Transport Workers Union of America Local 2001 Files

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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library

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Transport Workers Union of America Local 2001 Files, 1937-1979
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Transport Workers Union of America (TWUA)
2 linear ft.
Forms of Material:
Case files, records (documents).
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
This collection consists of the records of Salvatore S. Biondo, executive vice-president and president of TWU Local 2001, Railroad Division, in Albany, New York.
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The Transport Workers Union of America [TWU] was founded by New York City subway workers in 1934, and then expanded to represent other transit employees across the United States. Their largest Local is Local 100, whose membership consists of New York City's mass transit workers. TWU also represents flight attendants, grounds crew, and maintenance workers for a number of airlines as well as employees of Amtrak, ConRail, and a few short line railroads.
The TWU was one of the first unions to join the Congress of Industrial Organizations [CIO], and was known for its left-leaning politics. One of TWU's founders and its first president, Mike Quill, was a close ally of the Communist Party USA before renouncing all ties in 1948. The TWU was also unique among railroad and transit unions in that it fostered close ties with the African-American community and the NAACP, included quotas for the hiring of African-Americans in its collective bargaining agreements, and supported a strong civil rights platform which advocated for a national platform to combat racism as well as combating the racism found among its own members.
TWU started representing railway employees in 1954 when the United Railroad Workers of America [URRWA] on the Pennsylvania Railroad [PRR] voted to join the TWU. The URRWA was itself an outgrowth of the CIO's United Railway Organizing Committee, which was chartered in 1941 to organize non-operating employees on the railways. The Committee organized many different non-operating crafts, including carmen, car inspectors, food service workers, maintenance of way, and maintenance of equipment employees. Like the TWU, the URRWA was committed to strong union ideals, promoting racial equality, fighting discrimination, and serving as a counterpoint to the railroad brotherhoods of the AFL. The URRWA represented around 40,000 employees of the Pennsylvania Railroad; in order to increase their negotiating power, the Committee voted to affiliate with the TWU, thus forming the Railroad Division of the TWU.
In 1955, TWU Local 2001 was chartered to represent the members on the PRR, which included the employees of the PRR owned Hudson and Manhattan Railroad. During the mergers among carriers that occurred over the next few decades, TWU Local 2001 came to represent employees on the PATH system, formerly the Hudson and Manhattan; employees on the PennCentral, comprised of the PRR, the New York Central, and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad; and the successors to the PennCentral, Amtrak and Conrail as well as New Jersey Transit and MetroNorth.
Currently, TWU Local 2001 represents roughly 1,600 railroaders on seven different railroads in four states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.
For more information, see History TWU Local 2001


Inclusive date range: 1937-1979
Bulk dates: 1969-1979
This collection contains the files of Salvatore S. Biondi, vice-president and president of TWU Local 2001 in Albany, New York. His files are primarily concerned with the carmen who worked in the Selkirk Yard. His files regarding union members, including grievances, claims, investigations, and personnel files, are restricted.
Also found in this collection is extensive documentation of the merger between the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad into the Penn Central Transportation Company and the effect it had on the employees of the carriers. It also includes extensive documentation of the further effects the Penn Central bankruptcy and the formation of ConRail and Amtrak had on these same employees.
Also found in this collection is extensive correspondence with the Railroad Division of the TWU in Long Island City, New York.

Biondo, Salvatore S.
Transport Workers Union of America.
Transport Workers Union of America -- Local 2001 (Albany, NY)
Penn Central Transportation Company
New York Central Railroad
Pennsylvania Railroad
Brotherhood of railway Carmen of America, AFL-CIO

Railroads -- New York (State)
Transport workers--Labor unions--United States--Sources.
Collective labor agreements -- Railroads -- United States.
Arbitration, Industrial -- United States
Railroads -- Mergers -- United States

Form and Genre Terms:
Case files
Records (documents)


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Access to the collections in the Kheel Center is restricted. Please contact a reference archivist for access to these materials. Files regarding union members, including grievances, claims, investigations, and personnel files, are restricted.
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This collection must be used in keeping with the Kheel Center Information Sheet and Procedures for Document Use.
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Box 1 Folder 1 1969-1975
Claims file on behalf of employees at Selkirk Departure yard.
Box 1 Folder 2 1976-1979
Box 1 Folder 3 1971-1974
Box 1 Folder 4 1977-1979
Box 1 Folder 5 1976-1977
Box 1 Folder 6 1977
Box 1 Folder 7 1951-1979
Box 1 Folder 8 1968-1977
Box 1 Folder 9 1969-1970
Box 1 Folder 10 1976-1979
Box 1 Folder 11 1979
Box 1 Folder 12 1969-1970
Box 1 Folder 13 1971-1972
Box 1 Folder 14 1973-1974
Box 1 Folder 15 1975-1977
Box 1 Folder 16 1978-1979
Box 1 Folder 17 1978
Box 1 Folder 18 1977-1978
Box 1 Folder 19 1972-1973
Box 1 Folder 20 1975-1977
Box 1 Folder 21 1975
Box 1 Folder 22 1972-1973
Box 1 Folder 23 1971
Box 1 Folder 24 1973-1979
Box 1 Folder 25 1969-1978
At Selkirk Yard, Albany-Rensselaer
Box 1 Folder 26 1971-1975
Box 1 Folder 27 1975-1976
Box 1 Folder 28 1963-1974
Correspondence, bulletins, and pamphlets
Box 1 Folder 29 1968-1972
Box 1 Folder 30 1975-1979
Box 1 Folder 31 1971-1976
Box 1 Folder 32 1976-1979
Box 1 Folder 33 1978
Re Bulletin Board postings
Box 1 Folder 34 1978
Box 1 Folder 35a 1958-1959
Box 1 Folder 35b 1958-1959
Box 1 Folder 36 1972-1978
Box 1 Folder 37 1971-1974
Box 1 Folder 38a 1979
Box 1 Folder 38b 1975-1979
Box 1 Folder 39 1976
Box 1 Folder 40 1945-1956
Box 1 Folder 41 1959-1965
Box 1 Folder 42 1972-1974
Box 1 Folder 43 1972-1973
Box 1 Folder 44 1971-1972
Box 2 Folder 1 1974
Box 2 Folder 2 1972-1974
Box 2 Folder 3 1970-1971
Box 2 Folder 4 1963-1968
Box 2 Folder 5 1970
Box 2 Folder 6 1975-1976
Box 2 Folder 7 1968
Box 2 Folder 8a 1970
Box 2 Folder 8b 1970
Box 2 Folder 9 1964-1970
New Implementing Agreement in Effect May 31, 1970
Box 2 Folder 10 1970
Box 2 Folder 11 1951-1961
In re Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America [BRCMA]
Box 2 Folder 12 1962
Box 2 Folder 13 1970
Box 2 Folder 14 1973
TWU Local 2001 vs. Penn Central
Box 2 Folder 15 1956
Box 2 Folder 16 1976
Annotated draft of agreement
Box 2 Folder 17 1968-1977
For employees
Box 2 Folder 18 1973-1978
Drafts and negotiations
Box 2 Folder 19 1978
Box 2 Folder 20 1977
Effective September 1, 1977
Box 2 Folder 21 1977
As a result of new Work Rule Agreement with ConRail
Box 2 Folder 22 1970-1978
Box 2 Folder 23 1942-1964
Question and Answer sheets
Box 2 Folder 24 1971-1976
Box 2 Folder 25 1973-1976
Box 2 Folder 26 1971
Box 2 Folder 27 1977-1979
Box 2 Folder 28 1976-1978
Box 2 Folder 29 1978-1979
Box 2 Folder 30 1978
Box 2 Folder 31 1978
Box 2 Folder 32 1969-1978
Box 2 Folder 33 1978-1979
Box 2 Folder 34 1956-1974
Box 2 Folder 35a 1956-1971
Box 2 Folder 36 1951-1977
Box 2 Folder 37 1954-1977
Box 2 Folder 38 1937-1977
Box 2 Folder 39 1964-1968