Archives Organization File (AOF) Part 3

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Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library


Archives Organization File (AOF) Part 3,
Collection Number:
Kheel Center
86.3 linear ft.
Forms of Material:
Records, publications .
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Collection material in English, French


Publications, manuals, policies, and plans issued by a large sample of Fortune 500 corporations and by a variety of organizations, such as professional and trade associations, government agencies, and educational and cultural organizations. The materials issued by corporations include company histories, employee newsletters, employee benefit plans, personnel practice manuals, performance appraisal forms, affirmative action policies, training brochures, job descriptions, and career development programs as well as national trade association documents and recruitment material.
Several economic activities(sectors) are represented in the collection, such as manufacturing, transportation, mining, banking, insurance, utilities, trade, and services. Corporations whose pamphlets are held in the collection include AT&T, Bethlehem Steel, Bell Telephone System, Firestone Tire & Rubber, Ford Motor Co., General Electric, General Foods, General Mills, General Motors, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Heinz, International Harvester, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Aircraft Co., Maytag Co., Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., National Association of Manufacturers, Pennsylvania Railroad Co., Radio Corporation of America (RCA), Standard Oil, Tennessee Valley Authority, Union Carbide, and Westinghouse Electric among numerous other corporations.
Due to the volume of material in this collection the finding aid has been divided into four sections.
Section 1: Boxes 1-22
Section 2: Boxes 23-44
Section 3: Boxes 45-66
Section 4: Boxes 67-88
Boxes 82-87 have not been inventoried at this time.

Pullman Company.
Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company.
Purdue University.
Quaker Oats Company.
Radio Corporation of America. RCA Victor Division.
Railway Express Agency.
Ralston Purina Company.
Republic Aviation Corporation.
Republic Steel Corporation.
Research Council for Economic Security.
Research Institute of America, inc.
Resistoflex Corporation.
Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated.
Reynolds Metals Company.
Reynolds Metals Company. Consumer Products Division.
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.
Rheem Manufacturing Company.
Ritter-Conley Manufacturing.
Ritter Company.
Ritter-Pfaudler Corporation.
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company.
Rockbestos Product Corporation.
Royal McBee Corporation.
Rubber Manufacturers Association (U.S.)
Rutgers University. Institute of Management and Labor Relations.
Rutgers University.
St. Regis Paper Company.
Samsonite Corporation.
San Diego Gas and Electric Company.
San Francisco Employers Council.
Sangamo Electric Company.
Sargent and Company (New Haven, Conn.)
Scott Paper Company.
Sealed Power Corporation.
Sears, Roebuck and Company.
Shell Oil Company.
Sinclair Oil Corporation.
SKF Industries, inc.
Society for Advancement of Management.
Society of Federal Labor Relations Professionals (U.S.)
Socony Mobil Oil Company.
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company.
Solar Aircraft Company.
Southern California Edison Company.
Southern New England Telephone Company.
Southern Pacific Company.
Southern Regional Council.
Spencer Kellogg and Sons, Inc.
Sperry Gyroscope Company, inc.
Sperry Rand Corporation.
Standard Oil Company.
Standard Oil Company of California.
Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
Standard Oil Company (Ohio)
Standard Oil Development Company.
State Farm Insurance Companies.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.
State Mutual Life Assurance Company (Worcester, Mass.)
John B. Stetson Hat Company.
Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Co.
Studebaker Corporation.610:
Studebaker-Packard Corporation.
Sun Oil Company.
Supermarket Institute.
Swift & Company (Chicago, IL)
Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.
Sylvania Electronics Systems.
Taylor Instrument Companies.
Tennessee Valley Authority.
Texaco, inc.
Texas Company.
Texas Instruments Incorporated.
Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company.
Thompson Products, inc.
Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, inc.
Time, inc.
Time Share Corporation.
Timken Company.
Todd Shipyards Corporation.
Toledo Labor-Management-Citizens Committee.
Transportation Association of America.
Travelers Insurance Companies.
TRW Inc.
Tennessee Valley Authority.
Twentieth Century Fund.
Twin City Rapid Transit Company.
Union Bag-Camp Paper Corporation.
Union Carbide Corporation.
Union Electric Company of Missouri.
Union Labor Life Insurance Company.
Union Oil Company of California.
Union Pacific Railroad Company.
Uniroyal, inc.
United Aircraft Corporation.
United Airlines.
United Brands Company.
United Gas Corporation.
United Shoe Machinery Corporation.
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
United States. Bureau of Employment Security.
United States. Bureau of Federal Credit Unions.
United States. Bureau of Labor-Management Reports.
United States. Bureau of Labor Standards.
United States Civil Service Commission.
United States. Civil Aeronautics Administration
United States. Congress.
Job Corps (U.S.)
U.S. Congress of Mayors.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
United States. Department of Commerce.
United States. Department of Defense.
United States. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.
United States. Department of Labor.
United States. Department of State.
United States. Department of the Air Force.
United States. Department of the Army.
United States. Department of the Interior.
United States. Department of the Navy.
United States. Department of the Treasury.
United States. Federal Trade Commission.
United States.General Accounting Office.
United States. General Services Administration.
United States. Internal Revenue Service.
United States. Interstate Commerce Commission.
Library of Congress
United States. National Labor Board.
United States.Office of Economic Opportunity.
United States. Railroad Retirement Board.
United States Rubber Company.
United States. Securities and Exchange Commission.
United States. Small Business Administration.
United States. Social Security Administration.
United States. Social Security Board.
United States Steel Corporation.
United States.Veterans Administration.
Volunteers in Service to America.
University of San Francisco.
Upjohn Company.
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.
Upjohn Institute for Community Research.
Workmen's Compensation Board of Vancouver (B.C.)
Victor Adding Machine Co.
University of Washington.
Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.)
Wayne State University.
Weirton Steel Corporation.
University of the West Indies
West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company.
Western Electric Company.
Western Michigan University
Western Railways.
Western Union Telegraph Company.
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company.
Weston Electrical Company.
Weyerhaeuser Timber Company.
George Wiedemann Brewing Company.
H.W. Wilson Company
Wisconsin Electric Power Company
University of Wisconsin.
Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation.
Xerox Corporation.
Yale Towne Manufacturing Company
Yale University
Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company.
Zenith Radio Corporation.

Adult education
Agricultural industries
Aluminum industry and trade
Aircraft industry
Agricultural machinery
Architectural metal-work
Automobile industry and trade
Arbitration, Industrial
Agricultural chemicals industry
Audio equipment industry
Bituminous materials industry
Building trades
Buildings -- Environmental engineering
Banks and banking
Baked products industry
Business consultants
Clothing trade
Coal mines and mining
Chemical industry
Compressor industry
Clerks (Retail trade)
Computer industry
Cereal products
Consumer protection
Container industry
Credit unions
Clay industries
Cement industries
Copper alloys
Dairy products industry
Detergent industry
Executives --Training of
Electric power transmission
Electronics industries
Food industry and trade
Frozen foods and industry
Footwear industry
Fruit trade
Farm produce --Marketing -- Government policy
Finance, Public
Glass container industry
Glass manufacture
Gas extraction
Grain trade
Grocery trade
Gasket industry
Human capital
Hydroelectric power plants
Life insurance.
Iron industry and trade
Property insurance.
Casualty insurance.
Instructional materials industry
Health insurance.
Investment banking
Infant formula industry
Knit good industry
Labor unions
Local transit
Luggage industry
Medical supplies industry
Motor vehicle industry
Metal trade
Meat industry and trade
Military vehicle industry
Medical instruments and apparatus industry
Measuring instruments
Natural gas pipelines
Notions (Merchandise)
Newspaper publishing
Navigation equipment industry
National security
Office management
Office equipment and supplies
Petroleum refineries
Photographic industry
Paper folding (Graphic design)
Public utilities
Paper products industry
Political participation
Plastics industry and trade
Pharmaceutical industry
Paint industry and trade
Public administration
Public opinion polls
Paper bag industry
Retail trade
Rug and carpet industry
Rubber industry and trade
Railroad equipment industry
Roller bearings
Security systems industry
Service industries
Shipment of goods
Sanitary supply industry
Soybean industry
Slaughtering and slaughter-houses
Transportation equipment industry.
Trucking industry.
Trucks -- Design and construction.
Textile industry.
Trade associations.
Tobacco industry.
Universities and colleges.
Vocational education.
Wood products.
Welding equipment industry.
Woolen goods industry.

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5583/3: Archives Organization File (AOF) Part 3, Section 4: Boxes 67-88. Boxes 82-87 have not been inventoried at this point.