *Note - The Labor Law Reform Study was prepared by the "Troika" of Guy Farmer, Gerry Reilly and Theodore Iserman. The Study received financial support from the Chamber of Commerce and the NAM
Box 10 Folder 10-11
Includes: memoranda and listings of NLRB decisions overruling precedent, defenses against the claim that the NLRB is anti-business
Box 10 Folder 12 1962-1963
Various issues from 1962-1963, Re: advice to management about unions. Published by the Research Institute of America
Box 10 Folder 13 1958-1964
Includes: Petro, Sylvester. How the NLRB Repealed Taft-Hartley: The Destruction of Free Employee Choice. Washington, D.C.: Labor Policy Association, 1958., Kammholz, Theophil. "Organization Drives: modern Programs for Pamphleteers." Mid-Winter Personnel Conference. American Management Association. Chicago. 14 February 1961., letter to companies requesting financial contributions to support the agency's work on compulsory arbitration - 1964 other letters, memoranda, publications, articles from the Daily Labor Report
Box 10 Folder 14-15 1971-1973
includes news clippings
Box 10 Folder 16-17
late 1960s-mid 1970s; Includes: news clippings. Note - this entry overlaps with the previous entry, but the two appeared separately in McCulloch's original files and consequently are left as separate files.
Box 10 Folder 18 1975-1980
Includes: articles, handwritten notes, 1975. Statement of Frank McCulloch to the Special Subcommittee on Labor, Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. November, various bills submitted to the House of Representatives in 1977. *Note - these are materials that were included in a later submission by Frank McCulloch and are noted to provide evidence of the need for reform in labor law
Box 10 Folder 19-22 1967-1968
Includes: Conway, Jack and Woodrow Ginsburg. "The Extension of Collective Bargaining to New Fields." Reprinted from Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Winter Meeting of the Industrial Relations Research Association., Looking Forward - a series of occasional papers published by the League for Industrial Democracy., "Watts Labor Community Action Committee" Unpublished Report. Los Angeles: Watts Labor Community Action Committee, 1967., other reports re: similar goals and interests of labor and the Civil Rights Movement, community and social programs, community unions, program, notes and preparatory materials for a speech delivered by Frank McCulloch for the Cleveland Park Congregational United Church of Christ's Seminar on the Urban Crisis (1968) re: labor unions, press releases of the AFL-CIO, news clippings, magazines, newsletters
Box 10 Folder 23-25 1967-1971
Includes: various bills from 1971 - HR 1597, HR 1410, HR 5281, HR 1598, HR 1691, HR 1689, S 1866, statements of Ogden Fields, Executive Secretary of the National Labor Relations Board - 1967. S. 8. Statement before the Subcommittee on Migratory Labor Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, Washington, D.C. July 13 and 1967. HR 4769. Statement before the Special Subcommittee on Labor, House Committee on Education and Labor, Washington, D.C. May 8., correspondence, reports re: extension of NLRA to agriculture
Box 10 Folder 26
Includes. S. 3526. S. 594 Congressional Record, memoranda, papers for discussion, news articles
Box 10 Folder 27-28 1965-1970
Includes: S. 1890, S 3456, S. 3452-3456 (Javit's Bills), HR 11725, S. 2226, S. 2133, Section 907 of Departments of Labor and Health Education and Welfare Appropriations Act (Broyhill or Hobson Amendments), amendments to sections 206-214 of Title II of the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947, Federal Mediation and Conciliatory Services (FMCS) proposed revisions to sections 201-205 of Title II of the Labor Management Relations Act, draft of Section 14(b) NLRA testimony. Also includes: reports, memoranda, correspondence related to these legislative documents
Box 10 Folder 29 1971
Includes: Congressional Record with statement by Senator Walter Mondale re: S. 1305; press release from the White House re: Office of Economic Opportunity; S. 1305, HR 8163, HR 6360
Box 10 Folder 30 1969
Includes: "Postal Reorganization and Salary Adjustment Act of 1970" report to accompany HR 17070, HR 15430 - Dec 1969, handwritten notes, news articles
Box 10 Folder 31
Includes: memorandum re: preparation for Ervin Subcommittee Hearings
Box 10 Folder 32-34
Includes: Supreme Court Cases - The American Shipbuilding Company v. National Labor Relations Board, National Labor Relations Board v. John Brown et al., Circuit Court of Appeals cases, papers presented at law conferences, handwritten notes, memoranda re: relevant cases
Box 10 Folder 35 1961-1970
Includes BNA reports, summaries
Box 10 Folder 36 1961
Includes issues such as: forcing employer confessions to violations of the NLRA, employer unfair labor practices, scare tactics, White House intervention in changes to election rules. Some Aspects of the Union's Duty of Fair Representation by Benjamin Aaron. Reprinted from a symposium on Internal Union Affairs in the Ohio State Law Journal, Winter. Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Los Angeles, CA. Reprint No. 98., relations between the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the American Bar Association
Box 10 Folder 37 1949-1967
Includes: Wirtz, Willard. "Education and Labor." Twentieth Anniversary Labor Education Division. Roosevelt University Commencement Address. Remarks by: Rolf Weil, Edward Sparling, and Frank McCulloch. 9 Feb. 1967. Scher, Seymour. "Regulatory Agency Control Through Appointment: The Case of the Eisenhower Administration and the NLRB." The Journal of Politics 23 (1961)): 667-688. The Research and Policy Committee of the Committee For Economic Development. Union Powers and Union Functions: Toward a Better Balance. A Statement on National Policy. March 1964. "The Useless Paper Company and the Paper Shufflers Union," Mock decision prepared by Paul Herzog to read at the Omaha Regional Conference, December 1, 1949., "The NLRB Coloring Book," definition of "expertise"
Box 11 Folder 1-6
Includes: statement for the 1968 Platform Committee of the Republican Party (7/29/68), Blue Ribbon Committee pamphlets and various other pamphlets, NAM reports, conference materials
Box 11 Folder 7
Includes: pamphlets, press releases, position statements - early 1970s
Box 11 Folder 8-10
Includes materials re: most frequent violators, potential remedies - denial of government contracts, JP Stevens and co.
Box 11 Folder 11-16 1983-1985
Includes: news articles, correspondence, handwritten notes
Box 11 Folder 17
Includes address given by Guy Farmer, Frank McCulloch, and William Rodgers re: administering labor law
Box 11 Folder 18-19
Includes: news and journal articles, handwritten notes, statements of policy, correspondence, handwritten notes. See also: Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) files
Box 11 Folder 20-36 1948-1969
Re: caseloads, remedies, administration of the law, types of cases, annual reports, summary of operations - mid 1960s- mid 1970s, general council summaries
Box 11 Folder 37
Includes: Memorandum of Understanding between the Board and the General Counsel, statements of the authority and responsibilities of the general counsel
Box 11 Folder 38 1940-1942
Includes: tributes to Judge J. Warren Madden - first Chairman of the NLRB, address by J. Warren Madden, correspondence
Box 11 Folder 39 1985
Includes: various reports - "Current NLRB Operations," "New Directions at the National Labor Relations Board," and "Summary of Operations for the Office of the General Counsel for Fiscal Year 1984"
Box 11 Folder 40-42 1968
Includes: News articles comments on NLRB memos
Box 11 Folder 43 1968-1969
Includes: drafts of Gerald Brown's speech, statement of Senator Wayne Morse - 1968. Attempt by Some Special Interest Groups to Rewrite the National Labor Relations Act. Statement before the U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C. August 2. By Senator Wayne Morse
Box 11 Folder 44 1965
Includes: Parker, Hyman. "Summary of Remarks and Comments by Participants" From the Conference of the National Labor Relations Board, General Counsel and State Agency Representatives. Washington, D.C. Jan 26, 1965., memoranda, correspondence among several Chairmen of the National Association of State Labor Relations Agencies, statistics, case summaries
Box 12 Folder 1-3 1975-1978
Includes: speeches by John Fanning at various conference, news articles
Box 12 Folder 4
listings of names
Box 12 Folder 5-6 1964
Includes: MacCulloch, Frank. "The Consequences of NLRB Action on Good Faith Bargaining." 17th Annual Conference on Labor. New York University School of Law the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel, New York. 27 May 1964., correspondence, details about the conference
Box 12 Folder 7-8 1959-1960
Includes: Committee Prints and Congressional Conference Reports, Finley, Joseph. Understanding the 1959 Labor Law. Public affairs Institute: Washington, 1960., Congressional Record, outline of changes made in the Landrum-Griffin Act
Box 12 Folder 9 1968
Includes: general news articles
Box 12 Folder 10-11 1968
Includes: overviews of Republican platform, confidential memos, plans, handwritten notes
Box 12 Folder 12-14 1964
Includes: statement and letter from President Johnson (1964) asking all agency heads to submit five program suggestions, Frank McCulloch's suggestions for changes in the labor law; Hearing before Subcommittee on Lab of the House of Representatives re: Extension of the NLRA to agricultural workers memoranda
Box 12 Folder 15
Includes: proposal written by Ogden Fields, S.2135 "An Act to Authorize the Securities and Exchange Commission to Delegate Certain Functions" (7/26/62)
Box 12 Folder 16-19 1962-1965
Includes: Thompson Special Subcommittee on Labor information, inquiry from and reply to Senator Edward Long, McCord, Robert and Daniel Pollitt. "Proposals For Change." A Preliminary Report to Chairman Frank Thompson, Jr. December 1965., IUD Conference, Griffin Bill (HR 11217), Thompson-O'Hara Rebuttals 1962, Norton Come memo re: APA, remarks of Representative O'Hara, Representative Landrum and Representative Griffin in the Congressional Record, 1962-63 re: the NLRB and Congressional Intent
Box 12 Folder 20 1969
Includes: news articles from 1967-1970
Box 12 Folder 21-30
Includes: Correspondence, case citations, text of Supreme Court cases, press releases, news articles, Congressional Record, "Race-Hate Propaganda in NLRB Representation Elections" Memorandum by Daniel Pollit, memoranda, correspondence and reports re: Equal Employment Opportunity (requests from the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity)
Box 12 Folder 31 1967-1968
Fiscal years 1967 and 1968. From the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Box 12 Folder 32-33 1968
Includes: text of article, statements before the Ervin Subcommittee on the Separation of Powers, memoranda
Box 12 Folder 34-35 1965-1966
Includes: letters of endorsement, opopsition from the Chamber of Commerce, letters, meeting agendas, transcript of nomination hearings, McCulloch's handwritten notes, press releases
Box 12 Folder 36-37
Includes: handwritten notes, letters in support of Ordman as General Counsel, other correspondence
Box 12 Folder 38 1973
Includes: Letter from Chairman Edward Miller to the President of the United States August 31 1973 re: poor handling of Jenkins' reappointment
Box 12 Folder 39 1967
Includes: Wingo, Walter. "Roots of Union Power, part two: How government fattens unions." Nation's Business (September 1967): 70-78., Wingo, Walter. "Roots of Union Power, part three: How labor laws could be reformed." Nation's Business (October 1967): 104-111., letter to Senator Edward Kennedy from Associate Executive Secretary John Truesdale
Box 13 Folder 1-2 1968-1969
Includes: memoranda with information on training conferences and on workshop reports and reports of workshop chairmen
Box 13 Folder 3-13
Includes: correspondence with the department of Justice re: using Civil Rights Statute as a legal remedy against third party efforts to block organizing, cases, analyses, reports
Box 13 Folder 14 1966
Includes: A study of Reinstatement Under the National Labor Relations Act. Study submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Box 13 Folder 15-17
Includes: cases from the Supreme Court of Ontario, cases before the Ontario Labor Relations Board and a case before the Supreme Court of the State of California.
Box 13 Folder 18-20 1970
Includes: drafts of the opinions of members of the National Labor Relations Board in the Ex-Cell-O corporation case
Box 13 Folder 21-23
Includes: reports on problems with the implementation of the proposed Ex-Cell-O - Zinke remedy, drafts of decisions
Box 13 Folder 24-27 1966
Includes: "National Labor Relations Board Justifications of Appropriation Estimates - Fiscal Year 1975" for the Committee on Appropriations., Aspin, Leslie. "Digest of 'A Study of Reinstatement Under the National Labor Relations Act'", 1966, "Proposed modification of Reinstatement Remedy to require respondents to report to Regional Director concerning treatment of discriminates after reinstatement" - memorandum prepared by Harry Brickman to meet request of members of the NLRB., summary and analysis of Philip Ross's study, "Improving the Effectiveness of the Duty to Bargain," memos re: reinstatement remedies, Ex-Cell-O case, Albemarle case, other cases
Box 13 Folder 28-30 1975
Includes: reports on the need to strengthen remedies (prepared by Brickman), summary of Ross studies and others on the effects of NLRB actions, Chamber of Commerce Reform Proposal, 1975 statements before the House Labor Subcommittee on Labor-Management Relations - Frank McCulloch, Edward Miller, Stephen Schlossberg (General Counsel of the International Union, UAW.)
Box 14 Folder 1-9 1961
Includes: notes for various parts of the plan, tabulations of votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate on reorganization plan. Support of Reorganization Plan No. 5. Statement of Frank McCulloch before the Executive and Legislative Reorganization Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives., actual text and drafts of Reorganization Plan No. 5, Congressional Record, journal articles, reports, handwritten notes, correspondence, memoranda
Box 14 Folder 10-13 1968-1969
Includes: United States. Cong. House. National Labor Relations Act Remedies: The Unfulfilled Promise. 90th Cong., 2nd sess. Committee Print. Washington: GPO 1968., draft of proposed bill to amend section 10 of the National Labor Relations Act, annual report of 1969 administrative conference, other drafts of the reorganization plans, correspondence
Box 14 Folder 14 1970
Includes: proposals from the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the Federal Bar Council
Box 14 Folder 15-16 1961-1964
Includes: Summary of requests prepared for the Board by General Counsel Arnold Ordman, memoranda
Box 14 Folder 17-19 1962-1970
Includes: proposals, contacts, various reports and studies conducted by university faculty and others, correspondence
Box 14 Folder 20 1966
Includes: letter to President Lyndon Johnson containing five program suggestions, report prepared by Harry Brickman re: research possibilities in labor-management relations
Box 14 Folder 21-23 1964-1971
Includes: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Major Labor Law Principles Established by the NLRB and the Courts, December 1964-February 1971. Washington: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1971., speeches and statements before Congress by Frank McCulloch and Arnold Ordman, correspondence with Judge Henry Friendly of the U.S. Court of Appeals, cases, press releases
Box 14 Folder 24
Includes: statistics, reports, handwritten notes, correspondence
Box 14 Folder 25-27 1969
Includes: reports of Committee on Model Cards, Williams, Jerre. "The NLRB and Administrative Rulemaking." Administrative Conference of the United States. The Southwestern Legal Foundation. Dallas. 31 Oct. 1969., case before the 5th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals - NLRB vs. Southland Paint Company, Inc., drafts of the card, handwritten notes, correspondence, memoranda re: Administrative Procedure Act, rule making.
Box 14 Folder 28
Includes: press releases, NLRB jurisdictional guide re: private colleges and universities, private pre-schools, elementary and secondary schools, symphony orchestras, horse racing and dog racing
Box 14 Folder 29-30
Includes: agendas for luncheon meetings, reports and studies of issues facing the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), press releases, insights from Daniel Pollitt - outgoing Special Consultant
Box 15 Folder 1 1966-1969
Includes: Consideration of the Nomination of George P. Shultz to be Secretary of Labor. Transcript of Hearings before the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, US Senate, Washington, D.C. January 1966. Review of the National Labor Relations Act. Hearing before the Special Subcommittee on Labor of the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. February and September., memorandum
Box 15 Folder 2-3 1975-1976
Includes: full text of statements made by Frank McCulloch, Stephen Schlossberg and the US Chamber of Commerce, pending legislation and bills, background materials
Box 15 Folder 4-7
Includes: statements of Frank McCulloch, Arnold Ordman, John Fanning, and Edward Miller before the Subcommittee re: HR 7152. Also includes: S. 1320, S. 1844 and S. 1780, articles and statements re: speech limitations and authorization cards, especially in NLRB v. Gissel Packing Company, Inc.
Box 15 Folder 8-9
Includes: text of the Tower Bill, statements of Edward Miller, Arnold Ordman, Stephen Schlossberg, Thomas E. Harris before the Senate Subcommittee on Separation of Powers re: S. 3671, Millers drafts and requests for input from Frank McCulloch
Box 15 Folder 10
Includes: portions of the Administrative Procedures Act, meeting minutes, Rules and Regulations excerpted from the Federal Register, announcement of examination for hearing examiner positions
Box 15 Folder 11-12
Includes: memoranda, studies, reports, press releases
Box 15 Folder 13-14
Includes: press releases, statistics, correspondence, hand-written notes, memoranda, reports and analyses
Box 15 Folder 15 1960-1969
Administration Conference of the United States, Statement of George Bokat in Behalf of Frank W. McCulloch, before the Committee on Personnel, Washington, D.C. April 1960. Selective Certification Method of Appointing Hearing Examiners. Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. August., summary of remarks to the Advisory Committee on Hearing Examiners, statistics, correspondence
Box 15 Folder 16-20 1967
Includes: speeches and remarks from the day of the celebration (March 2, 1967), correspondence, press releases, memoranda, Congressional Record, see also: photos
Box 15 Folder 21 1963-1968
Includes: newsletters, news articles, correspondence
Box 15 Folder 22-23
Includes: biographical statements and summaries, correspondence, letters of recommendation
Box 15 Folder 24
Box 16 Folder 1 1970
25th Anniversary of the Industrial Relations Center of the University of Minnesota. Minnesota
Box 16 Folder 2 1969
Unpublished Paper (?) June 1969
Box 16 Folder 3 1969
Industrial Relations Law and Behavior Seminar. University of Oklahoma. Norman, Oklahoma. 22 May 1969
Box 16 Folder 4 1969
Collective Bargaining Forum. The Institute of Collective Bargaining and Group Relations. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. New York City, New York. 12 May 1969
Box 16 Folder 5 1968
Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 19 July 1968
Box 16 Folder 6 1968
Washington, DC, May 10
Box 16 Folder 7 1968
Labor Relations Reporter. 69. Washington: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1968. *Note - this document accompanies the preceding entry - Frank McCulloch's Statement on May 10, 1968
Box 16 Folder 8 1968
Statement of Frank McCulloch before the Subcommittee on the Separation of Powers of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate. Washington, DC March 29
Box 16 Folder 9 1968
The Federal Bar Association and The George Washington University National Law Center Labor Relations Institute. Washington, DC. 15 February 1968
Box 16 Folder 10 1968
New York University
Box 16 Folder 11 1967
Statement of Frank McCulloch before the Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure of the Committee on the Judiciary, United State Senate. Washington, DC. March 17
Box 16 Folder 12 1966
Thirty-Sixth Conference. Southern Economic Association. Atlanta, Georgia. 12 November 1966
Box 16 Folder 13 1966
Statement of Frank McCulloch before the Special Subcommittee on Labor of the Committee on Education and Labor. Washington, DC. February 9
Box 16 Folder 14 1965
Labor and Management: Partners in Progress. Texas Manufacturers Association 43rd Annual Conference of Texas Industry. The Inn of the Six Flags, Fort Worth - Arlington, Texas. 28 October 1965
Box 16 Folder 15 1964
The Challenge of Change. NAM Sixty- Ninth Congress of American Industry. Waldor-Astoria, New York, New York. 3 December 1964
Box 16 Folder 16 1964
Administrative Law Section of the American Bar Association. Sheraton East Hotel, New York City, New York. 11 August 1964
Box 16 Folder 17 1964
Briefing Conference on Labor Management Relations. Federal Br Association Labor Law Committee. The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California. 13 June 1964
Box 16 Folder 18 1964
Seventeenth Annual Conference on Labor. New York University School of Law. The Barbizon-Plaza Hotel, New York, New York. 27 May 1964
Box 16 Folder 19 1964
Labor Arbitration Institute. Boston University School of Law. Boston, Massachusetts. 25 April 1964
Box 16 Folder 20 1963
5th Annual Labor-Management Executive Luncheon. The Chicago International Trade Fair. Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry. Chicago, Illinois. 26 June 1963
Box 16 Folder 21 1963
Shulman Conference on Labor Relations. Yale Law School. New Haven Connecticut. 8 March 1963
Box 16 Folder 22 1963
Midwest Seminar on NLRB Policy Changes. University of Chicago Center for Continuing Education. Chicago, Illinois. 2 February 1963
Box 16 Folder 23 1963
National Academy of Arbitrators. Chicago, Illinois. 1 February 1963
Box 16 Folder 24 1962
October Dinner Meeting. Federal Bar Association (Chicago Chapter). Chicago, Illinois. 17 October 1962
Box 16 Folder 25 1962
Labor Relations Law Section of the NLRB. Clift Hotel. San Francisco, California. 7 August 1962
Box 16 Folder 26 1962
Eighth Annual Joint Industrial Relations Conference. Michigan State University. East Lansing, Michigan. 19 April 1962
Box 16 Folder 27 1962
Washington, DC, 6 April 1962
Box 16 Folder 28 1962
Midwinter Personnel Conference. American Management Association. Chicago, Illinois. 15 February 1962
Box 16 Folder 29 1961
The Eighth Annual Institute on Labor Law. The Southwestern Legal Foundation. Dallas, Texas. 3 November 1961
Box 16 Folder 30 1961
Northern Minnesota Conference on Industrial Relations. Duluth, Minnesota. 19 October 1961
Box 16 Folder 31 1961
Federal Bar Association Annual Convention of 1961. Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC. 13 September 1961
Box 16 Folder 32
No additional information provided
Box 16 Folder 33
No additional information provided
Box 17 Folder 1 1961-1965
Includes Author-Title Index and Subject Index
Box 17 Folder 2 1962-1968
Box 17 Folder 3 1967-1968
Box 17 Folder 4-9 1962-1970
Box 17 Folder 10-11 1962-1968
Box 17 Folder 12 1965
Box 17 Folder 13 1963
Box 17 Folder 14 1963
Box 17 Folder 15-16 1963-1969
Box 17 Folder 17 1969
Box 17 Folder 18 1963
Box 17 Folder 19 1968
Box 17 Folder 20-24 1961-1970
Includes: letters of appreciation and thanks, program details, etc.
Box 18 Folder 1 1947
S.55 and S.J.Res.22. Part 4
Box 18 Folder 2 1960 and S.Res.141
Box 18 Folder 3 1960
Box 18 Folder 4 1961
Box 18 Folder 5 1961
Box 18 Folder 6 1965
Box 18 Folder 7 1966
Box 18 Folder 8 1966
Box 18 Folder 9 1967
Box 18 Folder 10 1967
Box 18 Folder 11 1968
Box 18 Folder 12 1968
Box 18 Folder 13 1968
Box 18 Folder 14 1969
Box 18 Folder 15 1969
Box 18 Folder 16 1970
Box 18 Folder 17 1970
Box 19 Folder 1 1971
H.R.7152. 2 Copies.
Box 19 Folder 2 1968
Washington, DC.: US Government Printing Office
Box 19 Folder 3 1968
Box 19 Folder 4 1961
(majority of research and writing done by George Shultz, George and Abraham Siegel). The Public Interest in National Labor Policy. New York: Committee for Economic Development
Box 19 Folder 5 1971
Revised edition, June 1971. Washington, DC.: US Government Printing Office
Box 19 Folder 6 1962
Washington, DC.: The National Institute of Labor Education
Box 19 Folder 7 1945
Washington, DC: The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Given to Frank McCulloch courtesy of Charles Whitmore, an exceptional trial examiner during McCulloch's terms on the National Labor Relations Board
Box 19 Folder 8 1963
Washington, DC: The Labor Policy Association, Inc.
Box 19 Folder 9
Box 19 Folder 10 1970
Box 19 Folder 11 1967
Box 20 Folder 1 1972
Includes: materials used by employer in connection with National Labor Relations Board election on February 4, 1972 at the UNIROYAL, Inc. plant, Farmville, Virginia.
Box 20 Folder 2
Includes: union bulletins and leaflets from Stanley Furniture
Box 20 Folder 3
Includes: Hooker Furniture company bulletins and leaflets; union bulletins and leaflets
Box 20 Folder 4 1972
Includes: company leaflets from US Plywood Campaign, South Boston, Virginia
Box 20 Folder 5 1972
Includes: union leaflets from US Plywood Campaign, South Boston, Virginia
Box 20 Folder 6 1972
Includes: company leaflets and union leaflets from York Corrugated Containers campaign, Rock Hill, South Carolina
Box 20 Folder 7a 1971
Includes: company materials from Portsmouth, Virginia plant, November 1971
Box 20 Folder 7b 1971
Includes: company materials from Portsmouth, Virginia plant, November 1971 - 2nd copy
Box 20 Folder 8a 1971
Includes: union leaflets from the last two weeks of the campaign at Portsmouth, Virginia plant, November 1971
Box 20 Folder 8b 1971
Includes: union leaflets from the last two weeks of the campaign at Portsmouth, Virginia plant, November 1971 - 2nd copy
Box 20 Folder 9 1969
Includes: National Labor Relations Board v. General Electric Company and International Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers, AFL-CIO. United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, decided October 28 1969.; materials related to the case (news articles, GE press releases, issue summaries and analyses, memoranda, other items from GE's public relations campaign).
Box 20 Folder 10 1969
Includes: letters and memoranda re: GE effort to enlist the American Civil Liberties Union in relation to National Labor Relations Board v. General Electric Company and International Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers, AFL-CIO. United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, decided October 28, 1969.
Box 20 Folder 11 1972-1973
Includes: Company materials and 'Vote-No' Committee materials from Charlottesville, Virginia plant
Box 20 Folder 12 1972-1973
Includes: union materials (handbills, statistical information, etc.) from Charlottesville, Virginia plant
Box 20 Folder 13 1972-1973
Includes: Employer's Brief to Regional Director, Regional Director's Decision and Direction of Election, Charlottesville, Virginia plant
Box 20 Folder 14 1973
Includes: Special Bulletin announcing the election, company materials used at Greenland, New Hampshire plant
Box 20 Folder 15 1970
Includes: union materials from General Cable Corporation, KDI Electro-Tec Corporation, Roanoke Electric Steel Company, Roanoke, Virginia (it appears the campaign was held at General Cable Corporation in Buena Vista, Virginia)
Box 20 Folder 16 1970
Includes: company materials from Buena Vista, Virginia plant
Box 20 Folder 17 1971
Includes: employer letters to employees, September-December 1971. Anaheim, California
Box 20 Folder 18 1972
Includes: general UAW organizing materials sent from International Vice President of the United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) in March 1972
Box 20 Folder 19 1969-1970
Includes: company leaflets and letters, union leaflets and letters, and excelsior list. Waynesboro, Virginia
Box 20 Folder 20 1970
Includes: union materials and employer letter to employees from Shenandoah, Virginia plant
Box 20 Folder 21 1971
Includes: union letters and leaflets, employer letters and handouts to employees from Winder, Georgia plant
Box 20 Folder 22 1968-1970
Includes: materials used by the union (esp. letters) and the company at the Lawrenceville, Dillwyn, Lynchburg and Farmville (Virginia) plants
Box 20 Folder 23 1968-1969
Includes: company materials used at Farmville and Dillwyn plants
Box 20 Folder 24 1972
Includes: company and union materials from Farmville, Virginia plant
Box 20 Folder 25 1971
Includes: UAW handbills from Dayton Ohio plant
Box 20 Folder 26 1971
Includes: Independent Union handbills from Dayton Ohio plant
Box 20 Folder 27 1971
Includes: IUE handbills from Dayton Ohio plant
Box 20 Folder 28 1971
Includes: company handbills from Dayton Ohio plant
Box 20 Folder 29
Includes: labor agreement between the company and the union, correspondence between the union and management
Box 20 Folder 30 1971-1972
Includes: labor agreement between the company and the union, correspondence between the union and management. Stanley town, Virginia
Box 20 Folder 31 1971-1972
Includes: labor agreement between the company and the union, correspondence between the union and management. Stanley town, Virginia
Box 20 Folder 32 1959-1965
Includes: Labor Analysis and Forecast, a semi-monthly newsletter to alert and inform Southern management on labor-relations and critical trends in trade and industrial unionism
Box 20 Folder 33
Includes: The Hollow Promise, a publication of the TWUA; cases; news articles
Box 20 Folder 34
Includes: cases, case summaries, fact sheets, table and graphs
Box 20 Folder 35 1967
Includes: Conspiracy in Southern Textiles. Presentation of Textile Workers Union of America, AFl-CIO to the Special Subcommittee on Labor of the House committee on Education and Labor, Washington, DC. August
Box 21 Folder 1 1968
Box 21 Folder 2 1970
Price, Utah. September 29, 1970
Box 21 Folder 3 1970
Price, Utah. September 30, 1970
Box 21 Folder 4 1970
Price, Utah. September 29-30, 1970
Box 21 Folder 5 1970
Price, Utah. September 29-30, 1970
Box 21 Folder 6-7
Box 21 Folder 8-9
Election Set Aside on Basis of Objections. Best Bet Foods
Box 21 Folder 10-11
KINN Broadcasting
Box 21 Folder 12-13 1971
Montgomery Ward & Co. Also Includes: Official Report of Proceedings Before the National Labor Relations Board and Board Exhibits, March 15, 1971
Box 21 Folder 14
Dismissed. Howard Electric Company
Box 21 Folder 15-17 1972
Sierra Lingerie Company. Also Includes: Official Report of Proceedings Before the National Labor Relations Board and Board and Employer Exhibits. February 1972
Box 21 Folder 17 1969
Box 21 Folder 18 1963
Box 21 Folder 19 1968
Box 22 Folder 1 1961
Draft. Pp.1-119. Prepared by Duke University under a Small Business Administration Management Research Grant Program August 1961
Box 22 Folder 2 1961
Draft. Pp.120-End. Prepared by Duke University under a Small Business Administration Management Research Grant Program August 1961
Box 22 Folder 3 1963
Box 22 Folder 4 1966
Bulletin No. 1425-5. Washington, DC.: US Government Printing Office
Box 22 Folder 5 1966
Box 22 Folder 6 1967
Reprinted from Federal Bar Journal. Fall 1967
Box 22 Folder 7 1968
Draft. April 1968
Box 22 Folder 8 1970
also includes correspondence between Frank McCulloch, NLRB Chairman Edward Miller and Civil Service Commission Chairman Robert Hampton
Box 22 Folder 9 1972
Box 22 Folder 10 1972
Box 22 Folder 11 1973
Box 22 Folder 12 1976
November 5, 1976 (2 copies)
Box 22 Folder 13 1976
Southern Exposure Vol. IV, No. 1-2
Box 22 Folder 14 1977
Draft of policy statement for discussion by the Subcommittee on Government Productivity and Labor Relations at October 6, 1977 meeting. September 1977
Box 23 Folder 1 1970
Includes: memoranda re: various changes in administrative practices and procedures at the NLRB
Box 23 Folder 2-3 1968
Includes: list of members, committee assignments, bylaws and proposed bylaws, survey of recommendations from previous conferences, press releases, correspondence, "Pending Proposals to Amend the Federal Administration Procedure Act: an Analysis of S. 518." Administrative Law Review, March 1968
Box 23 Folder 4-5 1969-1970
Includes: list of members of the conference; memoranda from the Chairman of the conference, Jerre S. Williams
Box 23 Folder 6-7 1971-1974
Includes: 1970-1971 report: administrative conference of the United States (July 1971); Recommendations 23-26; news
Box 23 Folder 8-9 1970
Includes: Recommendations C and D discussed by the Administrative Conference Assembly on June 2-3, 1970; handwritten notes; correspondence; consultant's report in support of the recommendations of the committee
Box 23 Folder 10 1969
Includes: Recommendation C discussed by the Committee on Agency Organization and Procedure, motion for decision, report
Box 23 Folder 11-12 1969
Includes: report, summary of survey responses and draft recommendations prepared for the Committee on Personnel prepared by professor Robert Park; recommendations re: change of hearing examiner title, recruitment and selection, training and continuing education; testimony of George Bokat
Box 23 Folder 13-14 1965-1969
Includes: correspondence between Frank McCulloch and the Federal Trial Examiners' Conference; Recommendation H of the Personnel Committee, September 1969; materials supporting the title change
Box 23 Folder 15 1970
Includes: memorandum re: materials relating to "Judicial Review of Civil Service Determinations," from Roger C. Cramton to the members of the Committee on Judicial Review; handwritten notes.
Box 23 Folder 16-18 1966-1968
Includes: minutes and notes from Committee meetings; correspondence; memoranda; American Bar Association reports on labor relations law
Box 23 Folder 19 1968
Includes: statistics, notes, correspondence
Box 23 Folder 20 1971-1972
Includes: Cramton, Roger. "The Why, Where, and How of Broadened Public Participation in the Administrative Process." Remarks prepared for the Administrative Process Symposium. Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC. 17 Sept. 1971.: notices of sessions
Box 23 Folder 21-22 1964-1967
Includes: S. 518, introduced 1/19/67; S. 518, A Bill to Amend to Administrative Procedure Act. Statement of Frank McCulloch before the Senate Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure, Washington, DC. March 17.; early APA reports
Box 23 Folder 23-24 1969-1971
Includes: National Labor Relations Board Budget; materials expressing concern for the impact of budget cuts in Fiscal year 1971; letter to the White House from Frank McCulloch re: request for reconsideration of appropriations for FY 1971; similar appeal from Secretary of Labor to the Bureau of the Budget; correspondence re: staffing concerns in Region 19; other supporting materials
Box 23 Folder 25-27 1968-1970
Includes: fiscal data, memoranda, case statistics, notes, statements of Frank McCulloch and Arnold Ordman before the Senate Committee on Appropriations (August 6, 1969), statements of Frank McCulloch and Arnold Ordman before the House Committee on Appropriations (April 15,1969), Justification of Appropriations Estimates for Fiscal Year 1970, National Labor Relations Board; agenda for NLRB Budget Hearing (Nov. 4,1968), correspondence, 1969-1970 program review, 1969 operating plan and 1970 budget request
Box 24 Folder 1-2 1970-1971
Includes fiscal data, memoranda, case statistics, statements of Edward Miller and Arnold Ordman before the Senate Committee on Appropriations (June 25, 1970), statements of Frank McCulloch and Arnold Ordman before the House Committee on Appropriations (May 21, 1970), Justification of Appropriations Estimates for Fiscal Year 1971, National Labor Relations Board; agenda for briefing re: House Appropriations Hearing
Box 24 Folder 3-4 1972-1973
Includes: Justification of Appropriations Estimates for Fiscal Year 1973 (House and Senate), National Labor Relations Board; House Hearings on NLRB, 1972
Box 24 Folder 5-6 1961-1962
Includes: text of Executive Order 11222 from the Federal Register; other Executive Orders and legislation; memoranda from the White House to the heads of Executive Departments and Agencies - "Preventing Conflicts of Interest on the Part of Advisors and Consultants to the Government," (February 1962) and "Standards of Conduct for Civilian Employees," (July 1961); excerpts from NLRB Manual (R 8-11-54).
Box 24 Folder 7 1963-1968
Includes: Draft of McCulloch's announcement of his resignation from the position of Chairman of the NLRB to the President; memoranda from McCulloch to the President(1963) in response to inquiries from the President; memorandum from President Johnson to all heads of departments and agencies (1968); notes on correspondence with Congressman Pucinski re: trucking strike in Chicago (May 1967) and lockout of dairy workers by a Chicago Dairy; correspondence with various Congressmen re: general personnel issues (i.e. endorsement of candidate for a Regional Director position)
Box 24 Folder 8-9
Includes: racketeering, delays in NLRB proceedings, unit determination, judicial review of internal procedures of decision-making, Regional Information Program, participation in NLRB processes, etc.
Box 24 Folder 10-11 1961-1968
Includes: Agreement between the National Labor Relations Board and the NLRB Professional Association (signed December 17, 1964); Agreements between the General Counsel of the NLRB and the NLRB Union (signed March 14, 1966, June 21, 1968); Minutes and handwritten notes from meetings between the Association and the NLRB; memoranda re: various proposals and counter-proposals, certification and determination of appropriate unit, request for recognition; advisory arbitration between the General Counsel of the NLRB, the NLRB Union, the NLRB Field Attorneys Association and Local No. 4, Independent (October-November 1963); A policy For Employee-Management Cooperation in the Federal Service. (1961, November 30). Report of the President's Task Force on Employee-Management Relations in the Federal Service.
Box 24 Folder 12-15 1969-1970
Includes: briefs for the arbitration of grievance submitted by Amadeo Greco (1970); agreement between the NLRB and the NLRB Professional Association (signed Oct. 1969); agreement between the General Counsel of the NLRB and the NLRB Professional Association (signed Oct. 1969); agreement between the NLRB and the NLRB Union and its Washington Local for clerical employees (signed July 3, 1969); news articles; correspondence and memoranda re: seeking mediation due to impasse in bargaining, promotions
Box 24 Folder 16 1966-1969
Includes: Administrative problems of the Board. Statement of Frank McCulloch before the Special Subcommittee on Labor of the Committee on Education and Labor, US House of Representatives, Washington, DC. February 9.; McCulloch's reply to inquiries from Senator Edward Kennedy re: citizen involvement in the administrative processes of the NLRB; "Disposition Pattern For ULP Cases," chart comparing Fiscal year 1968 with Fiscal year 1967 and 1969
Box 24 Folder 17-18 1966-1969
Includes: Office of the General Counsel, National Labor Relations Board. Summary of Operations. Fiscal year 1968 and 1969 (six month), Fiscal year 1967 and 1968 (six months), Fiscal year 1966 and 1967 (six month); statistics on enforcement and review cases decided by the Circuit Courts of Appeals for Fiscal Year 1969
Box 24 Folder 19-21
Includes: Information cards for Regional Directors; minutes of meetings; reviews and proposed revisions to NLRB Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual; information and plans re: Equal Employment Opportunity; information re: youth in the Federal Service - trainee programs; materials re: "Employee Responsibilities and Conduct"; procedures for developing policy with an employee organization acting as the exclusive representative of employees
Box 24 Folder 22 1963
Includes: A Prospectus for an Expanded Information Program For the National Labor Relations Board [Draft]. Submitted for consideration in June 1963 - Noted by McCulloch as "Rothman Suggestions"
Box 24 Folder 23-25
Includes: administrative agendas; memoranda re: productivity and case load (backlogs), clarification of certification proceedings, summary judgment, public advisory committees, continuous board agenda; administrative agendas
Box 24 Folder 26
Includes: recommendations from the President for the Federal employee security program through Executive Order 10450, information from Civil Service Commission
Box 24 Folder 27 1968
Includes: re-evaluation of functions, structure, grades; request from Ogden Fields for Board approval of personnel actions in the Office of the Executive Secretary
Box 24 Folder 28
Includes: Applicant materials, notes from interviews, breakdown of applicant qualifications
Box 24 Folder 29 1967
Includes: Examples of Federal Agencies other than the NLRB that have statutory administrative responsibilities; United States. Department of Justice. Attorney General's Memorandum on the Public Information Section of the Administrative Procedure Act. Washington: GPO
Box 25 Folder 1-27 1970
25th Anniversary of the Industrial Relations Center of the University of Minnesota. Minnesota
Box 25 Folder 28
Box 25 Folder 29 1964
Noted as: "Pharmaseal Record. Mailed to employees homes just ahead of NLRB election. Record dated March 17, 1964."
Box 25 Folder 30 1970
Includes speech by Lane Kirkland
Box 25 Folder 31 1961
March 7, 1961. Presented to Frank McCulloch on behalf of the staff of the National Labor Relations Board. Includes NLRB Bulletin (text) and photographs