ILGWU Photographs

Collection Number: 5780 P

Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library


ILGWU Photographs, 1835-1992
Collection Number:
5780 P
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU)
68.1 linear ft.
Forms of Material:
Photographs .
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
The ILGWU Photograph collection consists of photos of agreements, conventions, meetings, union members. Also included are photos of famous union leaders, such as; Antonini Luigi, Leon Stein, Abe Beame, Leon Blum, Sol Chaikin, Wilbur Daniels, max Danish, John Dewey, David Dubinsky, Israel Feinberg, Samuel Gompers, Arthur Goldberg, William Green among many other officials and members.
Collection material in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Yiddish, Chinese


The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union was once one of the largest labor unions in the United States founded in 1900 by local union delegates representing about 2,000 members in cities in the northeastern United States. It was one of the first U.S. Unions to have a membership consisting of mostly females, and it played a key role in the labor history of the 1920s and 1930s. The union is generally referred to as the "ILGWU" or the "ILG". The ILGWU grew in geographical scope, membership size, and political influence to become one of the most powerful forces in American organized labor by mid-century. Representing workers in the women's garment industry, the ILGWU worked to improve working and living conditions of its members through collective bargaining agreements, training programs, health care facilities, cooperative housing, educational opportunities, and other efforts. The ILGWU merged with the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union in 1995 to form the Union of Needle trades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE). UNITE merged with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE) in 2004 to create a new union known as UNITE HERE. The two unions that formed UNITE in 1995 represented only 250,000 workers between them, down from the ILGWU's peak membership of 450,000 in 1969.

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union--Photographs

Clothing workers, Labor unions--Photographs
Textile workers, Labor unions--Photographs

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Box 1 Folder 1
includes: group photos and conference - David Dubinsky, Hon. Nelson Rockefeller; circa 1970
Box 1 Folder 2
includes: Signing between Montreal Joint Board Dress Makers Union & Montreal Manufacturers Guild - 8/6/56 - B. Shane, J.J. Spector; Local 91; Boston BAG Agreement; Local 20 - 12/15/50; Agreement between Associated Corset and Brassiere Manufacturers & Locals 10 & 32; Julius Hochman, David Dubinsky, Luigi Antonini; Dressmakers Agreement at NYC City Hall
Box 1 Folder 3
Box 1 Folder 4
Box 1 Folder 5
includes: William Green and David Dubinsky holding 1940 affiliation certificate, with Hochman and Antonini; Adlai Stevenson and David Dubinsky at Convention of 1952, Matthew Woll, William Green, James Petrillo, President Dwight D. Eisenhower; David Dubinsky and George Meany; David Dubinsky and William Green; David Dubinsky, George Meany and FDR Jr.; Samuel Gompers with W.P. Mooty (1922); Samuel Gompers - Portrait; AFL Leaders with President Harry S. Truman and Senator Paul Douglas; David Dubinsky and Jacob Potofsky; AFL-CIO Meeting including John L. Lewis, Sidney Hillman, Phil Murray, Dan Tobin, Thomas Pinkert, Matthew Woll, and Harry Bates - 3/10/39
Box 1 Folder 6
Box 1 Folder 7
includes: Convention Photos; David Dubinsky and William Green; Meany, Goldberg, David Dubinsky; Luigi Antonini, David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky, Meany, Cherne, Vanden Heuvel; David Dubinsky and Jacob Potofsky - 1958; Shop scene with women promoting ILGWU; David Dubinsky and William Green holding ILGWU Certificate of Affiliation; Meany, David Dubinsky, Antonini; Banquet scene: Harry Van Arsdale, Zimmerman, David Dubinsky; President Dwight D. Eisenhower, David Dubinsky; Schnitzer, David Dubinsky; Dolores Johnson and David Dubinsky at Convention; Minoru Takita & George Meany - 11/10/64; Yorti & David Dubinsky; AFL-CIO Building Dedication; David Dubinsky, President Dwight D. Eisenhower; Group Shots; AFL-CIO Convention - David Dubinsky, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Luigi Antonini - September 1951; Antonini, David Dubinsky; Bar - Yaacov, Evron, Boneh, David Dubinsky, Curran, Lavon, Potofsky, Geijer, Carey at AFL-CIO Convention; Harrison, Lavon, Potofsky, Meany, David Dubinsky at AFL-CIO Luncheon; Schnitzer & Dubinsky on Submarine Cruise; Eisenhower & David Dubinsky; Laying of a floral wreath at a Chicago Memorial
Box 1 Folder 8
Box 1 Folder 9
Box 1 Folder 10
Box 1 Folder 11
Box 1 Folder 12
Box 1 Folder 13
Box 1 Folder 14
Box 1 Folder 15
includes: Meany, David Dubinsky, Henry A Wallace at banquet and convention
Box 1 Folder 16
includes: Political Convention - David Dubinsky, Nagler, Zimmerman, LaGuardia, T. Dewey, L. Antonini
Box 1 Folder 17
includes: Banquet Shots America's Next Great Designer Award - includes: Award Ceremony - Wilbur Daniels, Kasper, Ernest Harris, Chaikin, Janet Riley; includes ceremony transcript
Box 1 Folder 19
includes: Luigi Antonini - Portrait, Demonstration with Placards for "Extra Pay for Overtime;" Antonini at Local 22 Rally; Julius Hochman, George Meany, David Dubinsky, L. Antonini at meeting
Box 1 Folder 20
Box 1 Folder 21
includes: L. Antonini - Portrait; L. Antonini, David Dubinsky at banquet; Antonini and George Baldanzi visited the Fifth Army, September 1944; Italian American Labor Council Luncheon: Count Carlo Sforza, Herbert Matthews, L. Antonini; Governor Lehman and L. Antonini at Conference; Antonini in Shop Scene; Group Photo*; Edward Molisani, William Green, Hon. Thomas Dewey, Generoso Pope; Antonini and Golda Meir; Portrait of Antonini in Military Uniform; Antonini speaking to Local 89; Antonini marching with ILGWU Contingent in Columbus Day Parade, Nagler, Arthur Goldberg; Zimmerman, Stulberg, L. Antonini; Bernard Segal; Josephine Carboneri; Antonini and Contardo
Box 1 Folder 22
Box 1 Folder 23
Box 1 Folder 24
Box 2 Folder 1
includes: Antonini and David Dubinsky meeting, dedication of Luigi Antonini Ave. in New York City; Antonini speaking; Antonini - Portrait; Local 89 Installation meeting including: David Dubinsky, Kramer, Antonini, Salvatore Noto; Antonini and Montana in Mondello, Italy at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Institute; Joint Committee of the United Italian American Labor Council and the Order of the Sons of Italy at White House Meeting - Antonini, President Lyndon B. Johnson, J. Ottaviani Jr., Baldanzi, Molisani, Noto, Culotta, La Capria, Montana; Group photos; Banquet photos; Antonini Stadium in Haifa, Israel
Box 2 Folder 2
Box 2 Folder 2a
Box 2 Folder 3
includes: arbitration meetings; Abe Plotline "speaking to officer qualification class on methods of organization"; Cloak Arbitration; Dress Industry Conference - arbitration for wage increase, 4/28/53, Hotel Astor, New York City; L. Antonini signing an agreement in the presence of Mayor Wagner
Box 2 Folder 4
includes: David Dubinsky, Murray Gross at a conference; Ralph Smith "addressing strike meeting at Appomattox, Virginia"; David Dubinsky speaking at banquet, Upper South, 1954; David Dubinsky in a group shot with women. Bambace, Angela - see: Upper South Department
Box 2 Folder 5
includes: David Dubinsky and Baruch meeting
Box 2 Folder 5a
Box 2 Folder 6
includes: Abe Beame in shop scene; Beame in Political campaign
Box 2 Folder 7
includes: Leon Blum speaking; Blum meeting with David Dubinsky
Box 2 Folder 8
Leon Blum Memorial Meeting, Manhattan Center, 4/6/50, including: A. Kahn, L. Weiner, W. Austin, David Dubinsky, J. Potofsky, H. Morganthau, M. Woll, N. Thomas, A. Cahan, R. Abramovitch, A. Held; At banquet, David Dubinsky, Blum; Blum speaking
Box 2 Folder 8a
Box 2 Folder 8b
Box 2 Folder 8c
Box 2 Folder 8d
Box 2 Folder 8e
Box 2 Folder 9
Includes: "Trade Union Joan of Arcs" marching in January, 1936; Group Photo - Chorus, 2/20/51; Boston Joint Board - Soldiers returning from war; Picket of Vanta Co.; Group Photo - Children; "Keep em in Stitches", 1947 at Boston Joint Board; Children's Plays; Banquets; Choir performing; Stage performance with flags and clothing of ethnic groups and countries; AFL Convention, C. Kreindler, W. Green; H.T. Johnson Strike and picketing, 5/1/58; Harvard Centennial, June 1946, "When Bosses began dropping weights out of windows, Boston pickets donned helmets"; Mary Levin in group photo where members are holding checks in the air; District Council Meeting, Hotel Bradford, April 1948; Gay Nineties Revue, ILG Chorus; National ILGWU Convention; John McCormack, Philip Kramer, and Edward Milano at dedication of Radiology Department in memory of Harriet McCormack, at Boston Health Center; M. Klien, M. Kaplan, P. Kramer, N. Sandler, A. Polcari at Philip Kramer's retirement luncheon at Local 73; Blauer Manufacturing Company strike and picketing, September 1970; Anti-Smoking Demonstration; Benjamin Wensky, M. Kaplan, P. Kramer at a party for Boston Joint Board Cloakmakers (Wensky was 100 years old, charter member and former exec. board member of Local 56), May 1969; Political banquet for Humphrey/Muskie, October 1968; Fitwell Dress Co., Inc. Picket; Judy Bond Inc. strike with picketing; ILG Union Label Campaign with Sol Chaikin, Louis Stulberg, David Gingold, and Min Matheson; Joe Kessler and Rose Pesotta, Kramer Dinner, 6/4/60 (ff 18); Rally by ILGWU Retirees to "Stop Importing Unemployment."
Box 2 Folder 10
Box 2 Folder 11
Box 2 Folder 12
Box 2 Folder 13
Box 2 Folder 14
Box 2 Folder 15
Box 2 Folder 16
Box 2 Folder 17
Box 2 Folder 18
Box 2 Folder 19
includes: Portrait
Box 2 Folder 20
includes: Brandt, Clay, David Dubinsky at a meeting. Brown, Ella Clark - includes: Retirement Banquet for Morris Speitzer, Walter Reuther, Ella Clark Brown, Edward Arnold
Box 2 Folder 21
includes: Fouard Building & Hester St. Park; ILGWU Headquarters, 1710 Broadway, New York City; Cooper Union, New York City
Box 2 Folder 22
includes: ILGWU Building; Clinton Hall; ILGWU Union Health Center, Fall River, Mass; ILGWU Health Center, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; ILGWU Health Center, Boston, Mass; ILGWU Health Center, San Antonio, Texas; Eastern District Office; ILGWU Health Center, 257 7th Ave, New York City; Manhattan Lyceum; Kaiser - Frazer; ILGWU Educational Center, South Jersey; Los Angeles Cloak Joint Board; Los Angeles Health Center; Tri-District, Wilkes-Barre; Ackerman Clothes; Harlem Office, Joint Board Dressmakers Union; Pacific Coast Office; Mobile Health Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Cleveland Health Center; St. Louis Health Center; Philadelphia Health Center; Local 48, New York City; Plans for the Home for the Aged, Grace Ave., New York; Knit Goods Workers Local 190,. Philadelphia; Kansas City Health Center; St Louis Joint Board; ILGWU Library
Box 2 Folder 23
Box 2 Folder 24
Box 2 Folder 25
Box 2 Folder 26
Box 2OP Folder 1 1940
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 2OP Folder 2
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 2OP Folder 3 1973
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 2OP Folder 4 1944
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 3 Folder 1
includes: Cahan - contact sheet
Box 3 Folder 2
includes: David Dubinsky and Rose Pesotta at train station, Nathan Wolf, Louis Levy; Blouse Workers Strike; Union Rally. See also: 5780/46 - Box 3 - 4
Box 3 Folder 3
includes: Nathan Wolf, Rose Pesotta; David Dubinsky, Rose Pesotta, Louis Levy, Nathan Wolf at train station; banquet scene; Rose Pesotta; David Dubinsky and Louis Stulberg honored at meeting of the Los Angeles Local of the ILGWU; David Dubinsky - Banquet scene; Jimmy Walker and Rose Pesotta; In a meeting/ conference: Ian West, Lou Tabak, Mitchel, David Dubinsky
Box 3 Folder 4
includes: Rose Dress Strike - Picket Line; French and English broadside; Police arresting a picketer in 1937; First Cloak Agreement - Secretary of the Joint Council Mrs. Shuster, Max Kaiser, Albert Eaton, J. Bonchik, D. Goodman, I. Wolkore, B. Shane, Emile Lazare; Montreal Organization Campaign 1954; Demonstration with placards in Montreal's Garment District, 1977
Box 3 Folder 5
includes: Carl Goldenberg, William Green, Bernard Shane, David Dubinsky, Percy Bengough, J.J. Spector; Delegation Meeting David Dubinsky at the Railway Station, 1940; David Dubinsky, Bernard Shane - Montreal, August 23, 1950; Bernard Shane, William Green; Magali & Claude Jauniere, Denise Martineau; Raoul Trepanier, Maurice Manel, Sam Lieberman, Bernard Shane, Claude Jodoin & W. Perkel; Julius Hochman, H.S. Greenwood, Claude Jodoin, Bernard Shane; Dave Goodman, Annette Langevin, J.J. Spector, David Dubinsky, Irving Brown, Joe Godson, Morris Novick, Serafino Romunoldi; Bernard Shane, Hon. Antonio Banette, David Dubinsky, Hon. Gaspard Fairteux; Bernard Shane, General Morton, Hon. Antonio Banette, Carl Goldenberg, H.H. Stein, Claude Jodoin; Harry Capitani, Gordon Cushing; ILGWU Chorus; Bernard Shane with new & old Queens; Shop Scene - Women and Men Pressers; Dressmakers Weekend Institute - Oct. 19-21, 1956, Hotel Vermont, Quebec - Maurice Manel, Bernard Shane, J.B. Lafrwniere, Yvette Charpentier, J.L. Blanchard; Bernard Shane & George Meany; April 19, 1956 - Check Presentations by Bernard Shane to Histadrut & the Jewish Labour Committee; Montreal Health Center Tour; M. Mitchell, G. Robinson, Lloyd Lenton, Henry Weisbach; J. Mack, S. Herbst, B. Shane, Sam Kraisman; Joint Council Cloakmakers Union Meeting; Exec. Board, Local 315 - Al Meakins, Dora Boudreault, Nathan Rosen, Yvonne Bourque, Bernard Shane, Valerine Chabot, Rolandi Briesbois, Adriano Bussandri, Morris Amsel, J.J. Spector, Louis Manzi, Victor Souliere, Marcel D'Amour; Presentation of a cheques from the ILGWU to the strikers at the plant of the Regent Knitting Mills in St. Jerome; David Dubinsky, Bernard Shane; Atul Chandra Saikia, Bernard Shane; Alexandria, Ontario ILGWU Headquarters; B. Tabachinsky, Michael Rubenstein, Bernard Shane; Signing Contract between Montreal Joint Board Dressmakers Union & the Montreal Dress Manufacturers' Guild, 8/6/1956; ILGWU Convention; Executive Board Meeting, Local 205; Canadian Labor Congress Demonstration, Ottawa; Claude Jodoin; Bresner, Stulberg, Jraisman, Jodoin, Manel, Magerman, Shatz; Chateau Lingerie Mfg. Co. Ltd. Strike; Demonstration for limiting clothing imports, Advertisements for Union Label on clothing; Silver Fashion Inc. picket, Labor Day Demonstration, Early 1930's; Mayor Chameleon Houde addressing strikers meeting to approve settlement in 1940; Building Dedication - David Dubinsky; Canadian Coordination Conference, 7/31/69
Box 3 Folder 6
Box 3 Folder 7
Box 3 Folder 8
Box 3 Folder 9
Box 3 Folder 10
Box 3 Folder 11
Box 3 Folder 12
Box 3 Folder 13
includes: Group photo of: Joint Board Cloak, Shirt, Dressmakers Union, Toronto 1917-1918 - Kirsner, Edwards, Kruger, Black, Shure, Koldofsky, Yanpolsky, Konikoff, Seligman, Wilner, Sporn, Kosatchkoff, Wilner, Friedman, Surber, Samuels, Anin, Franklyn, Fox, Weintraub, Sheinkman
Box 3 Folder 14
includes: Bernard Shane presenting A. Abramson with a check at a meeting; "Child Workers who Need 'Protocol' Arbitration Courts", the Independent Gertrude Barnum, 10/3/12
Box 3 Folder 15
selected (see also: Bx. 49 ff 2) - includes: Banquet scene; outside a banquet David Rosalind, Ted Kennedy, Chaikin; Chaikin speaking at ILGWU Convention, May 1968, Speech at Rhode Island AFL-CIO
Box 3 Folder 16
includes: Esther Peterson and Louis Stulberg speaking to Rhode Island AFL-CIO; Banquet scenes; Meetings; Frank Lavigne, J. William Belanger, Jack Halpern, Chaikin, Foster Furcolo, Thomas Moriarty; Ted Kennedy; Chaikin, Herman Greenburg, P. Boland, Anna Sullivan; David Dubinsky speaking at a banquet; Chaikin at Albano Testimonial; Chaikin at Convention, Scranton, PA; individual shot of Chaikin
Box 3 Folder 17
Box 3 Folder 18
Box 3 Folder 19
Box 3 Folder 20
Box 3 Folder 21
includes: Bernard Bialis at a banquet; Rachael Hermandy, Max Wax, David Dubinsky, Morris Bialis, Chicago Joint Board Representatives, Employers' Representatives 5/16/1953; Group Shot at meeting - Jerry Adelman, Harry Rufer, Morris Bialis, Maurice Smoler, Sam Glassman, Stanley Johnson, Sidney Smoler, Sol Greenburg; Chicago Joint Board Baseball Team, 1936
Box 3 Folder 22
includes: children at the washboard; landscape photos, children working in a factory (not a garment factory)
Box 3 Folder 23
includes: David Dubinsky and Exec. Board at Deborah Sanitorium
Box 3 Folder 24
Dedication of a Jewish Sanitorium, David Dubinsky, 1/7/1951; David Dubinsky, Luz Romero, Sally Balducci, Maria Rosales, Herda Gluckner, Hyman Langer; John Sargent of the Hotel, Restaurant and Bartenders International Union presenting a check, 7/15/1949; George Meany, David Dubinsky. William Green at Banquet honoring Meany at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, 5/7/1952
Box 4 Folder 1
includes: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech; Dr. King presented with a Social Justice Award; Local 62 - Demonstration with placards by Black Women against Woolworth, "Woolworth practices Discrimination in the South. Don't Patronize"; Shop Scene where Black and White women stop working on April 9, 1968 to listen to funeral services for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Group Photo next to a bus with a sign "Prayer Pilgrimage I.L.G.W.U."; Local 142 Discussion Group Trade Unionism, 2/4/1935, black & white men & women listening to Black man speak; Ottenheimer Employees on strike with placards; Dr. M. L. King giving a speech
Box 4 Folder 2
includes: Civil Rights Demonstration with placards in front of the White House, Washington DC; David Dubinsky, Harry Van Arsdale, Martin Luther King in press conference and Contact Sheet; Ottenheimer Employees on Strike with placards - fighting "Unfair Labor Practices" and "Years of Bad Treatment"; Civil Rights Committee on minimum wages with Abe Dolyen and Congressman Jim Delaney; Banquet scene - on dais - David Dubinsky and Martin Luther King; King and David Dubinsky meeting; Kansas City Joint Board Little League Baseball Team; Local 91 Mandolin Orchestra, Sept. 1934; VP Charles Zimmerman, meeting with CORE National Director James Farmer, CORE Community Relations Director Marvin Rich, and ILA Organizational Director Anthony Scotto; Civil Rights Rally - 7th Ave and 38th Street, New York City, 5/17/1960; Picket in front of Ottenheimer Mfg. Co., against Unfair Labor Practices; Local 22 Basketball Team; ILGWU Workers from Locals 105, 89, 35, 60, and 23 demonstrating with placards to "End Segregation"; Press Conference with African Trade Unionists at ILGWU Training Institute - Louis Stulberg, Olakunle Thomas, Joyce Chanda, Charles Pasipanodya, Anselmi Karumba, Guy Boghossian, Maida Springer Kemp and Gus Tyler
Box 4 Folder 3
Box 4 Folder 4
includes: Group Shot in front of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America; David Dubinsky and Potofsky speaking
Box 4 Folder 5
includes: J.P. Stevens Workers demonstrating with placards "Boycott J.P. Stevens Products," "#1 Labor Law Violator" in Scranton, PA - Led by VP Sol Hoffman and Jack Sobol; Demonstration with Placards - "CWA Supports ACTWU in their Fight Against Imports" and "We want Work, Not Welfare"; David Dubinsky, Potofsky at a Gathering; Picket against J.P. Stevens - Local 23-25; Rally against J.P. Stevens - Shelley Appleton and Wilbur Daniels in front of the firm's headquarters in New York City, November 30, 1978; At a banquet: David Dubinsky, Potofsky
Box 4 Folder 6
includes: Portrait
Box 4 Folder 7
includes: Group photo of Local 145 members
Box 4 Folder 8
includes: Antonini, Governor Lehman, David Dubinsky, S. Gelo, and E. Jewish, Columbus Day at 89 Opera at Hippodrome
Box 4 Folder 9
includes: CIO Meeting in Pittsburgh, November 7 & 8, 1936; Julius Hochman, David Dubinsky, Sidney Hillman, John L. Lewis, Philip Murray at Meeting; Matthew Woll talking with press
Box 4 Folder 10
includes: Group Photo of the Pressers Delegation, Boston, Mass., May 1924; David Dubinsky at 1937 Convention; Group Photo in front of Early Convention (no year given); Convention, 1920 - Meyer Sharp, Max Gorenstein, Harry Berlin, John Ryan, Louis Lipshitz, Sam Shenkler, Samuel Perlmutter, Sidney Rothenberg, David Dubinsky; Fannia Cohn, Buffalo, June 10, 1934 on a train with sign "Int'l Ladies Garment Workers Union Convention Special"; Murray, Pressman, David Dubinsky, Hannah, Hillman on Atlantic City Boardwalk; Delegation to 1912 Convention; David Dubinsky speaking at convention; 1937 Convention - David Dubinsky, Antonini, John L. Lewis looking at photo book; Group Photo - Local #3 Sample Workers & Piece Tailors Union; Third Annual convention delegates on rooftop with MW Schoen, Sam Bergman, Benjamin Schlesinger, Herman Grossman, Bernard Braff, Joseph Saylem and James McCauley, among others, 1902
Box 4 Folder 11
includes: David Dubinsky and John L. Lewis at 1937 Convention; Group Photo - Toronto Convention 1912; David Dubinsky at podium; Antonini, David Dubinsky, John Martin, Louis Stark, and Hannah Haskel at a banquet; William Green and Julius Hochman in a crowd scene; Antonini presenting David Dubinsky with Gavel at 1947 Cleveland Convention; Emanuel Nowogrodsky, Exec Secretary, Jewish Workers of Poland with David Dubinsky; Group Photo - Committee on Finance, Law Committee, and Committee on National and International Relations, Golden Jubilee Convention, Atlantic City, NJ May 23 - June 1, 1950; David Dubinsky and President Truman; David Dubinsky speaking to convention; David Dubinsky and LaGuardia at 1940 Convention; David Dubinsky Speaking to Local 10; William Green and David Dubinsky at 1940 Convention; Photo of children; Portrait of David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky with Antonini; Crowd Scene on Atlantic City Boardwalk; Press Conference held prior to the Atlantic City Convention, 1950; William Green shaking hands with David Dubinsky; Group Photo of the 3rd Annual Convention - 1902; Senator and Mrs. Barkley, Antonini, David Dubinsky, Fred Umhey; Concert at Carnegie Hall; Alice Hall and David Dubinsky; Kay Hart of San Antonio, Texas leading Mississippi Delegation in song on Stage at Carnegie Hall, June 1940 Convention; Parade of ILG Convention Delegates at 5th Ave and 16th Street in New York City, 1940; Convention Floor Scene, 1947 Convention, Cleveland
Box 4 Folder 12
Box 4 Folder 13
Box 4 Folder 14
Box 4 Folder 15
Box 4 Folder 16
Box 4 Folder 17
Box 4 Folder 18
Box 4 Folder 19
Box 4 Folder 20
Box 4 Folder 21
Box 4 Folder 22 1937-1943
includes - John L. Lewis; Convention Floor Scene - Convention of 1937 welcoming Chicago Delegates; Group Photos and Crowd Scenes in New York City for 40th Annual Convention
Box 4 Folder 23
Box 5 Folder 1 1944
includes: David Dubinsky surrounded by delegates at 1944 Boston Convention; David Dubinsky with Mayor of Boston; William Doyle, Pres. of Boston AFL speech; Moriarity, Commissioner of Labor, Mass.; Crowd Scene; John L. Lewis walking on Atlantic City Boardwalk
Box 5 Folder 2 1944
Box 5 Folder 3 1950
includes: Atlantic City Boardwalk Parade of Delegates; David Dubinsky Press Conferences; David Dubinsky with Priest; David Dubinsky with Child; Allen Barkley and David Dubinsky; ILG Choir, Group Shot of Convention
Box 5 Folder 4 1950
Box 5 Folder 5 1953
includes: concert shot at Convention; Play at Convention; L. Antonini and David Dubinsky; Pre - convention meeting of Credential Committee - Abe Zierlin - Local 9, Albert Atcovitz - Local 11, Max Silverberg - Local 66; Edward Molisani - Local 48, Isidore Nagler - Chair of Credentials Committee, Helen Wolmer ILGWU Staff; Harry Borenstein - Local 97, and John Giardina - Local 89: May 11, 1953; Convention Shots; David Dubinsky and Antonini; David Dubinsky with various delegates
Box 5 Folder 6
Box 5 Folder 7
Box 5 Folder 8
Box 5 Folder 9
Box 5 Folder 91 1956
includes: two delegates walking on Atlantic City Boardwalk and a Group Shot of Convention Delegates - May 10 - 18 1956
Box 5 Folder 10 1959-1962
includes: Sol Greene, Mabel Fuller, Tom Moyer, Clarence Coggins, Isabel Isaac addressing Convention; Delegates holding a poster "You're Well Dressed with the ILGWU" in front of a Sign welcoming Delegates to the 30th Convention, Miami Beach, Florida; Speeches - Evelyn Dubrow, Mary Cameron, Leo Karesky, Rita Overbeck, Alex Rose; VP Lyndon B. Johnson in Atlantic City, 1962; Sigmund Cerywitz, Hannah Haskel & Layara Jeper, James P. Mitchell, Golla Montaldo, Taby Nahama, Henoch Mendelsund, Shelley Appleton, Matthew Schoenwald, Israel Breslow, Bernard Seaman, Elmer T. Kehrer; Fannia Cohn, Min Matheson, Sol Rosenblatt, Gus Tyler, Murray Gross, Sol Chaikin, Harry Uviller; Walter Reuther at 1962 Convention
Box 5 Folder 11
Box 5 Folder 12
Box 5 Folder 13
Box 5 Folder 14 1965
1965 - includes: David Dubinsky and Antonini at podium; Bernard Shane with David Dubinsky; "Don't Shop at Judy Bond" Shopping Bags to protest that firm - supply at convention; Senator Robert F. Kennedy speaking after unveiling Bust of his Brother, John F. Kennedy; David Dubinsky speech; Constitution Revision Committee Meeting; Jacob Potofsky addressing Convention
Box 5 Folder 15 1968
includes: Antonini, Noto, Stulberg as Antonini is presented with Cross of the Italian Republic from Italian Ambassador Egidio Oronta; Convention Delegate shots; Bayard Rustin made an Honorary Delegate; Stulberg introduces Roy Wilkins, Executive Director of the NAACP; Labor Secretary W. Willard Wirtz on Convention Platform; George Meany giving Keynote address to Convention
Box 5 Folder 16 1968
Box 5 Folder 17 1968
Box 5 Folder 17a 1968
Box 5 Folder 18 1971
includes: David Dubinsky observing proceedings; Louis Stulberg; Jacob Potofsky; George Meany; Senator Henry Jackson; Senator Muskie; Cloak Industry Impartial Chairman Morse, Kovler, Mendelsund and Edelstein walking toward podium; Shots of Delegates on the Convention Floor; Dress Industry Impartial Chair walking toward Convention Platform with Zimmerman, Breslow, Noto and Gross; Various delegates speaking from the Convention Floor; Delegation from Puerto Rico; VP Gingold and Folk Singer Joe Glazer singing; Pres. Stulberg giving keynote address, with Daniels and Molisani at side; Bernard Shane administering Exec. Board Oath of Office
Box 5 Folder 19 1971
Box 5 Folder 20 1971
Box 5 Folder 21 1971
Box 5 Folder 22 1971
Box 6 Folder 1 1974
includes: Morris Bialis as he presents report to convention with Stulberg at his side; Salvadore Noto Speech; Stulberg speech with Molisani and Chaikin on Platform; Stulberg pinning Ted Kennedy's Lapel, Chaikin; George Meany; Molisani; Convention Platform - Joe Morris, Wilbur Daniels, Louis Stulberg, Sol Chaikin, E. Howard Molisani, Si Bresner, Sam Lieberman, William Villano, Maurice Manel, Philip Chmielowiec; Shots of Delegates on the Convention Floor; Dorothy Height addressing the Convention on "The Role of Black Women"; Stulberg speech to the Convention; Pres. Hippolito Marcano of the Puerto Rico Federation of Labor; President Meany speaking with Murray Gross, Israel Breslow, Local 22, Sam Byer, Sol Lipnack, Local 22, Manuel Gonzalez, Local 22, Marie Calera Local 22, Salvatore Noto, Local 89; Stulberg pinning an official Convention Badge on Meany's lapel; Charles Zimmerman; Speeches - Stulberg, Molisani, Meany, Chaikin
Box 6 Folder 2 1974
Box 6 Folder 3 1974
Box 6 Folder 4 1974
Box 6 Folder 5 1974
Box 6 Folder 6 1974
Box 6 Folder 7 1974
Box 6 Folder 8 1974
Box 6 Folder 9
includes: Antonini; Committee photos from the 26th Convention in 1947 (Cleveland): Social and Labor Legislation, Credentials Committee, Organization, Officers Report, Resolutions, Sergeants at Arms, Rules, and Institutions & Benefits, Education, Finances, Jurisdiction; Convention Show, Parade Shot leading into Convention
Box 6 Folder 10
Box 6 Folder 11
includes: Shop Scene - Cutters
Box 6 Folder 12
includes: Coalition for a Minimum Wage drive, Daniels Speech
Box 6 Folder 13
includes: Danish and David Dubinsky; Danish & James Mead - U.S. Senator(NY) 1941; Danish with William Green & "Pictorial Biography" of Green by Danish
Box 6 Folder 14
includes: Danish speaking with David Dubinsky behind; Individual Shot of Danish; Danish with Secretary of War Robert Paterson; Max Danish, Hardman, John Dunn, The Honorable Ralph A. Bard, Lieutenant, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and Aide to the Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, Captain E.P. Forrestal; Danish at work at Justice; Harry Crone and Danish on Atlantic City Boardwalk; David Dubinsky, Danish, Antonini; China - David Dubinsky School; Hannah Henkel, Max Danish in Justice news room
Box 6 Folder 15
Box 6 Folder 16
includes: Eugene Debs at his house, September 30, 1925, Terre Haute, Indiana; Debs at work in his office
Box 6 Folder 17
includes: "The Fight has Just Begun" Political Campaign for D.A., Nov. 2, 1937; Dewey's 90th Birthday, shaking hands with David Dubinsky
Box 6 Folder 18
includes: Dewey with his family and Antonini, Nov. 2, 1937, Hotel Claridge, New York City
Box 6 Folder 19
includes: Employer and Union Price Committee fixing piece rates - examining a garment to make estimate of work involved as a basis for rates; LaGuardia in his office
Box 6 Folder 20
includes: Dedication of NY Dress Institute - David Dubinsky, Julius Hochman, LaGuardia, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt; a shop committee inspecting garment to establish piece rates; shop scenes; David Dubinsky, Natalie Jaeger (model) and Eleanor Roosevelt at Dressmaking Institute; Harry Uviller, Julius Hochman, L. Antonini, Max Cohen, Charles Zimmerman, Isidore Nagler, Harry Wander, Emil Schlesinger during hearings to adjudicate dressmakers' demands; Camilla Livota, Vita Marie Maffei, and Rose Parisi; dress Institute Promotional Photo; Press Conference - Includes: David Dubinsky, Julius Hochman, Eleanor Roosevelt; Sewing of the First New York Creation Union Label at ceremony; Dress Price Settlement Bureau; Signing of Price Settlement Agreement - Includes: Karl Hoffman, Michael Lopez, N. Kirtzman, Howard Bloomfield, Wm. Rosenfeld, Timothy McMahon, Robert Gladnick, Statia Sedlak, Betty Glenn, Albert Katafias, Henry Glaser, Vincent Anselmo
Box 6 Folder 21
Box 6 Folder 22
Box 6 Folder 23
includes: David Dubinsky with NRA; David Dubinsky at his desk; Portraits of David Dubinsky - young and older
Box 6 Folder 24
includes: Dinner photo - Dubinsky, Molisani, Rifici families and Giovannitti; David Dubinsky working 6 at his desk, David Dubinsky at Convention; David Dubinsky at Press Conference U.A.W., 1957; David Dubinsky on ship - G. Harrison - Pres. R.R. clerks, Captain W.A. Thorn - U.S. Navy (USS Antietam), Schnitzler, Vice Admiral E.W. Clexton, David Dubinsky
Box 6 Folder 25
includes: Group Photos; David Dubinsky talking with Jacob Goldfarb, Treasurer, Board of Trustees of Brandeis University and President of Brandeis University Dr. Abram Sachar; David Dubinsky walking in Commencement Procession; David Dubinsky with sculpted head of John F. Kennedy; David Dubinsky with Norman Rabb - Chairman of Board of Trustees, Brandeis University, and Meshulam Riklis, a Fellow of Brandeis University; David Dubinsky speaking with Abraham Harman, Ambassador of Israel to the US and Dr. Sachar, President of Brandeis University; Shots of David Dubinsky in Graduation Gown
Box 6 Folder 26
includes: At a Banquet - John L. Lewis, David Dubinsky and William Green
Box 7 Folder 1
includes: David Dubinsky receiving Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws from Bard College; David Dubinsky at ceremony following his reception of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Human Letters from Temple University, presented by Judge Hastie, Hon. Charles Klein, June 11, 1964; Individual shot of David Dubinsky in Cap and Gown; Photos at Temple University Commencement Reception; Presentation of Degree at Bard College; David Dubinsky presented with scroll from Jewish Labor Committee; David Dubinsky cutting the cake at his 60th Birthday Party; William Green presenting David Dubinsky with award; Antonini speech at David Dubinsky 65th Birthday Luncheon; Brandeis University Graduation Ceremony; Photos from Bard College Ceremony; David Dubinsky with Carl T. Rowan - Director of the US Information Agency and former US Ambassador to Finland, at Temple University
Box 7 Folder 2
Box 7 Folder 3
Box 7 Folder 4
Box 7 Folder 5
includes: Portrait smoking a pipe with newspaper under arm; David Dubinsky when older, smoking a cigar and waving his hat; June 1932 - sitting at desk assuming Office of the President; Group Photos; Portraits and individual photos; David Dubinsky Speech; David Dubinsky at Convention
Box 7 Folder 6
Box 7 Folder 7
includes: Portrait of David Dubinsky from the Union Labor Life Insurance Co.; David Dubinsky on the Phone; Convention shot - David Dubinsky on Platform holding sign "Vote for Labors' Friends"; Individual shots of David Dubinsky; Portraits of David Dubinsky in Cap and Gown; Eleanor Roosevelt and David Dubinsky; Portrait of David Dubinsky - Nov. 15, 1961 in "White House Outfit"; Individual Photo signed by David Dubinsky; Speech by David Dubinsky Christening the SS Charles Zimmerman, Piney Point, MD., March 11, 1969; David Dubinsky with his wife Emma; Photo of David Dubinsky in front of Signed Portrait from Lyndon B. Johnson; Bust of David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky reading on a park bench; David Dubinsky at work at his desk; Dedication of the Lehman Papers - Dec. 10, 1971 at Columbia University: David Dubinsky, Prof. Arthur Lehman Goodhart - Oxford University, Wm. Liebmann - Curator of the Lehman Papers, and Hon. Edward Weinfeld - U.S. District Judge, Southern District of NY; Speech by David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky sleeping at a hearing; David Dubinsky at CARE display, AFL Convention in Cincinnati
Box 7 Folder 8
Box 7 Folder 9
Box 7 Folder 10
Box 7 Folder 11
Box 7 Folder 12
Box 7 Folder 13 1957
includes: David Dubinsky on platform waving to Convention Crowd
Box 7 Folder 14 1957
includes: David Dubinsky speech at Silver Jubilee Convention; Convention Shots; Eleanor Roosevelt Speech; Madison Square Garden (New York City) sign advertising David Dubinsky Speech on ILGWU Progress; Singers performing at Silver Jubilee; Group photo including David Dubinsky; Photo of a bus bearing sign "Philadelphia Congratulates David Dubinsky on his Silver Jubilee"; Mayor Wagner, David Dubinsky's granddaughter and David Dubinsky; Crowd scene; David Dubinsky, Antonini, and George Meany; David Dubinsky, Meany and Eleanor Roosevelt; Contact Sheets; David Dubinsky presented with a clock; David Dubinsky presented with a medal; Mayor Wagner speech
Box 7 Folder 15
Box 7 Folder 16
Box 7 Folder 17
Box 7 Folder 18
Box 7 Folder 19
May 1970; includes: David Dubinsky being presented with award by Governor Rockefeller; David Dubinsky speaking with Rockefeller; Crowd Scene, Convention Photo; Speech by David Dubinsky; Hon. Nelson Rockefeller Speech
Box 7 Folder 20
Box 7 Folder 21
Box 7 Folder 22
includes: David Dubinsky at Columbia University Commencement ceremony; David Dubinsky and Charles Bohlan; Photos of David Dubinsky with others in Cap and Gown
Box 7 Folder 23
Box 7 Folder 24
Box 7 Folder 25
includes: Postcard and photo of David Dubinsky admiring bust of himself
Box 7 Folder 26
includes: David Dubinsky with bust of John F. Kennedy; David Dubinsky and his bust, side by side; Bust of David Dubinsky being made; Photos of other busts of David Dubinsky
Box 7 Folder 27
Box 8 Folder 1
includes: Photos of David Dubinsky in his study with his medals, awards, busts, and portraits (his personal trophy case)
Box 8 Folder 2
includes: Portrait of David Dubinsky as a young man; Group Photo - David Dubinsky in a tree; David Dubinsky with his wife, Emma
Box 8 Folder 3
includes: Portraits of David Dubinsky's family; David Dubinsky at home; David Dubinsky in Passover Seder; Photos from the Dubinsky Family Wedding Album; David Dubinsky cutting cake at 65th Birthday - NY Board Luncheon - Antonini; David Dubinsky with his Granddaughter; Jewish Labor Committee Banquet - David Dubinsky and family; David Dubinsky, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter at Kennedy's Inauguration, Jan 20, 1961, Washington DC; Group Photo - David Dubinsky, wife, Daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter; Photos of David Dubinsky and other family members
Box 8 Folder 4
Box 8 Folder 5
Box 8 Folder 6
Box 8 Folder 7
Box 8 Folder 8
includes: Portrait of James Farley, with handwritten dedication
Box 8 Folder 9
includes: David Dubinsky with Minister Philip Kaiser, Deputy Chief of Mission, at the American Embassy in London; David Dubinsky in front of the American Embassy in London with Ed McHale; David Dubinsky with Dora Gaitskill, widow of Hugh Gaitskill; Minister Philip Kaiser, Lord Walter Citrine, David Dubinsky, Archie Gordon, Tom Byrne (U.S. Labor Attache) and John Newton
Box 8 Folder 10
includes: need help - written in Italian
Box 8 Folder 11
includes: Shop Scene - David Dubinsky shows U.S. Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell how to cut fabric; Shop scene - David Dubinsky cutting
Box 8 Folder 12
includes: David Dubinsky in Shop Scene in Buenos Aires on a Good Will Mission; Shop Scenes in Los Angeles - Ian West, Fannie Borax, Otto, Mitchell, David Dubinsky; Shop scene - presser; Visit to Barbizon plant at Paterson, New Jersey, 1948; David Dubinsky and Lou Tabak; David Dubinsky and Labor Secretary Mitchell with Lou Tabak Models; Speech by David Dubinsky to workers
Box 8 Folder 13
Box 8 Folder 14
Box 8 Folder 15
includes: David Dubinsky and Julius Hochman speeches to press; March 21, 1951 - newspaper reporters interview David Dubinsky after he presented brief to United Nations Human Rights Commission detailing acts of national genocide practiced in Soviet and satellite lands against Jews and other minority groups
Box 8 Folder 16
includes: David Dubinsky speaking, present are: Julius Hochman, LaGuardia, Judge Jacob Panken, and Antonini; individual shots and portraits of David Dubinsky; Postcard of Sculpture dedicated to David Dubinsky
Box 8 Folder 17
Box 8 Folder 18
Box 8 Folder 19
Box 8 Folder 20
includes: David Dubinsky with President Zalman Shazar; David Dubinsky with Prime Minister Levy Eshkol and Treasurer of the Histadrut - Yehoshua Levy; David Dubinsky with Golda Meir; David Dubinsky visiting Afro-Asian Institute; David Dubinsky in Wear Factory "Lahav"; David Stadium, a stadium dedicated to David Dubinsky in Haifa, Israel; Shop Scene in Israel Garment Factory
Box 8 Folder 21
Box 8 Folder 22
includes: photos of David Dubinsky at banquet; individual photos of David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky in Temple (Jewish); David Dubinsky with Rabbi
Box 8 Folder 23
includes: Photos of David Dubinsky preparing for White House dinner; David Dubinsky at White House - Potofsky and others present; David Dubinsky testifying before a House Labor Subcommittee in response to charges of racial discrimination in the ILGWU; David Dubinsky and wife before White House dinner
Box 8 Folder 24
includes: speech by Dubrow; Dubrow speaking before a committee; Dubrow with a man
Box 8 Folder 25
includes: small demonstration with placards - "Look, Our Eyes are Open. Want the Union"; Harry Wander presenting David Dubinsky with a check for child adoption, November 5, 1948; Connors - Chairman of Cerebral Palsy; Putterman - Chair Board of Directors CP, Nick Pimpinelli - Chairman Local 130, Sam Gross Chair Entertainment Committee Local 130, and Resigno - Chairman Welfare Committee Local 130: standing in front of billboard trying to entice people to give to Cerebral Palsy; Teamster bodyguard restrained from attacking an ILGWU picketer; Local 220 Christmas party; strike turned to violence, with police intervention
Box 8 Folder 26
Box 8 Folder 27
includes: David Dubinsky at Ground breaking ceremony for the East River Housing Corporation; $20,000,000 Mortgage Loan press conference - September 26, 1956; Art class painting, after 1956
Box 8 Folder 28
includes: Local 91 English class for Spanish speaking workers; Speech by David Dubinsky discussing workers education at luncheon of students and teachers, April 10, 1937; women speaking to a classroom of women; Education Department visit to Radio City, Feb. 2, 1935; David Dubinsky, Dr. Drees, and Mark Starr Educational Director; Group Photo - Local 89 Basketball Team; Union hall during lunch - men playing chess; Educational Department field trip, preparing to leave for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1935; Visit to Museum of Science and Industry - NYC; English class to Spanish speaking workers; Classroom photos; At exhibit - Local 25 shows social dancing; Julius Hochman speaking to a class
Box 8 Folder 29
Box 9 Folder 1
includes: Nancy Adams, British Trade union congress officer and Pauline Newman reading book on David Dubinsky; University of Wisconsin Summer School for Workers, 1955; Zimmerman handing books to women in uniforms; meeting of Educational Committee; Siems speech at rally; Local 22 meeting; Starr with visiting Yugoslav delegation at meeting; Larry Rogan speaking to a class; classroom scenes; June 1958 Art Exhibit; David Dubinsky and LaGuardia; Educational Department visit to Museum of Science and Industry - NYC; Class in Trade Unionism - Current Events; Local 91 Art Class; Dr. Berio addressing delegates at a seminar; Educational Department visit to Museum of Natural History; Women at "School for Workers" at University of Wisconsin; Fashion Art class; Art classes in sculpting and painting; Art exhibit - Julius Hochman receiving a bust of himself; exhibit of plastic buttons at Cooper Union, NYC; Dress designing class; Musical revue benefit concert; International telegraphic bowling contest - scores reported to LA Joint Board; Upholstery class; Broodus Mitchell speech at Local 22 Educational Conference; Local 22 cast members of Pins and Needles present Manager Immerman with books for Local's library; Kansas City Joint Board Childrens' Dance Recital; Mandolin Orchestra, 1934; Lecture by Lew Hacker Dean of General Studies at Columbia University, and Fannia Cohn; Gomberg talking to French Delegation; speech by Julius Hochman; Miss ILGWU Contest; Southern Educational Conference Bathing Beauties, 1952; Maida Springer Kemp and guests; Mark Starr with Japanese industrialists; ILGWU display in France; Mark Starr and R. Lann, President of the Transportation Workers of Holland; "Learn To Vote" display to educate workers as to their voting privileges and those procedures; Boston Children's Choir
Box 9 Folder 2
Box 9 Folder 3
Box 9 Folder 4
Box 9 Folder 5
Box 9 Folder 6
Box 9 Folder 7
Box 9 Folder 8
Box 9 Folder 9
Box 9 Folder 10
Box 9 Folder 11
includes: Fannia Cohn signing document; Adlai Stevenson speech; Local 89 Baseball Team; Local 149 Baseball team (1936); Local 160 Men and Women Basketball Teams (1936-37); Local 152 Boys and Girls Basketball Teams (1937); Local 10 Basketball team with trophy
Box 9 Folder 12
Box 9 Folder 13
includes: Group photos of Local basketball (men and women) teams and men's baseball and soccer teams; action photo of man sliding into home in a baseball game, soccer game in progress; Local 105 Dance; men and women playing tennis; men playing basketball; Spring Festival - Spanish section; men playing checkers; men playing poker; women swimmers; men and women bowling; women doing gymnastics and aerobics; men climbing a rope; Jerome Richard - Boxer; men and women roller-skating
Box 9 Folder 14
Box 9 Folder 15
Box 9 Folder 16
Box 9 Folder 17
Box 9 Folder 18
Box 9 Folder 19
Box 9 Folder 20
Box 9 Folder 21
Box 9 Folder 22
includes: Local 60 Educational Meeting, Harlem, NY, April 1934; Local 145 Class in Trade Unionism, Passaic, NJ, Jan. 21, 1935; Speech by Eleanor Roosevelt, Rose Pesotta present; Educational Meeting, Corona, Long Island, Feb. 5, 1935; Poster: "Our Union Pioneers Bringing Education, Recreation, Art and Medical Science to the Service of Labor"; Local 161 Chorus, Paterson, NJ; Local 62 Class in Labor Problems, Feb. 11, 1935; Local 144 Class in Trade Unionism, Newark, NJ, January, 1935; Mandolin Orchestra, Local 148, Union City, NJ, September 1934; Local 126 Hammonton NJ celebrating victory presenting the play "All for One" Oct. 27, 1934, "In Union there is Strength" New York, January 1935 by ILGWU Players, theatrical performance
Box 10 Folder 1
includes: Local 32 - meetings; Spanish Dancers Emily Florez and Jose Lopez, Kansas City, Missouri, 1953; Local 91 Educational Meeting; Local 143 Educational Meeting, Yonkers, NY; Kansas City Joint Board Children's Dance Recital, doing "Walking in the Rain"; Art Exhibit, Kansas City, MO; School for Workers, University of Wisconsin, Summer of 1967; 1951 Art Class, Kansas City, MO
Box 10 Folder 2
includes: Group Photo - Local 161, Paterson, NJ, Celebrating Beginning of the Educational Season, Feb. 15, 1935; Local 91, NYC. Class in Social Interpretation of Literature; Educational Department visit to Museum of Natural History, NYC., Jan 26, 1935; Local 143, Mt. Vernon, NY, Jan. 22, 1935, Class in Trade Unionism; Child Performance - "From Tots to Teens"; Group Photo of Educational Dept. in front of Radio City; Chorus of Bridgeport, Conn.
Box 10 Folder 3
includes: David Dubinsky, Fania Cohn and others celebrating; Japanese visitors viewing mural depicting history of the ILGWU; Class in the History of the American Labor Movement; Local 142 Booth at St. Louis Union Label Exposition; C. Zimmerman accepting painting of worker at sewing machine; Choir singing at banquet; At London School - Mayor Wagner, David Dubinsky; Julius Hochman speaking to a French Women's Study Group of Workers on Industry and Commerce; Button exhibit at Cooper Union; Harry Uviller speaking to a committee; at Needle Trade High School, speech to class by Principal Mortimer C. Ritter; Group Photo - Children from Israel; Mark Starr, hosting Mr. Masami Aizawa, Director of the Obihiro Citizen's Public Hall, and Mrs. Asa Tokunaga, President of the PTA Federation in Yokosuka, Japan; Min Lurye speaks to Officer Qualification class; College Summer Service Groups looking at Financial statement that had just recently been made public; Mark - Starr and Gus Tyler speech to NE Dept. Educational Conference - Dec. 13, 1957; Local 38 Meeting; Parade for President Lyndon B. Johnson; Banquet entertainment; Local 62 Chorus; Banquet photos; Milwaukee members boating on Lake Mendota; May 1960 - Andy Kline, President of Local 93, preparing the Reading Dancers for their routine for the 1960 ILG Benefit Show; Cocktail party at the Statler Hotel in St. Louis introducing the new Union Label to St. Louis retailers
Box 10 Folder 4
Box 10 Folder 5
Box 10 Folder 6
includes: Group Photo including Julius Hochman and Albert Einstein; Vladeck, Einstein and David Dubinsky
Box 10 Folder 7
includes: Group Photo at White House Press Conference - James Mitchell, George Harrison, James Carey, David Dubinsky, David McDonald, President Eisenhower, George Meany, Walter Reuther, Harry Bates and William Schnitzler; David Dubinsky standing next to Eisenhower, Meany, Potofsky, Schnitzler, Mitchell present; Portrait of Eisenhower
Box 10 Folder 8
includes: Waist and Dress Industry Workers voting on agreement - Women Voting in August, 1913
Box 10 Folder 9
includes: men and women voting at Union Hall; David Dubinsky Voting in 1953 election; Vote to end Garment Strike - Feb. 21, 1923
Box 10 Folder 10
includes: Portraits of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter
Box 10 Folder 11
includes: Erlich and Alter Meeting and Memorial Dedication by Jewish Labor Committee - David Dubinsky, William Green, George Meany; 1966 Press Conference on their behalf called upon the Soviet government to release all the facts concerning the tragedy
Box 10 Folder 11a
Box 10 Folder 12
includes: Western Pennsylvania District Council women marching for equal rights for women
Box 10 Folder 13
includes: demonstration with placards - hotel workers supporting Grape Workers struggle; Minimum wage Demonstrators lined up in front of buses ready to picket; at League for Industrial Democracy Press Conference - Ceasar Chavez, Charles Zimmerman; Individual shot of Chavez
Box 10 Folder 14
includes: Meeting regarding David Dubinsky Student Center - David Dubinsky, Zimmerman; Ground Breaking Ceremony - F.I.T. - David Dubinsky Student Center, April 21, 1969 - Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton, David Dubinsky, Louis Stulberg, Mayor John Lindsay and Chair of the Fashion Institute of Technology David Zelinka present; David Dubinsky looking at model of the David Dubinsky Student Center with Henoch Mendelsund of NY Cloak Joint Board, President of Lord and Taylor Melvin Dawley, and Head of Jonathan Logan Inc. David Schwartz; Speech by David Dubinsky at the David Dubinsky Student Center; Photo of David Dubinsky in front of the David Dubinsky Student Center, with Sol Chaikin speaking with a woman
Box 10 Folder 15
includes: "Members of 'Union Within the Union' Picketing in front of the ILGWU" with signs protesting Anti-Union activity; Federation of Union Representatives marching in 1961 Labor Day Parade; David Dubinsky speaking with Federation of Union Representatives tossing bundles of anti-ILGWU leaflets out of a nearby building covering David Dubinsky and reporters
Box 10 Folder 16
includes: October 21, 1946 - Farewell Luncheon to Feinberg - Frederick Umhey, Matthew Woll, David Dubinsky, and Israel Feinberg
Box 10 Folder 17
includes: Memorial service for workers who perished in the Monarch Undergarment Fire, March 19, 1958/Proposed initiation of Shop Fire Wardens to work with NY Fire Department to insure safety through fire prevention; ILGWU Fire Wardens marching in Parade with New York Fire Department; David Dubinsky receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Edward Thompson, New York City Fire Chief in honor of the ILGWU Fire Warden Program; NYC Fire Commissioner Edward Cavanagh conversing with Josephine Nicolosi - Triangle Fire (1911) Survivor, and Carmen Torres - Monarch Fire Survivor in City Council Chambers, also present is Leon Stein, editor of JUSTICE
Box 10 Folder 18
Box 10 Folder 18a
Box 10 Folder 19
includes: Ribbon Cutting at Russ Togs; Shop scene including Meany and David Dubinsky; Signing of Majestic Agreement, February 13, 1962; Speech by David Dubinsky at banquet, Eleanor Roosevelt on Dais; David Dubinsky speaking to a group of people; David Marmolstern Tribute Luncheon - included are David Dubinsky and Julius Hochman; Women walking across a street in "Chain Gang" form, with prison fatigues and connected by a chain; Signing of an agreement at City Hall - Mayor Wagner and David Dubinsky present; David Dubinsky in shop scene; Little League Baseball Player protesting imported Baseball equipment with a sign "Baseball. The Great Un-American Game"; Opening of Barbizon Corporation Plant in Patterson, NJ - David Dubinsky in shop scene at the cutter
Box 10 Folder 20
Box 10 Folder 21
includes: Dress Piece Rate Conference in Miami for the benefit of Locals 415 and 475; Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz shaking hands with David Dubinsky in Miami Beach, March 1, 1966; Car with two signs - Picture of the Union Label and "Merry Christmas ILGWU Local 570, Sanford, Florida".
Box 10 Folder 22
includes: Group Photos including David Dubinsky and Antonini in Rome; Shop Scene - 1980, Banako, Mali; David Dubinsky, Matthew Woll and their Wives leaving Queen Elizabeth; David Dubinsky, Meany, Green and George Harrison heading for London for a meeting by way of ship; three U.S. Delegates at the London Labour Conference - November 28, 1949 - Meany, Green, Woll; Dubinsky presentation of $100000 loan to Dutch Workers
Box 10 Folder 23
includes: George Meany and David Dubinsky autographing Meany's speech in Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 12-14, 1956; Speech by Meany at Sao Paulo, Brazil - 1956; Meany, Minister Richard Porter Buttrick, Consul General, David Dubinsky; Meany, Romualdi, Cavalcanti, Fava, and David Dubinsky present at luncheon where Meany's lapel is pinned by the President of the Food Workers Federation; Buenos Aires Press Conference - Meany and Romualdi present; David Dubinsky, Meany, Knight and Romualdi boarding plane leaving Brazil; Argentine Trade Unionists meeting; 1956 - David Dubinsky on Good Will Mission to Buenos Aires - Shop Scene, 1956; David Dubinsky Speech to Sao Paulo Labor Leaders. Forward - includes: David Dubinsky speaking at the 60th Anniversary of the Jewish Daily Forward Banquet; Photo of the Jewish Daily Forward Building. Gaitshell, Hugh - includes: 55th Jubilee Workmens' Circle, Carnegie Hall, May 20, 1956 - Gaitshell in many group photos, including David Dubinsky, Potofsky, Louis Munoz Marin, Antonini, Hochman; David Dubinsky and wife. General Executive Board - selected - includes: Executive Board Group Photo - 1965; 1971 Pre-convention Meeting: Louis Stulberg, Howard Molisani, JUSTICE Editor Leon Stein and Managing Editor Meyer Miller; Group Photo - General Executive Board 1947-1950; Group Photo - General Executive Board 1940-1942; General Executive Board 1934-1937 at a rally welcoming them. General Executive Board (see also: Bx. 49 ff 15) - includes: Group Photo - General Executive Board 1947-1950; General Exec. Board Meeting, March 1955; Stulberg welcoming Wilbur Daniels to the GEB, Molisani and Mendelsund present; GEB Meeting at Unity House included: James Lipsig, Edward Kramer, William Ross, Shelley Appleton, Samuel Otto, Luigi Antonini, Fred Siems, David Dubinsky, Matthew Schoenwald, Stulberg, Bernard Shane, Sol C. Chaikin, Lillian Weinberger, David Gingold, Gus Tyler, Angela Bombace, Murray Gross, Wilbur Daniels, Israel Breslow, Charles Zimmerman, Louis Nelson, Henoch Mendelsund, Howard Molisani, Philip Kramer, Moe Falikman, Sam Janis, Alberto Sanchez, Morris Bialis and Martin Morand; NY members of the General Executive Board 1909: Harry Kleinman, Sol Polakoff, B. Fris Lurasser, John A. Dyche, Abraham Rosenberg, Sam Shindler, and Julius Wolf; Meeting of the GEB marking the completion of Stulberg's first year as President.
Box 10 Folder 24
Box 11 Folder 1
includes: International Headquarters - 1710 Broadway, New York City
Box 11 Folder 1a
includes: Portrait of Gingold
Box 11 Folder 1b
Box 11 Folder 2
includes: Goldberg and David Dubinsky walking on Atlantic City Boardwalk; David Dubinsky and Goldberg talking; May 1961, Atlantic City, Presentation to Goldberg an inscribed resolution commending his work and achievements; speech by Goldberg; Goldberg, David Dubinsky at Unity House, 1961; Goldberg arrival at Unity House, 1961, greeted by David Dubinsky
Box 11 Folder 2a
Box 11 Folder 3
includes: Gompers posing on Atlantic City Boardwalk, 1924; The meeting at which the strike was declared - Samuel Gompers speech to three thousand shirtwaist makers in the Cooper Union, New York, November 22, 1909
Box 11 Folder 3a
Box 11 Folder 4
includes: Green speaking with David Dubinsky; Green in David Dubinsky's office; Green and David Dubinsky at podium; Green Testimonial Dinner - August 8, 1940; David Dubinsky speech at Green's Testimonial Dinner; Portrait near time of death; Portrait of Green prior to his reign as President of the AF of L; Green presenting Julius Hochman with a menorah; David Dubinsky, Bevin and Green at London Conference, November 1949
Box 11 Folder 5
Box 11 Folder 6
includes: Charles Zimmerman and Sol Green with a bandage on his head, February, 1959
Box 11 Folder 7
includes: Group Photo including David Dubinsky, Hochman, Antonini; Cloak, SK., Reefer Makers Union 1921-22, Information Committee; other posed group photos
Box 11 Folder 8
includes: Banquet scene including David Dubinsky; Morris Hillquit addressing the 1918 Convention - President Schlesinger, Secretary Baroff and members of the General Executive Board on platform; Group Photo, 1918 of "General Officers, Members of the General Executive Board, and Friends of Our Union"; David Dubinsky, Grossman, Sigman, and Harry Wander taking a boat trip circa 1924; Circa 1930 - at City Hall, New York City - Lieutenant Governor Lehman, acting Mayor McKee, H. Wander, L. Antonini, David Dubinsky, W. Blum, B. Schlesinger, J. Breslau, R. Ingersoll, J. Hochman, I. Nagler, Sam Perlmuster, I Spillman
Box 11 Folder 9
includes: Board of Officials Cloak Makers Union; Board of Trustees Retirement Fund, October 16, 1965, Hotel Astor, includes David Dubinsky, Antonini, Chaikin
Box 11 Folder 10
includes: Chaikin, Zimmerman and David Dubinsky with bust of David Dubinsky; Thirty-first Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1962; Sadie Reisch and Mary Goff Schuster at a demonstration; photo from the 1965 Convention; Photos from Chicago Building Dedication; General Executive Board Meeting, 1955; Meeting in Houston, Texas, Sept. 1950; Group Shot - George Price, Louis Stern, Charles Zimmerman, Dr. Lewis Miller, Isidore Nagler, Dr. Philip Hillkowitz, Morris Feinstone, Philip Kapp, Joseph Belsky, Jacob Miller, Joseph Schlossberg, Gustave Strebel, Pauline Newman, Adolph Germer, Abraham Snyder, Samuel Rosenthal, Harry Begoon, Rose Ash, E.M. Rokofsky, Charles Miller; David Dubinsky and Min Matheson, 1972; Photo of Minority Women; Passing of the Gavel from David Dubinsky to Stulberg
Box 11 Folder 11
Box 11 Folder 12
Box 11 Folder 13
Box 11 Folder 14
includes: General Executive Board, 1902; Banquet Photo - November 4, 1934; other posed group photos; Group Photo including David Dubinsky, Bernard Shane; Kreindler, Angela Bambace, David Dubinsky, Hannah Haskel; 1940 Convention Delegates
Box 11 Folder 14a
Box 11 Folder 15
includes: General Executive Board; 1973 meeting - Stulberg Speech; Chaikin at Convention; GEB voting to endorse McGovern - Shiver Ticket, August, 1972; Officers - VP Edward Schneider, Gen Sec'y/Treasurer Sol Chaikin, Stulberg, Exec VP Wilbur Daniels, and VP Sol Greene; David Dubinsky and Stulberg talking at installation ceremony; W. Daniels and Chaikin next to David Dubinsky; Group at White House; David Dubinsky and staff at meeting, 1947-1950: Kreindler, Kramer, Levy, Perlstein, Stulberg, Bialis, Rubin, Matyas, Zimmerman, H. Haskel Kreindler, Hochman, Feinberg, Umhey, David Dubinsky, Antonini, Danish, Breslaw, Noto, Nagler, Cohen, Wander, Otto, Martin, Molisani, Gingold, Greenberg and Kaplan; David Dubinsky's 65th Birthday Luncheon; 1915 - Seven Union Leaders indicted for murder - Metz, Sigman, Woolf, Wedinger, Auspitz, Stupnicker, and Singer; David Dubinsky Hochman and Antonini; General Executive Board, Miami 1959; Antonini marching in a parade; Banquet Scenes; 1957 Document Signing; Staff Meeting Midwest Department - B. 11 Holton, A. Vance, B. Perry, M. Wirth, VP Levin, VP Bialis, H. Schwartz, L. Wichert, Z. Young, J. Goldberg, J. Montenegro, C. Stark, J. Justin, E. McMenamin, J. Ramsky, W. Kohlhoff, M. Flack, D. Kret - Feb. 13-14, 1969; David Dubinsky, Zimmerman and Stulberg; David Dubinsky, Antonini and Bialis
Box 11 Folder 16
Box 11 Folder 17
Box 11 Folder 18
includes: David Dubinsky running a GEB meeting; Hochman, David Dubinsky and Antonini; Early Exec Board Photo; Local 3 Executive Board, Cloak Tailors and Sample Makers, 1912; Nagler's 50th Birthday Banquet; Composite Picture of the 1924-25 General Executive Board; Newspaper Article - "Men Put On Trial On Murder Charge as Result of Garment Workers' Strike
Box 11 Folder 19
Box 11 Folder 20
includes: Portrait of Grossman, circa 1900
Box 11 Folder 21
includes: Demonstration with Placards, and American Flag and a Cross with Doves; 3 men resting, one holding a placard "We Pray and We Care, SEMG Union Members, United Furniture Workers Union, Local 188; Girl Holding American Flag, Banner behind her reads, "Eugene Hampton Died for the Union".
Box 12 Folder 1
includes: Speeches at memorial service; Memorial parade for E. Hampton
Box 12 Folder 2
includes: Portrait of Hampton
Box 12 Folder 3
includes: Photos of Hampton in High School; Portrait in Basketball Uniform; Photos of family and friends mourning Hampton's death; Site of Hampton's death, with a rose to mark the spot
Box 12 Folder 4
includes: Shop Scenes - Union members threading a needle, Pressing a garment, and cutting a notch
Box 12 Folder 5
includes: Shop scenes; Contact Sheets; photos of people working (specifically closeups of their hands) - cutting, sewing buttons, pressing
Box 12 Folder 6
Box 12 Folder 7
Box 12 Folder 8
Box 12 Folder 9
includes: photo of a woman worker at a sewing machine working
Box 12 Folder 10
includes: Shop scenes, focusing on hands of workers as they work
Box 12 Folder 11
Box 12 Folder 12
includes: Photo of Harriman and David Dubinsky talking; Chaikin at Silver Jubilee, 1982
Box 12 Folder 13
includes: Speech by Harriman, Robert Kennedy present; 1956 Dinner at the Liberal Party; David Dubinsky and Harriman at Kennedy's Inaugural Ball, Jan. 20, 1961; 1955, State AFL-CIO Convention, at reception - David Dubinsky, Harriman
Box 12 Folder 14
includes: David Dubinsky and Haskel at David Dubinsky's office working
Box 12 Folder 15
includes: At banquet, David Dubinsky presenting Haskel with plaque, Antonini also present; other banquet scenes
Box 12 Folder 16
includes: Eleanor Roosevelt and Luigi Antonini in hospital with a girl in a wheelchair, presenting a check; Workers on line to receive strike benefit checks
Box 12 Folder 17
includes: Jewish Labor Committee, including Pearl Halpern; Antonini presenting the annual contribution to the March of Dimes; Mother receiving maternity benefits from Antonini and Hochman; Dressmakers eligible for retirement being interviewed; Vaccinations and flu shots; Meeting of the Eastern Region Retirement Executive Committee; Group Photo - Welfare Committee; Salvation Army truck with "ILGWU Flood Relief Program" sign, people handing clothing to the Salvation Army Truck; ILG Giving a $120,000 check to Pinchus Lavou, presenting are David Dubinsky, Antonini and Zimmerman; Scholarship Conference; Molisani presenting checks to two retired members; Red Cross Bold Bank - Local 60 Members giving blood to Korean Vets; David Dubinsky Presenting checks to retiring members - George Rubin, Hyman Weinstein, David Silverstein, Jacob Philips, Joseph Brown and David Lebrow; Local 48 Members receiving Retirement Checks; David Dubinsky and Charles Kreindler presenting retirement check to Anna Incrocci, an 87 year old woman who was involved in the General Strike in 1910; Woman receiving welfare benefits at a barred window; Karen James, Regional Coordinator for the Health and Retirement Fund, ready to travel in her plane to Kansas City; Photo of "Health, Vacation, Retirements, Sick Benefits" Window; Check presented to a polio stricken girl for the March of Dimes; Coat drive for underprivileged kids; Scout troop; Retirees receiving checks; Local 10 Blood Drive - photo of Joseph Posner on table giving blood; David Dubinsky presenting a check to Walter Barber, Chairman of the Red Cross; Eleanor Roosevelt on her way to City of Hope, greeted by Louis Levy; Presentation of check to Chicago Community Fund - includes CC Murphy, Harry Messer, Sol Flack, Fred Salomon, Morris Bialis, and Sam Eisenberg, Wife of a cutter in bed with newly born triplets; Group of children of Union members; Group Photo - women about to collect money for the fight against cancer; David Dubinsky presenting a check to Memorial Center to construct a dental clinic; Masquerade and Costume Ball of the San Francisco Joint Board, 1938, San Francisco; Local 105 donation of 3 sewing machines to the James Weldon Johnson Community Center; Presentation of a plaque to Frederick Umhey by a young girl with Polio; Women holding ILGWU Defense Stamp Booklets; Shop scene - umbrella manufacturer; 1956 Hungarian Food Relief project; Donation of an "Iron Lung" to an Emergency Rescue Unit in South River
Box 12 Folder 18
Box 12 Folder 19
Box 12 Folder 20
Box 12 Folder 21
Box 12 Folder 22
Box 12 Folder 23
Box 12 Folder 24
Box 12 Folder 25
includes: Sidney Hillman and David Dubinsky walking away from ship
Box 12 Folder 26
includes: includes: Hillman, David Dubinsky and Potofsky resting on Chaise Lounges in Atlantic City, NJ, 1937; David Dubinsky and Hillman talking; David Dubinsky and Hillman walking away from ship
Box 12 Folder 27
includes: Portrait of Hillquit
Box 12 Folder 28
Box 12 Folder 29
includes: Histadrut Humanitarian Award Dinner in honor of Presidents David Dubinsky and Jacob Potofsky, June 23, 1959, Waldorf - Astoria Hotel, NYC - presentation of Plaques to David Dubinsky and Potofsky
Box 12 Folder 30
includes: Julius Hochman and Albert Einstein in a crowd; Hochman at his desk in a meeting; New York Press Agreement signing - Mayor LaGuardia and Annie Rosenberg at City Hall; George Meany, David Dubinsky, Antonini and Hochman; Portrait of Hochman sitting at his desk
Box 13 Folder 1
includes: Hochman as a Labor ORT Delegate at the World OR Union Congress, London, October 1960; Pittston Dress Strike Meeting, 1958; Hochman Speech; Dinner affair; Nigerian Art Exhibit; Hochman signing S. Walter Thompson Agreement; Pins and Needles show; Hochman at NYC City Hall for Agreement signing; Hochman speech to small banquet; Portrait of Hochman at his desk; Gerald Hochman on a Pony; Hochman at beach celebrating with friends; Portraits of Hochman - young and older; Portrait of Margaret Gould; Hochman on a fishing trip; Hochman with Senator Robert F. Wagner Sr.; Hochman dictating to his secretary; Hochman at banquet, seated between David Dubinsky and Antonini; Hochman with his son; Hochman in front of an ORT informational display
Box 13 Folder 2
Box 13 Folder 3
Box 13 Folder 4
Box 13 Folder 5
Box 13 Folder 5a 1970
includes: centerfold April 1-15, 1970 - OBIT Selected
Box 13 Folder 6
includes: Hochman speech, Eleanor Roosevelt present; Hochman at picket in front of Lori Dress Co., Inc., March 20, 1958; Newspaper highlighting Hochman's career with the union
Box 13 Folder 7
includes: Woman carrying bundles of cloth on her head; small children working on garments; mother and son working on garments at home; entire families working on projects
Box 13 Folder 8
includes: Child carrying home work, New York City, circa 1910; woman carrying bundled on her shoulder; three generations of a family working together on garments; women making artificial flowers at home, New York City, circa 1935; sketch of men and women carrying bundles on their backs; Italian women and family sewing by hand; men, women and girl sewing by hand at home
Box 13 Folder 9
Box 13 Folder 10
includes: Presentation to Hopkins by David Dubinsky, September 6, 1945
Box 13 Folder 11
includes: David Dubinsky and Harry Hopkins
Box 13 Folder 12
includes: David Dubinsky and Jacob Potofsky at United Housing Foundation display; Speech at the ILGWU - IBEC Housing Project "Santiago Iglesias", Puerto Rico, 1957
Box 13 Folder 13
includes: photos from Puerto Rico ILGWU Housing project - speeches by Stulberg, David Dubinsky, Hispolito Marcano; Ground breaking ceremony
Box 13 Folder 14
includes: Dedication of ILGWU CO-OP housing New York City; speech by John F. Kennedy, 1962; speech by Mayor Wagner; Aerial photo of CO-OP housing
Box 13 Folder 15
includes: CO-OP Ground breaking ceremony; Speech by David Dubinsky; Eleanor Roosevelt talking with John F. Kennedy in front of CO-OP housing; Kennedy and David Dubinsky shaking hands and talking; Group photo of dedication ceremony; Photo of Kennedy, David Dubinsky, Mayor Wagner of New York City, and George Meany; Kennedy speech
Box 13 Folder 16
Box 13 Folder 17
includes: Hubert Humphrey at Labor Day parade; Humphrey and wife with David Dubinsky; individual shot of Humphrey wearing a Local 23 pin
Box 13 Folder 18
includes: Portrait of Hubert Humphrey; ILGWU Humphrey supporters demonstrations with Placards; Speech by Humphrey; Humphrey with David Dubinsky; Humphrey pinned by David Dubinsky; Humphrey shaking hands with David Dubinsky, wife watching; Humphrey walking in Labor Day Parade, with him are Harry Van Arsdale Jr, Louis Stulberg, George Meany; Representative Emanuel and Humphrey speaking; VP Humphrey and wife greeted at Logan Airport (Boston) by Senator Edward Kennedy and wife; Former President Harry S. Truman speaking with Senator Muskie and VP Hubert Humphrey; Crowd scene - Humphrey and general public in Allentown, PA; President-elect Nixon greets Sen. Muskie and VP Humphrey in Miami, Fla.; Humphrey at a strike in Raleigh, North Carolina; Humphrey speech in New York City; Humphrey talking with Chaikin; Humphrey standing in moving Cadillac convertible; Humphrey shaking hands with Robert F. Kennedy; Photo of David Dubinsky, Humphrey and Humphrey's wife, signed by Hubert Humphrey; Stulberg presenting Humphrey with wooden box; individual shot of Humphrey speaking
Box 13 Folder 19
Box 13 Folder 20
Box 13 Folder 21
Box 13 Folder 22
Box 13 Folder 23
Box 13 Folder 24
Box 13 Folder 25
includes: 1940 Madison Square Garden pageant - David Dubinsky, LaGuardia, Antonini; photo of performers in "I Hear America Singing"
Box 14 Folder 1
includes: immigrants arriving in US. (Lewis W. Hine)
Box 14 Folder 1a
Box 14 Folder 2
includes: Demonstration with Placards to limit imports, includes - ILGWU, ACTWU; Small demonstrations with Placards in Illinois
Box 14 Folder 3
includes: contact sheets for rallies against imports
Box 14 Folder 4
Box 14 Folder 4a
Box 14 Folder 5
includes: Speech by Beverly Reed; Local 452 (sasser, Ill., demonstration against imports; Members of Locals 155 and 23-25 meeting with NY Congressman William Green to support Import Rollback legislation; ILGWU Choir performing at demonstration against imports
Box 14 Folder 6
includes: Portraits of Mrs. Methrick Lawrence and James H. Maurer
Box 14 Folder 7
includes: fight on the picket line, circa 1920
Box 14 Folder 8
includes: December 14, 1926, Police clear out ILG Headquarters after fighting on the street; trouble outside Madison Garden, December 18, 1926
Box 14 Folder 9
includes: Delegates to the Second World Congress of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions: Milan Mayor Ferrari, David Dubinsky, Antonini, Giulio Pastore - General Secretary of the Italian Confederation of Labor; Bernard Shane and Wife, Goldberg and Wife, Grassi and Gianfranchi; Shane and Harry Goldberg; Bernard Shane meeting with Giovanni Canini; David Dubinsky, J. Oldenboek and Sir Vincent Tewson; Harry Friedman, Danny Bell, David Dubinsky, Jacob Potofsky, Stan Levy (New York Times); Antonini meeting with Frank Bellanca of the ACWU; William C. Doherty, Antonini, Harry Bates, and Irving Brown at the Second World Congress of the ICFTU in Milan, Italy, circa 1951; Antonini with the President of Italy; David Dubinsky with Korean Delegation at the ICFTU Conference in Milan; David Dubinsky with Indian Delegation at the ICFTU Conference in Milan; Antonini, Lovestone and David Dubinsky meeting; Matthew Woll speech; Indian Delegation preparing to address the Conference; Meany and David Dubinsky with their wives; Preparing to leave for the 1955 convention by ship - David Dubinsky with Meany and both wives holds a video camera; David Dubinsky at luncheon for Finnish Trade Unionists - David Dubinsky, Matthew Woll, Aku Sumu, Vihtori Rantanen, Valdemar Liljestrom, Juho Kivisto; Chong NoKu, member of Korea Labor Union, Representative to the Inauguration Meeting of the Federation of the World Free Trade Labor Unions with David Dubinsky in his office; Crowd Scene - Black men, women and children crowded together
Box 14 Folder 10
Box 14 Folder 11
Box 14 Folder 12 1949
includes: Group Photo of delegates to the ICFTU Conference in London, 1949, includes Meany, Green, David Dubinsky
Box 14 Folder 13
includes: Mike Ross, Meany and David Dubinsky talking; David Dubinsky speech; Antonini watching David Dubinsky speak; Group Photo - David Dubinsky and Woll with many young women in Paris, 1949; David Dubinsky and Potofsky returning from Vienna Conference, 1955, abroad the Liner Liberte; Green and David Dubinsky at London convention; Green placing wreath in front of FDR Statue; Press Conference before sailing - Green, David Dubinsky, Meany; Schnitzler sees Meany and David Dubinsky off to Vienna
Box 14 Folder 14
Box 14 Folder 15
includes: ILGWU Headquarters, 1710 Broadway, New York City; School in Israel founded by the ILGWU and Histadrut
Box 14 Folder 16
includes: International Rescue Committee dinner honoring David Dubinsky, Americana Hotel, December 13, 1966, David Dubinsky and Francis Cardinal Spellman
Box 14 Folder 17
includes: David Dubinsky standing in front of photo of plans for the Kupat Holim Central Hospital in Beersheeba, Israel
Box 14 Folder 18
includes: Prime Minister David Ben Gurion attending the Inauguration of the Mapai Printing Press, Tel Aviv, May 1, 1953; David Stadium in Haifa, Israel, honoring David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky School; Dedication Plaque in school; Check Presentation for $1 Million to David Dubinsky for the ILGWU from Israel; Rally supporting Israel; David Dubinsky speech; David Dubinsky speaking with Yosef Sprinzaok, Speaker of the Parliament; Photo of Antonini Stadium in Haifa; Art History class being taught at David Dubinsky School in Israel; Photos of David Dubinsky in Trade School observing young men and women learning trade; VP Phil Kramer observing man operating printing press; On the docks of Haifa - David Dubinsky Mayor of Haifa Aba Khausy, David Pinoki, Amagi - Secretary Haifa Histadrut, Laudesman; Committee of the Amun - Israel Housing Corp. Meeting: Charles S. Zimmerman, Jacob Potofsky, Eliahu Elath, Charles Silver, and David Dubinsky meeting at the Hotel Astor, New York City, April 20, 1950
Box 14 Folder 19
Box 14 Folder 20
Box 14 Folder 21
Box 14 Folder 22
Box 14 Folder 23
Box 14 Folder 24
includes: David Dubinsky receiving commendation from the Italian-American Labor Council - Antonini, Meany, David Dubinsky present; At Madison Square Garden, LaGuardia speech at press conference - donating money to the American Red Cross; Presentation of Plaque - Four Freedoms - presented to Harry S. Truman by the United Italian-American Labor Council, David Dubinsky Potofsky, and Antonini presented to President Truman, circa 1959; General Mark W. Clark accepting the Four Freedoms Plaque from Antonini
Box 14 Folder 25
includes: Group honoring President Truman - Antonini, David Dubinsky present; David Dubinsky shaking hands with Truman; Antonini and Truman shaking hands in front of the Plaque; Secretary of State Dean Rusk accepting Four Freedoms Plaque
Box 15 Folder 1
Box 15 Folder 2
includes: David Dubinsky speech; children eating at ILGWU home supported by Locals 48 and 89 - William Benton present; young men do acrobatics; Two boys holding a sign which reads, "Viva David Dubinsky"; David Dubinsky in Rome with wife and Antonini; Banquet Photos from Italy
Box 15 Folder 3
Box 15 Folder 4
includes: staff meeting - Larry Mirgon, Mattie Jackson, William Wan, Myrtle Banks, and Rita Cooper; Mattie Jackson being sworn in as business manager; Mattie Jackson talking to a worker
Box 15 Folder 5
includes: Mattie Jackson speaking to a worker on the shop floor; Jackson in a meeting; Portrait of Mattie Jackson; Group Photo - Mattie Jackson with daughter, uncle and sisters; Staff meeting - Larry Mirgon, Mattie Jackson, William Wan, Myrtle Banks and Rita Cooper; Jackson in a Chinatown shop; Jackson with office workers Gloria Abraim and Mary Gauotise
Box 15 Folder 6
includes: David Dubinsky shaking hands with Minoru Takita, VP of Domei; David Dubinsky meeting with Asian Labor delegates
Box 15 Folder 7
includes: Paul Hall receiving the Jewish Labor Committee's Labor Human Rights Award from Lane Kirkland, AFL-CIO Secretary/Treasurer, Joseph Keenan, Charles Zimmerman, Judge Jacob Zukerman, Louis Stulberg also present, circa January 1972
Box 15 Folder 8
includes: Testimonial banquet to David Dubinsky, William Green, John L. Lewis, Richard Tucker present; William Green, George Meany, and David Dubinsky at a banquet table; Speech by David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky, John L. Lewis and William Green speaking; Speech by William Green; Speech by George Meany at the Dedication of the William Green Human Relations Library
Box 15 Folder 9
Box 15 Folder 10
includes: Photos from the Jewish Labor Committee Human Rights Award Dinner Honoring George Meany, Americana Hotel, New York City, November 9, 1967; David Dubinsky, Meany talking; LBJ speech - on dais: Meany, David Dubinsky, Javitz, Charles Zimmerman; Meany acceptance speech to award
Box 15 Folder 11
includes: President Johnson speaking with ILG members; Shop scene - David Dubinsky showing LBJ how to work the machines; David Dubinsky meeting with LBJ; Speech by LBJ at 1962 Convention; photos of David Dubinsky with LBJ
Box 15 Folder 12
Box 15 Folder 13
includes: Group photo including David Dubinsky, Potofsky, LBJ, Meany; LBJ speech to ILG members; Robert Kennedy and LBJ at an ILGWU function, David Dubinsky present; Speech by Johnson to crowd of ILGWU members; David Dubinsky and LBJ at rally; ILGWU members demonstrating with placards for LBJ; Large poster advertising Kennedy and LBJ in 1962 in ILGWU Hall; Johnson and David Dubinsky in White House, Jan. 21, 1964; LBJ being pinned at convention, Antonini in background; Local 552 "Union Women" demonstration supporting LBJ; LBJ and wife at White House with David Dubinsky; Italian Dressmakers Local 89 parade float in support of the LBJ Hubert H. Humphrey presidential ticket; Garment Center Rally for Johnson, Humphrey and Kennedy in New York City, Crowd scenes; LBJ sitting with Mayor Wagner; Shop scene with David Dubinsky and LBJ - David Dubinsky showing LBJ how to cut a garment; 1960 Campaign for Kennedy - LBJ in Allentown, PA; LBJ shaking hands with people; Portrait of LBJ; LBJ in factory checking out coats; LBJ with Harry S. Truman at his side, signed the Medicare Bill into Law, Lady Bird Johnson, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and former First Lady Bess Truman looking on, August 15, 1965; Crowd awaiting LBJ's speech; LBJ at Lincoln Memorial in a Tribute on Lincoln's birthday; Louis Stulberg and David Dubinsky escorting Mrs. Johnson around a plant; LBJ shaking hands with Upton Sinclair (author of The Jungle), at a Bill signing to increase regulations on meat packing; LBJ meeting with George Meany; LBJ, David Dubinsky, Mayor Wagner walking the streets of New York City; LBJ and David Dubinsky at ceremony celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the ILGWU Health Center. (folder 23 includes Frances Perkins? On stage with LBJ?)
Box 15 Folder 14
Box 15 Folder 15
Box 15 Folder 16
Box 15 Folder 17
Box 15 Folder 18
Box 15 Folder 19
Box 15 Folder 20
Box 15 Folder 21
Box 15 Folder 22
Box 15 Folder 23
Box 15 Folder 24
Box 15 Folder 25
Box 15 Folder 26
Box 16 Folder 1
includes: Rallies for LBJ and HHH by ILGWU members; Johnson speech, present are: Robert F. Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, David Dubinsky, Adlai Stevenson, and Mayor Robert Wagner; David Dubinsky speech with LBJ next to him; Photograph signed by LBJ with a message for David Dubinsky; crowd and demonstration scenes in support of LBJ campaign; David Dubinsky shaking hands with Lady Bird Johnson at the White House; Shop scene with LBJ and David Dubinsky at cutters; LBJ and Robert Kennedy at Rally; 1969, David Dubinsky holding his Presidential Medal of Freedom
Box 16 Folder 2
Box 16 Folder 3
Box 16 Folder 4
Box 16 Folder 5
Box 16 Folder 6
includes: JFK speech in front of CO-OP project; JFK standing with David Dubinsky in front of CO-OP building; Chaikin and Kennedy in Kennedy's office; David Dubinsky, Mayor Wagner and JFK at CO-OP ceremony; David Dubinsky, JFK and Antonini speaking; Women show their support for JFK; Demonstration in support of JFK; Potofsky, Meany, David Dubinsky, JFK at White House with others; Portrait of JFK; Photo of Kennedy at AFL-CIO, November 15, 1963
Box 16 Folder 7
Box 16 Folder 8
Box 16 Folder 9
includes: Demonstration and rally photos; Crowd scenes; Demonstrations with placards by ILGWU members supporting JFK; CFK at CO-OP ceremony with David Dubinsky; Contact sheets of Kennedy rallies; JFK Speech; Portrait of JFK; JFK, Secretary of Labor Arthur Goldberg and George Meany at Kennedy's home; Kennedy motorcades in Pennsylvania; JFK with Sol C. Chaikin; JFK with Francis Leahey; Kennedy in shop scene; Men and women wearing Kennedy buttons and hats; Senator Herbert Lehman and JFK in a campaign strategy meeting; JFK at White House desk; David Dubinsky speech at JFK - LBJ rally; photos from Eleanor Roosevelt's Funeral
Box 16 Folder 10
Box 16 Folder 11
Box 16 Folder 12
Box 16 Folder 13
Box 16 Folder 14
Box 16 Folder 15
Box 16 Folder 16
Box 16 Folder 17
Box 16 Folder 18
Box 16 Folder 19
Box 17 Folder 1
includes: Speech by Robert Kennedy; RFK, Jacob Javits and David Dubinsky speaking; David Dubinsky, RFK, Stulberg in a group photo; RFK speech to the American Jewish Committee
Box 17 Folder 2
includes: RFK, David Dubinsky and Jacob Javits speaking; David Dubinsky Holding up RFK's hand, September 14, 1964; Speech by RFK; David Dubinsky addressing audience in Union Hall; Individual shot of RFK; RFK shaking hands with Mayor Wagner, David Dubinsky present; Humphrey, RFK and David Dubinsky on podium; Demonstration in support for RFK
Box 17 Folder 3
includes: Group photos Chaikin and wife, Ted Kennedy, others; Ted Kennedy speaking; Ted Kennedy with official
Box 17 Folder 4
includes: Group photos - Ted Kennedy "centerspread"; Ted Kennedy at some type of small gathering (may be a funeral) (in color)
Box 17 Folder 5
Box 17 Folder 6
includes: Sol Chaikin and Mayor Ed Koch in City Hall (NYC), holding a Proclamation that May is Cambodian Relief Month
Box 17 Folder 7
includes: Chaikin and Koch at City Hall (NYC) holding a proclamation that May is Cambodian Relief Month; Koch at banquet with Chaikin
Box 17 Folder 8
includes: Group photo - Arthur Marcus, Jay Fialkow, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kramer, Sol Chaikin, Selma Gottlieb, and Edward Milano at a ceremony Honoring Philip Kramer
Box 17 Folder 9
includes: Parade photos; ILG members march with placards stating ILGWU contract victories and the years they won them; ILGWU Fire Wardens Fire Truck; Locals 23, 99, 62 marching; Mayor Wagner, David Dubinsky observing the 1959 Labor Day parade; Local 25 marching in 1960 parade, with placards promoting Civil Rights; David Dubinsky, Wagner, Meany (Grand Marshal) observing parade; ILGWU Labor Day float, advertising the 'style of the day' and promoting the Union Label
Box 17 Folder 10
includes: Parade participants getting ready to march with their signs; Union Made products display; Float promoting ILGWU accomplishments - CO-OP Housing project, Unity House and the ILGWU Health Center; Float with ILGWU Union Label and 'Our Record", listing contract accomplishments; Local 105, 10, 91, 40, 62, 89, 155 marching; ILGWU workers watching the parade; Parade with Empire State Building in background; 1960 Parade - Mayor Wagner, David Dubinsky and Grand Marshal George Meany; ILGWU Fare Warden Fire Truck; Local 499 (in Herrin, Illinois); Meany and Stulberg getting ready to march; Local 99 marching with placards: "More Schools, More Teachers" and "We Are ONE Union Family...All Races, Creeds, and Colors"; Local 122 marching in Atlanta Labor Day Parade
Box 17 Folder 11
Box 17 Folder 12
Box 17 Folder 13
Box 17 Folder 14 1959
includes: 1959 Labor Day Parade Viewing Stand - Mayor Wagner, David Dubinsky, Nelson Rockefeller
Box 17 Folder 15 1959
includes: Parade in front of the New York Public Library (Fifth Ave and 42nd Street, New York City); with placards supporting the "Forand Bill"; Locals 155, 48, 40, 98, 9, 57, 77, 107 marching; Individual photo of Grand Marshal Harry Van Arsdale; ILGWU Parade float; Antonini marching; people blowing up balloons; individual face shots of Antonini and other members
Box 17 Folder 16
Box 17 Folder 17 1960
includes: Local 89 Parade Float; head of the ILGWU Parade delegation in front of the New York Public Library (5th Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City); two girls in dresses with the ILGWU "Union Label" carrying balloons; Antonini, David Dubinsky, and Zimmerman walking together in parade
Box 17 Folder 18
includes: Parade procession on 5th Avenue, New York City; New York City Central Labor Council; ILGWU members watching the parade; David Dubinsky handing Mayor Wagner packs of matches with the Union Label; David Dubinsky watching parade; David Dubinsky, Antonini and Zimmerman walking in parade; Mayor Wagner and David Dubinsky in Parade observation deck of parade; Local 10 delegation marching with yard sticks in hand; Local 20 member wearing an ILGWU armband
Box 17 Folder 19
Box 17 Folder 20
includes: Photo of Labor Stage Building
Box 17 Folder 21
includes: performances at the Labor Stage
Box 17 Folder 22
includes: Antonini shaking hands with LaGuardia; Shop scene - LaGuardia watching button hole maker working; Speech by David Dubinsky pointing to portrait of LaGuardia; David Dubinsky at podium with LaGuardia
Box 17 Folder 23
includes: David Dubinsky and LaGuardia at art show; LaGuardia speech to Local 22; Antonini about to shake hands with LaGuardia, also on podium David Dubinsky; speech by David Dubinsky; Sam Shore, manager for Local 62, at LaGuardia's office to sign an agreement, October 13, 1937; Banquet scene - David Dubinsky speech; October 12, 1937, Columbus Day celebration at Hippodrome - Governor, Mayor, Antonini, Judge Poletti; LaGuardia signing agreement between dress union officials and manufacturers - present are: Schlesinger, Hochman, David Dubinsky, LaGuardia, Herman Florsheimer and Nat Borishin
Box 17 Folder 23a
Box 17 Folder 24
includes: Luncheon, 1949, David Dubinsky is guest of honor; banquet scene including Ralph Wright, David Dubinsky, A.S. Hayes, William Green, Dr. Ralph Bunche; David Dubinsky, Senator Lehman, and Nagler; David Dubinsky on dais with George Meany
Box 17 Folder 25
includes: David Dubinsky testifying; Speech by David Dubinsky at Taft - Hartley Protest Rally, present William Green, Mayor O'Dwyer, Meany, Antonini, Madison Square Garden, 1947 (backdrop - slogan "Mr. President: Veto the Hartley - Taft Slave Labor Bill"); David Dubinsky shaking hands with Mayor O'Dwyer, William green present; Meeting with New York members of the House of Representatives: Dr. Lazare Teper, Rep. Frank Horton, Mayor Stephen May (Rochester), Potofsky, and Rep. Emanuel Celler; David Dubinsky testifying at Minimum Wage Hearings
Box 18 Folder 1
includes: Speech by David Dubinsky at Taft Hartley Protest Rally, Madison Square Garden, 1947, also present are William Green, Mayor O'Dwyer, Meany, Antonini (backdrop - slogan "Mr. President: Veto the Hartley - Taft Slave Labor Bill"); Chaikin testifying; David Dubinsky testifying at Minimum Wage hearings
Box 18 Folder 2
includes: group photo at dinner honoring Governor Lehman, Jan. 31, 1943, includes David Dubinsky, Lehman, Potofsky; David Dubinsky talking informally with Governor Lehman; Speech by Gov. Lehman; Lehman, David Dubinsky and Meany speaking
Box 18 Folder 3
includes: Lehman, David Dubinsky and Meany talking; Governor and Mrs. Lehman at 80th Birthday Celebration; Lehman shaking hands with Isidore Nagler, David Dubinsky present, Speech by Lehman; Portrait of Lehman
Box 18 Folder 3a
includes: Lemlich in a group photo (a), individual portrait, detail from group photo (b)
Box 18 Folder 4
includes: Lewis and David Dubinsky talking; Lewis and David Dubinsky sitting on platform
Box 18 Folder 5
includes: Lewis, David Dubinsky and William Green at Banquet; Lewis and David Dubinsky shaking hands; Lewis on Atlantic City (NJ) Boardwalk
Box 18 Folder 6
includes: Group photo - black boys and girls pose around a sign for people to get out and vote; Liberal Party poster in a shop scene where three workers talk about the upcoming election; Photo of a delivery truck with sign "Forward with Roosevelt"; Demonstrations with Placards advocating higher rent controls; Liberal Party Rally - large sign "Herbert Lehman, Walter Lynch, Ferdinand Pecora"; Nagler, Lehman, Morris and David Dubinsky at luncheon honoring Nagler and his 30 years of service; Sign strung across 7th Ave. (New York City) in support of FDR for President, Henry Wallace for Vice President, and James Mead for U.S. Senator; Assemblyman Irwin Steivyut and Nathaniel Minkoff shaking hands; Sidney Hillman, Antonini working; Reelection campaign for LaGuardia; Employees for Roosevelt preparing to campaign on the street with placards; Local 135 (Newark, NJ) demonstration with placards - 'Repeal Hartley - Taft Act', 'Fair Tax Elect Stevenson'; man sweeping broken glass in storefront window of what appears to be a campaign headquarters that was broken by a thrown chair; demonstration for Stevenson - Kefauver - Stevenson riding in car, receiving flowers; Harry S Truman looking over a campaign poster with David Dubinsky; FDR about to speak, David Dubinsky next to him; David Dubinsky, Lehman, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Childs, Pearl Willen, and George S. Counts in group photo; Painting with placards advocating many Union platforms: 5 day week, right to organize, shorter hours, collective bargaining, abolition of child labor, higher wages and Social Security; Local 135 showing support for Stevenson with posters; Supporters demonstrate with placards for Lehman for Senator; rally to get people to register to vote
Box 18 Folder 7
Box 18 Folder 8
Box 18 Folder 9
includes: Shop scene with poster advocating the Roosevelt - Lehman ticket; Rally for Mayor Wagner's reelection; Local 10 meeting supporting Lehman; David Dubinsky speech; Antonini speech; Jack Rubenstein, Local 35 member bloodied; ILGWU members registering for 1 year army draft at local public schools; Newbold Morris keynote address (press conference) at Hotel Astor (headquarters), September 9, 1949; Manhattan Center - Joseph O'Leary, Walter Lynch, David Dubinsky, October 5, 1950; Tickertape parade for President Truman; speech by David Dubinsky; Local 102 hanging political posters on garment trucks; Dress Liberal Party Club, Guest speaker Eleanor Roosevelt, September 25, 1956; 13 year old volunteer Billy Page sings his own songs on sound truck touring the garment district; Local 62 campaigning on Madison Ave.; Photo of the voting booth ballot; FDR shaking hands with Pecora; Joe Kessler and Newbold Morris at the Hotel Diplomat, November 3, 1941; Local 22 in Manhattan Center; Liberal Party candidates Juvenal Marchisio, Rudolph Halley, and Chase Mellen Jr.; Local 105 at Headquarters, October 26, 1951; Local 60 meeting for Halley, October 12, 1953; Speech by Lehman; David Dubinsky speech at ILG Studio, October 16, 1953; FDR, Rose, Childs and Stulberg (speech); Garment Center Rally for FDR Jr. and Harriman, October 5, 1954, David Dubinsky, Stulberg on dais; rally shot; signing of nomination petition; FDR Jr. and Manager of Local 66 Zachary Freedman shaking hands; FDR Jr. speech to Local 66 members; AA Berle, Chairman of the Liberal Party; Ben Davidson speech; Dais for Liberal Party convention: Charles Zimmerman, Alex Rose, Louis Stulberg, David Dubinsky, Antonini, and Rabbi Edward Klein; Speech by Robert Kennedy to Liberal Party; Political sign sponsored by the Butchers Union Local 234, supporting Lehman for Governor, O'Dwyer for Mayor; Zimmerman introducing Harriman to workers at Max Weisensons Inc.; Ferdinand Pecora speech to noon time New York City Streetwalkers; Samuel Otto - VP and Pacific Coast Director, and Isidore Stenzor holding signs made in preparation for Adlai Stevenson's welcoming to Los Angeles; Newbold Morris Speech; New York City parade welcoming President Truman to Garment District; David Dubinsky speaking to conference table full of people; Isidore Sorkin speech to Local 38 members promoting Halley, October 14, 1953; FDR Jr. speech to Local 91; Liberal Party Rally - posters for Wagner, Stevenson, Kefauver; Harriman accepting nomination for Liberal Party for Governor; Two women holding a campaign poster from the Liberal Party Harriman for Governor, De Leca for Lieutenant Governor, Roosevelt for Attorney General, and Levitt for Controller; Parade marching to City Hall to meet Adlai Stevenson; David Dubinsky addressing crowd from sound truck, Lehman standing right next to him; Photo of Liberal Party Leaders: Alfange, O'Leary, David Dubinsky, Uviller, and Rose
Box 18 Folder 10
Box 18 Folder 11
Box 18 Folder 12
Box 18 Folder 13
Box 18 Folder 14
Box 18 Folder 15
Box 18 Folder 16
Box 18 Folder 17
Box 18 Folder 18
Box 18 Folder 19
Box 19 Folder 1
includes: Liberal party rally and speeches supporting the candidates; Posters of the Ballot, telling people to vote "Line C"; Rose, David Dubinsky and Hayes sitting and talking; Banquet shot - David Dubinsky, Stulberg and Meany; Eleanor Roosevelt with David Dubinsky; Harry S. Truman pointing to a campaign poster advocating that voting is being a "Front Line Citizen"; FDR Jr. officially accepting his Nomination and Liberal Party Support; other convention and campaign photos
Box 19 Folder 2
Box 19 Folder 3
includes: Lindsay talking to David Dubinsky; Lindsay presenting David Dubinsky with the Diamond Jubilee medal; Harry Van Arsdale Jr. shaking hands with John Lindsay, David Dubinsky present; Liberal Party candidates meet - Donald Harrington, David Dubinsky, Timothy Costello, John Lindsay, and Alex Rose; Speech by Lindsay at Liberal Party Dinner, October 8, 1969
Box 19 Folder 4
includes: Shop Scene - Lindsay observing garment workers and talking to them; Speech by Lindsay at the Liberal Party Dinner, October 8, 1959; David Dubinsky and Arlene Francis at Lindsay Rally from his 1966 Campaign; Lindsay speaking from a Sound truck, David Dubinsky next to him; Lindsay shaking hands with Stulberg; at the International Rescue Committee dinner honoring David Dubinsky, Americana Hotel, December 13, 1966, Francis Cardinal Spellman and John Lindsay
Box 19 Folder 5
includes: political sketches - "The Squatters of New York City"; "Underground Lodgings for the Poor, Greenwich Street, New York City"; Monopolist viewing Immigrant (Pauper) labor as more valuable than American Workingmen (on strike)
Box 19 Folder 6
includes: Celia Kaufman, Delegate to convention circa 1912; American Lady Corset Makers, Local 318 on Strike with placards picketing; Installation of Local 117, Manhattan Opera House, David Dubinsky and Antonini present; Installation of Local 60, Webster Hall; Local 62 picketing with Placards in front of Rembrandt; Penna. Interstate Convention of the Cotton Dress & Misc. Trades Dept., 1/20/38, Locals 109-131 - 209; Picketers from the American Lady Corset Company talking to passersby and police; Group Photo - David Dubinsky, Antonini, Hochman, Zimmerman; Installation of the Belt makers Union; Conference in San Antonio to organize a local, David Dubinsky and Regional Manager Perlstein, June, 1935; Angry Local 132 members who were arrested for union activities demonstrate with placards for David Dubinsky to remove Manager Martin Feldman from his office
Box 19 Folder 7
includes: Wilbur Daniels speaking before installation ceremony; Speech by Edward Schneider of the Children's Dressmakers Local 91; Signing of the Local 62 Agreement; Stulberg, David Dubinsky, Bialis and Antonini in Banquet scene; Group Photo - Local 22, 66 ILGWU Retiree Club; Manager Schoenwald posing with a group of Retired members at a recent Rally, sponsored by the New York City Central Labor Council in protest of budget cuts; Speech by David Dubinsky to workers at Mode O'Day Corporation, celebrating the installation of a new Los Angeles local, Rose Pesotta present, #384; David Dubinsky addressing the Los Angeles Dress and Cloak Board, present are Isidore Stenzor, Hyman D. Langer, and Louis Levy; Local 339 Banquet in honor of David Dubinsky, Miami, Florida, January 4, 1949; Installation if Local 217, Trenton, New Jersey; Man with an official ballot voting; Manager Jack Hochman and Charles Zimmerman congratulate first Executive Board of Local 159 Dress Industry Office Employees; ILGWU parade float on the streets of Toronto; Local 142 artificial flower makers demonstrating with placards it advertise Union Label artificial flowers; 1912 convention, 1949 Rally at Roosevelt Auditorium; Long Island Locals 57, 77 set up relief effort for the Sioux Indians of North & South Dakota - collecting canned food to send; 25th Anniversary of Locals 1, 3, and 17 merger; Group Photo - Convention Delegates Dressmakers Union Local 22, 50th Golden Jubilee Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Box 19 Folder 8
Box 19 Folder 9
Box 19 Folder 10
includes: David Dubinsky installing new manager to Local 9, March 13, 1956; May 4, 1953, Aaron Penn and Lilly Hollander shaking hands; "Old members meets new member", David Faber and Susan Berger; Local 9 retires 180 more members - David Dubinsky, Louis Hyman, and Abe Zirlin
Box 19 Folder 11
selected (see also: Bx. 50 ff 5) - includes: 1/14/37, class in Current History, Educational Department, Local 10
Box 19 Folder 12
includes: VP Abe Dolgen preparing to introduce President Stulberg at celebration of Local 10's 70th Anniversary in Unity House Theatre on June 30; 200 Spanish speaking and Negro members of Local 10 hold up their membership books just before the start of public hearings against the union for discrimination; Post election group photo - President Stulberg and Local Manager Abe Dolgen presided over election of new officers: new Business Agent William Harris, new Assistant Manager William Weiss, & Miguel Ramos, named to the local executive board; elections & voting for Local 10 officials; photo of a ballot box; campaigning for line "A" outside voting facilities; Local 10 delegation to the 30 Convention in Miami, Florida; Local 10 members await their chance to give blood for men in Korea; Officers campaigning for FDR; David Dubinsky speech; David Dubinsky lets 4 & a half year old son of a cutter drop his ballot into the ballot box, Nagler watching; William Green shaking hands with someone; photo of tools laid out on a table; Local 10 Cutters Basketball Team; Presentation of Nagler's biography to Nagler by David Dubinsky; Local 10 members meeting with FDR Jr., 4/27/49; WWII Vet receiving his membership card into Local 10 after graduating from training course; Men lined up in front of a series of barred windows attempting to obtain working cards; Portrait of Harry Fisher, Manager of Local 9, March 1956; Speech by Meany to convention; men relaxing after giving blood for men in Korea; Local 10 group photos; Professor Kilpatrick of Columbia University talks informally with Local 10 members after lecture; Local 10 Cutters registering for election; Local 10 Birthday party for Isidore Nagler - present are Nagler, David Dubinsky, Hochman, Mrs. Nagler, Zimmerman; Women looking at Local 10 display at Jubilee Convention, Atlantic City, 1950
Box 19 Folder 13
Box 19 Folder 14
Box 19 Folder 15
Box 19 Folder 16
Box 19 Folder 17
Box 19 Folder 18
includes: Local 20 Manager Joseph Kessler explaining the terms of a new agreement covering 4000 members at a membership meeting; Gathering honoring Kessler's 25 Years at the helm of Local 20, speech by VP David Gingold, Stulberg on dais; Local 20's Fiftieth Anniversary banquet - David Dubinsky speech, VP David Gingold and Joe Kessler on dais; audience shot of Local 20 members listening to David Dubinsky speak; Members of Local 20 meet at Diplomat Hotel, November 3, 1949; Local 20 Weekend at Unity House, circa 1954; Portrait of Joe Kessler; Local 20 meeting of Executives; Shop scene - Joe Falk, Local 20 member, cementing seam on raincoat cloth; Shop scenes - Esther Reel holding raincoat material, and Virgilio Munoz at buttonhole machine; Sam Fine (podium) - newly elected manager of Local 20 and the rest of the newly elected officers and executive board of Local 20 pose for picture at meeting in Hotel New Yorker, February 18, 1971; Meeting in Stulberg's office of both Union Officials and employer representatives to avoid contract running out - present are: Arnold Harris, Simon Cohen, VP Wilbur Daniels, Sam Fine, Joseph Kessler, and Abe Dolan; Kessler reading Union demands to Employer representatives; Kessler explaining new contract to Local 20 members with a 25 percent wage increase; Local 20 picket line with placards in front of Weather Craft Goodstein Brothers
Box 19 Folder 19
Box 19 Folder 20
includes: Local 22 Women's Basketball team holding a trophy, 1937 Local 22 Elections; Local 22 Election Objection Committee; Local 22 Drive for to relieve British and Russian soldiers during WWII; Maida Springer studying production methods at the Cooperative Wholesale Society's clothing factory in Bristol, England with C. Zimmerman, Edith Ransom and others; Collage of Local 22 members and activities
Box 20 Folder 1
includes: Maida Springer Kemp with C. Zimmerman and two others, Hochman, Antonini, Zimmerman applauding at convention; Mayor Wagner swearing in Zimmerman; Portrait of Zimmerman; Local 22 Rally, Guest Speaker Newbold Morris, candidate for Mayor, seated with David Dubinsky as Zimmerman introduces him; speech by Charles Zimmerman; AFL-CIO Civil Rights subcommittee on compliance meeting, present are: Charles Zimmerman, Milton Webster, Theodore Brown, James B. Carey, Director Boris Shishkin of the Civil Rights Department, and George Weaver, Washington DC, November 20, 1956; Zimmerman voting; Zimmerman, wife and son at luncheon, October 20, 1945; Local 22 gives $5000 to American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee - James Quin, Sec. Central Fed. and Labor Council NYC, Zimmerman, and Bayard I. Reisley of the United Jewish appeal; Speech by Zimmerman to Winnipeg group; Zimmerman reporting on his recent trip to Europe on an Evening radio series conducted by Joseph Tuvim, Local 142 manager, over station WEVD; Zimmerman presenting check to Carter for Russian War Relief; Workers viewing Local 22 Social Security display; Zimmerman presenting award from the League for Industrial Democracy to Luis Munoz Marin; Shop scene of woman at sewing machine, Zimmerman and two others watching; Lester B. Granger of the National Urban League presenting Charles Zimmerman with American Teamwork Medal for distinguished service in the cause of race relations; Collage of Local 22 people and activities; Local 22 political rally at Labor Stage, October 5, 1942; Children with puppets; Trade Union Council Liberal Party at Astor Hotel, October 1, 1956: Charles Zimmerman, Alex Rose, and Louis Stulberg; Paul Jennings, Secretary Treasurer #4 IUE receives check for $5000 toward Westing House Strike Fund from Charles Zimmerman of Local 22; Zimmerman and Michael Stewart from Great Britain talking at Unity House, June 11, 1954; Local 22 Political Rally for Pecora, Lehman and Lynch - David Dubinsky, Zimmerman at table
Box 20 Folder 2
Box 20 Folder 3
Box 20 Folder 4
Box 20 Folder 5
Box 20 Folder 6
includes: Class of immigrants (Asian); Local 23-25 Parade delegation meeting with Religious leaders; Executive Board, Local 23, Circa 1910; Local 23-25 demonstrating with placards supporting JP Stevens Boycott; Exec Board, 1915; classes for Asian immigrants (taught by Esther Petersen?)
Box 20 Folder 7
Box 20 Folder 8
includes: Two photos of Charles Kreindler - one at war in the Pacific, one a portrait with Fania Cohn; ILGWU workers marching in China; Demonstration with placards of Local 23-25 on strike against I. Hazim for Unfair Labor Practices; Classes for Asian men and women; photos of workers and leaders in Israel; Children's Choir; Photos of trade school in Israel; Nat Lipson, Supervisor Kreindler and Steve Schlossberg at Convention; Shop scene; members of an Industry - Government - Labor panel to discuss job prospect for soon to be civilian GI's: Group photo including: Maj. Kenneth Chatwin, Benjamin Gordon, Lester Persells, Charles Moore, W.A. Klinger, August Scholle, Theodore Marks, Charles Kreindler, Hugh Perry; Members meet at the New York State Women's Conference in Albany; Speech by Kreindler; Group photo - Local 25 at Unity House; Kreindler with Clarence Meyer, Chief of ECA mission to Austria, June 9, 1951, Vienna; David Dubinsky with Kreindler; Local 23 Office opening party; Louis Gordon, Chair of Local 23, and Louis Reiss, Manager, at General Membership meeting; individual shot of Shelley Appleton, Manager of Local 23; Sol Chaikin swears in new executive board members; Local 23 members marching in parade; Group Photo - Executive Board, 1910; Local 23-25 Picket with Placards against J.P. Stevens - Seamen's Bank Connection; Workers holding up Holiday Pay Checks from Mazel Sportswear; Kreindler and Fannia Cohn; Young Local 23-25 member helping old member; Shop scene - Asian Worker at machine; Demonstration with placards - children holding signs that say "Through Unity...There is Strength"; Parade/Demonstration to gain rights; Contact sheets of Parade/Demonstration
Box 20 Folder 9
Box 20 Folder 10
Box 20 Folder 11
Box 20 Folder 12
Box 20 Folder 13
Box 20 Folder 14
includes: Local 30 elections; Speech by Stulberg to members
Box 20 Folder 15
includes: David Dubinsky speech to Local 32 members; Local 32 strike - Picket with placards against H.W. Gossard Co., for refusing to bargain or arbitrate despite election won by workers; Shop scene - women watching worker at machine
Box 20 Folder 16
Box 20 Folder 17
includes: Local 32 strike against Piorette Foundations - Picket with placards; Local 32 Managers with Bienvenidos Sosa, wife and three children, presenting the family with maternity/paternity benefits; Julius Ramirez speech to Local 32; Local 32 members (along with Abe Dolan - Local 10) strike against Real Form for Union recognition; Julio Ramirez speaking at Shop Chairladies' Meeting; Manager Max Goldenberg speaking to Local 32 members, explaining new contract terms; Stulberg speaking to Local 32; Workers of Lady Marlene on strike; Formal signing of agreement between Associated Corset and Brassiere Manufacturers and Local 32; Photo of negotiations between the Association and Local 32; Antonini speech to Local 32; 1960 Ratification meeting - Max Goldenberg; Goldenberg speech; Group Photo - Executive Board members and Officers, Local 32
Box 20 Folder 18
Box 20 Folder 19
Box 20 Folder 20
Box 20 Folder 21
includes: Local 35 members at Little Neck, Long Island; Group Photo - Joseph Breslaw, Manager Local 35, Mike Cooperman, Chairman Local 35, and Dr. H. Kugul, Mayor of Holon, at corner of LOCAL 35 ILGWU STREET, in Israel; David Dubinsky speech; Joseph Breslaw, Manager of Local 35 receiving Gold Key to symbolize the opening of a new building of the Jewish Sanitarium and Hospital for Chronic Diseases by President of the hospital, Isaac Albert; Reception at the Waldorf Astoria for David Ben - Gurion, Prime Minister of Israel - Joseph Breslaw introducing Ben - Gurion, present are: Charles Zimmerman, Isidore Nagler, Isidore Laderman, Joseph Schlossberg, Israel Feinberg, Isaac Hamlin, and Louis Segal; Presentation of check for $50000 resulted in a street names LOCAL 35 ILGWU STREET in Holon, Israel
Box 20 Folder 22
includes: Dr. Ralph Bunche speaking at press conference at Local 38.
Box 20 Folder 23
includes: Local 38 Educational display - Earl Wilson of the New York Post, Chairlady of Lord and Taylor Sadie Kehoe, Chairlady of De Pinna Catharine McAllister, and Isidore Sorkin, Manager of Local 38; group banquet photos; Educational meeting at Local 38 - James Wechsler, New York Post Editor discussing the Press and Labor Unions, Isidore Sorkin and officers and members present, Jan 14, 1953; individual shot of Isidore Sorkin; Signing of agreement for Local 38
Box 20 Folder 24
includes: Picket with placards - Local 40 Belt makers Union against the Rainbow Belt Co.
Box 20 Folder 25
includes: Local 40 manager Henry Schwartz explains new contract provisions to membership, Louis Stulberg present; Carmen Rolon, Local 40 Staffer, testifies before a house subcommittee for truth-in-lending legislation, also from the ILGWU - Evelyn Dubrow (legislative representative), Gerel Rubien (local 62 Educational Director), and Anna Zayas (Local 40 member); Mr. and Mrs. David Ayala (she's a Local 40 member) introduce their son into the world, as the first baby born in 1964 - born at the stroke of midnight; Preparing to speak to Local 40 are the ILGWU 20 Fire Wardens - Justice Editor Leon Stein, Lt. James Walsh, Local Manager Henry Schwartz, and Lt. Thomas Little; New York Belt makers Local 40 celebrating their 25th Anniversary of affiliation with the ILGWU with a reception and dance party in the ballroom at Manhattan Center; Leaders of Local 40 raise $75,000 for the United Jewish Appeal - Sol Wecheler, Herbert Novick, Henry Schwartz (receiving scroll), and Sidney Mishkin, May 11, 1951; David Dubinsky speech to Local 40
Box 21 Folder 1
includes: portrait of Edward Molisani, photo of Molisani memorial plaque; Molisani speaking to radio program, with Antonini at his side; Local 48 choir; Molisani at his desk; Molisani's funeral, open casket (can see the dead body), L. Antonini delivering Eulogy; speech by Molisani; Local 48 members and their families on the USS Constitution
Box 21 Folder 2
Box 21 Folder 3
Box 21 Folder 4
includes: group photo of men from the Dress Pressers Branch 761 ES, Workmens Circle; David Dubinsky speech; David Dubinsky speech; men carrying a coffin at a funeral; Local 60 baseball team with Julius Hochman as coach; Local 60A at Training Institute - a class of all black men and women, May 5, 1955; Local 60A training soon to be new members/workers in classes and mock shops; Local 60A Union Chorus
Box 21 Folder 5
Box 21 Folder 6
includes: Local 60A nomination meeting Sidney Good, Manager of Locals 60 and 60A speaking to membership meeting, also seated at head table are Sam Nemaizer, local chairman and Ben Rasumny, recording secretary; members of Executive Board of Locals 60 and 60A met to name Sidney Good as new manager, William Schwartz and Louis Stulberg at meeting; Sidney Good speaking to Local 60, also on platform - Sam Nemaizer, Nat Rosen, Ben Rasumny, and Nat Fishgold; Student member Marcelino Gonzalez practicing packing in classroom/shop setting - also present - Joseph Blackman, Chris Williams (instructor), Manager William Schwartz, and Thomas R. Thomas (assistant); Instructor Fred DeLeon speaking to student members of Local 60A, Charles Prince (class instructor) and member Ray Frazier taking notes; Local 60-60A manager William Schwartz wishing retired local business agent Alan Jackson good luck, circa October 1967; Local 60A members at a meeting; Local 60A manger William Schwartz detailing the terms of Dress Joint Council renewal agreement to shipping clerks, in which they will be included for the first time; Sidney Good and William Schwartz presenting a check to Local 60A member
Box 21 Folder 7
includes: Women members of Local 62 showing their support for FDR. in the next Presidential election
Box 21 Folder 8
includes: Local 62 voting in new manager; L. 62 membership meeting; individual photo of Stulberg speaking; Executive board New Years Party; L. 62 women voting in shop election; December 1949 New Years banquet at office; 10 brides from L. 62 Mitchell Schneider Underwear Shop; David Dubinsky presenting Sam Shore with check; Portrait of Sam Shore; Sam Shore signing agreement; Portrait/Wedding picture of Mary Goff Schuster, January 28, 1950; L. 62 signing agreement with Adjustable Shoulder Strap Manufacturers Association - Morris Silver, Hochman, Samuel Shore, E.I. Weiser, Fannie Shapiro, Kitty Mollineli, and Abe Schlesinger; Judy Vladek, candidate for State Assembly in the 6th Assembly District, makes a 'whistle stop' at L. 62 for support; City Court Judge Hilda Schwartz talks to L. 62 Government Class on Women in Politics and Voting; S Haber and Sons (599 Broadway, NYC) Christmas Party; January 12, 1953 - L. 62 retirement of Fannie Branner (holding trousers) - Stulberg, David Dubinsky, Mitchell Schneider, Jack Abramson, Harry Weissman; L. 62 Public Speaking class; L. 62 Banquet; September 11, 1959, L. 62 50th Anniversary - Rose Schneiderman (charter member) cutting cake, flanked by Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Schoenwald, manager of local; L. 62 Lake Mountain Vacation - circa July 1966; (folder 13) L. 62 members receiving checks; L. 62 members in Spain; L. 62 members modeling undergarments; speech by Sam Shore; L. 62 funeral; 30th Anniversary Parry of L. 62; women of L. 62 drinking beer at a party; Sam Shore speaking into microphone; Shore and David Dubinsky looking at a book; Eleanor Roosevelt in group photo with David Dubinsky, Rose Schneiderman, Mary Dreier, and Thomas Lyons; Labor Day Parade, 5th Avenue, NYC, L. 62 Contingent, 1960; 1946, Women holding Vacation Checks they received from the Local 62; Group Photo - L. 62 Delegates to the 1956 Convention in Atlantic City; Party Conga Line (Women Dancing); Sam Shore's Funeral; Portrait of Mary Goff; Crowd/Meeting Scene - 1947 Membership meeting; June 1966, Graduation of L. 62 Members from Central Needle Trade School; Register to Vote rally; L. 62 Banquet; Stulberg speaking at officers installation in Florida; L. 62 Banquet scene. including David Dubinsky, Antonini, and Sam Shore; Portrait of Hubert Humphrey; 1937 Convention Delegates from L. 62 walking on Atlantic City Boardwalk
Box 21 Folder 9
Box 21 Folder 10
Box 21 Folder 11
Box 21 Folder 12
Box 21 Folder 13
Box 21 Folder 14
Box 21 Folder 15
Box 21 Folder 16
Box 21 Folder 17
includes: Installation ceremony, speeches by Julius Hochman and Louis Stulberg, present are: Kate Alloncious, Rieaudicy (Secretary), Jacob Jaffee (VP), Zachary Freedman (President), Hochman, Meyer Friedman, George Halpern, Jean Wiener, Leo DiPeri, and officers; speech by George Meany; Speech by Gross, Manager of Local 66; Portraits of Gross; Local 66 Members voting in an election
Box 21 Folder 18
includes: Installation of Officers April 20, 1934 at the Hippodrome, David Dubinsky, Antonini, Hochman; David Dubinsky speech at installation; sign by Local 89 asking for help for Italian Earth Quake Disaster; Local 89 marching in Columbus Day Parade, 1966; members celebrate Roosevelt's win, including Lena Pino Vinci Guerra
Box 21 Folder 19
includes: Photo of Local 91 Headquarters; Photos of inside of Hudson View Lodge, Croton, New York; Students receiving instruction in trade - mock shop scene (classroom); Rally for Local 91 with placards, "Vacation with Pay For ALL Members of Local 91" and "Paramount Robe, Victory for Our Union. Full Steam Ahead"; Harry Greenburg speaking at ratification meeting at Cooper Union, January 26, 1938; more women receiving instruction in shop; Photo of "The Lodge" including the building and the tennis court and pool; Soldier returning home from War; Local 91 Women's Basketball Team; Local 91 Headquarters Dedication; Women handing out copies of Justice to subway travelers; women posing with donation cans for the American Cancer Society; Portrait of Harry Greenberg; Shop scenes; Eleanor Roosevelt visiting Local 91, present are David Dubinsky, Harry Greenberg, and Local 91 members
Box 21 Folder 20
Box 21 Folder 21
includes: Local 91 Executive Board; Man and Women of Locals 91 and 132 preparing to march in parade; FDR. Jr. accepting bust of his father the President at Local 91 Headquarters; Local 91 Membership meeting; Women members lounging around at Hudson View Lodge; September 29, 1944 - Local 91 Rally, present are Mr. and Mrs. Harry Uviller; Shop scene; March 8, 1954, Antonini shaking hands with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Greenberg at Local 91 Staff and Executive Board party before sailing to Europe; Local 91 Spanish Grads hold up their diplomas
Box 21 Folder 22
Box 22 Folder 1
includes: March 8, 1954 - Bon Voyage dinner by Officers and Executive Board members of Local 91, included are Mr. and Mrs. Harry Greenberg and Luigi Antonini; Photo of Harry Greenberg, Manager of Local 91 at City of Hope, a Los Angeles Medical Center endowed by Local 91 and the ILGWU; Local 91 Rally; Group photo of the prize winners of the Local 91 Art Workshop Manager Harry Greenberg, Art Instructor Seth Hoffman, Colette Rago, Anna Green Hinkson, Charles Corsella, Laura Nestler, and Brunhilde Drucker; View from the Hudson View Lodge, Local 91, west across the Hudson River; David Dubinsky at Local 91 election; Members of Local 91 Executive Board and Chorus singing; Portrait of Harry Greenberg; Greenberg's 50th Birthday Party; Members at the Hudson View Lodge, August 1978, includes Sol Chaikin; Shop scene; Locals 132, 23- 25, 91 marching in a parade; Shop scene - hands sewing; Local 91 agreement signing, Chaikin 1978
Box 22 Folder 2
Box 22 Folder 3
Box 22 Folder 4
includes: Local 98 Fire Meeting, October 27, 1958, Portrait of ???; Banquet honoring D. Nismowitz for 10 years with the local, present are Stulberg, David Dubinsky, May 25, 1951 at the Hotel Empire
Box 22 Folder 5
includes: Local 99 Organizing drive - members leaving officers to picket no union shops - Philip Schlansky Bros., Siegel Bros., and M.W. Haft
Box 22 Folder 6
includes: Women campaigning for Harriman and Roosevelt, October 18, 1954; Women addressing mini-sewing kits to be sent out; Election meeting at Manhattan Center where Manager Louis Dworkin was reelected, March 5, 1947 - the 22 and the star represents veteran Local 99 members who did not return from the war; Presentation to Louis Dworkin and Edward Kramer desk sets and plaques for their union efforts, presentation made by Chairman Harry Littman and Peter Fernandez; 4th of July Weekend at Unity House, Local 99 members celebrating holiday; Union reception after installation of Shelley Appleton as manager of Local 99 - David Dubinsky, Mr. and Mrs. Appleton, and Chairman of Local 99 Executive Board Harry Harrsesoffky; June 3, 1954 - Cloak and Suit Strike Action Committee Officers confer before meeting - Business Representatives Benjamin Laboda, Douglas Levin, and Nick Mule; Local 99 members pitching for help for WNET TV 13, the local educational Television station; Appleton congratulated by Stulberg after installation; Local 99 Executive Board - Shop Stewards and Committee members vote; June 3, 1954 Cloak and Suit Strike Action Committee, led by Representative Douglas Levin, votes to strike; January 15, 1960, Local 99 Contract signing; Stulberg signing an agreement; Local 99 Picket with Placards against Land-n-Sea Diplomat Spts (45 West 18th Street); Bellas Hess workers (Local 99) picketing with placards
Box 22 Folder 7
Box 22 Folder 8
Box 22 Folder 9
includes: Local 102 signing 3 way contract, present at signing are: Sam Berger and Dave Karp of Local 102, Abe Schlesinger Union Attorney and Charles Zimmerman manager of Local 22, Trucker Employers and Association members; Crowd Scene at the Local 102 Annual Dance; Local 102 Boxing Team receiving trophy; Local 102 Voting in election *note - one of the few women members of Local 102 is holding ballot; Banquet scenes; Local 102 workers loading their trucks, placing election propaganda on the trucks; Stulberg leading agreement signing
Box 22 Folder 10
Box 22 Folder 11
includes: Shop scene - Asian man pressing garment; Shop Scene - Asian women sewing; Shop scene - Black woman sewing Union Label onto garments
Box 22 Folder 12
includes: Banquet photos, Louis Stulberg speaking, Antonini and Local 105 Manager Martin Cohen on dais; Manager Martin Cohen presenting a check for $1000 for New York Cardiac Home to Samuel Le Savoy, President of the NY Cardiac Home, and Harry Hershfield looking on; Local 105 and the Employer Association giving aid to Refugees: George Karp, Sidney Cohen and Martin Cohen welcoming refugees, June 30, 1951; Local 105 outing at Unity House, June, 1953; Local 105 New Years Party, Hotel New Yorker, Martin Cohen and wife, and members; Local 105 13th Anniversary Dance - Joseph Freno, Martin Cohen, and Phil Kramer, Boston, Mass.; Official opening of Local 105 new Headquarters - William Peer, Martin Cohen, Burton Turkus; Martin Cohen and Employer Samuel Zemensky of Brookshire Sportswear Inc. distribute vacation checks to members, June 8, 1954; Navy annual dance with Local 105 gals, February 19, 1955; Receiving docks for American Israeli Supply Mission - Martin Cohen and others standing in front of large boxes of Women's Khaki Shirts ready to be shipped; David Dubinsky Speech; Members asking Manager Martin Cohen and Bernie Leiderman after a membership meeting where Cohen described their new contract, April 3, 1956; Agreement signing; Local 105 Parade float; Convention scene; Local 105 marching toward Atlantic City convention; Audience shot; District Attorney Frank Hogan with twin girls of Veronica Burich, shop chairlady and sewing machine operator, member of Local 105; Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC; young boy handing out shopping bags picketing Judy Blouses; women preparing to hand out anti - Judy Bond Blouses bags and leaflets; Demonstration with placards against Judy Bond Blouses; Group photo of George Meany with lots of children; Shop scene - women at sewing machines with observers; Picket with placards to "End Segregation in Southern Howard Johnsons"; Picket in front of Horn and Hardart before representation election; Local 105 marching in a parade; Member of Local 519, Brunswick, Georgia in Jacksonville, Florida combining a Union Label Campaign and an anti-Judy Bond campaign; Anzio Frocks striker - demonstration with place card; Local 105 marching for "Full Equality and Human Dignity for All Americans NOW", demonstration with placards; Picket against Woolworths and their discrimination practices in the South; Local 22 members on White House (Washington DC) Lawn; Individual Photo of Herbert Lehman; Photo of award received by Martin Cohen from The Continental Society for Children of the Virgin Islands, Inc. - 1950 Award for his contribution to the Welfare of Underprivileged Children of the Virgin Islands and of New York City; Political press conferences; Martin Cohen with a child with Muscular Dystrophy; David Dubinsky signing an agreement; Robert F. Kennedy at Convention; Picket in front of Bloomingdale's
Box 22 Folder 13
Box 22 Folder 14
Box 22 Folder 15
Box 22 Folder 16
Box 22 Folder 17
Box 22 Folder 18
Box 22 Folder 19
includes: Meeting crowd scene - Unemployed members of Local 117 listening for information on disbursements they are to receive
Box 22 Folder 20
includes: Press Luncheon - Ben Kaplan, Manager of Local 117 announces to press 1/2 Days pay for Welfare Relief; Portrait of Ben Kaplan; David Dubinsky Installing Kaplan as Manager of Local 117; Nat Windman, Asst. Manager of Local 117, putting hat on 70 year old member Bernard Fenster
Box 22 Folder 21
includes: Eleanor Roosevelt sewing in the first Union Label in a scarf at a ceremony; Local 142 Manager Joseph Tuvim explaining the details of the new contract to a membership meeting; Local 142 manager Joseph Tuvim shown with VP Harry Greenberg receiving a citation from the National Committee for Rural Groups; Local 142 members distribute anti - Judy Bond leaflets outside Gimbel Brothers (Department Store); Tuvim shaking hands with Jacob Potofsky after being installed as a newly elected vice president of the Union Label and Service Trades Department of Greater New York, also present are Richard Walsh, Charles Garrahan, and Harry Avrutin
Box 22 Folder 22
includes: Local 155 of the Knitgoods Workers Union picketing James Knitting Mills Employees to join their union, Arthur Jacobson is the organizer picketing; Local 155 marching in a parade; happy Local 155 members surrounding Mayor LaGuardia after agreement was signed; Jack Wishnefsky and Max Kampelmacher picketing in front of Mar Jan and Sternberg Knit mills; Local 155 marching in the 1964 Labor Day Parade, with Placards calling for the release of 100,000 men in Cuban Jails; Louis Nelson, Manager of Local 155 greeting FDR. Jr. at Washington Irving High School, at Local 155 meeting
Box 22 Folder 23
includes: Memorial for workers killed in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire; a mother and her daughter sitting together thinking about the NAZI regime in Europe; Local 155 Workers Picketing in front of an Adolph's Trucking Trailer; Shop scene - Local 155 workers working in Knitting factory; Local 155 elections of 1974; Local 155 members and officers marching in the 1964 Labor Day Parade; Frederick Van And Residence - Flushing Avenue, north of Purdy Place, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, 1922; Louis Nelson, First Manager for Local 155, speaking during a meeting; Speech by Louis Nelson; Martin Cohen, manager of Local 105, presenting Assistant Manager George Karp a wrist watch for 15 Years of service, September 29, 1953; Local 155 meeting at Unity House; Picketers against Margaret Anzalone from Local 155 - demonstration with placards; Local 155 Installation, Roosevelt Hall, April 13, 1950; Local 155 Convention Delegates walking on the Atlantic City Boardwalk; Photo of the Local 155 Charter; Portrait of Louis Nelson
Box 22 Folder 24
Box 22 Folder 25 1971
includes: Photo of voting box; members preparing to vote - lined up at table; members in voting booths; people on the street outside voting area handing out leaflets; long line to get in to vote; campaign van with speakers on top and a poster on the side; membership meeting
Box 22 Folder 26 1971
Box 22 Folder 27 1971
Box 22 Folder 28
includes: membership meeting; reception and banquet scenes
Box 23 Folder 1
includes: Portrait; artist's sketch of Meyer London School
Box 23 Folder 2
Includes: David Dubinsky with Wagner and others at a dedication ceremony; Early London office scene
Box 23 Folder 3
Includes: Front of the building
Box 23 Folder 4
Includes: portrait
Box 23 Folder 5
Includes: portrait
Box 23 Folder 6
Includes: crowd with placards; speech, Oct. 1972
Box 23 Folder 7
Includes: George McGovern waving as he walks down the street; Eleanor McGovern shakes hands during a garment center tour, escorted by Murray Gross and Wilbur Daniels, Aug. 31, 1972; Eleanor McGovern welcomed by Murray Gross, Jack Hochman, Sol C. Chaikin, David Gingold, E. Howard Molisani, Evelyn Dubrow, Wilbur Daniels, and Abe Dolgen at the start of the garment district tour, Aug. 31, 1972. George McGovern - speech, Oct. 1972
Box 23 Folder 8
Includes: Mitchell Lokiec with clipboard evaluates women operators at sewing machines, 1957, Sy Gris Shop; women at sewing machines being filmed for time motion studies, 1957
Box 23 Folder 9
Includes: banquet scenes in honor of William Gomberg; Luigi Morelli - speech; William Gomberg speech to CISL and UIL in Rome, Italy; a photo with Mr. Raia and W. McAdoo; McAdoo and Gomberg talking
Box 23 Folder 10
Box 23 Folder 10a
Includes: Portrait; A portrait of her husband; a banquet scene that includes both of them
Box 23 Folder 11
Includes: with David Dubinsky
Box 23 Folder 11a
Includes Matyas speech addressing the Montreal Joint Board on stage with GEB
Box 23 Folder 12
Includes: Demonstration in Union Square on May Day, 1937
Box 23 Folder 13
Includes: portrait; Meany with A. Philip Randolph; with David Dubinsky, Antonini, and Hochman
Box 23 Folder 14
Includes: Meany speeches, 1957, 1965, 1972; with Eisenhower; with Goldberg in front of helicopter; press conference at Unity House; Mrs. Eugenia Meany sewing in ILG union label, June 1, 1961; at AFL-CIO convention, 1955; receiving award from David Dubinsky, Urban League Ex. Sec. Lester B. Granger, 1959; receiving "Forward" award from Stulberg - Paul Rubinstein, Simon Weber, Dr. Samuel Silverberg, Jacob T. Zukerman, also present, 1972; receiving Histadrut Award at Unity House June, 1961; Portrait, June 1961; with Philip Reuther, 1955; with Potofsky and David Dubinsky, 1959; with Goldberg; with Sol C. Chaikin; With Chaikin and wife; giving award to Stulberg, with Zimmerman, 1970; with Stulberg; with Henry Van Arsdale, 1961; with Chaikin and Sheinkman, 1977; with Joel Jacobson, Vincent J. Murphy at Merger Convention, 1961; talking with David Dubinsky, 1957; David Dubinsky and Meany playing cards
Box 23 Folder 15
Box 23 Folder 16
Box 23 Folder 17
Box 23 Folder 18
Box 23 Folder 19
Box 23 Folder 20
Includes: Demonstrators with placards, some in Spanish; man teaches an English class to Hispanic women; shop scene
Box 23 Folder 21
Box 23 Folder 22
Includes: A Portrait of Maria Serrano; Rally with Spanish and English placards and speeches; David Dubinsky speech at a banquet at the Dupont Plaza Hotel; A woman placing a tiara on the head of a beauty pageant winner wearing a Bennett Fashions ribbon; the pageant winner receives a watch from the Miami Joint Council Manager Robert Gladnick; Julia Rosario models a Daisy's Original dress; Group photos, Sept. 30, 1963; David Dubinsky speaking to group, Feb., 1964; women striking Cover Girl, Robbie Lynn Inc., Alvarez Fashions, Cheri's Fashions, Miss Jane, Randi - Robert Inc., Janet Junior's, and Monique Inc., Bennett Fashions, Inc., Miami Miss; Ermilda Hernandez of Smart Miss; Lucille Rodriguez of Mar - Cel Fashions; members of Local 415 with their hands raised; group photo of the Appeals Committee at the ILGWU Convention, May 6, 1971; advertisement for film on David Dubinsky; policeman talking to people in a crowd
Box 23 Folder 23
Box 23 Folder 24
Box 23 Folder 25
Box 23 Folder 26
Box 23 Folder 27
Box 23 Folder 28
Box 23 Folder 29
Box 23 Folder 30
Box 24 Folder 1
Includes: Chinese women working at Town East Garment Factory in Macao, around 1982; group shot of David Dubinsky, Jacob Potofsky, Harry Van Arsdale, A. Philip Randolph, and others; Man struggling with a young woman, trying to put her in the back of a police wagon; men getting coffee in a breadline; portrait of Harry Uviller; Tom Mooney and Warren Billings in front of jail bars; Pauline Newman, Eleanor Hewitt, and Rose Schneiderman talking; broadcast in 1934 from W.E.V.D.
Box 24 Folder 2
Includes: David Dubinsky with Sec. of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman, April 27, 1962; Advertisement in New York Times to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the ILGWU, June 23, 1960; Fernando de los Rios; group photo of John Wesley Jones, David Dubinsky, and George Meany; group photo of David Dubinsky, Meany, and others, at the Balboa Theater, Canal Zone, November 1956; women at jailhouse in bathing suits; Walter Reuther and other man, 1960; Man riding a stationary bicycle at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, March 28, 1969; Union members outside the Mass. State Labor Council Convention, 1967; strikers with placards, 1967; Newspaper clippings of police on horses in steel strike zone and John Fitzpatrick addressing the strikers; Group shots including Cahan, one was in 1936; David Dubinsky at reception for John Glenn; banquet scenes; Sen. Edmund Muskie, David Dubinsky, and Potofsky; Potofsky and David Dubinsky talking to Bayard Rustin at a banquet; ILGWU members in front of Christmas tree in Washington; children with Santa, 1980; portrait of Henry Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. Bankers, March 21, 1907; David Dubinsky leads members in voting with hands up; man signs to pledge support to United Nations; Portrait of Asian woman with child; black Montgomery marchers; ILGWU Convention, c. 1915; two young black children; David Dubinsky - speech; David Dubinsky with General Clark of the Army; crowd with placards supporting the hostages, Jan. 1980; George Meany - speech, Jun. 1975; Jim Mahoney, Roy T. Peraino, Gov. Milton Shapp, Sol C. Chaikin, Mayor Frank Rizzo, William Ross, and Richard McConnell at ground breaking ceremony in Philadelphia, Sept. 30, 1974; Muscular Dystrophy Association poster child looks at Horst Fisher, Ross Gredinger and Martin L. Cohen for her new coat; David Dubinsky puts a hat on the newest member of the ILGWU Health Brigade; David Dubinsky and Meany watch a cellist play; Jay Lovestone speaking; Trade Union Advisory Committee on International Affairs meeting, with David A. Morse, Lieut. Col. Ray L. Laux, Brig. Gen. George L. Eberle, A.E. Lyon, Thomas J. Harkins, Robert J. Watt, George Meany, David Dubinsky, Matthew Woll, Michael Ross, James B. Carey, and Clinton S. Golden; Korean girls knit with supplies donated by the ILGWU, March 15, 1967; portrait of Paul Douglas; portrait of Bayard Rustin, 1974; photo of a check to a woman for one dollar for two weeks wages; Meany with Stulberg, E. Howard Molisani; Garment Center in New York; Lady Bird Johnson, Adlai Stevenson, and David Dubinsky; Abraham Cahan speaking; Hubert Humphrey; rally with placards; picture of Potofsky, David Dubinsky, Wagner, and Goldberg; Chaikin and Liv Ullman; Meany speaking at Forand Bill Rally, 5/18/60; David Dubinsky with Ernest Bevin, Meany, 9/22/49; Angela Bambace; Charles Kreindler with others; Kreindler with Stulberg; LaGuardia swearing in magistrate as Cahan, David Dubinsky, and Antonini look on, 12/17/35
Box 24 Folder 3
Box 24 Folder 4
Box 24 Folder 5
Box 24 Folder 6
Box 24 Folder 7
Box 24 Folder 8
Box 24 Folder 9
Box 24 Folder 10
Box 24 Folder 11
Box 24 Folder 12
Includes: Mitchell and David Dubinsky
Box 24 Folder 13
Includes: Mobile Health Center
Box 24 Folder 14
Includes: People standing in line for the Mobile Health Center, 1955, Pennsylvania; nurse giving a girl a shot, 1955; front of old New York Union Health Center at 17 Irving Place; New York Center; crowd scene with David Dubinsky speaking next to Mobile Health Center; Harlem children next to Mobile Health Center; Mobile Health Center being loaded onto a ship; David Dubinsky next to Mobile Health Center; aftermath of 1956 floods in Pennsylvania; ILGWU mobile health workers handing out food; nurses; flu shot at Penn State Mills, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Local 111; workers of the Marilyn Coat Co. line up for chest X-rays, July 1959; children line up outside Mobile Health Center; Mobile Health Center driving at night; Stulberg and Zimmerman in Mobile Health Center; Antonini, Julius Hochman, Jennie Matyas in front of Mobile Health Center; Hochman shaking hands in front of the Mobile Health Center
Box 24 Folder 15
Box 24 Folder 16
Box 24 Folder 17
Box 24 Folder 18
Includes: Modigliani with David Dubinsky, Antonini, other at Madison Square Garden, Nov. 28, 1934; David Dubinsky gives a check to Modigliani; Modigliani - speech
Box 24 Folder 19
Includes: Group shot that includes Modigliani, David Dubinsky, and Antonini; Modigliani and Antonini shaking hands; group shot with David Dubinsky, Modigliani, Antonini, Angela Bombace, 11/28/34
Box 24 Folder 20
Includes: Chaikin introducing Mondale to Henoch Mendelsund at a Banquet, 5/83
Box 24 Folder 21
Includes: Dedication ceremony for Nagler Hall at F.I.T., Dec. 1, 1962; Woman winning Nagler Award, July, 1960
Box 24 Folder 22
Includes: Women modeling coats for the American Coat and Suit Festival; David Dubinsky - speech; exhibits at the February 1969 meeting of the National Board of Coat and Suit Industry in Miami, Florida; David Dubinsky reads a copy of Justice that reports that he is retiring and that the G.E.B. elected Stulberg president, April 1966; first Annual Convention of the National Coat and Suit Industry Recovery Board, Washington DC, June 1936, includes David Dubinsky; R. V. Ingersoll, David Dubinsky, A.J. Altmeyer, I. Feinberg, and J.J. Walker, 1944; meeting of enforcement officers, Coat and Suit Code Authority, April, 1934; Board of Trustees of the Retirement Fund of the Coat and Suit Industry, David Dubinsky, and Stulberg
Box 24 Folder 23
Includes: Byres H. Gitchell, Frances Perkins, and David Dubinsky, Jan 22, 1934, at official inauguration of NRA label in dress industry
Box 24 Folder 24
Includes: David Dubinsky speaking at dedication of Needle Trades High School; LaGuardia, David Dubinsky, and workers with the cornerstone at the dedication
Box 24 Folder 25
Includes: David Dubinsky with Hochman, LaGuardia, and others
Box 25 Folder 1
Includes: David Dubinsky, Hochman, Zimmerman, Antonini, LaGuardia; David Dubinsky on July 11, 1935; July 15, 1937; women representing Little Prince, Columbia and Windsor, and Mart Realty Corporation; David Dubinsky shakes hands with Isidore A. Agree as William O'Dwyer looks on; Stulberg and Zimmerman talking; David Dubinsky in the Bobbie Brooks negotiations, 2/64; Chaikin, Wilbur Daniels, and David Gingold at the Leslie Fay negotiations, Feb. 1973; David Dubinsky, Herbert H. Lehman, Harry Uviller, and Louis Rubin; Antonini, Uviller, Stulberg, Zimmerman and representatives of Popular Priced Dress Manufacturers' Group, Feb. 1967; Louis Rubin, Harry Uviller, Mayor Wagner, former Gov. Lehman, and David Dubinsky, March 13, 1958; Members of Local 114 ratifying their new contract, April 28, 1966; negotiating committee for G.C. Bing, Town Creek, Alabama; Angela Bambace and William Sagel, 1969; Bobbie Brooks negotiations, December, 1964; David Dubinsky, Hochman, and Zimmerman, 1946; Chaikin at Cloak Signing, 4/80; David Dubinsky at negotiations, 1965
Box 25 Folder 2
Box 25 Folder 3
Box 25 Folder 4
Includes: Portraits, 1965 and others. - See also: 5780/069 - Box 2
Box 25 Folder 5
Includes: negative of her portrait
Box 25 Folder 6
Includes: Women strikers with placards
Box 25 Folder 7
Includes: Rally for Carter and Mondale, Union City, 1980; Democratic rally, 1981; James Florio, 1981
Box 25 Folder 8
Includes: Strikers with placards, July 29, 1952; Israel Feinberg, James Farrell, and Bernard Englander
Box 25 Folder 9
Includes: Murray Kolker, Henoch Mendelsund, Solomon Berger, Molisani; Stulberg, Abe Dolgen, Mayor Abraham Beame, Sol Chaikin, Molisani, Wilbur Daniels, Mendelsund, May, 1974; Stulberg - speech, April 1974; Hyman Libow speaks at his retirement luncheon, Stulberg, Mendelsund, and Molisani also present, Oct. 1, 1971; Nat Windman, Morris Kovler, Molisani, Stulberg, and Mendelsund holding the four new ILGWU charters, Aug. 1972; Molisani, Harry Fisher, Stulberg, Joshua Fogel, and Mendelsund, Aug. 1972; Molisani and Salvatore Cubisino, Aug. 1, 1973; portrait of William Henderson, aged 95, who was an original member of the ILGWU, Nov. 1969; Stulberg - speech, David Morse and Mendelsund also present, Dec. 1970; Stulberg with a painted portrait of himself, with Mrs. Bebe Stulberg and Mendelsund, May 1, 1971; Stulberg speech, with Molisani and Mendelsund also present, March 27, 1971; Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey - speech, April, 1971; Mendelsund standing at a meeting, May 15, 1970; Mendelsund standing at a different meeting, with Molisani, March 1, 1969; Mendelsund - speech, May 1, 1970; group photo including Stulberg and Mendelsund; Stulberg - speech, March 7, 1969; Mendelsund, Stulberg, Arthur J. Goldberg, Joseph Dubow, and Anthony Conticelli, July 1968; Stulberg and Goldberg; Mayor Finkel, Mendelsund, and Hyman Libow, Sept. 1, 1969; Caminali?; Mendelsund, Stulberg, Goldberg, Dubow, and Molisani; Marianne Moore, James Laver, Mendelsund, and Dubow, March 22, 1968; Sen. John Pastore and Mendelsund, Dec. 1967; Stulberg and Dubow in a group shot; Mendelsund - speech, Stulberg also present; June 1, 1967; Mendelsund - speech, Stulberg and Molisani also present, March 15, 1967; a 100 year old ILGWU retiree with Mendelsund and Dubow; Stulberg, Arthur J. Altmeyer, David Dubinsky, and Mendelsund give present to the son of a 100 year old retiree; Molisani and Kovler showing the union label to a shopper, Dec. 1962; David Dubinsky - speech, with Stulberg and Mendelson in background, March 21, 1962; Dubow, David Dubinsky, Bertram Reinitz, Joseph L. Rubin, Mendelsund, and Antonio Conticelli, May 1960; David Dubinsky swears in Mendelsund, Sept. 30, 1959; two women hand out flyers for the America Coat and Suit Festival, Aug. 1965; Israel Feinberg - speech; group shot including Antonini, Jan. 9, 1940; photo of the wage award in the coat industry, ND; Local 48 elections, Feb. 2, 1950; Dubow, Charles Baker, Charles M. Sussman, Samuel Klein, Israel Feinberg, James J. Walker, and David Dubinsky; J. H. Hirsch and Joseph Breslow signing contracts; renewal of agreement between ff and Brooklyn Trucking associations and the New York Cloak Joint Board signed Sept. 18, 1940; Sam Zeldin, Eppone Biccone, Israel Feinberg and Molisani; group shot including David Dubinsky and Hochman, July 20, 1933; Local 48 office staff, with Molisani; Manager Heller and Mr. Resner shake hands; Cloak Joint Board signing an agreement with New York and Brooklyn Cloak and Suit Trucking Assoc.; Organizing Department Manager Philip Herman and staff; Officers of the Cloak Joint Board, 1/6/54; Ex-Premier DeGaspere of Italy visits Cloak Shop; Testimonial Dinner to Rubin Zuckerman, Dec. 19, 1954; David Dubinsky - speech at Cloak Joint Board meeting; O.R.T. committee meeting; David Dubinsky with Nagler, May 5, 1959; Feinberg, Adolph Held, and Joseph Breslaw of Fenway Coat Co.; party of Harry Cooperman at Anita Coat Co., July 19, 1951; Samuel Klein, Dubow, Feinberg, Kaplan, Arthur Altmeyer, Raymond V. Ingersol, Jeremiah Mahoney, Herbert Zane, Charlie Baker, Dec. 15, 1950; Local 82 meeting, Jan. 1950; National Committee for Rural Schools luncheon, 11/22/52; David Dubinsky, Antonini, and others at Nagler's 60th Birthday, 3/30/55; Nat Windman, Morris Kovler, Molisani, Stulberg, and Mendelsund with the new charters, Aug. 1972; Accessory Council's 60th Birthday luncheon for Nagler, 5/20/55; Kaplan, Nagler, and Breslaw; Cloak Joint Board meeting, 9/12/57; Cloak Joint Board Retirement Fund Banquet, 12/8/48; Hyman Libow, Oct. 1961
Box 25 Folder 10
Box 25 Folder 11
Box 25 Folder 12
Box 25 Folder 13
Box 25 Folder 14
Box 25 Folder 15
Box 25 Folder 16
Box 25 Folder 17
Box 25 Folder 18
Includes: Organizers of the Dress Joint Board; Julius Hochman, Bertram Wolf, Rudolph Rocher, B. Charney Vladeck, Weinberger; First Executive Board, Local 22, 1921; Portrait of Hochman; group shot of officers including Clara Lemlich; Executive Board, Local 23, 1911; David Dubinsky, William Green, Hochman, and Antonini in 1940 celebrating the re-entrance of the ILGWU into the AFL; Zimmerman and Lewis
Box 25 Folder 19
Box 25 Folder 20
Includes: Group including Zimmerman, Hochman, and Antonini; group including Zimmerman, David Dubinsky, and Antonini; Dress Joint Council, 1/7/60; portrait of Hochman; Dress Joint Board, 6/30/58; group shot with Zimmerman and Hochman; banquet photo with Hochman; group photo with Hochman; speech Hochman, with Antonini, David Dubinsky, and Zimmerman also present; Hochman and Billy Rose; Portraits of Hochman while young, middle - aged, and elderly; Hochman in Vienna; Hochman in costume; Joint Board Settlement Department; Hochman - speech; Hochman and David Dubinsky, at Dress Joint Board Instillation, 4/4/56; Hochman and Zimmerman; David Dubinsky, Hochman, and LaGuardia; Hochman and Ingersol; David Dubinsky and Hochman
Box 25 Folder 21
Box 25 Folder 22
Box 25 Folder 23
Box 26 Folder 1
Includes: Antonini and Hochman at WEVD; Hochman - speech; Hochman and office women hold a Holiday Party, Dec. 1955; Antonini and Hochman; Zimmerman; Hochman with garment models; portraits of Hochman; Zimmerman, David Dubinsky, Hochman, and Antonini, at Hochman's 60th birthday, 1/12/52; Nathaniel Minkoff and his secretary; Hochman at a Joint Board banquet; group photo with Antonini, Hochman, and Zimmerman; Dress Joint Board demonstration with placards; group of men in Zimmerman's office; group photo including Antonini and Zimmerman; Hochman - speech at Manhattan Center ratification, as Antonini and Zimmerman look on; Commander Pacciardi and wife at meeting of Dress Joint Board; the Dress Joint Board; Hochman, David Dubinsky, and Zimmerman; female college students visit Hochman; Executive Committee of the Dress Joint Board; first bus load to arrive at Unity House outing, 6/11/54; Hochman, Antonini, and David Dubinsky at banquet; Hochman with a boy at a party; Hochman - speech, with Zimmerman, David Dubinsky, and Antonini also present; Hochman gives a present to William Green, while Adolph Held looks on; group photo including Zimmerman and Hochman; Hochman, David Dubinsky, and George Meany; members vote at a convention; Hochman speaks in his office, Antonini, Zimmerman, and reporters also present; Zimmerman, David Dubinsky, and Antonini with a portrait of David Dubinsky; demonstrators with placards; Zimmerman puts his vote in the ballot box, Zimmerman speech; Antonini with strikers with placards, 1958; mass meeting for strike in Madison Square Garden, 1958; Zimmerman with strikers with placards; Zimmerman speech, with Moe Falikman and Israel Breslow; Zimmerman's 70th birthday party, with his wife, Stulberg, and David Dubinsky, on Dec. 1, 1967; Zimmerman - speech, Feb. 1, 1967; Zimmerman in front of boat named after him, March 15, 1969; Zimmerman - speech at the congress of Inter-American union federation, Dec. 1, 1969; Zimmerman - speech in front of boat named after him, with Molisani, his wife, and David Dubinsky; Zimmerman - speech in negotiations, Dec. 4, 1968; Zimmerman, wearing a bandage on his head, and David Dubinsky, June 1, 1959; demonstrators with placards, May, 1935; employer representative responds to Zimmerman's speech, Jan 1970; Morris Klein, Louie Rosenthal, Max Bluestein, Zimmerman, and Max Cohen, Dec. 1, 1939; Louis Sepe, Samuel Byer, Zimmerman, Sol Green, and Stulberg at oath-taking ceremony, April 1968; Antonini, David Dubinsky, Hochman, and Zimmerman; Zimmerman and Antonini at Joint Council meeting, Jan. 7, 1960; Sol Lipnack and Sol Greene, Dec. 15, 1959; Zimmerman - speech, Jan. 1960; negotiations, Jan. 11, 1961; Breslow, Minkoff, Emil Schlesinger, Zimmerman, David Dubinsky, Stulberg, and Antonini in negotiations, Feb. 15, 1961; Harry Uviller, David Dubinsky, Zimmerman, and Emil Schlesinger signing agreement, April 1, 1961; Zimmerman - speech, 1962; Abraham D. Beame campaigning, shaking hands with a striker, 6/25/73; Zimmerman meets with the head of Histadrut, the Israeli labor federation, while on a trip to Israel, Nov. 1, 1967
Box 26 Folder 2
Box 26 Folder 3
Box 26 Folder 4
Box 26 Folder 5
Box 26 Folder 6
Box 26 Folder 7
Box 26 Folder 8
Box 26 Folder 9
Box 26 Folder 10
Box 26 Folder 11
Includes: women voting with hands up, Sept. 1960; women at sewing machine, March, 1961; woman signing her name on something, Local 111, April 1961; men and women in a Conga line, May 1961; women bowling, May 1961; women in front of Capitol, July 1961; picnic, Oct. 1961
Box 26 Folder 12
Box 26 Folder 13
Wilkes-Barre, Pittsburgh District - Includes: group of women at the AFL-CIO Institute at High acres, 1961; the Wilkes-Barre Children's Christmas Theater Party, 1960; Rehearsing for "Up and At 'Em"; strikers with placards picketing Jenkins Sportswear in Pittston in a snowstorm, 1959; Campaigners for Kennedy, 1960; Min Matheson speaks at a Kennedy Rally; women waiting to see Kennedy; women visit the United Nations, Nov. 26, 1960; Pittston ILGWU members greet Congressman Dan Flood; Dan Flood - speech; Softball team of Pioneer Manufacturing, Wilkes-Barre; women receive a tour of the U.N. with Fannia Cohn; meeting at Jenkins Sportswear Strike in Pittsburgh; picketing in Pittston on St. Patrick's Day, 1959; handing out "Justice", Pittston, Oct. 1960; women at Unity House, June 1961
Box 26 Folder 14
Box 26 Folder 15
Includes: group photos with ILGWU members; Demonstrators with placards for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America; ILGWU Local 148-162 members striking Sears; Pennsylvania ILGWU members visiting the UN; children of ILGWU members in the Union's Young Explorers' Club; police restrain a striker, 1959; ILGWU members support Palmerton Zinc strikers, Oct. 1960; children at ILGWU Christmas Party, 1960
Box 26 Folder 16
Box 26 Folder 17
Box 26 Folder 18
Box 26 Folder 19
Box 26a Folder 1
Includes: group photos of ILGWU members; shop scene with women at sewing machines; Muskie at a political rally; ILGWU members campaigning for John Kennedy; John Kennedy with other men; negotiations with Schobel Brothers; Fannia Cohn speaks to a group of women; groups including Sol Chaikin; Chaikin at the Northeast Dept. 25th Anniversary; Chaikin gives severance pay checks to former workers of Gingham Girl; David Dubinsky with a woman sewing in the first Union Label in Pennsylvania; classroom scene with Union members; members in class, 1959; women receiving shots and health exams, 1961; banquet scene with Union members in Springfield, Massachusetts; installation of officers, Springfield, Massachusetts, April 17, 1956
Box 26a Folder 2
Box 26a Folder 3
Box 26a Folder 4
Box 26a Folder 5
Box 26a Folder 6
Box 26a Folder 7
Box 26a Folder 8
Box 26a Folder 9
Box 26a Folder 10
Box 26a Folder 11
Includes: David Dubinsky, Zimmerman, and O'Dwyer
Box 26a Folder 12
Includes: Eleanor Roosevelt visits an ORT school in Paris; men working at the ORT Vocational Training Center in Paris; exterior of the Morris Sigman Children's Home outside Paris, 1950
Box 26a Folder 13
Includes: Eleanor Roosevelt tours the ORT school in Paris; Matthew Woll and David Dubinsky tour the ORT school in Paris; shop scene with sewing machines at an ORT school; Barry Bingham visits the Paris ORT school; David Dubinsky at the Paris ORT school, July 1951; David Dubinsky hugging Matthew Woll; shop scene with welding at ORT school in Paris; founding meeting of ORT, March 1938, with Louis Hollander, Dr. Mendl Sudarsky, Julius Hochman, Dr. David Lvovich, Adolph Held, B. Charney Vladeck, Mrs. Emma Dubinsky, Benjamin Tabachinsky, David Pinsky, Henry Greenfield, Dr. S. Silverberg, Joseph Weinberg, Isidore Nagler, and Jacob Heller; Jacques Bramson, the Director the Paris ORT school, giving student made brief cases to Matthew Woll and David Dubinsky; Woll and David Dubinsky with the ORT students; group photo of the planning luncheon for the ORT - UJA dinner, 4/4/57; shop scene with dress makers at the Paris ORT school; exterior of the Morris Sigman Children's Home outside Paris; Louis Hollander and Israel Feinberg visit the ORT school; group photos of the children of the Children's Home; George Meany visits the ORT school; Sen. Herbert H. Lehman visiting the ORT school; a steel menorah that the ORT students gave to David Dubinsky; Ambassador Jefferson Caffrey and David Dubinsky at the inauguration of the Paris ORT school, July 15, 1948; Adolph Held visits the ORT school; delegates from the Jewish Labor Committee visit the ORT school; shop scene with women welding in the ORT school
Box 26a Folder 14
Box 26a Folder 15
Box 26a Folder 16
Box 26a Folder 17
Box 26a Folder 18
Box 26a Folder 19
Box 26a Folder 20
Box 26a Folder 21
Box 26a Folder 22
Box 27 Folder 1
Includes: shop scene with woman at sewing machine in Paris ORT school; David Dubinsky and Matthew Woll visiting the ORT school; Sen. Herbert H. Lehman visits the ORT school; Barry Bingham visits the ORT school; Inauguration of the ORT vocational training center near Paris, July 15, 1948, with French Minister of Labor, Ambassador Jefferson Caffrey, and David Dubinsky; Eleanor Roosevelt visits the ORT school; Hochman at an ORT exhibit, 10/24/46; children at the Morris Sigman Children's Home; exterior of the Children's Home; Meany visits the ORT school; ORT luncheon with Hochman and David Dubinsky, 9/20/48
Box 27 Folder 2
Box 27 Folder 3
Includes: ILGWU float in the Montreal Labor Day Parade, 9/2/46; Male ILGWU members of Local 22 march in a parade; Zimmerman heads a parade march
Box 27 Folder 4
Includes: Various ILGWU floats; Women on an ILGWU float, Labor Day, 1959; ILGWU float, Labor Day, 1940; New York City May Day parade, 1937; Local 48 marches in a New York City parade; marchers, Columbus Day, 1945; Columbus Day float, 1958, with Zimmerman and Antonini; different ILGWU Labor Day float, 1959; banners advertising Labor Day parade, 1959; Los Angeles, CA Labor Day Parade, 1940; Local 62 marches in a parade; Local 155 marches; ILGWU float by Local 309, Assumption, Illinois, Sept. 1953; car with Local 307 members for Labor Day parade, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 1950; Columbus Day parade, 1950; ILGWU float in Labour Day Parade in Montreal
Box 27 Folder 5
Box 27 Folder 6
Box 27 Folder 7
Includes: Members of Local 111 striking in Scranton, PA, March 1964; strikers in Easton, c. 1930's; bowling league, Local 295, Pittstown, PA, 1963; another Easton strike
Box 27 Folder 8
Includes: officers of Local 185 at Instillation Ceremony, Shamokin, PA, June 18, 1937; a retirement party for union workers; ILGWU members march in a parade
Box 27 Folder 8a
Includes: Gingold receives a picture from the Scranton District Council; women in front of the Educational Institute at University of Scranton; the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Scranton District Council, 1960; ILGWU members with Penn. State Supreme Court Justice Mike Egan
Box 27 Folder 9
Includes: David Dubinsky with Frances Perkins; Perkins with other women
Box 27 Folder 10
Includes: Frances Perkins, July 1960; Perkins and David Dubinsky
Box 27 Folder 11
Includes: Pesotta striking; Speech at ILGWU convention, Dec. 1965; Pesotta and David Dubinsky. ("B" missing)
Box 27 Folder 12
Includes: Group photo at 23rd ILGWU Convention, Rose Pesotta. See also: #5928 - Box 2 - 3
Box 27 Folder 13
Includes: Various scenes from the musical; marquee advertising the musical; Eleanor Roosevelt with the cast
Box 27 Folder 14
Includes: Various scenes from the musical; Franklin Roosevelt, David Dubinsky, and the cast at the White House, March 3, 1938; David Dubinsky and Franklin Roosevelt
Box 27 Folder 15
Box 27 Folder 16
Box 27 Folder 17
Box 27 Folder 18
Box 27 Folder 19
Box 27 Folder 20
Box 27 Folder 21
Box 27 Folder 22
Box 27 Folder 23
Box 28 Folder 1
Includes: Various scenes from the musical; portraits of cast members; David Dubinsky with cast members in costume; marquee for the musical; cast members in a recording studio
Box 28 Folder 2
Box 28 Folder 3
Box 28 Folder 4
Box 28 Folder 5
Box 28 Folder 6
Box 28 Folder 7
Box 28 Folder 8
Box 28 Folder 9
Box 28 Folder 10
Box 28 Folder 11
Box 28 Folder 12
Includes: Jacob Potofsky, David Dubinsky, Dorothy Bellanca, Sidney Hillman, and Antonini; Edward Kennedy, Sol Chaikin, and David Gingold at Unity House, 7/1/65; ILGWU members support Carl Stokes, Cleveland, 10/12/67; Bertram Podell visits ILGWU workers in their Brooklyn factory, Feb. 1968; Lyndon B. Johnson - speech
Box 28 Folder 13
Includes: ILGWU members with signs supporting John Kennedy, Sept. 1960; Evy Dubrow and Dubinsky with other support Liberal candidates; rally for John Kennedy; Robert Kennedy; Evelyn Dubrow and Gerel Rubien with Paul Douglas, Nov. 1967; Newark Mayor Kenneth Gibson with ILGWU members, 1970; Stulberg with Congressman John Dent, Evelyn Dubrow, Sen. Harrison Williams, and Andrew J. Biemiller; Robert Casey with ILGWU members, March, 1970 and May, 1970; Frank Gorrell with ILGWU members, May, 1967; Edward Kennedy - speech, 7/1/65; Stulberg with Murray Baron of the Liberal Party; Sol Chaikin with Mayor-elect James Walsh, Scranton, PA, Nov. 1965; ILGWU members hand out John Kennedy literature, Pittston, PA; Murray Baron - speech, Zimmerman also present, May, 1968; Milton Shapp with ILGWU supporters, Oct. 1966; Gov. Edmund G. Brown - speech, Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 1966; John Gilligan with Sam Janis and Frank King, May 1968; women making phone calls for Gilligan, Cleveland, Ohio, May 1968; Milton Shapp with ILGWU supporters, Nov. 1966; Ferdinand Pecora with Franklin Roosevelt Jr. and David Dubinsky, 10/31/50; Molisani, Chaikin, Paul O'Dwyer, Stulberg, Abraham Beame, Harrison J. Goldin, Wilbur Daniels, Sept. 1, 1973; David Dubinsky and James Roosevelt; George McGovern - speech, New York City; Gov. Richard J. Hughes with ILGWU members at a banquet, Feb. 1966; Adlai Stevenson; ILGWU members protesting with placards, March 1963; Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson - speech, with Stulberg, Antonini, and David Dubinsky also present, Oct. 1960; voting registration drive in the garment district, 8/13/57; enthusiastic John Kennedy supporters; Sen. Paul Douglas with local ILGWU leaders, Chicago, Aug. 1966; Sen. Paul Douglass` wife with Coretta Scott King, Aug. 1966
Box 28 Folder 14
Box 28 Folder 15
Box 28 Folder 16
Box 28 Folder 17
Box 28 Folder 17a
Box 28 Folder 18
Includes: shop scene with male pressers; close up of a steam presser; women in a shop scene; man spraying steam on a jacket, Oct. 1946
Box 28 Folder 19
Includes: shop scene with male presser; various pressing tools; man spraying steam on a jacket, Oct. 1946
Box 28 Folder 20
Box 29 Folder 1
Includes: factory women inspecting garments; group of men including Antonini inspecting garments; group of men and women inspecting garments
Box 29 Folder 2
Includes: men and women inspecting garments
Box 29 Folder 3
Includes: Strikers in front of Superior Products, Cidra, Puerto Rico; shop scene with women at sewing machine; women in front of the Mobile Heath Center; strikers in front of Hollywood Undies in Hato Rey; David Dubinsky and Gov. Munoz of Puerto Rico at the groundbreaking of an ILGWU housing project, May, 1957; ILGWU English class, 1958; members holding Local 600
Box 29 Folder 4
Includes: Members of Local 91 in New York City hand out Spanish language edition of Justice; televised debate with ILGWU members; group with David Dubinsky negotiating first Puerto Rican pact, 1/15/56; group photo including the Governor of Puerto Rico, don Luis Munoz Marin, and David Dubinsky, 9/23/54; Gov. Munoz shakes hands with David Dubinsky, 2/1/56; David Dubinsky, Gov. Munoz at the groundbreaking of an ILGWU housing project, May, 1957; Sen. Hipolito Marcano, Regional Director for the AFL-CIO speaks at the groundbreaking, May, 1957; Gov. Munoz speaks at the groundbreaking, May, 1957; Gov. Munoz and David Dubinsky shake hands at the groundbreaking, May, 1957; David Dubinsky - speech at groundbreaking, May, 1957; sign welcomes Local 22 members to Puerto Rico, Zimmerman also present; Sol Chaikin with the President of the retiree club, 5/3/81; Chaikin with retirees, 5/3/81; strikers, Feb. 1973; strikers at Complex Undergarment Corp, Feb. 1973; Sol Chaikin with the president and secretary of the ILGWU retiree club of Puerto Rico; banquet scene with David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky talking with Admiral William D. Leahy, Gov. of Puerto Rico, 1930; Robert Gladnick, Puerto Rico ILGWU director, gives a check to Gov. Munoz; women on strike at Florida Undergarment Co.; Mobile Health Unit being unloaded from a ship; Mobile Health Unit with Hispanic women and Robert Gladnick; David Dubinsky - speech to crowd of Hispanic women; Teodoro Moscoso, David Dubinsky, and Fernando Sierra Berdecia, Jan. 1954; a view of the slums in Puerto Rico; man harvesting sugar cane; Robert Gladnick addresses ILGWU members at Louisa Bra Co.; Gov. Munoz with Sec. of Labor Fernando Sierra Berdecia and David Dubinsky; man and women look at a copy of "Justicia", the Spanish edition ILGWU newspaper; N.M. Minkoff, Louis Hollander, Chester Bowles, Fernando Berdecia, Zimmerman, and Harry Laidler at luncheon, 4/13/57; women and doctors in front of the Mobile Health Unit; women striking Superior Products; Zimmerman, ILGWU members at Puerto Rico television station; David Dubinsky and ILGWU members including Gladys Dickason, 1/20/54; Teodoro Moscoso with David Dubinsky, 1/15/54; David Sternback from the C.I.O., Teodoro Moscoso, and David Dubinsky, 1/12/54
Box 29 Folder 5
Box 29 Folder 6
Box 29 Folder 7
Box 29 Folder 8
Box 29 Folder 9
Box 29 Folder 10
Box 29 Folder 11
Box 29 Folder 12
Includes: Jane Hoffman, Tobey Weinberg, Ruth Goodman, Amelia Romano making radio program about the Triangle fire
Box 29 Folder 13
Includes: Man at WFDR in New York City covering the Kefauver Hearings (1950-51); interview at WFDR, 11/13/51; sick girl kissed by parents by the radio microphone; presentation of the first Samuel Gompers stamp to the New York Postmaster, 1/27/50; two members of the International Union of Operating Engineers being interviewed on radio; men and women read a script around a WEVD microphone; David Dubinsky with a television personality; man standing next to a car advertising WVUN; David Dubinsky shows Daniel Mayor, former French Labor Minister WFDR's control room; man from WFDR shows a group of Japanese businessmen the control room; Eleanor Roosevelt, Mayor William O'Dwyer, and David Dubinsky at a WFDR microphone; Jean Dubinsky, David Dubinsky, and Eleanor Roosevelt; newscaster Marquis Childs broadcasts, 6/22/49
Box 29 Folder 14
Box 29 Folder 15
Box 29 Folder 16
Includes: Randolph with David Dubinsky, Randolph with Nelson Rockefeller, and George Meany
Box 29 Folder 17
Includes: Photocopy of photo
Box 29 Folder 18
Includes: retirees with a placard for the Golden Ring Council of Senior Citizens, Nov. 1968
Box 29 Folder 19
Includes: Senior citizens with placards, May, 1964; Retirees at Local 196 with President Stulberg; Retirees make stuffed animals; David Dubinsky, Stulberg and another retiree at the ILGWU Retiree Service Department Concert at Carnegie Hall, 5/10/67; David Dubinsky - speech; sign on top of a car for the Local 149 Golden Thread Club for Senior Citizens; David Dubinsky and retiree at the Retiree Concert, 10/17/68; David Dubinsky at performance of Pins and Needles for retirees, 10/24/67; retirees at a concert for retirees, Carnegie Hall, 5/20/67; members of ILGWU Local 40 Retiree Club in front of Roosevelt Auditorium; retirees marching with placards
Box 29 Folder 20
Box 29 Folder 21
Box 30 Folder 1
Includes: group photo including David Dubinsky and Reuther
Box 30 Folder 2
Includes: David Dubinsky and Reuther; Reuther speaking
Box 30 Folder 3
Includes: pictures of his murals at Unity House
Box 30 Folder 4
Includes: group photo with David Dubinsky, Rockefeller, and David Dubinsky
Box 30 Folder 5
Includes: John D. Rockefeller and David Dubinsky; Nelson Rockefeller with David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky accepts an award
Box 30 Folder 6
Includes: portrait of Roosevelt; group photo with Roosevelt, David Dubinsky, and Antonini; Roosevelt and David Dubinsky; Roosevelt speaking into a WFDR microphone; Roosevelt - speech with an AFL-CIO sign on the podium
Box 30 Folder 7
Box 30 Folder 8
Includes: David Dubinsky speaking with Roosevelt in the background, 4/18/40; David Dubinsky and Roosevelt; banquet with Roosevelt, David Dubinsky, and JFK, May, 1961; Roosevelt and Julius Hochman; Roosevelt, Rose Schneiderman, and David Dubinsky watching Pins and Needles; David Dubinsky speech with JFK also present at Eleanor Roosevelt Career Dinner, May 1961; Roosevelt, Lehman, and Harriman; Roosevelt and David Dubinsky, 11/1/61; Roosevelt's press conference to launch the Labor`s March on Cancer, 10/10/61; group photo including David Dubinsky and Reuther; David Dubinsky, Mayor Wagner, and Adlai Stevenson; David Dubinsky and Stevenson; David Dubinsky greets Roosevelt at the ILGWU Educational Dept.; JFK bows his head at a banquet during a silent moment; Roosevelt with Stevenson; Roosevelt speaking; Zimmerman and Roosevelt, 9/25/56; Roosevelt and Robert Wagner, 1961; Roosevelt in front of ILGWU Cooperative Houses; Roosevelt and Frances Perkins on the platform at the Triangle Fire memorial, 1961; Roosevelt and Rose Schneiderman; Roosevelt and JFK; David Dubinsky and Roosevelt with a statue of FDR; Roosevelt talking to students at Brandeis University, 6/5/60; Harriman, Roosevelt, and Meany; David Dubinsky, Roosevelt, and Wagner; Meany, David Dubinsky, and Roosevelt
Box 30 Folder 9
Box 30 Folder 10
Box 30 Folder 11
Box 30 Folder 12
Box 30 Folder 13
Box 30 Folder 14
Includes: FDR, Gov. Lehman, and Mayor LaGuardia, 1940; political rally for FDR; voter registration table; David Dubinsky, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Emma Dubinsky at the White House performance of Pins and Needles
Box 30 Folder 15
Includes: Statue of FDR donated by the ILGWU, 1947; David Dubinsky and Eleanor Roosevelt in front of the statue of FDR, 1/13/47; Eleanor Roosevelt in front of the statue of FDR, 1/13/47; various photos of the ceremony to present the statue, 1/13/47; parade for Roosevelt, 1940; David Dubinsky, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, and cast of "Pins and Needles", 3/3/48; Liberal Party convention, 1944; Local 62 members at a Roosevelt rally; Morris Bialis, David Dubinsky, Edward Sparling, and Arthur Goldberg at Roosevelt University, Aug. 1960; David Dubinsky with others on the 1936 Roosevelt campaign; CIO meeting in Pittsburgh, Nov. 7 and 8, 1936; FDR and David Dubinsky at the Lincoln Tunnel dedication, 1940; David Dubinsky with Winthrop Rockefeller; Sidney Hillman, John L. Lewis, David Dubinsky, and Vladeck, June 1936; Roosevelt and Nelson Rockefeller; Ben. Schlesinger, FDR, Morris Hoff, Isadore Grossman, Lehman, Joseph Schwartz, and Cross (sec. to FDR), Albany, 1929
Box 30 Folder 16
Box 30 Folder 17
Box 30 Folder 18
Includes: Various photos of the boys at the school
Box 30 Folder 19
Box 30 Folder 20
Includes: portrait of Rosenberg
Box 30 Folder 21
Includes: poor sanitation conditions, Fanny See: "Unity House - collected by Fanny Shapiro"
Box 30 Folder 22
Includes: portrait of Schlesinger
Box 30 Folder 23
Includes: Schlesinger with David Dubinsky, 7/2/29; Isadore Nagler, Schlesinger, and David Dubinsky, 2/4/29; David Dubinsky, Antonini, & Nagler at Schlesinger's funeral, June, 1932; portrait
Box 30 Folder 24
Includes: Schneiderman at a sewing machine; Schneiderman at the office of Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) during Whitegoods workers walkout, c. 1910 - 1912; Schneiderman speaking
Box 30 Folder 25
Includes: Schneiderman at a sewing machine, ca. 1910; Rose Schneiderman with Eleanor Roosevelt and another woman
Box 30 Folder 26
Includes: trade cards and negatives of trade cards including Domestic, New Home, Singer, Wheeler & Wilson and White brands
Box 30 Folder 27
Includes: people at sewing machines; cutter using manual tools; cutter using electric tools. (shop scenes)
Box 31 Folder 1
Includes: Woman at sewing machine, Belgium; Women at sewing machines; Man at sewing machine, 3/22/43; man using electric cutter; man at presser
Box 31 Folder 2
Box 31 Folder 3
Includes: Women at sewing machines; men at sewing machines; women ironing; woman inspecting garments; man using electric cutter, May, 1969; elderly woman at sewing machine; line drawing of cloak shop c. 1885; women sewing in large shop under "the customer is the next inspector" sign; man using electric cutter; women sewing by hand; man filming woman at sewing machine; man ironing; man sitting on bundles of garments next to the street; yoga demonstration, 4/18/74; Jay Mazur and black workers in garment factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, May 1980; woman with a broken arm sewing; shop mechanic, 1920; women discuss the movie, "Norma Rae", 1979; ILGWU members at Ashley Dress Co., 1936; woman modeling clothes in Rockefeller Center, 1979
Box 31 Folder 4
Box 31 Folder 5
Box 31 Folder 6
Box 31 Folder 7
Box 31 Folder 8
Box 31 Folder 9
Box 31 Folder 10
Box 31 Folder 11
Box 31 Folder 12
Includes: Shop scene with men; 362 Madison St. shop, c. 1911; woman and children around a table; illustration of people working in a shop; group photo of workers; man at sewing machine; men in shop sewing; men ironing; women sewing; 1885 line drawing of 12 Hester St.; women of Reliance Waist Co., c. 1910; an attic sweatshop, 1912; man cutting fabric; man sweeping; line drawing of shop scene - homework. 8x10 negs, drawing "The Accuser" The Call 1915 and drawing "The Garment Industry" NY Evening Post (early 1900's); cleaning the shop. (early shop scenes)
Box 31 Folder 13
Box 31 Folder 14
Box 31 Folder 15
Includes: Line drawing of dress makers; photo of the cover of Harper`s Weekly showing man doing homework at sewing machine, 7/28/1883; women cutting fabric; man ironing; group photo of women at sewing machines; breaker boys; 10 year old girl working in a cotton mill, 1908; photo of a page from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, July 26, 1890, showing sweaters; Italian women and children doing homework - cutting and sewing by hand; man cutting by hand doing homework; photo of line drawing from Harper's Weekly, Feb. 21, 1874, of a Working - Women's Protective Union hearing; photo of sign "If you don't come in Sunday, don't come in Monday", 1929 tailor shop
Box 32 Folder 1
Includes: Man using press; man using electric cutter; man pulling a cart of garments; women sewing; black man pressing; black woman supervising sewing machines; black man using electric cutter
Box 32 Folder 2
Box 32 Folder 3
Includes: Man using electric cutter; man at sewing machine, Oct. 1960; man and woman sewing; women sewing; men cutting manually; man ironing; men pressing; men at sewing machines; Hispanic man sewing; elderly woman sewing; man cutting, 8/6/50; man sewing by hand, Oct. 1960; man pushing carts of garments; Asian women using electric cutters; Hispanic woman ironing
Box 32 Folder 4
Box 32 Folder 5
Box 32 Folder 6
Box 32 Folder 7
Box 32 Folder 8
Box 32 Folder 9
Includes: portrait of Sigman; LaGuardia and Sigman
Box 32 Folder 10
Includes: portrait; photo of Sigman and wife; LaGuardia and Sigman; Sigman speaking; David Dubinsky holding plaque for Navy ship named after Sigman
Box 32 Folder 11
Includes: group including Chaikin in front of sign for Social Democrats USA
Box 32 Folder 12
Box 32 Folder 13
Includes: Picketers with placards asking the freedom of Polish Labor leaders; members of Local 22 picketing
Box 32 Folder 14
Includes: Picketers with placards; picketers with placards in Spanish
Box 32 Folder 15
Includes: picketers with placards; picketers with placards in Spanish, 1979; photos of members of Local 62 - 32 in South Bronx, 1979
Box 32 Folder 16
Includes: women striking Walterboro Manufacturing
Box 32 Folder 17
Includes: women inspecting a garment; man on crutches receiving a check; women and man holding the ILGWU charter; women striking; women and men in a conga line; woman on ILGWU parade float; women on a float for Walterboro Manufacturing; police break up a strike; police force a woman into a police car
Box 32 Folder 18
Box 32 Folder 19
Includes: portrait of Maida Springer, 1962. (Later Maida Springer Kemp)
Box 32 Folder 20
Includes: Steichen with David Dubinsky
Box 32 Folder 21
Includes: Stein standing in front of a fire truck during the fire warden's strike; Stein with David Dubinsky
Box 32 Folder 22
Includes: Stevenson, David Dubinsky, and Antonini at a Liberal Party state committee meeting
Box 32 Folder 23
Includes: David Dubinsky and Stevenson; David Dubinsky and Stevenson, 10/28/52; Stevenson - portrait; Stevenson speech, AFL-CIO banner on podium; Stevenson and David Dubinsky at political rally, 1956; Stevenson, David Dubinsky, and Antonini at a Liberal Party state committee meeting; group photo including Zimmerman and David Dubinsky watching the Democratic National Convention, 1952; ILGWU members give flowers to Stevenson at a political rally
Box 32 Folder 24
Box 32 Folder 25
Includes: boys in a school on Hester Street, c. 1889; immigrants on a ship, c. 1906; photo of an engraving of an evicted family on the sidewalk; street scene, 1900; newsboys, c. 1912; boys playing baseball in an alley; immigrant family on a ship
Box 32 Folder 26 1909
Includes: crowd scene of "Great Revolt" (Great Uprising, Uprising of the 20,000) New York City, c. 1909; women, including Fania Cohn, at 50th Anniversary of strike at Cooper Union, New York City, 11/14/59; portrait of Carola Woerishoffer
Box 32 Folder 27 1909
Includes: Executive Board, Local 25, 1909 1910 strike leaders including Clara Lemlich; police escort strikers into Jefferson Market Prison; young woman marchers; women outside Lyceum Hall selling copies of "The Call"; photo of the Rutgers Square Mass Meeting; strikers march to City Hall; Samuel Gompers addresses the strikers at Cooper Union, New York City; strikers voting with their hands up
Box 32 Folder 28 1909
Box 32 Folder 29 1910
Includes: marchers in the street; group photo of women
Box 32 Folder 30 1910
Includes: women marchers with signs in Labor Day Parade, 9/6/10; Marchers in the street; crowd outside Manhattan Lyceum, 7/8/10; illustration of large fist depicting worker solidarity; illustration of man and woman representing the cloak boss and the union
Box 32 Folder 31 1929
Includes: Gov. FDR and Herbert Lehman listen to the complaints of the garment workers; marchers, 7/19/29; David Dubinsky and Benjamin Schlesinger; picketers in sashes
Box 32 Folder 32 1930
Includes: Photocopies of newspaper clippings of David Dubinsky reading - the strike agreement to members, 2/12/30; group photo of strike negotiators, including David Dubinsky, Isidore Nagler, Louis Schwartz, Lieutenant Gov. Herbert Lehman, Benjamin Schlesinger, Morris Hillquit, Raymond V. Ingersoll, and company representatives; portrait of David Dubinsky; portrait of Max Andrew; strikers walk to an ILGWU meeting, 3/13/30
Box 33 Folder 1
Includes: police struggling with a woman striker; marchers with American flags; crowd scene at Union Square; marchers in front of "Cunard" sign; crowd scene with signs in Yiddish at Union Square; police tires to hold back crowd in garment riot, 6/23/27; Lawrence Strike; members of Local 187 in Racine, Wisconsin, striking the Chicago Rubber Clothing Co., 1934; women in group portrait with "good luck" ribbon working for Reliance Waist Co., c. 1910; man in front of horse and carriage, Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) with banner including "the Eight Hour Day", First sit down strike in the dress industry, 1935
Box 33 Folder 2
Box 33 Folder 3
Box 33 Folder 4
Includes: young women selling copies of "The Call"; crowd scene; group photo of workers; 1912 garment strikers; the Lawrence strike; women striking the B.J. Costume Co.; strikers meeting in the Lipzen Theater; Julius Hochman distributes strike circulars; women protest lockout at Davis Dress Co.
Box 33 Folder 5
Box 33 Folder 6
Includes: woman striking Judy Bond Inc.; people picketing Sears, Roebuck and Co.; women striking Jacobs Bros.; demonstrators with placards protesting Alpena Garment; Local 408 members strike Serbin Inc.; Local 145 members strike Besserman's, 1958; Local 91 members strike; Local 221 members sip coffee; parade float by the members of Local 408 striking against Serbin of Miami; members strike Fifth Avenue Sportswear; strikers get a haircut; demonstration against Ganter & Mattern; children with placards striking; Chinese woman with a sign in Chinese; Local 457 members strike Kayser - Roth, 1959; women on strike read the newspaper; David Dubinsky and Antonini at the strike against Kayser - Roth; woman striking Kayser - Roth with her children, July, 1959; male members of Local 60A, mostly black, strike; members of the Italian-American Labor Council demonstrate for a democratic Italy; women of Local 62 strike Dainty Slip; women of the Scranton district at a strike meeting, 3/5/58; women striking American Lady Corset Co.; women striking Klodney and Meyers, Hartford; people riding on carriage striking Serbin, Fayetteville, Tennessee, 5/11/55; strikers of Anna Kay Dress and Pageant Dress; Local 145 members on strike; placard for strike against Bergdorf Goodman
Box 33 Folder 7
Box 33 Folder 8
Box 33 Folder 9
Box 33 Folder 10
Includes: Rockettes strike against Radio City Music Hall, New York City; strikers with placards; strikers waving from the police wagon; strikers with placards, Bethlehem PA, 4/19/56; placards for strike against Judy Bond; strikers against Dumont Sportswear; police dragging away a black woman striker; strikers against American Lady Corset Co. march in a corset, Jan. 1941, Detroit, MI; sit in at a department store; strikers with placards against Amboy Knitwear; Union members handing out leaflets against Sears; strikers with placards against Neco Contracting Corp.; Antonini, Hochman, and others on platform with a banner advertising a mass demonstration; Local 62 members strike Spartan Undies, Inc.; strikers against Cable Raincoat Co. in South Boston, Mass., 1955; strikers against Desire Fashions; police take woman away from a sit in at a department store; Antonini at Dress Picket Committee Meeting, 2/17/58; man painting strike placards; strike against Reverie; strikers against Mittelman; strikers against Kulpmont; Local 345 members strike against Tower City Dress, Utica NY, March 1958; strike against Billsway, New Haven, Conn.; workers strike against Cosmopolitan, Boston, Mass., 1955; strike against Henderson Coat Co.; strike against Neptune Garment Company, Boston, Mass.; Workers on strike against Hartsville; workers on strike against Boston Maid; workers protesting the lockout of Local 122 members at Levi Brothers, Georgia, 1960; David Dubinsky - speech; Local 162 members strike against Sterling Neckwear; worker with placard striking Binstrom, Inc.; TWU workers on strike with placards; policeman with four ILGWU picketers, New York City, 1/16/55; David Dubinsky - speech; strikers at Revere Knitting Mill; entrance to Local 102's strike headquarters; strike, April 1960; strike leaders of a Minneapolis ILGWU strike, April 1960; two black women, one with bandage on her eye, and one with a bandage around her arm, from 1941 strike against New York Handkerchief Co., Chicago; Alabama ILGWU members with placards for their locals, Locals 457, 378, 555, 408 represented; striker rides a horse, Homer, New York, 9/1/78; strikers against Malrose Garment Co.; strikers against Klein & Levine Coat Co.; ILGWU organizer distributes minimum wage leaflets to employees of a non-union shop in Atlanta; striker against David Kass Coat Co.; woman punches the owner of Mazzuto's Garment Factory, Newark NJ, Oct. 1935; workers hold up leaflets for General Strike, 1958; picketers with placards against Kellwood products; a severely beaten woman with bandages on her hand, head, and eyes, and blood on her shirt; striking woman wearing only her placard, Aug. 15, 1978; Local 408 members from Tennessee picket in Cleveland; Local 91 members strike against Baby Togs; man with placards protesting several different companies; Local 148-162 members strike against Sears Fashion District Center; strikers against Elaine Coat Co., Lodi New Jersey; strikers against River Park Mfg. Co. Paterson, New Jersey
Box 33 Folder 11
Box 33 Folder 12
Box 33 Folder 13
Box 33 Folder 14
Box 33 Folder 15
Box 33 Folder 16
Box 33 Folder 17
Box 34 Folder 1
Includes: Strikers wearing only corsets strike against American Lady Corset Co., Jan. 1941, Detroit MI; employees strike at Brownhill Kramer Full Fashioned Hosiery Mill, Philadelphia, 1/12/37; Harvard University students join a picket line against Vanta Co., 2/1/46; Women striking Nordeen Co. huddle around a fire; Antonini and David Dubinsky lead the strike of Local 457 against Kayser - Roth, 1959; employees of Carolina Industrial Manufacturing Corp. strike, 3/1/55; Local 155 members strike Devon Knitwear; Hochman, Zimmerman, and Antonini lead an ILGWU mass demonstration; Local 187 members strike Mound Carothers Casket Co.; Local 167 members strike Mayehoff, 1958; Jacobs Bros. employees strike; Local 145 members strike, 1958; Padilla Sportswear workers strike; workers strike against Digby Manufacturing Co., 1958; woman from Local 151 with strike placards, 1958; Jerry Gilden workers strike, 2/25/58; workers strike Mountain Top Co., Hendersonville, North Carolina, 4/28/58; members of Local 415, Miami Florida; workers strike against Franklin - Simon; women with placards for strike against Serbin Inc., Fayetteville, Tenn.; Local 408 members hand out leaflets; policeman talks to Ann Dress Co. strikers, Saugerties New York, 3/17/58; Serbin employees picket on the Alabama - Tennessee state line; workers of River Park Manufacturing Co. strike; Belle Manufacturing Co. workers strike; Queen City Dress Co. workers strike, 3/5/58; three ILGWU men on strike, March 5, 1958; Friedman - Blau - Farber workers on strike; Local 142 workers strike against Kaplan Bros.; police break up strike of W.P.A. artists, 12/1/36; Iris workers on strike; workers of Plymouth Co. on strike, 1955; workers picket Glamour Garment; Serbin workers display placards on their boat; Hartsville Workers on strike; Boston garment workers being arrested, 2/20/30; Revelation Bra Co. workers on strike; the ILGWU convention, Atlantic City, May 1937; women strike Walterboro Mfg. Co.; the end of a sit down strike at Kelsey Hayes, Detroit Michigan, 12/24/36; picketers with placards against Kay Dunhill Dresses; workers strike Topps Coat Co., 8/15/52; worker of Robert Leonard on strike; women strike Padula Sportswear; David Dubinsky speech; women of Local 399 distributing leaflets outside department store, Evansville, Ind., 6/31/59; strikers in Freydberg N. Carolina, July 1954; Milham Products workers on strike; Local 91 members picket Gort Girl; workers strike Kayser - Roth, 1959; David Dubinsky helps the Kayser - Roth picketing; Hymar employees on strike; workers of Mittelman - Bernstein picketing in New York City; Emkay strikers take a break, 8/22/53, W. Wyoming, Pennsylvania; Plasco Co. workers strike; workers strike Hazen Bros.; police arrest woman, 2/26/59; Women fight at Memphis strike, 6/6/37; Local 509 strikes Annshire Garment Co.; Blue Bonnet on strike with American Legion members; Betty Lou Jrs. inc. workers on strike, 4/28/54; Union members distribute a leaflet; Workers of H.W. Gossard on strike; Fifth Avenue employees strike, 8/19/52; Artificial Flower Workers' Union strikes against Supervalue Flower Co.; Sterling Neckwear employees strike, 8/6/53; Antonini, Zimmerman, Hochman standing on a platform; child of a striker holds a placard in Vanta strike, Newton, Mass., 2/1/46; men and women hold their general strike cards; women eat a meal in a room with ILGWU posters on the wall; cloak strike, 8/15/52; City Sportswear employees strike, 8/26/52; Beverly Fashions workers on strike; picketers at Page Boy talk to the operators of the shop, 1/15/53; striking women eat breakfast together
Box 34 Folder 2
Box 34 Folder 3
Box 34 Folder 4
Box 34 Folder 5
Box 34 Folder 6
Box 34 Folder 7
Box 34 Folder 8
Box 34 Folder 9
Box 34 Folder 10
Box 34 Folder 11
Box 34 Folder 12
Box 34 Folder 13
Box 34 Folder 14
Box 34 Folder 15
Includes: portrait of local strike leaders with Hochman; three female strikers 1911, Ida Baxt (Baxter), Rose Becker, and Florence Shalor
Box 34 Folder 16
Includes: women marching
Box 34 Folder 17
Includes: police watch over the picket lines
Box 34 Folder 18
Includes: Group of women employees hold up their back pay checks, McAlister, Oklahoma; striker carrying her child; children assist their parents on the picket lines; woman warms her hands by a fire during winter picketing, Jan. 1970; police escort a picketer away from the lines; policeman talks to a group of picketers
Box 34 Folder 19
Includes: members picket Judy Bond blouses outside a department store, 1965; Union members picket Judy Bond`s sales office in Los Angeles, 1962; union members picket outside Macy's; men wear strike placards around their necks; woman wears shirt with strike message printed on it; union members picket Judy Bond outside Gertz store
Box 34 Folder 20
Box 35 Folder 1
Includes: workers strike Judy Bond; woman hands out ILGWU bags outside store; Local 120 women distribute leaflets, Decatur, Illinois; women distribute strike information outside the Local 295 Headquarters; Asian woman carries a strike sign; woman hands out leaflets, 1962; woman hands out leaflets, 8/14/63, Boston; a teenaged daughter of an ILGWU member hands out leaflets, St. Louis, 1962; women advertise the union label, Local 128, 11/15/65; picketers display signs against Judy Bond and for the Union Label; picketers with placards asking not to buy Judy Bond blouses; black women hand out ILGWU bags in Kansas City; union members in rabbit suits appeal to customers to boycott Judy Bond during the Easter season; picketers with placards in front of Stern's Quackenbush store in Paterson, NJ, 1965; picketers in front of Bamberger's, 1965; union members picket in front of Judy Bond showrooms in NYC, 1965; picketers distribute leaflets in Minneapolis, 1964; member of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America help the ILGWU picket a Hartford department store; union members picket Iva Manufacturing Co., which supplies Judy Bond, 1964; two ILG members dressed as Santa Claus hand out union label shopping bags, Dec. 1963; Boston union plan the distribution of union label shopping bags; members of the United Steel Workers help the distribution of anti - Judy Bond shopping bags, 1963; ILGWU members distribute leaflets in front of The Fair in Chicago; policeman talks to man distributing leaflets; ILGWU members hand out leaflets in front of Stern Brothers; picketer hands out leaflets in front of Gimbel Brothers; man hands out leaflets, Aug. 1962; teenage children of union members hand out leaflets and union label shopping bags, Aug. 1962; picketers outside Frank Roy Ltd.. in Winnipeg, Canada, 1962; a Closeup picture of the anti - Judy Bond shopping bags; a union member gets a $4,800 check from the money received by the ILGWU from Judy Bond from contract violations; members of the Machinists, the Communications Workers, and the Hospital, Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Workers unions help distribute shopping bags; ILGWU members strike at the Mode O` Day factory in Burbank, California; picketers with placards, Jan. 1966; picketers outside Macy's; picketers with placards outside May. Co.; picketers outside Connie Fashion, 1964
Box 35 Folder 2
Box 35 Folder 3
Box 35 Folder 4
Box 35 Folder 5
Box 35 Folder 6
Box 35 Folder 7
Box 35 Folder 8
Box 35 Folder 9
Box 35 Folder 10
Includes: picket line supporting the Kayser - Roth workers in front of the New York Stock Exchange
Box 35 Folder 11
Includes: David Dubinsky and Antonini lead an anti-Kayser - Roth picket line; AFL-CIO members picket in front of Bloomingdale's
Box 35 Folder 12
Includes: women with placards around their necks; picket line outside Sears; man dressed as Santa Claus walks with two children dressed in strike banners for Kellwood strike
Box 35 Folder 13
Includes: Small girl sneaks a look into Santa's gift bag at the Kellwood Striker's Children's Christmas Party; several policemen get into their cars, Nov. 1966; strikers hand out leaflets outside Sears, Nov. 1966; picket lines outside Sears; strikers taunt man driving his car to an Ottenheimer building; black woman displays a check from Kellwood for $1633, symbol of the ILGWU in background, 1973; woman gives coffee to striking women, Dec. 1966; woman warms up her cold toes, Dec. 1966; employees of Barmon Bros. strike, Westfield, NY, Feb. 1962; employees pose in front of a Kellwood sign holding their labor agreement, Jan. 1973; man holds his check for strike time from Kellwood, 1973; woman poses with a check from Kellwood in front of an ILGWU office, 1973
Box 35 Folder 14
Box 35 Folder 15
Box 35 Folder 16
Includes: Picket line of strikers against Marlene Industries; two striking men who were victims of an ink - throwing attack, June, 1965
Box 35 Folder 17
Box 35 Folder 18
Includes: Copies of images of Marlene strike; picket lines outside May Co., Nov. 1969; strikers with placards; men hand out ILGWU literature outside a Marlene plant; union organizers in Marlene meet company agents, July, 1965
Box 35 Folder 19
Box 35 Folder 20
Box 35 Folder 21
Box 35 Folder 22
Box 35 Folder 23
Includes: Local 502 members and some children strike against Mode O' Day outside the Alamo
Box 36 Folder 1
Includes: picket line outside Mode O' Day, San Bernardino, California; picket line in Salt Lake City, Utah; man with microphone interviews strikers; picketers outside a Mode O` Day store in San Antonio; picket lines outside Mode O` Day in Burbank, California; meeting of strikers, Local 453, Ottawa, Kansas
Box 36 Folder 2
Box 36 Folder 3 1926
Includes: signing of agreement by Industrial Council and Union, with I. Grossman, Louis Lustig, Henry H. Finder, Louis Hyman, Morris Sprayregen, Samuel Klein, George Jablow, Morris Hillquit, Milton R. Weinberger, William Klein, on 11/13/26
Box 36 Folder 4
Box 36 Folder 5
Includes: ILGWU strikers take a break for a soda; picketing; group photo including David Dubinsky and Julius Hochman
Box 36 Folder 6
Includes: Hochman, George Meany, David Dubinsky, and Antonini, 1958; Hochman - speech, 1958; Local 345 members strike against Tower City, 1958; strike committee members of Eastern Out of Town Locals 150 and 157 vote; Luigi Antonini signs a dress contract as Mayor Robert Wagner Jr., Sen. Herbert H. Lehman, and Harry Uviller look on, 1958; David Gingold - speech, 1958; strikers line up for strike assistance, New York City, 1958; strikers hand out strike leaflets, 1958; Hochman - speech to large crowd; large crowd of people voting with their hands up
Box 36 Folder 7
Box 36 Folder 8 1958
Includes: picketers; Local 10 members picket; Dress Shipping Clerks strike with the Dressmakers; Zimmerman stands around car with strike billboard on its roof; the Dress Shipping Clerks picket; Local 148 members strike Jerry Gilden Specialties, Inc.; Hochman, David Dubinsky, Sen. Robert F. Wagner, Uviller, Herbert Lehman, and Louis Rubin hold the contract to end the strike; a series of cars with bullhorns and billboards on top of their cars; Hochman and David Dubinsky wave to a large crowd, Scranton, PA; Zimmerman with strikers with placards; Dress Shipping Clerks with placards; women in meeting with strike placards; strikers with leaflets proclaiming general strike; Scranton District strikers at Old Forge Strike Rally, 3/5/58, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
Box 36 Folder 9 1958
Box 36 Folder 10 1958
Box 36 Folder 11 1958
Includes: Meany, Hochman, and David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky, Hochman, Antonini, and Zimmerman; David Dubinsky - speech; picketers with placards; man shows his money at a strike benefit; man with his placard; woman with her placard; crowd scene at strike convention; woman sits on car with bullhorns and strike billboards; David Dubinsky and Hochman; David Dubinsky, Louis Rubin, and Hochman; workers of Cullman Lingerie, a division of Kayser - Roth, on strike in New York City; picketing in front of Marty Walker in New York City; Louis Rubin heads the delegation of Dress Manufacturers at a contract renewal hearing, 12/3/57; Hochman speaks to a group of workers in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Hochman talks to a group of employees, 12/3/57; mass of workers heads toward Madison Square Garden for a strike Meeting, 3/5/58; David Dubinsky wipes sweat off of his forehead; workers pour out of their shops after the strike call; strikers get new soles on their shoes; strikers drink coffee together; woman striker drives an Army jeep; large crowd votes with their hands up; David Dubinsky speaks to strikers; man interviews Rubin, David Dubinsky, and Hochman; Harry Uviller and Herbert H. Lehman; Harry Uviller talks to a group including Hochman; Mayor Wagner puts his arms around David Dubinsky and Rubin; group including Hochman, David Dubinsky, Lehman, Uviller, Zimmerman, Rubin, and Antonini; group including Rubin, Lehman, Uviller, David Dubinsky, and Hochman; police hold back crowds; strikers crowd into the entrance of Madison Square Garden for a strike rally; Louis Rubin talks to a group of men; David Dubinsky talks to a policeman; both parties sign agreement ending the strike, with Mayor Wagner, Rubin, Lehman, and Uviller present; Edward Kramer - speech; Saby Nehama - speech; Local 151 members in New Haven, Connecticut strike; David Dubinsky talks to Nat Boriskin of the employers; mass meeting on first day of strike in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; women with leaflets declaring a general strike, Rutland, Vermont; strikers take a coffee break in Allentown, Pennsylvania, 3/5/58; Local 145 members in Passaic New Jersey strike and recruit more members; Antonini leads picket line; empty dress factory, 3/6/58; picketing continues by Pennsylvania Local 60 after general strike is over, Sept. 1958; David Dubinsky holds copy of Justice; signing the Agreement; parties try to reach a last minute agreement, 2/28/58, Julius Hochman, Harry Uviller, Louis Rubin, and David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky, Herbert Lehman, Harry Uviller, and Louis Rubin shake hands, 3/11/58; David Dubinsky speaks to strikers after reaching an agreement, 3/11/58; Lehman, David Dubinsky, Isadore Agree, Louis Rubin, Harry Uviller, and Mayor Robert Wagner hold recently signed agreement, 3/13/58
Box 36 Folder 12 1958
Box 36 Folder 13 1958
Box 36 Folder 14 1958
Box 36 Folder 15 1958
Box 36 Folder 16 1958
Box 36 Folder 17 1958
Box 36 Folder 18 1958
Box 36 Folder 19 1958
Box 36 Folder 20 1958
Box 36 Folder 21 1958
Box 37 Folder 1
Includes: David Dubinsky with a group of women strikers from Penna Dress Makers; Local 111 members picket, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1964; Pennsylvania strikers take part in the general strike, April 1958; Local 295 members march in Cleveland, 1937, with Rose Pesotta; Allentown male workers picket, 1964; Local 111 members strike against Lesavoy Mills, Allentown, 1977
Box 37 Folder 2
Includes: David Dubinsky and Antonini lead a picket line in front of Kayser - Roth; woman with placard, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; employees of Scranton Frocks Shop strike, Scranton, 1958; Local 111 members picket, 1964; union members hand out anti-Judy Bond shopping bags outside the Bon Ton, York, Pennsylvania, 1964; Locals 424-445 picket, 1980
Box 37 Folder 3
Includes: Serbin employees picket on Alabama - Tennessee state line; jubilant union members; picketers ride horses; strikers pose with their families, Fayetteville, Tennessee, 5/11/55; strikers receive a check; women in prisoner's uniforms at a strike meeting
Box 37 Folder 4
Includes: women pose in prisoner's uniforms; Zimmerman at a strike meeting; strikers dress in prisoner's uniforms walk with a ball and chain; Serbin strikers picket in front of Morrison Hotel, Chicago, 1955; ILGWU defendants in Lincoln County Jail; policemen; police with handcuffed striker
Box 37 Folder 5
Box 37 Folder 6
Box 37 Folder 7
Box 37 Folder 8
Includes: Men, one dressed as Santa Claus, picket Sears, Dec. 1966; employees strike Sears, 1967; Local 148-162 strikes in front of Sears
Box 37 Folder 9
Includes: Police talk to black woman staging sit-in in Sears, Newark, New Jersey, 1966; police drag woman away from sit - in; man loads into police wagon; women strike in back of Sears, Paducah, Kentucky, 3/30/67; Local 346 members picket Sears, 11/6/66, Chattanooga, Tennessee; strikers picket Sears
Box 37 Folder 10
Includes: David Dubinsky, Robert Kennedy, and Stulberg; David Dubinsky, Wagner, and Potofsky; Stulberg, Sammy Davis Jr., Humphry, and Wagner
Box 37 Folder 11
Includes: Stulberg talks to worker in shop; women crowd around Stulberg at Local 62 Christmas party, 12/19/50; Stulberg - speech; Stulberg dances with a woman; Stulberg - speech, with Liberal Party banner in background; Stulberg with employees of Jacob Lahav; group photo including Stulberg and Potofsky; group photo including Stulberg, Zimmerman, Hochman, David Dubinsky, and Antonini 4/20/50; models for Liberal Party pin a button on Stulberg; Stulberg presents award of the League of Industrial Democracy to Hubert Humphrey, as Bayard Rustin and Tom Kahn look on, 4/19/69; David Dubinsky laughing
Box 37 Folder 12
Includes: striker marches in her corset, Detroit, Michigan, Jan. 1941; dress workers strike, New York City; southern AFL locals at Haleyville united labor rally; Hirsh, Son employees on strike; picketers urge truck drivers to join their picket line; woman hits man as police look on, Local 142 members picket for Union made shoulder pads, c. 1930`s; black woman with placard strikes against Ottenheimer; women picket Alamo Dress Co.; a picket line of mostly Chinese workers pickets against grapes, with some placards in Chinese; Hispanic women of local 123 visit their leader in jail; women picket with placards; black members of Local 222 picket; strikers picket; police hold back a crowd; Rola Frock workers strike, c. 1930`s; Berger - Alenick workers strike; a woman's children help her on her picket line, 1958; two small children wear ILGWU hats; children support their parent's picketing; Zimmerman leads a picket line; Blue Bonnet workers on strike; strikers take a coffee break between picketing; truckers of Local 102 and shipping clerks of Local 99 at a meeting, Dec. 7, 1940; Local 105 members picket Woolworth's for racial discrimination; black woman ILGWU members picket; picketing with placards in Spanish at the Sears in Rio Padres, Puerto Rico; elderly ILGWU members picket; organizers of Locals 148 and 162 in front of their car with loudspeakers on top, Jersey City, New Jersey, 6/15/52; Kay Dunhill workers strike; Sears workers strike; picketers with signs announcing strike against Elena - Fay, with picketers in the background with placards saying the shop is not on strike; Boston Maid workers on strike; Bensie Mfg. workers strike, Puerto Rico; Local 62 members strike Underwear Mills; River Park Mfg. Co. workers on strike
Box 37 Folder 13
Box 37 Folder 14
Box 37 Folder 15
Box 37 Folder 16
Box 37 Folder 17
Includes: security men with dogs watch picketers of Annshire Garment Co., Pittsburgh, Kansas, 1976; children of High Tide workers help their parents on the picket line, 1975; black woman holds placard announcing Local 99's strike against Bellas Hess, 2/3/61; ILGWU members distribute leaflets outside Gidding - Jenny, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1975; Local 98 members strike Columbia Plastics Co., 2/2/61; River Park Mfg. Co. workers on strike; Ottenheimer employee pickets with her daughter, 1966; man dumps his cup of coffee on the photographer; Lincoln Sportswear and Neal Sportswear on strike, 1952; Local 99 members strike, New York City; smiling policeman watches Milham Products strikers, 1955; Local 62 members strike Angel wear; Kay Dunhill workers picket, Newark, New Jersey; Seamprufe workers strike; Walterboro Mfg. workers on strike; police hold back crowd, Dallas, 1937; Norwich Frocks workers on strike, 1960; police watch strike at Roberts of New York; Local 145 members picket, Lyndhurst, New Jersey, 1958; women strikers in jail during Serbin strike, Tennessee; I.L. Strick Co. workers strike; Serbin strikers picket in jail outfits; Local 62 workers strike Angel wear; image of women strikers, Herzog strike, Chicago, 1915; strikers wear firemen's hats while they strike; Local 98 members strike Columbia Plastic Co., 1961; Local 286 members strike; Bensie Mfg. workers picket, with some placards in Spanish, Puerto Rico
Box 37 Folder 18
Box 37 Folder 19
Box 38 Folder 1
Includes: Serbin strikers in jail; a striker tends to an injured striker who was hit by a truck while on a picket line, San Francisco, 1974; City Terrace Sportswear employees strike; Reverie Employees strike; women take a break from picketing to drink coffee; woman with a crutch and broken arm from car that hit her while picketing; members of Locals 21 and 135 picket Sears, 1967; Local 148 - 162 pickets, Union City, New Jersey; picketers outside Oppenheim Collins; Local 134 pickets Sears, Paterson, New Jersey; Local 148 - 162 members strike Sears, Puerto Rico, Feb. 1967; Local 165 members strike Sears, 1967; Local 222 strikes Knitco, 1967; More Mfg. Co. workers strike, 1965; Local 62 members strike Angel wear; Local 24 strikes Cable Raincoat Co., 1955; Local 415 members strike McKay of Miami, 1966; Local 62 strikes Perry Ling; Pan Gard employees strike, 1966; David Dubinsky speaking, holding document titled "Why We Strike"; Cue Fashion workers strike, April 1957; Local 122 members strike Palmetto Mfg, 1965; Local 451 strikes Mode O` Day; black women picket Sipkin and Cuddle - Teens; Local 62 strikes Underwear Mills; River Park Mfg. on strike; workers strike Terri - Girl; Tan Jay workers strike; Billy Jack For Her workers strike; Swan Knit workers strike, Oct. 1959; picketing in front of Woolworth; picketing in front of Macy's; Talon workers strike, 1973; employees of H.T. Johnson strike, Boston; Copley workers strike, Allentown, Pennsylvania, March 1958; Stulberg, Zimmerman, and David Dubinsky in group, signs on wall celebrating "David Dubinsky Week"; Antonini receives plaque from the Kings County Liberal Party, 5/5/63; ILGWU members on the Mall, Washington DC, getting ready for a march; ILGWU members marching; group of children wearing Local 105 buttons; Union members on the Mall with Capitol in background; ILGWU women ask for contributions outside the ILGWU Health Center; woman hands a Union Label bag to a man dressed as Santa Claus; sculpture class; children point to the symbol of Local 105, David Dubinsky Meany, and Zimmerman
Box 38 Folder 2
Box 38 Folder 3
Box 38 Folder 4
Box 38 Folder 5
Box 38 Folder 6
Box 38 Folder 7
Box 38 Folder 8
Includes: Local 534 strikes Wentworth Mfg.; police walk past strikers; strikers protest imprisonment; workers picket in front of a store, 1968
Box 38 Folder 9
Includes: black woman striker stands next to police car; woman pickets alone as scabs walk past; worker picket in New York City; black women from Local 366 picket; black strikers board busses to go to Hubert H. Humphry`s rally in Charlotte, North Carolina; striking 366 members picket; black women picket; police watch picketers; strikers picket jail
Box 38 Folder 10
Box 38 Folder 11
Box 38 Folder 12
Box 38 Folder 13
Box 38 Folder 14
Includes: Stuchan speaking; Chaikin speaks to Stuchan
Box 38 Folder 15
Stulberg at the United Nations; Stulberg with a little girl who is holding an envelope; Stulberg and David Dubinsky shake hands, Mrs. Stulberg in background; Stulberg - speech; Stulberg - portrait; Stulberg and Chaikin laughing; Stulberg talks with George Meany
Box 38 Folder 16
Box 38 Folder 17
Box 38 Folder 18
Includes: crowd with placards supporting Stulberg; Stulberg speech; Stulberg - speech with the rest of the G.E.B. present, San Francisco, 1971; Stulberg casts a vote, 1947; Local 10 members with David Dubinsky and Stulberg, c. late 1920`s; David Dubinsky and Stulberg kiss; Stulberg talks with Molisani and Mendelsund; Zimmerman, George Meany, and Stulberg; Chaikin and Stulberg shake hands; women hold up placards bearing Stulberg's picture, 1971; David Dubinsky and Stulberg speaking at podium; Stulberg, Mrs. Stulberg, and David Dubinsky, 4/13/61 at Stulberg's Birthday Luncheon; Stulberg at 1950 Golden Jubilee; Stulberg - speech at podium displaying AFL-CIO symbol; Stulberg with his arm around David Dubinsky; Stulberg and Potofsky; Stulberg at United Nations; Zimmerman, Stulberg, and Hochman; David Dubinsky reads something while Stulberg raises his hand, 3/16/66; Stulberg speaks at one of his birthday dinners, with David Dubinsky and Harry Greenberg; Stulberg and Arthur Goldberg, 1968; Stulberg shakes hands with Bayard Rustin, 1970; Humphry and Stulberg shake hands; Stulberg, A. Philip Randolph, Paul Douglas, and Roy Wilkins, 1967; Stulberg and Max E. Weinstock, 1967; color photo of Harry Van Arsdale, Stulberg, Hubert Humphry, and Meany at a Labor Day parade; Stulberg, Humphry, and David Dubinsky; Stulberg and Angela Bambace; Stulberg is interviewed on television, 2/12/68; Stulberg shakes hands with Anna Kethly, 1966; Stulberg, Rustin, Lane Kirkland, and John Henning, 1969; Stulberg speaks at a Jewish Labor Committee dinner, with Meany, Humphrey, I.W. Abel, Zimmerman, P.L. Siemiller, Potofsky, and Molisani; Gus Tyler, Stulberg, Meany, David Dubinsky, and Antonini; Hubert Humphrey and Stulberg; Stulberg receives a copy of the book, "The Education of Abraham Cahan", 1969; Stulberg receives a high Israel award, with Mayor John V. Lindsay, Abraham Beame, Sol Chaikin and Nat Boriskin, 1973; Stulberg with Los Angeles Mayor Thomas Bradley and Frederick O`Neal; Stulberg pays tribute to Luigi Antonini at an Italian American Labor Council luncheon, with Molisani, and Salvatore Noto also present, 1969; Stulberg with Hans Kouba, 1972; Stulberg with two boy scouts, 1971
Box 38 Folder 19
Box 38 Folder 20
Box 38 Folder 21
Box 38 Folder 22
Box 38 Folder 23
Box 38 Folder 24
Box 38 Folder 25
Box 39 Folder 1
Includes: Stulberg speaks at a banquet for his 25th Wedding Anniversary; Stulberg speaks at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 1969; Stulberg and Antonini with a handicapped young girl in the hospital; Stulberg and his wife at a Local 62 Christmas party, 12/19/50; portrait of Stulberg; group photo including David Dubinsky and Stulberg; Stulberg - speech to large crowd, 1948; Stulberg at banquet; Zimmerman and Stulberg at banquet, 1/28/59; Stulberg - speech, 6/28/66; Stulberg speaks in the council room, 6/23/66; Stulberg - speech, 6/14/66; Stulberg - speech at Local 91 dinner, 6/8/60; Stulberg speech, 11/1/67; Stulberg - speech, Oct. 1967; Stulberg receives an award for "distinguished service in the cause of liberalism", 5/6/62; Stulberg with Potofsky; Stulberg speaks at a banquet, Golda Meir also present, 1967
Box 39 Folder 2
Box 39 Folder 3
Box 39 Folder 4
Box 39 Folder 5
Box 39 Folder 6
Includes: Teper at his desk; Teper speaking into a microphone; group photo including David Dubinsky and Teper
Box 39 Folder 7
Includes: group photo including Teper; Teper speaking; Teper speaking, Jan. 1966
Box 39 Folder 8
Includes: Man fitting dress on a dummy; Gus Tyler - portrait; Gus Tyler speaking at Training Institute graduation, 6/9/60; Antonini hands diploma to young man as David Dubinsky, Hochman, and Stulberg look on, 1959; Eleanor Roosevelt with students; classroom photo. Training Institute - Includes: Stulberg with graduates, 6/9/60; Training Institute day class, 6/8/60; classroom photo; Training Institute day class Graduation, 1960; class photo, 5/27/54; Mrs. G.D.H. Cole, member of Parliament, with ILG Training Institute students; students at a dance; Hochman, David Dubinsky, and Stulberg with students, July 1958; Training Institute class of 1952; Training Institute class of 1956; David Dubinsky - speech, Hochman and Antonini also present; stock broker R.C. Ingalls gives a lecture to students, director Arthur Elder also present, 5/18/54; Antonini hands out diplomas, 5/27/54; Institute students visit Hochman at the Dress Joint Board, 7/9/53; classroom photo, Feb. 1960; Vice Presidents at the Training Institute, 5/25/55; David Dubinsky speaks to Institute students; Institute students in Hochman's office; Antonini being interviewed on WEVD; Institute applicants being interviewed, 3/16/56; Institute class of 1959; ILGWU women at the School for Workers, University of Wisconsin, Summer of 1967
Box 39 Folder 9
Box 39 Folder 10
Box 39 Folder 11
Box 39 Folder 12
Box 39 Folder 13
Includes: Photo of exterior of the Institute, 1953
Box 39 Folder 14
Includes: girls in their bedroom in the Institute; children eating
Box 39 Folder 15 1911
During the fire and immediately afterwards. Includes: burned out 9th and 10th floors of building after fire; exterior of building after fire; firemen spray water at building; policeman looking up, with a pile of bodies at his feet; corpses in coffins; dead bodies lay scattered in front of a building; group outside Pier Morgue, 3/26/11; men tend to dying victims; twisted fire escape ladder; crowd at scene of fire, 3/26/11; and Asch building which housed Triangle Shirtwaist factory
Box 39 Folder 16 1911
Identifying victims and private mourning. Mourners walk past coffins; a funeral for two strikers; portrait of two who may have been victims
Box 39 Folder 17 1911
Public mourning and marches; large crowd watches funeral procession; "we mourn our loss"
Box 39 Folder 18 1911
Newspaper photos, stories, and cartoons. Image from New York Evening Journal, 3/27/11, showing eight different photos; image from newspaper of a fire escape; image of cartoon depicting Inspector of Buildings as a skeleton; skeleton rising, holding the door, images of drawings about fire; image of newspaper photo of staircase; newspaper print of investigators on the roof of the Asch building (coroner Holtzhauser, J.R. Rubins and C. F. Bostwick);
Box 39 Folder 19 1911
Factory related images. Leon Stein in NYU (Asch) building, Triangle Fire book cover, group photo of Max Blanck, Isaac Harris and others, perhaps workers and visitors
Box 39 Folder 20 1911
Brown Brother's photos, the victims
Box 39 Folder 20a 1911
Brown Brother's photos, the building
Box 39 Folder 21 1961
Includes: Esther Peterson talking at 1961 Memorial; Francis Perkins and Eleanor Roosevelt; Murray Gross, Israel Breslow, Pauline Newman, Shelly Appleton, and Manny Gonzalez at 63rd Anniversary of the fire, 3/25/74; David Dubinsky and Potofsky at Triangle Memorial; David Dubinsky looks at museum display of women in fire; image of a photo of protesters after the fire; monument to dead workers
Box 39 Folder 22 1961
Includes: Leon Stein being interviewed; fire fighters salute victims of the fire; speakers on raised platform, banners, buildings; Esther Petersen speaking, ?Wagner, Potofsky, Dubinsky and Stein on platform; speakers' platform with fire truck ladder next to building; crowd including vintage fire trucks
Box 39 Folder 23 1961
Includes: Fire fighter speaking; David Dubinsky speaking; people paying their respects; text of the monument inscription
Box 39 Folder 23a 1961
Contact sheets
Box 39 Folder 24
Josephine Nicolosi, Italian Dressmakers Local 89, Survivor of the fire, Triangle fire memorial plaque with fire dept. honor guard, Murray Gross, Shelley Appleton, James McQuade, 1971; Pauline Newman is interviewed at the 1981 Triangle fire memorial gathering; Speakers, attendees and commemorative wreath at the 70th anniversary of the Triangle fire
Box 39 Folder 25
Includes: David Dubinsky at a diorama depicting women in the burning Triangle Shirtwaist factory (original and retouched); Scene from a movie depicting women trying to escape the burning Triangle factory, shows work space; Scene from a movie depicting women trying to escape the burning Triangle factory, shows women pounding on the locked door
Box 40 Folder 1
Includes: Truman and David Dubinsky speaking; Truman - portrait; Truman - speech, portrait of Samuel 40 in the background; women with placards welcoming Truman; Truman and David Dubinsky laughing, 1944
Box 40 Folder 2
Includes: photo of David Dubinsky and Truman sitting next to each other; Truman - speech, David Dubinsky standing next to him; Truman and David Dubinsky at AFL convention, 1953; Pres. Truman, Herbert Lehman, Margaret Truman, Mrs. Truman, and David Dubinsky at Liberal Party rally, 10/28/48; David Dubinsky and the Truman family clapping, 10/28/48; Truman, Ickes and David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky, Potofsky, and Antonini present award to Truman; Truman and David Dubinsky whisper to each other, 12/5/59; Ickes, David Dubinsky, Lehman, and Truman; Truman - speech; Truman holds up the first Medicare card, Feb. 1966; Truman shakes hands with Philip Murray and William Green, 9/9/50; Truman speech, with portrait of Samuel Gompers in background; group photo including Truman and Antonini; Truman portrait; Truman wearing a union label apron, 1962
Box 40 Folder 3
Box 40 Folder 4
Box 40 Folder 5
Includes: Umhey - portrait, c. 1930's
Box 40 Folder 6
Includes: medal commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Union Health Center, 1963; LBJ presents medal to David Dubinsky, 6/6/64; LBJ greets a crowd; LBJ - speech, with David Dubinsky by his side; David Dubinsky walks with LBJ; color image of David Dubinsky speaking, LBJ and Hubert Humphry also present; color photo of David Dubinsky receiving medal from LBJ; color photo of LBJ's speech; color image of LBJ and David Dubinsky speaking to each other
Box 40 Folder 7
Box 40 Folder 8
Box 40 Folder 9
Includes: people board elevator next to Union Health Center sign
Box 40 Folder 10
Includes: Exterior of Health Center in St. Louis, 1947; exterior of Chicago Health Center; exterior of Fall River, Mass. Health Center; Wilkes-Barre Union Health Center exterior; Los Angeles Health Center; exterior of Newark Health Center; Cleveland Health Center exterior; doorway of New York Health Center building; Kansas City Union Health Center exterior; Montreal Health Center exterior; David Dubinsky cuts the tape at the opening of the Boston Health Center, with Dan Tobin also present, 1948; David Dubinsky cuts the tape at the Miami Health Center; exterior of New York building which houses Health Center; doctor examines patient; examination room at Health Center; historical photo of Health Center main office; the cafeteria; group photo of nurses; dietitian counsels patient; woman looks at nutrition display; group photo of George Price, Louis Stern, Zimmerman, Lewis Miller, Isidore Nagler, Philip Hillkowitz, Morris Feinstone, Philip Kapp, Joseph Belsky, Jacob Miller, Joseph Schlossberg, Gustave Strebel, Pauline Newman, Adolph Germer, Abraham Snyder, Samuel Rosenthal, Harry Begoon, Rose Ash, E.M. Rokofsky, and Charles Miller; group of women around (WTUL) Women's Trade Union League sign, with Pauline Newman and Eleanor Roosevelt; doctors in laboratory; Lehman, William Green, and David Dubinsky by medical equipment
Box 40 Folder 11
Box 40 Folder 12
Box 40 Folder 13
Box 40 Folder 14
Box 40 Folder 15
Box 40 Folder 16
Includes: Center being loaded onto boat; elderly woman walking into Center; crowd of people outside Center; military guards stand by Center; army jeeps escort Center; David Dubinsky speaks with woman at television station, 12/13/54; doctor examines baby; the Mobile Health Center; Stulberg stands with others in front of Center, Puerto Rico, c. 1957; Center in Puerto Rico after hurricane; members pose outside the Center, New Albany, Pennsylvania
Box 40 Folder 17
Box 40 Folder 18
Includes: Meany and Eisenhower; David Dubinsky sews a garment, as Meany and Mrs. Meany look on; women model clothes bearing the Union Label; Union Label display
Box 40 Folder 19
Includes: Louis Rubin, Antonini, Zimmerman, Wagner, Lehman, Nelson Rockefeller and David Dubinsky watch Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller sewing first Union Label, 1/9/59; group including David Dubinsky and Meany crowd around woman at sewing machine; Union Label float at parade; Eisenhower and Meany look at a shop exhibit; David Dubinsky with group of women in Union Label dresses; close up of a Union Label; Julius Hochman, David Dubinsky, and Stulberg at meeting with Union Label Advertising Agency, 3/4/59; ILGWU chorus portrait; ILGWU members hold a Union Label banner in a Labor Day parade, 1978
Box 40 Folder 20
Box 40 Folder 21
Includes: Pauline Newman sews as group including Stulberg look on; Union Label press conference, 12/22/59; Meany and Gus Tyler look at book, 1960; ILGWU representatives receive the Moral Tone in Advertising award, 1960; Antonini, Zimmerman, Wagner, Lehman, Uviller, David Dubinsky, Nelson Rockefeller and Hochman watch Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller sew in first Union Label, 1/9/59; women in front of Union Label display; Conn. manager Bert Cooper presents Union Label Apron to Gov. Abraham Ribicoff, Aug. 1960; Union Label advertisement on subway; close up of a Union Label; Moe Rosen changes Times Square street sign to "Union Label Square", 9/1/60; Julia Balasz distributes ILGWU Union Label aprons, June 1960; Stulberg and Antonini watch Newark's governor's wife sew in a Union Label
Box 40 Folder 22
Box 40 Folder 23
Box 41 Folder 1
Includes: Stulberg watches woman sew in Union Label; Meany and Eisenhower; ILGWU women in front of a huge Christmas tree; group including Antonini, Wagner, Lehman, Uviller, Nelson Rockefeller, and David Dubinsky watch Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller sew in the first Union Label; men make Union Label t shirts; women on Union Label parade float; Stulberg with a little girl, Union Label posters in the background, June 1965; women on parade float, 12/7/60; little girls hold a Union Label poster; little Asian girl in a Union Label kimono; Local 295 Pittston Union Label Committee; Sol Chaikin at a Union Label display, Springfield, Illinois, 1975; black women hold Union Label banner; chorus singing, 1977; exhibit showing work rooms of 1900 and 1960; booth at Denver Union Label show; people at the Capitol, Sept. 1979; ILGWU fashion show; billboard advertising Union Label; ILGWU women distribute leaflets; airplane with Union Label banner behind it; women in dresses covered with the Union Label; David Dubinsky and Esther Peterson; Edward Koch with ILGWU women in Rockefeller Center, New York City, 1979; David Dubinsky at opening of Union Label Advertising Campaign, Grand Central Station, June, 1961; woman carrying a Union Label shopping bag, 1963; Chaikin speech at fashion show; Chaikin and Stulberg with girls in Union Label dresses; Stulberg with women in Union Label dresses; images from production of Union Label television commercial, 1979; Meany and Eisenhower; David Dubinsky runs sewing machine as Meany looks on
Box 41 Folder 2
Box 41 Folder 3
Box 41 Folder 4
Box 41 Folder 5
Box 41 Folder 6
Box 41 Folder 7
Box 41 Folder 8
Box 41 Folder 9
Box 41 Folder 10
Box 41 Folder 11
Box 41 Folder 12
Box 41 Folder 13
Box 41 Folder 14
Box 41 Folder 14a
Includes: Union men and women distribute Union Label leaflets
Box 41 Folder 14b
Includes: woman hands out leaflets outside a store
Box 41 Folder 15
Includes: Rockettes on strike in front of Radio City Music Hall, 1967; group of Frackville strikers meeting, 1933
Box 41 Folder 16
Includes: ILGWU administrator Cornelius Wall gives a check to Caesar Chavez; Rockettes picket outside Radio City Music Hall, 1967; Caesar Chavez holds a sign urging a boycott of Iceberg Lettuce; Machinists Union District 27 members picket, Louisville, Kentucky; George Meany speaks behind podium bearing presidential seal, as Eisenhower claps for him; Meany looks at poster for 1960 AFL-CIO Union Industries Show; Stulberg and Potofsky, Stulberg talks at podium bearing Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Symbol, as Potofsky looks on; David Dubinsky at Convention of Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers; United Steelworkers of America meeting; large group of men in suits including Meany, Potofsky, and David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky - speech, as Harry Van Arsdale and others look on; David Dubinsky with William Schnitzler and Daniel Conway; David Dubinsky - speech; David Dubinsky at banquet to celebrate the union of the Bakers Union and Cake Bakers Union, 3/20/73
Box 41 Folder 17
Box 41 Folder 18
Includes: folk dancing; women on porch of Unity House, Cape Cod, Mass.; swimming on Unity Lake; men and women playing badminton; Meany and Goldberg; cutting the ribbon at the theater, with Meany, David Dubinsky, Antonini, Stulberg, and Zimmerman; Unity House staff, 7/1/61; group at discussion on the economic basis of modern civilization, 1928; group at lecture on appreciation of art, 7/5/25; discussion on Social Psychology, Aug. 1926; discussion on Social Interpretation of Literature, Aug. 1926; Aerial photo of Unity House; house on fire; men watching house on fire; building at Unity House; cabins in the woods; women talk in the woods; Hochman, David Dubinsky, Hanna Haskel, and Antonini dine with others; group including David Dubinsky and Zimmerman listen to a lecture by Jan Valtin; women talk over a Coca-Cola; men play shuffleboard; people at the lakefront
Box 41 Folder 19
Box 41 Folder 20
Box 42 Folder 1
Includes: bosses "picket" David Dubinsky's table at a dinner; David Dubinsky at opening of Unity House, 6/3/38; Drawing of plans for the theater; David Dubinsky, Antonini in group in front of new theater; folk dancing; swimming on Unity lake; bosses point at David Dubinsky during a song; Unity House from the sky; photo of building model; cabins (color); Unity House entrance; Asian person rows a boat; playing volleyball; Lakeside Recreation Hall & Theater; theater; barber shop; cabins; bungalows; ice cream parlor; kitchen; Molisani, David Dubinsky, Angela Bambace, and Antonini with bust of Giuseppe Mazzini; David Dubinsky in front of theater; large group of men including David Dubinsky; group including David Dubinsky, Zimmerman listen to Jan Valtin; construction of a new building, 7/22/71
Box 42 Folder 2
Box 42 Folder 3
Box 42 Folder 4
Box 42 Folder 5
Box 42 Folder 6
Box 42 Folder 7
Box 42 Folder 8
Box 42 Folder 8a
Includes: caricatures of: Edward Murrow; Zeppo Marx; Catherine Hepburn; Harpo Marx; Frank Sinatra; Groucho Marx; May West; Charlie Chaplin; Alfred Hitchcock; Mickey Mouse; Laurel and Hardy; Bob Hope; Jack Benny; James Cagney; Lucile Ball; Marlena Dietrich; Clark Gable; Greta Garbo; and others
Box 42 Folder 8b
Box 42 Folder 8c
Includes: older photos of groups of vacationers; group including David Dubinsky
Box 42 Folder 8d
Lederer family albums of Forest Park Hotel, 1905-1910, which were purchased by ILGWU in 1919 and became Unity House
Box 42 Folder 8e
Box 42 Folder 8f
Box 42 Folder 8g
Box 42 Folder 8h
Box 42 Folder 9
Includes: Antonini, Meany, and Bambace at ILGWU 29th Convention, 1956; Bambace; Bambace - speech; parade float; women waving; women strikers; group photo including Kreindler and Haskel
Box 42 Folder 10
Box 42 Folder 11
Includes: Humphrey - speech, Stulberg in background; Bombace - speech; striking women; sign congratulating Sol Chaikin; Meany and Bambace; black man striking; cutter with his machine; group including Bambace; picketing Judy Bond; Chaikin speaking; women march in parade, c. 1950`s; Bambace with women in Union Label dresses; girls point to the union charter; children at Welfare party, Baltimore, 12/20/57; Hannah Haskell, Charles Kreindler, and Angela Bambace, July 1950; Local 1109 members on strike; Bambace, Kreindler, and Zimmerman; Kreindler - speech, as Bambace looks on; women of the Maiden Form softball team, Princeton, New Jersey; Chaikin speaks as Bambace looks on; Bambace - speech; Local 561 members strike; Kreindler, Haskell, and David Dubinsky in group; Kreindler with women in Union Label dresses; bus on way to 1950 Convention; Zimmerman, with a large bandage on his head, and David Dubinsky; Stulberg at his desk; people clap for LBJ; LBJ waves to crowd; Sen. Robert C. Bird; Sen. John Butler; Rep. John R. Foley; Foley with Kreindler and Bambace; Rep. Edward Garmatz; women with political posters; political scene in With These Hands; Kreindler and Bambace speak; Bambace with Zimmerman; Christmas tree at Welfare Party, Baltimore, 12/20/57; Kenrose Mfg strike, 1960; Local 420 members on a parade float; a crowd goes wild as Angela Bambace is nominated for another term; strikers outside Sears; Zimmerman, Stulberg, Bambace, and Kreindler; Bambace talks to women; Bambace, John Martin, and Agnes Martin, 1950; Kreindler and Bambace; Quality Mgr.. Co. workers strike; group including Bambace holds charter, 1950; Bambace with A. Philip Randolph; Local 438 members on a parade float; Rep. Edward Gamatz with women in Union Label dresses; party at Local 422's 10th Anniversary; delegates on boardwalk at 1950 convention
Box 42 Folder 12
Box 42 Folder 13
Box 42 Folder 14
Box 42 Folder 15
Box 42 Folder 16
Box 42 Folder 17
Box 42 Folder 18
Box 42 Folder 19
Box 42 Folder 20
Box 42 Folder 21
Box 42 Folder 22
Box 43 Folder 1
Includes: picketers; parade float; employees of Claire Frocks on a parade float; Bambace - speech; strikers rest in the shade; group photo including David Dubinsky, Bambace, and women in Union Label dresses; Kreindler; black woman and black man striking; G.H. & E. Freydberg workers on strike; Sherritt Flag workers strike; Katzenberg strikers; Local 561 members strike; Local 403 members strike Ace Mfg; Forge Mfg workers strike; striker campfire; float advertising Unity House; Binstron workers strike; Local 400 members strike; Bambace speaks with her portrait in the background; black striker takes a break to sit down; strikers picket Sears; Baltimore Sun papers Unit strikes; women in historical dress with their parade float; Kreindler - speech; Gus Tyler, Kreindler, and David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky - speech, as Kreindler looks on; delegates of Locals from the Upper South Dept. at the 1950 Convention; woman at her sewing machine; Claire Frock workers on strike, Thurmont, Maryland, 1950; women in Union Label dresses in front of a huge Union Label; David Dubinsky with Joint Board Retirees; Upper South Dept. Conference, Roanoke, Virginia, 1951; the Committee on Resolutions, 1950 convention; David Dubinsky - speech
Box 43 Folder 2
Box 43 Folder 3
Box 43 Folder 4
Box 43 Folder 5
Box 43 Folder 6
Box 43 Folder 7
Box 43 Folder 8
Box 43 Folder 9
Box 43 Folder 10
Box 43 Folder 11
Includes: Luigi Antonini; Shelly Appleton; Angela Bambace; Morris Bialis; Joseph Breslaw; David Dubinsky; Evelyn Dubrow; Moe Falikman; David Gingold; Harry Greenburg; Julius Hochman; Louis Hyman; Mattie Jackson; Benjamin Kaplan; Nicolas Kirtzman; Abraham Kirzner; Edward Kramer; Philip Kramer; Charles Kreindler; Samuel Lefkovits; Jennie Matyas; Isadore Nagler; Louis Nelson; Salvatore Ninfo; Samuel Otto; Julio Ramirez; E.J. Rihrer; William Ross; George Rubin; Bernard Shane; Louis Stulberg; Cornelius Wall; Charles Zimmerman
Box 43 Folder 12
Box 43 Folder 13
Box 43 Folder 14
Box 43 Folder 15
Box 44 Folder 1
see above listing for Bx. 43, f. 11-15
Box 44 Folder 2
Box 44 Folder 3
Includes: different photos of those listed in Bx. 43
Box 44 Folder 4
Box 44 Folder 5
Box 44 Folder 6
Includes: portraits of people from Bx. 43, f. 11-15
Box 44 Folder 7
See Bx. 43, f. 11-15
Box 44 Folder 8
Box 44 Folder 9
Includes: photos of those listed in Bx. 43, f. 11-15
Box 44 Folder 10
See Bx. 43, f. 11-15
Box 44 Folder 11
Box 44 Folder 12
Box 44 Folder 13
Box 44 Folder 14
See Bx. 43, f. 11-15
Box 44 Folder 15
Box 44 Folder 16
Box 44 Folder 17
Box 44 Folder 18
Box 44 Folder 19
Box 44 Folder 20
Includes: Visiting Swedish Trade Unionists with Hochman, Mark Starr, and Stulberg, in front of mural, 1959; woman from India visits garment factory; Japanese visitors, 1949; members of the Burma Labor Study Mission, 10/20/53
Box 44 Folder 21
Includes: group of men including David Dubinsky, Vladeck, and LaGuardia, 1/11/35
Box 44 Folder 22
Includes: Vladeck memorial, with David Dubinsky and LaGuardia, 12/11/38
Box 45 Folder 1
Includes: women hold signs urging people to vote; Spanish sign on truck urging people to register to vote; David Dubinsky at the voting center
Box 45 Folder 2
Includes: woman leads a group in song at the Voter Registration Rally; David Dubinsky - speech with sign in background urging voter registration; women on parade float; women with their voter registration cards; sign on truck urging people to register to vote
Box 45 Folder 3
Includes: Benjamin Kaplan and Gus Tyler with Wagner, 10/10/56; Wagner and David Dubinsky
Box 45 Folder 4
Includes: Wagner - speech, David Dubinsky in background; group photo including Wagner, 1969; Wagner shakes garment worker`s hand, 1969; Wagner shakes hands with a black man; ILGWU political billboard endorsing Wagner; David Dubinsky speaks at Garment Center rally for Wagner, 11/2/61; Wagner and David Dubinsky; Wagner uses a cutter, 1969; Wagner and David Dubinsky riding bicycles down the streets of New York
Box 45 Folder 5
Includes: Sidney Hillman and David Dubinsky
Box 45 Folder 6
Includes: Dave Beck before the AFL-CIO Ethical Practices Committee, with David Dubinsky, Arthur Goldberg, and A.J. Hayes, 9/5/57; David Dubinsky, 8/24/62
Box 45 Folder 7
Includes: Leon Shapiro signs a contract as Isidor Stenzor of the ILGWU looks on, Los Angeles
Box 45 Folder 8
Includes: Louis Levy, L. Rubin, M.R. Naylor, and H. Golub talk, Los Angeles; Louis Levy shows Feiga Mendzyrzecka around Los Angeles office
Box 45 Folder 9
Includes: Whalen speech; David Dubinsky and Whalen in front of a NRA sign
Box 45 Folder 10
Includes: Wendell Wilkie and David Dubinsky
Box 45 Folder 11
Includes: Wilkie upon his return from Russia, 1945
Box 45 Folder 12
Includes: Scenes from the movie
Box 45 Folder 13
Includes: Scenes from the movie; women in Tokyo meet to see the movie; William E. Moran and J. Van Connigem in front of an ILGWU display at opening of With These Hands; David Dubinsky and Sam Levene
Box 45 Folder 14
Box 45 Folder 15
Box 45 Folder 16
Box 45 Folder 17
Box 45 Folder 18
Box 45 Folder 19
Box 45 Folder 20
Box 45 Folder 21
Box 45 Folder 22
Box 45 Folder 23
Box 45 Folder 24
Box 45 Folder 25
Box 45 Folder 26
Includes: Eleanor Roosevelt, Rose Schneiderman, and Pauline Newman in group with Women's Trade Union League sign; members march in Labor Day parade, 1913. (see also box 30 ff 24 and box 40 ff 10-15)
Box 45 Folder 27
Includes: David Dubinsky speech at Workmen`s Circle Home Dedication, 6/11/61, with Nelson Rockefeller; large crowd at the Dedication; David Dubinsky and Potofsky at the 75th Anniversary of Workmen's Circle, 11/16/76
Box 45 Folder 28
Includes: crowd scene, Field Hospital Tent rally; ILGWU Scrap metal drive; at launching of S.S. Morris Sigman, 2/2/44; David Dubinsky, Hochman, Vanni Montana, Jay Lovestone, John Jelo, and Antonini; Negotiating Committee from Rice - Stix, St. James, Missouri, Local 389
Box 45 Folder 29
Includes: Matthew Woll drives an army truck, with David Dubinsky, Joseph Breslaw, and Israel Feinberg; women march in parade; ILGWU parade float; Hochman and Antonini in front of symbol for Victory Loan, 1945; crowd scene, Field Hospital Tent rally; man speaks in front of religious unity billboard; David Dubinsky speech; David Dubinsky at German Refugee Camps, 1958; children; Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion at inauguration of Mapai Printing Press, 5/1/53; wreath at grave of war casualties; David Dubinsky at dinner of the Board of Trustees of the Refugee Relief Fund, 11/5/42; people holding war bonds; David Dubinsky gives speech after Pearl Harbor, Dec. 1942; sailors and women; women pack cans in boxes; dancing in London during the war; Ambassador John Winant - speech, 7/23/42; David Dubinsky laughs with ILGWU members and a sailor
Box 45 Folder 30
Box 45 Folder 31
Box 46 Folder 1
Includes: Line at Manhattan Blood Bank; Frances Day and Pat Taylor visit the Merchant Navy Club in London, 7/23/42; V.J. day in the Garment District; Local 142 gives toilet kits to veterans in hospital, St. Albans, New York, 4/3/43; Ernest Bevin looks at plaque for Rest Break House, England; Queen Elizabeth visits the Navy Club; Russian sailors with woman; South Jersey Joint Board manager gets a metal for war bond contributions; men play pool at the merchant navy club; women give "V" sign as they hold a poster for Victory Loans; men at the merchant navy club; woman with AFL war poster; Frances Day at Merchant Navy Club; parade; ILGWU members are taught first aid; women sew a flag, Local 65, Los Angeles; man shows how to tie parachute harness; women at garden at Rest Break House
Box 46 Folder 2
Box 46 Folder 3
Box 46 Folder 4
Box 46 Folder 5
Box 46 Folder 6
Includes: the ship "Benjamin Schlesinger"; at the "Morris Hillquit" ship launching; launching of "Meyer London"; brother of Meyer London at ship's launching
Box 46 Folder 7
Includes: David Dubinsky, Zimmerman, and Hochman in group at ship launching; the ship "Morris Hillquit"; woman breaking bottle of champagne at Hillquit launching; Hillquit in the dry docks
Box 46 Folder 8
Box 46 Folder 9
Includes: Hochman gives David Dubinsky a check for $500,000 for War Relief Fund; Local 22 British - Russian medical aid fund; David Dubinsky, Green, Mr. Willis, Mrs. Morris Sigman, and Charles Kreindler
Box 46 Folder 10
Includes: Red Cross sewing unit, Local 228, Wilmington, Delaware; men carry box containing blood donated by Local 178; women in first aid class, Local 178; ILGWU members with the money they contributed to the Red Cross, Dallas, Texas, 11/11/41; nurses with children at "Liberty Hall" in England; women in Red Cross knitting class, 1/12/42; Local 22 members; Red Cross unit at Unity House; Red Cross Class, Local 142; woman with Emergency Seaman Kit, 6/15/45; Local 383 members show garments they are making for the Red Cross; Charles Zimmerman gives blood, 2/21/42; women sewing for the Red Cross in Montreal, 1/30/42; Field Hospital Tent rally; woman practices fist aid, Local 89; women in front of Defense Stamp poster; Sec.-Treasurer of Chicago Joint Board gives check for $10,000 to Red Cross, 3/6/43; Ambassador Winant at opening of Merchant Seamen's Club; First aid class, St. Louis
Box 46 Folder 11
Box 46 Folder 12
Box 46 Folder 13
Box 46 Folder 14
Includes: Four women trade unionists arrive in England for a tour, 6/16/45; shop scene at Bramson ORT School; New York ORT Trade School; ORT student with Louis Hollander and Israel Feinberg, Paris ORT school; exterior of Mendelsohn Home for children, France
Box 46 Folder 15
Includes: machinists at school in Israel; children in Carlo Tresca Institute, Italy; boys at International House, Haifa, Palestine; Local 22 sells its War Bond, with Harry Uviller and Charles Zimmerman, 6/10/42; parade float; U.S. women unionists delegation visits English factory; Merchant Seamen's Club, London; woman with sign for Defense Savings Stamps; plaque for Rest Break House; exterior of ORT school in Paris; Boys Town at Pozzuoli, Italy; person skydiving; exterior of Rest Break House; women of Local 376 hold the Defense Stamp Albums; young men fix motorcycle; men work in the Paris ORT school; Hochman and Harry Greenberg of Local 91 at ORT conference; Jewish woman works in a work program, Camp Hallein, Austria; Louis Hollander and Israel Feinberg visit the Paris ORT school; Gov. of Pennsylvania John Fine visits the Paris ORT school, 12/6/53; a young man works on a lathe; young man in chemistry class; Louis Hollander cuts a garment as Israel Feinberg looks on; Zimmerman and David Dubinsky with a sign for Russian War Relief; Zimmerman and Asian woman in front of sign for relief to China; Eleanor Roosevelt visits the Paris ORT school; group of young men in front of a sign saying "Viva American Federation of Labor", FDR Institute; young men in front of sign saying, "Viva ILGWU", 1955, FDR Institute; sign reading "Viva DD", FDR Institute; David Dubinsky visiting FDR Institute, 1955
Box 46 Folder 16
Box 46 Folder 17
Box 46 Folder 18
Box 46 Folder 19
Box 46 Folder 20
Box 46 Folder 21
Includes: Wyoming Valley District 25th Anniversary party, 1962, Locals 249, 295, 327
Box 46 Folder 22
Includes: Women with cake at 25th Anniversary party for Wyoming Valley District, 1962, Min Matheson speaks at 25th Anniversary Dinner, as Hochman looks on, 2/24/62
Box 47 Folder 1
Includes: Portrait of Zimmerman, Zimmerman at the christening of the ship Charles S. Zimmerman, 3/11/69;, Zimmerman birthday celebration; Zimmerman - speech at Garment District civil rights rally, 5/17/60; Zimmerman and Antonini with group of strikers from Local 10; Zimmerman marches in civil rights march; Zimmerman gets award from New York City Central Labor Council, 1965; Zimmerman speech; Socialist Party Dinner for Zimmerman, 1/30/71; Zimmerman, Joe Curran, and Harry Bridges
Box 47 Folder 2
Includes: Christening for the ship Charles S. Zimmerman, 3/11/69;; Zimmerman and David Dubinsky talk to press, 1959; Lehman, Uviller, and Zimmerman; talks to policeman, 1958 strike; Zimmerman holds union label placard in protest; Zimmerman hands out coffee during strike; banquet scene including Zimmerman, Stulberg and David Dubinsky; Zimmerman in front of plaque for Morris Hillquit Hospital; Zimmerman - portrait; Zimmerman at parade wearing Local 22 hat; David Dubinsky, Zimmerman, and Hochman; Zimmerman shakes hands with a soldier
Box 47 Folder 3
Box 47 Folder 4
Includes: 23rd ILGWU Convention, David Dubinsky at podium; Fannia Cohn and Robert Wagner, 1949; ILG Education Dept. Symposium, New York University, 1/27/51; Ambassador Philip Jessup speaks to ILG members at UN Headquarters, 9/22/49; ILGWU members at Cooper Union, with Fannia Cohn, 2/24/51; ILGWU Educational Dept. Center at New York University, 12/15/51, Fannia Cohn present; ILGWU members visit Bard College, 1955; ILGWU Education Dept. Chorus, 2/5/35; Local 10 classes in current history, 4/14/37; Student Fellowship members at FDR's grave, 8/10/46; Local 143 Educational Meeting, 2/28/35, Yonkers, New York; David Dubinsky and Hochman in group, signs for DD`s reelection in background; group of ILGWU Education Dept. Student Delegation to the 1937 Convention; David Dubinsky - speech at Local 60 Education Meeting, Antonini and Hochman also present; students at the Training for Trade Union Service Institute, May, 1935, with Zimmerman and Hochman; Local 143 class in Trade Unionism and Current Events, 1/22/35
Box 47 Folder 5
Box 47 Folder 6
Box 48 Folder 7
Includes: David Dubinsky receives the International Rescue Committee award, with George Meany, 12/13/66; group including Stulberg, Antonini, David Dubinsky and Meany shake hands; group including David Dubinsky, Potofsky, Stulberg; Stulberg and Potofsky; David Dubinsky - speech
Box 48 Folder 8
Box 48 Folder 9
Includes: Includes: Gov. Lehman checks cloak strike, 7/19/32, with Harry Uviller and David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky speaks at Dressmakers Mass Meeting, 7/16/33, with Album - Hochman in background; David Dubinsky signs contract with Industrial Council, Aug. 1933; David Dubinsky signs agreement, 9/19/33; men at negotiations for cloak agreement, summer 1933, with David Dubinsky; opening of Local 10`s new offices, Sept. 1933, with David Dubinsky and Stulberg; NRA coat and suit code label inauguration, 10/12/33, with David Dubinsky and Eleanor Roosevelt; David Dubinsky - speech, with Poliakoff, Breslau, Louis Langer, Wasilewski, and Max Cohen in background, 1/14/34; Joint Board and G.E.B., Kansas City, Missouri, March 1934; David Dubinsky in parade, May 1934; David Dubinsky at radio broadcast, W.E.V.D., 1934; parade at 1934 Convention; man with banner for Local 143 at 1934 Convention; David Dubinsky speaks at opening of the 1934 Convention; David Dubinsky with Illinois Gov. Horner; plaque for David Dubinsky; painting of David Dubinsky; David Dubinsky speaks at Local 32 Mass Meeting, 1934, Hochman and Antonini also present; Hochman speaks at 1934 Mass Meeting; David Dubinsky at dinner for Isadore Nagler, 7/19/34; David Dubinsky in bathrobe at Unity House, 1934; David Dubinsky, Hochman, and Antonini at 1932 Dressmakers` Meeting. OVERSIZE PHOTOGRAPHS
Box 49 Folder 1
Includes: Antonini pressing
Box 49 Folder 2
Includes: Chaikin in a meeting; color photo of Chaikin at 1980 Democratic Convention. Chaikin portrait
Box 49 Folder 3
Includes: Zimmerman with the Committee on International Affairs, 1956 Convention; David Dubinsky and the Italian Cloak Makers, Local 48 Delegation, 1934 Convention; Committee on Unemployment, Old Age Insurance, and Sick Benefits, 1934 Convention; Pacific Coast Federation, ILGWU 1937 Convention; Chicago Delegation to the ILGWU 1940 Convention
Box 49 Folder 4
Includes: Zimmerman with group at 1944 Convention
Box 49 Folder 5
Includes: Entire Convention at their tables
Box 49 Folder 6
Includes: Zimmerman with Local 22 delegation to 1953 Convention; Northeast Dept. Delegation; Zimmerman with the Committee on National and International Relations
Box 49 Folder 7
Includes: Chaikin with the Committee on Label
Box 49 Folder 8
Includes: David Dubinsky receives an award from Eleanor Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy
Box 49 Folder 9
Includes: Group picture including David Dubinsky at Brandeis University Commencement, 6/12/66
Box 49 Folder 10
Includes: David Dubinsky walks up a flight of steps; David Dubinsky - portrait
Box 49 Folder 11
Includes: David Dubinsky - portrait; David Dubinsky - speech; David Dubinsky - portrait as a younger man
Box 49 Folder 12
Includes: David Dubinsky and LBJ; Nixon at meeting including Meany, David Dubinsky, and Potofsky, 5/5/69
Box 49 Folder 13
Includes: Parade for Eisenhower after World War II
Box 49 Folder 14
Includes: David Dubinsky at dedication of Erlich - Alter memorial plaque, 3/30/43
Box 49 Folder 15
Includes: GEB in 1953; GEB for 1956-59; GEB for 1944-47
Box 49 Folder 16
Includes: Group photo including Green and David Dubinsky
Box 49 Folder 17
Includes: Color photo of AFL-CIO Executive Council, 2/23/79; Color group photo including Sol Chaikin; group photo at Luncheon for Jack Freedman, including Zimmerman, Hochman, and Antonini, 8/5/43
Box 49 Folder 17a
Box 49 Folder 18
Includes: Historic group photos
Box 49 Folder 19
Includes: women sewing in their homes
Box 49 Folder 20
Includes: Workshops of International House School; David Dubinsky and Emma Dubinsky visit the school; Students work in mechanic shop; Antonini visits shop; Zimmerman visits the School; ILGWU members visit the school; Chaikin portrait
Box 50 Folder 1
Includes: color photo of Hubert Humphrey and LBJ, 1965; David Dubinsky talks to LBJ
Box 50 Folder 2
Includes: Kennedy makes speech in the garment district as David Dubinsky looks on
Box 50 Folder 3
Includes: JFK and Jacqueline Onassis; David Dubinsky and Kennedy in front of banner for Liberal Party
Box 50 Folder 4
Includes: David Dubinsky and Robert Kennedy; Kennedy talks to a woman while campaigning in the garment district; Kennedy - speech
Box 50 Folder 5
Includes: Group of men in suits
Box 50 Folder 6
Includes: ILGWU Mandolin Orchestra, 2/25/46
Box 50 Folder 7
Includes: Local 22 members, including Zimmerman, c. 1936 - 1938; Local 22 members, including Zimmerman
Box 50 Folder 8
Includes: Asian people march with signs in English and Chinese
Box 50 Folder 9
Includes: Old Asian women hold flier for garment rally
Box 50 Folder 10
Includes: Luigi (last name not know), Local 38 - portrait
Box 50 Folder 11
Includes: Local 62 members singing the ILGWU Anthem, 8/4/34; Local 62 Executive Board, 1937-1939
Box 50 Folder 12
Includes: Local 66 Executive Board, 1935
Box 50 Folder 13
Includes: Men signing document
Box 50 Folder 13a
Includes: Contract between Mary Jones Dress Co. and ILGWU Local 985, with signatures; rally with people in ILGWU hats; woman gets medical examination; Hugh Mahoney; Grace Birkel; Scranton strike meeting; women and a car covered with Union Label banners; Max Wiesen workers on strike; women at Kennedy political rally, Scranton; little girls on stage at ILGWU function; women standing around a grill; woman at blood drive
Box 50 Folder 14
Staff meeting of the Northeast Dept. c. 1950's
Box 50 Folder 15
Founding meeting of ORT, including Louis Hollander, Mendl Sudarsky, Hochman, David Lvovich, Adolph Held, B. Charney Vladeck, Emma Dubinsky, Benjamin Tabachinsky, David Pinsky, Henry Greenfield, S. Silverberg, Joseph Weinberg, Isadore Nagler, and Jacob Heller, March, 1938
Box 50 Folder 16
Includes: David Dubinsky and cast members with FDR
Box 50 Folder 17
Includes: scenes from the show; FDR with David Dubinsky and cast members
Box 50 Folder 18
Box 50 Folder 19
Box 50 Folder 20
Includes: David Dubinsky - speech in garment district, as Hubert Humphrey and Robert Kennedy look on
Box 50 Folder 21
Includes: man using cutter; black woman sewing; woman sewing; women posed at Maryville Dress Company; sign "If you don't come in Sunday Don't Come in Monday. The Management."
Box 50 Folder 22
Includes: man sewing in old factory; "If you don't come in Sunday, Don't come in Monday" sign.
Box 50 Folder 23
Includes: Local 155 strike committee, Aug. 1940
Box 50 Folder 24
Includes: David Dubinsky swears in Stulberg
Box 50 Folder 25
Includes: series of smaller photos showing people in the Union Label television commercial
Box 50 Folder 26
Includes: The old buildings at Unity House; swimming at the lake; the new buildings at Unity House
Box 50 Folder 26a
Box 50 Folder 27
Includes: Exterior of Morris Sigman home for children, France
Box 50 Folder 28
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 50.1 Folder 1
Format: Black and white photograph
Includes: Contract between Mary Jones Dress Co. and ILGWU Local 985, with signatures; rally with people in ILGWU hats; woman gets medical examination; Hugh Mahoney; Grace Birkel; Scranton strike meeting; women and a car covered with Union Label banners; Max Wiesen workers on strike; women at Kennedy political rally, Scranton; little girls on stage at ILGWU function; women standing around a grill; woman at blood drive
Box 50.1 Folder 2
Format: Black and white photograph
Includes: Contract between Mary Jones Dress Co. and ILGWU Local 985, with signatures; rally with people in ILGWU hats; woman gets medical examination; Hugh Mahoney; Grace Birkel; Scranton strike meeting; women and a car covered with Union Label banners; Max Wiesen workers on strike; women at Kennedy political rally, Scranton; little girls on stage at ILGWU function; women standing around a grill; woman at blood drive
Box 50.1 Folder 3
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 50.1 Folder 4
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 50.1 Folder 5 1971
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 50.1 Folder 6
Format: Black and white photograph
Includes: Workshops of International House School; David Dubinsky and Emma Dubinsky visit the school; Students work in mechanic shop; Antonini visits shop; Zimmerman visits the School; ILGWU members visit the school; Chaikin portrait