ILGWU Communications Department Photographs

Collection Number: 5780/176 P

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ILGWU Communications Department Photographs, 1909-1995
Collection Number:
5780/176 P
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU)
14 linear ft.
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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
This collection contains photographs used by the Communications Department of the ILGWU. Included are photographs documenting ILGWU events and organizations, including conventions and other meetings, strikes and rallies, and local unions and regional departments. Also included are photographs of ILGWU presidents and other officers, political figures, and prominent labor unionists.
Collection material in English, Yiddish


The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union was once one of the largest labor unions in the United States founded in 1900 by local union delegates representing about 2,000 members in cities in the northeastern United States. It was one of the first U.S. Unions to have a membership consisting of mostly females, and it played a key role in the labor history of the 1920s and 1930s. The union is generally referred to as the "ILGWU" or the "ILG". The ILGWU grew in geographical scope, membership size, and political influence to become one of the most powerful forces in American organized labor by mid-century. Representing workers in the women's garment industry, the ILGWU worked to improve working and living conditions of its members through collective bargaining agreements, training programs, health care facilities, cooperative housing, educational opportunities, and other efforts. The ILGWU merged with the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union in 1995 to form the Union of Needle trades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE). UNITE merged with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE) in 2004 to create a new union known as UNITE HERE. The two unions that formed UNITE in 1995 represented only 250,000 workers between them, down from the ILGWU's peak membership of 450,000 in 1969.


The precursor to the ILGWU's Communications Department was the Publications and Publicity Department. Though the name and scope of the department changed over time, its primary function stayed the same throughout the history of the ILGWU. The department was responsible for the publication of the ILGWU's official publication Justice, as well as the official editions in Yiddish (Gerechtigkeit), Italian (Giustizia), and Spanish (Justicia), and it was also responsible for cooperating with journalists outside of the union on pieces about the ILGWU. Beyond coordinating such efforts of journalists, the Communications Department provided information about the union to other labor organizations, students, and teachers.


The records of the Communications Department consist entirely of subject and biographical files, with related photographs. Taken together, these records document ILGWU events, organizations, and leaders, as well as political figures and other prominent labor unionists.
The Communications Department's alphabetical subject files (5780/176) contain clippings from publications that appear to be produced through the Communications Department or with its cooperation. The clippings in this collection provide concise, published accounts of events and affiliates of the ILGWU, as well as of issues of special interest to the union. The related photograph collection (5780/176 P) includes a variety of images documenting the work of the union, arranged in two series: Events and Organizations, and Personalities. These photographs include large groups of people at meetings, protests, and other events, and ILGWU members, staff, and leaders at work.
The Communications Department's biographical files (5780/177) are of interest not only because they provide sometimes difficult-to-find, basic information on ILGWU members and officers, but because that information was provided by the individuals themselves, on forms provided by the union and designed to be returned to the office when completed. These biographical forms appear to have begun as a project of the editors of Justice, and the information contained includes date and place of birth, when the subject arrived in the United States, positions held in the ILGWU or other unions, and outside activities and interests. The related photograph collection (5780/177 P) includes portraits of some of the individuals represented in the biographical files, as well as photographs of events and miscellaneous photographs.

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union -- Photographs
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. Communications Dept. -- Photographs

Women's clothing industry--New York (State)--New York -- Photographs
Women's clothing industry--United States -- Photographs
Clothing workers--Labor unions--New York (State)--New York -- Photographs
Clothing workers--Labor unions--United States -- Photographs
Clothing workers--New York (State)--New York -- Photographs
Clothing workers--United States -- Photographs
Textile workers--New York (State)--New York -- Photographs
Textile workers--United States -- Photographs
Industrial relations--New York (State) -- Photographs
Industrial relations--United States -- Photographs

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Box 1 Folder 1
Includes: Lane Kirkland and Lech Walesa; ILG Chorus at convention, n.d.; Edward James Olmos "Union Yes", 1989; Kirkland with Yvonne Patz and Bob Hostetter at the Penn State Labor Advisory Committee, 1987; Louise Hildebrand interviews Pa. State Senator Frank O'Connell for an 'America Works' episode, 1987; Cosby Show's Sabrina LeBeauf, 1987; Label for a "Buy American" campaign, 1986
Box 1 Folder 2
Includes: Picture of man with a bottle of liquor; Article describing AA meetings, 1987
Box 1 Folder 3
Includes: APALA's second convention, Los Angeles, with Jesse Jackson Jr., David K Trask, Jr., Yuri Kockiyama, Fred T. Korematsu, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Frank Antonio and Kent Wong; APALA march in Washington D.C. with Pres. Kirkland and ILG Pres. Jay Mazur, May 1992; APALA convention, Washington D.C., 1992; APALA march, Los Angeles, n.d.; ILGWU Organizer Francisco Chang at APALA conference, 1993; APALA convention, Washington D.C. with Mazur, 1992
Box 1 Folder 4
Includes: Graphic for "Dressmakers' General Strike Declared", 1933
Box 1 Folder 5
Includes: AIM member, Bonnie Kuhns; Jay Mazur at AIM annual executive board meeting, New York, includes Rhonda Sullivan, Dir. Judith Wineman, Nancy Wiles, Marisol Ortiz, AIM Dir. Martin Berger, Fanny Yuen, Ida Yuen, Amadis Prada, 1994; Amira Barros and Rudolfo Guzman display the new chapter banner, 1994; AIM members Houston, Texas, 1994; Kentucky Congressman Tom Barlow with AIM members, Princeton, KT, 1994; AIM convention with Mazur and Director Martin Berger, 1993; AIM Canadian chapter, 1992, ILG headquarters, Toronto, 1992; Director Berger, 1991; AIM Chapter #4 Pres. Thelma Tibbs and members of Local 410, 1992; Mary Jones, AIM chapter Vice President, Bob Sleiger, Ruby Cutts, Congressman Kostmayer, Norma Terry and Mary Berger, 1992; AIM march, New York City, 1992; Executive Vice Pres. Edgar Romney, 1992 in New York City; Vice Pres. Sal Giardina AIM charter, Barbara Truex and Berger, 1989; Officers of the Matawan AIM Chapter, Diana Brody, Barbara Truex, Mary Ann Kammann and Patt Engel, 1990; Associate ILGWU Members (AIM) march, Colorado, 1990; Kentucky AIM Chapter, n.d.; Twenty-Three members for chapter 8 receiving their certificates from Cornell University (ILR), New York, 1991; AIM members celebrate a decision by NLRB, Pa., 1991; AIM members at Camp Solidarity, n.d.; New AIM chapter The Chinese Voice of New York City, 1992; AIM parade float, n.d.; Martin Berger, May 1987; Giardina, April 1987; Berger explains new associate member program to GAC members, 1987; Nancy Manieri, 8-year ILG member, 1989; ILG member, Mary Stephen, n.d.; ILG member Kate Dewald, n.d.; Carol Hine, Jan. 1989; Mazur, Gonzalez and Berger handing out associate membership cards, 1988; AIM members, Colorado, 1989; Berger and Local 543 Pres, Doris Blount greeting the first member of AIM in Ohio, Linda Clark, 1988
Box 1 Folder 6
Includes: Clarence Judge, cutter, 1994; Lily Lee, operator, 1994; Frank Lampasi, tailor, 1994; Theresa Borromea, union member, 1994; ILGWU Health Service Plan graphic, 1988; graphic for benefit funds, 1988; Dir. Theodore Bernstein, testifies on catastrophic health insurance, 1987
Box 1 Folder 7
Includes : Fashion show for Democratic delegates, 1992
Box 1 Folder 8
Includes: Workers strike against four garment companies, El Paso, TX., 1991; Rally for Doomsday strikers in Brooklyn, NY, 1990; Justice Center inauguration, NY, 1994; Doomsday worker return to plant, 1991; Bob Jordan at Headquarters of Brooklyn's Campaign for Justice, 1990; David Dinkins at ILGWU rally, NY, n.d.; Workers celebrate "union representation", 1993; Isratex workers celebrate union election, 1993; ILGWU member celebrates "back pay" check, Brooklyn, NY, 1993; Former member at Domsey, 1991; Domsey plant seized because so safety violations, 1991; ILGWU members hand out pamphlets in NY, 1990; Campaign for Justice booklet, 1990; ILGWU rally, 1990; Domsey Trading workers strike, Brooklyn, NY, 1990; Article on reinstated worker at Mademoiselle Knitwear; Congressman Major Owens speaking at ILGWU rally, 1990; Rev. Jesse Jackson and Jay Mazur at Domsey rally, 1990; Domsey workers on strike, 1990; Giles Robinson at ILGWU rally, 1990
Box 1 Folder 9
Includes: ILGWU on strike against A. Richman & Sons, 1986; Pres. Jay Mazur with Fernard Daoust secretary general of the Quebec Federation of Labor and Vice. Pres. Gerald Roy, Montreal, 1987; Health and Safety Conference, Toronto, 1988; Members of the Fil D'Or Retiree Club, Montreal, Quebec, 1990; Canadian ILGers protest, Montreal, 1990; Simmons employees protest; 1991; Barbara Cameron of TARP, 1991; Mary Said, President of the Ontario District Council, n.d.; Sam Fichtembaum, V.P. of the district council, 1991; Maria Kucil, district council member, 1991; A.D. of Organizing Tom Steers, 1991; Mannie Bricks, president of the Ontario District Council, 1990; Joseph Danahy and Marlene Hill, co-manager of the Western Canadian Region at the Canadian Coordinating Conference, 1986; Herman Stewart, Toronto manager and Fichtenbaum, 1986; Signing new contract in Toronto, includes V.P. William Villano and Stewart; 1986; Vancouver manager Marlene Hill, 1986; Villano and Chris Kuzik of the Toronto Dress and Sportswear Mfrs. Guild, 1986; ILGWU members march, Toronto, 1987; ILGers rally in Ottawa, 1986; ILGers demonstrate in response to Tiananmen massacre, NY, 1989; Union demonstration, Winnipeg, 1987
Box 1 Folder 10
Includes: Cartoon, "arguing economics with Arnold" by Carol Simpson, 1995; Cartoon, "guarding against skin cancer", by Boileau Rothco Syndication, 1990; Cartoon boycott of Plymouth Rubber Co., 1990; Cartoon boycott of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., 1990; Cartoon boycott of John Morrell & Co., 1990; Cartoon boycott of Eastern Airlines, Continental or Aeromexico, 1990; Cartoon boycott of International Paper, 1990; Cartoon boycott of Clark Grave Vault Co., 1990; Business humor by Carol Simpson, 1986; Cartoon boycott of Kawasaki and Shell, 1990; Cartoon "Money and Dress Code" by Sam, 1990; Warehouse humor by Sam, 1990; Job skills humor, 1990; Medicare humor by Ensleman; Hospital costs humor by Carol Simpson; George Bush humor by Kirk, 1989; Medicare humor by Carol Simpson, 1988; Unemployment humor, 1988; Poor working conditions humor by Konopacki, 1988; Ronald Reagan humor by Carol Simpson; 1987; Cartoon for Women Workers; History, 1987; Robert Bork humor by Liederman, 1987; Quit Smoking cartoon, 1987; Anti-Management humor by Huck Konopacki, 1987; Anti-Management humor by Carol Simpson, 1987
Box 1 Folder 11
Includes: Flood of 1993; Rainfair strikers at rally, 1991; Strikers at DCB in El Paso, Texas, 1991; B.A. Grady May & Chairperson Peggy Wood, 1993; Union workers at Aberdeen Mfg., 1995; Southwest Cupid sign, 1993
Box 1 Folder 12
Includes: Local 371 members for the Flood Relief Fund, 1993; Labor Day parade with ILGWU banner, St. Louis, MO., 1993; Flood of '93 in Illinois; Flood of '93, Missouri; Flood of 93', Washington, MO.; Workers of Wondermaid, 1993; Workers of Miss Elaine, 1993; Red Cross volunteers in MO., 1993; Members of Local 372, Sunnyvale, TX., 1993; Vice Pres. Paul Winslow, 1993; Texas ILGers with banner, 1993; ILGers at rally, Los Angeles, CA., 1993; Texas ILGers at Martin Luther King Parade, Dallas, 1993; Texas ILGers rally against George Bush, 1992; ILGWU local 593 march, DuQuoin, ILL., 1991; Strikers at Apparel Conditioners Corp., 1992; Workers in Dallas, TX.; 1991; Southwestern Illinois Labor Council, 1992; ILGers of Local 388 at rally in Bowling Green, MO., 1991; ILGers of Local 372; Picture of St. Louis, MO., 1990; Women strikers at Forest City Mfg., circa 1933; Violence at a 1933 strike in St. Louis, 1990; Illinois State Comptroller Roland Burris in White Hall, III., 1986; Local 114 strike, Kansas City, MO.; 1982, Local 525 strike at Helena Sportswear, West Helena, AK., 1989; Paul Winslow and Negotiating Committee, Bridal Originals, Inc. Local 542 from Barad & Co. festival, Salem, MO., 1986; Cloak and Suit Local 114, Kansas City, MO., 1988; Workers from Greene County Mfg. on strike, White Hall, III, 1988; V.P. Winslow, Missouri State Senator Jay Nixon, 1988; Workers at Wentzville Mfg. Co on strike, Wentzville, MO., 1988; Winslow presents plaque, 1988; Paluzi Enterprises, Inc. & Local 360 reach agreement, 1986; Picketing at Greene County Mfg., White Hall, III., 1988; Texas ILGers and other unionists at parade with banner, Arlington, TX., 1993
Box 1 Folder 13
Includes: ILGWU chorus at NYC's Bellevue Hospital, 1987
Box 1 Folder 14
Includes: ILGWU Workers' Center in NY at march, 1993; March on Washington for jobs and freedom, 1963; March on Washington, 1993; Woman reads newspaper about March on Washington, 1963; Members of Local 15-088 of Philadelphia at 1993 March in Washington; Local 155 member at march; Bergen-Hudson District members at March; Member of Local 239 in Baltimore at march
Box 2 Folder 1
Includes: Pres. Mazur & Bill Clinton, 1992; Bill & Hillary Clinton's Inauguration, 1993; President Clinton and Hillary at MTV Inaugural Ball, 1993; Clinton at National Italian American Foundation conference, n.d.; PA. ILGers voting for 92' election; Members of NY Local 62-32 at torchlight parade for Clinton, 1992; Workers rally for Clinton, 1992; Leafleting in NY's Chinatown, 1992; Festival in Lebanon, KY. for Clinton, 1992; Tipper Gore on campaign trail in NY, 1992; Clinton rally, 1992; Members of Local 187 in Racine, WI., 1992; Clinton & Al Gore at East St. Louis rally, 1992; Clinton with members of Local 183 in St. Louis, 1992; Pres. Jay Mazur, V.P. Ron Alman and Nicholas Bonanno of MA. And GE. Delegations, respectively, 1992; New England delegates 1992 National Convention; Pres. Mazur at Summer stage registration drive, 1992; Bill Clinton at rally in Harrisburg, PA., 1992; Clinton & Gore during '92 campaign; Clinton shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy, 1963; Bill Clinton in Hope, AK., at age 5, 1951; Clinton with saxophone at age 12 in Hot Springs, AK, 1958; Gov. Clinton in Little Rock, AK., 1983; Clinton campaigning for Congress in AK, 1974
Box 2 Folder 2
Includes: The ILGWU contingent at 1993 Coalition of Labor Union Women CLUW convention, Las Vegas, NV.;CLUW convention in Pittsburgh, PA., 1992; Jay Mazur becomes member of CLUW, 1987; Mazur at CLUW convention in Seattle, Washington, n.d.
Box 2 Folder 3
includes: The HomeGoods negotiating committee, 1995; ILGWU members who work for Leslie Fay rally in NY, 1994; Nelly Williams, 1995; Pres. Mazur and V.P. Sol Hoffman, Northeast Director at rally in NY, 1993; PA ILGers protest at Leslie Fay headquarters in NY, 1993; Rally in Greenwich, CT., 1994; Workers in Kingston, Pa. Rally against Leslie Fay, 1994; ILGers protest in NY against Leslie Fay, 1994
Box 2 Folder 4
Includes: Working Mothers March in NY, n.d.; Workers from Atlantic Apparel in PA, vote, 1994; ILGers march in NY, 1994; Strikers in Morrow, GA, 1994; Local 10 Administrator Ron Alman, 1994; Jay Mazur at meeting in Allentown, PA.,1994; Announcing settlement at Dress Joint Council meeting, 1991; Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney negotiating with N.Y. Skirt & Sportswear Assoc., 1991; Mazur addresses Dress Joint Council, 1991; Various union members in NY & NJ, 1991
Box 2 Folder 5
Includes: Various union members in NY & NJ, 1991; V.P. Samuel Byer, 1991; Pres. Mazur, Executive V.P. Romney and V.P. Ronald Alman in New England, 1991; Labor songs are sung, 1991; V.P. Joseph Fisher, 1982; President Sol Chaikin and ZENSEN Pres. Tadanobu Usami, 1981; Fisher, Eastern D.C. contract manager, n.d., Pres. Mazur and V.P. Alman in New England, 1988; Knitgoods ILGers with Local 155 manager Local Lewis and Local Pres. Murry Hendler, 1988
Box 2 Folder 6
Includes: Pres. Mazur and V.P. Sam Byer during negotiations, 1988; V.P. Romney opens sportswear negotiations, 1988; Members of Northeast Dept., 1988; Meeting held in East PA region, 1989; Workers at Model Garment, Frackville, PA., 1988; Manager Norman Lewis in negotiations with United Knitwear Manufacturers League, 1988; Manager Irving Bakal and Sheldon Edelman during negotiations, 1988; Truckers from NY Local 102, 1988; ILGers sign up voters in NY, 1988
Box 2 Folder 7 1989
Includes: Ohio delegates work on convention resolution, n.d.; Eastern Shore Area Council at Convention; Local 601 at convention; Local 185 at convention; Local 62-32 at convention; New England Region at convention; Executive V.P. Romney, 1989; Lee, manager of 132-98-102, second largest local in the ILG; Nutter, created immigrant assistant program for L.A. County Federation of Labor, 1989; Local 106 at convention
Box 2 Folder 8 1989
Includes - Senator Al Gore (D-Tenn.) at convention; NY Governor, Mario Cuomo at convention; Desmond Sampson, general secretary, Garment & Allied Workers' Union (GAWU) of South Africa at convention; Neil Kearney, secretary, International Textile, Garment & Leather Workers' Federation (ITGLWF) at convention; Nancy Riche, exec. V.P., Canadian Labour Congress at convention; Art Rodriguez, V.P. United Farm Workers at convention; Actor Edward James Olmos at convention; Jack Sheinkman, president Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers' Union at convention; Marion Wright Edelman, dir., Children's Defense Fund at convention; Norman Hill, civil rights leader, president A. Philip Randolph Institute
Box 2 Folder 9 1986
Includes: Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin, 1986; Sol Chaikin & Jay Mazur, n.d.; Executive V.P. Irwin Solomon, 1986; Shirley Carr, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, 1986; Pres Chaikin announces retirement, 1986
Box 3 Folder 1 1986
Includes: President Sol Chaikin; ILGWU Chorus; General Secretary Treasurer Jay Mazur; Exec. V.P. Romney, 1986; Barbara Laufman, NYS District Asst. Director, 1986; Gerald Roy, Canadian Director, 1986; Paul Winslow, Central States director, 1986; Lane Kirkland, president of the AFL-CIO, 1986; Union members from Cleveland, 1986; South Carolina's Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, 1986
Box 3 Folder 1a 1986
Includes Pictures from convention, ILGers, continued
Box 3 Folder 2 1994
Includes: Exec. V.P. Romney, New Jersey, 1994; V.P. Sal Giardina, New Jersey, 1994; V.P. Laufman, 1994
Box 3 Folder 3 1992
Includes: First Associate ILGWU Membership (AIM) Convention, 1992; Geraldine Willey, President of Local 215 of Willey, CA, 1992; Delegate Debbie Harvin, Local 85, NJ, 1992; Senator Edward Kennedy, 1992; Strikers at Coral Street plants, Miami; 1992; Pres. Mazur, AIM Director Marty Berger, AIM Chapter #3 Pres. Rhonda Sullivan, #3 Exec. Board Member Bertha Brennan, AIM National Pres. Catherine Dewald, 1992; Gerald Roy, 1992; ILGWU logo; NAACP's Benjamin Hooks, 1992; Jose Ramirez, general secretary of FITTVCC/ORI, 1992; Neil Kearney, general secretary of the Industrial Textile Garment and Leather workers Federation (ITGLWF), 1992; Local 10 Manager Israel Mechlowitz, 1992; AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Tom Donahue, 1992; General Sec'y-Treas. Irwin Solomon, Exec. V.P. Romney, Jay Mazur, 1992; Hillary Clinton, Mazur, Solomon, 1992; Bill Clinton, 1992; Hillary Clinton, 1992
Box 3 Folder 4
Includes Cutting Edge Center Spreads, "Spring Flings", 1994; Monica Minguez, sales representative at Et Al, 1994; Sample maker Ruby Salazar, 1994; Grace Raghubir, 1994; Juanita Soto from Et Al, 1994; Carine Dure, Pat Molluso of Et Al, 1994; Variety of hat and flower pictures
Box 3 Folder 5
Includes - Vice Pres. Edgar Romney at event for Garment Industry Day Care, NY, 1993; The Chung Pak Daycare Center in NYC, n.d.; Mee-Ling Chin, director of Garment Industry Day Care Center, V.P. Romney, Harold Siegal and Dobbie Flowers, NY, 1988; Youngsters at NYC's Chinatown Day Care Center, 1991; Youngsters at Fashion District Day Care Center in Toronto, 1991; Michael Dukakis, 1988; Youngsters at Fabrican's day care center, 1990; Thanksgiving at Chinatown Day Care, for members of Local 23-25, 1987; Fashion show at Chinatown Day Care of members of Local 23-25, 1987; Kitty Dukakis at Garment Industry Day Care Center, NY, 1988
Box 3 Folder 5a
Includes Examining finished garments; fabric review; company logo; garment boxes ready to ship; loading dock; ca. 1980
Box 3 Folder 6
Convention for Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis, 1988; Michael and Kitty Dukakis, 1988; Dukakis, 1988
Box 3 Folder 7
Includes ILGers at Rodney Yetter Sportswear, 1992; Workers of Scotty Fashions, 1994; B.A. Don Kuhns, president of the credit union along with Allentown credit union honorees, 1993; Len Kidd, Phyllis Webb, Western Canadian regional director and V.P. Gerald Roy, Canadian director, 1993; Super Bowl contest winner Tom O'Donnell, 1995; Workers at A & H Sportswear in Easton, PA.; 1994, "Philly Phanatic" with ILG kids at fundraiser for Lou Gehrig's Disease, 1993; Workers protest against employer Louis Clark Co., 1993; 50 year anniversary for Local 111 ILGer, Allentown, PA. 1991; The Liberty Bell; Philadelphia's Historical District; ILG main headquarters in Philadelphia; ILGers from the Chessler Co., n.d.; Workers at Nipon, n.d.; Local 218 member in Miss Teen Pa. Pageant; United States Post Office in Philadelphia, n.d.
Box 4 Folder 1
Includes Workers at Tina Fashions in Nazareth, PA on strike, 1987; Parade for Constitution's bicentennial, 1987; Workers of Six Eleven, picketing, 1988; Richard Drabic of Valley Youth House, 1987; Eastern District Council ILGers, n.d.; Shirley Ziegman, chairperson of T & T Sportswear, Phillipsburg, NJ, n.d; Workers of United Paperworkers Local 1787, 1988; Billboard advertisement for Nicky-Lynn Sportswear with ILGWU logo and union member, Eastern PA, 1988; Eastern, PA. District ILGers in Washington, D.C., 1988; ILGers get lesson in police drug policy, 1988; Earl Laub, Eastern District manager, 1988; V.P. Joseph Fisher, manager of the Philadelphia-South Jersey District, 1987; ILGers who supported the NFL during strike, Philadelphia, 1987; ILGers in opposition to Robert Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court, 1987; Members of Local 111 in Allentown; 1987; ILGWU Assistant Director Jay Levine, 1987; ILGers participate in Red Cross training, 1987; Sam Cavalieri, assistant manager of Allentown, PA, with Irwin Solomon, Ike Gordon , Joseph Fisher, Roseann Heydt and Earl Laub, 1987; ILGers in Easton, PA at the Penn State Union Leadership Academy classes, 1986; Gail Meyer, ILGWU Business Agent for the Eastern Pennsylvania Region and president of the Northampton County Labor Council with Earl Laub, Meyer, Evelyn Dubrow and Joe Fisher, 1986; Union members in Easton, PA., 1986; Liberty Bell; Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia
Box 4 Folder 2
Includes Jim Young, president, Harrisburg Central Labor Council, John C. Frye, director, Education and Community Services Activities, PA AFL-CIO, Juliet Rowland, president, United Way of the Capital Region; William Sprandel, chairperson, Community Services Committee of Harrisburg Labor Council, Robert Settle, United Way, 1995; Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney, NYC, 1995; ILGWU Vice Pres. Evelyn Dubrow, Pres. Jay Mazur, Romney, NYC, 1993; Participants of the Worker-Family Education Program Cultural Week, NYC, 1994; ILGers in Matawan, NJ, 1993; ILGWU students, Ohio, 1986; ILGers, Storrs, CT., 1994; ILGers learning art, NYC, 1992; Bruce Herman, president of the Garment Industry Development Corp., and Phil Kelman, project director of the Fashion Institute of Technology, 1991; Teachers help ILG parents, 1991; with Exec. V.P. Romney and Pres. Jay Mazur, NYC, 1988; ILGers receive high school equivalency degrees, NYC, 1988; Advertisements for PBS specials on labor history, 1986; ILGers receive education awards, 1986
Box 4 Folder 3
Includes Winners: Santa Rivera, Carol, Morre Wexler, Myrtle Tolley, Catherine O'Neill & Ann Centrone, 1988
Box 4 Folder 4
Includes Workers at Eve of Milady, 1993; Workers preparing circus outfits, 1991; Worker for "Peter and the Wolf", 1991; Random sample buttons made at Universal, 1994; Workers at Sequins Int'l, 1995; Group learning on-site education, 1995; Worker creates a sequin gown, 1995; Worker in mixing room, 1992; Workers of Bennington Potters, VT., 1991; Workers at American Accents, Bridgeport, PA, 1995; A KT horse, 1994; U.S. Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, 1994
Box 4 Folder 5
Includes Workers at Wondermaid, 1993; The Mothers' House, a shelter for battered woman, San Francisco, CA, 1992; Caring for the elderly, 1992; Home health aides, 1992; Workers at Lion Brothers, Reisterstown, MD, 1992; Workers at Blue Valley Industries, Central PA., 1991; Graphic "Down the aisle with the union label", 1993; Variety of garment worker photos
Box 4 Folder 6
Includes 15th Super Sewers class, 1991; Dick Miniscalco, Pres. Philip Pologruto of Frank Mode Inc., Pres. Joseph Maniscalco of Manis Coat Co., State Labor Commissioner Thomas Hartnett, V.P. Peter Ehlinger of Intercontinental Branded Apparel and Pres. Theodore Schatzberg of Party Formals, NYC, n.d.,; Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC) pres. Freidman, 1988; Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Eli Elias, president of the NY Skirt & Sportswear Association, ILGWU Pres. Jay Mazur and GIDC Director Bruce Herman, 1995
Box 4 Folder 7
Includes GIDC Pres. Harry Schwartz, 1987
Box 4 Folder 8
Includes GAC members at Unity House, 1986; Jose Torres, regional director in Puerto Rico, 1990
Box 4 Folder 9
Includes Midwest Region Director Stanley Gross, Washington, D.C., 1993; Pres. Jay Mazur, GEB District Council Meeting, San Francisco. CA,1988; Mazur, General Sec'y Treas. Irwin Solomon and Exec. Vice Pres. Wilbur Daniels, Montreal, 1987; Mazur, Solomon, Hollywood, FL., 1987; Mazur, Solomon & Edgar Romney, San Francisco, CA., n.d.; Mazur with Judith Wineman, 1986; Mazur, Solomon, Romney, Wilbur Daniels at GEB meeting, 1987; Mazur, Solomon and former pres. Sol Chaikin at GEB meeting, 1988; Mazur with IP strikers in NY, 1988; General Auditor Milton Spitz announcing his retirement, 1988; International Relations Director Michele Briones, Solomon and Western States Director Steven Nutter, 1988; Mazur with Sol Goldberg, Sal Giardina, new NJ Region director and Barbara Laufman, NYS District Director, 1986
Box 4 Folder 10
Includes ILGers pay homage to Triangle Fire victims, n.d.; Rescue workers at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK. 1995; Students at NY High School of Fashions Industries, 1994; Students leaflet for the ILGWU, NY, 1994; Puppets and sets by Joao Paulo Castano Ferreira and Eleanora Castano Ferreira, 1993; Sec'y Treas Irwin Solomon, 1987; Former Editor Simon Weber, n.d.
Box 4 Folder 11
Includes Exec. V.P. Wilbur Daniels, n.d.; Workers at a union shop in the garment district, NY, 1987; Daniels, V.P. Sal Giardian, regional director, Asst. Director Emanuel Leventhal and District Manager Mildred Lippman, 1987; ILGers volunteer their time at local hospital, 1989; ILGWU at NYC's Bellevue Hospital, 1989; Rhea Perlman of "Cheers", 1988; The Italian American Labor Council affair with Giardina, council treasurer Giorgio Benvenuto, IALC Pres. Thomas Rumore and Santo Pernicone, NY, 1987; Farm labor leader Cesar Chavez and Pres. Jay Mazur head rally to boycott A & P supermarkets, NYC, 1986; Mazur and Chavez at AFL-CIO convention, 1987; Former NYC mayor Ed Koch and Mazur at Clothing drive for homeless, NYC, 1987; Graphic for Martin Luther King Jr. birthday, 1987
Box 4 Folder 12
Includes Graphic protesting deadly pesticides used in CA., 1987; Immigrants at Ellis Island, 1986; Graphic for Constitution Week, 1989; General Sec'y-Treas. Irwin Solomon announcing Avon boycott, 1988; Tenement museum founding day, 1989; Graphic for "Buy U.S. Savings Bonds, 1987; Graphic for "American Family Celebration", 1988; Graphic to boycott Coors beer, 1987; Japanese evacuated from Bainbridge Island, Washington state, 1987; A. Philip Randolph Institute national conference, St. Louis, MO., 1986; Former Chief Justice Warren, n.d.; Striking CWA workers, NYC, 1986
Box 5 Folder 1
Includes ILG exec. V.P. Edgar Romney and GIDC Pres. Bruce Herman at ceremony honoring "super sewers", NYC, 1994; Sec'y-Treas Irwin Solomon and Pres. Jay Mazur honored by the Organization for Rehabilitation, 1993; Daughter of ILGers, 1993; Supreme Court Justice Marshall and wife Cecilia at swearing-in ceremony, 1967; ILGers looking for new voters, 1992; Jobs with Justice rally, NYC, 1988; V.P. Sal Giardina, Emanuel Levanthal and ILGers supporting troops in the Persian Gulf, n.d.; Art by Ralph Fasanella, 1990; ILGers at art show, 1990; Art by Gina Fasanella Mostrando, 1990; ILGers protest Food & Drug Administration (FDA), NY, 1990; Various recipes, 1990; Graphic for "Earth Day", 1990; Graphic for "health benefits" compared to "CPI", n.d.; Collen Powell with mother, 1979; Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney with ILGers at A. Philip Randolph Institute convention, Atlanta, GA.; 1993; Graphic for 1990 census
Box 5 Folder 2
Includes Variety of photos of fruits & vegetables, 1994; Variety of sunglasses photos promoting eye protection, 1993; ILGWU's "TB Team, 1992; Variety of graphics from the American Heart Association promoting "good health", 1988; Graphic, "Caring for your baby before birth", 1990; Members from J & J Lingerie, Granville, NY, 1991; ILGers at health center, `1987; Graphic for "Great American Smokeout", 1988; Graphic of "Tips on counting calories, 1986; Students at Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course, NYC, 1988; Retiree in ILG exercise class1993
Box 5 Folder 3
Includes ILG rally in Los Angeles for health care reform, 1995; Rally for health care reform, NY, 1993; Public Advocate Mark Green and ILGers in protest against Pizza Hut, NY, 1994; President Bill Clinton at health care rally Liberty State Park, NJ, 1994; Commerce Secretary Ron Brown at health care conference, 1994; Cartoons for health care by Huck Konopacki & Carol Simpson respectively, 1994; Health care rally at home of Rep. Helen Bentley, Towson, MD, 1994; Health care really, Duncan, OK., 1994; Fighting healthcare editorial by Pres. Jay Mazur, 1996; Health care rally, Miami, FL., 1994; Health care press conference, NYC, 1994; Tennessee health care rally, 1994; Health care for retirees, FL., 1994; Health care rally, NYC, 1994; Senator Harris Wofford with Central PA. ILGers at health care press conference, n.d.,; ILGers leafleting in York, PA. during Health Care Action Day, n.d.; ILGers rally for AIDS funding and health care reform, 1992; Pres. Jay Mazur, CWA V.P. Jan Pierce, Rep. John Conyers, N.Y. Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, 1993
Box 5 Folder 4
Includes - Health care rally, WA, 1993; Sen. Paul Wellstone at rally, Washington, D.C. 1993; ILGers at rally in Washington, D.C., 1993; ILGers voice their concerns at Congressman Tom Manton's town meeting, NYC, 1992; ILGers rally in Newark, NJ; 1991, Congressman Marty Russo at retiree meeting in Chicago, 1992; Assemblyman Richard Gottfried addressing ILGers in NY, 1992; Congressman Carroll Hubbard Jr., Mayfield, KT., 1992 Amira Barros, AIM chapter president, and Jesus Mendez, AIM vice president at town meeting, Brooklyn, NY, 1992; ILG town meeting, NJ, 1992; ILG rally, Harrisburg, PA., n.d.; General Sec'y Treas, Irwin Solomon, 1990; Pres. Jay Mazur at rally, City Hall, NY, 1991; N.H. Rep. Dick Swett, Democratic Rosa DeLauro of CT., Democratic John Murhte of PA, Democrat Austin Murphy of PA., n.d., Rep. Marty Russo and Mazur endorsing "Russo bill", 1991
Box 5 Folder 5
Includes - Democrat Bob Toricelli, 1991; Democrat Jose Serrano of NY, 1991; Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney at town meeting, Brooklyn, NY, 1992; Michael Dukakis at ILG town meeting, 1992; Congressman Norman Sisisky, 1992; Frank Hanley, Jay Mazur and AFL-CIO Pres. Lane Kirkland at Rutgers hearing, 1990; Broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite, 1990
Box 6 Folder 1
Includes Members of Jane and Linda Sportswear take advantage of free mammogram, Lebanon, KT., 1992; Exercise class at Spring Health Conference, 1995; Press conference in support of OSHA, Washington D.C., 1995; Train the trainer workshops, NJ, 1995; ILGers commemorate 1911 Triangle fire and demand OSHA reform, 1992; Cartoon entitled "Needed: Job Safety Reform" by Belland, n.d.; Drawing of a mammogram, 1994; Union workers at rally for "Workers Memorial Day" at Union Square Park, NY, 1993; ESL class on shop safety, 1993
Box 6 Folder 2
Includes Variety of pictures of workers "in action", 1992; K Mart workers at training session, 1992; Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney at rally, NYC, 1993; ILGers at Southern Illinois rally, 1990; Firefighters battling flames at garment factory, Chinatown, NYC, 1990; AFL-CIO Pres. John Olsen, New Haven, CT., 1990
Box 6 Folder 3
Includes Northeast Educ. Dir. Hosteller, 1989; Graphic for "Mourn the dead, fight for the living, n.d., Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney at rally, NY, 1989; ILGers learning safety in Evansville, ID., 1987; Graphic for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 1987; ILGers at exercise class, NY, 1989
Box 6 Folder 4
Includes President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act, August 14, 1935; Women's History, Pauline Newman and Clara Lemich, 1994; Poster "Fight Nazism and Fascism" by Mitchell Loeb, 1993; Dues book from 1907 superimposed over photo of NY's Lower East Side, 1991; AFL Pres. Samuel Gompers, NYC, 1994; Photo showing labor and Truman Administration cross-country tour to promote national health care, 1993; Various "Justice" front covers, 1993; ILGers learning to vote, 1992; The Holocaust Museum, 1993; Photo from the holocaust, 1993; Anita Hill, 1992; Triangle Fire rally, NYC, 1992; Locked exit at Imperial Foods plant, 1992; 1963 March on Washington, 1992; 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa, Poland, 1991; Selection of Ernest Fiene's murals, 1991
Box 6 Folder 5
Includes ILGers rally for health care, NYC, n.d.; Cartoon about "Clinton Health Plan, 1994; Hillary Rodman Clinton testifying to Congress, 1994; Health Care reform rally, western states, 1993; ILGers at GOP fundraiser, NY, 1993; Various pictures of union workers in support of "Clinton Health Plan";
Box 6 Folder 6
Includes Union members testifying at Los Angeles hearing, 1989; Ca. Attn. Gen'l John Van de Kamp and Beatriz Nava, director of the ILG's L.A. Immigration Project, 1989; Pres. Jay Mazur at New York hearing, 1989; Author Studs Terkel at Chicago homework hearing, 1989; Cartoon for homework by Huck Konopacki, 1988; Jay Mazur, 1988; Graphic for the "Great American Smokeout, 1987; Arguing against "industrial homework", 1987; Various letters from organizations & individuals regarding "homework", 1987; ILGers writing letters to the Dept. of Labor, 1986; ILGers at the Illinois State AFL-CIO Convention, 1986; Testimony before House Subcommittee on Labor Standards, 1986; Article by Pres. Jay Mazur, 1986
Box 6 Folder 7
Includes ILGers from Easton, PA. District Council with banners at rally, 1988; Various pictures of the homeless
Box 6 Folder 8
Includes ILGWU Chorus signing in NYC, n.d
Box 6 Folder 9
Includes (newspaper clippings only) ILG graphic "Constitution of the United, Brotherhood of Cloakmakers', Union #1, 1995; Cartoon by Bernard Seamons shows conversion back to domestic fashions, 1995; ILG graphic celebrating "95 years", 1995; Graphic by Tracy Sugarman depicting the 1958 dress industry strike, 1995; 1982 Contract dispute, ILGers in NY's Chinatown, 1995; Jay Mazur at rally; 1963 March on Washington, 1995; David Dubinsky "breaking ground" for housing project in Puerto Rico, 1995; Ladies Garment Worker, the forerunner of Justice, 1995; ILG toddlers in CT. (1941), 1995; St. Louis picnic raised money for strikers in Cleveland, 1995; Outdoor lecture at Unity House, PA, 1995; 1909 shirtwaist strike, 1995; Strike called in English, Italian and Yiddish, 1995; Cartoon, helped galvanize outrage over the Triangle fire, 1995; First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, 1995; Justice, 1995; Post war campaign, Appomattox, VA., 1995; The ILF reaffiliated with the AFL in 1940 and worked for reunification, 1995; Cleveland workers march on City Hall, 1995; 1972 import demo across the country, 1995; 1958 dressmakers strike, 1995;Credo, "Knowledge is Power", 1995; Graphic for 1937 ILGWU pledge, "Ever to go Onward", 1995; Musical, "Pins and Needles", with ILGers in the roles, 1995; Franklin D. Roosevelt and ILG. Pres David Dubinsky at the White House, n.d.; (remaining are photos) ILG Pres. Jay Mazur, former ILG Secretary-Treasurer Shelley Appleton and AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Donahue, 1993; Scenes of "Pins and Needles" at the Washington Jewish Theater, n.d.; Various pictures from Ellis Island, n.d.;
Box 7 Folder 1
Includes Jay Mazur at the Somerset Knitting Mall, PA.; Mazur, NY Ex-Mayor David Dinkins and Elizabeth Aivers, director of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, 1993; United Farm Workers (UFW) Pres. Cesar Chavez, Mazur at Columbus Circle, NYC in solidarity with farm workers, 1993; Temporary resident license, 1989; Asian Labor Festival, NY, 1990; Jeff Stansbury, political/education director of the ILGWU Western States Region, 1987; Cartoon about "amnesty", n.d., Exec. V.P. Wilbur Daniels, 1987; ILGWU attorney Catherine Waelder, NY, 1987; NY staffers at training session, 1987; Exec. V.P. Daniels, 1987; May Chen of the ILGWU Immigration Project, Boston, MA., 1987; Cartoon about the Immigration Bill by Huck Konopacki, 1986; Conducting workshop for organizers, 1987
Box 7 Folder 2
Includes - Central PA. ILGers lobby to "Veto the Textile Bill", Washington D.C., (circa 1990's); Pres Jay Mazur with ILGers, Washington, D.C., (circa 1990's) House of Representatives speaker Jim Wright, (1980's);Research director Dr. Herman Starobin before the trade subcommittee, (1980's); Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney, 1986; Florida Governor Bob Graham with ILGers, Florida, 1986; Western region ILGers protest, 1986; Leafletting in Atlanta, 1986; ILGers outside Oakley Fashions, Tenn., 1986; Ed Pulver, Sec'y Treasurer NJ AFL-CIO, and ILGers in parade, Union City, NJ, 1986
Box 7 Folder 3
Includes ILGers await South Africa's Nelson Mandela's visit to America, 1995; Garment workers in El Salvador, 1995; Strikers in El Salvador, 1995; Chile's top leader Manuel Bustos, 1995; Demonstrators in front of the Sony Building, NY, 1994; South African unionists from House of Monatic, 1993; ILG Exec. Pres. Edgar Romney and Immigration Project Director Muzaffar Chishti, 1993; Child labor, Pakistan, 1993; Pres. Jay Mazur, 1995; ILGers of South Africa's Chemical Workers' Union, 1994; Self-Employed Women's Association, India, 1992; New York firm woo Japanese fashion buyers, 1991; Honduran girls, making sweaters for Liz Claiborne, 1994; Workers in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince, 1993; Unionists in South Africa, 1993; Workers in China, Hong Kong, 1992; Haitian refugees, Cuba, 1992; AFL-CIO subcommittee in China, 1992; Jose Ramirez, president of the regional textile and apparel workers organization, 1992
Box 7 Folder 4
Includes - Pres. Jay Mazur protesting government's policy of sending back Haitian refugees, 1992; Milka Tyszkiewicz, a Solidarity activist in Poland, 1990; Mazur and CWA Pres. Morton Bahr, 1991; Russian unionists, NY, 1991; Graphic for "Proposed free trade agreement", 1991; southern Africa unionists, Lesotho, 1991; Nelson Mandela, 1990; Rally at Yankee stadium, 1990; Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney and Mandela at AFL-CIO, Washington D.C., 1990; ILGers at Mandela rally, 1990; Jay Mazur at China's U.N. Mission, 1990; Students at press conference in Tiananmen Square, 1990; Mazur and [?} Rojas, 1990; Election in Chile, (circa 1990's); Solidarity leader Lech Walesa and V.P. Joseph Fisher at ILGWU headquarters, Philadelphia, PA., (1990's), Protestors, El Salvador, (1990's); Aurtuo Martinez, n.d.; Manuel Bustos, n.d.; ILGers protest Brazilian government, 1989; Workers in Cairo, 1989
Box 7 Folder 5
Includes Child laborers, Bangladesh, 1993; Earthquake in El Salvador, 1986; Children rescued by the South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude, 1993; Indian child labor activist Kalish Satyarthi, 1993; Child labor in Korea, 1988; Pres. Jay Mazur and Amon Ntuli, president of ACTWUSA, the South African textile and garment workers union, 1988; Adams Oshiomhole, Secretary-General of Nigerian garment workers' union, PA., 1988; Carmen Muriana Ramirez, head of the Women's Dept. at the UGT, Spain, 1988; Michele Briones, director of the International Relations Dept. and Associate Political-Education Director, Saul Rosen, 1988; Pres. Mazur and Sol Chaikin, 1986; Saul Rosen, El Salvador, 1987; Workers in South Africa, 1988; Vice Pres, Joseph Fisher, of PA. region and Honduran Pres. Roberto Suazo Cordova, 1987; Moses Nhlapo, organizing-treasurer of the Transvaal region's Textile Workers Union of South Africa with General Sec'y-Treas. Irwin Solomon, 1987; The Nigerian, Textile , Garment and Tailoring Workers convention, 1986; Pres. Mazur, V.P. Sam Fine, manager of NY Local 91-105 with Rita Schneider, widow of ILGWU V.P. Edward Schneider, 1986; Walter Mankoff, associate director of the ILG's Research Dept., NY, 1986; Japanese trade unionists, NY, 1986; Jamaican union leaders in the Midwest, 1986; Workers at Home Schiffon Garments Mfg., Panang, Malaysia, 1986; Workers at the Fu Yuen garment factory, Castle Peak, Hong Kong, 1986; New England Educational Director, Carl Proper, 1986; The Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies Alternative Corporate Report, 1987
Box 7 Folder 6
Includes Members of the ILGWU chorus who appeared in a commercial, 1991; Pres. Jay Mazur with ILGers in Kansas City, Kansas, 1986; ILGWU chorus in Philadelphia, PA, 1987; Members of the Tokunaga Dance Ko of NYC wearing ILGWU t-shirts, 1987; AFL-CIO annual Union-Industries show, Atlantic City, NJ, 1987; ILGWU label, 1987; All-American fashion show, NYC, 1987; Beverly Shulman, director of the Union Label Dept., 1987; Cast of "Look the Union Label", 1989; ILGers in pose for union poster, 1988
Box 7 Folder 7
Includes 1992 parade, NYC; ILGers at 1990 parade; ILGWU strikers from Teammate at 1989 parade; ILGers at 1988 parade; Pres. Jay Mazur leading 1988 parade
Box 7 Folder 8
Includes ILGers at 1987 parade; ILGers at 1992 parade; ILGers at 1987 parade with "Look for the Union Label" banner, International ILGers at 1987 parade; ILGers at 1988 parade; Jay Mazur, Exec. Vice Pres. Edgar Romney, Raymond O'Kane, Paschal McGuinness, and NYC Central Labor Council Pres. Thomas Van Arsdale and Brian McLaughlin, 1988; ILGWU chorus at Grand Central Station, 1990; 1986 parade, St. Louis, MO., 1986 parade, Fall River, MA.; 1986 parade, Chicago, Ill., ILG Western PA. District Council Manager Yvonne
Box 8 Folder 1
Includes 1986 parade, Philadelphia, PA; 1994 parade, CT.; 1994 parade, Chicago, Ill.; AIM members, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; ILGers at 1992 parade; ILGers with banner at 1989 parade; ILGers celebrate 90th anniversary of ILGWU at 1989 parade; ILGers at 1990; 1989 parades in Chicago, Philadelphia and NYC; Exec. VP Edgar Romney at 1990 parade
Box 8 Folder 2
Includes (newspaper clippings and photos) Dressmakers at Madison Square Garden during 1933 general strike, 1991; ILGers striking in Toronto against the Eaton Co. in 1912, 1991; Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (circa 1940's), 1991; Strikers at the Kalamazoo Corset Shop, 1912; 1987; Drawing of 1886 Haymarket riot, 1986; Meeting of Patterson NJ silk strikers at Botto House, Haledon, NY, 1913
Box 8 Folder 3
Includes Unionists protest National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), San Francisco, CA., 1993; ILGers protest outside Domsey, La Mode, CA., 1993; Unionists arguing with NLRB, Cleveland, OH., 1993; Unionist demonstrate at NLRB, Fort Worth, TX., 1993; ILGers protest, Tulsa, OK, 1993
Box 8 Folder 4
Includes 1943, Helen Sample at a dance for returning WWII servicemen, 1995; Helen Sample at Paris Accessories, Allentown, PA., 1995; Leslie Fay strikers, 1994; Susan Nowroski and co-workers at Shamokin Industries, 1993; Workers at Triple AAA, 1993; David Skinner, 1992; Business agent Lucy Roberts with workers at Carla Gay, 1992; An activist team, Easton, PA., 1992; Congressman Robert Roe with ILGers, 1992; Photos on worker activists and the service they perform in shop, in the community and in politics, 1992; ILGers strike at Laflin plant, 1994
Box 8 Folder 5
Includes Cartoon "mocking Republicans" by Hugh Konopacki, 1995; Cartoon mocking Medicare, 1995; ILGers rally in Illinois, 1995; Unionists protest against NY Governor George Pataki, 1995; Capital Hill, Washington, D.C., 1988; ILGWU Legislative Director Evelyn Dubrow, 1994; White House Speaker Tom Foley and Rep. Marcy Kaptur, 1994; Dubrow at committee hearing on health care, 1994; Dubrow with Rep. Ron Klink, 1994; Dubrow with MN. Senator Paul Wellstone, 1994; ILGers with Congressman John Lewis, Atlanta, GA., 1994; ILG Business Agent Mary Bolden and unionist protest outside Federal Building, Little Rock, AK., 1994;Strikers at Rainfair, Racine, WS., 1993; Strikers at Domsey, NY, 1993; Dubrow with AFL-CIO economist John Zalusky, 1990; Rally during IUD conference, 1991; ILGers with State Assemblyman Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), NY, 1990; ILGers with Senator Frank Lautenberg, 1989; ILGers with Reg. Gary Ackerman, 1989; Dubrow with General Sec'y Treas. Irwin Solomon, Pres. Jay Mazur and Executive V.P. Daniels, (circa 1990's)
Box 8 Folder 6
Includes Strikers outside Wal-Mart, Bristol, VA., 1986; Letters to Justice, 1986
Box 8 Folder 7
Includes Pres. Jay Mazur, New England Region director Ron Alman, Local 10 Manager Rich Rumelt, Edwin Berman executive board member, Sam Boccassini, local vice president, and Robert Stolarsky, president, 1995; Cutters, 1994; Manager Rich Rumelt & family, 1994; Members at graduation, 1993; Retirees club, 1988; Manager Israel Mechlowicz, 1988; Cutters show support for Michael Dukakis, 1988; Mechlowicz and Pres. Robert Stolarsky with 50-year honorees, 1987; Retirement planning seminar, 1987; Harry Greenberg, president of retiree club, 1986; Mechlowizc, Retiree Svc. Dept. Dir. Matthew Schoenwald with retiree club, 1986; Mechlowizc and asst. manager Semour Resnick, 1992; B.A. Jonathan Smalls, Pres. Robert Stolarsky, B.A. Jack Goldberg, Mechlowizc, Gen. Sec'y Treas. Irwin Solomon and B.A. Seymour Resnick, 1987; Mechlowizc, David London, Gayle Schwartz, William Berman and Sam Meadows, 1989; Local 10ers in Poland, (circa 1980's); B.A. Dave Caloia, 1991; Local 10 graduates at ceremony, along with Mechlowizc, Exec. V.P. Edgar Romney, Caloia, Maria Conchita Leung, of the Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC); Adam Freidman, director of GIDC, BA Carl Zavatteri, Smalls and Sid Belsky, teacher at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT); Cutters present dues book, 1987
Box 8 Folder 8
Includes Local 99 members help with alcoholics, 1994; Unionists from Monette Casuals, Avenal, NJ, 1994; Sidney Gerstein, manager, John Huffman, executive director of the American Red Cross, Walter Stein of the union's Member assistance Program and Nestor Sabogal, director of labor relations with K-Mart, 1992
Box 8 Folder 9
Includes Workers prepare Hillary Clinton's dress, 1993; Carlos Rivera, 1993; ILGers protest outside D.J. Sportswear, 1994; Strikers protest Leslie Fay, NYC, 1994; Point Blank workers ratify contract, 1993; Upstate NY Mgr. Judith Conley, Mgr. Barbara Laufman, NY State AFL-CIO Sec'y treas.; Elisha Amish and Ed Cleary, NY State AFL-CIO pres., 1993; ILGers who worked on Mrs. Clinton's dress, 1993; Point Black activists, 1992; ILGers picket Norma Kamali's midtown store, 1987; Workers at Camille's Fashions, NYC, 1987; Israel Mecholowizc, Sam Byer and Antonio Claudino, asst. managers, 1987; Members at the Unity House, 1987; Pres. Jay Mazur and V.P. Byer, 1987; Protesting outside Kamali's retail store, NYC, (circa 1980's); Graphic protesting Kamali's Fashions; Parsons Meares shop workers working on Broadway show customs, NYC, 1987; Celebrating the union's victory at Whittall & Shon, 1986
Box 8 Folder 10
Includes Members with banner, 1989; French filmmaker Louis Malle, Kingsway Industries, NYC, 1986; Asian Labor festival, NYC, 1995; Recipients of the 1994 Local 23-25 College Textbook Scholarships, 1994; Exec. VP Romney, 1995; 500 years of Puerto Rican culture celebrated, 1994; Labor Commissioner John Hudacs, Nick Unger and VP Romney, 1992; Local 23-25 art exhibition, 1992; Worker/Family Cultural week, (circa 1990's); VP Romney with retirees, 1990; Monks lead chant with music(circa 1990's); Traditional Chinese folk dance troupe, (circa 1990's); Sheldon Silver Assemblyman from NYC with ESL students, 1989; Rally at NYC's Herald Square, 1986; Kathy Andrade, education director of 23-25, New York State Labor History Association(NYSLHA) VP Michael Hirsch and Pres. Robert Wechsler, 1989; Exec. VP Edgar Romney, NYC, 1986; Kathy Andrade and 23-25 children celebrate Three Kings Day, Hanukah and Chinese New Year, NYC, 1988; Members at pre-natal classes, 1986; ILG business agent Alice Tse, 1986; VP Romney receives NYC Mayor Edward Koch's Proclamation in honor of the local's outstanding English as a second language program in Chinatown, 1987; Members and retirees celebrate Chinese New Year, 1987; Members children, 1987; Professor Philip Kelman of the Apparel Production Dept. at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), 1987; Local 23-25 and Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC), 1988; Business agent Theresa Kang translates poster, 1991
Box 9 Folder 1
Includes Executive board authorizes strike, 1993; Members picket Esther Swimwear, Brooklyn, NY, 1994; Asst. Mgr. Robert Jordan, 1993; Majestic Shapes workers, 1993; B.A. Joseph DeAngelis with member, 1993; Members show off their art, 1991; Vice Pres. Anthony Sciuto, Joint Board Pres. Murray Hendler, ILGWU Exec. V.P. Romney and Manager Sam Fine, (circa 1980's); Members strike Tres Belle Lingerie Co., 1987; Pre-retirement seminar, with Yolanda Hernandez, Charlotte Immerman, supervisor of social workers, Social Security representative Sandra Ferrar, 1987; Members okay new terms, 1987; Manager Tony Sciuto with members, NYC's Roosevelt Auditorium, 1984; Ted Bernstein, director of the Benefit Funds Dept. with member, 1986; B.A. Elvie Franque with member, 1992; Mgr. Sciuto and Ass't Mgr. Bob Jordan with Chairperson Mary Steele, 1993; Members approve new contract, 1993
Box 9 Folder 2
Includes B.A. William Hernandez and Prontito strikers, 1986; Local members' children enjoy Puppet show and Easter egg hunt, 1986; Strikers picket Blue Star Webbing, 1986; Strikers picket The Belt Shop Ltd., 1988; Mgr. Ted Theus with member, Asst. Mgr. Tony Rosario and Theus with member, 1987; Mary McClean, Ted Theus, Jacqueline Felix, Gloria Hurley, Sarah Ellison, Diane Black, Adeline Hassan, B.A. Murray Kaner, Lisa Martin, Regina McClammy, Doris Matulewicz, Diane Robinson, Asst. Mgr. Rosario and B.A. Robert White, 1987
Box 9 Folder 3
Includes Members at meeting discuss truckers' pact, 1991
Box 9 Folder 4
Includes Workers at the Samantha Fashions shop, Staten Island, NY, 1986; ILGers collect clothes for the homeless, 1987; VP Sam Fine and Administrative Asst. Elvira Franqui, with employees of Matsil Bros., 1988; VP Fine at unemployment seminar, 1988; Members at Clothing Drive to Hale House, NYC, 1987; Members receive High School degrees, 1986
Box 9 Folder 5
Includes Mgr. Bill Lee with "ILGWU First Aid Team", (circa 1980's); VP Lee at truckers' meeting, 1994; Riddick Bowe with his ILG mom, 1993; Gyna Sykes, a shelter resident and chairperson of the NYC Advisory Council, 1994; Workers picket outside Book Covers Inc., 1990; ILG truckers, 1991; Workers at Vinylaire, Hillside, NJ, 1989; Workers at Au pair Industries, Moonachie, NJ, 1989; Workers at St. Gillan, Secaucus, NJ, 1989; Workers at Strauss Plastics Co., Newark, NJ, 1988; Members at the Universal Travelers Inc., Bronx, NY, (circa 1980's), Gyna Sykes, 1994
Box 9 Folder 6
Includes Strikers from Ultra Knitting with Local 155's, NYC, 1987; Strikers at Fiberdye, 1994; 155's and mine workers at UMW's strike headquarters in PA., 1993; Workers at Color Science, 1994; Ruth Groeneveldt, education dir. of Local 155, honored by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, NY, 1992; Pres. Jay Mazur and Exec. Vice Pres. Edgar Romney with workers from Mademoiselle, 1992; Mgr. Norman Lewis with former Southland workers, 1992; Unionists demonstrate in front of NY State Supreme Court during Pymm sentencing, 1991; Strikers at the Quality contracting shop in Brooklyn, 1986; Students of Local 155's English class, Philadelphia, PA, 1988; Manager Norman Lewis, 1987; Christmas party, 1988; ILGers participate in an anti-apartheid rally at Mobil Oil headquarters, NYC 1987
Box 9 Folder 7
Includes ILGers at Roxanne Swimsuit, Neptune, NJ, 1994; Irwin Solomon, general secretary-treasurer presents diplomas to staffers who completed Member Assistance Programs, 1991; First aid training with B.A. Rosetta Lyons and B.A. Roberto Gonzales, 1991; Walter Stein conducting first aid course, 1991; Members of Local 62-32, Deaf ILG members, 1990; MAP pre-natal seminar, 1989; Health care workers at the ILG Union Health Center receive CPR training, 1988; Spanish workshop on family relationships, 1988; Edward Cleary, president of the New York AFL-CIO, 1988; Union social workers from MAP leading a workshop in health fair, 1987; Union Health Center nurses test members during Health Fair at Unity House, 1986; Chinese members at conference on "Women at Work and at Home: A Survival Course for the 80's", NYC, 1986; ILGWU members at pre-natal workshop, (circa 1980's)
Box 9 Folder 8
Includes Exec. VP Wilbur Daniels, with VP Tony Sciuto and Sal Giardina, 1987
Box 9 Folder 9
Includes Mazur at AFL-CIO conference, 1991; Mazur with Frederick G. Hingham, dir., Nationalities Service Center (NSC) president, Delores L. Howland, NSC asst. executive director, Mauzzafor Chishi, Irvin J. Sannit, Philadelphia Council, AFL-CIO, Joseph Fisher, ILGWU, Gabriella Labella, NSC coordinator of migration services, Margaret H. Lowzetta, NSC VP, Ted Moore, Exec. dir. United Way of Southeastern PA at the NSC awards ceremony, (circa 1990's); Mazur and Michael Dukakis, 1988; Mazur with AFL-CIO Sec'y-Treas Thomas Donahue and SD National Chairperson Bayard Rustin, NYC, 1987; NAACP Executive Director Benjamin Hooks, with Donahue, Pres. Lane Kirkland, ILGWU and Mazur, 1987; Mazur with Dick Wenner of the Fund for an Open Society, 1990; (A variety of Jay Mazur photocopied pictures), 1987
Box 9 Folder 10
Includes - Working on the film, Roger and Me, Flint, MI, 1990; Summer Pick, Matewan, 1994; Summer Pick, The Grapes of Wrath, 1994; Roseanne Barr and John Goodman on the set of Roseanne, 1989; Jeremy London, Regina Taylor, Lilly Harper, Ashlee Levitch, Sam Waterson and John Aaron Bennett on the set of, I'll Fly Away, 1994; Sally Field as Norma Rae; Cover to Linda Barnes' novel Coyote; Eric Boghosian as Barry Champlain on the set of Talk Radio, 1989; Cover to Meredith Tax's novel Union Square, 1989
Box 9 Folder 11
Includes Exec. VP Edgar Romney at rally with banner, (circa 1980's); Handing out leaflets in Brooklyn, NY, 1991; Describing work conditions to reporters, NY, (circa 1980's); Volunteers handing out union information, Brooklyn, NY, 1994; Local 17-18 workers at NLBR offices, (circa 1980's); Workers for Three Sisters, Brooklyn, NY, 1990; Advertisement, "We want a real union"; Protesting outside Labels for Less, NYC, 1988; Picketers watch nonunion workers do their jobs, Hialeah, Florida, 1988; [?] Hermanson address the existence of the new Metro Organization Dept., 1987; Pres. Jay Mazur discussing boycott of Soho blouses, 1988; Handing out leaflets; ILGWU has open house, Brooklyn NY, 1990
Box 9 Folder 12
Includes ILGWU and ACTWU combine forces, with Pres. Mazur, Exec. VP Edgar Romney, Jack Sheinkman, VP Irwin Solomon, Bruce Raynor and [?] Loevy, 1995; 1910 Cloakmakers strike, 1995; Mazur and Romney with VP's Stanley Gross and Paul Winslow, Midwest, 1995; Mazur and Sheinkman at formal announcement of ILGWU/ACTWU merger, 1996; J.P. Stevens rally, 1970's, NYC
Box 10 Folder 1
Includes ILGers at rally against A.E. Staley Co., 1994; Local 187 at labor rally for Rainfair strikers, WS, 1991; Union negotiating committee for Kollcraft Products, 1991; ILG VP's Bonanno and Montenegro with Jerry Smolder, (circa 1990's); Colbert workers, (circa 1990's); Local 188 member Annie Meyers, honored, 1990; ILGers from Sportsman of Berlin, (circa 1980's); Midwest ILGers, 1990; V.P. Evelyn Dubrow and State Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Chicago, III, 1992; Rainfair hunger strikers, WS, 1991; AFL-CIO convention, WS, 1991; AFL-CIO rally, WS, 1992; Leafletting at Grainger, Chicago, Ill, 1991
Box 10 Folder 2
Includes Rainfair strikers, 1991; 1930 ILGWU baseball team, 1990; ILGers at the Industrial and Labor Relations school, at the University of Illinois, Champaign, 1994; VP Stanley Gross and signing the Great American Pact, 1994; Local 379 volunteering at the Salvation Army, 1994; Local 76 soccer team, 1994; ILGers at ILR of University of Illinois, 1993; Celebrating ILGWU/ACTWU union, 1987; ILGers celebrating Labor Day, Chicago, Ill, 1992; ILGers protesting against US-Mexico free trade agreement with banner, WS, 1992; ILGers in Chicago parade, 1990; Unveiling a "Fight Back" banner, 1987; Mort Weiner addressing joint ILGWU/ACTWU shop meeting, 1987; Midwest members at ILR of U. of Illinois, 1987; Local 1200 members have reunion, Decatur III, 1987; ILGers march to stop apartheid, Chicago, III, 1987; VP Lou Montenegro addresses Chicago "registration rally", 1987; Local 529 bowling league, Aurora III, 1986
Box 10 Folder 3
Includes - Sid Gerstein of NY addresses Local 336, Alsip, III, 1986; John Manis, asst. director of the National AFL-CIO Dept. of Community Services, Alsip, III, 1987; District Council No. 3 annual meeting, Lacrosse, WS, 1987; Members of local 171, Twinsburg, OH, 1988; ILG staffer Humberto Salina testifying before the Senate, 1988; Asst. Dir. of the Midwest Region, Mike Estigo, VP Lou Montenegro and Pres. Jay Mazur, 1988; Montenegro with Aurelia Pucinski, Democratic candidate for Chicago Circuit District Clerk, 1988; Charlie Stark, Midwest Regional Administrator Asst. swears in new officers, Chicago, III, 1988; Local 459 in parade, Mattoon, III, 1986; Strikers at Sewing Unlimited, Chicago III, 1986; Bill McMahon, manager of Midwest District Council #1 with Local 240 veteran, 1986; Local 459 members, Mattoon, III; 1986; District #2 officers, Terre Haute, IN, 1986; B.A. Humberto Salinas and chairperson at Clever maid Uniform in Chicago Gloria Hill at the Chicago Planning Commission, 1988; ILGers at the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana, 1988; Pres. Jay Mazur, VP Montenegro, Dist. #3 Council manager Don Kret and Amy-Dean political-education director, 1988; Workers at White Hall protesting pay cuts of Greene County Manufacturing, (circa 1980's); VP Montenegro administering oath of office to Chicago locals, 1986; Local 282 softball team, Oshkosh, WS, (circa 1980's); Workers at Monterey Mills ratify contract, Janesville WS, 1987; Workers at Advance Engineering join ILWGU, Franklin Park, III, 1988; ILGers march to protest grape boycott, 1993
Box 10 Folder 4
Includes Dye cutters, 1993; Recyclers Consulting Group (RCG) workers with CT Organizing Director Danny Perez, 1994; RCG workers with shop Stewart Raul Rinzon, 1994; ILGers from Mario Valente protest new leasing scheme, NYC, 1993; Elaine Glowacki, ex. dir., of S.E. Mass. Home Health Aides, Inc., 1995; Joint Board Manager Warren Pepicelli and Asst. Mgr. Helen Jue, Boston, MA, 1994; Workers at Futuramik, Hartford CT, 1994; Hartford City Councilwoman Susan Hyde, 1994; Workers at Church Street South housing complex, New Haven, CT, 1994; ILGWU joins community at Union Health Center, Fall River, MA, 1993; District Mgr. Nicholas Roussos and Rob Vitello, director of the U. Mass Labor Education Center, 1993; Mgr.. Pepicelli leading rally, 1993; Pepicelli at Chinese New Year party, 1993; Union workers help install Fall River bells, 1992; Workers picket Diamond Walnut, 1992; Workers at Fabrican, 1990; ILGers at parade, New Bedford, MA, 1990; Talk show host Joan Rivers, 1990; ILG graduates of the New Haven Central Labor Council, 1990; Garment workers square sign, 1990; Mass. ILGer named "driver of the year", 1989; Workers at Malden Mills, 1990; VP Ron Alman, New England region director, 1990
Box 10 Folder 5
Includes - Workers of Malden Mills, Lawrence, MA, 1990; Local 80, 24 & 178workers, 1991; Workers from J & J Mfg. 1991; VP Alman, Boston, MA, 1990; Workers at Archer Rubber, 1990; BA's Franco and Ferreira, 1991; ILGers at health fair, NY, 1991; ILGers remembering US service people, 1991; Servicewoman Geraldine Coleman, 1991; Local 75 self-defense course, 1986; ILG strikers from Cambridge Coat picket non-union Rosario Fashions, Boston, MA, 1986; Local 361, New Bedford, MA, 1986; ILGers picket Mackintosh, Brockton, MA, 1986; Local 178, Fall River, MA, 1986; Southern District Council, 1986; Boston Joint Board Business Agent Warren Pepicelli with members at Rimoldi Sportswear, 1987; VP Ron Alman with MA AFL-CIO president, Arthur Osborn, 1986; Michael Dukakis at TJ Maxx distribution center, 1987; Fire in Fall River, MA, 1987; ILGers distribute food, 1987
Box 10 Folder 6
Includes ILG art contest winner painting, 1987; Northern District business agents Gene Esposito and Elizabeth Jencunas, 1987; New England Patriot Tony Eason with ILGer, 1987; Members of Robby Len Swimsuit factory, New Haven, CT, 1988; Asst. Mgr. Jue and Mgr. Pepicelli, 1988; VP Alman, Local 178 president Eda Cabral, Dist. Mgr. Nicholas Roussos and VP Susan Cowell, 1987; Governor Dukakis with Susan Kim and Alman, 1987; Workers at Gemini Corp., 1987; Workers from locals 178-324. Somerset, MA, 1987; CT. BA Joe Vitelli, 1989; Workers from Tick Tock, 1988; CT organizing director Danny Perez with Uretek workers, Bridgeport, CT, 1987; Workers at A & A Sportswear, Fall River, MA, 1989; VP Alman at rally, 1987; Patriots fullback Mosi Tatupu joins striking ILGers, 1987; Workers at Robby Len, 1988; Strikers at Uretek Co., 1987; ILGers at Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training, 1989; CT State Rep. Miles Rappaport at rally, 1986; Town Curtain workers protest unfair labor practices, 1987; Workers from API celebrate victory, 1986
Box 11 Folder 1
Includes Congressman Jim Shannon with Southern New England District Council, VP Ron Alman, Local 361 manager Cecilia Leshyk, Local 178 Pres. Ida Cabral and Nicholas Roussos, district manager, 1984; Congressman Gerry Studds endorsed by New Bedford MA Local 361, 1984; Members of Local 75, 1984; VP Ron Alman at Mass. Commerce and Labor Committee hearing, 1984; Local 178 50th anniversary dinner, 1984; ILGWU Santa hands Gov. Dukakis a "Buy American" leaflet, 1984; Chicago ILGers surround Congresswoman Cardiss Collins, 1984; Labor-management meeting at Zayres headquarters, 1983; Local 361 voter registration drive, 1983; ILGers promoting the union label at AFL-CIO convention, 1983; Local 313 delegates to AFL-CIO convention, 1983; VP Ron Alman escorts Boston mayoral candidate Ray Flynn through Lana Sportswear, 1983; Congressman Barney Frank presented with map of Fall River Factory Outlet District, 1983; VP Ron Alman testifies before MA legislative committee, 1983; Local 281 Executive Board members at statue dedication, 1985; Strikers at Avon Home Fashions, 1985; Strikers at Marie Dianne Fashions, 1985; Workers celebrate union recognition at Camden Tannery, 1986; Sol Chaikin, 1986; Ron Alman swears in Nathan Sandler, 1986; New Haven Mayor Ben DiLieto meets ILGers, 1986; Ida Cabral speaks at conference, 1986; ILGers at new plant groundbreaking ceremony, 1986; Ron Alman addresses meeting about strike, 1985; Sen. John Kerry, 1985; Rona Alamn outlines proposal to New England Sportswear Manufacturers Association, 1985; Frank Pereira retirement, 1985; Local 178 Easter Saels charity campaign, 1985; Sidney Sisselman escorted by police at strike in Pittsfield, MA, 1982; Paul Winslow made Central States Region director, 1984; Congressman James Shannon, 1984
Box 11 Folder 2
Includes Local 134ers, 1986; BA Roberto Gonzalez, District Council Pres. Mary De Chiara, Asst. District Manager George Benson and District Manager Virgil Bavaro, 1986; Pres. Jay Mazur, Barbaro, Mildred Lippman, Eli Charne, Sol Goldberg and Paul Strongin, 1986; Dino Rinaldi, district manager of Passaic, NJ District Council, 1986; Workers from Albert Betesh & Sons receive backpay, 1986; State Senator-elect Gabe Ambrosio and Christine Kerber, manager of the Passaic District Council, 1987; Local 134ers, Passaic, 1987; Workers from Flora Fashions, 1986; ILGers leafleting, Newark, 1987; Giardina and Assemblyman William Shuber, 1987; Dinner for newly legalized ILGers, 1987; Dist. Mgr. Eli Charne with ILGers, 1987; State Senator Christopher J. Jackman, 1988; Charne and ILGers at Christmas party, 1988; ILGers join Jets & Giants on the Picketline, East Rutherford, 1987; Tom Scali, pres. of the Toms River Retiree Club, 1987; BA Luis Ramos along with ILGers who lost their home to fire, Saddlebrook, 1988; VP Giardina, Mamie Zarimba and Central District Mgr. Mildred Lippman, 1988; Assemblyman William P. Schuber, Giardina at Botto House on the 77th anniversary of the Triangle Fire, 1988; Workers at Pharaoh Design, East Newark, 1988; ILGers rally against apartheid, with banner, 1988; Carnival de Bergenline, 1988; Dist. Pres. Mary De Chiara and Asst. Dist. Mgr. George Benson, Essex, 1987; ILGers at Rutgers U for convention, 1987
Box 11 Folder 2a
Includes ILGers demonstrating in front of Congressman Bob Franks' office, 1993; Local 133 at the NJ Gasoline Retailers' Association Convention, Ellenville, NY, 1994; Cutters from Evan Picone's, 1990; Italian-American Labor Council Pres. and ILG NJ Dir. Salvatore Giardina and AFL-CIO Sec'y-Treas. Tom Donohue, 1995; Frank Camerone, president of the Bergen-Hudson District, 1994; Giardina and NJ Governor Jim Florio, 1993; Health Fair, 1993; Sen. Frank Lautenberg with ILGers at rally, Newark, 1992; ILGers rally for jobs, 1992; Education Director Ira Stern, 1992; ILGers with Perth Amboy Mayor Joseph Vas, 1992; Workers at Alexandra Fashions, North Bergen, 1990; Gov. Florio, VP Giardina and Virgil Bavaro, manager of Essex District Council, 1991; District Manager Eli Charne, 1992; ILGers of the Passaic District, 1991; Day care at health conference, 1990; Charne and Business Agent Magdalena Velez, 1992; Newark Retirees Club at CPR training course, 1991; Workers at Petrie Stores, Secaucus, 1991; Labor Commissioner Ray Bramucci and Giardina, 1991; ILGers, Passaic, 1990; Strikers at Teximpor, 1990; ILGers at National Health Care rally, Liberty State Park, 1990; Judge Daniel O'Hern and Bramucci, 1990; Workers at Roxanne, 1990; ILG VP Evelyn Dubrow with ILGers of new Southern New Jersey Chapter of Coalition of Labor Union Workers (CLUW), 1993; ILGers at Mariners Astubeco, 1990; ILG Bergen-Hudson District Manager Eli Charne, 1990; George Benson, assistant manager of the union's Essex District Council and Mgr. Virgil Bavaro with ILGers collecting gifts for Persian Gulf soldiers, 1990; Central District Pres. Inez Moore and VP Mamie Zaremba, 1989; Roy Kirkley, director of the Labor Education Center and Clara Dasher of the Newark Teachers Union, 1989; George Dumenigo, union social worker, 1987
Box 11 Folder 3
Includes Pres. Jay Mazur, VP Giardina and others meeting with Italian trade unionists, 1993; Mademoiselle shop unionists and representatives, 1992; Workers at Point Blank, Amityville, 1990; Workers from Joe-Jim Fashions, 1991; Workers from D'Ambrosio Textile Co, 1991; Workers from Knitting Mills, Bellmore, 1991; Nassau-Suffolk District Mgr. Mike Grimaldi and NY State Dist. Organizing Dir. David Munck with workers of Thermo-Vu Sunlite Industries, Brentwood, 1992; NY Deputy Mayor of Finance Sally-Hernandez-Pinero with Pres. Jay Mazur and Eli Elias, pres. of the NY Skirt and Sporstwear Assoc., 1990; ILGers at good health workshops, 1990; ILGers lobbying for improved Workers' Compensation law, 1990; Seneca Knitting Mills, 1990; Workers from Seneca Knitting Mills, 1990; "First Convention for Women's Rights" sign, 1990; "B. Altman & Co. is closed" signs, 1990; ILGWU health workshop, Amityville, 1990
Box 11 Folder 4
Includes - ILGers at Thermo-Vu negotiations, 1990; Thermo-Vu workers, 1990; ILGers from local 10, 1988; ILGWU tennis tournament to raise money for cancer research, Westchester, 1988; Upstate NY Dist. members at meeting, Glen Falls, 1988; ILG Upstate Dist. Mgr. Judith Conley at dinner, 1986; VP Barbara Laufman, Asst. General Counsel Lester Kushner and Upstate Mgr. Judy Conley, 1988; Westchester-Putnam AFL-CIO Pres. Peter Puglia with ILGers, 1987; Nassau-Suffolk Dist. Council Mgr. Mary Ruggiero, 1987; Judith Conley, 1986; ILGers completing their Health and Exercise classes, Yonkers, 1986; Lower Hudson Dist. Council Mgr. Mike Trinchi and Representative Hamilton, 1987; Mike Trinchi and others lobbying for Congressman Joseph DioGuardi, 1986; ILGWU Lower Hudson Valley Dist. Council in the "March of Dimes Walkathon", 1986; Assemblyman Richard Brodsky receiving endorsement from Trinchi and Assemblyman Ron Tocci, 1989; VP Sal Giardina, former Oswego mayor John Fitzgibbons honoring ILG veteran, 1986
Box 12 Folder 1
Includes Senator Arlen Specter, VP Joe Fisher, dir. of the Eastern Pa. Region, Irwin Solomon, ILG General Sec'y-Treas., Pres. Jay Mazur and VP Evelyn Dubrow, 1986; Members plan a phone tree in the event of a strike, 1988; ILGers at parade marking the anniversary of Johnstown flood of 1889; Lois Hartel, Manager of the Hazelton and Wyoming Valley Dist., 1989; Leafletting at Katrina Mfg., Williamsport; Shamokin-Sunbury workers leafleting, 1983; 50-year working veteran at Shamokin Dress, 1989; Little Miss USA, 1988; Workers at Rossmor Industries reviewing new agreement, 1987; Vickie Smeltzer, chairperson at Toby Sportswear honored by the United Way,1988; ILGers at NQII LTD., 1988; ILGers in parade, Mount Carmel, 1988; Ohio State Dir. Albert Gargiulo swearing in new directors, 1988; Tom Mathews, mgr. of the Shamokin-Sunbury-Pottsville Dis., 1987; The Wilkes-Barre(PA) ILGWU chorus, 1987; Workers at J.K. Operating Corp., Kulpmont, 1987; Workers from Bestform Foundations, Johnstown, 1987; Leon Stein signs his book, "Triangle Fire", at Bucknell University, 1986; VP Ron Alman and VP Edgar Romney with Volunteer Organizing Committee (VOC) members, Harrisburg, PA, 1987
Box 12 Folder 2
Includes Health care cartoon by Huck Konkapaka, 1986; ILG strikers at Pittston, 1986; Pres. Jay Mazur and Northeast Dept. Asst. Dir. Martin Berger with retiree, 1986; Local 93 Mgr. Joe Rotell with newly organized Zayre workers, 1987; ILGers volunteer to support Wofford, 1991; Wilkes-Barre ILGWU chorus, 1991; Participants in the Northeast Dept. Rank and File Leadership Conference, 1994; ILGers rally at Leslie Fay, NYC, 1993; ILGers celebrate victory, Tuscarora, PA, 1993; Penn. health fair, 1993; Bill Reck, education dir. of Pa. AFL-CIO and COPE Dir. Theresa Ruhl, 1994; Ohio Senator Robert Burch, speaks with ILGers, OH, 1994; AMES negotiating committee, 1994; Sam Bianco, pres. Wyoming Valley Central Labor Council and others supporting the United Way, 1994; ILGers at the holidays, Scranton, PA, 1994
Box 12 Folder 3
Includes Lois Hartel and others burn the WARN notice of plant closing, 1993; "Valerie Belles", of Fashions Local 234-243, Wind Gap, PA, 1993; Calvin Klein with ILGers at Kaijay Pants. Co., Nesquehoning, PA, 1993; Local 196 members in parade, 1993; The Quality Inn negotiators, 1993; Congressman John Murtha (D-Pa.) with ILGers, 1993; George Pishko, former organizing dir. of the Northeast Dept. with Rosie Cappo, 1992; ILGers at Pa. Union Label Conference, Willke's Barre, 1992; ILGers in parade, Reading, PA, 1992; ILGers picket St. Luke's Hospital, PA, 1992; Sam Cavalieri, mgr. of Allentown Local 3, PA, 1992; Cleveland, Ohio ILGers in Union Counselor Classes, 1993; Easton ILGers, PA, 1993; Workers at Mary Fashions Mfg., Lehigh Valley, PA, 1991; PA ILGers support Lynn Yeakel for U.S. Senate, 1992; Pa. ILGers in "Negotiations Workshop" at Indiana U of PA, 1992; ILGers raise money in "Walk America", Johnstown, PA, 1990; ILGers at health fair, 1991; Wofford with PA ILGers, 1991; Steve Ulichney, Camsco Computer Marking, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 1990; ILGers participate in "March of Dimes", Easton, PA, 1989
Box 12 Folder 4
Includes Ohio Dir. Al Gargiulo with ILGers, 1990; Governor Robert Casey signing the Medicare Overcharge Measure (MOM) bill. Pa.'s Somerset Mfg. celebrates 10th anniversary, 1990; Pictures of flood and damaged caused, 1990; ILG graduates of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) class, Lancaster, PA, 1990; March of Dimes Walk-a-thon, PA, 1991; Senator Harris Wofford with PA ILGers, 1991; ILGers at first aid classes, Groveport, OH, 1992; Fire drill at Cleveland Knitting Mills, marking the 1911 Triangle fire, 1992; Tom Mathews, asst. dir. of the ILGWU Northeast Dept., 1992; Workers at Jo-Ann Apparel in parade, Ebensburg, PA, 1992; ILGWU activists pose outside State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA, 1991; Sen. Wofford with ILGers, 1991; Meeting to win support fro the Workplace Fairness Act, 1991; Workers Memorial Day, 1991; VP Joseph Fisher opens talks with Knitted Outerwear Mfg. Assoc., PA, 1991; ILGWU at the Workers' Memorial Day Project, 1991; Ohio Local 298 members in Cleveland, 1991; Betty Miller, pres. Easton Dist. Council Local 234, 1991; Manager Jerry Gingrich of the Northern Dist. Council honoring member, 1991; ILGers lobbying in the Capitol rotunda, Harrisburg, PA, 1991; Northeast Dir. Sol Hoffman and Garguilo, 1991; Workers block entrance to Bestform Foundations, PA, 1993; Senator Wofford with ILGers at Linden Dress, 1994
Box 12 Folder 5
Includes Arial views women at sewing machines; group shot women at sewing machines; women hand sewing coats; women hand sewing; woman threading a needle; close-ups of women at sewing machines; women at work; men sewing; Spools of thread/machines Long Island Yarn Company
Box 12 Folder 6
Includes Women wrapping clothing; Racks of wrapped clothing; men transporting clothing
Box 12 Folder 7
Includes Strikers at Domsey Trading, Brooklyn, NY, 1990; V.P. Steve Nutter, General Organizer Joseph Danahy and others iron out T.J. Maxx pact, 1991; Clover Yarns members wearing T-Shirts "It's Our Future Everyone Counts.", 1991; Exec. VP Edgar Romney outside Domney Trading rally, 1991
Box 13 Folder 1
Includes Strikers at Plastonics, Hartford, CT., Strikers at Domney Trading, 1991; Strikers at Mademoiselle, Brooklyn, NY, 1991; Strikers at Teammate Inc., 1989; Striking Performance workers, Bentonville, AK, 1993; City Councilman Sal Albanese, City Hall, NYC, 1989; ILG and CWA picketers at AT&T North Dade plant, 1986; Local 888 food workers on strike, 1994; Local 89-22-1 ILGers protest at D.J. Sportswear, 1994; STC workers leafleting consumers at JC Penney's, Queens, NY, 1993; Workers gain contract at Mademoiselle, 1992; Exec. VP Edgar Romney with Mademoiselle workers, 1992; Picketing outside Lasting Impressions, 1991; Pres. Jay Mazur with Organization and Field Services Director Joseph Danahy and Ann Hoffman, 1987; Graduates of the Organizers' Training Institute, NYC, 1988; Pres. Jay Mazur and Ken Dermota, 1987; Exec. VP Edgar Romney, 1987; Speakers from Cornell University and 21 organizing directors and executive directors from the ILGWU, North Brunswick, NJ, (circa 1990's); The Bay Bias organizing committee, San Francisco, CA, 1988; Joseph Danahy and UFW pres. Cesar Chavez, NYC, 1987; Strikers at La Mode, 1989; Strikers at Escada, NJ, 1989; Planning strategy for organizing drive at Domney, (circa 1990's); Strikers at Escada, NJ, 1989
Box 13 Folder 2
Includes - Participants in the Organizers' Training Program, 1986; Cartoon for "Health and Safety Enforcement" by Huck Konopacki, 1986; Chosun Daily News strikers, NYC, 1990; Professional and Clerical Employees (PACE) organizing director Brent Garren and formers workers from Korean News with back pay checks, 1993; AIM director Martin Berger, NJ Region BA Rosetta Lyons with Matawan workers, (circa 1990's); Counting ballots for PACE, NJ, (circa 1990's); PACE dir. Ann Hoffman with members of Matawan-Aberdeen; Strikers of Chosun Daily News, NYC, 1990; Exec. VP Edgar Romney and Sae Gae rally, NYC, 1991; Workers of Connecti COSH, 1992; Label for the ILGWU'S PACE, 1988; PACE director Ann Hoffman, VP Barbara Laufman and Safety dir. Becky Plattus, 1988; PACE rally, Columbia U, NYC, 1988
Box 13 Folder 3
Includes Chosun Daily News strikers, 1990; Korea News workers get back pay checks, 1992; Matawan teachers vote to join PACE; Ann Hoffman with Matawan teachers; Chosun workers show NLRB papers, 1991; Sae Gae strikers, 1991; Ann Hoffman at press conference, 1988; Columbia university clerical workers strike, 1988
Box 13 Folder 4
Includes Sheila Frazier, pres. Of Local 372, Sunnyvale, TX, 1994; Making of an ILG union label television ad, 1986
Box 13 Folder 5
Includes Reverend Jesse Jackson and others denounce California's Proposition 187, 1994; U.S. representative Nydia Velazquez with ILGers, 1994; NYC Congressman Charles Rangel and Political Director Ed Vargas with ILGers, 1995; Rep. Robert Menendez and BA Magdalena Velez during campaign, Hoboken, NJ, 1995; VP Sal Giardina, NJ Region Dir. with Industrial Union Council Pres. Bill Kane, 1994; Children in Poverty, 1992; Wisc. Congressman Tom Bennett, (circa 1990's); Cartoon for November vote by Huck Konkapaka, 1994; Sandy Sands, 1994; Sen. Edward Kennedy, 1992 ILGWU convention, 1994; Phil Bredesen, candidate for Tenn. Governor with ILGers, 1994; US Congresswoman Corrine Brown, 1994; Dan Siegelman, 1994; Larry Fortenberry, pres. of UAW Local 1155, Birmingham, GA, 1994; Tim Holden for Congress, 1994; Congressman John Lewis, 1992 ILGWU Convention, 1994 Western States Region Dir. Steve Nutter presents Candidate Kathleen Brown with check for her campaign, 1994; Bumberstick for "Jim Folson for Governor", 1994; Mike Doyle for Congress, 18th district, 1994; Senator Jim Sasser with ILGers, 1994; Barney Frank, 1994; Mario Cuomo, 1994; Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, 1994; Attorney General Candidate Karen Burstein1994; H. Carl McCall, Candidate for State Comptroller, 1994; Donald Payne, Candidate for US Representative, 1994; Congressman Robert Menendez at Genesis Knitting, Perth Amboy, NJ, 1994; NJ Congressman Herb Klein tours the Bloomfield Technical Machine Shop, 1994; Democratic candidate for PA Governor Mark Single with ILGers, 1994; Democratic Senator Charles Robb, 1994; Thelma Tibbs, President of AIM Chapter, #4 with Congressman Alan Wheat, 1994; C.J. Prentiss for State Representative, Bill Leavens for Congress, 1994; Bob Carr, US Senator, 1994; Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl, 1994; Utah Representative Karen Shepard, 1994; Missouri Congressman William J. Clay, 1994; Tom Barlow for Congress from KT, 1994; Texas Congressman Gene Green, 1994
Box 13 Folder 6
Includes - Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel, 1994; NY Governor Mario Cuomo at Mademoiselle Knitwear, 1994; Rep. Major Owens with Domney strikers, 1994; Kathleen Brown for CA Governor, 1994; Governor candidate Mark Single with VP's Sol Hoffman and Joe Fisher, 1994; Senator Frank Lautenberg, 1994; US Senate Candidate Harris Wofford, 1994; Senator Jim Sasser, 1994; Congresswoman Carolyn Mahoney of NY, 1994; Pres. Jay Mazar with Rangel, 1994; NJ Governor Jim Florio, 1993; NY Mayor David Dinkins, 1993; Vice President Al Gore with ILG VP Lillian Grobmyer, 1993; Senator Russ Feingold of WS, 1993; California Senator Dianne Feinstein, 1992; Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Braun, 1992; ILGers in the Bronx, NY, 1992; ILGers in Chinatown, NY, 1992; Congressman Maurice Hinchey with ILGers, 1992; US Senate candidate Dianne Feinstein, 1992; US Senate candidate Chris Dodd, 1992; US Senate candidate Wyche Fowler, 1992; US Senate candidate Geri Rothman-Serot, 1992; US senate candidate Carol Moseley Brown, 1992; Pres. Jay Mazur with Nydia Velazquez, 1992; US Senate candidate Bob Abrams with NYC Mayor Dinkins, 1992; (newspaper clipping) Bill and Hillary Clinton, NYC, 1992; Political activist Sandra Buckner, 1990; Political activist Geraldine Wiley, 1990; Political activist Eleanor Kuhns, 1990; NJ Governor Jim Florio, 1990; NYC mayor David Dinkins, 1990; Several photos of Mayor Dinkins; Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, 1992; Nebraska Senator Robert Kerrey, 1992
Box 13 Folder 7
Includes - Former California Governor Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, 1992; Former MA. Senator Paul Tsongas, 1992; Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, 1992; Ed Koch with Dinkins; ILGWU registering new voters; Governor Jim Florio, David Dinkens; Senator John Heinz at ILG headquarters, Philadelphia, PA, 1988; Mario Cuomo, 1986; House Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. with AFL-CIO pres. Lane Kirkland and Sec'y-Treas. Thomas R. Donohue, 1986; Congressman Barney Frank, 1986; New England VP Ron Alman, 1986; US Senate candidate Harriet Woods, 1986; Herman Badillo for Congress, 1986; David Dinkens, 1986; Pres. Jay Mazur at City Hall, 1986; Mazur endorses Dinkins at City Hall, 1993; Voting Booth, 1992
Box 14 Folder 1
Includes Workers at Barranquitas, 1995; Vice Pres. Torres, 1995; Puerto Rico coastline, 1993; Workers at Bali Bra, 1987; Workers at Ariela, 1990; Dionisio Pellot, president of the Stride Rite organizing committee, 1990; VP Torres and Organizing Dir. Radames Acosta, 1991; Pres. Jay Mazur swearing in VP Torres, 1989; Workers from Panty, Matic, San Juan, 1987; Rally at Bali Bra, 1987; Strikers at Treasure Master's headquarters, Derry, NH, 1988; Bali workers with VP Cliff Depin, 1987; Bali ILGers receive backpay checks, 1988; VP Cliff Depin and Asst. Regional Dir. Jose Torres, 1988; Computer time clock, 1987; VP Torres, 1987; Gen. Sec'y-Treas. Jay Mazur with newly elected officials, 1986; VP Depin with Irwin Solomon & wife, 1987; Gen Sec'y Treas. Solomon at ribbon cutting ceremony, 1987; VP Depin at pact meeting, 1988
Box 14 Folder 2
Includes Quilts done by ILGers for a Justice article
Box 14 Folder 3
Includes Members of the Newburgh Retiree Club, NY, (circa 1980's); Westchester Retirees Club, Rockland, NY; Florida retirees; Cleveland, OH retirees; Members of Local 324 Retiree Club, RI; NYC retirees club; Members of the South FL retirees club, 1990; Retirees learn bead work, 1990; Club Pres. Stella England at GEB, with Judith Wineman, 1990; VP Evelyn Dubrow, 1990; Members of Rockland County, NY retirees club, 1990; ILG retirees at Midwest/Central conference, 1990; Evelyn Moniz with Millie Burrows of Bristol Elder Services, 1990; Pacific Northwest Dis. Mgr. Katie Quan, San Francisco, CA, 1990; Jerry Gingrich, mgr. of the Northern Dis. Council, 1990; Mohawk Valley Club Members, 1990; NJ retirees conference, 1990; Florida Assoc. of Retirees Club with banner, 1990; Pres. Jay Mazur and Retiree Svc. Dir. Judith Wineman, 1990; Members of the Decatur, Ill retiree club, 1991; Retirees say "Union Yes" to PA senator Harris Wooford, 1991; Retiree VP Lou Montenegro with members, Clinton, IO, 1991
Box 14 Folder 4
Includes Retirees from Easton, PA, 1991; Dir. Wineman with Bay Area retirees, 1991; New Central PA retirees, 1991; Union's "Friendly Visitor Program", 1991; Retirees, Lancaster, PA, 1991; Millie DiGiorgio celebrates 100th birthday, 1991; "Retiring Right" program, NJ & NY, 1991; Florida retirees, 1991; Upper South retirees, 1990; Members of the New England Assoc. of Retirees Club, 1991; Retired ILGers from Gossard apparel factory, 1991; Pauline Pepe, one of the last remaining survivor of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire at 100 years of age, (circa 1990's)
Box 14 Folder 5
Includes Puerto Rico retirees club, 1991; AIM director Martin Berger with first retiree AIM chapter, 1991; Delina Chouvette turns 100, 1991; Nassau County's retirees club, NY, 1991; "Express Yourself Players", 1991; Florida retirees, 1991; Local 109 retirees with Senator Harris Wooford, Scranton, PA; 1993; ILGWU retirees support the work of "On the Mend", 1993; Pres. Jay Mazur and NYC Mayor David Dinkins1993; Members of the Hazelton, PA retirees club, 1994; Vice Pres. Susan Cowell, 1994; Union Health Center, 1994; Union Health Center educator Kathleen Schwartz, 1994; Members of Brooklyn retirees club, 1994; Retirees luncheon, Newburgh, PA, 1995; Vice Pres. Sal Giardina with retirees, 1995; South Jersey Retiree Club at Unity House, 1986; Local 120 retirees club, Decatur, III, 1986; Retirees participate in FLEX Exercise Program, 1986; Members of Montreal retiree club, 1986; Members of New Haven, CT retiree club, 1986; Baltimore retirees, 1987; Chicago retirees, 1987; Retirees, Elizabeth, NJ, 1987; Baltimore retirees, 1987; ILGWU organizer Gasper Sciacca and Nassau-Suffolk District council mgr., 1987
Box 14 Folder 6
Includes VP Clifford Depin with Puerto Rican retirees, 1987; ILG veteran Abraham Marchuck celebrates 100th birthday, 1987; Dir. Judith Wineman with Florida retirees, 1987; Association of Retiree Clubs (ARC) VP Mac Abrams and Pres. Al Glenn, 1987; ARC luncheon, Pompano Beach, FL, 1987; New Port Richey retiree club, FL, 1987; ILGWU Asst. Pres. Gus Tyler, FL, 1987; Exec. VP Wilbur Daniels with retirees, NY, 1987; Easton Club retirees, PA, 1987; Mohawk Valley, NY retirees, 1987; Retirees at the Caton Manor Nursing Home, Baltimore, MD, 1987; St. Petersburg retirees club members, 1987; Local 295 retirees, Pittston, PA, 1987; Long Branch NJ retirees club, 1987; Paterson NJ Friendly Senior Club, 1987; Members of the Cleveland, OH retirees club, 1987; Members of the Shamokin-Sunbury Pottsville District Council, 1987; The Cumberland Valley Retirees Club, Central PA, 1987; Mohawk Valley retirees club, 1987; Gainesville, PA retirees club, 1987; Retirees of Hialeah, FL on trip to Santo Domingo, 1987; Workers of Retiree Service Dept., 1987; Members of the Southern New England District Council, 1988; NY retirees hold meetings, 1986; Retirees of Gerald Mills, Inc., Hazelton, PA, 1986; Kingston NY president with Stanley Lundine, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, 1986; New Bedford, MA retirees, 1986; Rhode Island retirees, 1986; Nassau County retirees, 1986; Baltimore retirees club meeting, 1986; Suffolk County retirees picnic, 1986; Westchester retirees club, 1986; ILG Nassau County Retiree Club with Pres. Jay Mazur, VP Sal Giardina, director of NY State District, VP Evelyn Dubrow, 1986; State Attorney General Robert Abrams addresses retirees, 1986; Rhode Island retirees, 1988; Baltimore retirees, 1988; Upstate NY retirees, 1988
Box 14 Folder 7
Includes NJ retirees club, 1988; Local 99 retirees club, 1988; Local 102 retirees club, 1988; Local 122 retirees club, Atlanta GA, 1988; Mike Trinchi, Lower Hudson District Council mgr., 1988; Cumberland Valley Retiree Club, PA, 1988; Retirees exercise club, 1988; ILGWU Retiree Service Dept. Director Matthew Schoenwald with Dr. Eugene Callender, director of the NY State Office of the Aging, 1988; Pre-retirement planning seminar, Puerto Rico, 1988; Pres. Jay Mazur, 1988; ILGWU celebrate the holidays, Chinatown NY, 1987; Retiree Service Director Matthew Schoenwald with retirees, 1988; Florida retirees, 1987; Members of the South River Retirees Club, NJ, 1986; Some ILG retirees married 50 years, Long Island, NY, 1989; Silver Needle Award winners, 1989; NYC retirees for David Dinkins, 1989; NYC Mayor Dinkins, 1989
Box 15 Folder 1
Includes Chicago retirees at rally outside of Prudential Insurance Co. headquarters, 1994; Members of Florida Retiree Club 7, 1994; Nassau County Retiree Club, 1995; Florida Association of Retirees, 1995; Wilkes-Barre, PA retirees club, 1995; Ethel Messinger receives Friendly Visitor award, 1994; Friendly Visitor Workshop, 1994; Rose Itrs, 1995; Health Care rally, 1994; NJ Retiree Council meeting, 1994; Dorothy and Edwin Francis, 1995; Mae McHugh with senator Ralph Musto, 1995; Deerfield, FL retiree club, 1995; Nassau County Retiree Club, 1995; ILGers at National Council of Senior Citizens, 1994; Sweetwater Club #2, 1994; Milwaukee club meeting, 1994; Express Yourself players, 1994; Gov. Mario Cuomo, 1994; On the Mend Program, 1994; Phil Donahue with Anita Raposa, 1993; NYC Mayor Dinkins, 1993; Hialeah retiree club #9, 1993; Retirees at Clinton/Gore Rally, 1992
Box 15 Folder 1a
Includes - Retirees at Clinton/Gore Rally, 1992; Sam Byer retires, 1993; Gov. Lawton Chiles, 1993; Baltimore Craft Club, 1993; NJ Gov. Florio, 1992; Evelyn Dubrow speaks to retirees; Local 324 club, 1992; "Retiring Right" session, 1992; Local 111 retirees, 1992; Jay Mazur with retirees, 1992; MD Congressman, Tom McMillen, 1992; Mid-Hudson retiree club, 1992; Club 200, 1991; Easton Mayor Thomas Goldsmith receives flood aid, 1993; Retiree Club of Locals 234-243 picnic, 1993; Retiree Club Executive Board induction, 1993
Box 15 Folder 1b
Includes men working in factory; man measuring; Asian man working cutter; racks of cut fabric
Box 15 Folder 1c
Includes Herman Abrams demonstrating form with a pressing iron, Feb. 1981; group scene Efrain Dominici, Carmelo Diaz, Carmelo Gonzalez, Santos Carrasquillo, Mariano Gomez, Juan Lopez; men using irons; pressers working in front of windows steam rising; man wiping brow while pressing; individual pressers
Box 15 Folder 2 1991
Includes D.C. Solidarity Day rally, 1991; Solidarity Day quilt, 1991; Members of Locals 426 and 402, 1991; DCB Strikers on Solidarity Day, 1991
Box 15 Folder 3
Includes Camp Solidarity; Local 1199 nurses strike rally, 1995; Ignacio Hernandez speaks to General Advisory Council, 1995; Joint Conference of ACTWU, ZENSEN and ILGWU, 1994; Jobs with Justice at American Signature strike, 1994; ILGers with United Farm Workers, 1994; Catfish Workers win, 1991; Ticketmaster protest, 1994; Coca-Cola rally, 1994; Chen Jingyun accepts George Meany Human Rights Award, 1993; ILGers at Daily News rally, 1990; Farm Worker supporters protest fruit stand, 1989; Eastern Airline strike, 1989; IAMAW strike supporters, 1989; 1,000's outside Rainfair, Solidarity Day pictures, 1991
Box 15 Folder 4
Includes - Han Dongfang, 1992; United Mine Workers rally, 1993; Whirlpool boycott, 1991; Boris Yeltsin at sewing machine, 1991; Jay Mazur addresses rally, 1990; ILGers supporting Daily News strikers, 1991; Domsey, Eastern Airlines and Greyhound strikers on 5th Ave., 1990; Camp Solidarity; ILGers march for miners; Communications Workers of America, 1989; Pittson Coal strike, 1989
Box 15 Folder 5
Includes - Domsey, Eastern Airlines and Greyhound strikers, 1990; Dance for Solidarity advertisement, 1990
Box 15 Folder 6
Includes NY ILGers join massive anti-apartheid rally, NY, 1986; Pres. Jay Mazur, with others prior to be arrested in front of the South African Consulate, 1988; Club hears Rustin on S. Africa, 1987; Exec. VP Edgar Romney, 1993; Romney addresses solidarity rally for victims of apartheid, 1992; Romney with Moses Mayekiso at a Labor Committee Against Apartheid meeting, 1987; Rally at Yankee Stadium, (circa 1980's)
Box 15 Folder 7
.: Includes Workers at S.I. Cutting, Opa Locka, FL, 1995; ILGWU staffers with recipients of hurricane relief, 1982; Members of Local 415-475, 1994; Clairborne negotiating committee, 1994; US Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart with workers of Jorca Manufacturing, 1994; VP Bonanno with Admin. Asst. Spurgeion Griggs, FL Mgr. Mike Ruano and Regional Cont. Robert Cheponis, 1993; Hurricane Andrew aid arrives, 1992; Hurricane damage, 1992; Alabama workers get backpay, 1992; Atlanta ILGers in parade, 1990; "Behold Monument", part of King Center, 1991; Downtown Atlanta, 1991; The Ebenezer Baptist Church, downtown Atlanta, 1991; Tennessee state dir. Lillian Kolwyck with ILGers, 1990; ILGers march in Dr. Martin Luther King parade, 1990; Members at El Ponce de Leon show their backpay, 1990; VP Nicolas Bonanno, 1987; Local 116 Christmas parade with banner, McComb, MS, 1988; Benny Dansavage, 1988; Martin Luther King Parade, Atlanta GA, 1988; Evelyn Dubrow, 1987; VP Nicholas Bonanno, Southeast Region director with ILG veteran, 1987; ILGers with banner at King Parade, Atlanta GA, 1987; South Carolina locals, 1987; Workers at Dandridge Textile, Dandridge, TN, 1986; Local 407 members, Morristown, TN, 1986; FL governor Bob Graham, 1986; Delegates of Southeast Region Conference, Atlanta, GA, 1988; Exec. VP Edgar Romney at Dr. King Awards Breakfast, 1988; TN ILGers at a "jobs for justice" rally, 1988; Members from Abbeville Mfg. prepare at "March of Dimes" Walk-a-thon, 1988; Atlanta delegates at Braves-Astros game, GA, 1987; VP, Nicolas Bonanno, Southeast Region Dir., Atlanta, GA, 1988; Workers at Angelica Corp., Louisville, MS, 1988; Tenn. ILGers with VP Lillian Kolwych at rally, Memphis, 1988; ILGers joining hands in a chorus of "solidarity", 1987; Exec. VP Edgar Romney with Southeast staffers, 1989; Workers end strike at THM
Box 16 Folder 1
Gov. Mario Cuomo, wife Matilda and former Pres. Sol C. Chaikin, 1986; ILGWU chorus, 1986; Ellis Island, 1986; ILGWU sponsored Italian Street fair, 1986; BA Sal DeAngelis, New Rochelle, NY, 1986; ILGers from Midwest District Council, 1986; "Los Nietos del Rey", 1986; ILGWU choral director Malcolm Dobbs, 1986
Box 16 Folder 2
Includes sweatshop graphic, 1995; Fania Cohn, leaders of first organizing drive, 1990; Anna Galbez,, owner of D & J Fashions, Union City, NJ, 1990; VP Sal Giardina, regional dir. and Robert J. Venezia of the NJ Labor Dept., 1987; Organizing director Mike Estigo, 1987; Various sweatshop pictures, 1990 & 1991
Box 16 Folder 3
Includes Saying "no" to NAFTA, 1993; "Women Workers Needed" banner, Tijuana, MX, 1993; NAFTA rally, NYC, 1993; Nick Roussos, Fall River, 1993; Anti-NAFTA rally, West Helena, Ark, 1993; Anti-NAFTA rally, Harrisburg, PA, 1993; Anti-NAFTA rally in El Peso, TX, 1993; Anti-NAFTA parade, Chicago, III, 1993; Signing petitions, Illinois State Fair, 1993; Anti-NAFTA banner, MD, 1993; Anti-NAFTA signs, San Francisco, CA, 1993; Allentown Mgr. Sam Cavalieri and Easton Mgr. Earl Laub with Rep. McHale, 1993; Anti-NAFTA banner at Ohio rally, 1993; PBS advertisement for documentary, 1993; Otto Kuczynski, president of Fairfield Textiles at NJ NAFTA hearing, 1993; Glens Falls, NY demonstration, 1986; ILGers rally in MA, 1986; ILGers rally in Miami, FL, 1986; ILGers leaflet downtown Cleveland, 1986; Rayda Rivera speaks on Capitol Hill, 1986; Nicholas Bonanno, director of the Southern Region with Rep. Kenneth H. "Buddy" McKay (D-FL), 1987; Cartoon for "unfair imports"; VP Sal Giardina and International Relations Dir. Michele Briones with Japanese unionists, North Bergen, NJ, 1987; Unemployed NJ workers interviewed, 1986; VP Giardina, Local 134 pres. Florence DiStefano, Local 158 pres. Angelo Spalluto and NJ Congresswoman Marge Roukena, 1987; Congressmen Chalmers Wylie and John Kasich with Ohio ILGers, 1987; House Majority Whip Tony Coelho and Evelyn Dubrow, 1987; ILGers handing out leaflets in Cleveland, OH, 1987; Leafleting in Miami, Fl, 1987; Cartoon for "Far East Imports", 1981; Leafleting and demonstration against "Character" closing union shops, 1975
Box 16 Folder 4
Includes - Pres. Jay Mazur at FFACT conference, Washington, D.C., 1988; Exec. VP Edgar Romney addresses NYC NAFTA rally, 1993; AFL-CIO pres. Lane Kirkland and Sec'y-Treas. Thomas Donohue, 1993; Demonstrators protest Pres. Bush signing Mexico trade deal, Los Angeles, CA, 1993; Bergan-Hudson ILGers demonstrate against NAFTA, Union City, NJ, 1993; Pres. Jay Mazur and ACTWU pres. Jack Sheinkman at NY City Hall, 1993; ILGers on Nightline talk about "importing jobs", 1992; Cartoon for "Runaway Factories by Carol Simpson, 1992; Advertisement for "Sonneti Classic Jeans", 1990; ILGers at import rally, Capitol Hill, 1990; Carmen Sosa's neighborhood in the Dominican Republic, 1993; AFL-CIO Sec'y-Treas. Tom Donohue, 1988; Representative Pat Williams, 1988; VP Ron Alman, dir. of the New England Region, John Crowley, asst. education dir. with Rep. Joseph Kennedy Jr. (D-Mass), 1987; Anti-NAFTA rally in front of General Motors building, NYC, 1993; LA members protest outside pro-NAFTA conference, 1993; ILGers from Harrisburg, PA, 1990
Box 16 Folder 5
Includes Young People pay tribute to Triangle Fire victims, 1994; VP Evelyn Dubrow during "Triangle" ceremony, 1989; Local 155 during "wreath-laying" ceremony honoring "Triangle" victims, 1995; Firefighters battling the "Triangle" fire, 1991; Fire Commissioner Howard Safir, 1994; NYC Mayor David Dinkins speaks at "Triangle" ceremony, 1993; Members of Ladder Co. 20 (which responded to the 1911 fire) symbolically raises their ladders to the sixth floor, 1990; Triangle rally pictures, 1990; Michael Grimaldi, manager of the Nassau-Suffolk Dis., with Pauline Pepe the last survivor of the triangle fire, 1992; Members of Ladder Co. 20 honored, 1990; Pres. Jay Mazur and Mayor David Dinkins observe a moment of silence for triangle tragedy, 1991; Pres. Jay Mazur addressing the crowd, 1988; Teacher talks to her fourth grade class about the tragedy, 1988; VP Sal Giardina, Pres. Mazur, Justice Editor Emeritus Leon Stein, and Bunny Kuiken, Botto interim dir. at Triangle Fire exhibit at Botto House, Haledon, NJ, 1987; Fire Commissioner Joseph E. Spinnato at exhibit, 1987; AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Donohue and Evelyn Dubrow at exhibit, 1987; Leon Stein addressing Triangle crowd, 1987; Poet Chris Llewellyn reads from her book Fragments from the Fire, 1987; Leon Stein visits triangle exhibit, 1986
Box 16 Folder 6
Includes Woman marking weekly planner; Children in beach setting surrounded by Union Label; Children in rain with Union Label bags; Woman turning off Union Label alarm clock; Educational poster
Box 16 Folder 7
Includes 1995 Union Label calendar mock-ups; Union Label product pictures: T-shirts, jackets, alarm clock, duffel bag, sweatshirt, umbrella, wristwatch, beach towel, pen; Union Label fabric, 1990; Clothing and product models; Union Label contact sheets
Box 16 Folder 8
Includes Head shots of various actors; Chorus rehearsing on stage; Chorus backstage; In the dressing room; Filming of chorus; Filming of actors; In the control room; Shot of television playing commercial
Box 16 Folder 9
labels being sewn into clothing
Box 16 Folder 10
Includes hospital operating room and medical staff
Box 17 Folder 1
Includes Gary Alder; Local 23-25 with "register to vote" banner; Ronald Alman, 1982; Jay Mazur, Tony {Scilito}; Luigi Antonini; Shelley Appleton; Milton Arons, 1961; Morres Ashfes
Box 17 Folder 2
Includes Sam Bergman; Joseph Barondess; Abraham Baroff; Louise Jones and Nester Berger; Marty Berger; Nick Bonanno; Pres. George Bush Sr. Heyward Brown; Boxer Riddick Bowe with his mother; Betty Boyer, Central States asst. org. dir., Dallas; Ted Bernstein; Irving Bakal; Morris Bagno; Angelica Balabanoff; Angela [Bamdroci}; Alben Barkley; Murray Baron; Abe Beacon; Harry Berger; Morris Biolis; Grace Birkel; Max Bluestein; LA Mayor Tom Bradley; Justice Louis D. Brandeis; Ray Bramucci; Louis Brass; Andrew {Bieniller}; Joseph Breslaw; Si Bresner; Israel Breslow; Irving Brown; CA Governor Brown; Jerry Brown; Ralph {Beuche}; Sam Byer; Robert Byrd; Louis Rolnick with ILGWU health director Theodore Bernstein, 1980; Millie Ballon; Bill Bradley; Former Georgia Governor Carl Sanders, Nickolas Bonanno and Sen. Ernest Hollings; Leon Blum
Box 17 Folder 3
Includes Veep Glen Clay, Education Dir, Central States Region with ILG Political Committee and Congressman William Clay of MS; Cesar Chavez with VP Cornelius Wall; Former Pres. Jimmy Carter and Sol Chaikin, 1976; Frannie Cohn; Frank {Crosswaith}; Hillary Clinton; Hillary with Pres. Jay Mazur; Pres. Bill Clinton and Al Gore, 1992; Ceasar Chavez drawing; Doris Ling Cohan; Cesar Chavez; Mario Cuomo; Teamsters pres. Ron Carey; Mgr. Sam Cavalieri; Pres. Sol Chaikin on MacNeil-Lehrer Report; Jewish Daily Forward editor Abraham Cahan; Chaikin with sculptor Chaim Gross, 1983; Hugh Carey, 1974; Rosalyn Carter with Wilbur Daniels; Yvette Charpentier; Abe Cahan with David Dubinsky, 1940; Eli Charne; Ceasar Chavez and Cornelius Walls; Glen Clay; Joseph Clayman; Fannia Cohn; Max Cohn; Marty Cohen; Lewis Corey; Alan {Cramton}; M.J. Coldwell, parliamentary leader of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation of Canada with Mark Starr, ILGWU educational dir. and VP Isidore Nagler; George Counts; Carter and Chaikin at 1980 Democratic Convention
Box 17 Folder 4
Includes ILGWU Seminar, Mont Gabriel, 1973; Chaikin and Pres. Jay Mazur, 1983 Convention; Chaikin and former NY governor Mario Cuomo, 1982; Chaikin with cast and director (Michael Libassi) of "Looking for the Union Label", Chaikin being interview on NY television station WPIX by former deputy mayor Herman Badillo, 1980; Chaikin on front cover of "The New York Times", 1976; Chaikin awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree, 1980; Chaikin receives honorary degree from Rutgers University, 1980; Chaikin with wife, AFL-CIO pres. Lane Kirkland and Jack Hockman, Local 66 manager and chairman of the home's board of directors, 1980; Chaikin with Louis Silver, exec. dir. of the Workmen's Circle Home, 1980; Chaikin lights the largest Chanukah menorah, NYC, 1980; Chaikin with Jimmy Carter and Murray Finley, President of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU), 1979; Chaikin at White House Labor Day picnic, 1979; Chaikin testifying before the National Commission on Unemployment Insurance in NYC, 1979; Chaikin with US Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall, 1978; Chaikin with Irving Brown, AFL-CIO European representative and Henoch Mendelsund, dir. of ILGWU International Affairs Dept., 1978; Chaikin at ACTWU convention, Los Angeles, CA, 1978; Chaikin with Herbert W. Baker, US labor attach to Italy, Mendelsund and Daniel Goott, State Dept. adviser on European labor affairs, 1978; Chaikin at City College of NY luncheon, 1978; Chaikin at GEB meeting, Florida, 1978; Chaikin at luncheon, Boston, MA, 1978; Chaikin with retirees at annual concert, Miami Beach Theater, FL; Chaikin with Michael Dukakis and New England dir. Edward Milano, MA, 1978; Chaikin accepting Histadrut Humanitarian Award, 1978; Chaikin addressing meeting of New York Coat, Suit, Dress, 1978; Chaikin with Tom Brokaw on NBC-TV's "Today Show", 1978
Box 17 Folder 5
Includes - Chaikin at labor seminar sponsored by League for Industrial Democracies, 1977; Chaikin with Howard Coughlin of OEIU and arbitration assoc. Pres. Robert Colson, 1977; Chaikin with Walter Mondale, 1977; Chaikin with AFL-CIO pres. George Meany, 1976; Chaikin with IUD Sec'y-Treas. Jacob Clayman at the Industrial Union Dept. convention, 1977; Chaikin in Allentown, PA, 1974; Chaikin with House Majority Leader Tip O'Neill, Evelyn Dubrow and Congressman Edward P. Boland, 1976; Chaikin with Dubrow and Majority Whip John J. McFall, 1976; Chaikin at economic summit, Tokyo, 1979; Chaikin with Brokaw on Today Show, 1980; Chaikin with Walter Mondale at Garment Center Rally, 1984; Chaikin with Jimmy Carter; Chaikin with Rhode Island Laborites at Rhode Island State AFL-CIO convention, 1974; Chaikin with secretary Miriam Sluckan during GEB meeting, 1982; Chaikin and David Dubinsky; Chaikin with Sec'y-Treas. Shelley Appleton and Yook Chee Hom, chairperson of the Sportswear Joint Board, 1980; Chaikin with district council mgr. Donald Kret, 1980; Chaikin with NAACP Exec. Dir. Benjamin Hooks, 1978; Chaikin, wife, Rosalind and Yugoslavian dissident writer Mihajlo Mihajlov, 1979; Chaikin and Mondale, 1979; Chaikin and Tip O'Neill, 1978; Chaikin at Democratic National Convention, 1980; Chaikin honored at Social Democrats USA annual dinner, 1979; Chaikin interviewed at Wilkes-Barre meeting, 1979
Box 17 Folder 6
Chaikin With Pres. Jimmy Carter; Chaikin with Louis Strassberg and Wilbur Daniels, 1974; Chaikin with Jacob Sheinkman, Edward Schneider, Albert Shanker, and Lane Kirkland, 1975; Delivering speech, 1975; Chaikin with VT Gov. Thomas Salmon, 1976; Chaikin with Abba Eban, Louis Stulberg and David Dubinsky, 1975; Chaikin at Jewish Labor Committee dinner, 1977; Chaikin at meeting of Columbia University Labor Seminar, 1977; Chaikin prepares for TV ad, 1976; Chaikin with Dr. Lev E. Dubinsky, 1976; Chaikin on bicentennial march, 1976; Chaikin at immigration conference, 1976; Chaikin and Sol Stetin, 1976; With Patrick Moynihan, Harry Van Arsdale, Greg Bardacke, and Albert Shanker, 1975; With Jay Mazur, Arthur Silverstein, Christine Scott, and Shelley Appleton, 1975
Box 17 Folder 7
Includes - Chaikin with wife Roslyn, and Harry Van Arsdale, 1975; Chaikin and Jacob Sheinkman receiving League for Industrial Democracy awards, 1975; Chaikin speaking at dinner for Murray H. Finley, 1975; Chaikin and I. W. Abel, 1975; Chaikin and Julian F. Carper, 1974; Chaikin with Jacob Sheinkman, Jacob S. Potofsky, Yehoshua Levy and Murray H. Finley, 1973; Chaikin at JLC dinner, 1975; Chaikin with Ed Koch, 1976; Chaikin and Albert Shanker; Chaikin and General Grigorenko, 1978; Chaikin and Leon Stein; Chaikin and Walter Mondale, 1977; Chaikin and Abe Beame
Box 17 Folder 8
Includes picture of Chaikin, Dubinsky and Stulberg together
Box 18 Folder 1
Includes various portraits and individual photos
Box 18 Folder 2
Includes Dubinsky voting in Local 10 elections, 1953; Dubinsky receiving honorary degree from Brandeis University, 1966; Dubinsky with Francis Perkins and Rose Schneiderman at Triangle Fire plaque dedication, 1961; Dubinsky speaking before Senate labor subcommittee, 1955; Dubinsky showing his cutter skills, 1957; Dubinsky speaking at 25th anniversary of his presidency ball, 1957; Dubinsky at ILG sponsored serviceman's club; Dubinsky at ILG sponsored FDR Institute in Mondello, Italy; Dubinsky walking the picket line; Dubinsky riding bicycles with grand-daughter Ryna; Dubinsky with war orphans at 1950 convention, 1950; Dubinsky with Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded to him by LBJ, 1969; Dubinsky delivering speeches; Dubinsky's wife, Emma, daughter Jean Appleton and granddaughter Ryna; 1959 convention delegates demonstrate for Dubinsky's re-election, 1959; Eulogizing Dubinsky at memorial service: AFL-CIO Pres. Lane Kirkland, Sol. Chaikin, Shelley Appleton, biographer Abe Raskin, Joe Glazer and Bayard Rustin, 1982; Dedication of Dubinsky Student Center, 1975
Box 18 Folder 3
Includes Dubinsky greeting President Eisenhower; Dubinsky with then Senator John F Kennedy, 1956; Lyndon Johnson helping Dubinsky with his coat; Dubinsky and Robert Kennedy; Dubinsky and Eleanor Roosevelt at NRA Coat and Suit Label Inauguration, 1933; Francis Perkins and Dubinsky, mid 1930's; Dubinsky, Phillip Murray, Hannah Haskel and Sidney Hillman on Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ; Dubinsky with former French Premier Leon Blum; Dubinsky with John F Kennedy, Alex Rose and Prof. John Childs, 1960; Dubinsky dining with John D Rockefeller, Jr.; Dubinsky at the White House with Franklin Delano Roosevelt for showing of "Pins and Needles", 1938; Dubinsky with William Green celebrating affiliation with AFL in 1940; Dubinsky with Former NY Gov. Herbert Lehman and NYC mayor Robert F. Wagner at end of 1958 dress strike; Dubinsky and John L. Lewis; Lyndon Johnson with Dubinsky for speech; Dubinsky shaking hand with NRA officials; Dubinsky with Eleanor Roosevelt and Adlai Stevenson during 1956 Presidential campaign
Box 18 Folder 4
Includes Dubinsky, Julius Hochman and Pres. Benjamin Schlesinger in Atlantic city, ca 1920's; Dubinsky with Eleanor Roosevelt and Red Cross officials; Dubinsky photographing wife Emma, George and Eugenia Meany; Dubinsky receiving award from Italian Pres. Giuseppe Saragat, 1966; In Israel, Dubinsky with first Premier David Ben Gurion; Dubinsky and Chief Justice Earl Warren; Dubinsky and Presidential advisor Bernard Baruch; Dubinsky, Grover Whalen, Julius Hochman, A. I. Agree, Albert Florsheimer, Jacob Siegel, Alfred Lasher, Chas Robbins and Harry Rubenstein signing agreement in NY Dress Industry, 8/19/1933; Presenting Humanitarian award to VP Hubert H Humphrey on behalf of Histadrut, 1967; Dubinsky with John Dewey on Dewey's 90th birthday, 1949; Dubinsky with Hannah Haskel and Louis Stuhlberg after convention, 1962; Dubinsky with Luis Munoz Marin and Hugh Gaitskell; Dubinsky with Norman Thomas and Walker Reuther; Dubinsky and Herbert Morrison, 1962; Chaikin, Dubinsky, Stulberg and Abba Eban at luncheon, 1975; Dubinsky and Hannah Haskel
Box 18 Folder 5
Includes Buses leaving from Philadelphia for Madison Square Garden; Speeches given at MSG; Dubinsky posing with gifts; Celebration at Unity House; Dubinsky's family, wife Emma, daughter Jean Appleton, and granddaughter Ryna
Box 18 Folder 6
Includes - Congressman Richard Bolling and Evelyn Dubrow; Evelyn Dubrow speaking with members; Evelyn Dubrow on the steps of Capitol Hill with Jay Mazur and others, 1987; Evelyn Dubrow with Senator Paul Douglas; Evelyn Dubrow, Abe Ribicoff, and Sen. Douglas; Evelyn Dubrow at White house with Pres. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson; Evelyn Dubrow testifying; Evelyn Dubrow and Doug Levin; Evelyn Dubrow and Esther Peterson, 1977; Evelyn Dubrow testifying with Sol Chaikin, 1980; Dubrow supporting Mondale at '84 convention; Evelyn Dubrow presenting petition, 1988; Dubrow receiving Child Care Challenge Pioneer award presented by Congresswomen Pat Schroeder and Olympia Snowe, 1988; At '88 Democratic convention, Dubrow, VP Kolwyck, Ed Vargas and Pres. Jay Mazur; Singing in solidarity Dubrow and Mazur, 1986; Dubrow and Wilbur Daniels testify
Box 18 Folder 7
Includes - Malcom Dodds; Portrait of Mary E. Dreier; Prof. John T. Dunlop with AFL-CIO officials, Lane Kirkland and Thomas R. Donahue, 1994; Portrait of David Dinkins; John Dyche; Portraits and individual photos of Wilbur Daniels; Wilbur Daniels and Sol Chaikin; Max Danish; Max Danish speaking to Francis Perkins and David Dubinsky; Harry Crone and Max Danish, 1938; Portrait of Eugene Debs; Pete Detlefsen, 1976; Cliff Depin, 1977; Louis Dworkin; Joseph L. Dubrow; Senator Thomas Dodd; Abe Dolgen; Melvyn Douglas, 1960; Senator Paul Douglas; Benny Dansavage; General Dwight Eisenhower with John Dewey, 1949
Box 19 Folder 1
Includes Aaron Einbinder, Philadelphia joint board installation meeting; Sam Eisenberg, Local 132; President Dwight D Eisenhower; Pres. Eisenhower and William Green; Pres. Eisenhower, William Green, and George Meany; Arthur A. Elder; Henryk Erlich
Box 19 Folder 2
Includes Barney Frank and Sol Chaikin, 1983; Jay Mazur with Ralph and Eva Fasanella present deed to Ann Belkov; 1991 Ralph Fasanella, 1991; James Farmer receiving award from OPEN society, Hugh Schwartzberg, Jay Mazur, David Dinkins and Morris Milgram, 1991; Mabel Fuller receiving Red Cross citation from two servicemen; Mabel Fuller and Eleanor Roosevelt; Arthur Flemming testifying; President Gerald Ford; Z. Freedman; Morris P. Feinstein; Murray Finley; Harry Fisher; Mary Flowers being sworn in by Edward Kramer, 1981; Moe Falikman; Simon Farber; Israel Feinberg; Sam Fine; Mayer Finkel, 1969; Carmen (Ortiz) Finnegan; Harry Fisher; Ralph Fasanella in shop, negative only
Box 19 Folder 3
Includes Official Program of Dedication of Samuel Gompers Memorial Monument, 1933; Gompers addresses Cooper Union meeting, 1909; Gompers reading in chair; Gompers with Bob La Follete, Sr. and La Follete, Jr., 1920's; Gompers Memorial Monument; Gompers and Bob La Follete, Sr.; Gompers holding shovel at ceremony launching AFL building in Washington; Gompers with James Duncan, Frank Morrison, William Green and Valentine; Gompers with President Woodrow Wilson, at dedication ceremonies for AFL building, 1916; Executive Council luncheon for Plutaroo Elias Calles, 1924; Gompers and Charles Schwab; Gompers and delegates at first convention of the International Broom and Whisk makers Union, 1893; First meeting of International Federation of trade unions, Gompers, Daniel J. Tobin, J. J. Hynes and Guy H. Cyster, 1919; First Executive Council of AFL, Samuel Gompers, Chas F. burgmen, W. H. Foster, Alex C. Raukh and Richard Powers, 1881;National Civic Federation luncheon with Ralph M. Easley, Oscar S. Straus, C. W. Bowerman, August Belmont, Gompers, W. S. Carter, W. M. Fellowes Morgan, Joseph Davies, H. W. Garod, Elisha Lee, Haley Fiske, Warren S. Stone, 1917; Gompers in Labor Day parade, 1911; Gompers with Edgar Wallace, Guy Oyster and C. L. Baine, 1918; Gompers and his wife in Atlantic City, 1924; Gompers Postage Stamp negatives
Box 19 Folder 4
Includes Herman Grossman; Mary Goff in Labor Day parade. 1960's; Mary Goff portrait, 1921; VP Al Gore with Sen. Judy Sassek, 1994; Murray Gross; Prof. John Kenneth Galbraith; Chief Inspector Sanford Garelih; Hugh Gaitskill at 1956 convention; Joe [Glaestone]; Alcide De Gasperi, Italian PM; Valentino Gello; Ben Gilbert addressing meeting of Missouri AFL; Morris Glushien; Sid Gerstein; Arturo Giovannitti, 1937; Arthur J. Goldberg; Arthur Goldberg and David Dubinsky, 1965; Arthur Goldberg, Dubinsky and Orville Freeman, 1965; Arthur Goldman at ILGWU executive board meeting, 1965; Joe Glazer; Max Goldenberg; Sol Goldberg; Harry Goldin; Manuel Gonzalez and Abraham Roshco; Sidney Good; Harry Greenberg; Sol Greene; William Green; Jerry Grossman; William Gomberg; Max Guzman; David Gingold presiding over Fall River, MA contract vote; Bernadine Gardiner; George Gerundo
Box 19 Folder 5
Includes Sidney Hillam, John L. Lewis and Emil Rieve, 1939; George J. Higgins with Stephen I. Schlossberg; Jim Hightower; Han Dongfang and Jay Mazur; Sol Hoffman; Hannah Haskel; Hannah Haskel and Lazare Teper; Norman Hill, 1983; Paul Hall and Charles Zimmerman; Paul Hall; Simon Hamberger; George Harrison, 1960; Adolph Held; Harry Haskel; Phillip Heller with Karl Mantler and Anton Proksch at farewell party from Austrian Federation of Trade unions, 1951; Ailene Hernandez; Phillip Heller, Karl Mantler, Anton Prokesch and Johann Boehm, 1951
Box 19 Folder 6
Includes - Morris Hillquit Plaque; Morris Hillquit; Will Herberg; Eleanor Hernandez; Sam Herbst; James Hoffa; Dr. Hoffman; Sol Hoffman; Herbert Hoover; Israel Horowitz, Murray Gerstein , Sadie Reisch and Irwin Suall, 1951; Ben Horowtiz; belle Horensen, 1977; Local 295 members Rita Hensley, Theresa Cumbo, Mark Dzanis, Lois Hartel, Terry Hotko and Eileen McDonnell at muscular dystrophy parade, 1985; Jacob Halpern; Julius Hochman
Box 19 Folder 7
Includes At Manhattan Center, Wohl, Hillman, Wilkie, Harrison and Umhey, 1941
Box 19 Folder 8
Includes Mother Jones; Charles Jacobson; Lyndon B. Johnson with ILGers; LB Johnson and Dubinsky at 50th anniversary of ILGWU Health Center; Dubinsky and Lyndon Johnson; Hubert Humphrey looks on as Lyndon Johnson signs Medicare into law; CLUW Pres. Gloria Johnson, 1995; Lillian Johnson; Henry Jackson at '71 convention; Vernon Jordan; Sam James, 1977; Henry Jackson and E. Molisani; Claude Jodoin; Lady Bird Johnson; Leon Jouhaux; Mattie Jackson, 1983; Mattie Jackson and Congressman Phil Burstow, 1982; Mattie Jackson and Lane Kirkland; Delegation to California Federation of Labor convention
Box 19 Folder 9
Includes Kennedy, Dubinsky and George Meany; Kennedy and Dubinsky; Kennedy, Dubinsky and Adlai Stevenson; First meeting of Kennedy's Advisory Committee on Labor-Management Policy with Luther Hodges, Arthur Goldberg, George M. Harrison, Richard Reynolds, Dubinsky, Elliot V. Bell, Walter Reuther and John M. Franklin, 1961; Kennedy hands pen to Franklin Roosevelt, Jr. while Dubinsky, Emanuel Celler, Philip Klutznick, Anna Rosenberg, Bess Myerson and Walter Reuther look on; Kennedy Speaks to large crowd on 7th Ave.; Kennedy, Dubinsky and Fred Umhey; Kennedy discusses labor with George Meany and Senator Irving Ives, 1958; Kennedy at ILG GEB meeting; Kennedy's hand-written inaugural address notes; Jacqueline Kennedy; Kennedy speaking at AFL CIO convention; Kennedy, Dubinsky, Lyndon Johnson, George Meany, and W. Willard Wirtz at White House, 1962
Box 19 Folder 10
Includes Robert F Kennedy and Dubinsky; Robert F. Kennedy and Dubinsky at rally, 1964; Martin Luther King and Dubinsky; Senator Ted Kennedy and ILGers from Fall River, MA, 1970; Lillian Kolwyck, 1984; Robert F Kennedy speaks while Charles Zimmerman looks on, 1964; Kearney and Bustos; Voncille Kinard spread from Justice; Joan Cummings and Helen Knight prepare for their ILG commercials, 1980
Box 20 Folder 1
Includes - Ed Koch and Jay Mazur; Ed Kramer and Cornelius Wall, 1980; Lane Kirkland; Milt Kaplan; Dr. William H. Kilpatrick; Harry Krugman; Charles Kreindler; Alex Kahn; Abraham W. Katovsky; Abraham Kazan; Congressman George M. Rhodes and Paul Strongin welcome Senator Estes Kefauver as honorary ILG member, 1962; Al Kehrer; Nicholas Kirtzman; Samuel Klein; Murray Kolker; Ben Kaplan; Morris Kovler; Edward Kramer speaking at convention, 1960; Philip Kramer; Charles Kreindler speaking; Lester Kushner; Leo [Kesperling]; Ed Koch at ILG meeting; Don Kret; Lillian Kolwyck with James Neeley, Eddie Bryan, Clarence Frosy, Bill Pack, Annie Randall and Lillian Grobmyer
Box 20 Folder 2
Includes Portraits and individual photos of La Guardia; La Guardia and Uviller; La Guardia watching the making of a button-hole; La Guardia and Danush; La Guardia and Luigi Antonini; Marie La Guardia
Box 20 Folder 3
Includes Portraits and individual photos of Lehman,; Campaign poster; Lehman at ILG convention; Lehman with Alex Rose, George Meany and Paul Douglas
Box 20 Folder 4
Includes Portraits of Lemlich
Box 20 Folder 5
Includes Portrait; Levin speaking
Box 20 Folder 6
Includes Portrait; Levy giving bonds to Lee Gersten and Louis Tabak
Box 20 Folder 7
Includes Portraits and individual photos; Lewis with Charles Zimmerman; Lewis and Sidney Hillman; Lewis awarding officer qualification awards
Box 20 Folder 8
Includes Portrait; Liberman at podium
Box 20 Folder 9
Includes Portrait; Memorial Plaque
Box 20 Folder 10
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 11
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 12
Includes Portrait; Lurye's Funeral procession, 1949
Box 20 Folder 13
Includes Winnie Lippman, Junette Turley, and Juanita Vaeth going over backpay checks, 1979; Senator Robert La Follette; James Lipsig; Lefkowitz; Mitchell Lokiec; John Lindsay; Matthew M. Levy; {Zalman} Lichtenstein and Congressman Wilbur Mills; Representative John Lewis; Pete Licausi; Morris Lanbger; Rose Mersky Levine; Christmas party, Local 155, 1984
Box 20 Folder 14
Includes Maltese at Tenement Museum; Maltese and his family
Box 20 Folder 15
Includes - Portraits
Box 20 Folder 16
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 17
Includes Portraits and individual photos; Mazur with Chinese retirees, 1983; Mazur testifying; Maur with ILGers; Jay Mazur, Max Zinny and Evelyn Dubrow testify, 1986; Mazur presenting Francis Brunclik back pay check with Tony Sciuto and Ondina Medrano, 1980
Box 20 Folder 18
Includes Portrait
Box 20 Folder 19
Includes Portrait; Golda Meir and Shelly Appleton, 1959; Golda Meir and George Meany, 1975
Box 20 Folder 20
Includes Portrait
Box 20 Folder 21
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 22
Includes Lillian McKittric receiving portrait and plaque
Box 20 Folder 23
Includes Portrait; Miller's induction as charter member to Local 142
Box 20 Folder 24
Includes Portraits; Miller with Senator Henry Jackson, Bill Kaufman and Jim Mahoney
Box 20 Folder 25
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 26
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 27
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 28
Includes Mondale on stage with George Meany and Sol Chaikin; Receiving award from Sol Chaikin and George Meany
Box 20 Folder 29
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 30
Includes Portraits
Box 20 Folder 31
Includes Moynihan at New York state AFL CIO rally; Mondale with Judith Wineman, Lena Paterno and Robert Brown at Senate subcommittee hearing
Box 20 Folder 32
Includes Portrait; Munoz with Puerto Rican ILGers, 1957
Box 20 Folder 33
Includes Jennie Matyas; Nathaniel B. Minkoff; Painting of Giacomo Matteolti; Wayne Morse; Newbold Morris; Herbert Morrison; Vanni Montana; Fred Umhey, Mickey Kaplan, Howard Mobrian and Joseph Breslaw, 1952; Lazar Teper, Murray Finley, George Meany and Sol Chaikin leaving White House, 1977; [Evla] McGill, 1946; George J. Mintzer; Maurice Manel; Art Martin; Nathan Margolies; Morris Makin; Jim Mahoney; Edmund Muskie; Yeruham Meshel; Chaim Miller; Lou Montenegro and Bernice Perry picketing South African Consulate, 1985; Rafael Martinez; James McCauley
Box 21 Folder 1
Includes Nader speaking at Sales Executives Club
Box 21 Folder 2
Includes Portrait; Nagler and Herbert Lehman; Nagler with Adolph Held, Jacob Pat and Max Zaritsky
Box 21 Folder 3
Includes Portrait; Nelson speaking at meeting
Box 21 Folder 4
Includes Portraits
Box 21 Folder 5
Includes Portraits and individual photos; Newman riding train; Newman at Triangle Fire memorial
Box 21 Folder 6
Includes Portrait
Box 21 Folder 7
Includes Saby Nehama; Peter Nadash; Morris Novik and Harry Truman, 1959; Fred Noltman; Reinhold Niebur; Salvatore Ninfo
Box 21 Folder 8
Includes Portrait; O'Neil on television with Evelyn Dubrow
Box 21 Folder 9
Includes Portrait; Otto and William Ross
Box 21 Folder 10
Includes Edward James Olmos; Ray Orsini; [Lorelion] O'Dwyer; Charles Oronsky
Box 21 Folder 11
Includes Portraits and individual photos; Perkins and Eleanor Roosevelt
Box 21 Folder 12
Includes Portrait; Pesotta speaking at 1965 convention
Box 21 Folder 13
Includes Portraits; Price at table with Pauline Newman and his wife
Box 21 Folder 14
Includes Manager Panetta donating $6,200; Senator William Proxmine; Jacob Potofsky; Herb Pokodner; Abe Plotkin; Esther Peterson; Meyer Perlstein; Dr. Selig Perlman; Judge Jacob Panken; Gerdman Pecora; Morris Palcedino; Joe Piscitello; Aaron Pankin; Steve Perkal
Box 21 Folder 15
Includes Program to Upstairs East performance of Pins and Needles actors on stage during performance; Candid shots of actors offstage; Upstairs East entrance
Box 21 Folder 16
Includes Morris Sigman; General Executive Board, 1902;M. W. Schoen, Herman Grossman, James McCauley, Bernard Braff, Benjamin Schlesinger, Sam Bergman and Joseph [Saylor]; Benjamin Schlesinger; Robert M La Follette; David Dubinsky; James McCauley; Congressman Fiorello La Guardia talking to Morris Sigman, 1926; General Executive Board, 1924-25; Sol Chaikin; A. Baroff; Herman Grossman; Abraham Rosenberg; Abraham Cahan
Box 21 Folder 17
Includes Dubinsky and Schelsinger, 1928; Chaikin picketing; Various Portraits and individual photos
Box 21 Folder 18
Includes Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Harry S. Truman; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Lyndon B. Johnson; Luigi Antonini giving Pres. Truman plaque, 1959
Box 21 Folder 19
Includes Edward Milano, Charles Zimmerman, E. Howard Molisani, Salvatore Noto and Israel Breslow at the Unity House, 1961
Box 21 Folder 20
Includes Portraits
Box 21 Folder 21
Includes Portrait; Quill and Jacob Potofsky
Box 21 Folder 22
Includes Portrait
Box 22 Folder 1
Includes Portraits; Randolph and Dubinsky
Box 22 Folder 2
Includes Portraits and individual photos; At Worker's Memorial Day Celebration; Speaking, with Senator Ted Kennedy looking on
Box 22 Folder 3
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 4
Includes Portraits; Receiving plaque from Eleanor Roosevelt; Reuther with David McDonald, Labor Secretary Mitchell and James Carey
Box 22 Folder 5
Includes Rockefeller sewing first Union Label, 1958
Box 22 Folder 6
Includes Portraits; Romney confronting foreman while Tony Rosario, Mike Gomez and Pedro Gonzalez look on, 1976
Box 22 Folder 7
Includes Mrs. Roosevelt, Dubinsky and Adlai Stevenson; Eleanor Roosevelt threading a needle; Eleanor Roosevelt and Fiorello La Guardia at ILG function; Eleanor Roosevelt with ILGers
Box 22 Folder 8
Includes Cover of Justice, November 1, 1936, Roosevelt Campaign Issue; Roosevelt memorial presented by ILGWU; Shots from "The Roosevelt Story"; Dubinsky and Roosevelt at White House showing of Pins and Needles, 1938
Box 22 Folder 9
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 10
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 11
Includes Portrait; Speaking at convention
Box 22 Folder 12
Includes Nelson Rockefeller; Sol Chaikin and Abe Raskin, 1983; Congressman Russo, Jay Mazur and Evelyn Dubrow; Abraham Rosenberg; Ralph Reuter; Ada Rose; Alex Rose; James Roosevelt; Julio Ramirez; Samuel Rabinowitz; Abe Raskin; Elias Reisberg; Rendi; Victor Reuther interview by Joe Michaels on WFDR radio, 1951; Abraham Ribicoff; Serafino Romauldi; Mortimer Ritter; Paul Robeson; Congressman Ron Rodino; Nick Roussos; Lou Rolnick; Helen Rooney; Saul Rosen; Anna Rosenberg; Sol Rosenblatt; Harry J. Rubinstein; George Rubin; Gerel [Ruvieu]; Harold Rome; Jack Rubin; Dean Rusk; Frank Rather
Box 22 Folder 13
Includes Plaque; Portraits
Box 22 Folder 14
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 15
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 16
Includes Portrait and individual photos
Box 22 Folder 17
Includes Portraits and individual photos
Box 22 Folder 18
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 19
Includes Portrait; Schwartz and Morris Bialis
Box 22 Folder 20
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 21
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 22
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 23
Includes Portrait; Shane with painting of himself; Addressing Cloakmakers Union
Box 22 Folder 24
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 25
Includes Portraits
Box 22 Folder 26
Includes Portraits; Plaque
Box 22 Folder 27
Includes Portraits and individual photos; Siems and Evelyn Dubrow; Siems giving $1,000 to President Harry Truman for Kansas City Philharmonic, 1959
Box 23 Folder 1
Includes Individual photos; Soloman and Irwin Ladd at United Way benefit; Irwin Soloman, John Riggan and Arnold Wallace; Solomon giving check to Flor Farmington; Solomon and Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo; Solomon, Hermine Hart and Olga Bracey; Solomon, Joseph Fisher and Beatrice Heggs
Box 23 Folder 2
Includes Portrait
Box 23 Folder 3
Includes Portraits and individual photos; Stein and Helen Haskel; Stein being interviewed on the street; Stein with Abe Raskin, Meyer Miller, Sol Chaikin and Morris Novik
Box 23 Folder 4
Includes Portraits and individual photos; Stevenson and Eleanor Roosevelt; Stevenson with William Green behind
Box 23 Folder 5
Includes Portrait
Box 23 Folder 6
Includes Portraits
Box 23 Folder 7
Includes Herman Starobin; Sciuto sworn in by Matthew Schoenwald; Mark Starr; Steichten; Abe Stawer; Louis Stark; Hartford Mayor Spellary; Bebe Stulberg; James Suffrage; Sam Suher; Israel Silverman; Bo Skiri; M. W. Schoen; Joseph Saylem; Boris Shishkin; Isidore Sorkin; Harry Shapiro; Jack Sessions; Indiana Governor Schricken; Abe Schrader; David Schukin; Abe Schlesinger; Walter Schevenels; David J. Saposs; John H Satlonstall; Senator Pierre Salinger; Maida Springer
Box 23 Folder 8
Includes Portraits
Box 23 Folder 9
Includes - Portraits; Thomas cutting birthday cake; Thomas, William Green, Julius Hochman and Luigi Antonini, 1959
Box 23 Folder 10
Includes Portrait; Dinner with Truman and David Dubinsky
Box 23 Folder 11
Includes Portraits
Box 23 Folder 12
Includes Robert Tilove; Maurice Tobin and Philip Kramer; Carlo Tresca
Box 23 Folder 13
Includes - Portraits; Uviller, Julius Hochman and Freida Miller
Box 23 Folder 14
Includes Actress Liv Ullmann accepting donation from Sol Chaikin; Frederick Umhey; John Ulene
Box 23 Folder 15
Includes Vladech speaking
Box 23 Folder 16
Includes Portrait
Box 23 Folder 17
Includes - Portraits; Wagner presenting NYC Gold Medal of Honor to Herbert Lehman; Wagner and Francis Perkins, 1940
Box 23 Folder 18
Includes - Portraits; Wall inducting members; Wall at Mondale rally
Box 23 Folder 19
Includes Portrait; Wallace with Pins and Needles cast
Box 23 Folder 20
Includes - Portraits
Box 23 Folder 21
Includes - Portraits
Box 23 Folder 22
Includes - Portraits
Box 23 Folder 23
Includes - Portraits
Box 23 Folder 24
Includes - Portraits
Box 23 Folder 25
Includes Wofford with PA ILGers; Wofford celebrating victory
Box 23 Folder 26
Includes Connie Woodruff; Nathan Wool; Max Wexler; Bernard Weinstern; James J. Wahler; Senator Paul Wellstone; Pres. George Washington; Lillian D. Wald; Harry Wu with Jeff Fiedler and Congressman Tom Lantos; Gladys Weinberg
Box 23 Folder 27
Includes Young receiving support from Nicholas Bonanno for mayoral race
Box 23 Folder 28
Includes Portrait
Box 23 Folder 29
Includes Portrait
Box 23 Folder 30
Includes Portrait
Box 23 Folder 31
Includes - Portraits; At christening of boat, "Charles S. Zimmerman"; Zimmerman's wife and son Paul; Zimmerman and Louis Stulberg; Zimmerman and Louis Hyman lead picket, 1926
Box 23 Folder 32
Includes - Portraits
Box 23 Folder 33
Includes - Portraits
Box 24 Folder 1 1988
May 14
Box 24 Folder 2
Box 24 Folder 3
Box 24 Folder 4
Box 24 Folder 5 1990
Box 24 Folder 6
Box 24 Folder 7
Box 24 Folder 8 1909
November 22
Box 24 Folder 9
Box 24 Folder 10 1990
September 12
Box 24 Folder 11 1992
Includes Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy
Box 24 Folder 12
Box 24 Folder 13 1993
Box 24 Folder 14
Box 24 Folder 15 1964
Box 24 Folder 16
1960s and 1970s
Box 24 Folder 17
Box 24 Folder 18
Box 24 Folder 19
Box 24 Folder 20
Box 24 Folder 21
Box 24 Folder 22
Photos by Ed Carreon, arrest of Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine
Box 24 Folder 23 1990
[New York City]
Box 24 Folder 24 1958
Box 24 Folder 25
November 10, 1993?
Box 24 Folder 26
Box 24 Folder 27
Box 24 Folder 28
Box 24 Folder 29
Box 24 Folder 30
Box 24 Folder 31
Box 24 Folder 32
Box 24 Folder 33 1995
June 18
Box 25 Folder 1
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 2
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 3
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 4
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 5
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 6
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 7
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 8
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 9
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 10
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 11
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 12 1949
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 13 1977
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 14 1977
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 15 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 16 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 17 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 25 Folder 18 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 1 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 2 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 3 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 4 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 5 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 6 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 7 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 8 1980
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 9
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 10
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 11
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 12
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 13
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 14
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 26 Folder 15
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 1
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 2
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 3
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 4
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 5
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 6
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 7
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 8
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 27 Folder 9
Format: Black and white photograph
Box 28
Format: Black and white photograph