John F. Kennedy Presidential Recordings regarding Railroad Work Rules Dispute

Collection Number: 5759 AV

Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library


John F. Kennedy Presidential Recordings regarding Railroad Work Rules Dispute, 1963
Collection Number:
5759 AV
Kennedy, John F.
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Forms of Material:
Sound recordings, audiovisual materials.
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Railroad Work Rules Dispute consists recordings of White House meetings and telephone conversations.
Collection material in English


Railroad Work Rules Dispute consists of 4 hours 4 1/2 minutes of White House meetings in 10 meetings and 9 minutes of telephone conversations in 4 conversations [1]. It was opened for research use on November 13, 1985. Because of the prohibitive cost of transcribing the extensive meetings material, transcripts have not been prepared for the meeting tapes. Instead, brief log descriptions have been written for each item to help the user in identifying which tapes to listen to and in actually listening to the tapes. The logs give the number of the item, date, length, title, participants, description and date opened. The item number is made up of the tape number the item came from and, following the decimal point, the item's sequence on that tape - for example, 96.3 is the third item on tape 96. The logs are prepared on a computer, so, with some notice, information may be retrieved by any of the above categories. Transcripts have been prepared for the briefer telephone conversations since the Library already possessed good transcripts and since the amount of material involved is so much smaller than the meetings material. The complete body of the presidential recordings of John F, Kennedy is described in the Register of Presidential Recordings of White House Meetings and Telephone Conversations, 1962 - 1963 which is available in the Library's research room. It may also be requested through interlibrary loan or may be purchased. In addition, the Library has a list of those presidential recordings which have been opened to date. There were openings in June, August and October 1983 and July 1984. 1. Six and a quarter minutes of the telephone conversations in 3 conversations are newly released. One telephone conversation, 23A.3, which is 2 3/4 minutes long, was opened in July 1984 as part of the Civil Rights, 1963 package. It is repeated here because it also deals with the railroad work rules dispute..

Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963.

Railroads, Employees, Labor unions, United States.
Collective bargaining, Railroads, United States.
Strikes and lockouts, Railroads, United States.

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Sound recordings.
Audiovisual materials


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Box 1 Item 1
- Dictbelt items 23A.1, 23A.2, 23A.3, 23B.1
Box 2 Item 1
- Audiotapes 96.3, 96.4, 97.1
Box 3 Item 1
- Audiotapes 97.2, Part 2, 97.3, Reference Reel 1, 2 Part 1
Box 4 Item 1
- Audiotapes 97.6, 99.2, 99.7, Part 1