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ILGWU. Carl Proper papers, 1979-2001
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Proper, Carl International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
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Reports, correspondence.
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
The papers of Carl Proper consist primarily of subject files and files on labor-management committees.
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Founded in 1900 by local union delegates representing about 2,000 members in cities in the northeastern United States, the ILGWU grew in geographical scope, membership size, political influence to become one of the most powerful forces in American organized labor by mid-century. Representing workers in the women's garment industry, the ILGWU worked to improve working and living conditions of its members through collective bargaining agreements, training programs, health care facilities, cooperative housing, educational opportunities, and other efforts. In 1995, the ILGWU merged with the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) to form the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE).


Carl Proper was Executive Assistant to President Jay Mazur and Executive Director of Council on American Fashion.

Proper, Carl.
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.

Women's clothing industry--United States.
Labor unions--Clothing workers--United States.
Clothing workers--United States.
Industrial relations--United States.

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Box 1
Box 1 Folder 1 1988
List of companies being boycotted by AFL-CIO, with cover letter from Mazur urging that the ILGWU honor the boycott
Box 1 Folder 2 1986-1987
List of AFL-CIO standing and ad hoc committees with ILGWU participants and those with no ILGWU participants, March 8, 1988; list of all AFL-CIO standing committees and members, Nov. 6, 1987
Box 1 Folder 3 1960-1986
Memo to ILGWU president David Dubinsky from Research Dept. re analysis (attached) of union membership in relation to U.S. Census figures, Jan. 22, 1960; statistics for total ILGWU membership, as percent of women's and children apparel production workers, and percent change for each year, 1961-86; census statistics for production worker employment 1972, 1977, 1982 by geographic region
Box 1 Folder 4
Affidavit by ILGWU director of research Herman Starobin in litigation against ILGWU by Levi Sportswear, claiming union cartel, 1984; excerpt from Governor's Advisory Commission final recommendations on the cloak, suit and skirt industry, New York City, re rise of jobber-submanufacturing system, 1926; Federal Register notice re 1984 Merger Guidelines, Dept. of Justice Antitrust Division; U.S. Census statistics
Box 1 Folder 5-6 1992-1993
Letters from ILGWU president Mazur and CAF director Carl Proper to NYC deputy mayor Barry Sullivan and NYS legislators urging support for a $1 million line item in the state budget for establishment of an apparel industry development program, including a technology extension service that would position the state for a federal manufacturing extension center; text of proposal; schedule of events for visit to state capital; memos; handwritten notes
Box 1 Folder 7 1987
Report of the Task Force on Associate Membership, which proposed a new category to assist in organizing efforts: associate membership would be offered to workers where organizing campaigns had failed, and to those who left their jobs, in order to maintain contact
Box 1 Folder 8 1987-1992
Report of the Benefit Funds Department to the General Executive Board, Feb. 2, 1988; Report of the Task Force on Vacation and Holiday Funds, Oct. 1987; memos re drug plan, re Benefit Fund Payments, Mar. 8, 1988; letters from retirees expressing gratitude for drug plan, 1991-92; fact sheet, Health Services Plan, comparison 1990/1991, notes 1990 "crisis," "high users"; health fund fact sheet with history of fund mergers, 1986-92; articles summarizing benefit plans, printed in Justice, 1988
Box 1 Folder 9 1990-1991
National Retirement Fund fact sheets, c. 1991; actuarial report as of January 1, 1991, by Martin E. Segal Company; estimated employer withdrawal liability for Steffen Manufacturing Co. through plan year 1990; Charles Weinstein Coat Co., Inc., calculation of partial withdrawal; ILGWU National Retirement Funds Report of Withdrawal Liability as of Dec. 31, 1991; newspaper clipping
Box 1 Folder 10 1986-1988
Printed history and description of the Union Health Center, in New York City, excerpted from Breakthroughs in Health-Care Management: Employer and Union Initiatives, by Victoria George and William E. Hembree (c. 1986, Health Research Institute, Pergamon Press); note from physician for ILG official Herman Starobin, Nov. 15, 1988
Box 1 Folder 11 1978-1984
Articles and testimony by ILGWU officials: ILG president Jay Mazur testimony before House Ways & Means Committee re Reagan's new tax proposals, June 13, 1985; interview with Mazur as new president, 1986; interview with Mazur by Bureau of National Affairs re trade legislation, 1988; description of ILGWU: membership composition, history through Carter administration; Report of Research Dept. re imports, March 10 Sept. 10, 1984; "Endangered Labor Market," by v.p. Evelyn Dubrow and Herman Starobin in The Journal/The Institute for Socioeconomic Studies, summer 1984, warns global telecommunication will erode U.S. intellectual advantage just as globalization has undercut U.S. industry in other arenas; "Trade, Investment, and Deindustrialization: Myth & Reality," by ILG president Sol Chaikin, in Foreign Affairs, September 1982; "The Other Economy," by Gus Tyler, in New Leader, 1978, American Labor Conference on International Affairs
Box 1 Folder 12 1987-1988
Columns by President Mazur in ILGWU Justice
Box 1 Folder 13 1986
Critical 6-page analysis by James Parrott, Ph.D., executive assistant to ILGWU president Jay Mazur, on the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment's report "U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry," March 1986; also notes report by ILG Research Department re women's and children's apparel industry and imports, sent to OTA study author
Box 1 Folder 14 1988-1989
Minutes and handwritten notes from meetings of the General Executive Board's Data Processing Committee, 1989; Computer Services Department Report to the Data Processing Committee, March 28, 1989; Data Processing Evaluation Study prepared by Arthur Young, c. 1988
Box 1 Folder 15 1990-1992
Initiated as a subcommittee of the Data Processing Committee to improve the ability of organizers to obtain information on companies, campaign efforts, and workers, explained in July 20, 1990, memo from exec. asst James Parrott; Report of the Organizing Department Computer Project, Feb. 26, 1992, prepared by exec. asst. Parrott; minutes of organizing directors meeting, April 1990; minutes and handwritten notes from meetings of the Data Processing Committee, 1992; report by Ernst & Young, "Data Processing Evaluation Study," January 1992; comments on study by ILG exec. asst. Parrott
Box 1 Folder 16 1993
Minutes of the PC Subcommittee, 1993; guidelines for accessing master files; printouts
Box 1 Folder 17 1989-1992
Correspondence and descriptive literature about Grassroots PLAN, designed for labor union legislative and political action work; brochure from AT&T for get-out-the-vote software
Box 1 Folder 18 1990-1992
Lists of union apparel manufacturers and other categories; memos
Box 1 Folder 19 1986-1987
ILGWU Policy Statement on Drug Testing, opposing random drug tests either for pre-employment screening or to monitor current workers, recommending treatment rather than punishment, and off-duty privacy rights (intervention only when on-the-job performance is impaired), n.d.; draft statement with handwritten notes; printed publication, "Drug & Alcohol Testing on the Job: Safety with Personal Dignity," an AFL-CIO Guide, c. 1987; American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) publications: "The Drug Testing Debate: Remedy or Reaction?" 1987, and "Questions and Answers about Drug Testing in the Workplace," 1986; OCAW Reporter article by president Joseph Misbrener, "Labor Must Counter Drug Testing Treat," March-April 1987
Box 1 Folder 20 1989-1991
General Executive Board special meeting materials (agenda, remarks by president Mazur); information sheets for ILGWU staff members; coordinators' training session materials; IRS tax preparation instructions; correspondence with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; invoices, financial records related to campaign costs
Box 1 Folder 21 1986
Memo from v.p. Evelyn Dubrow to President Mazur re meetings with five members of the New York Congressional delegation, recommending whether to endorse each individual or run other candidate against him, October 1, 1986; memo to all NYC managers and NYS district director from Mazur, explaining endorsement of Mark Green for U.S. Senate against Al D'Amato, October 14, 1986
Box 1 Folder 22 1989
Box 1 Folder 23 1983-1984
Task force to coordinate exchange of information among existing ILGWU representation on industry-related bodies in New York. Meeting minutes and agendas, newspaper clippings; discusses activities particularly of the New York Garment Industry Advisory Committee (see also), real estate issues
Box 2 Folder 1 1985-1986
Fact sheet describing GAC: created in 1984 by ILG president Sol Chaikin, composed of mid-level ILG officers and directors not members of the General Executive Board; list of GAC members; first and second meeting minutes, February 1, August 26-28, 1985; agendas, handwritten notes, March 1986; meeting minutes, August 19-21, 1986, discussing organizing strategies, need to raise pay for union organizers, need to target new (non-apparel) industries and overseas workers, possibly merge with other unions; printed report, "The Changing Situation of Workers and Their Unions," by AFL-CIO Committee on the Evolution of Work, February 1985; list of roll call votes on HR 1562, Oct. 10, 1985 and Dec. 3, 1985, and Senate vote, Nov. 13, 1985; 1986 Campaign Strategy Sheet: list of Republican Senators up for re-election, profile of each, including voting record on key issues; AFL-CIO Legislative Alert special report, "The Gramm-Rudman Law: How It Works And Hurts," Feb. 3, 1986
Box 2 Folder 2 1987-1991
Printed report re deindustrialization: "Crossroads of America: Choosing a Better Future for American Industry and the American People," with cover letter from ILGWU president Jay Mazur, sent to GAC members in preparation for campaign against imports; "Time to Raise the Minimum Wage," testimony by pres. Mazur to the Congressional Roundtable, Congressional Research Service, May 20, 1987; meeting agendas, handwritten notes from meetings; AFL-CIO guidelines for pre-endorsement activities by members in presidential campaign; survey of membership in preparation for 1988 election; memo re establishment of new Dept. of Associate Membership; presentation by Carl Proper re Council for American Fashion, Needle Trades Action Project (MA), and Lehigh Valley Apparel-Textile Project (PA), November 13, 1990; minutes of meeting by ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott; suggested agenda/talking points (memo from exec. asst Parrott to Mazur) for October 26, 1990 meeting; Mazur agenda/talking points for September 24, 1991 meeting; summary of meeting, including discussion of 1992 convention, reports from committees
Box 2 Folder 3 1986-1989
Restricted. Includes summary of major decisions of the board at 1986 meeting.
Box 2 Folder 4 1989-1990
Box 2 Folder 5 1991
Box 2 Folder 6 1993
Box 2 Folder 7-8 1990-1992
Restricted. Report by strategic planning consultant Klein & Co., Cambridge, MA; includes presentation to ACTWU General Executive Board
Box 2 Folder 9 1992
Restricted. Handwritten notes from GEB retreat, July 21-22, 1992; list, ILGWU Goals, with letter from vice president Paul Winslow, Central States Region, correcting list of goals
Box 2 Folder 10 1992-1993
Committee of the ILGWU General Executive Board; surveyed best practices of unionized apparel industry. Memos, minutes of meetings, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings
Box 2 Folder 11-12 1993-1994
Surveys of manufacturers and contractors, memos
Box 2 Folder 13 1983-1991
"Safety and Health in the Garment Industry," description of activities and structure of the department; "Health and Safety Hazards in the Garment Industry," prepared by department; newsletter, Update Health & Safety, Dec. 1987- Jan 1988; brochure, "Is Your Job Making You Sick?" with cover letter by New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), July 1988; "Using Health & Safety in Organizing," summary of two ILG organizing campaigns; research papers: "Motion-related wrist disorders traced to industries, occupational groups," by Roger C. Jensen, Bruce P. Klein, and Lee Sanderson, Monthly Labor Review, September 1983, "Understanding Statistics on occupational illness," by Harvey J. Hilaski, and "The job safety law of 1970: its passage was perilous," by Judson MacLaury, March 1981; testimony of health & safety director to county legislature in support of protection for video display terminal (VDT/computer) operators; AFL-CIO Right to Know Teleconference agenda, April 23-24, 1987; flyer re video, "A Price for Every Progress: The Health Hazards of VDTs," Labor Institute; "Women Workers: Hazards on the Job," from AFL-CIO American Federationist, August 1978; "Information Access: Health & Safety Documents You Have a Right to Under the Law," by department, n.d.; contract between department and NYS Dept. of Labor, July 1, 1988, to create an ergonomically redesigned "model shop" and conduct conferences and training sessions in English, Spanish, and Chinese; memos and press releases from U.S. Department of Labor re new OSHA proposals for formaldehyde, 1991; newspaper clippings, 1988-91
Box 3 Folder 1 1987-1991
Brochure, "What in the World is the ILGWU Doing?" prepared by the department; letter from pres. Mazur to Chemical Bank president protesting loan to South African company Minorco, Mar. 6, 1989; report, ILG Program for Textile and Garment Unions re assisting black trade unions in South Africa; ad copy for Johannesburg Star by New York Labor Committee Against Apartheid; letter from Mazur to Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega protesting harassment of union members, July 28, 1988; First Summit of the Textile and Apparel Unions of the Americas to Analyze Social and Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere: No Integration without Labor Participation, Sept. 2-5. 1991, Caracas, Venezuela; briefing memos to Mazur re visiting international delegations from Cyprus, Egypt, Indonesia, United Kingdom; Joint Statement of Fifth Joint Conference of ZENSEN (Japanese Federation of Textile, Garment, Chemical, Mercantile, and Allied Industry Workers' Unions) ACTWU ILGWU, Kyoto, Japan, November 26, 1987; letter from ILG organizer in Upper South Dept. re international solidarity, December 23, 1988; resolution by California Labor Federation asking ALF-CIO to change its policy to permit contact between U.S. unions and unionists of all other nations (including socialist) without government interference; International Confederation of Free Trade Unions weekly summary, re New Zealand's outlawing of unions, with hand notation by Mazur, March 21, 1991; letter to Mazur from the Committee to End the Chinese Gulag, July 19, 1991; minutes of subcommittee of International Labor Organization, March 24, 1988
Box 3 Folder 2 1988-1992
Box 3 Folder 3-4 1988-1991
Box 3 Folder 5 1989-1992
Box 3 Folder 6 1984-1986
Report of Legal Department to General Executive Board, re Supreme Court reviews, March 10, 1984, September. 14, 1984, January 10, 1985, June 24, 1985; printed report by department to convention, Labor Law and ILGWU Cases re hostility of Reagan administration to labor movement (in convention proceedings, March 7, 1986)
Box 3 Folder 7 1988
Memo proposing Guide to ILGWU Departments and Affiliates to be modeled after attached NYS Banking Department, July 22, 1988
Box 3 Folder 8-9 1984-1991
Reports, newspaper clippings, press releases, and correspondence between the ILGWU and its Canadian affiliates re imports, NAFTA/free trade, and homework. Report to the General Executive Board, January 18, 1991, submitted by Gerald Roy, Canadian director, ILGWU; "Conditions in the Women's Garment Industry: Canada," March 12, 1984, prepared by the ILGWU Research Dept.; background paper, "Canada in Crisis" by Willis Armstrong, director, the Atlantic Council of the United States; paperbound book, It's Not Free! The Consequences of Free Trade with the U.S., by the Ontario Federation of Labour; ILGWU Pre-Feasibility Study on "Toronto Sews," August 8, 1989; government report, "Assessment of Direct Employment Effects of Freer Trade for Ontario's Manufacturing Industries," prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology, November 1985; Ministry of Labor proposed changes to Cabinet Submission re reform of the Labor Relations Act, August 12, 1991; newsletters: Ontario Labour, quarterly magazine of Ontario Federation of Labour, 1985-86; Union Fabric, ILGWU Ontario District Council, 1986-89; brochures re occupational safety and health, racial harassment, homeworkers' rights; newspaper clippings
Box 3 Folder 10 1984-1992
"Study to the Consultative Commission on Working Conditions," presented by the Joint Council of Quebec of the Union Internationale des Ouvriers du Vetement pour Dames, Montreal, December 12, 1984; annual report, 1989-90, Quebec Federation of Labor Solidarity Fund (Le Fonds de Solidarite des Travailleurs de Quebec); Terms of Settlement between the Quebec Joint Council of the ILGWU and the Quebec Fashion Apparel Manufacturers' Guild (n.d.); discussion paper, "The FTQ-CLC Relationship and Quebec Politics, July 7, 1992; French-language edition of ILGWU newsletter Justice, December 1990; newspaper clippings
Box 3 Folder 11 1988-1989
Central States Region Report to the General Executive Board, February 1988; TV news clip transcripts, newspaper clippings; newsletter, DCWU Local 399 (Evansville, IN) News 'n Views October/November 1989; correspondence
Box 3 Folder 12 1989-1990
Correspondence re possible training programs, April 27, 1990; newsletter, Union News, December/January 1989
Box 3 Folder 13 1986-1987
Report on homework/sweatshop operations in Chicago, July 10, 1986; newspaper clippings re black women in the labor movement (Labor Research Review, Spring 1988, #11), fading leftist activism among youth ("Activism among the Yuppoisie," Norman Atkins, Village Voice, Feb. 24, 1987), Labor '87 News re Chicago Federation of Labor endorsement of Chicago Mayor Washington
Box 3 Folder 14 1986-1991
Letter of resignation from organizer, with impressions of ILGWU reputation in Massachusetts, especially among electronics workers, December 29, 1987; text of presentation by Carl Proper before TWARO seminar in Malaysia, and trip report, September-October 1986; text of television segment re garment industry in Massachusetts, WBZ-TV (NBC), March 7, 1991; correspondence; newspaper clippings
Box 3 Folder 15 1989-1991
Faxed memos to ACTWU president Jack Sheinkman re Liz Claiborne settlement, July 8, 1988; memo from director of New Jersey Region to ILGWU general counsel Max Zimny re agreement with Alexandra Fashions, North Bergen, NJ, and Fairbrook Enterprises, NYC, April 12, 1989; newspaper clippings
Box 3 Folder 16 1976-1988
"The Union and Cutting Contractors," submitted to the General Executive Board Committee on Local 10, Jay Mazur, February 10, 1976; collective agreement, New York Coat, Suit, Dress, Rainwear and Allied Workers' Union with New York Coat and Suit Association, Inc., and Infants', Children's & Girl's Sportswear and Coat Association, Inc., 1985-88; yearly membership census, 1983-87, with percent decline, wage averages, and arguments against wage cap; statistics about high health service plan usage, May 9, 1988; list of membership census for all ILGWU locals, comparing 1988 with 1985, and percent change; correspondence
Box 3 Folder 17 1987-1992
Newsletter, Local 23-25 News, 1987-90; Local 23-25, ILGWU, Report to the General Executive Board, January 1988; letter from ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott noting that Chinatown manufacturers were not interested in exposing themselves to the publicity or scrutiny of nomination for the Labor Commissioner's Award, which was set up to improve the image of Chinatown, Feb. 11, 1992; journal clippings
Box 3 Folder 18 1990
Newsletter, Our Union, with note to ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott, Winter 1990
Box 3 Folder 19 1990
Contract summary and brochure, "Welcome to the Union!" (both in English and Spanish); newsletters, Local 89-22-1 News; memo re outreach to deaf members, May 2, 1990
Box 3 Folder 20 1986-1988
Newsletter, Local 99 News, 1986-88
Box 3 Folder 21 1988
Resolution re restructuring, August 15, 1988
Box 3 Folder 22 1988
Transcript of testimony by ILGWU director of NYS District at hearings on child labor held by the NYS Dept. of Labor, July 27, 1988
Box 3 Folder 23 1989
Speech script, Northeast Staff Meeting, September 13, 1989
Box 3 Folder 24 1976
Newspaper, NACLA (North American Congress on Latin America)'s Latin America and Empire Report re U.S. unions in Puerto Rico, May-June 1976; newspaper clippings
Box 3 Folder 25 1989
Newspaper clippings; memo to ILG president Mazur from exec. asst. James Parrott re suggested talking points for Atlanta, GA, staff meeting, July 22, 1989
Box 3 Folder 26 1983-1985
Reports to ILG president Sol Chaikin and General Executive Board from Upper South Department re negotiated contracts, anticipated difficulties, lack of work, 1983-85; newspaper clippings; newsletters, the Maiden-forum, Winter 1986, and the ILG'er Western District Council, November 1985; handwritten notes
Box 3 Folder 27-29 1991
Overview (schedule of opening negotiating sessions by local/industry association; policy guidelines; history of demands and settlements; associations (list of members); report of task force on contract language; consumer price index; benefit funds (health fund fact sheets); summary of demands; summary of negotiations; press release, "ILGWU and Major Dress and Coat Employer Groups Reach Accord on 3-Year Pacts for 35,000 Workers; Higher Wages, Increased Contributions to Health Plans, Funding to Strengthen Industry Called 'Pattern' for Northeast Outerwear"; draft of negotiation speech for Local 23-25 manager-secretary Edgar Romny
Box 4 Folder 1 1991
Agreements with New York Skirt and Sportswear Association, Metropolitan Area Apparel Association, Greater Blouse, Skirt & Undergarment Association, National Association of Blouse Manufacturers, National Women's Neckwear & Scarf Association, Sportswear Apparel Association, Industrial Association of Juvenile Apparel Manufacturers, Atlantic Apparel Contractors' Association, Association of Knitted Fabrics Manufacturers, Passementerie & Trimming Manufacturers Association; press releases
Box 4 Folder 2 1970-1985
Statistics for outerwear contracts, 1970-85; newspaper clippings
Box 4 Folder 3 1987-1988
Calendar of Collective Bargaining, New York State, 1987; press release, "ILGWU Negotiates Pacesetting Parental Leave," 1987; wage and price developments under 1985-88 industry agreement; collective agreement, Ladies' Apparel Contractors' Association and United Better Manufacturers Association with ILGWU and Dressmakers' Joint Council, 1985-88; United Rubber Workers collective bargaining policy, 1982
Box 4 Folder 4
Final report to the General Executive Board, 1987
Box 4 Folder 5
Financial records of salaries and reimbursements to officers
Box 4 Folder 6 1988-1990
Sexual harassment policy, 1990; memo on hiring freeze and restructuring, 1987; agreement with local 153, 1988
Box 4 Folder 7 1993
Personnel records of participants in the NYC Cooperative Education Program (college interns, summer temporary staff)
Box 4 Folder 8 1987
Memos re restructuring; exec. v.p. Wilbur Daniels resume; procedures
Box 4 Folder 9 1986-1987
Letters noting appointment of ILGWU president Mazur to boards of other organizations: AFL-CIO committees, the Atlantic Council, Committee for National Health Insurance, Council on Foreign Relations, Fashion Institute of Technology, National Committee on Pay Equity, National Planning Association
Box 4 Folder 10 1986-1992
Memos and letters to and from ILGWU president Mazur
Box 4 Folder 11 1992
1992 Convention policy statements
Box 4 Folder 12 1989
1989 Convention policy statements
Box 4 Folder 13 1987-1989
Resolutions submitted by ILGWU to AFL-CIO or Industrial Union Department conventions; drafts and memo re AIDS resolution, noting need to consult with health care unions, Sept. 21, 1987
Box 4 Folder 14 1983-1988
Speeches by ILGWU presidents Jay Mazur (Columbia University School of Social Work, 1986; Hofstra University, 1988; NYS Council of Senior Citizens, 1988; Social Democrats USA, 1987; Congressional Research Service, 1987) and Sol Chaikin on trade/globalization, minimum wage, and other economic issues
Box 4 Folder 15 1988-1990
Correspondence and notes for speeches to the Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association, September 1989; New York Skirt and Sportswear, October 20, 1988; ACTWU Convention, 1990
Box 4 Folder 15a
Box 4 Folder 15b
see also "New York City Apparel Industry," "New York State Apparel Industry," and "ILGWU Apparel Industry"
Box 4 Folder 16 1984-1988
Newspaper, trade, and scholarly journal articles re economics, fashion, manufacturing. New Yorker Annals of Business: "The Sweater Trade," January 18, 1988; special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, "Deindustrialization: Restructuring the Economy," September 1984; Business Week special report, "The Hollow Corporation," March 3, 1986; ILGWU Research Department, "Conditions in the Women's Garment Industry," November 30, 1988; article, "Leading Virginia Industries: Textiles and Apparel: A Business Update, 1986" Robert W. Haigh and Donald W. Lindsey, Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration
Box 4 Folder 17 1973-1991
Descriptions and statistics re ILGWU, apparel industry, New York City, states, trade, CAF/GIDC, AFL-CIO, economic issues, income distribution
Box 4 Folder 18 1958-1986
U.S. Bureau of Census statistics of number and type of establishment, number of workers by occupation; narrative, Geographic Distribution of Apparel Employment; article, "The U.S. Apparel Industry, 1960-1985, with Special Emphasis on Women's and Children's Apparel," Research Dept. ILGWU, October 18, 1985
Box 5 Folder 1 1972-1988
Box 5 Folder 2 1973-1986
Box 5 Folder 3 1960-1970
Demographic characteristics of the apparel industry workforce (educational attainment, race, sex, age); comparison with 1970 and 1960
Box 5 Folder 4 1989-1992
Members lists (with addresses, number of employees) for Apparel Manufacturers Association; Association of Rain Apparel Contractors, Inc.; Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association; the Belt Association; Fashion Apparel Manufacturers Association; Industrial Association of Juvenile Apparel Manufacturers; Infants, Children's Girls Wear Association; Knitted Outerwear Manufacturers Association; National Association of Blouse Manufacturers; New York Coat and Suit Association; New York Raincoat Manufacturers Association; New York Skirt and Sportswear Association; Northeast Apparel Contractors' Association; Philadelphia Apparel Manufacturers Association; United Knitwear Manufacturers League
Box 5 Folder 4a
see also under subject headings (apparel, trade, sweatshops, etc.)
Box 5 Folder 5 1987
Clippings re the economy, role and perception of unionism; Journal of State Government, January/February 1987 re labor-management relations
Box 5 Folder 6 1985
Includes: Albelda, Randy, with June Lapidus, "Women and Children Last," The Economic Report of the People, Center for Popular Economics, Boston, MA, edited ms., c. 1985
Box 5 Folder 7 1982-1988
Includes: Kahn, Shulamit, "Trends in Union Membership in the Postwar Period: The Case of the ILGWU," University of California, Irvine, December 1985; Kassalow, Everett M., "The Future of American Unionism: A Comparative Perspective," Annals, AAPSS 473, May 1984, and "Concession Bargaining Something Old, But Also Something Quite New," Proceedings of the 35th Annual Meeting of IRRA, 1982; Mort, Jo-Ann, "The Return of the Sweatshop," Dissent (Democratic Socialists of America), Summer 1988
Box 5 Folder 8 1990-1991
Includes: Sabel, Charles F., "Studied Trust: Building New Forms of Cooperation in a Volitile Economy," presented at the T.E.P. Conference, Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie, June 24-27, 1990; Wilkins, Jr., Bruce, "The ILGWU's Approach to Strategic Planning with the New York Garment Industry," unpublished paper, June 12, 1991
Box 5 Folder 9 1990
Sociologist at University of California, Riverside. List of researchers worldwide studying the garment industry, with cover letter from Bonacich suggesting starting an international interest group and convening a conference (n.d.); cover letter to ILG exec. asst. James Parrott asking for comment on several papers: first draft, "The Swimwear Sector of the Los Angeles Garment Industry"; first draft, "The Restructuring of the Pacific Rim Garment Industry: A Perspective from the United States," coauthored with David Waller; "The Flow of Capital, Labor and Trade in the Pacific Rim Garment Industry"; "The Current Fiber Type Overseas Investment," Korean Fiber Industry Association, October 1990; "Informacion Sobre las Actividad Maquiladora del Vestido en Mexico," Jorge Carrillo, Departmento de Estudios Sociales el Colegio de la Frontera Norte (in Spanish), presented at a UCLA conference on the Pacific Rim garment industry, November 29-30, 1990; program agenda
Box 5 Folder 10 1987
Assistant professor, urban and regional planning, University of Iowa. Unpublished papers: "Immigration and Regional Labor Market Dynamics in the U.S. Apparel Industry: A Research Proposal to the Immigration Policy Group, International Labor Affairs Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Labor"; "The Future of the Domestic Apparel Industry," hand-annotated briefing paper for the Center for Labor-Management Policy Studies, CUNY; "Technological Innovation and Industrial Location: A Political Economy Approach," presented at the American Collegiate Schools of Planning meeting, Nov. 5-9, 1987
Box 5 Folder 11 1979-1985
Economics professor and Mitsui Professor of Problems of Contemporary Technology at MIT; "Can Labor Survive Re-Gomperization?" paper presented to Industrial Relations Research Association, Dec. 28, 1982; Piore and Thomas Bacley, draft, "Defending the Minimum Wage: Memorandum prepared for the ILGWU," Sept. 1979; excerpts from and articles about The Second Industrial Divide: Possibilities for Prosperity, and several other articles (published); handwritten notes
Box 5 Folder 12 1989-1991
Sociology professor, Nichols College, visiting professor, Harvard and MIT Sloan School of Management; unpublished papers, some with hand annotations, on men's tailored clothing industry; women and the future of American manufacturing; survey of job-leavers in the needle trades; case study on technology innovation in the U.S. apparel industry; comments on study by reviewers; researcher's vita
Box 5 Folder 13 1985-1990
Published and unpublished papers and correspondence by (and about) the ILGWU official and activist re trade policy, minimum wage, political figures.
Box 5 Folder 14 1988
Published paper coauthored with Peter Toterdill; handwritten and typed notes from talk, Dec. 1988
Box 5 Folder 15 1978-1990
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Afro- American Life and History, Inc., Oct. 19, 1984: "Some Exploratory Notes on Black Election and Appointment to Union Office: The Ignored Democratic Revolution," by Everette J. Freeman, assistant professor of labor studies at Rutgers University, with cover letter to ILG Research Department inviting comments; printed booklet: Black Initiative and Governmental Responsibility, with introduction by John Hope Franklin and Eleanor Holmes Norton, an essay by the Committee on Policy for Racial Justice, published by the Joint Center for Political Studies, 1987; newspaper article about the report; First Friday Report: "Black Unemployment: Just How Serious Is It?" issued by National Committee for Full Employment and the National Urban League in conjunction with AFL-CIO and several others, August 1, 1986; course guide for class, "Black People in the American Labor Force," ACTWU NTRTP, 1981; AFL-CIO American Federationist reprint, "Black Workers: Progress Derailed," by Barbara Becnel, 1978; book review by ILG official Gus Tyler, Oct. 17, 1990; newspaper clippings
Box 5 Folder 16 1984-1986
Full text of first draft, November 15, 1984; full text of final letter, "Economic Justice for All: Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy," National Conference of Catholic Bishops, November 27, 1986; statements and press releases by AFL-CIO in support of letter; testimony before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Economic Stabilization, March 19, 1985, in support of first draft: by Nobel laureate economist James Tobin, "Running the Economy with Less Unemployment and Poverty"; by Nobel laureate economist Lawrence Klein, "On the Possibility of Reducing Unemployment and Poverty in a Non-inflationary Growth Economy"; and by three other economists, Robert Eisner, Northwestern University; Isabel Sawhill, Urban Institute, "Unemployment and Poverty: Can We Do Better?"; and Nancy Barrett, American University, "Achieving Full Employment"; newsletter from National Committee for Full Employment, December 11, 1986, "Jobs Impact"; newspaper clippings
Box 5 Folder 17 1981
Text of 1891 encyclical by Pope Leo XIII, "On the Condition of Workers: Rerum Novarum"; text of 1981 third encyclical letter by Pope John Paul II, "On Human Work: Laborum Exercens"; catalog of publications available
Box 5 Folder 18 1991
Comments by ILG vp Susan Cowell to director of NYS Division for Women re attached proposal, "Feasibility of a Public-Private Partnership for Child Care in New York State"
Box 6 Folder 1 1978-1992
Testimony by ILG president Jay Mazur before House Committee on Government Operations, Subcommittee on Employment and Housing, re violations of child labor laws, Mar. 23, 1990; testimony by General Accounting Office (GAO) director of Education and Employment Issues, Human Resources Division, re child labor law violations and sweatshops, March 16, 1990; testimony to U.S. Department of Labor Hearings on Industrial Homework in the Women's Apparel Industry by several individuals who performed industrial homework, March 1989; testimony by ILG exec. v.p. Edgar Romney in support of strengthening child labor laws in New York State, February 7, 1990, with cover letter from vp Susan Cowell summarizing highlights; testimony by ILG vp Barbara Laufman at New York State Department of Labor hearings on child labor laws, July 27, 1988; letter from NYS Commissioner of Labor re proposed changes to New York State child labor laws, with press release re intent to hold hearings, June 1988; letter from ILG vp Susan Cowell to Commissioner re need to retain current prohibition against factory work for 14- and 15-year-olds, December 9, 1988; testimony by Mazur in support of the Child Labor Exploitation Prevention Act of 1987 before the House Ways and Means Committee, August 19, 1988; testimony by AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer Thomas Donahue before Subcommittee on Labor Standards of the House Committee on Education and Labor re Department of Labor proposals to relax child labor lows, July 28, 1982; legislative history of child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, complied by AFL-CIO, August 2, 1982; AFL-CIO memo/notes on House hearings on child labor laws, Aug. 3, 1982; New York State Department of Labor News press release re fines for child labor law violations, July 23, 1991; GAO publications: "Child Labor: Increases in Detected Child Labor Violations throughout the United States," prepared for Rep. Don Pease, April 1990; "Child Labor: Information on Federal Enforcement Efforts," June 1992; U.S. Dept. of Labor publication: "Child Labor Requirements in Nonagricultural Occupations under the Fair Labor Standards Act," revised July 1978; newspaper clippings
Box 6 Folder 2 1992
"Solidarity" comic book in the style of Dr. Seuss, "The Outrageous Adventures of George & Dan" (Bush and Quayle), September 1992; drafts of policy papers for transition team re industrial development policy; press releases from Clinton/Gore campaign re manufacturing, technology; newspaper clippings
Box 6 Folder 3 1988-1993
Clipping from Apparel Industry Magazine, "Alternative Ways to Pay Your Employees," August 1992; memo to ILG president Mazur re attached article from Business Week, noting executive pay rose 48% in 1987, while pay for top labor leaders was largely unchanged, April 26, 1988; "Top Corporate Executives Take 56% Pay Hike, Workers Struggle to Keep Up With Inflation" AFL-CIO News, May 3, 1993; "Labor Costs From Pakistan to Portugal," Bobbin, September 1992; newspaper clippings. See also "Poverty/Income Distribution"
Box 6 Folder 4-5 1989
Articles and publications on Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs); handwritten notes by Jay Mazur, "ESOP Study Group"; letter to Mazur from ACTWU president Jack Sheinkman re draft proposal for a Union/Employee Buyout Fund, with attached proposal, noting upcoming meeting of the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Department Pension and Benefit Fund Policy Committee, Feb. 6, 1989; letter to Mazur from Omak Wood Products, Omak, WA, re recent employee acquisition of the company, February 13, 1989. see also New York (State) Center for Employee Ownership and Participation
Box 6 Folder 6 1989
Newsletters for health maintenance organizations, Managed Health Care, July 17, 1989, and Health Week, July 17, 1989
Box 6 Folder 7-8 1941-1990
"Aspects of Industrial Homework in the Apparel Trades," 1941, Teper and Weinberg, ILGWU Research Department; Industrial Homework Fact Sheet and chronology of Department of Labor regulatory actions, 1989; speech by Mazur, "Industrial Homework and Sweatshops," to the National Association of Governmental Labor Organizations, July 20, 1987; article/speech by Evelyn Dubrow, ILG vp and legislative director, "Women and Industrial Homework"; press release, "ILG Will Sue To Keep Prohibition against Industrial Homework," Sept. 26, 1989; court decision re lawsuit by ILGWU against U.S. Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole et al., for rescinding the ban on industrial homework, December 7, 1989; court decision for similar suit, November 29, 1983; letter to the editor by Mazur, and another by chairman of House Subcommittee on Labor Standards, responding to article in New York Times re homework, March 23, 1987; editorial by Mazur in New York Times, "Back to the Sweatshop," September 6, 1986; memo from ILG criticizing attached article from Ms, "Is Homework the Answer?" August 25, 1987; Federal Register printed proposal to rescind ban on homework, December 30, 1988; Written Statement of M. Patricia Fernandez Kelly (associate professor, Johns Hopkins) in Response to Advance Notice of Rulemaking and Notice of Hearing Respecting Employment of Homeworkers in the Apparel Industry, Department of Labor, March 9, 1989; Statement of Homeworkers about Their Experiences, prepared by ILGWU; press release by Rep. Major Owens opposing Department of Labor's rescinding ban on homework; papers prepared for a conference, "The New Era of Homework: Directions and Responsibilities," cosponsored by the Graduate School of the City University of New York and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Feb. 1-3, 1987: "Home-based Work and Technological and Economic Trends, Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress," "Protection of Clerical Homeworkers: From What, By Whom?" by Congressman Barney Frank's office, "Homework in the Past: Its Meaning for the Future," Eileen Boris, Howard University, "Home-work: What is it and Who does it?" Bell Communications Network; report for National Commission on Working Women, "Homework: Employment Option or Employment Risk?" 1985; report by ILG vp Susan Cowell on the International Labour Organization Meeting of Experts on the Social Protection of Homeworkers, with draft conclusions, Geneva, October 1-5, 1990; copies of published articles, newspaper clippings
Box 6 Folder 9-10 1988
Statements, memos, and press releases by ILGWU in response to ruling by Reagan administration's Dept. of Labor allowing homework in selected apparel-related industries; press release from NYS Dept. of Labor, opposing ruling; ILGWU brochure, Questions & Answers on Industrial Homework; contract with CUNY professor Roger Waldinger to provide analysis of census data comparing homeworkers with non- homeworkers; newspaper clippings
Box 6 Folder 9a
Box 6 Folder 11 1981-1986
"U.S. Immigration Policy and the National Interest," executive summary of the final report of the Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, March 1, 1981, submitted to Congress and the President of the United States pursuant to Public Law 95-412; teacher's guide, "Immigrants: The Back Bone of America," Karin J. Gerstel, ACTWU-NTRPT, 1981; research report, "Illegal Immigration: U.S. Economic and Labor Market Impacts," by Robert G. Ainsworth, National Commission for Employment Policy, April 1983; Rand report, "Current and Future Effects of Mexican Immigration in California," executive summery, Kevin F. McCarthy, R. Burciaga Valdez, November 1985; report supported by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, "Legalization of Undocumented Aliens: Lessons from Other Countries," by Doris Meissner and Demetrios G. Papademetriou, December 10, 1986; Center for Immigration Studies press release, "Future Joblessness in Mexico and Caribbean Will Sharply Boost Immigration Pressures," November 20, 1986; International Migration Review articles: "Geographic Distribution of Undocumented Immigrants: Estimates of Undocumented Aliens Counted in the 1980 Census by State," by Jeffrey S. Passel and Karen A. Woodrow, Population Division, U.S. Bureau of the Censes, fall 1984; special issue, "Women In Migration," winter 1984; Time special immigration issue, July 8 , 1985; American Demographics article, "The Illegals," by Courtenay Slater, January 1985; Journal of the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies article, "How Many Illegal Aliens?" by Courtenay Slater, winter 1986; Economic Review article, "Enforcing Sanctions against Employers of Illegal Aliens," by John K. Hill, senior economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and James E. Pearce, vice president, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, May 1987; Annals, AAPSS, "Undocumented Immigration," by Jeffrey S. Passel, September 1986; Monthly Labor Review, "Estimating the Number of Undocumented Aliens," by Jeffrey Passel, September 1986; newspaper clippings
Box 6 Folder 12 1988-1992
"Workplace Discrimination under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: A Study of Impacts on New Yorkers," New York State Inter-Agency Task Force Immigration Affairs, November 4, 1988; statement of Jay Mazur, President ILGWU, on S. 2104 and H.R. 5115 before the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and International Law, Committee on the Judiciary, September 7, 1988; statement of Mazur before the Commission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development, July 14, 1989; statement of Charles A. Bowsher, Comptroller General of the United States, before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, "Immigration Reform: Employer Sanctions and the Question of Discrimination," March 30, 1990; General Accounting Office (GAO) briefing report to Congress, "Illegal Aliens: Influence of Illegal Workers on Wages and Working Conditions of Legal Workers," March 1988; GAO summary of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986; memo to ILGWU president Mazur re Immigration Reform Act of 1990; letter from Mazur to AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer Thomas Donahue re employer sanctions under the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986, March 29, 1990; letter from Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messigner to Congressman Ted Weiss urging repeal of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, April 17, 1990; legislative alert from the Center for Immigrants Rights, Inc., re widespread discrimination resulting from employer sanctions under IRCA, April 1990; paper by Jack Otero, national president of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement and international vice president of the Transportation Communications International Union, "Employment Discrimination: A National Shame," April 1990; Daily Labor Report news summary re record fine under IRCA at textile firm, December 14, 1989; paper sent to ILGWU exec. asst. Parrot, "Potential Impacts of New Federal Immigration Legislation on Immigrant-Dependent Firms and Industries in California," by Wayne Cornelius, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California, San Diego, January 4, 1987; conference paper, "Some International Evidence from Australia and Canada on the Relations Among Immigration, Trade, and Labor Markets," by John M. Abowd, Cornell University and National Bureau of Economic Research, January 20, 1988; Business Week cover story, "The Immigrants: How They're Helping to Revitalize the U.S. Economy," July 13, 1992, with cover note to Mazur; article by Bureau of National Affairs, "Back Pay Blocked as Remedy Available to Alien Victims of Unfair Labor Practices," 1992; memo re Task Force on Employer Sanctions and Anti-Discrimination Work, February 25, 1992; article by Mazur in New York Newsday April 17, 1990; other newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 6 Folder 13 1986-1988
Printed Congressional Budget Office publications: "New Directions for the Nation's Public Works," September 1988, and "Federal Policies for Infrastructure Management," June 1986; AFL-CIO issues papers
Box 6 Folder 14
Sol Chaikin, David Dubinsky, M. S. Hooper, Bayard Rustin, Ted Theus, Charles Salee
Box 6 Folder 15 1975-1982
Testimony of the AFL-CIO to the House Ways & Means Committee on H.R. 6410, "The Pension Equity Act of 1982," June 18, 1982; testimony by director of Housing & Monetary Policy, AFL-CIO, before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee on Private Pension Fund Investment in Residential Mortgages, May 17, 1982; testimony of the Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO, research director on Single-Employer Pension Legislation, before the Subcommittee on Labor-Management Relations, House Committee on Education and Labor, June 16, 1985; report, "Public Pension Funds as a Source of Capital for Job Creation," prepared for the California Employment Development Department, July 15, 1975; letter from director of AFL-CIO Department of Social Security re establishment of Committee on Investment of Union Pension Funds and its report, "Investment of Union Pension Funds" (copy included), December 29, 1980; Department of Labor publications; "What You Should Know About the Pension and Welfare Law," "Reporting and Disclosure Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974," "Fiduciary Standards Employee Retirement Income Security Act"; newsletters, NCCMP Update, by National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans, March 1983; Business Review: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, November- December 1980; newspaper clippings re investment of pension funds by unions in nonunion companies
Box 7 Folder 1 1982-1986
Press release of Bureau of Labor Statistics, "BLS Report on Displaced Workers," November 30, 1984; Internal Revenue Service statistics of income, 1982; Census Bureau statistical abstract of the United States, 1986; "Federal Tax Treatment of Families Below the Poverty Line," scheduled for a hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight of the Committee on Ways and Means on April 12, 1984, prepared by the Joint Committee on Taxation; Federal Reserve Bulletin, "Survey of Consumer Finances," September 1984, "Survey of Consumer Finances, 1983: A Second Report," December 1984, and "Financial Characteristics of High-Income Families," March 1986; press releases from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 1985-86; press release, U.S. Department of Commerce News re median household wealth, July 18, 1986; articles from The Public Interest, fall 1984: "The Hidden Prosperity of the 1970s," by Christopher Jencks, and "The Rich, the Poor, and the Taxes They Pay: An Update," by Joseph Pechman and Mark J. Mazur, "Why the 'Income Distribution' Is So Misleading," by Mark Lilla; article in the Journal of the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies, "Poverty and Equity: Problems of Definition," by S. Anna Kondratas, winter 1985; newspaper clippings re executive compensation, shrinking middle class, recessions; handwritten notes. see also "Compensation"
Box 7 Folder 1a
Box 7 Folder 2 1985-1989
Letter to the editor of the Daily News from Mazur, praising article on sweatshops (attached), March 25, 1988; letter from ACTWU Research Dept. to General Accounting Office, with bibliography of materials on sweatshops for GAO study, December 16, 1986; transcript of testimony before the Capitol Hill Forum on the Exploitation of Children in the Workplace by GAO official, "Sweatshops and Child Labor Violations: A Growing Problem in the United States," November 21, 1989; GAO reports, "Sweatshops in the U.S." and "Sweatshops in New York City," compiled for Rep. Charles Schumer, 1988 and 1989, with related newspaper clippings. see also "NYC Sweatshops"
Box 7 Folder 3 1987-1993
Box 7 Folder 3a
Box 7 Folder 4 1968-1988
"A Union View of Automation and Technological Advancement in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry," Lazare Teper, director of research, ILGWU, presented at the second annual conference of the Apparel Research Foundation, Oct. 9, 1968; "Blueprint for the Future: Advanced Apparel Technologies," workbook, with hand notations (probably by ILG exec. asst. James Parrott), for the 15th International Apparel Research Committee of the American Apparel Manufacturers Association, October 25-26, 1988; letter to ILG exec. asst. James Parrott from the president of Charles Gilbert Associates, management consultants, re modular manufacturing, September 14, 1988. see also Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation ([TC]2)
Box 7 Folder 5 1987-1990
Memos re meeting agendas, correspondence with CAF and ILGWU, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 7 Folder 6 1989-1993
Annual activity reports, technical reports, monthly reports, newsletters; memos listing projects, brochures; handwritten notes; funded largely by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency
Box 7 Folder 7-9 1992-1994
Monthly technical reports; funded largely by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency
Box 7 Folder 10 1989
Quarterly newsletters from the Apparel Manufacturing Technology Center (AMTC), Georgia Institute of Technology; funded largely by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency
Box 7 Folder 11 1986-1990
New York Times clipping, 9/9/90; Apparel Industry Magazine clippings, March 1989; article, "Labour-saving versus work-amplifying effects of micro-electronics," by Susumu Watanabe, International Labor Review, May-June 1986
Box 7 Folder 12 1986-1989
Promotional literature for Juki, 1986-87; Automated Sewing System (in Japanese and English), 1987; technical description for automated sewing system, with cover letter from Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., June 15, 1989
Box 7 Folder 13 1991
Nonprofit association of labor, industry, community, and academic representatives dedicated to improving the performance small U.S. manufacturing firms. Correspondence with CAF director/ILGWU exec. asst. Carl Proper re talk at Modernization America's Industrial Base, May 14-16, 1991; copy of conference proceedings; biographies of speakers; handwritten notes
Box 7 Folder 14 1992
Correspondence and proposals to develop a joint study on automated pattern making with this National Science Foundation grant recipient Shirley Willett; detailed description of computer-aided design schematics
Box 7 Folder 15 1988-1990
Business plan and correspondence with Brett Stern, president of Symagery and developer of a one-step process of constructing garments with no human intervention; recipient of NSF and other grants. Memos from ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott to president Mazur note limited application, cool reception by manufacturers to labor-saving aspect: workers are also consumers, and displacing them would erode consumer market for products; handwritten notes
Box 7 Folder 15a
Box 7 Folder 16 1990-1992
Statement by Daniel K. Frierson, chairman, Fiber, Fabric & Apparel Coalition for Trade (FFACT) and chairman and CEO, Dixie Yarns, Inc. (Chattanooga, TN) before the Senate Finance Committee, in support of the Textile, Apparel and Footwear Trade Act of 1990, June 7, 1990; statement by ILGWU president Jay Mazur before the Senate Finance Committee in support of the bill, June 7, 1990; fact sheet by ILGWU Research Department re the proposed legislation; statement by Mazur on U.S.-Mexico relations to the Subcommittee on Trade, House Ways & Means Committee, June 25, 1990; Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, "Joint Statement on U.S.-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (FTA)," June 11, 1990; statement by Mazur to the Senate Finance Committee, on the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Expansion Act, February 9, 1990; press release, "ILGWU Calls for Suspension of U.S. Funding to Promote Investment in Caribbean," September 30, 1992; statement by ILGWU research director Dr. Herman Starobin before the International Trade Commission, "The Economic Effects of a United States-Mexico Free Trade Agreement on the U.S. Apparel Industry," April 12, 1991; report by Economic Policy Institute, "Keeping Jobs in Fashion: Alternatives to the Euthanasia of the U.S. Apparel Industry," Nov. 11, 1989, and 7-page press release summarizing the report: "Report Says Government 'Sunset' Policy for Apparel Destroying Jobs for Women, Minorities, Immigrants and Hurting 'High-Tech' Economic Sectors," February 8, 1990, and text of remarks for AFL-CIO Executive Council by report author, February 1990; "Apparel, Trade, MFA and GATT Negotiations," May 9, 1990, prepared by ILGWU Research Department; FFACT fact sheets, lists of Congressional co-sponsors and industry supporters of Textile, Apparel and Footwear Trade Act of 1990, strategy handbook for lobbying campaign; list of plant closings and number of workers affected, 1989-90; statistical data on employment at textile, apparel, and knitting mills by state, 1973- 1989, prepared by ILGWU Research Dept. based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures; ILGWU internal memos to president Mazur re public relations strategy in support of trade bill, noting link between exporting jobs and rise of domestic sweatshops; newspaper clippings, some with handwritten notes between ILG staff Carl Proper and Henry Starobin. see also Economic Policy Institute
Box 8 Folder 1 1985-1988
Comments by ILG president Mazur, Economic Policy Council, May 19, 1986, "A Labor Perspective on U.S. Policy Toward Newly Industrialized Counties"; correspondence re presentation to National War College, October 1986; ILGWU reprint from General Executive Board Report to the 39th convention, "The Import Problem," 1986; report, "The Textile and Apparel Crisis," a study prepared for the Fiber, Fabric and Apparel Coalition for Trade (FFACT), August 1985; letter to Office of U.S Trade Representative from the American Fiber, Textile, Apparel Coalition, June 14, 1985; from AFL-CIO, July 8, 1986; policy paper/speech by Under Secretary Allen Wallis, Department of State, "Protecting Prosperity from Protectionism," January 17, 1986; State Department "Gist," brief policy statements, "Protectionism" and "Textile Import Control Program," February and March 1986; Statement by ILGWU President Sol Chaikin on Caribbean Basin Initiative to the House Ways and Means Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight, March 5, 1986; letter to Senators, press release, and letter to ILG president Mazur from Labor Rights Coalition re protecting labor rights in trade agreement, 1986-87; memo to Mazur from exec. asst. Parrott re term "Third World," with Wall St. Journal clipping, 1987; "Import Penetration in the Apparel Industry: A Technical Study," prepared for the Fiber, Fabric and Apparel Coalition for Trade, September 1988; handwritten notes
Box 8 Folder 2 1990-1991
Reports and memoranda by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative's U.S.- Japan Working Group on the Structural Impediments Initiative
Box 8 Folder 3 1961-1992
Printed "The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: An Article-by-Article Analysis in Layman's Language," reprint from the Department of State Bulletin, 1961; printed "1992 Trade Policy Agenda and 1991 Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program" and "1990 Trade Policy Agenda and 1989 Annual Report" produced by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, with cover letter discussing Bush trade policy objectives; President Bush's Statement on Trade Policy Highlighting World Trade Week, May 24, 1990; EC 1992: An Assessment of Economic Policy Issues Raised by the European Community's Single Market Program, prepared by U.S. Government Task Force on the EC Internal Market, May 1990; negotiating proposal on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs), May 29, 1990; correspondence between ILGWU and critics of free trade, November 1991
Box 8 Folder 4 1978-1985
Government publications: U.S. International Trade Commission, "The Multifiber Arrangement, 1980-84," May 1985; Subcommittee on Trade, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives, "Background Material on the Multifiber Arrangement," January 20, 1978; General Accounting Office report to the chairman, Subcommittee on Trade, "Implementation of Trade Restrictions for Textiles and Apparel," November 4, 1983
Box 8 Folder 4a
Box 8 Folder 5
Newspaper clippings
Box 8 Folder 6 1991-1992
"Ten Reasons Why Canada Should Not Enter into a Trilateral Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Mexico," by Bruce Campbell, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, December 1990; paper, "Hard Lessons: Living with Free Trade," by Bruce Campbell, North American Congress on Latin America, May 1991; report by Action Canada Network, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Common Frontiers, "North American Free Trade Agreements: Draft Text, Preliminary Briefing Notes," April 6, 1992, with cover letter from ILGWU Canada to exec. asst. James Parrott; handwritten notes re Canadian position; proposed agenda, Strategy Session on the NAFTA, July 3, 1991; draft agendas for working groups to develop alternative proposals to NAFTA; list of names and addresses for NAFTA Strategy Session, July 3, 1991; newsletters, The Corporate Examiner, by Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, 1991; Economic Policy Institute briefing papers, 1991-92; "The Continental Development and Trade Initiative: A Statement by Cuauhtemoc Cardenas," February 8, 1991, with cover letter; summary report of First Summit of the Textile & Apparel Unions of the Americas to Analyze Social & Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere, "No Integration without Labor Participation," Sept. 2-5, 1991; summary report of "Integration, Development and Democracy, an International Conference of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions," Oct. 30 Nov. 3, 1991; testimony by director of Education and Employment Issues, U.S. General Accounting Office, "Occupational Safety and Health and Child Labor Policies of the U.S. and Mexico," before the House Subcommittee on Employment Opportunities and Subcommittees on Labor-Management Relations, April 30, 1991; U.S. Committee for Refugees printed issue brief, "Running the Gauntlet: The Central American Journey in Mexico," January 1991; press release by the Fiber, Fabric & Apparel Coalition for Trade (FFACT) (coalition of labor unions and business associations), "Study Shows U.S. Job Losses Resulting from Uruguay Round Textile Trade Agreement," Nov. 7, 1991, with attached final report, "Analysis of the Domestic Employment Effects of the Removal of U.S. Textile and Apparel Import Quotas by 2002"
Box 8 Folder 7 1991-1992
Letter to ILG president Mazur from Senate Majority Leader Richard Gephardt expressing commitment to worker and environmental protections, dissatisfaction with current status of NAFTA negotiations, July 30, 1992, with text of speech to the Institute for International Economics; letter from SEIU president John Sweeney to Citicorp, discussing opposition to NAFTA, July 29, 1992; press advisory from NY State Senator William Stachowski, re upcoming presentation of NYS Senate Democratic Task Force Report on the U.S.-Mexican Free Trade Agreement, August 14, 1992; Public Citizen memorandum to state legislators re General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) superceding state law, April 3, 1992; testimony by ILGWU vp Nick Bonanno before the Trade Policy Staff Committee, August 29, 1991; testimony by ILGWU director of research Starobin, "Economic Effects of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on the U.S. Apparel Industry," before the Trade Policy Staff Committee, August 29, 1991, with cover letter to ILG president Mazur; testimony by ILGWU director of research Starobin on U.S.-Mexican Free Trade Agreement before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce, May 7, 1992; letter from ILG director of research Starobin to Canadian member of Parliament re trade issues, June 23, 1992; invitation to ILG president Mazur to testify at NYS Senate hearings sponsored by the Democratic task force, April 13, 1992, with notice of public hearing outlining possible impacts on environmental, agricultural, wage, and other concerns; revised draft, "Toward a Community of the Americas," with cover letter to commissioners on the Latin American Task Force, from the NYS Industrial Cooperation Council, May 4, 1992; press release/statement from Clinton/Gore campaign, July 27, 1992; memo from ILG to NYC Central Labor Council affiliates calling for every member to sign a petition (attached) against NAFTA , July 2, 1993, with list of NYC Congressional delegation; memo from ILG president Mazur to all vice presidents and affiliates, calling for protests against NAFTA, December 1992; letter to ILG president Mazur from author of article (attached) published in George Washington Journal of International Law, March 19, 1992; direct-mail solicitation for newsletter, "U.S.-Mexico Free Trade Reporter," with list of subscribers
Box 8 Folder 8 1991-1992
Printed booklets by AFL-CIO: "International Trade: Where We Stand," 1992, and "U.S. Mexico Free Trade Negotiations Talking Points: No Fast Track, Fair Trade, Full Debate," January 1991; "The Trade Picture: Year End 1991," AFL-CIO Economic Research Dept., March 1992; AFL-CIO Task Force on Trade fact sheet, 1992; testimony of AFL-CIO director of Task Force on Trade before Subcommittee on Trade, House Ways & Means Committee, on the Trade Expansion Act of 1992, May 19, 1992; testimony of AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Donahue before Subcommittee on Trade, House Ways & Means Committee, on the U.S. International Trade Performance and Outlook, March 11, 1992; letter from AFL- CIO's Donahue to U.S. Secretary of the Treasury supporting strong rules of origin, Mar. 4, 1992; letter from Donahue to U.S. Trade Representative expressing "grave concern" over Uruguay Round final draft, January 22, 1992, with press release re letter; letter from Donahue to Washington Post criticizing articles on U.S.-Mexico trade; transcript of Donahue news conference, August 12, 1992; letter from AFL-CIO Institute for Free Labor Development re new accord in the Dominican Republic protecting worker's right, May 28, 1992; statements by the AFL-CIO Executive Council on International Trade Negotiations; on U.S. Employer Interference in Mexican Law Enforcement; and on Auto Trade Legislation, Feb. 18, 1992; draft statement by AFL-CIO Executive Council, "U.S. Corporations and International Worker Rights," May 1992; conference announcement, "Trade for the 21st Century," cosponsored with environmental groups
Box 8 Folder 9 1991-1992
Memoranda/reports from AFL-CIO and newspaper clippings, ABC Prime Time Live report re cluster breakout of severe birth defects in Texas border town of Brownsville and neighboring Mexican town Matamoros, possible link to chemical plant, 1992; Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoros memo; AFL-CIO Task Force on Trade fact sheets: "Brain Defects and Border Pollution," #3, and "The Border Environmental Plan," #20, 1992; newsletter, The Corporate Examiner, published by the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, 1991
Box 8 Folder 10 1991-1992
Review of U.S.-Mexico Environmental Issues, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, October 1991 and February 1992, with cover letter to private sector advisors summarizing contents; press releases/fact sheets from the White House Office of the Press Secretary re environmental effects of free trade with Mexico, February 25, 1992; press release from U.S. Dept. of Labor re memorandum of understanding with Mexico, May 3, 1991
Box 8 Folder 10a
Box 8 Folder 12 1990-1991
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics News re state of union membership, 1990; Business Week newspaper clipping re union-busting as counterproductive, 1991
Box 8 Folder 13 1978-1980
Publications from the U.S. Dept. of Labor Labor- Management Services Administration: "Electing Union Officers," rev. 1980; and "Election of Officers of Labor Organizations," 1978; article, "The Election Base of National Union Executive Boards," by Sara Gamm, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, vol. 32, no. 3, April 1979 (Cornell University)
Box 8 Folder 13a
Box 8 Folder 14 1981-1987
"Equal Opportunity for Women as a Federal Goal," United States Commission on Civil Rights (?), 1981; "The Role of Older Women in the Workforce," hearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States, June 6, 1984; "Problems of Working Women," hearing, April 3, 1984; Bureau of National Affairs articles, including statements by Rep. Olympia Snowe (R.-Maine) and deputy director, Census Bureau, before the Joint Economic Committee on Women in Workforce, 1983; "Economic Growth and Changing Labor Markets: Those Left Behind," Linda LeGrande, Congressional Research Service, Report No. 84-112 E, June 22, 1984; "Womena world survey," Ruth Leger Sivard, World Priorities, 1985; "Women, Work and Age Discrimination," Janice DeGooyer, prepared for the National Commission on Working Women, c. 1983; Congressional Record minutes of House proceedings re the Economic Equity Act of 1985 Retirement Security, June 6, 1985; Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues Update, May 31, 1983; press releases, News from WREI, Women's Research and Education Institute, re congressional fellowships, new publications, September 1987
Box 8 Folder 15 1980-1987
Remarks by Wilbur Daniels, executive vice president, ILGWU, before the Women's Equity Action League, October 9, 1985; AFL-CIO Special Report: Female Organizing Focus, Union Labor Report, February 5, 1981; Proceedings of the Fifteenth Constitutional Convention of the AFL-CIO, Daily Proceedings and Executive Council Reports, October 3-6, 1983; Resolutions Adopted by the 16th Constitutional Convention of the Industrial Union Department (AFL-CIO), October 3-4, 1984; "Women at Work and in the Labor Movement: A Select Biography to Celebrate National Women's History Month," AFL-CIO Library, March 1990; teaching aid, "Women in the American Labor Movement: Yesterday & Today," Karin Gerstel, educational coordinator, NTRTP and ACTWU, c. 1981; "New Challenges for Women Workers," Carolyn Jacobson, AFL-CIO Federationist, April 1980; "Problems of Women Workers," 1981; "Economic Responsibilities of Working Women," U.S. Department of Labor, Women's Bureau, November 1982; "Working Women and Public Policy," address by Dr. Janet L. Norwood, Commissioner of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, at the National Conference on Women, the Economy and Public Policy, June 20, 1984; "Women's Bureau: Meeting the Challenges of the 80's," U.S. Department of Labor, 1985; "Where to Find BLS Statistics on Women," U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, April 1989; "20 Facts on Women Workers," U.S. Department of Labor, Women's Bureau, 1984; Labor Relations Reporter summary of Office of Technology Assessment report, "Women in Science, Engineering," January 6, 1986; "Employment in Perspective: Women in the Labor Force," second quarter 1985 and fourth quarter 1986, U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics; Women & Work, news from the U.S. Department of Labor, January 1987; A Woman's Guide to Social Security", U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, June 1983; Bureau of Labor Statistics data
Box 9 Folder 1 1981-1992
Economic Council of Canada magazine, Au Courant, Women in the Labour Market, 1985; "Women at Work: Gender and Inequality in the '80s," a Dollars & Sense Anthology; Monthly Labor Review articles: "Moonlighting by Women Jumped to Record Highs," by John Stinson, Jr., November 1986, and "The Female-Male Unemployment Differential: Effects of Changes in Industry Employment," by Larry DeBoer and Michael Seeborg, November 1984; excepted chapter on the U.S., by Barbara Mayer Wertheimer, from Women and Trade Unions in Eleven Industrialized Countries, edited by Alice H. Cook, Val R. Lorwin, and Arlene Kaplan Daniels, n.d.; ILR Report, Cornell University, fall 1985, Special Report: What's New at the Office? "Women and the Office: A Historical Perspective," by Margery W. Davies; excerpted chapter on the U.S., by James J. Kenneally, from The World of Women's Trade Unionism: Comparative Historical Essays, edited by Norbert C. Soldon, 1985; "Technological Change in the Office Workplace and Implications for Organizing," by Judith Gregory, from Labor and Technology: Union Response to Changing Environments, Kennedy et al., State College, PA: Pennsylvania State University, Department of Labor Studies, 1982; "Teaching Sedition: Some Dilemmas of Feminist Pedagogy," report from the Center for Philosophy & Public Policy, University of Maryland, fall 1984; article by ILGWU official Gus Tyler re U.N. Nairobi conference on women, August 12, 1985; Business Week cover story, "Women at Work: They've Reshaped the Economy And Now Their Wages Will Rise," January 28, 1985, and other newspaper clippings from the New York Times, New Republic, Daily World, In These Times, 1983-85
Box 9 Folder 2 1981-1985
Report by the U.S. General Accounting Office: Comments on Report on Comparable Worth by the United States Commission on Civil Rights, September 1985; Civil Rights Commission New Perspectives issue on equal right for women, including comparable worth, spring 1985; Pay Equity Trends newsletters, re Yale University pay-equity strike, political party differences, September, November 1984; U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics News, 1985; "An Economic Analysis of Comparable Worth," by Elaine Sorensen, New Labor Review, fall 1982; "Replacing the Marketplace: The Trouble with Comparable Worth," by Jean Yarbrough, The New Leader, November 26, 1984; "Comparable Worth: In Praise of Muddling Through," by Sar A. Levitan and Clifford M. Johnson, The Journal of the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies, summer 1985; concluding chapter of Comparable Worth and Wage Discrimination: Technical Possibilities and Political Realities, edited by Helen Remick, Temple University Pres, 1984; supplementary statement by ILGWU official Gus Tyler to Women, Work, and Wages: Equal Pay for Jobs of Equal Value, National Research Council, 1981; "Investigating the Differences in Weekly Earnings of Women and Men," by Earl F. Mellor, Monthly Labor Review, June 1984; "The Trend in the Male-Female Wage Gap in the United States," by June O'Neill, Journal of Labor Economics, 1985; "Comparable Worth: Where Do We Go from Here? Research Needs in Comparable Worth," Heidi I. Hartmann, published in Industrial Relations Research Association Series Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting, December 28-30, 1984; ILGWU staff memo, "What Is Comparable Worth and How Does It Affect Workers in the Garment Industry?" June 1984; Bureau of National Affairs, Labor Relations Reporter, and Monthly Labor Review articles, 1985; newspaper clippings, many re U.N. Nairobi conference on women
Box 9 Folder 3 1989
Invitation to ILG president Mazur to testify at public hearing sponsored by the U.S. Secretary of Labor's Commission on Workforce Quality and Labor Market Efficiency, with outline of topics of interest, March 22, 1989; Bureau of National Affairs article, "Advisory Committee Tentatively Agrees on Suggestions to Improve U.S. Workforce," 1989; report, "Working Capital: JTPA Investments for the 90's," A Report of the Job Training Partnership Act Advisory Committee, March 1989; correspondence; newspaper clipping
Box 9 Folder 3a
Box 9 Folder 4 1992-1993
Export Trade Development Projects Program client reporting form; nomination form for Commissioner's Award to Recognize Outstanding Human Resources Practices in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry, with description of Port Jervis, NY-based firm, noting labor-management committee; correspondence from Fashion Exports New York and Council for American Fashion (CAF) re expanding export of racing swimwear, especially to Japan; CAF memo to ILGWU business agent analyzing new Andmore piece-rate pay system; skills training grant approval notification from NYS Dept. of Economic Development; handwritten notes
Box 9 Folder 5 1992
Export Trade Development Projects Program client reporting form, noting that New York-based jobber wished to export to Europe and Asia; list of contractors jobs for selected jobbers
Box 9 Folder 6 1991
Newspaper clippings re closing of the high-end line; lacked adequate licensing agreements
Box 9 Folder 7 1991
Client registration form for exporting, with description of New York-based company (manufactured 100% domestically) and its attitude toward exporting and competition in the popular-priced segment (sold to Sears, JC Penny, Target, Kmart, U.S. armed forces); list, contractor jobs created by jobber or manufacturer
Box 9 Folder 8 1990
Full-page ad in Women's Wear Daily responding to article "For Wool Coats, It's a Struggle Just to Survive," January 16, 1990
Box 9 Folder 9 1991
List, contractor Jobs for Jobbers; ad from Saks
Box 9 Folder 10 1991
Correspondence, Gabar President and Carl Proper; Gabar contact information; Export Trade Development Projects Program Client Reporting Form; magazine clippings
Box 9 Folder 11 1991
Memo from the Council for American Fashion re interview with company management by FIT professor; notes company is being bled dry as cash cow for parent; no upgrades provided
Box 9 Folder 12 1992
Article re closing of company
Box 9 Folder 13 1991
Apparel Survey I: Contractors to help the Labor-Management Committee for the New Jersey Apparel Industry and the NJIT Center for Manufacturing Systems increases competitiveness
Box 9 Folder 14 1994
Memos re Hummelstown, PA-based company, certified for Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance for losses to imports; principal jobber, Cuddle Teen, dropped contract for cheaper overseas suppliers. Description of company; handwritten notes by CAF director Carl Proper; newspaper clipping re closure.
Box 9 Folder 15 1990-1993
Data on intimate apparel firms, contractors, jobbers for local 62-32; newspaper clippings
Box 9 Folder 16 1986-1995
Annual report, 1986; reprint from Bobbin, "The Union's Call for Cooperation," by ILGWU president Jay Mazur, August 1990; Apparel Industry Magazine opinion piece by Leslie Fay president Michael Babcock, criticizing ILGWU practice of charging penalty fees to manufacturers for imports and nonunion subcontractors, August 1994; lists of inside shops and major contractors, 1990-92; agreement applying to plants covered by the Pennsylvania Supplemental Agreement, 1992; arbitration demand over pressuring contractors to lower prices, April 29, 1992; Women's Wear Daily clipping profiling chief financial officer Paul Polishan, February 9, 1989; newspaper clippings re Chapter 11 bankruptcy after accounting fraud misstated earnings, closure of last U.S. plant, 1995
Box 9 Folder 17 1991
Apparel Survey I: Contractors to help the Labor-Management Committee for the New Jersey Apparel Industry and the NJIT Center for Manufacturing Systems increases competitiveness for Garfield, NJ-based firm; letter from La Ventaja, Inc., inviting Harvey Ornstein to take advantage of LVA's shelter services eliminating legal risks and maximizing operational flexibility and cost savings through manufacturing in Mexico, with handwritten note, "I already bought my sombrero"
Box 9 Folder 18 1991-1992
Export Trade Development Projects Program Client Reporting Form; list, Contractor Jobs for Selected Jobbers; newspaper clippings
Box 9 Folder 19 1991-1993
Nomination of Party Formals president as Crain's All-Star by ILG president Mazur, January 29, 1992; Export Trade Development Projects Program Client Reporting Form; company press releases, newspaper clipping
Box 9 Folder 20 1991
Export Trade Development Projects Program Client Reporting Form; located in New York City and West Newark, NJ
Box 9 Folder 21 1991
Newspaper clippings re purchase of label licensing by Kenar Enterprises
Box 9 Folder 21a
Box 9 Folder 22 1991-1992
Newsletters, AIFLD Outlook, article reprint
Box 9 Folder 23 1984
Working papers on trade/protectionism, decline of U.S. manufacturing, and revival of the rust belt
Box 9 Folder 24 1986-1987
Press releases on decline in real wages, U.S. jobs situation
Box 9 Folder 25 1993
Nonpartisan coalition of business, labor, and academics. Legislative and Policy Update, Feb. 1, 1993
Box 9 Folder 26 1983-1984
Copies of transparencies and scripts for slide show on the economy, "Calling Their Bluff on Unemployment and Inflation"; correspondence with Carl Proper; U.S. Department of Commerce News press releases; newspaper clipping re Reagan and the economy
Box 9 Folder 27 1985-1991
Coalition of U.S. cotton growers and man-made fiber producers, labor organizations, fabric distributors, and manufacturers of fabric, apparel, and home furnishings whose aim was to raise consumer awareness for looking for "Made in USA" labels. Press releases, brochure, newspaper clippings, speeches, consumer preference surveys, correspondence with advertising agency Carl Byoir & Associates, minutes of marketing committee meeting, July 24, 1990
Box 9 Folder 28 1988-1993
Nonprofit British-based organization dedicated to the study great issues through the convening of conferences. General information on foundation; newsletters/conference reports/papers; invitation to ILG president Mazur to attend a conference on international relations 1990, with attached agenda and related materials; speech/talking points offered to Mazur by ILG director of research Starobin, "Economic Management in a Global Context"; newspaper clipping
Box 9 Folder 29 1992
Fundraising letters for progressive economics newsletter, 1992
Box 9 Folder 30 1987
A program of the United Nations Association of the USA. Agenda for first plenary session, October 1987; summary of meeting to ILG president Mazur by exec. asst. Parrott; member list
Box 9 Folder 30a
Box 9 Folder 31 1990-1992
Descriptions of institute, founded in 1986 as nonprofit think tank; list of funders, 1986-88; biography of president, Jeff Faux; letters to ILGWU president Mazur from EPI president Jeff Faux, thanking him for support, noting institute's goal as alternative voice to "voodoo economics"; memos to Mazur from exec. asst. Parrott re contributions, policy issues; letter from EPI to ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott with attached statement, sent to Congress, signed by 447 prominent economists opposing the Balanced Budget Amendment, June 12, 1992; letter from American Textile Manufacturers Institute re NAFTA, Aug. 19, 1992; EPI briefing paper, "The Myth of the Coming Labor Shortage in Rural Areas," by Ruy A. Teixeira and Lawrence Mishel, March 1992; list of conservative think tanks, Sept. 6, 1991; press releases, correspondence, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 9 Folder 32 1990
Papers by University of Maryland business professor Robert E. Scott on trade, refuting book by William R. Cline; memo to ILG president Mazur from research director Herman Starobin discussing Cline book, with attached discussion by ACTWU president Jack Sheinkman, October 2, 1987; letter from Economic Policy Institute inviting ILG exec. asst. James Parrott to a luncheon discussion of research proposal of Prof. Scott; letter to researcher Richard Rothstein from institute, discussing statistics on displaced workers; handwritten notes re Scott proposal; draft of letter to the Washington Post by Prof. Scott refuting op-ed piece re trade protection, Sept. 18, 1990; correspondence, handwritten notes
Box 9 Folder 33 1989
Letter from Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole re EPI report "Workforce Policies for the 1990s," March 2, 1989; letter to EPI from ILGWU research director Herman Starobin critiquing report by Richard Rothstein, "Keeping Jobs in Fashion: An Alternative to the Euthanasia of the U.S. Apparel Industry," with memo from ILGWU exec. asst. Parrott to pres. Mazur, Nov. 16, 1989, and related correspondence; letter to ILGWU exec. asst. Parrott asking him to sign "Economists' Statement in Support of Increased Public Investment," April 14, 1989; press releases, correspondence, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 9 Folder 34 1988
Briefing paper, "Getting Rid of the Trade Deficit: A Cheaper Dollar Is Not Enough," by Jeff Faux, March 1988, and responses (press clippings, letters); invitation, agenda, and related materials for conference, "The First 100 Days," June 1988; correspondence, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 9 Folder 35 1986-1987
Invitation, agenda, and related materials for conference, "Trade, Competitiveness, and the American Standard of Living," March 1987, with registration request by ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott; draft of paper for presentation at EPI Seminar on the Measurement of Manufacturing Output, "Trends in Manufacturing's Level and Share of Output," by Lawrence Mishel, with invitation to ILGWU exec. asst. Parrott, November 1987; briefing paper, "Competitiveness and Balanced Budgets," July 1987; reprint from the World Policy Journal, "The Post Reagan Economy: A New Democratic Deal," by Jeff Faux, spring 1986; correspondence, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 10 Folder 1 1992
Letter to ILG president Mazur from the U.S. Secretaries of Commerce and the Treasury re Bush administration program to foster economic growth in Latin America; related materials
Box 10 Folder 1a
see also "Technology -- FIT Advanced Apparel Manufacturing Technology Demonstration"
Box 10 Folder 2 1988-1989
Board of Trustees meeting minutes, Oct. 2, describing 11 grants received by FIT for vocational training; "Report on Locations for Apparel Manufacturing Research," listing academic sites nationwide, prepared for ILG by FIT Professor Irwin Kahn; memos to ILGWU president Mazur re issues discussed at meetings with FIT president Marvin Feldman; follow-up letter from Mazur to Feldman re combining efforts to develop management training programs, model production plant, inviting him to serve on Fashion Industries Economic Development Council; brochure, "An Invitation to AAMTD: Advanced Apparel Manufacturing Technology Demonstration," sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, associated newsletters re training program, proposed joint robotics program; memo re meeting with FIT professor Kahn re ESL program, model plant, computerized production courses; newsletter, "FIT Economic Development News"; resolution by ILGWU Local 23-25 commending FIT for assistance to GIDC; press releases and memos re FIT export conference
Box 10 Folder 3 1989-1990
Memos re meetings with FIT president Marvin Feldman; agenda for seminar, "Key Issues of the 90s"; newsletters, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 10 Folder 4 1990
Descriptive material re the FIT Export Advisory Extension Service; correspondence and publicity material for "Export with the Experts" workshop; list of exporters and potential exporters compiled by the Council for American Fashion (CAF) and Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC); brochures
Box 10 Folder 5 1989-1990
Correspondence re March 29, 1990, meeting re entry-level sewing skills training program for women living in public homeless shelters; "A Report on Future Independence through Training at the Fashion Institute of Technology," November 1989; handwritten notes
Box 10 Folder 6 1991-1992
Coalition of labor unions and nonprofit groups concerned about plant closings. Correspondence and report re Industrial Renaissance Conference, 1989; membership list; annual report, Midwest Center for Labor Research, 1989-90; FIRR newsletter, spring 1991; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 10 Folder 7 1986-1988
Testimony of Federation of Apparel Manufacturers before the New York City Council Committee on Economic Development, November 11, 1988; Remarks by Jay Mazur, New York Skirt and Sportswear, re commercial rent, GIDC, trade legislation, TC2, homework, October 20, 1988; statement of Eli Elias as executive director, New York Skirt and Sportswear Association, and testimony of Eli Elias as president of the Federation of Apparel Manufacturers (with list of members), to the House Subcommittee on Labor Standards, September 16, 1986, against lifting the ban on homework; letter from Somerset Knitting Mills, Inc., to the House Subcommittee on Labor Standards, against lifting the ban on homework, September 8, 1986; letter from FAM to NYC director of economic planning re zoning plan, May 23, 1986; newspaper clipping and trade reports re chargebacks; retail performance inquiry sheet
Box 10 Folder 8 1989-1992
Drafts of Statement on America in the Post-Cold War Era, a statement on the 50th anniversary of Freedom House; critical memos from ILG president Mazur and other ILG officials re wording of statement, anachronistic themes, simplistic characterization of the poor, economic and social issues; printed Freedom at Issue, "Freedom around the World: U.S. Policy & the U.N." January/February 1989
Box 10 Folder 8a
Box 10 Folder 9 1990-1991
Reports: "A Profile of the Labor Market in the Apparel Industry," David Weil, December 18, 1990; "Allied, Federated, and Campeau: Causes, Outcomes, and Implications," Daniel M. G. Raff and Walter S. Salmon, Harvard Business School, January 1991; article reprint from Harvard Business Review by Salmon et al.; notes re key points of Salmon presentation; seminar agendas (with handwritten notes from presentations) re robotics and automation, human resources, logistics; letter re new director of Needle Trades Action Project, 1991; newspaper clippings
Box 10 Folder 10 1991
Workshop agenda, participant list, reports: "A Statistical Profile of the Men's Shirt Industry," "Improving the Performance of the Men's Dress Shirt Industry: A Channel Perspective," August 6-7, 1991; newspaper clippings, article reprint from Harvard Business School Bulletin, academic journal article
Box 10 Folder 11 1983-1991
Executive Board minutes, November 20-22, 1991; statement on the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations, urging inclusion of minimum labor standards, adopted by Executive Board, November 19-21, 1986, and GATT newsletter outlining plans; minutes of several other agenda item of November 19-21 Executive Board meeting; IFCTU publications on trade union rights and survey of violations, 1983-84, 1984-85; on Asian labor, September-October 1984; March-April and May-June 1985; Free Labour World, noting 35th anniversary of IFCTU, 1984; draft report on child labor, with cover letter to all affiliates, June 10, 1985; statement on United Nations International Year of Peace, 1986; minutes of ICFTU Working Party on Peace, Security and Disarmament, Sept. 11-12, 1986
Box 10 Folder 12 1988-1992
Part of the International Labour Organisation, a United Nations agency. Questionnaire to ILG president Mazur from the ILO in preparation for the 1992 meeting re the footwear and leather industry, with summary of resolutions from previous meetings; resolutions of meetings on the clothing industry, 1986; letter to Mazur from ILO Washington branch director with article re failure of U.S. to meet U.N. financial obligations, 1988; newsletters, ILO Information, re aging, Eastern Europe, 1991; ILO Washington Focus, re need for labor standards for part-time workers, 1991; Worker Rights News, published by the International Labor Rights Education and Research Fund, February 1989; Publications Update, World Bank, April 1992
Box 10 Folder 13 1991-1992
Coalition of organizations, chaired by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, lobbying for a shift away from federal military spending in favor of domestic initiatives; list of members, description of organizational structure, activities
Box 10 Folder 14-15 1985-1994
Correspondence re dispute within ALF-CIO over alleged support by LRA for Communist-controlled World Federation of Trade Unions, 1986; newsletters
Box 10 Folder 16 1990-1991
Organization opposing savings-and-loan bailout, banking and insurance deregulation; Financial Democracy Campaign was a coalition of community organizations, churches, and unions, co-chaired by several labor organization leaders. Briefing papers: "Holes in the Safety Net: The NOLHGA Bid for Executive Life," re National Organization of Life and Health Guaranty Associations purchase of failed S&L, November 7, 1991; "Protecting the Public From Insurance Company Insolvencies: The Swiss Cheese Safety Net and How to Fix It," June 19, 1991; "What's the Guaranty? Insurer Insolvencies, the Public, and Guaranty Funds in the South," February 1990; fact sheets, legislative updates; Testimony of Marty Leary, Research Director, Southern Finance Project, before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, U.S. Senate, February 27, 1991; research prospectus, "Retirees at Risk: Pension Plan Exposure to Insurance Industry Insolvencies," with cove letter to ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott, November 11, 1991; "Overview of the Impact of the Collapse of the Executive Life Insurance Company," prepared by AFL-CIO Employee Benefits Department, c. 1991; newspaper clippings
Box 10 Folder 17 1988
Materials by the Klanswatch Project: "The Ku Klux Klan: A History of Violence and Racism," third edition, 1988; brochures; descriptive letter
Box 10 Folder 18 1986-1991
Report, "The Climate for Workers in the United States: A Study and Report by the Southern Labor Institute, a special project of the Southern Regional Council," August 29, 1986, with transcript of article by the Bureau of National Affairs summarizing findings; letter to ILG president Jay Mazur re report; newsletter, Southern Changes, re industrial recruitment (Saturn in Tennessee), racial issues
Box 10 Folder 19 1991
Association of labor, community, and religious organizations. Draft proposal, "A Concept Proposal to Establish a Development Bank for the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Region" with cover letter; article by director Stephen Strahs in City Limits, March 1991, promoting use of Port Authority resources for establishment of development bank
Box 10 Folder 19a
Box 11 Folder 1 1991-1992
Board of Directors meetings minutes, November 20, 1991; updates on activities and services; printed Progress Report, 1990-92; correspondence with ILGWU officials
Box 11 Folder 2 1992
Productivity Forum "New Roles for Unions" agenda, list of attendees, and presentations by United Auto Workers and Communications Workers of America, United Steelworkers of America, Energy and Chemical Workers Union local 800;
Box 11 Folder 3 1991-1992
Newsletters, including headliner, "ILGWU: A Model Union Role in Industrial Development Efforts"; press releases; brochures library and information service subject index; policy study, "New Roles for Managers, Part IV"
Box 11 Folder 4 1991
Correspondence inviting ILGWU president Mazur to tour of plant; 1992 Saturn annual report; presentation materials
Box 11 Folder 4a
Box 11 Folder 5 1987-1990
Correspondence from ILGWU president Mazur to other officials; minutes of meetings leading up to the establishment of the Council for American Fashion as the umbrella organization of labor-management committees in the northeastern United States; speech by Mazur to NY Governor Cuomo's Labor-Management Conference, May 15, 1990, "Labor-Management Planning for a Revitalized Manufacturing Sector: The ILGWU Approach in the Apparel Industry"; Gov. Cuomo's State of the State message, January 4, 1989, hand-annotated by ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott, with cover memo to president Mazur re highlights, creation of statewide labor-management committee; NYS Dept. of Labor newsletter, NY Works, with article about the newly established Office of Labor-Management Affairs, September 1988; hand-drawn schematic of organization of labor-management committees; handwritten notes of meetings
Box 11 Folder 5a
A labor-management committee promoting economic development in the northeast; located at ILGWU headquarters, co- chaired by ILGWU president Jay Mazur and Eli Elias, president of the New York Skirt and Sportswear Association; Carl Proper was executive director. Called first the Women's and Children's Apparel Labor-Management Committee; then Fashion Industries Economic Development Council; name changed to Council for American Fashion as of October 26, 1989.
Box 11 Folder 6 1992
Bylaws, charity registration forms, financial statements, handwritten notes
Box 11 Folder 7-8 1987-1992
ILGWU grant request establishing a women's and children's apparel labor-management committee (CAF), May 1989; industry problem statement (by Carl Proper?); research paper, "Critical Factors in the Success of an Area Labor-Management Committee: A Comparative Evaluation," Robert W. Miller and Frederick A. Zeller, West Va. Univ. Institute of Industrial and Labor Relations; list of parties excluded from federal grant programs, Feb. 24, 1992; correspondence, handwritten notes; articles from union publication Justice (?) re establishment CAF and new GIDC Super Sewers training program
Box 11 Folder 9 1989-1990
Correspondence (letters of support from Massachusetts governor Robert Casey, Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, etc.) with members of Congress, Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole, and FMCS to retain/restore funding for the CAF labor-management cooperation program
Box 11 Folder 10 1991
Grant renewal application: "Women's and Children's Apparel Labor Management Committee: Application for Continued Funding Submitted to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service," March 2, 1991; "Notes for Continuation Funding Application to FMCS"; letters of support; notification of award, March 20, 1991; action plan for 1991-92; memo to ILGWU president Mazur from CAF exec. dir. Carl Proper, noting cancellation of funding for FMCS for 1992 due to an unnamed union representative's having antagonized the chair of the Congressional funding committee (notes current CAF grant will not be affected), Dec. 9, 1991; newspaper clipping
Box 11 Folder 11 1990-1992
Letters to Council for American Fashion executive director Carl Proper re presentation on CAF at the FMCS Sixth National Labor-Management Conference, January-June 1992; outline of talk; letter from Bruce Herman, director of the Garment Industry Development Corporation (GIDC), offering to make presentation at FMCS conference, with description of GIDC, September 30, 1991; conference program, 1990
Box 11 Folder 12 1990-1993
Letter from FMCS grants manager acknowledging receipt of quarterly reports for period ending June 30, 1990, noting lack of progress, suggesting that proposal be revised, August 15, 1990; memo re visit from federal grants manager to examine records, September 18, 1990; outline of proposal revisions, directional shifts for CAF with greater emphasis on demonstration projects rather than studies; letter to FMCS discussing changes in direction, Nov. 1990; memo re reorganizing CAF into project groups, April 11, 1991; list of steering committee and other committee meeting dates, FMCS report due dates, events, other grant due dates; 1991-92 itemized budget with note, "supporting material for Sept. 1992 FMCS budget revision"; midterm and final evaluations of CAF as required by the FMCS grant: "Preliminary Assessment of the Council for American Fashion: A Labor/Management Partnership for the Apparel Industry," March 1991, and "The Council of American Fashions after Three Years An Evaluation," May 1993, both by Norman Eiger, Professor of Labor Studies, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey; correspondence with FMSC director re request for grant extension, 1991-92; itemized budgets
Box 11 Folder 13 1993
Correspondence, steering committee minutes, background material for audit and final evaluation, printed brochure by CAF, "High Fashion, High Tech, High Skill: Notes on the Future of the American Apparel Industry"
Box 11 Folder 14 1992
Audit by Wolf & Schulman, CPA, for year ended December 31, 1992, and for the period Oct. 1, 1989 to Sept. 30, 1992; grant application, itemized budget information, memo
Box 12 Folder 1-2 1989-1993
Time sheets for exec. dir. Carl Proper accounting for major daily activities; and for secretaries; Carl Proper's pocket planner, 1990-91
Box 12 Folder 3 1991
Applications for project director; memos re budget for staff, May 7 and 17, 1991
Box 12 Folder 4 1989-1990
Includes budget change request, 13-page narrative description of project activities, newsletter, handwritten memo from Carl Proper, letter from FMCS noting progress
Box 12 Folder 5 1990
Includes financial status report, 14-page narrative, Steering Committee minutes, Jan. 30, 1990
Box 12 Folder 6 1990
Includes financial status report, 10-page narrative
Box 12 Folder 7 1990
Description of Marketing/Technology study being conducted by Kurt Salmon Associates for the Garment Industry Development Corp., the CAF affiliated labor-management committee for NYC; financial status report
Box 12 Folder 9 1991
Includes financial status report; 7-page narrative
Box 12 Folder 10 1991-1992
Includes financial status report; 11-page narrative
Box 12 Folder 11 1991-1992
Narratives, financial status reports, correspondence
Box 12 Folder 12 1992
Budget change request, Aug. 11, 1992, and related correspondence; financial status reports
Box 12 Folder 13 1993
Financial status report; memo
Box 12 Folder 14 1990-1991
Outline of structure and goals of CAF; Jay Mazur intro to report; overhead transparencies; handwritten notes; report to the GEB meeting of January 1991 by Carl Proper re accomplishments and near-term plans of Council for American Fashion and related labor-management committees; handwritten notes
Box 12 Folder 15 1990-1991
The U.S. Women's Apparel Industry: Basic Characteristics and Organizing Potential; regional organizing plans; slide presentation on labor-management programs; presentation to ILGWU business agents and other staff by Carl Proper re Council for American Fashion, efforts of labor-management committees, relevance to union objectives in maintaining health of industry
Box 12 Folder 16 1991-1992
Memo re audit required for closing out FMCS grant, Sept. 23, 1992; bills not part of grant; salary and fringe benefit costs
Box 12 Folder 17 1989-1990
Invoices submitted to and paid by the ILGWU
Box 12 Folder 18 1992-1993
Invoices and memos in connection with Fashion Exports/New York expenses
Box 12 Folder 19 1991
Report, distribution list
Box 13 Folder 1 1989
Called first the Women's and Children's Apparel Labor-Management Committee; then Fashion Industries Economic Development Council; name changed to Council for American Fashion as of October 26, 1989. Minutes, June 27, 1989; list of subcommittees and members as of Sept. 22; letter noting approval of FMCS grant
Box 13 Folder 2 1990
Report to the ILGWU General Executive Board, May 8, 1990; agenda, CAF Steering Committee, March 27, 1990; memo from ILGWU exec. ass. James Parrott to CAF director James Proper re follow-up on CAF meetings, May 17, 1990; FAM Board of Directors meeting outline of talking points, May 22, 1990; talk to Rutgers Conference on Women's Work (by Carl Proper?), May 22, 1990; memo to ILGWU president Mazur from exec. asst. James Parrott re frustrating meeting with ACTWU labor-management committee, with handwritten notes, May 23, 1990; memos to Mazur from Parrott re Leslie Fay and (TC)2, April 12, 1990; letter from Greater Blouse, Skirt & Undergarment Association to Mazur congratulating him on "swell" CAF January meeting, need for accurate public relations for Chinatown, February 7, 1990; press release, "Council for American Fashion to Modernize Apparel Manufacturing," March 22, 1990
Box 13 Folder 3-4 1991
Annual Report; personal note from ILGWU president Mazur to Marvin [Feldman, president of FIT], urging that Prof. Irwin Kahn be allowed the time to continue contributing to CAF and GIDC rather than being forced back to the classroom, February 27, 1991; nomination by ILGWU president Mazur of Eli Elias, exec. dir. of the New York Skirt and Sportswear Association and co-chair with Mazur of CAF, to Crain's New York Business as Crain's All-Star for 1990, related material; memo to ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott from CAF dir. Carl Proper re finding funds in current budget for export expert, February 13, 1991; ten-page notes for continuation budget, CAF goals, for submission to Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), with note from Proper to Parrott, related memos; memo from Proper to Parrot re work situation on Long Island: homework, Chinese and Hispanic workforce, practice of Chinese-owned manufacturers moving from Chinatown to Long Island to avoid unionization, discusses specific shops, strategy, May 23, 1991; memos re export program, Hong Kong trade show; profile of Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association in Lehigh Valley Business Digest, February 1991; draft of minutes of New Jersey Apparel Labor-Management Committee, January 31, 1991, with cover note from Carl Proper to James Parrott; report of survey of Long Island, April May 1991, by Prof. Phil Kelman, Manufacturing Management Department, Fashion Institute of Technology; "A Preliminary Assessment of the Council for American Fashion: A Labor-Management Partnership for the Apparel Industry," by Norman Eiger, professor of labor studies, Rutgers University, March 1, 1991; summary of apparel industry labor-management activities, April 25, 1991; list of CAF/GIDC exporters and potential exporters, newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 5 1991
Correspondence between ILGWU president Mazur and Garment Industry Development Association (GIDC) re funding requests; description of GIDC sent to FMCS; memo re ergonomics conference; application by GIDC to the NYS Dept. of Economic Development, October 1, 1991; notes re conversation with representative of Japanese retailer Takishimaya; newspaper clippings
Box 13 Folder 6-7 1992
Agenda for Sept. 10 CAF Steering Committee meeting; draft and final text of remarks by ILG president Mazur; agendas for Planning Committee meetings, January 27 and February 19, 1992 (ILGWU-CAF-GIDC-FIT); correspondence with NYC economic development officials re promotion of garment industry, including "A Proposal to Promote New York's Fashion Industry," submitted by ILGWU, Jay Mazur, President, August 1990; outline of talk to FMCS, Sept. 15, 1992 (probably Mazur); correspondence re site visit by FMCS, July-August 1992; memo re meeting with NYS Assembly leadership re garment industry economic development needs, Sept, 10, 1992; CAF planning meeting agendas or notes, May 15, July 6, August 20, Oct. 13, 1992; notes on KSA/GIDC meeting (Kurt Salmon Associates/Garment Industry Development Corp), Aug. 18, 1992; research paper, "The Role of Big Buyers in Global Commodity Chains: How U.S. Retail Networks Affect Overseas Production Patterns," Gary Gereffi, Duke University, presented at the Political Economy of the World-System Conference, April 16-18, 1992; fact sheet, "Modular Manufacturing Pay Systems: Alternatives to Piecework," Cornell ILR School, Sept. 9, 1992; article reprint, "Modular's True Colors," from trade journal Bobbin, July 1992, with note to ILG James Parrott from Carl Proper; memo from Proper to Parrott endorsing collaborating with Alfred Dunner despite being non-union manufacturer, July 23; draft proposal, Central Atlantic Manufacturing Technology Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Regional MTC Program, April 7, 1992; list of contractors working for top designers, Dec. 6, 1991; letter from Carl Proper as project director of Fashion Exports/New York to NJIT re developing trade with Newly Independent States (former Soviet Union), Aug, 21; list of services that CAF and GIDC could provide to manufacturers (productivity assessments, worker skills upgrading, short-cycle manufacturing development), May 30, 1992; memo re phone conversation with manufacturer requesting modular training; GIDC activity report, May-June, 1992; summary of export grant, description of CAF and Fashion Exports/New York program objectives; minutes of Aug. 13 CAF eastern Pennsylvania committee planning session; text of presentation for ILGWU New York-New Jersey Staff Conference on Labor-Management and Industry Development Programs, Gail E. Meyer, with cover note to exec. asst. James Parrott, June 3; New Jersey Labor-Management Committee Steering Committee Minutes, Aug. 5, 1992; Report of the ILGWU TARP Project, submitted by Barbara Cameron, research coordinator, September 1991 (discusses homework as a substitute for modernizing, training, and technology); letter appointing Prof. Philip Kelman as part-time Project Director for the Long-Island Apparel Labor-Management Committee, July 17, 1991; "Report of Survey: Boston Area Sewing Contractors, Week of January 14, 1991," submitted by Prof. Kelman; paper and invoice by Dr. Ellen Rosen, "Assessing the Skills Base Among Apparel Workers in the Long Island Labor Market Area (Nassau-Suffolk Counties), prepared for the Council for American Fashion," Sept. 1992; handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 6a
Box 13 Folder 8 1989
Strategic report of marketing committee, established to provide marketing expertise to garment industry manufacturers, particularly for exporting; agendas; handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 9 1989-1993
Proposed public relations activities to promote CAF and positive garment industry image; agendas and minutes; handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, press releases
Box 13 Folder 10 1993
Drafts of manuscript, memos re text for promotional brochure, part of a PR campaign aimed at national and state elected officials and opinion leaders
Box 13 Folder 11 1989-1991
Minutes, 11/8/89-9/25/91; "Role of Steering Committee and relation to various local committees such as GIDC, NTAP, Lehigh Valley"; CAF mailing list, 4/23/90; contract and reports to NYS Department of Labor with overview of CAF, 1991
Box 13 Folder 12 1989
Agenda, report by Mazur (?), handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 13 1989
Minutes, agenda, opening remarks, handwritten notes, committee membership
Box 13 Folder 14 1989
Minutes, agenda, letters of invitation, reports of labor task force, technology, marketing, public relations committees, list of committee membership
Box 13 Folder 15 1990
Minutes, agenda, handwritten notes, reports of technology, public relations, labor force committees, summary of Needle Trades Action Project (Boston, MA, labor-management committee); letters of invitation from ILGWU president Mazur; memo from ILGWU president Mazur re expansion of committee membership, list of committee membership, description of GIDC market and technology study, materials re TC2 educational program and plant tour
Box 13 Folder 16 1990
Agenda, summary minutes, and draft detailed minutes; report of Technology Committee; agenda of Public Relations Committee; letter of invitation to FIT president Marvin Feldman; handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 17 1990
Agenda, summary minutes, handwritten notes, attendance sheet, summary of focus group discussion on manufacturing issues, correspondence
Box 13 Folder 18 1990
Invitations from ILGWU president Mazur to Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service grants manager, Pennsylvania and NYC government officials, and, from CAF director Carl Proper, to the president of Party Formals to attend meeting; minutes, agenda, handwritten notes; presentation by ILGWU president Mazur; notes for discussion of marketing plan and related correspondence; list of attendees; newspaper clippings
Box 13 Folder 19 1990
Invitations from ILGWU president Mazur to NYS economic development commissioner Vince Tese, from CAF director Carl Proper to the president of FIT and president of Oscar de la Renta to attend; reports of Technology Committee, Marketing Committee, notes on discussion; presentation by ILGWU president Mazur; agenda, handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 20 1991
Minutes, agenda, handwritten notes, PR update, attendance sheet; letters of invitation, newspaper clipping
Box 13 Folder 21 1991
Minutes, agenda/outline of report; Mazur's introductory remarks; finance report, summary of technology committee meeting, report of Long Island Labor-Management Committee; letters of invitation, attendance sheet; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 13 Folder 22 1991
Agenda, handwritten notes; presentation by ILGWU president Mazur; report by New Jersey Apparel Labor-Management Committee, report by Eastern Pennsylvania/South Jersey CAF; list of attendees; newspaper clippings
Box 13 Folder 23 1991
Minutes, agenda/outline of report; reports by New Jersey, Massachusetts (Needle Trades Action Projects), Philadelphia/South Jersey, and Long Island Apparel Labor-Management Committees; draft of Fashion Exports New York brochure; handwritten notes
Box 14 Folder 1 1989-1991
Notes for Technology Planning Committee Meeting, May 18, 1991; report of Technology Committee, Oct. 26, 1989; memo and proposal (TC)2/ILGWU Apparel Industry Training Program, January 15, 1990; booklet of 1990 educational programs by the National Apparel Technology Center (TC)2; apparel contractors' seminar tentative schedule for January-March 1990; vol. 1, no. 1 newsletter, GIDC News, by the Garment Industry Development Corporation; Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association Directory (n.d.); "Nine Steps to Manufacturing: The American Experience," Seminar presented in Milan, Italy, June 8, 1989 by Emanuel Weintraub Associates, Inc.; memo to ILG pres. Mazur re recommendations of Management Engineering Dept.: don't "overdo" enforcement on OHSA rules, June 24, 1988; handwritten notes; newspaper clippings
Box 14 Folder 2 1990
Notes on the first meeting of CAF Working Group; newsletter Europe 1992, "The American Business Report on Europe" re real estate and trading opportunities, May 1990; press release re Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Forum on trade with Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union; announcement brochure, Export Trade Demonstration Project Program, NYS Dept. of Economic Development; newspaper clippings re selling American clothing in London and Japan; proposal for export mission to Japan; proposal for CAF Export Program; list of manufacturing company attendees to Export Breakfast, cosponsored with GIDC; Export Survey Tentative Results re number of firms exporting or considering exporting, by apparel product; export activities (forums) for Sept.-Oct. 1990, FIT Export Advisory Service Extension of the Small Business Center
Box 14 Folder 3 1990
List of apparel companies in NY metropolitan area, profiles, and export status; active or potential exporters; compiled jointly with Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC) and/or Exports/NewYork
Box 14 Folder 4 1991
Box 14 Folder 5 1992
Box 14 Folder 6 1990
Oct. 10, 1990. Agenda, list of manufacturing company attendees
Box 14 Folder 7 1998-1990
Agendas; lists of companies invited/attending; comments by attendees; articles by Irving Vigdor; statistics, U.S. Export Markets
Box 14 Folder 8 1992
Application for Training Assistance to set up a modular manufacturing unit, contracts between CAF, the NYS Dept. of Economic Development Office of Skills Training, manufacturer Marcus and Weisen, and consultant Prof. Peter Lazes, Cornell University, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Jan. 31 and Oct. 16, 1992; budget revisions; correspondence
Box 14 Folder 9 1992-1993
Agendas for working sessions; orientation session outline, June 23, 1992; preliminary design of modular work unit, October 16, 1992; updates; memos summarizing conversations with manufacturer; handwritten notes; correspondence re ergonomics project
Box 14 Folder 10 1993-1994
Interim and final reports; correspondence
Box 14 Folder 11 1992-1994
Correspondence, bills
Box 14 Folder 11a 1992-1993
Box 14 Folder 12 1992-1993
Description, draft bylaws, and amendments to articles of association; draft budget; application for employer identification number; memos, minutes of meetings re formation of council; Pennsylvania Department of Commerce list of financing programs and agencies to assist business and industry; resource directory for small business
Box 14 Folder 13 1992-1993
Meeting agendas and minutes; list of potential projects; memos of conversations; correspondence soliciting contributions; handwritten notes; census map of county business patterns for Pennsylvania, with statistical sheet, 1986-87; list of apparel firms and number of employees, July 1991; newspaper clippings, Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal, June 1990, and other regional newspapers
Box 15 Folder 1 1990-1991
Proposal for Pennsylvania Women's Apparel Labor-Management Committee, submitted by the ILGWU, July 1990; Philadelphia/South Jersey Apparel Labor-Management Committee proposal submitted to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, May 11, 1991; letters of support from members of Congress and others to approve funding for the creation of a new labor-management cooperation program for the Philadelphia-South Jersey area, funded through the FMCS
Box 15 Folder 2 1990-1991
Agenda, Philadelphia Textile & Apparel Initiative, December 14, 1990 (to discuss Lehigh Valley project update); notice from Council for American Fashion of first meeting of the Philadelphia/So. Jersey Apparel/Textile Labor-Management Committee, April 11, 1991; minutes of first meeting, April 30, 1991; fact sheet re Pennsylvania's apparel industry; Overview of Services, Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center Network (?); memo re telephone conversation, December 12, 1990; proposed rulemaking by Pennsylvania Dept. of Commerce and Statement of Policy re Machinery Equipment and Loan Fund Program, April 28, 1990; letters of support for committee from Fashion Apparel Manufacturers' Association, March 1, 1991; from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Sciences, May 6, 1991; information packet to manufacturers from the New Jersey Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (TAAC), NJ Economic Development Authority, re impacts from imports; data sheets on Philadelphia firms, April 8, 1991; handwritten notes
Box 15 Folder 2a
Box 15 Folder 3 1989-1990
Operated as an independent entity for a time until it was taken over by CAF. Letters and memos from ILGWU officials to consultant Participative Systems; steering committee agendas, lists of attendees, letter inviting ILG exec. asst. Parrott to first meeting; 7-page press release, "Gov. Casey Announces New Program to Assist Manufacturers," August 8, 1989, re Manufacturing Innovation Networks (MAIN); press release, "Gov. Casey Says Manufacturing is Resurging in Pennsylvania," Sept. 16, 1989; Request for Proposals (RFP) by Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry; Confidential Proposal for Apparel and Textile Development Plan Initiative, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, submitted by Atlantic Apparel Contractors' Association in response to RFP, June 1, 1989, with attached letters of endorsement; Proposal for Second-Year Funding, July 17, 1990; Proposal for Pennsylvania Women's Apparel Labor-Management Committee, submitted by ILGWU, July 1990; Proposal to Establish Employee Training Programs for Selected Apparel Firms in New York State and New Jersey, by Harry Schwartz, president, GIDC, May 18, 1988, with attached cover memo from ILGWU exec asst. James Parrott, August 8, 1989; memos re factory site visits; typed notes, "Summary of Chuck Sabel Presentation to Lehigh Valley LMC"; paper by Charles Sabel re Manufacturing Innovation Network (MAIN) project with cover memo to MAIN directors from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry, "Studied Trust: Building New Forms of Cooperation in a Volatile Economy," presented to T.E.P. Conference, Cite des Sciences et de L'Industrie, June 24-27, 1990; ILGWU computer printout of firms in area; written notes including list of ILGWU concerns, newspaper clippings
Box 15 Folder 4 1989-1990
Press release detailing organization of Lehigh Valley project, survey results; Summary of Activities of Lehigh Valley Labor Force Subcommittee; project agenda, March 13, 1990; minutes; outline of Private Sector Training Initiative; Survey of Working Women (in English and Spanish), sponsored by the Needle Trades Action Project, Dr. Ellen Rosen, Harvard University, and correspondence with ILG officials; employee exit survey by Participative Systems; report based on survey, "Exodus from Apparel," March 1990, with press release by Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association; ethnic data for vocational schools, eastern Northampton County, September 1, 1989; other labor force demographic statistics, 1980 and 1987; Northampton Community College press release re receipt of grant to establish training center, January 22, 1990; project description; handwritten notes
Box 15 Folder 5 1990
Second Quarterly Report, May 18, 1990; proposal for two-year funding; conference agenda and press release, October; publicity, technology, and steering committee meeting agendas and minutes
Box 15 Folder 6 1991
Second Year Report, prepared by Participative System, summarizing accomplishments, recommendations for year 3; steering committee agendas; brochures for annual Pennsylvania Apparel and Textile Conference
Box 15 Folder 7 1991-1992
Memoranda discussing problem areas, whether to continue Lehigh Valley project in its current form with Participative Systems, or start a new organization led by ILGWU/Council for American Fashion (CAF); proposal to Pennsylvania Department of Commerce Office of Technology Development re economic development projects (technology access, ergonomics, worker involvement, marketing for union contractors), written by CAF executive director Carl Proper over the signatures of the executive director of the Atlantic Apparel Contractors' Association (AACA) and ILGWU, with faxed messages to both for approval, January 15, 1992; summary of phone conversation with AACA director re growing use of non-union contractors, labor-management issues not amenable to resolution under current approach; list, issues to work on with Atlantic Apparel; Apparel & Textile Innovation Initiative proposed budget; Lehigh Valley Project proposed budget; list of potential and definite Lehigh Valley projects; list of possible activities of Lehigh Valley CAF and existing committees; agenda for first meeting of CAF/Eastern Pennsylvania Labor-Management Committee, Aug. 8, 1991; Apparel Steering Committee minutes, July, August 1991; correspondence re invoices; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 15 Folder 8 1983-1992
Revised draft report and executive summary of the Blueprint 2000 Employment Committee, "The Challenge of Prosperity," prepared by Barry Bluestone, professor of political economy, U. Mass., July 25, 1988, with cover letter from Lt. Governor's office to advisory committee members; research proposal by Ellen I. Rosen, Radcliffe College, submitted to Needle Trades Action Project, "Labor Shortages in the Needle Trades," 1988, with cover letter to ILGWU exec. asst James Parrott from Carl Proper; report of visit to the Gemini Manufacturing plant by Prof. Rosen re work process issues, with photos (originals in Kheel holdings), February 8, 1989; report, "Joint Marketing Opportunities for Fall River Contractors," submitted by the Industrial Cooperative Association to the Needle Trades Action Project Marketing Committee, August 27, 1987; printed report, "Jobs, Justice, and Miracles: Toward a Commonwealth in Massachusetts in 1990," by the Massachusetts Campaign for Jobs and Justice, supported by Massachusetts AFL-CIO, June 1989; paper by Michael H. Best, economics professor at University of Massachusetts at Amherst; paper presented at Centro Studi Economici, Milan, Feb. 6-7, 1987, "Industrial Policy and Employment Creation by City and State Governments: The Greater London Enterprise Board and Quasi-Publics in the State of Massachusetts"; unpublished paper, " Strategic Planning and Industrial Policy by Local Enterprise Boards"; publications by Department of Employment and Training: "Employment Review, January 1992, and "Employment 2000: Massachusetts Employment Projections by Occupation," July 1989; Manual for Implementing a Shared-Time Engineering Program (STEP), September 1980 through September 1983, New England Apparel Manufacturers' Association, Fall River, Massachusetts, November 1983, U.S. Department of Commerce
Box 15 Folder 8a
Box 15 Folder 9 1990-1991
Research, surveys, preliminary proposals and correspondence; "A Strategic Perspective on State Labor-Management Cooperation Programs," Dr. Arnold M. Howitt and Dr. John Calhoun Wells, Harvard University, for presentation to the Fifth National Labor-Management Conference, May 30-June1, 1990; "Strategies for the Implementation of New Manufacturing Techniques in the New Jersey Apparel Industry," Ellen I. Rosen, Ph.D., director, Labor Market & Employment Resources, December 1991
Box 15 Folder 10 1990-1992
Coalition of ILGWU, industry associations, and independent manufacturers aiming to upgrade technology, improve production and delivery methods, and expand exporting. Proposal to Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, May 11, 1991, and letters of support from labor and industry officials; proposal, June 1990; letters to New Jersey state officials (Governor James Florio, Labor Commissioner Ray Bramucci, Commerce Commissioner Barbara McConnell) from ILGWU president Mazur seeking funding for New Jersey Apparel Labor Management Committee; memos of meetings, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings; brochures, "New Jersey's Urban Enterprise Zone Program" and tax questions and answers, 1992
Box 15 Folder 11 1990-1991
Agendas, minutes, lists of members; transcript of talk to first meeting; notes re phone conversations with Bruce Herman, Garment Industry Development Corporation (GIDC), March 7,1991; with Richard Hatch, New Jersey Institute of Technology, April 2; State of the State address by Gov. Jim Florio, January 8, 1991; handwritten notes
Box 15 Folder 12 1991
June-October Agendas, minutes, lists of members; proposal for a Regional Industry Service Center; letters from members of Congress and others supporting grant proposal; correspondence from Council for American Fashion (CAF); result of survey of firms, 1991; exporting workshop flyer; newspaper clipping re legislation targeting sweatshops
Box 15 Folder 13 1992
Agendas, minutes; notice of new OSHA formaldehyde regulations, September 1992; list of programs initiated by the committee, programs the committee should like to initiate, problematic programs; proposal to committee for Modular Manufacturing Pilot Project at D. Glasgow & Son, Inc., August 1992; marketing workshop proposal; letter from New Jersey Institute of Technology re New Jersey Apparel Manufacturing Conference, May 11, 1992; letter to Council for American Fashion from New Jersey Division of International Trade re delegation of Italian government officials interested in exports from U.S.
Box 16 Folder 1 1992
Proposal for a Workplace Literacy Program, submitted by the Institute for Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University, in partnership with the ILGWU and the New Jersey Apparel Labor Management Committee, July 10, 1992
Box 16 Folder 2 1991
ILGWU Advisory Committee on Training job skills questionnaire results, by local, 1990; lists of firms for possible employer assessments, 1991
Box 16 Folder 3 1990-1991
ILG/Council for American Fashion (CAF) management assessment surveys of contractors, lists of companies, memos, 1991; CAF newsletter re relationship with Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Fashion Forward, 1990; trade journal clipping
Box 16 Folder 3a
Nonprofit public-private labor-management coalition of small and midsize apparel firms producing in the New York City area, worked closely with Council for American Fashion, Fashion Exports New York; activities focused on vocational training, English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, and facilitating exporting
Box 16 Folder 4 1985-1987
Summary of Activities, First Year of Operation, June 1984-85; memo by ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott, Plan of Action for Restructuring GIDC, August 27, 1987; memo from Parrott to Mazur re NYC/NYS garment industry development issues, August 19, 1987; memo to ILG president Mazur, summary of labor-management committee activities, July 28, 1987; letters from Mazur to commissioner of NYC Office of Business Development and to NYS director of economic development Vince Tese in support of GIDC grant application for skills training for dislocated garment workers in Chinatown, October 6, 1987; press release from Office of the Mayor announcing creation of industrial garment condominium in Chinatown; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 16 Folder 5 1988-1989
"An Introduction to the Garment Industry Development Corporation," by Jay Mazur and Eli Elias; Annual Reports, 1987-1988, 1988-1989; Proposal for Expanded City Assistance to New York City's Garment Industry, March 1988, ILGWU; agenda, Board of Directors meeting, June 28, 1989; fact sheet and press release re training center; marketing and technology project summary and request for proposals; letter to NYC Office of Business Development re joint newsletter between GIDC and CAF; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes; photos from fashion show (modeled by sewers? originals in Kheel photo archives)
Box 16 Folder 6 1986-1988
Correspondence with office of Mayor Ed Koch, internal memos and handwritten notes re Koch briefing, newspaper clippings; outline of proposed activities, 1988-89, proposed activities for expanded GIDC, October 9, 1987
Box 16 Folder 7 1986-1988
GIDC brochure, "Help for the Chinatown Garment Industry"; draft report, "Rents, Lease Terms and Utility Charges in the Chinatown Garment Industry: 1981, 1984 and 1986," prepared by GIDC, April 1986; analysis of local 23-25 members by borough and zip-code place of residence; analysis of Chinatown industrial lofts converted from factories into office space, October 1986
Box 16 Folder 8 1989-1990
Summaries and full text of major news stories carried in Chinatown newspapers
Box 16 Folder 9 1991
Summaries and full text of major news stories carried in Chinatown newspapers
Box 16 Folder 10 1991-1992
Summaries and full text of major news stories carried in Chinatown newspapers
Box 16 Folder 11-12 1990-1992
Established by the ILGWU to assist GIDC staff in skills training. Working guidelines for NY Metro Area Job Referral Network; meeting notices and minutes; remarks by ILGWU executive vp Edgar Romney at counselor training session; lists of counselors; corresp. re JobNet Coordinator position. see also NYC Industrial Literacy Program
Box 16 Folder 13-14 1989-1990
Agendas and minutes of ACT, September, October 1990; memo outlining objectives of the ACT Task Force on Job Referral, November 26, 1990; description of Task Force on Needs Assessment, November 27, 1990; comments on New Jersey survey results; list of local job development agencies, 1989-90; draft proposals for classes, joint ILGWU-GIDC skills training programs; memo to ILGWU president Mazur re literacy/adult education issues to be discussed with NJ governor Florio; memos re coordination of programs, restrictive funding criteria, need for programs to recruit and train new sewing machine operators from pool of welfare recipients; meeting agendas and minutes; transcripts of newspaper articles (World Journal); descriptive brochure re sewing machine operators; letter to ILGWU from Center for Law and Education re meeting with unions on vocational education, agenda, project description; outline of increased funding needs for Employer Specific Skill Training grants, noting funding sources; letter to NYS Dept. of Labor re shortage of skilled labor; analysis of responses to survey of members of Federation of Apparel Manufacturers re need for skill upgrading; report, "The Labor Market Experience of ILGWU Technical-ESL Students," prepared for the Worker-Family Education Program of the ILGWU by Sheila Collins, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science, William Patterson College, January 1990
Box 16 Folder 15 1990
Box 16 Folder 16 1991
List of contractor jobs created by jobbers or manufacturers; firms involved in labor- management activities
Box 17 Folder 1 1989
Proposal summaries, letters in support to New York State Dept. of Economic Development/Urban Development Corporation (UDC) Commissioner Vince Tese from ILGWU Mazur; letter in response from Tese; letter to Association for a Better New York; letter to Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; newspaper clipping, handwritten notes
Box 17 Folder 2 1990-1992
Report, "Keeping New York in Fashion," 1992, prepared for GIDC by Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA); agenda for meeting describing project, June 13, 1990; Request for Proposals, Women's and Children's Apparel Marketing and Technology Study; interim report, November 26, 1990; list of potential participants in Quick Response project; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 17 Folder 3-4 1991-1992
Proposal outline draft, August 30, 1991; primary notes from the focus group, June 26,1991, with cover letter to GIDC president Bruce Herman; draft, Succeeding in Apparel in the Nineties, by KSA, June 1991; report, "GIDC: Keeping New York in Fashion," by KSA, August 18, 1992; "Saks/After Five Quick Response Demonstration Project," by KSA, April 1992; draft, "Saks/Carole Hochman Quick Response Demonstration Project," by KSA, May 1992; press releases, KSA newsletters, and other printed publicity materials; handwritten notes, newspaper clippings
Box 17 Folder 5 1990
Board of Directors meeting minutes, March 28 and June 13; memo to ILGWU president Mazur from GIDC president Adam Friedman, "Program Status Report," summarizing activities of first three quarters of fiscal year, April 2, 1990; Application to the New York State Department of Economic Development Regional Economic Development Partnership Program, submitted by the Garment Industry Development Corporation, July 6, 1990, with cover note to ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott; supporting materials re nomination of GIDC for U.S. Dept. of Labor "LIFT" outstanding training award, including history and achievements of GIDC and overview of garment industry in NY; newspaper clippings; letters and telegrams from ILGWU president Mazur to NYS Senate and Assembly leaders re restoring funding to Employer Specific Skills Training Grant (ESSTG) program, related correspondence; Marketing and Technology Study Interim Report re needs of NYC manufacturers, by Kurt Salmon Associates; Discussion Outline for GIDC covering the Strategic Planning Study by Kurt Salmon Associates; application to NYS Regional Economic Development Partnership Program for Employer Needs Project; memos to Mazur re GIDC budget cuts
Box 17 Folder 6 1990
Annual Report, 1989-90; list of board members, 1990-91; press release re marketing study commissioned with Kurt Salmon Associates, Sept. 10, 1990; correspondence between ILG president Mazur, coat manufacturer Fairbrooke Enterprises, and Vince Tese, NYS Commissioner of Economic Development re grant to train employees on new state-of-the-art equipment that had been sitting idle for lack of skilled operators, August 1990; letter from, Mazur to U.S. Secretary of Labor supporting GIDC proposal for grant for bilingual vocational training to upgrade skills of dislocated garment workers, Aug. 29, 1990; GIDC budget and salary recommendations to the board of directors, June 5, 1990
Box 17 Folder 7 1990
January-February Activity Report; 1991; "Summary of Accomplishments During 1989-90 Program Year"; memo to ILG president Mazur re GIDC accomplishments, 8/21/90; statement to auditors signed by GIDC president Bruce Herman and treasurer Jay Mazur, Aug. 31, 1990; auditor's report, June 30, 1990; financial records (revenue sources); correspondence with consultants Kurt Salmon Associates; handwritten notes from board meeting, 12/12/90; correspondence with speaker of the NYS Assembly re budget cut, Jan. 28, 1991; from Regional Education Center for Economic Development, thanking Mazur for successful lobbying effort to restore funding, Jan. 14, 1991; memo to Mazur from Bruce Herman re invitation from Australian Manufacturing Council (attached) for trip, and proposed trip to Hong Kong to examine competition, March 15, 1991; press release by Hong Kong Trade Development Council re 1991 Fashion Week; edited press release re appointment of Bruce Herman as president of GIDC, Jan. 31, 1991; profile of GIDC president Bruce Herman in Crain's New York Business, Mar. 1, 1991; correspondence with applicants for president of GIDC, attached list of applicants; child care survey (English and Spanish); edited copy for newsletter, Nov. 9, 1990; memo to Mazur's exec. asst. re state audit of old Super Sewer's program, requesting intervention with Dept. of Labor to avert "tremendous waste of both our resources" and "nightmare" review of eligibility issues, Nov. 19, 1990; positive evaluation of Super Sewers program by NYC Dept. of Employment
Box 17 Folder 8 1991
Mar.-Apr. activity report; report on NY area garment industry: Interim Review of Findings, Analyses, Recommendations of Strategy Planning for GIDC, by Kurt Salmon Associates; data on children's wear firms; memos re training for ex-Domsey (Brooklyn) workers, alternative funding sources to federal grants due to ineligibility of undocumented immigrants; report on problems with training program: lack of cooperation by employer partner/grant recipient Metropolitan Fashion Center (MFC; see also separate heading) in hiring trained graduates, need for ILGWU to assist in placement in decent jobs to restore integrity of program; letters from Mazur to department stores Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Alexander's, re meeting with GIDC to discuss market trends; statistical analysis of child care survey of ILGWU garment workers; profile of GIDC president Bruce Herman in Crain's New York Business, Mar. 1, 1991
Box 17 Folder 9 1991
July-Sept. Board of Directors meeting agenda and handwritten notes, 7/25; minutes, 4/17; memo to Executive Committee re FY92 budget and salary recommendations, GIDC budget, 1991-92; memo re ILGWU contributions for FY91 and 92 by local; letters to local managers from ILGWU president Mazur soliciting contributions; correspondence re personnel issues; job description for job development consultant; invoices for equipment; memos re union benefits policies as impediments to training recruitment, employer evasion of unemployment insurance payments and impact on worker retraining eligibility under federal guidelines
Box 17 Folder 10 1991
Agenda, Fashion Exports New York, 7/1; project budget; computer printout, U.S. Export Markets by country of destination and apparel category, 1987-91; newspaper clippings
Box 17 Folder 11 1991
Oct.-Dec. Board of Directors meeting agenda, 11/19; minutes, 7/25; Sept.-Oct. activity report; GIDC FY92 budget; A Child Care Study of the Garment Industry executive summary and newspaper clippings; project proposal and list of advisory committee members for Women's Apparel Quick Response Supplier Network to develop faster production turnaround capabilities for high-value product; Fashion Exports New York brochure; printed article re lack of government support for NY garment industry by ILGWU president Jay Mazur in Crain's New York Business
Box 17 Folder 12 1992
Jan.-Mar. Activity reports re training program, child care; Small Business Advisory Board member list and mission statement; conference program, "Moving Toward a Safer and More Productive Workplace," proposal to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation by the Urban Research Center of the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service (NYU) for feasibility study on reviving specialized manufacturing in the outer boroughs, request from program officer to GIDC for evaluation; letters from NYS Dept. of Economic Development re grant approvals for GIDC and Metropolitan Fashion Center of Greater NY (MFC); proposal for Expo Tech 92, educational event re computer automation for small business, by Manhattan Development Corp.; audit of GIDC 1990-91 financial statement; draft of Kurt Salmon Associates' marketing and technology assessment of NY women and children's apparel industry; initial planning meeting agenda for project of Clark Foundation, "How Can We Get NY Working Again? Employment Strategies for New York City" with note from GIDC president Bruce Herman to ILGWU exec. Asst. James Parrott; handwritten notes of meetings; newspaper clippings
Box 17 Folder 13 1992
Jan.-Mar. Keeping NY in Fashion forum: list of participants, executive summary, draft and final script of speech by ILGWU president Jay Mazur, letter from NYS Office of the Governor inviting Mazur to speak; press release, newspaper clippings; copy of photo of Bob Frazier, Kurt Salmon Associates (original in Kheel photo archives); photocopies of slide presentation re garment industry
Box 17 Folder 14 1992
Apr.-June Board of Directors meeting agenda, 6/30/92; minutes, 11/19/91; FY92-93 salary recommendations; correspondence with Consortium for Worker Education re contract for vocational training for dislocated sewing machine operators, ESL instruction; course evaluation survey results; lists of training programs, 1991-92; correspondence with Mazur re promotion of exports; budgets
Box 17 Folder 15 1992
July-Sept. July-August activity report; draft of agreement between GIDC and Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA) to develop Quick Response Supplier Network demonstration projects to improve garment manufacturing turnaround time; KSA consulting rate sheet; letter from KSA reporting poor response from high-end department stores and manufacturers; letters from ILG president Mazur to locals, requesting contributions to GIDC; discussion of RFP from Con Edison to implement energy efficient technologies; description of project manager position, letters of application, recommendation for hire; memo re skills training programs; memo re exhibit at annual Bobbin Show; 1992-93 budget amendment
Box 17 Folder 15a
Box 17 Folder 16 1990-1992
Proposed production facility at the Brooklyn Army Terminal serving Chinatown manufacturers, financed by a grant from the State of New York, with training of factory workers provided by GIDC. Letter from NYS Department of Economic Development Commissioner Vince Tese to Metropolitan Fashion Center, notifying of award of grant, Mar. 27, 1992; description of center; report, "A Day Care Center in the Brooklyn Army Terminal: A Needs Assessment: Current and Potential Demand," prepared by the ILGWU with the cooperation of the Public Development Corporation, Dec. 6, 1990; letter from NYC mayor David Dinkins to ILG president Mazur thanking him for doing the needs assessment for a pilot day care center; memo from ILG vice president Susan Cowell to Mazur re ILG support for day care center as an economic development issue, Feb. 6, 1991; draft marketing proposal by ILG exec. asst. James Parrott, with cover letter, Jan. 4, 1991; update, Feb. 15, 1991; hand-edited draft of letter/request for proposals for consultant to develop marketing plan; Request for Proposals for Women's and Children's Apparel Marketing and Technology Study; ILG memos expressing frustration with MFC for not putting up its share of funds for the marketing project, concern that further delay will damage credibility of ILG and GIDC, Aug. 1991; correspondence between MFC principals Sherman Ng and Edison Wong and ILG exec. asst. James Parrott, NYS director of Industrial Effectiveness Programs, and others, re MFC's cash flow projections, shifting commitment to the project, 1990-91; press releases from MFC and equipment maker Juki Corporation, 1990; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 17 Folder 17-18 1990-1991
Responses to Request for Proposals by: Emanuel Weintraub Associates (with handwritten notes of meeting, Mar. 14, 1991); Deloitte & Touche, 1990; KPMG Peat Marwick, "Market Plan for Recapturing the Competitive Edge in Apparel Manufacturing," Mar. 8, 1991; handwritten notes comparing proposals, Mar. 91
Box 17 Folder 19 1991-1992
Correspondence from Kurt Salmon Associates; revised project plan; notes of meetings with detailed internal issues discussion, final report, May 7, 1992; projected levels of employment
Box 17 Folder 19a
Box 17 Folder 20 1989-1992
Proposals and reports by management consultant on marketing, flexible manufacturing systems; seminar materials on competitiveness; article reprints, authored by Weintraub, from Bobbin; newsletters, The Weintraub Report; correspondence with ILGWU exec asst James Parrott; handwritten notes
Box 18 Folder 1 1989-1992
Proposals and reports by management consultant on marketing, flexible manufacturing systems; seminar materials on competitiveness; article reprints, authored by Weintraub, from Bobbin; newsletters, The Weintraub Report; correspondence with ILGWU exec asst James Parrott; handwritten notes
Box 18 Folder 1a
Box 18 Folder 2 1991-1992
A cooperative project of the Garment Industry Development Corporation (GIDC) and the Council for American Fashion (CAF). Letter from NYS Department of Economic Development commissioner Vince Tese to the Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC), notifying them of a grant award to develop an Export Trade Development Project, January 10, 1991; overview of FE/NY's mission, May 28, 1992; letters of application for resource coordinator; memos discussing sending FE/NY director/program coordinator Leah Kaplan to European trade show Igedo, outline of plans, and letters of support; project budget; typed notes on meetings/conversations, 1/22/91 and 1/24/91; Export Success Stories, August 13, 1992, re Maidenform and Andmore; drafts of brochure; printed brochures: "Canada First!" "Selling to Latin America," and "Fashion Exports New York"; descriptive text, with hand editing, for overseas brochure re Fashion Exports/New York, with cover letter requesting comments, Aug. 7, 1992; description of Request for Proposals for GIDC Export Grant Application, Sept. 10, 1992; correspondence between FE/NY's Kaplan and CAF re meetings with local firms, Russian and other international companies interested in exports, Japan Apparel Initiative (see also Japan, Kobe Mart); letters of support from firms and NYC government for grant renewal; advisory notices to ILGWU local managers re export assistance given to firms in their jurisdictions; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 18 Folder 3 1991-1992
"Notes on FE/NY Spending"; CAF Budget Check, 11/6/91; memo, "Export Contract Extension Request," Apr. 23, 1992; CAF Finance Report: Report to Steering Committee, Mar. 23, 1991
Box 18 Folder 4 1992
Lists of companies receiving assistance from FE/NY export program; general mailing list; correspondence
Box 18 Folder 5-8
Quarterly reports to the New York State Department of Economic Development
Box 18 Folder 9 1991
Copies of invoices and checks written by the ILGWU or GIDC for Japan export trade show and other joint export projects with the Council for American Fashion (CAF), the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and Fashion Exports/New York
Box 18 Folder 10 1991
Handwritten list of members; list of ILG firms belonging to AAMA, 12/19/91; memo from Council for American Fashion expressing eagerness of CAF, GIDC, and FIT to participate in an event similar to the Au Printemps promotion (copy of article attached)
Box 18 Folder 11 1989-1992
List of export experts used in Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) seminars in 1990; correspondence and materials from export consultants APCO Associates, Assist International, Hedy Wilder Associates, Coopers & Lybrand, and Redwood Associates/Irving Vigdor; plan for export expansion seminars cosponsored by KPMG Peat Marwick, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce Office of Textiles and Apparel, and Irving Vigdor; copy of slide presentation on the European Commission; handwritten notes; brochures
Box 18 Folder 12 1988-1992
Announcement by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce of the establishment of the Consortia of American Businesses in the Newly Independent States (CABNIS) grant program for companies interested in exporting to the former Soviet Union and aiding in its privatization, July 13, 1992; Small Business Administration fact sheets, export workshop calendar, publications; newspaper clippings
Box 18 Folder 13 1992
Announcement by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce of the establishment of the Consortia of American Businesses in the Newly Independent States (CABNIS) grant program for companies interested in exporting to the former Soviet Union and aiding in its privatization, July 13, 1992; letter from the Council for American Fashion to the New Jersey Institute of Technology endorsing its application for CABNIS grant, August 21, 1992; handwritten notes
Box 18 Folder 14 1990-1992
Letter from ILG president Mazur to NYC mayor Dinkins requesting meeting to plan promotion of exports to Japan, December 12, 1990; letter from GIDC/ILGWU to NYC deputy assistant commissioner requesting additional grant money for Fashion Exports/New York for FY 1992-93; confidential letter from ILG president Mazur to NYC deputy mayor requesting additional grant money, noting state aid will run out; descriptive summary of Pilot International Matchmaking Program, a project of the NYC Office of International Trade & Investment (Department of Ports & Trade) with the European Cooperation Network; correspondence between Office of International Trade & Investment and Council for American Fashion re working together, May 7, 1990; draft text of brochure to promote NYC manufacturing facilities to foreign designers; description of Motexha international trade fair held in Dubai, United Arab Emerites, 1990; newspaper clippings
Box 18 Folder 15 1993
A project of Brooklynworks, a coalition of industry, academic, and labor institutions. Program description; description of proposed global fashion show; letter from Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC) to ILG officials expressing reservations about show as promoting fragmentation of industry, but interest in telemarketing aspect, March 30, 1993
Box 18 Folder 16 1992-1993
Study by New York City comptroller Elizabeth Holtzman re possible public initiatives to promote exporting, with summary press release
Box 18 Folder 17 1990-1993
Letter from NYS Dept. of Economic Development commissioner Vince Tese to Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC) that grant has been approved under the Global Market Export Service (GEMS), Feb. 2, 1993; letter from Council for American Fashion (CAF) to NYS Dept. of Economic Development suggesting revising GEMS grant eligibility to reflect how NYC garment industry is organized (jobber/contractor distinction), August 4, 1993; announcement from NYS Dept. of Economic Development re availability of export assistance grants to small businesses and nonprofits, August 15, 1991, with application form; letter from the executive director of the Port Authority of NY & NJ to ILG president Mazur discussing closer collaboration with the Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC), Sept. 19, 1990; memo from FE/NY coordinator to GIDC proposing areas of collaboration with Port Authority, July 12, 1993; brochures for NYS Global Export Market Service (GEMS); for World Trade Center Network; bulletin from NYS Dept. of Economic Development, "Export Opportunities for New York State Businesses"; flyer from NYS Dept. of Economic Development, "Export to Europe Now"; description of Eximbank Working Capital Loan Guarantee Program, Port Authority of NY & NJ; brochure, "Bringing New Products to the World's Great Marketplaces," by XPORT, the Port Authority's export trading company
Box 18 Folder 18 1991
Newspaper clippings
Box 18 Folder 19 1991
Box 18 Folder 19a
Box 18 Folder 20 1991
Brochure, "Canada First! Textiles/Apparel Seminar," March 18-19, 1991; press release from accountants KPMG Peat Marwick, "'Canada First' Program Offers Apparel and Textile Companies Business Strategies for Canadian Market," September 3, 1991; newspaper clippings
Box 18 Folder 21 1990-1992
"Trade Opportunities: Europe," summary sheet by Fashion Exports/New York; list of international trade shows; memo re Premier trade show in England; list of European buyer groups for apparel and letter sent to them from FE/NY offering free services, April 20, 1992; breakfast meetings sponsored by FE/NY about exporting opportunities to Europe (Igedo trade show); list of apparel and textile export trade shows around the world through October 1992, by U.S. Dept. of Commerce; the Euro-American Club's Bulletin, Sept./Oct. 1991; announcement by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce of the establishment of the Consortia of American Businesses in the Newly Independent States (CABNIS) grant program for companies interested in exporting to the former Soviet Union and aiding in its privatization, July 13, 1992; letter to ILGWU from Scott Tag & Label, re need for conversion to metric system; newspaper clippings on trade fairs, including pullout of ACTWU and Clothing Manufacturer's Association from SEHM show in Paris; handwritten notes
Box 18 Folder 22 1991-1994
Announcements/information packets for annual Igedo Dusseldorf (Germany); memos from Council for American Fashion; list, "FE/NY Firms Potentially Interested in IGEDO"; list of U.S. exhibitors, 1991, with question as to whether any are ILGWU firms; newspaper clippings
Box 18 Folder 23 1992
Memos from CAF re funding and letters of support for FE/NY coordinator Leah Kaplan to attend; letters from Kaplan to firms preparing to attend; post-conference briefing memos to firms re contacts made, interest expressed by German buyers
Box 18 Folder 24 1991
Report by the Roche Group under contract to Kormos, Harris & Associates for Industry, Science and Technology Canada, "European Market Entry Planning: West Germany"; overview of market outlook; Business Week article, "Think Small"
Box 18 Folder 25 1991-1993
Apparel market study for the Netherlands, Aug. 1989; correspondence
Box 18 Folder 26 1990-1992
"Hong Kong's Market for Apparel and Clothing Accessories"; "Industry and Product Profile: Hong Kong's Clothing Industry", 1991; visitor arrival statistics, 1991; correspondence between Garment Industry Development Corp. and Council for American Fashion re first trade mission of Hong Kong buyers to the U.S., expressing concern over whether intent of delegation is to "knock off" New York designers for local producers; faxed notice to ILGWU local managers re status of buyers' mission, noting concern over intent, Oct. 7, 1992; briefing itinerary at U.S. Dept. of Commerce office in NY; speech delivered to the Asia Society in New York by Kazuo Wada, chairman, Yaohan Department Store Company, "Yaohan's International Strategy," April 23, 1990, re why store is relocating to Hong Kong, with note from GIDC to CAF; press release from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council re Hong Kong Fashion Week 1991; press release from the Italian Trade Commission re participation in Hong Kong Fashion Week 1991; letter to Garment Industry Development Corp. from Hong Kong Trade Development Council confirming exhibit space at Hong Kong Fashion Week 1992, noting past participants from Italy and Japan;
Box 18 Folder 27 1991-1992
"The Japanese Apparel Market: A Brief Industry Report"; export regulations re labeling requirements, tariffs, list of trade shows; correspondence re trade shows, incl. announcement from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce re U.S. Children's Fashion Trade Fair, 1992; lists of Japanese buying delegation and other contacts; list of Japanese organizations in the Japan Apparel Initiative (JAI); letter from the U.S. Embassy in Japan to ILG exec. asst. Parrott re possible Japanese markets for New York apparel firms, Oct. 1991; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 1 1991
Letter of invitation from Fashion Exports/New York (FE/NY) to manufacturers, with description of program; list of invited firms; agenda; prepared comments to participants
Box 19 Folder 2 1990-1992
A cooperative effort of the Council for American Fashion (CAF), Fashion Exports/New York, Garment Industry Development Corp. (GIDC), the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)'s Xport Advisory Service Extension (EASE), the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's trading company XPORT, and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). "Briefing on Japan Apparel Initiative" includes descriptive sheet with overview of each entity, description of Japanese market, agenda for August 12, 1991, briefing, preview description of October NY Women's Apparel Buying Mission (fashion show), preview description of Japan Trade Mission to Kobe Fashion Mart and Tokyo (Feb. 1992); press releases; letters of invitation to briefing; description of benefits of participating in Japan Apparel Initiative; description of fashion at Oct. 1991 show; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 3 1991
List of Japanese participants; thank-you letter translated into Japanese; largely negative follow-up questionnaire of Japanese buyers at Oct. buying mission/fashion show; largely negative follow-up with U.S. firms participating in Oct. buying mission/fashion show; confidential memo re meeting with representative of Takishimaya department store, notes different view of Japanese demand for U.S. goods than thought by bureaucrats, poor timing of show set by Port Authority; memo from CAF director Carl Proper to ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott re meeting with Xport/Port Authority, perception by Japanese of U.S. apparel as low quality, Dec. 5, 1990; list of jobbers/manufacturers and contractor jobs created; export surveys
Box 19 Folder 4 1991
Report, "Japan's Ten Leading Department Stores"; Japanese Trading Firms in the City of New York; Local Branches of Japanese Department Stores; memo re Japanese department store Isetan's request for coat manufacturers, with list; printed corporate literature of conglomerate Tomen, with cover letter from Tomen Apparel Group; correspondence with Ben, Ltd., chain store re buying trip for casual wear, men's wool sweaters
Box 19 Folder 5 1991
Letters from Council for American Fashion to apparel design firms asking to visit showroom with representative of the Japanese External Trade Organization
Box 19 Folder 6 1992
Printed publications and statistical information by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) re doing business in Japan; NYS Dept. of Economic Development announcement re JETRO Leisure and Recreation Import Fair 1992
Box 19 Folder 7 1991-1992
Printed materials by the Japanese Market Center and correspondence with the Council for American Fashion (CAF), Fashion Exports/New York, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey re exhibiting at the Japanese trade show; lists of invited companies
Box 19 Folder 8 1988-1992
"Overview of the Japanese Distribution System," by Asia Link Consulting Group; several printed editions of "Your Market in Japan" series re formal wear, sportswear, and swimwear, 1990; business facts & figures for 1992; excerpt from report, "The Apparel Market in Japan," 1988
Box 19 Folder 9 1992-1993
Market report prepared by Fashion Exports/New York (FE/NY); list of contacts expressing interest in NY manufacturers, 1993; fact sheets on NY firms with Spanish cover letter; brochure for export conference, "Negocios Mexico: Doing Business in Mexico," Mexico City, June 5-8, 1993; newspaper clippings
Box 19 Folder 10 1987-1990
"The Apparel Market in Saudi Arabia," analysis for the Dept. of Commerce; memorandum from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce for prospective participants in the Motexha International Trade Show in Dubai, United Arab Emerites; announcement for 21st Motexha Childexpo International Trade Fair (Fashion 1993), 22-25 October 1992, Dubai World Trade Centre, for men's and women's wear, children's wear, fabrics, home textiles, fashion accessories, printed brochure for the U.S. Pavilion at the trade show; letter to ILGWU from president of Denmarie, Inc., of Burlington, VT, offering assistance with exports to Turkey, with enclosed information re free trade zones
Box 19 Folder 10a
Box 19 Folder 10b
see also "Garment Industry Development Corporation" and "Fashion Exports New York"
Box 19 Folder 11 1983-1988
Overview of New York City garment industry, July 21, 1986; New York Garment Industry Task Force (ILGWU) memo re issues for discussion, with attached discussion papers, December 20, 1983; "Restructuring for Competitiveness within the Knitwear Production Industry in New York City," working paper by the New York Knitwear Industry Center (Queens County Overall Economic Development Corporation and Ridgewood Local Development Corporation), October 1988; census statistics
Box 19 Folder 12-13 1984-1992
Retention and Relocation Program Rules, with cover letter to ILGWU for comment, 1992; report to the Business Assistance Relocation Assistance Corporation, "Renewing the Retention and Relocation Program," prepared by the Economic Policy and Marketing Group, Office o f the Deputy Mayor, February 1992; letters from ILG president Mazur to Mayor Dinkins and others, urging change of rules that disqualified businesses in traditional industrial neighborhoods, 1991; statements of Mazur, Manhattan borough president Ruth Messinger, and ILGWU associate director of research Walter Mankoff before the NYC Planning Commission, and press release, 1991; fact sheets re links between Manhattan and Queens in the ladies' apparel industry, consequences of displacement of garment district, 1984; list of approved manufacturers, 1986, 1988; notes of meetings and phone conversations; memos to Mazur; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 19 Folder 14 1992
Known officially as the Coalition of Business, Labor and Community Organizations of New York; devoted to lobbying for national policies to benefit cities. Mission statement; draft report of task force for rebuilding the port and rail transportation for New York City; press release, "Dinkins to Present City's Agenda for Clinton Administration to New York's Congressional Delegation," November 13, 1992; remarks of chairman Maurice S. Paprin, November 17, 1992
Box 19 Folder 15 1986-1988
Reports of committee and correspondence between Manhattan Borough President David Dinkins and ILGWU president Mazur; Overall Economic Development Planning Committee meeting minutes, June 17, 1986; list of committee members; Progress Report, New York County Overall Economic Development Program, submitted by Manhattan Borough Development Corporation, June 1986; Draft and Draft II, New York County Overall Economic Development Program Report, June 1987; 1988 report, with comments by ILG exec. asst. James Parrott
Box 19 Folder 16 1988-1991
Press release, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, February 25, 1988; ILGWU (?) papers: "Economic Growth and Opportunities for New Yorkers," re economy under the Koch administration, "New York City's Garment Industry: Key Events, 1983-1988," "ILGWU Proposals to the City," "Garment Center Manufacturing Preservation District Zoning," March 25, 1988; newspaper clippings re abuse of funds by Harlem Commonwealth Council, job market
Box 19 Folder 17 1988
Report, "New York City in the New Economic Environment: New Risks and a Changing Outlook," by Samuel M. Ehrenhalt, regional commissioner, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in New York, March 1988; press release summarizing report; Women's Wear Daily newspaper clipping re report; census statistics re employment by borough, 1949-83
Box 19 Folder 18 1989-1993
City Council resolution condemning NAFTA, faxed to ILG's Carl Proper for comments, February 2, 1993; minutes of meetings between ILG officials, including president Mazur, and deputy mayor of NY, members of City Council, and other city officials; letter from Mazur to NYC mayor David Dinkins requesting meeting to plan promotion of exports to Japan, December 12, 1990; description of the New York City Alliance for International Business, Community Development Agency job readiness grant eligibility guidelines, Nov. 23, 1992; press release by NYC Ad Hoc Housing Capital Budget Coalition, "Ad Hoc Coalition Protests Elimination of Affordable Housing Production from the City's Capital Budget," April 9, 1992; newspaper clippings re job trends, misdirected public incentives, 1993 mayoral race (Giuliani); list of campaign contributions by ILGWU to all candidates for public office in NYC in 1989
Box 19 Folder 19 1988-1992
A program of the New York City Industrial Technology Assistance Corporation in cooperation with ILGWU and Garment Industry Development Corporation (GIDC). Grant proposal and correspondence with ILGWU president Mazur, 1991; grant proposal for New Jersey project and correspondence with K-Mart re on-site English as a Second Language (ESL) training, 1992; Federal Register notice/request for proposals re Department of Education National Workplace Literacy Program, 1992; draft of study by St. John's School of Law professor David Gregory re workplace literacy, cover letter to Mazur, September 27, 1988. see also GIDC Advisory Committee on Training
Box 19 Folder 20 1988
Critical analysis of Urban Coalition draft, "A Vision of a Just New York: The Decade Ahead," March 18, 1988; analysis by exec. asst. James Parrott, June 14, 1998; Mazur's comments to Urban Coalition on draft report, August 5, 1988; agenda and minutes of the Board of Directors, March 16, 1988; fund development statement and cover letter to Mazur, noting expectation that board members make a personal financial gift to the coalition, September 6, 1988; correspondence re luncheon honoring U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Rep. Charles Rangel
Box 20 Folder 1 1986-1987
Drafts of "Real Estate Pressures and the New York City Garment Industry: The Pressing Need for a Public Policy Response," with handwritten comments (by ILGWU vice president Susan Cowell?); April 4, 1986; "The Outlook for New York City in Real Estate and Construction," by Seymour B. Durst; "New York City Garment Center Study: Program and Zoning Recommendations," and "New York City Economic Development Programs and Strategies: Manufacturing, Office, and Small Business Sectors," June 1986, Policy Analysis Division, NYC Office for Economic Development; Dept. of City Planning; newspaper clippings, including special issue of Crain's New York Business
Box 20 Folder 2 1986
"NYC Garment Center Study: Program and Recommendations," NYC Office for Economic Development, Department of City Planning, Public Development Corporation October 1986
Box 20 Folder 3 1990-1992
A project of the Office of Midtown Enforcement, a department of the mayor's office. Final report, October 1991; use & occupancy survey, August 1, 1991; quarterly reports, 1990, 1992; newspaper clipping reporting drop in crime with increased police presence
Box 20 Folder 4 1985-1989
Memos of conversations with City Councilmen re pending legislation; testimony by ILGWU president Mazur in favor of Commercial Rent Binding Arbitration legislation (Intro. 1237), November 15, 1988; against substitute bill (Intro. 1245), June 14, 1989; testimony by Dennis Keating, assoc. prof. of law, Cleveland State Univ., in favor of Intro. 1237, June 9, 1989; letters from labor unions lobbying for passage of Intro. 914A; ILGWU press release re Intro. 1237, June 9, 1989; Fact Sheet, Commercial Rent Binding Arbitration New York City Council Intro. 914A, prepared by ILGWU; list, Firms Forced to Move as a Result of Rent Increase; memo summarizing survey of firms displaced due to rent pressures, July 9, 1985; memo re displaced firms and garment center zoning, January 7, 1987; Housing and Vacancy Report, prepared for the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, April 1988; background points for Manhattan Borough President Dinkins cable show, "Should Manufacturing Be Retained in Manhattan?", related correspondence; statement by Dinkins on inclusionary zoning, May 21, 1987; statement by Dinkins in favor of vacant building program, March 10, 1988; newspaper clippings re structure of New York City Council, negative impacts of rent control; handwritten notes
Box 20 Folder 5 1984-1989
Meeting minutes; letter/report to NYC mayor Ed Koch re preserving industrial space; newspaper clippings; testimony by ILGWU president Mazur before the NY City Council on Intro 914A, Commercial Rent Binding Arbitration, Nov. 15, 1988; testimony by Thomas Van Arsdale, president, New York City Central Labor Council; testimony by head of NY Chamber of Commerce against commercial rent control; testimony by NYC Corporation Counsel; testimony by the NY regional vice president of the American Arbitration Association; notes re telephone conversation; newspaper clippings, handwritten notes
Box 20 Folder 6 1990
Report, "The Prospect of Hotels in Soho," prepared for the SoHo Alliance by planning consultants Abeles Phillips Preiss & Shapiro; letter from Friends of SoHo to NY City Planning Commission "vehemently" opposing hotel development; letter to Mayor Dinkins; newspaper clippings
Box 20 Folder 7 1984
Testimony on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the 42nd Street Development Project, by Jay Mazur, general secretary-treasurer, ILGWU, expressing concern with impact of Times Square redevelopment on adjacent garment district, leading to commercial conversions of production facilities and higher rents, March 26, 1984; testimony by Mazur at UDC hearing on redevelopment project, asking for balanced economic planning, mitigation measures, September 6, 1984; comments of the ILGWU to the UDC, May 1984; press release, "Union Calls for Measures to Counteract Effect of 42nd Street Redevelopment on Garment Center," Sept. 6, 1984; Statement by Mayor Edward I. Koch, Comptroller Harrison J. Golden, and City Council President Carol Bellamy, pledging to work with ILGWU to preserve and create apparel jobs in the garment district and elsewhere in the city, Nov. 8, 1984; statement by Dr. Roger Waldinger, City College of New York, "The Impact of the 42nd Street Redevelopment Plan on the Garment Industry," presented to the Board of Estimate hearings, October 25, 1984, arguing that merchandise mart plans for apparel should be abandoned; draft of report by Tom Davidoff (?) with cover note asking for comment by ILG staff; newspaper clippings; oversized poster
Box 20 Folder 8 1986-1987
Newspaper clippings re real estate changes and events; Crain's New York Business paper, "Changing face of New York"
Box 20 Folder 9 1991-1992
Letter from Chinese Staff & Workers' Association asking for support in campaign against sweatshops in NYC, March 31, 1991, with attached fact sheet re Wai Chang Fashions, "Brooklyn garment shop owes workers over $100,000 in unpaid wages" and sample letter to NYS Dept. of Labor; correspondence between Assemblyman Frank Barbaro, chairman of the Labor Committee, and ILG president Mazur; transcript of testimony by Mazur before the committee re effectiveness of Apparel Industry Task Force, created by Barbaro, March 20, 1992; testimony by NYS Labor Commissioner John Hudacs; transcript of interview with Chinese worker; copies of four bills in Senate and Assembly to increase civil and criminal penalties for violating labor laws and holding manufacturers equally liable for violations by their contractors; certified letter from U.S. Dept. of Labor's Wage and Hour Division re enforcement of Fair Labor Standards Act, and attached letter sent to every manufacturer, contractor, and subcontractor in the U.S., citing high levels of noncompliance, stressing prohibition against homework in apparel industry, March 6, 1992; press release from U.S. Dept. of Labor re temporary restraining order against NYC garment manufacturer, April 30, 1992; newspaper clippings. see also "Sweatshops" (general subject files)
Box 20 Folder 10 1993
Letter from NYC mayor Dinkins to ILG president Mazur inviting him to become a member of the Workforce Development Commission, with attached concept paper, June 28, 1993; text of address to commission (by Mazur?), "ILGWU Experience with Education, Training, Job Creation, Job Retention, Job Enhancement"; report by the commission, "New York City Labor Force Demand and Supply," heavily hand- annotated with critical comments (by Mazur?); draft recommendations ("confidential"), December 21; drafts of Research Project Approach, Discussion with Commissioners, hand annotated, September 14 ("confidential"); committee minutes, agendas, remarks by Mazur, notes
Box 20 Folder 11 1993
Committee minutes of education task force and demand and supply task force; issues papers
Box 20 Folder 12 1993
Training committee minutes; preliminary findings, training, placement, and support services, Oct. 13; issues papers
Box 20 Folder 13 1993
Transcripts of worker focus groups re workplace training programs, November; confidential summary and discussion by consultant McKinsey, November 16
Box 20 Folder 14 1993
Draft of letter to deputy mayor to be sent over Mazur's signature, with memo to several advisors seeking input, August 18; notes re recommendations for ILG participation in commission, internal ILG and Council for American Fashion (CAF) memos re issues
Box 20 Folder 14a 1984-1988
Box 20 Folder 15 1984-1988
Narrative, "The Apparel Industry in New York State: A Statistical Profile," prepared by the NYS Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Business Research, March 1986; NYS Department of Labor report, "Occupational Needs in the 1980s: New York State 1987-1989" (projections); U.S. Dept. of Labor employment, hours, and earnings survey data, 1939-82 and supplement for 1980-84; overview of apparel industry, New York State, 1985; NYS apparel and knitting mill statistics by county, prepared by ILGWU Research Dept., based on data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1973-86; U.S. Dept. of Commerce/Bureau of the Census "County Business Patterns: New York" by industry, 1981-84; newspaper clipping
Box 20 Folder 16 1985-1992
Department of Economic Development program. Program description; "Rebuilding Our Cities: The Case for Enterprise Zones," report by the Legislative Commission on Public-Private Cooperation, Senator Roy M. Goodman, Chairman, September 18, 1985; statements on enterprise zones, submitted by ILGWU president Jay Mazur before the Senate Finance Committee, June 17, 1992; before the House Ways and Means Committee, July 18, 1991; by ILG president Sol Chaikin before the Senate Finance Committee, April 21, 1992 and May 3, 1983; talking points for meeting with Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, August 6, 1993; memos to Cisneros, April 1 and 6, 1993
Box 20 Folder 17 1991
Letter from ILGWU president Mazur to NYS AFL-CIO president Edward J. Cleary re concerns expressed to Economic Development Zone Review Commission; draft of legislation; transcript of testimony before hearing by local EDZ officials from Elmira, Oswego, Plattsburgh, Auburn, Ogdensburg, and Essex County, March 6; state-by-state list of enterprise zone incentives; meeting agendas; handwritten notes
Box 20 Folder 18 1990
Office of State Comptroller Report of Examination: Economic Development Zone Program, September 1, 1990; report by Office of the State Deputy Comptroller for the City of New York, October 23, 1990
Box 21 Folder 1 1991
Transcript of hearing re Progress and Effectiveness of the NYS Economic Development Zones Program, held by Special Economic Development Zone Review Commission, April 3
Box 21 Folder 2 1991
Updated proposed findings and recommendations, sent to commission members for comment, May 7, 1991; comments by ILGWU president Mazur, May 30, 1991; interim report, "Summary Findings and Recommendations of the Economic Development Zones Review Commission," June 19, 1991; final draft, for commission review, October 4, 1991; memo re future of EDDZ program; Mazur's recommendation, April 23, 1991; New York State Economic Development Zones Program Review Commission Final Report, November 1991
Box 21 Folder 3 1978-1994
Scholarly and newspaper articles on enterprise zones, most of it negative; AFL-CIO Reviews the Issues: Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities: Promise and Pitfalls, June 1994; "Enterprise Zones: New Directions in Economic Development," Roy E. Green, editor (Sage Publications); "The Political Economy of States' Job-Creation Business Incentives," Bennett Harrison and Sandra Kanter, AIP Journal, October 1987
Box 21 Folder 4 1991-1992
A program of the Governor's office. Description of program, list of Board of Directors and advisory committees; press releases announcing creation of award recognizing quality performance and cooperative labor-management relations in public, private, and educational sectors; noting first recipients; printed booklet describing criteria; newspaper clipping from Crain's NY Business, noting loan pool for midsized companies; memo to ILGWU president Mazur
Box 21 Folder 5 1989-1992
Text of 1981 Garment Industry Job Retention Act, establishing the Garment Industry Advisory Committee, with cover letter inviting ILGWU representation on committee; draft annual report, 1990-91; minutes and agenda of meetings, May 2, 1989, December 4, 1990, FebruaryDecember 1991, held at ILGWU headquarters; report of the Subcommittee on Industry Development, Nov. 14, 1991; letter to NYS Labor Commissioner from the chair of the NYS Garment Industry Advisory Committee expressing concern over five vacancies on the Apparel Industry Task Force as well as decreased staffing of the Division of Labor Standards, October 22, 1991; other letters from the committee to the commissioner calling for maintenance of staffing levels, funding for the task force; official letter of complaint from ILGWU of industrial homework against Bronx/Manhattan firm Teammate Fashion/Reflex Accessories/Lending Trimming and intermediary New Light Enterprises with the NYS Dept. of Labor Fair Labor Standards Division, Sept. 7, 1989, and memos in response following 18-month investigation, noting largest fine in history, February-March 1991; newspaper clippings re fine; ILG memo to Mazur re additional further action in union context against industrial homework violators, February 25, 1991; statement of chief labor standards investigator and program administrator, NYS Apparel Industry Task Force, against lifting the ban on industrial homework, March 29, 1989; Status of Memorandum of Understanding between U.S. Dept. of Labor and NYS Dept. of Labor to enhance each agency's ability to enforce labor laws and regulations in the apparel industry, Sept. 19, 1991; press release from NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams's office re criminal prosecution of Brooklyn garment manufacturer for violations of labor law, with personal cover letter from Abrams to ILG present Mazur, May 20, 1991; press releases from NYS Dept. of Labor re expansion of enforcement inspections upstate, fines issued for homework violations, other fines, 1990- 91; statistical report to ILG pres. Mazur re child labor law and other violations, fines, number of investigations and complaints, showing dramatic increases from 1988 to 1990; statistical report, Jan. 1 Aug. 31, 1991; printed Apparel Industry Task Force Report, c. 1989, re sweatshop policing; cover letter and first newsletter by NYS Dept. of Labor, Highlights & Issues, for advisory boards, March 4, 1991; handwritten notes; newspaper clippings
Box 21 Folder 6 1993-1994
Feb. 9, May 4, Sept. 7, 1993, and Feb. 8, 1994, meeting minutes; text of four proposed bills introduced in the NYS legislature strengthening contractor registration law, increasing funding for unemployment insurance, and ensuring terminated workers receive accumulated vacation pay, with cover letter from ILG exec. asst. noting need to fill five investigator positions on the Apparel Industry Task Force; letter from Garment Industry Advisory Committee to Commissioner of Labor urging him to call on legislature to fill the vacant positions; joint proposal by U.S. Dept. of Labor and NYS Dept. of Labor to the Garment Industry Advisory Committee re Feasibility of Master Agreements in the Garment Industry (examining San Francisco Master Agreements, investigative trends in NY, etc); newsletter, Greater Voice, published by Greater Blouse, Skirt and Undergarment Association (NY Chinatown manufacturers; Chinese and English language), issue 1, April 1993; newspaper clippings
Box 21 Folder 7 1990
Minutes of subcommittee on media/image, mostly ILG officials, discussing creation of award program
Box 21 Folder 8 1991
Notice of annual awards to responsible garment manufacturers, press release announcing recipients; memos discussing criteria, related documentation
Box 21 Folder 9 1992
Printed program for the NYS Labor Commissioner's Awards ceremony, "Outstanding Practices in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry," April 8, 1992, sponsored by the Council for American Fashion; text of remarks by keynote speaker Karen Schaffner, publisher, Apparel Industry Magazine, re efforts by manufacturers to improve workplace environment, attract and retain workers; text of welcoming remarks by ILGWU president (and co-chair of Council for American Fashion) Jay Mazur; list of attendees and award recipients; copy of declaration of Apparel Week, signed by Gov. Mario Cuomo, April 6, 1992; press release announcing the awards, from NYS Dept. of Labor; press release announcing the awards, from Council for American Fashion; letters of notification to award recipients; memos between ILG officials; editorials in Apparel Industry Magazine
Box 21 Folder 10 1992
Feb. 11, May 5, September 24, December 1, 1992, meeting minutes, held at ILGWU headquarters
Box 21 Folder 11 1986-1988
Press releases, memoranda, and text of legislation of the Apparel Registration Law of 1988, requiring all garment industry contractors and manufacturers in the state to register with the NYS Commissioner of Labor and also establishing an enforcement task force within the Dept. of Labor; designed to eradicate sweatshops in New York State. Notice of law, in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean; correspondence with ILG president Mazur negotiating terms of legislation (disclosure, exemption of men's wear); registration form and certificate; handwritten notes; newspaper clippings
Box 21 Folder 12 1987-1991
Proposed legislation designed to more effectively enforce labor laws in the garment industry, eradicate sweatshops and industrial homework; confiscation was major point of contention with Republican-controlled Senate. Drafts of Enhanced Apparel Registration Enforcement bill, 1988; mailgrams to members of state legislature, 1988; legislative program of NYS Dept. of Labor, 1989 and 1987, with cover letter to ILGWU president Mazur seeking support; correspondence between ILGWU president Mazur, union staff, and state officials; press releases from NYS Dept. of Labor announcing closer coordination with U.S. Dept. of Labor, report of advisory council1990; memo to Mazur analyzing governor's upcoming State of the State message, Jan. 6, 1988; newspaper clippings
Box 21 Folder 13 1988-1992
Dept. of Labor press releases re fines for homework and other labor law violators; worksheets of Apparel Industry Task Force re outcomes of contacts with manufacturers/contractors
Box 21 Folder 14 1992
List of garment industry firms registered under the Apparel Registration Law in 1992; Freedom of Information request from ILGWU to NYS Dept of Labor for names of firms cited for labor law or other violation during the first quarter of 1990
Box 21 Folder 15 1986-1990
A program of the Governor's office. List of NYS programs of use to apparel businesses and workers, January 27, 1989; Request for Proposals by ICC; grant proposal prepared by Emanuel Weintraub Associates (see also Management Consultants) for an Apparel Industry Strategic Development Project, working with ILGWU, ACTWU, and NYC-area apparel firms, September 1989; suggested amendments to proposal; "Scope of Apparel Industry Project," November 1, 1989; confidential memo from Weintraub to ILG re findings on NYC garment industry: most firms driven by marketing, not manufacturing, use Chinatown contractors, not interested in production improvements, May 1990; letters to ILG local 62-32 manager from the Associated Corset and Brassiere Manufacturers, Inc., the Intimate Apparel Manufacturers' Association., Inc., and the Pleaters, Stitchers & Embroiderers Association, Inc., recommending members to participate in a New York State grant program, January 1990; related correspondence and meeting notes; proposed "compact," agreement between the state and the business and labor communities re economic adjustments for plant shutdowns, with critical comments by ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott, 1986; handwritten notes
Box 22 Folder 1 1987
Reports on apparel/garment industry, steel industry, comparative study on telecommunications in Europe, Japan, and U.S.; effect of deregulation and international competition; financial services; trade, technology, debt crisis, macroeconomic policy; food processing industry in western NY; handwritten notes
Box 22 Folder 2 1987-1988
Drafts of apparel industry study and final report, "A New American Formula for a Strong Economy," by the Cuomo Commission on Trade and Competitiveness, a broad-based entity under the governor's Industrial Cooperation Council; identified national trade imbalance, declining exports as major cause of job loss in NYS. Critical comments on the report's apparel section by ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott; comments by commission member Jack Sheinkman, president of ACTWU; press releases from the governor's office; newspaper clippings, some annotated; John Herling's Labor Letter, June 25, 1988
Box 22 Folder 3 1992
Draft of task force report , with handwritten comments; letter from ILGWU president Mazur giving critical comments
Box 22 Folder 4 1987-1988
A program of Gov. Cuomo's Industrial Cooperation Council. Cover letter and announcement brochure for Sixth Annual Conference for Unions on Employee Ownership, cosponsored by center, October 9, 1987; letter from center to ILG president Mazur with materials from conference, including agenda, text of remarks by Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine, ALF-CIO representative Bert Siedman, press release, survey results, list of top ten ESOP companies, special report by Harvard Business Review, December 1, 1987; letter from center to Mazur requesting meeting, January 7, 1988, with attached materials: 1987 annual report, Industrial Cooperation Council; executive summary of research report by center, "Getting a Piece of the Action: Employee Ownership in New York State," October 1987; article from Bureau of National Affairs, "Employee Ownership Plans: Two Union Views" re Bricklayers and Steel Workers; newspaper clippings; descriptive brochures re center; announcement flyer for conference cosponsored by center and Cornell ILR Extension, "Labor's Experience with Employee Ownership: A One-Day Workshop for Union Leaders," May 6, 1988; Employee Ownership: Common Questions, New York State Industrial Cooperation Council, 1990
Box 22 Folder 5 1987-1992
Selected Additions lists (new books and pamphlets available to DOL staff)
Box 22 Folder 6 1984-1991
Statement on Unemployment Insurance and Statement on Legislative Priorities for 1985, before the NYS Assembly Committee on Labor, by ILGWU exec. v.p. Wilbur Daniels, December 10, 1984; letter to ILG general secy. treas. Jay Mazur from Assemblyman Frank Barbaro re proposed increase in unemployment insurance benefits, February 3, 1988; AFL-CIO letter discussing recent national developments, March 8, 1991, with attached statistical report, "Worker's Compensation and Unemployment Insurance under State Laws, January 1, 1991"; NYS Department of Labor reports, "A History of Unemployment Insurance Legislation in the United States and New York State, 1935-1983" and "Shared Work: Maintaining the Foundation of Economic Security: Interim Evaluation Submitted to the Legislature," U.S. Dept. of Labor occasional paper, "Beginning the Unemployment Insurance Program An Oral History," 1985; April 1987; Industrial Relations Research Association Series Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting, December 28-30, 1984; memo re rise in weekly claims, December 13, 1984
Box 22 Folder 7 1991-1994
Annual Report on Jobs Create and Retained, April 1994; press releases re awards to individual companies; memos to ILGWU president Mazur from exec. asst. James Parrott with analysis for meetings; meeting agendas; newspaper clippings
Box 22 Folder 8 1992
11/19/1992. Complete agenda and background information; items under consideration included grant for Bronx Land Use and Urban Design Study, permanent homeless family housing for Brooklyn (Kings County), Town of Huntington Olympic Corporate Headquarters Project
Box 22 Folder 9 1992
11/19/1992. Town of Huntington Olympic Corporate Headquarters Project draft environmental impact statement, with cover memo from UDC chairman and CEO Vince Tese and proposed resolution, December 4, 1992
Box 22 Folder 10 1994
9/21/1994. Complete agenda and background information; items under consideration included regulations for Minority and Women-Owned Business Development and Lending Program, 42nd St. Development Project, Regional Economic Development Partnership Program (REDPP)
Box 23 Folder 1 1994
2/17/1994. Complete agenda and background information; items under consideration included grants for Chinatown Business Improvement District (Manhattan Neighborhood Renaissance Local Development Corporation), redevelopment plan for Staten Island Naval Station; with note from ILGWU president Mazur to CAF director/ILG staff Carl Proper, "see me confidential to call personally"
Box 23 Folder 2 1989
A program of the NYS Urban Development Corporation. Grant application form
Box 23 Folder 3 1985-1990
A program of the Governor's office. Executive order establishing the World Trade Council, with primary responsibility to improve NYS competitive standing as an exporting state; letter from Gov. Mario Cuomo appointing ILGWU president Mazur to council; memo re committee assignments for Mazur; meeting minutes, agendas, follow-up questionnaire; publications: papers on "GATT Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations," "U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement: Implications for the NY-NJ Region," informational brochure re World Trade Institute courses, seminars, meetings
Box 23 Folder 3a
Box 23 Folder 3b
Box 23 Folder 4 1987-1992
AFL-CIO reports: "Years of Devastation: The 1980's Record: Loss of Jobs, Loss of Real Earnings, Crisis in Health Care," August 1992; "Multinational Corporations," August 1989; "The Trade Picture, Year End 1988," Feb. 1, 1989; several newsletters, "AFL-CIO Reviews the Issues," re workers in the year 2000, corporate takeovers, infrastructure, investment, unions and productivity, energy, capital gains tax, 1988; statement by economic research department director to the Joint Economic Committee on Employment in the Year 2000, April 19, 1988; "The Economy: Domestic Issues, Employment and Training, Trade: AFL-CIO Policy Recommendations for 1988"; "America's Trade Crisis," February 1987; "What's Happened to Earnings & Jobs?" July 1987; Workplace Topics, re worker participation, December 1991
Box 23 Folder 5 1987-1992
Annual report, 1992, re participation of labor in job training; newsletters: "Accountability," "Year in Review," "HRDI Advisory," "Job Training Update"
Box 23 Folder 6 1988-1992
Box 23 Folder 7 1989-1991
Box 23 Folder 8 1992-1993
Agenda and attendance list of working group meetings, September and November 1992; copy of a bill introduced into the House of Representatives, "National Competitiveness Act of 1993," amending the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980 re manufacturing technology transfer; union newsletters re trade, health care; handwritten notes
Box 23 Folder 9 1987-1992
Meeting minutes re pan-AFL-CIO efforts; letters and copies of checks contributed by ILGWU to campaign; draft plan, "Florida's Campaign for Jobs with Justice A Joint Project of the Florida AFL-CIO, the Florida Consumers Federation, and the Center for Labor Research Studies"; media information kit; list of attendees, national planning conference, Nashville, TN; draft of slide show, "How to Ensure Clinton's Victory Is Our Victory"; newsletters, newspaper clippings, pledge cards, bumper stickers, handwritten notes
Box 23 Folder 10 1988-1990
Report of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union to the Sixth Joint Conference of ZENSEN ILGWU ACTWU, March 12-15, 1990; settlement between ACTWU and the Clothing Manufacturers Association, October 22, 1990, with cover letter addressed to ILGWU secretary-treasurer Irwin Solomon; Bureau of National Affairs article, "ACTWU Members Ratify New Pact with Clothing Manufacturers Group," October 9, 1990; Addendum to the Application of the National Clothing Industry Labor-Management Committee to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, with letters of support, 1988; memo to ILG president Mazur from exec. asst. James Parrott re frustrating meeting on ACTWU labor-management committee, May 23, 1990; memo to Mazur from Parrott suggesting points for speech to ACTWU convention, February 24, 1990; correspondence from Parrott to ACTWU associate director of research, July 23, 1990; ACTWU and Western New York Joint Board, Rochester Joint Board Proposal to the Western New York Economic Development Corp. to Support a Health-Based Re-Engineering Program for Men's Apparel Employers in New York State, May 16, 1990; Monthly Labor Review article, "Patterns of productivity change in men's and boy's suits and coats," Mark Scott Sieling and Daniel Curtin, November 1988; newspaper clippings; handwritten notes
Box 24 Folder 1 1990
Draft, "Adversary Participation in the Brave New Workplace: Technological Change and the BCT," Raymond Scannel, director of research, Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers International Union, AFL-CIO, October 1990; booklet, "Meeting Tomorrow's Challenges Today: Reports of the Leadership Development Task Force, Youth Involvement Task Force, Technology Task Force, BCT 33rd Constitutional Convention, July 1990"
Box 24 Folder 2 1986
Letter from AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland to president of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) urging that the CWA organizing effort of tape department employees be respected (with cover note to ILGWU exec. asst. James Parrott)
Box 24 Folder 3 1987
The Machinist, publication of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, January 1987
Box 24 Folder 4 1989
Correspondence between ILGWU president and ITGLWF general secretary Neil Kearney re trade issues (GATT, MFA), health and safety issues
Box 24 Folder 5 1990
Presidium meeting, April 28-29, Brussels, discussion of trade union developments in Eastern Europe; paper re GATT; Executive Committee meeting agenda, Caracas, Venezuela, October 28-30; draft of speech with introduction in Spanish (given by ILGWU international director Michele Biones?), 10/3/90, expressing solidarity with Latin America; correspondence with FITITVC general secretary Jose Ramirez, in Spanish; speech by ITGLWF general secretary Kearney to the ILO
Box 24 Folder 6 1991
April 1991. Memo re ILGWU contributions to ITGLWF; general secretary's report; minutes of 1990 meeting; auditor's and other financial reports; reports on trade union situation around the world, international trade
Box 24 Folder 7 1991
October 1991. Summary of key information about ITGLWF; agenda; text of article/speech, "Changing the Czechoslovak Economy," signed by ILGWU director Herman Starobin, November 26, 1990; materials for Executive Committee meeting
Box 24 Folder 8 1992
Minutes of 1991 meeting; general secretary's report; auditor's and other financial reports; reports on trade union situation around the world, international trade
Box 24 Folder 9 1993
Presidium meeting agenda, related correspondence
Box 24 Folder 10 1992
Article from Bureau of National Affairs re Service Employees International Union (SEIU) organizing, 1992
Box 24 Folder 11 1989-1993
UAW research bulletins; newspaper clippings, several with attached memos to ILG president Mazur re conflict with union leadership over labor-management cooperation at General Motors; Solidarity coverage of convention
Box 24 Folder 12 1991
Letter to ILG president Mazur asking for support for AFL-CIO position opposing Ancient Forest Protection Act and similar legislation limiting timber harvesting on public lands, instead supporting Forests and Families Protection Act; press releases
Box 24 Folder 13 1986-1992
Letter to ILG president Mazur from United Farm Workers president Cesar Chavez asking him to write a letter to Prudential Life Insurance, owner of land operated by Bluestone farm management, urging negotiation with union; letter from ILG president Mazur to chairman and CEO of Prudential, June 8, 1992, urging wage increases; reply from Prudential Agricultural Group, June 9, 1992; letter from Chavez thanking Mazur, reporting success, June 16, 1992; Chavez statement on fast, July 19, 1988; letter to Mazur inviting him to join honorary committee; newspaper clippings, copies of Food and Justice newsletters re leukemia outbreaks, 1986-87
Box 24 Folder 14 1987-1990
Journal covering special convention, January 1987; article from Bureau of National Affairs re United Mine Workers organizing, 1990
Box 24 Folder 15 1989
Letter from UMW president Richard Trumka to ILG president Mazur and officials of other unions re participation in rally in Miami, FL, against Pittston Company, May 1989, during ILG convention; flyers, ILG press releases, TV press report transcripts, newspaper clippings, biography of Trumka, speeches by Mazur, Trumka, Edgar Romney at rally; letters of thanks for contributions, cancelled checks
Box 24 Folder 16 1988
Letter from Trumka to Mazur asking for support for picketing the U.S. corporate headquarters of Enoxy Coal Corporation's parent company, Ente Nazionale Indocarbusi (ENI), in NY; UMW press releases, press statement at demonstration, newspaper clippings; letter from U.S. Dept. of State to Italian Ministry of Budget re alleged violations of guidelines for multinational enterprises
Box 25 Folder 1 1987-1989
Box 25 Folder 2 1991
Box 25 Folder 3 1992
Box 25 Folder 4 1993-1995
Box 25 Folder 5 1991-1994
Box 25 Folder 6 1993-1994
Box 25 Folder 7 1993
Box 25 Folder 8 1993
Box 25 Folder 9 1990-1992
Box 25 Folder 10 1991-1992
Box 25 Folder 11 1991
Box 25 Folder 12 1993
Box 25 Folder 13 1993
Box 25 Folder 14 1994
Box 25 Folder 15 1994
Box 25 Folder 16 1994
Box 25 Folder 17 1993
Box 25 Folder 18 1993
Box 26 Folder 1
Box 26 Folder 2 1992-1994
Box 26 Folder 3 1997-1998
Box 26 Folder 4 1992-1993
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Box 26 Folder 7 1994
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Box 26 Folder 11 1998
Box 26 Folder 12 1994
Box 26 Folder 13 1990
Box 26 Folder 14 1990
Box 26 Folder 15 1991
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Box 26 Folder 17 1998
July 1
Box 26 Folder 18 1995-1996
Box 26 Folder 19 1995
Box 26 Folder 20 1997
Box 26 Folder 21 1998
Box 26 Folder 22 1998
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Box 26 Folder 23 1998
Box 26 Folder 24 1997
Box 26 Folder 25 1999
Box 26 Folder 26 1999
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Box 26 Folder 27 1998
Box 26 Folder 28 1998
Box 26 Folder 29 1998
September 1
Box 26 Folder 30 1998
November 9
Box 26 Folder 31 1993-1995
Box 26 Folder 32 1996-1997
Box 26 Folder 33 1993
Box 26 Folder 34 1993-1994
Box 26 Folder 35 1994
Box 26 Folder 36 1991
Box 26 Folder 37 1990
Box 26 Folder 38 1992
2 copies
Box 26 Folder 39
Box 26 Folder 40 1996
Box 26 Folder 41 1991
Box 26 Folder 42 1996
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Box 26 Folder 44 1996
Box 26 Folder 45 1989-1996
Box 27 Folder 1 1936
Box 28 Folder 1 1993
September 28-29
Box 28 Folder 2 1993
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Box 28 Folder 6 1992
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February 5
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Box 28 Folder 35 1995-1996
Box 29 Folder 1 1994-1995
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October 1992 - January 1993
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Box 35 Folder 22 1993
Box 35 Folder 23 1992-1994
Box 35 Folder 24 1994
Box 35 Folder 25
Box 35 Folder 26 1994
Box 35 Folder 27 1994
Box 35 Folder 28 1994
Box 35 Folder 29 1994
Box 35 Folder 30 1994
Box 35 Folder 31 1995
Box 35 Folder 32 1992
Box 35 Folder 33 1993
Box 35 Folder 34 1992-1994
Box 35 Folder 35 1995
Box 35 Folder 36 1994
Box 35 Folder 37 1995
Box 35 Folder 38 1995
Box 35 Folder 39 1995
Box 35 Folder 40 1992-1994
Box 35 Folder 41 1991-1992
Box 35 Folder 42 1991-1993
Box 35 Folder 43 1993
English and Chinese September
Box 35 Folder 44 1992
Box 35 Folder 45 1994
Box 35 Folder 46 1994-1995
Box 35 Folder 47 1992-1993
Box 35 Folder 48 1989-1991
Box 35 Folder 49 1994
Box 35 Folder 50 1995
Box 36 Folder 1 1994-1995
Box 36 Folder 2 1991-1995
Box 36 Folder 3 1994
Box 36 Folder 4 1992-1994
Box 36 Folder 5 1988
Box 36 Folder 6 1994
Box 36 Folder 7
Box 36 Folder 8 1994
Box 36 Folder 9 1994-1995
Box 36 Folder 10 1993-1994
Box 36 Folder 11 1993
Box 36 Folder 12 1995
Box 36 Folder 13 1995
Box 36 Folder 14
Box 36 Folder 15 1994
January 28
Box 36 Folder 16
Box 36 Folder 17
Box 36 Folder 18
Box 36 Folder 19
Box 36 Folder 20
Box 36 Folder 21 1995
Box 36 Folder 22 1984
Box 36 Folder 23 1991
Box 36 Folder 24 1994-1995
Box 36 Folder 25 1991-1995
Box 36 Folder 26 1992
Box 36 Folder 27 1992-1993
Box 36 Folder 28 1990
Box 36 Folder 29 1990
Box 36 Folder 30 1990
Box 36 Folder 31 1992-1993
Box 36 Folder 32 1989-1991
Box 36 Folder 33 1994
Box 36 Folder 34 1994
Box 36 Folder 35 1992
Box 36 Folder 36 1992
Box 36 Folder 37 1993
Box 37 Folder 1 1994-1995
Box 37 Folder 2 1996
Box 37 Folder 3 1996
Box 37 Folder 4 1995
Box 37 Folder 5 1994
Box 37 Folder 6 1994-1995
Box 37 Folder 7 1993-1994
Box 37 Folder 8 1997
Box 37 Folder 9 1994-1995
Box 37 Folder 10 1996
Box 37 Folder 11 1994
Box 37 Folder 12 1994-1996
Box 37 Folder 13 1994-1995
Box 37 Folder 14 1994
Box 37 Folder 15 1997-1998
Box 37 Folder 16 1997-1998
Box 37 Folder 17 1997
Box 37 Folder 18 1997
Box 37 Folder 19 1997-1998
Box 37 Folder 20 1996-1998
Box 37 Folder 21 1996
Box 37 Folder 22 1994
Box 37 Folder 23 1994
Box 37 Folder 24 1992-1994
Box 37 Folder 25 1993-1994
Box 37 Folder 26 1994
Box 37 Folder 27 1993-1994
Box 37 Folder 28 1994
Box 37 Folder 29 1994
Box 37 Folder 30 1994
Box 37 Folder 31 1994
Box 37 Folder 32 1994
June 13, pages 56-58
Box 37 Folder 33 1998
February 15, Fleece Article pages 20-23
Box 37 Folder 34 1994
Box 37 Folder 35 1989-1990
Box 37 Folder 36 1995
Box 37 Folder 37 1991-1994
Box 37 Folder 38 1993-1994
Box 37 Folder 39 1989-1990
Box 37 Folder 40 1987-1993
Box 37 Folder 41 1990-1994
Box 37 Folder 42 1993
Box 38 Folder 1 1994
Box 38 Folder 2 1994-1995
Box 38 Folder 3 1994-1995
Box 38 Folder 4 1994-1995
Box 38 Folder 5 1995
Box 38 Folder 6 1995
Box 38 Folder 7 1994-1995
Box 38 Folder 8 1995
Box 38 Folder 9 1994-1995
Box 38 Folder 10 1994
Box 38 Folder 11
Box 38 Folder 12
Box 38 Folder 13 1994-1995
Box 38 Folder 14 1995
Box 38 Folder 15 1995
Box 38 Folder 16
Box 39 Folder 1 2000
Box 39 Folder 2 2000
Box 39 Folder 3 1991-1995
Box 39 Folder 4 1997
Box 39 Folder 5 1997
Box 39 Folder 6 1994
Box 39 Folder 7 1997
Box 39 Folder 8 1994-1997
Box 39 Folder 9 1997
Box 39 Folder 10 1997-1998
Box 39 Folder 11 1997
Box 39 Folder 12 1997
Box 39 Folder 13 1991-2000
Box 39 Folder 14 1997
Box 39 Folder 15 1997
Box 39 Folder 16 1990-1997
Box 39 Folder 17 1997
Box 39 Folder 18 1997
Box 39 Folder 19 1997
Box 39 Folder 20 1997
Box 39 Folder 21 1997
Box 39 Folder 22 1987-1997
Box 39 Folder 23 1997
Box 39 Folder 24 1997
Box 39 Folder 25 1997
Box 39 Folder 26 1994
Box 39 Folder 27 1994
Box 39 Folder 28 1991-1993
Box 39 Folder 29 1994
Box 39 Folder 30 1994
Box 39 Folder 31 1994
Box 39 Folder 32 1990-1991
Box 39 Folder 33 1994
Box 39 Folder 34 1993
Box 39 Folder 35 1991-1994
Box 39 Folder 36 1994
Box 39 Folder 37 1994
Box 39 Folder 38 1994
Box 39 Folder 39 1994
Box 39 Folder 40 1991-1994
Box 39 Folder 41 1991-1994
Box 39 Folder 42 1994
Box 39 Folder 43 1997
Box 39 Folder 44 1997
Box 39 Folder 45 1997
Box 39 Folder 46 1996
Box 39 Folder 47 1997
March 14
Box 39 Folder 48 1997
Box 39 Folder 49 1997
Box 39 Folder 50 1997
Box 39 Folder 51 1991-1997
Box 39 Folder 52 1997
March 14
Box 39 Folder 53 1994
Box 39 Folder 54 1997
Box 39 Folder 55 1997
Box 40 Folder 1 1997
Box 40 Folder 2 1994
Box 40 Folder 3 1996
Box 40 Folder 4 1996
Box 40 Folder 5 1996
November 27
Box 40 Folder 6 1997
Box 40 Folder 7 1997
February 6
Box 40 Folder 8 1997
February 6
Box 41 Folder 1 1995
Box 41 Folder 2 1992
Box 41 Folder 3 1995
Box 41 Folder 4 1992
Box 41 Folder 5 1992-1995
Box 41 Folder 6 1995
Box 41 Folder 7 1993-1994
Box 41 Folder 8 1993
Box 41 Folder 9
Box 41 Folder 10 1994
Box 41 Folder 11 1994
Box 41 Folder 12 1993-1994
Box 41 Folder 13 1992-1994
Box 41 Folder 14 1992-1994
Box 41 Folder 15
Box 41 Folder 16 1994
Box 41 Folder 17 1994
Box 41 Folder 18 1994
Box 41 Folder 19 1993-1994
Box 41 Folder 20 1993
Box 41 Folder 21 1993
Box 41 Folder 22 1992-1993
Box 41 Folder 23 1992
Box 41 Folder 24 1993-1994
Box 41 Folder 25 1993
Box 41 Folder 26 1994
Box 41 Folder 27 1992-1993
Box 41 Folder 28 1993
February 17
Box 41 Folder 29 1995
Box 41 Folder 30 1993-1994
Box 41 Folder 31 1993
Box 41 Folder 32 1994-1995
Box 41 Folder 33 1991-1994
Box 41 Folder 34 1994
Box 41 Folder 35 1994-1995
Box 41 Folder 36 1995
Box 41 Folder 37
Box 41 Folder 38 1995-1996
Box 41 Folder 39 1995
Box 41 Folder 40 1997
Box 41 Folder 41 1995-1997
Box 41 Folder 42
Box 41 Folder 43 1993
August 19
Box 41 Folder 44 1994
Box 41 Folder 45 1992-1994
Box 41 Folder 46 1994
March 29
Box 41 Folder 47 1992-1994
Box 41 Folder 48 1995
Box 41 Folder 49 1993
June 24
Box 41 Folder 50 1993
Box 41 Folder 51 1990-1991
Box 41 Folder 52 1993
Box 41 Folder 53 1991-1992
Box 41 Folder 54 1993
April 5
Box 41 Folder 55
Box 41 Folder 56 1992
Box 41 Folder 57 1993
Box 41 Folder 58
Box 41 Folder 59 1987-1991
Box 41 Folder 60 1995
Box 41 Folder 61 1995
Box 41 Folder 62 1993
Box 41 Folder 63 1995
Box 41 Folder 64 1993
Box 41 Folder 65 1993-1994
Box 41 Folder 66 1991-1994
Box 42 Folder 1
Box 42 Folder 2 1979-1984
Box 42 Folder 3 1985-1988
Box 42 Folder 4 1991-1994