ILGWU. Central Pennsylvania District photographs

Collection Number: 5780/090 P

Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library


ILGWU. Central Pennsylvania District photographs, 1941-1989
Collection Number:
5780/090 P
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
7.17 linear ft.
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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
This collection contains photographs documenting the activities of the members and staff of the Central Pennsylvania District. Included are photographs of union activities such strikes, rallies, meetings, and conventions, as well as classes, social gatherings, trips to Unity House, and others.
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Founded in 1900 by local union delegates representing about 2,000 members in cities in the northeastern United States, the ILGWU grew in geographical scope, membership size, political influence to become one of the most powerful forces in American organized labor by mid-century. Representing workers in the women's garment industry, the ILGWU worked to improve working and living conditions of its members through collective bargaining agreements, training programs, health care facilities, cooperative housing, educational opportunities, and other efforts. In 1995, the ILGWU merged with the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) to form the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE).


Beginning in 1957 as the Central and Western Pennsylvania District, the Central Pennsylvania District was an affiliate within the ILGWU's Northeast Region. With the affiliate into two and renamed the Central Pennsylvania District and the Western Pennsylvania District by 1962, Central Pennsylvania District Council included four local unions (108, 170, 196, and 197) until 1987. From 1988 until the ILGWU's merger with ACTWU in 1995, the affiliate was reorganized as the Central and Western Pennsylvania and Reading District Council. During this period, the council included as many as eight local unions (98, 108, 170, 196, 197, 217, 424, and 445).
Martin Morand served as the district manager from 1957 to 1964. Edward Milano succeeded Morand, serving as Central Pennsylvania District manager until 1967. From 1967 to 1971, Sol Hofmann was manager. Ronald Aldman was the district's next manager, from 1971 to 1980. Jane Paluscio worked as manager from 1980 to 1985, followed by Ada Jakubic. When Jakubic passed away in 1993, Jay Levine assumed the position of manager of the Central and Western Pennsylvania and Reading District Council. Levine was manager of the affiliate at the time of the ILGWU's merger with ACTWU in 1995.
Throughout its existence, the Central Pennsylvania District Council worked closely with other affiliates in the Northeast Department, including local unions in Easton, Hazleton, Reading, Scranton, Shamokin, Sunbury, Pottstown, and Pottsville. By the 1960s, the ILGWU had established district councils in Scranton and Easton. In the 1970s, additional local unions were organized into the Shamokin-Sunbury District Council (185, 306), Hazleton District Council (225, 575), and the Wyoming Valley District Council (249, 327).
With the decline of manufacturing in the region in the 1980s and 1990s, these affiliates began to merge. The year 1986 saw the creation of the Shamokin-Sunbury-Pottsville District Council, and in 1990, the Scranton District Council was included in this affiliate. After 1988, the Hazleton and Wyoming Valley District merged.


The photographs in the collection provide a way to help illustrate the union at the local level. The images offer a look into the local unions and garment workers in Central Pennsylvania. While many of the photographs and negatives are not properly identified, most have some labeling. There is a wide range of formats, from oversize convention photographs, to rolled uncut 35 mm negatives, and numerous snapshots, often in their original envelopes. Subjects of the photographs include dinners, luncheons, meetings, events, retiree activities, holiday parties and dances, speeches and presentations, group shots of the members, dedications and anniversaries, exercise classes, rallies, demonstrations and strikes. There are also promotional images of the Mobile Health Center to advertise the type of health care and services offered to members.

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union -- Photographs.
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. -- Central Pennsylvania District -- Photographs.

Women's clothing industry -- United States.
Women's clothing industry -- Pennsylvania.
Clothing workers -- Labor unions -- United States.
Clothing workers -- Labor unions -- Pennsylvania.
Clothing workers -- United States.
Clothing workers -- Pennsylvania.
Industrial relations -- United States.
Industrial relations -- Pennsylvania.

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Box 1 Folder 1 1968-1973
Includes: Lancaster party, Kissel Hill retirees, 1973; Belle, Seattle, Hawaii; Harrisburg; Retirees - Lancaster trip Unity Institute delegates; Humphrey, 1968; Union Label Convention, 1970; Election payoff; Retirees - Christmas; Lebanon Christmas party; Convention, civil rights, 1968; Belle - Debra; unlabeled
Box 2 Folder 1 1967-1976
Includes: Shop council, York, Harrisburg; Shriver, Sol 1967; Hawaii, 1973; Terrie Anne [illegible], York class, symphony; York retirees - COPE awards; Human relations; Blouse negotiations - Terry shop; Allegheny District Council, 1967, 1970; political big shots, Harrisburg, 1970; York shop council, retirees; hay ride, York shop council, 1966; political state committee; district council, 1970; Allenberry; Christmas party, 1973, Retiree birthday party, Opryland, Harrisburg; Metro opera, Hobby trip New York, June 1970; CLC class, retirees class, Crall meeting, LP retiree; Lebanon retirees, Parke's [?], 1968; Belle Scott, Unity House; Shriver; Lancaster shop council; Yorkana, 1967; York; Christmas; President Johnson; Lancaster; Union Label; conferences; Justice; York shop council; Lancaster shop council with Gingold; Birch Bayh, 1970; State capital conference, Harrisburg, February 1976; Lancaster-York Christmas party, 1973; HAAC institute, May 1973; Harrisburg shop council, October 1973, retirees; DiAnne; retirees; Democratic rally, Ted Kennedy, 1967; Quarter DR[?], York Retirees with Eater things and doll; Retirement staff; Grantham, Pittsburgh; unlabeled
Box 3 Folder 1
Includes: Union Label; H and W [Health and Welfare], AFL-CIO, York, Local 225, William Bern; DiAnne, Christmas party; Risser; Christmas parties, Lancaster class, Treasurer, York Executive Committee; DiAnne group; Retirees; unlabeled
Box 3 Folder 2
Includes: York; Dem [Democratic?] dinner, 1966; Dallas tour, Msville; York County Labor Council [parade float]; mother, dad; Philadelphia COPE, 1966; Christmas, 1966; Washington trip and ? And Udall; Childrens dress; Sol (miscellaneous); Harrisburg Christmas party; den motherr [?], York officers; Washington - Kennedy; NY AFL-CIO
Box 3 Folder 3 1964-1969
Includes: press dress [?]; Unity House, 1964; Union Label, Esther Peterson; sewing needles; Blatt, UC [unemployment compensation?] UC protest; Judy Bond, York, Peterson; blood bank; Ted Kennedy, Unity House, 1968; Allegheny District Council, 1965; Union Label, 1965; Education Institute, Pennsylvania State University, 1965; Lancaster shop council, 1969; Negotiations, LPC, Jewel Togs, 1965; Cameron Dress retireers, Lancaster, Christmas party; Ted Kennedy; Lancaster class
Box 3 Folder 4 1965
Includes: Lancaster Education Committee; me, mayor, Union Label; District Council Allenberry; CLC Picnic; HP ratification; deceased and retirees, 1965; Kline Union Label; untitled
Box 3 Folder 5 1965
Includes: Tidy with Sol, Marty farewell; COPE, D/C; York, Lancaster, Bern Hanes [?] committtees, shop project; York brownies; Judy Bond, Pomeroys, 1965, Aud. Committee, CLC picnic; community service; AFL-CIO convention; Union Label ad; Election shop council; retirees
Box 3 Folder 6 1965
Includes: Christmas party, 1965; Cameron Dress; community service; Lancaster Education Institute; Harris, U/E, capital; scholarship; classes; HCLC class, retirees, Gingold swearing in; Sol's election; Book pic, severance; Croley with pet; Milano, installation, C/ ballots, book rack; Lancaster class and graduation; Community service committee Christmas party, York, 1965; flu shots; untitled
Box 3 Folder 7
Includes: Class, Pennsylvania State University; unemployment compensation; Christmas, Williamstown; Singing Needles; Weiss Market; Belle [illegible] Dress; Harrisburg retirees; unemployment compensation, Allenberry, Weiss, Singing Needles; Ralph press conference
Box 3 Folder 8 1965
Includes: Lancaster classes, 1965; retirees; Milton Shapp, retirees; unemployment compensation; Marty farewell; African students, Cameron Dress
Box 3 Folder 9 1964
Includes: Hilda [?]; community service; Washington; picket line; building sane students, Allenberry, scholarship committee, scholarship winner, Med. Art dedication; Zimmerman Christmas party; Christmas party, 1964; Local Labor Co [College? Council?]; personal; miscellaneous; untitled
Box 3 Folder 10 1963
Includes: unemployment compensation, York strike; COPE legislative conference, Lancaster shop council, 1963; Freedom March, library award, Penn Garment Manufacturing, Clay [?] Institute; Bannon Mills; Yorktown retirees, Penn State conference; Unity House, Executive Committee, 1963; community service; Enders - political, Union Label and Harrisburg, Dress Joint meeting, Wilkes-Barre; Marty and family; Columbia meeting, Shopp; York strike; Maytown class, York fair; Christmas pary, Lebanon, 1963; Christmas party, Harrisburg, 1963, staff - office; untitled
Box 3 Folder 11
Includes: York, Reading; my house and farewell; Unity [House?]; community service; farewell dinner, parents home; DR Bloom, Allenberry; strike meeting, vote; Penn State; retiree; Marvin [?] farewell; classes; political, York class; retireer, district council; conference; staff classes; untitled
Box 3 Folder 12 1964
Box 3 Folder 13
Box 3 Folder 14 1964
Box 3 Folder 15 1972
Box 3 Folder 16
Box 3 Folder 17
Box 3 Folder 18 1965
Box 3 Folder 19
Box 3 Folder 20
Box 3 Folder 21
Box 3 Folder 22
Box 3 Folder 23
Box 3 Folder 24 1960
September 1960
Box 3 Folder 25
Box 3 Folder 26
Box 3 Folder 27
Box 3 Folder 28 1960
Box 3 Folder 29
Box 3 Folder 30
Box 3 Folder 31
Box 3 Folder 32
Box 3 Folder 33
Box 3 Folder 34
Box 3 Folder 35 1964
Box 3 Folder 36 1986
Box 3 Folder 37
Box 3 Folder 38
Box 3 Folder 39
Box 3 Folder 40
Box 3 Folder 41
Box 3 Folder 42 1966
February 1966
Box 3 Folder 43
Box 3 Folder 44 1964
Box 3 Folder 45 1972
Box 3 Folder 46
Box 3 Folder 47
Box 3 Folder 48
Box 3 Folder 49 1989
Box 3 Folder 50
Box 3 Folder 51
Box 3 Folder 52
Box 3 Folder 53
Box 3 Folder 54
Box 3 Folder 55
Box 3 Folder 56
Box 4 Folder 1
Box 4 Folder 2
Box 4 Folder 3
Box 4 Folder 4
Box 4 Folder 5
Box 4 Folder 6
Box 4 Folder 7
Box 4 Folder 8
Box 4 Folder 9
Box 4 Folder 10
Box 4 Folder 11 1958
Box 4 Folder 12 1958
Box 4 Folder 13 1958
Box 4 Folder 14
1964 or 1965
Box 4 Folder 15
Box 4 Folder 16 1952
Includes: convention (?); classes, Local 196; basketball team; film party, 1952, baseball
Box 4 Folder 17 1949-1958
Includes: shop council meeting, 1949; Allenberry, 1958
Box 4 Folder 18
Includes: performance, health care, Lykens Dress Joint Council "won't scab"
Box 4 Folder 19 1941-1949
Includes: "Living on $20," "We won't scab," Lykens Dress; health care; Unity House
Box 4 Folder 20 1950-1957
Includes: health care, leafletting at William Noggle; retirees; 1950 convention; sewing Union Label
Box 4 Folder 21 1945-1960
Includes: "Gold Star Mother;" Local 108 Quaker Maid strike; JFK, 1960; David Dubinsky
Box 4 Folder 22
Includes: convention, health care, Civil Defense Emergency vehicle, IGWU
Box 4 Folder 23
Includes: Harry S. Truman election; mental health; minimum wage
Box 4 Folder 24
Includes: mental health, minimum wage, John F. Kennedy, health care
Box 4 Folder 25
Christmas, officers, celebrations
Box 4 Folder 26
Local 108 officers, other officers; 1958 strike rally, Zembo mosque; Capital Classic; Hanover Manufacturing
Box 4 Folder 27
Includes: Local 108, Harrisburg
Box 4 Folder 28
Includes: Local 196 strike; disbabled workers; Fair Employment Practices Commission
Box 4 Folder 29 1958
Includes: 1958 United Nations tour, Washignton, D.C.; Fair Employment Practices Commission
Box 4 Folder 30
Includes: protest, "Scranton unfair to disabled workers;" health care; Philadelphia
Box 4 Folder 31
Includes: portraits; group photographs; Philadelphia
Box 4 Folder 32
Includes: Hubert Humphrey supporters; group photos; swearing-in; reading
Box 4 Folder 33
Includes: Local 197 officers; scholarships; Union Label dresses; presentation of Leon Stein's The Triangle Fire; Union Label week; swearing-in; counting ballots
Box 4 Folder 34
Includes: Union Label dresses; workers in shop; group photos
Box 4 Folder 35
Includes: convention; Tidy Products Company strike; group photos
Box 4 Folder 36
Includes: meetings; Christmas party; Martha McCormick, Harriet Mark; Irwin Solomon, Ricco Guerino
Box 4 Folder 37
Includes: meetings; Tidy strike; "With These Hands" marquee; workers in shop
Box 4 Folder 38
Includes: severance pay; candidates; Vera de Benedetto, Mary Scardle, Violet March, Melvin Eshleman; Mary Kramer, Verla Williams; Betty Harmuth, Velma Perini; President Ethel Garber, Secretary Thelma Martin, Treasurer Jennie Frederic, Local 197, 1956; Charlotte Krause, Emma Mackey, Margaret Long; Teresa Kline; Sol Chaikin with group
Box 4 Folder 39
Includes: retirees; volunteers for picket duty; Orphanage of Kenitra, 1960; Di-Anne Sunshine Club, AFL-CIO; party
Box 4 Folder 40
Includes: Union Leadership Training School; Sol Chaikin; party
Box 4 Folder 41
Includes: classes [Union Leadership Training School?]; Sol Chaikin
Box 4 Folder 42
Includse: Lykens Dress meeting; protests; collection for Tennessee sharecroppers
Box 4 Folder 43
Includes: workers in shop; group photos; Evelyn Sichwire, Alice Hale, Rachel Knight, Mary Fry, Marion Rozoff, George Lepperd
Box 4 Folder 44
Includes: Union Label; scholarship; Capital Dance, Hawaii; district council; Press Dress; COPE Philadelphia; Elma Ross, me, New York; Christmas party; shop council, Washington, Sol, retirees; Harrisburg shop council; New York
Box 4 Folder 45
Includes: Senior citizens, chairlady, blouse negotiations; Union Label; Unity House, Belle Scott classes, 1967; Belle Scott, community service, officers; press; shop council;
Box 4 Folder 46
Includes: York shop council; retirees; award; Lancaster shop council; Kennedy; York chorus-shop council, Shopp housing
Box 4 Folder 47
Includes: meetings; Lydon B. Johnson; workers in shops
Box 4 Folder 48
Includes: meetings; swearing-in; Louis Stulberg, Sol Chaikin
Box 4 Folder 49
Includes: meetings; group photos; Senator Clark
Box 4 Folder 50
Includes: "Right to Work;" party; workers in shop; meeting
Box 5 Folder 1
Includes: Toys for Tots
Box 5 Folder 2
Includes: Children's Christmas party, Manager Rotell with children and Santa; Labor Council, food drive, Toys for Tots; pictures from Local 93, Christmas party, food basket drive; retirees club selilng chances at Local 93 Christmas party; children's Christmas pary committee and Santa; Allure strike
Box 5 Folder 3
Includes: rally, Washington, D.C.; Lyndon B. Johnson
Box 5 Folder 4
Includes: party, Christmas with Santa, protest "Roll Back Imports"
Box 5 Folder 5
Includes: Christmas, meetings, dinners, protest "Roll Back Imports," Local 93, protesters in front of David Crystal Children's Division
Box 5 Folder 6
Includes: dinners, Christmas with Santa, protests "Veto the Veto," protesters outside of David Crystal Children's Division
Box 5 Folder 7
Includes: fair, fashion show, celebration
Box 5 Folder 8 1989
Includes: Christmas with Santa; Windsor Knitting Mill, Edenburgh, Pennsylvania; Unity House, 1989; picnic, Evergreen Country Club, August 12, 1989; Crystal strike, 1898; retirees rally, Harrisburg, mom rally and meeting, 1989; graduating class from Votech [?] by PIC, 1989
Box 5 Folder 9
Includes; Christmas; food drive; meetings; office; United Labor Council of Reading and Bucks County; rally in Philadelphia
Box 5 Folder 10
Includes: Allenberry; Terre Hill, [illegible], blouse negotiations, Oxford Blouse; Pittbsurgh, Terre Hill; Nettie Frocks, Quaker strike, Newport, backpay, [Gravillian?] severance; office; Christmas parties
Box 5 Folder 11
Includes: Sol Chaikin, party, meeting, Unity House
Box 5 Folder 12
Includes: Local 108, Local196
Box 5 Folder 13
Includes: Central Pennsylvania District at Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) meeting
Box 5 Folder 14
Includes: meeting
Box 5 Folder 15
Includes: meeting, voting, workers in shop
Box 5 Folder 16
Includes: Pennsylvania Council of the Union Label and Service Trades Council; food drive [?], campaigning for Milton Shapp
Box 5 Folder 17
Includes: Sargent Shriver event, Christmas crafts
Box 5 Folder 18
Includes: TWA flight, meeting
Box 5 Folder 19 1970
Includes: trip to the Strand Motel, Atlantic City, June 24th, 1970
Box 5 Folder 20
Includes: meetings
Box 5 Folder 21
Includes: meetings
Box 5 Folder 22
Includes: meetings at Hershey Motor Lodge and Convention Center and Host Town Motel, event at stadium
Box 5 Folder 23
Includes: Christmas party
Box 5 Folder 24
Includes: meetings
Box 5 Folder 25 1947-1948
Includes: meetings; rallies; Penn State Labor Institute, 1947-1948
Box 5 Folder 26
Includes: Louis Stulberg event; workers on strike at Nette Frocks; workers on strike at MiJan Fabric Company; meetings
Box 5 Folder 27
Includes: meetings, Christmas greetings, community service conference
Box 5 Folder 28
Includes: meetings, strikers, David Dubinsky, vacation
Box 5 Folder 29
Includes: meetings; crafts; Bonnie Segal; ULA graduation, 1972; leafletting; Campaign Award to Cameron Dress Company; scholarships [?]; dinner; flooding
Box 5 Folder 30
Includes: Church [illegible]; M Zimmerman; District Council Executive Committtee; Kline-Lebanon, Mary Keller family, 1971; Institute; Cameron Dress United Fund; Harrisburg S/C meeting; Union Label District, Lancaster; Penn State COPE Institute
Box 5 Folder 31
Includes: Penn State, scenery, Elections, retirees, Unity House, 1974; ILG day; R. Reuther [?] offices; Institute; shop council meetings, senior citizens; extras
Box 5 Folder 32
Includes: community service, classes; Local 108 election, 1977; conference
Box 5 Folder 33
Includes: Christmas party; protesting Judy Bond; picketing to support meat cutters; Union Label Week; meetings; striking Pramco Blouses
Box 5 Folder 34
Includes: meetings; signings; health care; petitions to "stop exporting jobs and importing unemployment"
Box 6 Folder 1
Includes: Local 108, 196, 197 registration drive; union bakers display; Shapp-Kline event; Labor USO; Christmas party, Lancaster Moose Club, November 29, 1957; Local 108 dance for servicemen, Zembo Mosque, November 1941
Box 6 Folder 2
Includes: recreation, meetings
Box 6 Folder 3
Includes: nutrition lesson; meeting; United Way service award; Burke-Hartke Bill organizing
Box 6 Folder 4
Includes: meetings, Christmas parties
Box 6 Folder 5
Includes: Unity House
Box 6 Folder 6
Includes: recreation, Local 196 retirees
Box 6 Folder 7
Includes: meeting
Box 6 Folder 8
Includes: meetings; Washington, D.C.
Box 6 Folder 9
Includes: meeting
Box 6 Folder 10
Includes: Christmas, retirees
Box 6 Folder 11
Includes: Crystal strike, 1987; chorus, 1986; Local 93 on strike at Allura; rally in Washington, D.C.; meetings; office; party; "Veto the Veto" "Stop importing unemployment," rally in Washington, D.C.
Box 6 Folder 12
Includes: American Red Cross awards; meetings; workers in shops; workers in costume; New York World's Fair, 1964-1965; health care
Box 6 Folder 13
Includes: protest of Jomax; nursery, 1953; meetings; class; workers in shop; health care; retirees; on strike at Judy Bond;
Box 6 Folder 14
Includes: civil right rally; rally in Washington, D.C.; Union Label Department; meatcutters' strike; political committee; York retirees, Lancaster shop, Unity [House?], Scotty, Bernstein, strike committee [?], Maryville; President Lyndon B. Johnson; press retiree, Dr. Anne, consumers conference, York class; Esther P., retirees, York class, Marysville, community service
Box 6 Folder 15
Includes: rally in Washington, D.C.; proest of Scranton Ripper Bill (unemployment compensation); meetings, David Dubinsky; Union Label, Miss ILGWU; meeting with Esther Peterson; Philadelphia; 1965 ILGWU Convention
Box 6 Folder 16
Includes: meetings; on strike at Judy Bond; Husen Blouse; community service, Union Label convention
Box 6 Folder 17
Includes: meetings; on strike at Judy Bond; rally for Lyndon B. Johnson; community service; Union Label; Unity House
Box 6 Folder 18
Includes: meetings; Cameron Dress, Marty farewell; politics; Scranton protest; ILGWU laboratory plaque
Box 6 Folder 19
Includes: meetings, Scranton protest, Washington, D.C. [?]
Box 6 Folder 20
Includes: meetings, workers in shop
Box 6 Folder 21
Includes: meetings; Sol Chaikin; Kaspar Manufacturing Company
Box 6 Folder 22
Includes: meetings, Washington, D.C.
Box 6 Folder 23
Includes: meetings, retirees, rally
Box 6 Folder 24
Includes: meetings, group photos, New York World's Fair, rally in Scranton (unemployment compensation), performance
Box 6 Folder 25
Includes: Union Label dresses, meetings, performance, rally, workers in shop
Box 6 Folder 26
Includes: meetings, protests, York County Labor Council
Box 6 Folder 27
Includes: parade float, recreation, performance, Mobile Health Center, Local 93 protest
Box 6 Folder 28
Includes: meetings, rallies, flood [?]
Box 6 Folder 29
Includes: United Fund award to Cameron Dress, 1962; meetings, dinners, Christmas
Box 6 Folder 30
Includes: retirees, meetings, Childrens Development Center, recreation
Box 6 Folder 31
Includes: meetings; workers in shops; Herbie's retirement party; first aid class
Box 6 Folder 32
Includes: parties; meetings; health care; "voteck" high school
Box 6 Folder 33
Includes: meetings; graduation; ILGWU convention, 1975; William Penn Memorial Museum; strikers at Judy Bond; rally in baseball stadium; members of Central Pennsylvania District going to Washington, D.C.
Box 6 Folder 34
Includes: members of Dressmakers Joint Council outside of Eileen Hope; Pennsylvania staff in Allentown, 1963; performance; Weis meet department strikers outside of Weis Markets; members at rally "For 'Jobs and Freedom'"; group photos, including David Dubinsky; convention, 1971; inaugural parade; York Fair, strike, Union Label York, Weis picket, Union Label Harrisburg, Milton Shapp
Box 6 Folder 35
Includes: workers in shops, meeting, Union Label dresses, awards
Box 6 Folder 36
Includes: visit to Robert Walker office; Local 197, strike at Lititz Sportswear; Pennsylvania Farmers Association; first aid class; Local 108, strike at Lewistown Sportswear; food drive; building of Northeast Department, Western Pennsyvania district, Locals 424, 455; portraits
Box 6 Folder 37
Includes: meetings, Sargent Shriver, retirees, Louis Stulberg, convention, shop ballots
Box 6 Folder 38
Includes: retirees, workers in shops, American Red Cross event, Louis Stulberg, anniversary party, members and parade float, meetings, dinner, Union Label dresses, Christmas, Joe Glazer signing "Songs of Work and Freedom"
Box 6 Folder 39
Includes: meetings, welcoming Muriel Humphrey, workers in shops,York County Labor Council, AFL-CIO parade float; Central Pennsylvania District welcomed to Hawaii; Unioin Label dresses
Box 6 Folder 40
Includes: classes, meetings, parties, workers in shops
Box 6 Folder 41
Includes: meetings, workers in shops, parties
Box 7 Folder 1
Includes: meetings; party; Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International Union of America apprentice contest; graphics; miscellaneous text; laundry workers protest;
Box 7 Folder 2
Includes: Lancaster class; meetings; Pennsylvania AFL-CIO; Hubert Humphrey supporters; price-checking in store [?]; politics, 1977
Box 7 Folder 3
Includes: meetings; classes; parade float; Local 108 at Gimbels, Burke-Hartke support; Christmas; flood damage; workers outside of Eileen Hope
Box 7 Folder 4
Includes: retirees; fair; parade float; workers in shops, in front of Gimbels
Box 7 Folder 5
Includes: meetings; Milton Shapp; Local 108 outside of Gimbels; miscellaneous graphics
Box 7 Folder 6
Includes: meetings; bus trip; nursing aides; "Save Our Shops" protest; retirees; parties; COPE Awards, York
Box 7 Folder 7
Includes: Belle Scott Deborah; Betty's party; workers on strike at Donna Lee; shop council, York, Lancaster, Harrisburg; shop council, 1968; Hilda's; Hubert Humphrey, 1968; Puerto Rico; "Tax News and Notes"
Box 7 Folder 8
Includes: workers in shops; speakers; meetings
Box 7 Folder 9
Includes: classes; AFL-CIO Union Industries Show, Washington, D.C.; picket outside of Woolworths; meetings; dresses; coffee break
Box 7 Folder 10
Includes: Unity House Northeast Institute, August 1960; John F. Kennedy supporters; meetings; leafletting in York; timecards; meetings; retirees; Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Education Institute; workers in shop; reading "Inside Public Welfare"
Box 7 Folder 11
Includes: meetings; sculptures; parties; Christmas
Box 7 Folder 12
Includes: meetings, strikers
Box 7 Folder 13
Includes: Christmas parties, Harrisburg and Lancaster, 1970; ice storm; picnic; meetings; Hesteco, Cameron Uniforms; Hanover 1968, York, Christmas party
Box 7 Folder 14
Includes: Terry, Cameron, M. Miles, Red Cross; retireers; shop council; antique cars; retirees, Christmas 1968, Lancaster, Lebanon; General Executive Board meeting, M. Miles committee, Hugh Mahoney; Harrisburg Christmas 1968
Box 7 Folder 15
Includes: Shapp-Kline float; arthritis pictures; meetings
Box 7 Folder 16
Includes: court house; Boderstein [?] Sesher [?] Garment negotiating committee; leafletting outside of Sears; on strike at Stevensville Dress Company, Hel-E Knit, Dinah Lynne, Donna Lee, Burkey Mills; protest at Lancaster Garment Company; Ethel Maid, Alpha Mills, Argo Knitting Mills; party
Box 7 Folder 17
Includes: meetings; on strike at Nettie Frocks, Muriel Dress, Jefferson Outlet, Dinah Lynn, Eileen Hope, Donna Lee, [illegible] Corset, Perry Manufacturing; "Good Luck to the Girls, ILGWU"; reading "35 Northeast"
Box 7 Folder 18
Includes: meetings; workers in shops; Mobile Health Center; retirees; strike; health survey team; Donegal negotiations, 1969;
Box 7 Folder 19
Includes: retirees, Columbia; staff conference, Disney World; District Council Harrisburg negotiations; retirees bazaar, 1972; Pennsylvania Labor Committee for McGovern and Shriver; shop council, human relations, Dean Gross, Tidy [?] negotiations, 1970; Newport, ballet class; York Christmas party, 1970
Box 7 Folder 20
Includes: New York City; on strike at [Paneco?]; meetings; recreation; York retirees club; office work; CLC; Penn State United Fund, scholarships, new shops, Red Lion, 1969; Unity House, Northeast Workers Education, Education Institute, 1969; Columbia retirees, Allenberry shop council, Allenberry district council, 1969
Box 7 Folder 21
Includes: Christmas party; event with Esther Peterson; E & O committee, Harrisburg; E & O committee, Lancaster; District Council [illegible]; Gerber, Gingold, [illegible]; Lebanon Christmas party, 1970; M. Mile, Northeast, Drug Department; Donegal negotiations, press conference, Terry negotiations, Red Cross award, Middletown, 1969; Rubenstein, Dallastown, District Council retirees, Penn Garment; Columbia retirees, community services, graduation, education classes, York, Croel [?] manufacturing
Box 7 Folder 22
Includes: Burke-Hartke rally outside of JCPenny; meetings; convention, 1962; Union Label Week, 1960; York County Labor Council, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO COPE Institute, 1977;
Box 7 Folder 23
Includes: meetings; Christmas party; portraits; Bonnie Segal
Box 8 Folder 1
Includes: Unity House, 1972; flood, Steelton, 1972; meetings; Las Vegas flight home; Bavarian Festival; Christmas party; District Council, Shop Council; District Council swearing-in; CLC class, Labor Academy, March 1968; Penn State Consumer, 1968; Union Label, Harrisburg, Lancaster; meetings; convention
Box 8 Folder 2
Includes: Columbia retirees, finance committee, class; meetings; political strategists, Cameron retirees, retirees club and Columbia, DiAnne retirees, Lancaster retirees, strike at Nettie Frocks and Deborah; Pittsburgh AFL-CIO; human relations; shop council, York, Lancaster, Toni Matthews; Harrisburg shop council, 1969, R. Reuter, Lancaster shop council, Sally;
Box 8 Folder 3
Includes: Union Label; CLC class, Phil, B/pay; chair caning; Columbia retirees; Gingold, retiree, 4th ann[iversary?]; Kay retirement; CLC graduation, Lancaster graduation, December 1968; Reverend Posey; ILG Chorus, Lancaster 1969; Hesteco Press severance, military withdrawal; York, Harriburg, and Lancaster retireers, 1968; Mary V. with retiree items, York S/H council, 1968; convention, 1968
Box 8 Folder 4
for publication, pages 1-7?
Box 8 Folder 5
Includes: rally agains imports; meetings; class; event for Milton Shapp; Samco negotiaions [?]; parties; flood; Sargent-Shriver
Box 8 Folder 6
Includes: meetings; parties; conventions; rallies; Atlantic Labor Press Conference; health care
Box 8 Folder 7
Includes: meetings; Pennsylvania Labor Committee for McGovern-Shriver; Lattimer Massacre memorial unveiling with Cesar Chavez; recreation; retirees; stop imports rally
Box 8 Folder 8
Includes: parties; rallies; performance; meetings; Christmas; retirees; Cameron Dress Company
Box 8 Folder 9
Includes: meetings; Shapp-Kline election night; on strike at Martin Arsham Sewing Company; performance; retirees; workers in shops; Unity House
Box 8 Folder 10
Includes: meetings; workers in shops; rally against imports
Box 8 Folder 11
Includes: meetings, Christmas party
Box 8 Folder 12
Includes: Las Vegas; Las Vegas with gowns and at night; Kay retirement; flood; Boulder Dam; import protest rally, April 13, 1977; election and objection committee, Local 196 and 197, convention, 1977; Litity Sports Victory party, February 1977
Box 8 Folder 13
For "Garment Worker"?
Box 9 Folder 1 1947-1962
Includes: delegates to ILGWU convention, 1947; ILGWU convention, 1962; group photo (Coatesville, Pennsylvania); ILGWU convention, 1950; Committee on Education, ILGWU convention, 1959; delegates to ILGWU convention, 1950; ILGWU convention, 1959; untitled group photos